Final 2017-S American Eagle silver Proofs go on sale at noon (with a few other coins attached)

At noon today, the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set (product code 17RC) goes on sale at the Mint. Priced at $139.95, the sets contain the coveted 2017-S American Eagle silver Proof coin, along with the following:

  • all five 2017 Proof quarters from the America the Beautiful program (honoring Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa; Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in the District of Columbia; Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri; Ellis Island in New Jersey; and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Indiana);
  • the 2017 Proof Kennedy half dollar; and
  • the 2017 Proof Roosevelt dime.

The product limit is 50,000, which puts the final mintage of the 2017-S ASE at less than 125,000 and makes it a key to the series. Even with a household order limit of 2, the sets are expected to sell out today. The only question is: how fast? Give us your prediction in the comments.

Orders will be accepted online at or at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing– and speech-impaired customers with TTY equipment may order at 1-888-321-MINT.

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  1. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    I heard it was on sale last night from midnight till about 12:30 am. The person who said this claims they are certain they weren’t mistakenly ordering the 2016. If this is accurate, there might be a lot already gone. Not sure I believe this or not, but I could see the Mint having a secret pre sale.

  2. Ernesto says

    The only coin I want from this set is the ASE. I recently received some Ebay Bucks so I just went onto Ebay today & bought the Congratulations Set. I saved about $35. The Congratulations set is still overpriced but I would have paid more buying this set so it’s not a total loss!!

  3. Hidalgo says

    Ther 2017 S Silver Kennedy half dollar is also included in the 2017 S Silver Proof Set. The final mintage for this particular silver coin will be a combination of the number from Silver Proof Set and from the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

  4. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    I wouldn’t put it past them, throwing a bone to their big customers when they put in a 2 per household limit. Or, more likely if it did happen, someone programmed it wrong and had 12 am instead of 12 pm.

  5. Buzz Killington says

    I see this as 2017 LESPS being scooped up almost 100 per cent by people looking to flip.

    And for that reason, I am staying away.

  6. A&L Futures says

    The U.S. Mint’s website is operating slower than usual. With 8-min to go, this should be interesting.

  7. Numismatrix says

    Within 30 seconds after 12:00 my order is USM053197xx

    BTW the mintnewsblog website was slower to lead than the USMint’s pages 😉

  8. Fritz says

    I had my two sets ordered within 40 seconds of the sales opening and received an order acknowledgement email about 30 seconds later. Now I’ll just have to wait for the confirmation email. My “reminder” email from the Mint came about 6 minutes after the sale began.

  9. Mr. Kairu says

    Got mine as well was 5 mins late and was sad but they are still available as of now. USM05326XXX

  10. Dante says

    Got in, got one, got out.

    That was far easier than I expected.

    For the record, I ain’t no flippin’ flipper.

    Dante out.

  11. Hidalgo says

    The LESPS set is still available as of this writing, as I suspected. With a maximum purchase limit of 2 sets per customer, the sets should be available for a much longer period of time than the 2017 Congratulations Set. It is likely that more than 25,000 orders for the set will be placed, assuming some will buy just one set.

    That means that many people who want a set can get one at retail price. That will drive down demand and hence, impact secondary market values. We’ll see how it all pans out in the days ahead.

  12. Ikaika says

    Order USM05319XXX. 5 sec order time.

    @ Xena Thank you again for the offer. Was able to get it today. Cheers!!!

  13. coinmark says

    Based on order numbers posted here 6300 orders so far – but that can be wildly off since this is our only self reported source. Also don’t know ifs it 1 or 2 sets.

  14. A Different Jeff says

    Maybe the price was just too high, or maybe the HH limit is set properly. No lag (although I was in at the crack of 9AM (PDT)) in page refresh or order process – maybe they’ve got thing running smoothly after all this time, or maybe this was not the big demand test we thought it would be . Got my confirmation almost immediately, and faster than I have for just a plain vanilla order (boys town uncircs earlier this year. ORDER 053200xx for 2. Still available at 9:18…

    Interesting to note the Reagan C&C set shows ‘LIMITED’ although less than 50,000 sold so far of 150,000 limit. maybe it will be pulled after one year?

