2007-W Proof $100 Platinum Eagle Frosted Freedom Variety

Several years after the coins were originally issued, a new variety has been discovered for the 2007-W Proof $100 Platinum Eagle. NGC announced the discovery late last week and called it the “Frosted Freedom” variety.

The collectible versions of the 2007 Platinum Eagle feature the second of three reverse designs in a series entitled “The Foundations of American Democracy.” The designs represent the legislative (2006), executive (2007), and judicial (2008) branches of government.

For the executive branch design by Thomas Cleveland, a bald eagle is depicted with wings spread wide to represent freedom and a shield at ready to enforce laws and guarantee that freedom. Draped over the shield is a ribbon with the word “FREEDOM.”

On coins exhibiting the normal die polishing pattern, the word FREEDOM appears brilliant like the background fields of the coin and stands out against the ribbon. On the new variety, FREEDOM appears frosted in the same manner as the ribbon.

Interestingly, the US Mint’s press photo (shown above), which was subsequently used for illustrations in some coin guide books like the Red Book, shows the word FREEDOM as frosted. It is believed that this was a conceptual image that predated production.

NGC stated that so far only one example of the 2007-W Proof $100 Platinum Eagle Frosted Freedom Variety has been found, although “it’s likely that others must have been struck.”

The US Mint reported final sales of 3,768 of the 2007-W Proof $100 Platinum Eagle coins through individual sales and another 4,595 included in the 4 Coin Set. Anyone who has one of these coins in their collection should take a closer look to check if they have found another example of this new variety.

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  1. Anonymous says

    For those of you interested in the ATBs A-Mark is taking orders at the moment. However need PayPal which counts me out since I will NOT do business with those $#@&*.

  2. Anonymous says

    The ATBs are already old news LOL. That's how fast the APs and flippers screwed that series LOL. Please try not to bring them up under a post that has everything to do with the public getting them and nothing to do with the way the ATBs were handled.IMO they should be forgotten ASAP. The Platinum coin looks awesome and won't be cornered. I love the design as well.

  3. Anonymous says

    Concerning the ATBs What a Joke!!!
    Got on the Computer @ 10am and by the time I got to the pay section they were all sold. Apparently my computer was to slow. LOL

  4. Anonymous says

    The Mint made it so much better than before. Now, only those with access to fast computers and high speed connections get coins. The Mint should have stayed out from the start. We could all have purchased coins for $1395 and not had any issue. Thanks to the Mint they can only be had now at $2600+ on fleabay.

  5. Anonymous says

    The Platinum coin looks awesome and won't be cornered. I love the design as well.

    Umm, you do realize this coin has been out for three years already?

  6. Anonymous says

    Another great coin design on a coin few can afford. Congrats to those who get one. It is pretty nifty. Which reminds me I need to buy a lotto ticket.

  7. Anonymous says

    I could see this totally being overlooked. Lots of people buy a single coin and stash it away without really inspecting it all that closely. Plus they probably have nothing really to compare it to. Not everyone sends their coins in for grading, actually very few do probably.

  8. Anonymous says

    Pt mintages and its collector base seem to be pretty small. I'm thinking back to what a rage the 08/07Rev were with the 08 ASE W 's. Just the error mintage was 41-46K depending on who one believes. The total mintage of 08-W was ~ 10X the error. So there was lots of perusing of the lots.

  9. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know how this Frosted Freedom was purchased, i.e., was it sold as an individual coin or part of a four coin set? It's actually nice to see someone catch a brass ring as it spurs interest in the hobby. The mint missed a good chance at a broader based incentive with the 2008 Plats, Buffs, etc, when they took them off the market for months, only to put them back at less than half the price, with no recourse to those who purchased on the first round. They screwed the initial purchasers royally on that when they could have shown it was still possible to purchase something that someday would become a rarity. Anyway, would really like to know how the FF was purchased, if anyone knows. Thanks

  10. Anonymous says

    Ahhhh!!! One of my predictions on the Mint News Blog was that a new type of error coin was to come out this year–I guess this one was three years old and doesn't really count–but I hold my prediction to come true—crystal ball anybody?? Probably a prototype that just happenned to escape the control of the mint or a gift to one of the powers that be.