  15. KCSO says

    I need an exact 12:20 or 12:30 order number…,

    Or an order number with the EXACT time that you hit the confirm button.

  16. A Different Jeff says

    Just got my order confirmation with full details – the first just had order number on it. Still showing available at 9:22.

  17. Hidalgo says

    Not sure why bloggers believe that order numbers will indicate the number of orders that have been placed for the 2017 LESPS. As previously mentioned, the order numbers account for orders of all kinds of products.

  18. indydude says

    This is just a question as I really do not care but will the LESPS count as first strike labels even though they have been available earlier? Some of the bay ads call out first strike or first strike eligible?

  19. Fritz says

    I now have received confirmation of my 2 set order (05319XXX). By the way, two days ago I received an email from a well-known coin retailer asking me to purchase two sets to ship to them unopened, for which they would reimburse my cost plus $85 ($37.50 per set plus $10 to cover my shipping cost). I have no intention of flipping my sets.

  20. A Different Jeff says

    @Hidalgo –
    You are correct, but the presumption on an order day like this is that most, if not all, orders will include the item of interest. Given the abysmal performance of the website on previous offerings such as this, the presumption is people ordering other items will stay away, since there is no time critical need.

    As an estimating tool, the assumption is probably valid within a reasonable margin of error.

  21. Louis says

    I got one because I did not buy the regular silver proof set this year and a second because I see good demand for the S-proof silver dollar going forward.

  22. John says

    @Fritz – What dealers are doing this these days? I used to get offers like that all the time from Penn Metals before they closed.

  23. Xena says

    Ikaika – great, glad you were able to order. I was expecting a quicker sell-out. I was stuck in a meeting and late to get to my desk, but was still able to order at 1210. Definitely wanted one in the OGP for an almost complete Silver Eagle collection.

  24. NcCoinCollector says

    I purchased one set and will send it in for grading. I considered getting two graded in hopes of having a PF 70 complete set (which it still may be) but decided that was not worth it.
    The palladium bouillon coin is very intriguing but When a poster mentioned “Martha Washington” that was the final nail in a coffin full of unknowns.

  25. A Different Jeff says

    LIMITED may have multiple meanings. Sometimes it may indicate that a particular issue has a specified number of units to be sold. Commemoratives fall into this category, although I can’t recall a time with this website that this situation has applied. It may also indicate that the number of units may be limited by household limits, as in today’s case. It may also indicate that an issue which has had a high or ‘unlimited’ release is approaching is withdrawal date and when current supplies are exhausted, the item will be considered ‘Sold Out’. Reagan C&C falls into this category.

  26. Fmtransmitter says

    Already got shipping confirmation also. Still for sale. Hmmm…wonder about this one. Maybe the ones who wanted already paid up during the congrats set. Either way, if it takes some time, it is key date SE forever…

  27. Blair J. Tobler says

    @A Different Jeff – the Mint has said that all the Presidential and First Spouse products will be pulled at the end of this year

  28. John says

    I refreshed right at 12:00:00 and the order process went fast and smooth. My order number was USM053196XX. Confirmation Email came at 12:01.

    I was happy to get my one set, since all I really wanted was the ASE and I refuse to buy on the secondary market from the flippers.

  29. Fmtransmitter says

    indydude says
    OCTOBER 5, 2017 AT 12:29 PM

    This is just a question as I really do not care but will the LESPS count as first strike labels even though they have been available earlier? Some of the bay ads call out first strike or first strike eligible?

    This happened before. They came up with a way to give it the LESPS label but I don’t think FS or ER or FR will get done. Not by NGC. Not sure about PCGS. NGC may do it if you send them in, in OGP. But may require all coins to be graded. Doubt it though. Dealers want these, as many as possible so they can get their 70s and return the rest ASAP.

  30. earthling says

    Everyone must be hypnotized by the nonstop coverage of that event. What is happening when a limited set of USM Coins can’t sell out in a few minutes?

    It’s like someone must have canceled a 20,000 Set Order.

  31. Fmtransmitter says

    indydude says
    OCTOBER 5, 2017 AT 1:04 PM


    Thanks. I do not do labels. Not in this respect
    Yep, I hear ya!

  32. Jeffrey says

    With the HH Limit of 2, this probably won’t sell out today or at least not for several hours. Even if the big boys have 100 different accounts that only adds up to 200 sets. Plenty of time for everyone to get one.

  33. Fmtransmitter says

    I say many hard core who didn’t get a S SE in PF70 yet, will wait for the dealers to get em graded and pay the premium. It’s quite that simple. Still a cool set. I have every set from the start in OGP so I figured why not. Extra $100 these days was a lot of money in the 1950s and is a nice dinner out today for two! Where’s the pay increase to match??

  34. Hidalgo says

    @ John: you (and others) are making a wise decision. The 2017 Congratulations Set is selling for around $110 or more on the secondary market. Why pay so much for a single coin when you can buy a set of 8 proof silver coins for $30 more? I personally see the value of the 2017 S ASE in the Congratulations Set falling in value since there will be fewer buyers. And secondary market dealers will lower prices to get rid of their excess inventory.

    I have been waiting for today to buy the 2017 LESPS. Like you, I am not interested in paying inflated prices for a single coin.

  35. earthling says

    Any Dealers having Fire Sales of the 2017-S Proof ASE yet? I’ll bet Firearm Sales are booming right now. Got to be big money flowing in that area. Very little in the Coin Arena?

  36. Dustyroads says

    Yeah, I think there are simply too many people who don’t want the “S” ASE bundled with other coins.

    Would it be fascinating though if the Silver Proof Set sells out this year or next with another new low. That would be a hoot!

  37. Fmtransmitter says

    Been so long since I been here. Honestly I have been into crypto and only focus on these types of offerings mainly thanks to Dusty. Been able to build 3 passive streams of income in crypto since I started. Talk about paying your dues. I’ve had to spend 100s of hours learning it and still don’t know squat. I know how to protect myself much better though. Still the wild west out there in crypto land. My heart lies with my shiny coins tho…well it was nice seeing all the ol timers still here and a few newbies. Hope all are happy healthy and wise. See y’all on the flip side (heads or tails)…lol

  38. NcCoinCollector says

    NGC (according to their website) will only pedigree (as LESPS) unopened boxes from mint. Coins are ER , FR eligible. I am typically indifferent to labels unless it says DMPL or something similar. In the case of the LESPS though since the coins are all available in other sets…. let’s just say that when they write you are paying for packaging you are paying for the packaging.
    I guess because it has not sold out in five minutes it is a dud.

  39. A Different Jeff says

    @Blair Tobler –
    Reagan C&C is also an ASE issue, and the 2016 ASEs are still available with no ‘LIMITED’ banner. I only point out that the C&C set is showing ‘LIMITED’ (other than the First Day Covers going back to 2009) of any Presidential issue. Early on in the C&C availability period, there was some speculation that the set would be available well into 2018 due to its pathetic sales relative to the issue size. I suspect the ‘LIMITED’ banner has been applied now (rather than waiting until later in the year) is that all the sets that will be assembled have been, and that the actual withdrawal date will be one year after the issue date, rather than at the end of the year as we expect the rest of the presidential coins to go.

  40. Fmtransmitter says

    I guess because it has not sold out in five minutes it is a dud.

    Not sure about that. As stated, I believe those who wanted the S in 70 already paid up for it or are going to wait to pay up for it from this batch. I love this set. Always have. It’s very classy and impressive when you open it up. It would look naked without it’s ASE in their in you had it slabbed but you could always put a W in there for looks I guess.

  41. John says

    Still not a sellout. Bought two and flipped one to lower the cost on the one I’m keeping. Wish I had done the same when the gold centennial coins came out.

  42. Fmtransmitter says

    I hear ya cagcrisp. I. Curious too. Will look through posts later. Hoping for a one day sell out. These will make special gifts as well if you managed to get many and decide to keep. I mean SECOND lowest ASE? C’mon ppl. Where are the collector’s??