  11. Mint News Blog says

    "Does anyone know how this Frosted Freedom was purchased, i.e., was it sold as an individual coin or part of a four coin set?"

    I am trying to get some information on this, and will share any info I can obtain.

  12. Anonymous says

    I doubt there are many people who own more than one 2007 one-ounce platinum eagle, so it's not as if they have another specimen lying around that they can compare it to. I can understand why it took three years to discover.

  13. Anonymous says

    Considering all the funny business that goes on in the coin business I would not be surprised if someone didn't make this using a little acid on a normal coin. Beware of all the hucksters in the coin business!

  14. Anonymous says

    The reason there are so many hucksters and so much fraud in the coin (and stamp) hobbies is because it is hard to make a profit when everyone can look at a catalog and see what an item is worth. Especially now with the Internet where collectors can find each other, who need a dealer?

    So they make up stuff like third party grading, and they buy coins saying they are low grade and sell them at a higher grade, and similar tricks.

    In the stamp field they are now pushing "postal history" and perfect grade stamps. They like postal history because no catalog can tell what each unique cover is worth. So a dealer can buy a box of covers for 10¢ each and pick out a bunch and say how unique they are "two five cent stamps instead of one ten cent stamp used by a funeral home!" and charge ridiculous prices to some fool.

    The most obvious coin trick lately has been to take common bullion coins that should sell for spot plus a couple percent, and pick out a few better looking ones and call them "MS70" and sell them for two or three times as much. Too bad so many collectors fall for this stuff. Some people just have more money than brains!

    Beware of all the hype dealers use to get more than the normal price for an item.

  15. Anonymous says

    I'd have to agree with previous posters. Just look at the PCGS price guide, for example, of business strike Sacagawea dollars. Wow – bazillions minted but only a handful graded in their slabs and prices skyrocket. Think of all that money spent on real coin values. Funnier than some of the Marx Bros antics, and people "knew" they were joking!

  16. jasonfishmancoin says

    Hello Everyone. I am the one who discovered the 2007 Frosted Freedom $100 NGC PF70. Please go to this week's issue @ coinworld.com and see page 5 which continues on page 50. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
    As far as errors go, there are some errors or varieties that go unnoticed for decades. I don't think the average person spends very much time looking at any of their modern proof gold and platinum. I would not be at all surprised if over time there are other varieties found on modern silver, gold, or platinum, graded or ungraded/raw. Even though the Mint has definitely increased their quality standards there are always things that go unnoticed. It only makes sense for everyone out there at this point to be checking all of their 2007 Platinum Proof coins across all denominations! Don't just stop there as there is bound to be a differenet coin from a different year that has also been overlooked.
    I can assure everyone that there was NO acid used on this coin by myself or anyone else. I would thank that NGC might be able to pick up on something like that up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My coin is the genuine article 100% guaranteed. No funny business here.
    The individual who wrote the VERY LONG story down below seems to think ALL dealers are evil people. I happen to be a "coin dealer" and an NGC authorized dealer #2583.I have also been selling on ebay for 11 years and have a half way decent reputation. Please take a look and see for yourself:


    Maybe he watches way too much Austin Powers and all coin dealers are all EVIL!!! I think he needs to separate TV BS from actual coin dealer world. He also needs to get his facts straight regarding an MS70 graded coin being worth 2-3X as much. I'd like to know who's paying those sort of numbers for an MS70 coin. If something truly is rare, it WILL command a premium.
    It is up to everyone to educate themselves prior to making any type of purchase and or investment in order to get the best price. Especially when you are dealing with a commodity that fluctuates. If any of you buy stocks or invests, its ALL THE SAME. All of the information is right here at your finger tips…..

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