  43. Tinto says

    If this doesn’t go “SO” or “CU” today.. maybe the Mint will lift the HH limit …. the question is how soon after .. JMO

  44. Fmtransmitter says

    John, how did you flip already? Pre sale on eBay? You can’t even put sold out in the posting yet. Ha.

  45. DBR says

    I was able to order my two sets of the LESPS at 12:01pm and my order number was USM05321XXX.

    I ordered off my laptop and via internet and NOT through the U.S. Mint’s phone app. That app is still has stability issues even when doing shopping and browsing at off peak times.

    I really enjoy the LESPS and I buy it each year. I’m not flipping. I hold. I was shut out of the 2017 Congrats Set and purchased a PF70 2017-S ASE from Coin Vault I think. I wanted these sets because they’ll remain sets.

    I’ve enjoyed the 225th Anniversary of the mint but still haven’t found a 2017-P Lincoln Cent in change. Here in CA we get all the D’s!

  46. Fmtransmitter says

    Really Tinto? You think they will sit that long? Maybe. If so, then they gone ASAP by dealers to grade and return less than 70 or 69…I know the S mint does a great job on their proofs…you can tell the difference for sure from an S and a P proof.

  47. Nick says

    Theoretically, it could be the THIRD or FOURTH lowest if you branch into the BurnishedUNCs and Rev Proof ASE’s….don’t forget the ONLY ~47,000 or so 2008-W Reverse 2007 Burnished ASE.
    Just saying….

  48. Fmtransmitter says

    @DBR: Love it! Enjoy your SETS…I know I do. Pretty soon I’M HOME, coins are going to be gone. I mean just not used anymore for anything. We’re in precarious times…

  49. coinmark says

    2017 LESP on eBay: 2 sets for $550 – avg $275. However some dreamer has 1 set listed for $450. Lowest is $189. Looks like avg going somewhere $220-230-ish

  50. Louis says

    Just checked the sales date on ebay for the last 2 weeks, and the congrats set has sold for between $120 and $148, with recent sales on the higher end of that scale around $130 average. So if you want the 2017-S dollar, you have to pay basically the same amount as the LESPS. But the other silver coins are worth something too and you are getting them free, or close to it. The silver proof set is $48 and the only other coins are the penny. nickel, and native american dollar. Also, some like me did not get the regular silver set

  51. Tinto says


    Dunno how long they’ll last .. just going by what the Mint did with an earlier offering (forgot which one ..) when they lifted the HHL a few days after putting it on sale

  52. Nick says

    I think if the HH limit was higher this would be sold out now.

    Are we wanting a sellout? I, personally wanted to get a set to get the “S” ASE. If they had sold out in 2 minutes there would be screaming all over the place about how bad the Mint is and how normal consumers cannot get access to normal mint products and how the Big Boys are screwing us over….I’m glad we are not sold out and hope it takes a while…this ensures everyone that wants one can have one at issue price. JMO.
    Now…that being said…considering I have placed my order….a quick sellout now hopefully just increases the value in the future; but really that is so speculative. I get the coins be cause I like them not because I’m praying I can retire on them in 20 years. LOL

  53. DBR says

    By the way my email notification from the US Mint that my LESPS had shipped came at 12:36pm. Not that’s fast!

  54. cagcrisp says

    Anyone have a CURRENT sales number with a TIME?

    Has there been ANYONE that has bought in the past HOUR???

  55. Chrism says

    @ Cagcrisp.
    I tend to read the blog but hang out quietly. I did jump onboard for the lesps and my order was placed at 2:14pm #usm053345xx. In and out no problems.

  56. maddogdday says

    I was able to order my two sets of the LESPS at 2:10 pm and my order number was USM05334XXX.

  57. Louis says

    I don’t think it needs to sell out today to be a success over the long term. The point that matters as I see it is whether the Mint issues a lower mintage proof down the road. There is no way to know that and thus the long-term value of the proof dollar.

  58. Tinto says

    “The point that matters as I see it is whether the Mint issues a lower mintage proof down the road.”

    True, just like they did with the 2015 proof APE …

  59. Louis says

    For those who recall the Pobjoy Britannia I am going over the edited version of my forthcoming article for the Numismatist on it and wanted to see if prices had changed. raw and Proof 69 have not really changed (or gone down) but the the last Proof 70, which sold on 8/31, got $1300!! I bought 2 for $74 when the news broke and flipped them for $400 each and used that to buy 2 2017 1/4 oz gold Libs for $350 each that are worth $500 each now, so you could say I got $1,000 for them. And the Libs are tied with 2003 for 2nd lowest in the 36 years of the series, so they will likely continue to go up.

  60. John Q. Coinage says

    My computer said 9:ooam, but it must have been 9:02, easy pesy lemon squezy, ordered in & out 2 sets 53240XX….confirmed already. I was gonna pass but woke up in time …STILL UP @ THIS TIME

  61. mimi0011 says

    The 2017-S eagle’s in 69 and OGP were hovering around a price of $90-$100 in the past months. With the assumption that these new eagles will not come in under the 2011-S and 2011-P Reverse Proof Eagles mintage, I felt these sets were not a good buy at all. I was ready to buy the HHL of 2 at noon today, but backed off. I think the only way to get anything out of these is to dump them on MCM for $85.


  62. earthling says

    Is this the end? The end of boom times for Mint Stuff? I always thought that quick/ sellouts and quick flips were the only thing keeping the Mint crap moving down the connector line.

    Is it possible the EU snafu has disrupted the process?

    Actually I think that 225th Corn Coin was the start of the end.

  63. NcCoinCollector says

    A low mintage proof silver eagle direct from the mint is a great draw for collectors. One the mint lifts the HH the rest will sell out quickly if not before.

  64. NcCoinCollector says

    The four medal set will languish -suffering returns ad nauseam and sporadically fickle demand in the secondary market until the mint mercifully retires them to the smelting pot.
    See you in 2018.

  65. Ridgerunner says

    mimi0011 says
    The 2017-S eagle’s in 69 and OGP were hovering around a price of $90-$100 in the past months. With the assumption that these new eagles will not come in under the 2011-S and 2011-P Reverse Proof Eagles mintage.

    But mimi0011, those are not regular Proof ASE.

  66. Gary says

    5 P.M. & it’s still available fore sale. My how things have changed with instant sellouts. Very pricey set just to get a little “S” on the silver eagle. WAY to expensive!

  67. cagcrisp says

    @ mimi0011″ I think the only way to get anything out of these is to dump them on MCM for $85.


    MCM has all they want (need). Offers have been rescinded….

  68. cagcrisp says

    @Fmtransmitter, ” Been able to build 3 passive streams of income in crypto since I started. Talk about paying your dues. I’ve had to spend 100s of hours learning it and still don’t know squat. I know how to protect myself much better though. Still the wild west out there in crypto land.”

    You NEED to read Today’s article in the Wall Street Journal about what the IMF Might do.

    “Forget Bitcoin. Have You Heard of IMFcoin? ”

  69. Ike says

    Had a lot of things going on this morning and forgot all about the set. Went on line just now and ordered 2 sets. Still available! 2:20 pm pacific time

  70. John Q. Coinage says

    Bitcoin etc., pyramid schemes @ best, I argue with my brother in law, loves them but when there was a glich last week of so he started freaking out! If you think selling the 2017 ASE S proof is going to be tuff, how about an email confirming you “own” Bitcoin or Zca$h…yeah

  71. Scott says

    @ earthling, I think you nailed it. For me the end began with that hideous 2015HR gold coin and things have only gone downhill since. The USM premiums are way too high and generally the artistic appeal is too low or even childish in some cases. The mint’s 225 Anniversary was mostly hype and missed opportunities. I’ll only be buying on the secondary market if there’s ever anything worth buying again.

  72. John says

    @Fmtransmitter I sold one of mine on ebay for $215. Luckily I did not put “sold out” in the listing! I worked on the listing this morning but did not post it until my purchase from the USM was confirmed. I’ve never flipped a USM product on ebay before but in this case I am glad I did since it looks like the sets did not really fly off the shelf and I feel like I got a deal on the second set I’m keeping. I am also glad that I listed my set lower than others since I think if I was greedy about the price I would be sitting here with 2 sets now.

  73. says

    I can’t respond to Hildago the thoughts that Tillerson most likely thought of Trump on this blog, albeit as evident as it may be,

    Though, on this Thursday, 05 October, with nothing else going on in any remote capacity at the U.S. Mint within weeks..,

    I submit, in confidence, that there’s been approximately 21,000 orders placed for the LESPS, bringing the likely total sold to 32,000 to 39,000.


    And you know the mint doesn’t EVER delivery on 100%.., so where does that leave us?


  74. Throckmorton says

    So can we infer from the non-sellout that the collectors are satiated on demand for the 2017 S Proof ASE? Think about that one for a minute. In the whole world, there is a collector base for Proof Silver Eagles of something less that maybe 100K. Especially considering that many folks, like myself, hold multiples of the issue. The ASE coins are supposed to be the most popular collectable of all U.S. coins.

    That’s a pretty small population of collectors given the dollar size of the “industry”. Logic tells me that all collector coins, excepting the uber-rarities, have and will continue to have a huge amount of downward pressure on valuation as demand continues to dry up from attrition. A double whammy will be that as the baby boomers die out, more collectable coins will flood the market only to be ignored by the shrinking collector population. And the shrinking collector population is exacerbated by the lack of discretionary funds by the young folks to pursue the hobby.

    Sobering thoughts. Where’s the scotch bottle?

  75. Hidalgo says

    Order numbers alone for the 2017 LESPS will only provide projections of the number of LESPS orders placed and sold. As stated before, order numbers may or may not be for the 2017 LESPS. Also, unique order numbers include orders that buyers have cancelled and orders that the US Mint cancels (e.g., because of faulty credit card numbers, expired accounts, etc.).

    Regardless, it’s a fun game for those who like to speculate and make a fast buck.

  76. Jimbro says

    I usually set a reminder for new issues so I don’t miss them. Didn’t on this one and read my email later in the day because I was busy in the morning. I saw the email about the set and ordered them around 1400 East Coast time. No problem with my order of one set.

  77. Fmtransmitter says

    IMF coin. Ty for article although it wouldn’t let me the rest of it unless I filled out some information. Maybe hear about it elsewhere.
    Just wanted to remind anyone that think they don’t want their sets, to return to sender of refuse delivery.

  78. MarkInFlorida says

    Still available at 8:55, but I don’t need one. Got my palladium from JM today. Nice, but the front rim is thicker on one side than the other but the back rim is centered perfectly. Bad die alignment? Oh well, it’s bullion.

  79. Foxman69 says

    Sellers of graded ASE-S Coin will have to get somewhere near $200 just to break even…PF 70. $250 ??

  80. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    It would be nice to see the Kennedy half (proof) come in at low mintage for 2017, especially if you are buying this set.

  81. says

    From KCSO: Mike the Greek – Thank You.

    & hope you’re making these coin purchases work for you, good luck Partner.

    Thanks man – I appreciate your kind words and I always look forward to your posts, and many others here! I don’t have a “collection” to speak of, but I do buy the occasional silver queen’s beast in proof, and some bullion. I’m not convinced this LESPS will be a money-maker, but it is a beautiful set regardless.

    Thanks all for the awesome banter. It’s fun!

  82. smalltimecollector says

    Gloom on collecting coins. I feel that the stock market as it is provides a distraction to people collecting coins, or other items holding interest to a large swath of individuals. When the markets wane interest in all sorts of “collectibles” will renew. Those distracted by the potential “melt-up” are dumping $ into the market. COuld be a wild ride warming up.
    In times like this I like to remember the child-hood story “the little engine that could”.

  83. EvilFlipper says

    Looks like coin collecting may be going down for some time. This will probably be the last Mint product I buy for a long time. I ordered 2 but will probably send back the worse of the 2. Most younger people have hardly a taste for numismatics-even my kids who I try to involve. With the gold market not moving anywhere for ages interest in coins is dwindling for the quick money in cryptos. I own some as well so no worse for the wear down in numismatics. I hope to see some real good older collectibles drop a little in price so that I can pick up some a little cheaper. I was flipping to buy coins I really wanted but now that’s at an end. Unless they discontinue the silver eagle series it just seems like there’s too much of it to collect-like sports cards.

  84. Tinto says


    And if the collector base for the ASE is less than 100k and if many of them only want the ASE why would they pay $140 plus for a set with coins they don’t need/want .. if I was such a collector and wasn’t eyeing a TPG 70 coin I’d just plunk down around 90 bucks to get a TPG 69 coin on eBay instead … and save myself some $$ JMO

  85. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Hmmm — well, another view: When silver goes to $100.00 an ounce that extra $50.00 will increase in value and if the proof Kennedy has low mintage that will get double play. Secondly, the big boy’s in the set might grade in at “70.” Any set grading 69 or lower that you receive with problems — send it back.

    And maybe some don’t see an extra $50.00, as much more, since you are getting silver for your $50.00, regardless.

  86. earthling says

    If nothing else, in a SHTF episode, you will always have $2.85 in shiny silver Coins. Maybe someone will have a can of Beans they remember buying for 65 cents a few years ago that they’d be willing to let you have for the $2.85. You gotta let Bean flippers profit a bit, after all.


  87. Buckeye says

    The household order limit has been lifted on these.

    Item Number: 17RC
    Mintage Limit: None
    Product Limit: 50,000
    Household Order Limit: None

  88. Ken bond says

    Well here it is the next day, still available. Hum….. I suspect most people who collect the Proof Eagles already put out the $$$ to purchase a congratulations set when they first were released, in fear of having a hole in their set of a key coin. Also, I’m sure many are pissed at the Mint, for not having an ordering limit on the congratulations set & catering to the big flippers and or Dealers. Not just on this coin but many other releases as well. It is KILLING this hobby! And people have had it with the Mints BS!! The only way to fight it, is to stop spending on it, so Dealers get stuck with the inventory & the Mint can melt their shinny overpriced trinkets!!
    All I know is it’s waaayyy cheaper & easier, just to be patient & wait awhile after the release. Most things after the hype sell cheaper that the original mints release price.

  89. Foxman69 says

    Doubt you’ll be able to get the ASE-S PR69 from any source for $90…when you’ve got nearly that much in the coin before submission fees…more “overhead” for this version than the Congrats set…

  90. says

    If nothing else, in a SHTF episode, you will always have $2.85 in shiny silver Coins. Maybe someone will have a can of Beans they remember buying for 65 cents a few years ago that they’d be willing to let you have for the $2.85. You gotta let Bean flippers profit a bit, after all.


    That’s assuming you can still actually use physical money. Otherwise they will become trinkets of yesteryear.

  91. earthling says

    Oh lord, here we go again. Another release that was supposed to sell out but didn’t. So what happened?

    I’m going with Cryptocurrencies as the blame. Here’s a market so attractive to speculators that Coins are being kicked to the curb.

    Oh well! Stuff happens. Looks like the glory days are over.

    The Pouges have got to be feeling like very smart people. They got out right before the end.

  92. Rob says

    I must agree it is painfully obvious that the “hobby” has or/ is dying or dead. Flippers make up a high percentage of Mint buyers, thereby masking the true collector base.
    I’ve long held the belief my collections as well as my accumulations would always bring an increased premium over time. (I’ve been collecting for over 45 years)
    But being a party to many “coin based” social media sites, electronic magazines, auction sites, as well as this fine blog, it is very apparent (with few exceptions), that no one is buying modern coins, commons, or even semi keys at much more than melt. on silver and gold as well.
    This includes the amazing Silver Eagles, which I proudly have an absolutely complete set of ( including having purchased 2 of the original “contrived rarity” 95W proof sets).
    I love this collection so I’m not losing because I always thought what I paid was “worth IT” if not just to keep the set intact.

    So I’m one who wants the 17-S. I have not purchased it, or the17 W proof or Unc. and IT kills me.

    My love for this series won’t abate, but I have to be a realist. $54.95 for a proof 17 W from mint while I cant get that much for any recent proof issue or semi-key?
    And the second lowest mintage eagle still available and staring me in the face- when people predicted a sellout in minutes. And I won’t buy it, I’ll wait for the secondary market if I even chose to ever buy again because it is no longer worth IT to me..
    “IT” is over in my mind and every day I hesitate to sell, I become a relic of a dying hobby.

  93. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Take a look at the fundamentals of silver — besides the use for coins. It is a metal that gets used up and less of it is mined. Right now, it is largely a by product of mining other metals such as copper, lead, et cetera.

    Not only that research seems to indicate that the younger generation is taking an interest in modern coins. Silver Eagles most likely will go the way of the Morgan dollar — the mint(s) eventually, will not be able to get enough to make quantities of silver coins.

    Right now, silver is probably a better bet than gold. Historically, silver coins IS a good bet..

  94. Pirate says

    What’s everyone complaining about? I see ads on TV everyday talking about $200/oz silver – “obviously” this deal is a steal. Silly mint selling all their silver when it is undoubtedly gonna be worth a whole lot more… (meanwhile, it is a pretty coin in a beautiful series. My grandkids will admire them).

  95. says

    The 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set has now SOLD OUT… It is selling on EBay around $189.00. That’s $50.00 in your hand… I will keep one and probably sell one…

  96. says

    The 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set has now SOLD OUT… It is selling on E bay around $189.00. That’s $50.00 in your had… I will keep one and probably sell one.. Good luck to all……

  97. Russ says

    Fee Bay fees = 10%
    PayPal Fees = 3%
    Shipping = 3-5%
    Now calculate what’s in your hand , It’s not fifty bucks thats for sure!
    I was able to place an order at 7:15am, Mint still accepting orders

  98. Justacoin says

    I don’t see how you could have placed an order as you state when it is listed as CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE since last night. If it should come available again for short periods of time, it’ll be for returns of less than 70 coins returned from biggies!

  99. CasualCollector says

    The LESPS were available this morning for a few hours starting at 7:30am EST. We don’t know what time zone Russ is in — but it is possible 7:15am his time was 8:15am or 9:15am EST…

  100. Mike in NY says

    I also saw them available this morning around 715AM Eastern. There were more than 99 available at that time.

  101. Jeffrey says

    When these sets sell out in minutes everyone complains about HH limits so the mint did what, I think, is the best way to handle these low mintage sets. Give people a chance to buy the first day with HH limits of one or two and the next day lift the limit. Collectors and the big boys win. Though it seems, as I read these posts, people are disappointed if they don’t sell out quickly and they’re disappointed if they do.

  102. Russ says

    Order for one set, collector not flipper,
    Placed Usm05349— Oct 7th 7:15 MST and thanks for the vote of confidence on what I will receive,
    Maybe I should have paid more for one of your flipped sets, after all it’s “Just a Coin”

  103. Russ says

    Still available for purchase 10/08/2017 6.49am MST
    For simple folks this is fair, maybe it was the Mint’s intention to place a certain amount of sets for sale each day in an effort to allow people who truly wanted a set for themselves, a chance to purchase them without having to act like the sky was falling. Personally I dont buy into all the hype of purchasing the second they become available, I am working at that time of day, and have much more important thing to accomplish. So I am grateful I was able to purchase one set for myself on the date and time I listed regardless who believes me or not… does it really matter? Happy collecting!

  104. Wayne says

    Ordered one yesterday right when the limit was lifted. Thank you Mint because if not for the limit I would of probably not have been able to get one.

    Just checked the usmint and it’s sold out.

  105. Foxman69 says

    Ok…first offering of the 2017-S ASE LTD ED PR70 DCAM 1ST DAY …and being offered for $459 !! they’re not going to be giving these away, at least out of the gate…

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