2008-W Uncirculated & Proof Gold Eagle Sales Figures

The 2008-W Uncirculated & Proof American Gold Eagles have been somewhat overlooked this year. The coins were somewhat out shined by other gold offerings from the US Mint, such as the Gold Buffalo, and also hampered by a summer decline in the price of gold. With the recent rise in the price of gold and the potential for some low mintage keys, the 2008-W Gold Eagles deserve a fresh look.

As of the writing of this post, the one-ounce 2008 Proof Gold Eagle has sold out. All of the other individual coins and 4 Coin Sets remain available.

Below are the sales figures as of December 16 from Numismater’s Mint Stats. The first column indicates the sales for each individual product offering. The second column indicates the total sales per coin (individual sales + 4 Coin set sales).

2008-W Uncirculated Gold Ealge Sales Figures

1 oz 4,463 6,381
1/2 oz 1,601 3,519*
1/4 oz 2,250 4,168
1/10 oz 6,911 8,829
4 Coin Set 1,918

2008 Proof Gold Eagle Sales Figures

1 oz 16,327 25,896
1/2 oz 3,169 12,738
1/4 oz 4,639 14,208
1/10 oz 10,335 19,904
4 Coin Set 9,569

*plus an unknown number included in Double Prosperity Set

Immediately apparent are the extremely low sales levels for the uncirculated “W” coins. For each coin, this year’s sales figures are less than half of last year’s final reported numbers. The numbers are also far below the sales figures for the recently sold out 2008-W Unicruclated Gold Buffalo coins, which are already selling for big premiums.

The question is how much longer the 2008-W Unc Gold Eagles will remain on sale, and how much will sales grow during that time? Since one ounce Proof Gold Eagle coin has already sold out, this might be an indication that the US Mint’s inventory levels are low and other sell outs might be close behind.

Personally, I like the one-quarter ounce 2008-W Uncircualted Gold Eagle. Although the chart above shows it with a slightly higher mintage than the one-half ounce coin, there are an unknown number of the one-half ounce coins sold as part of the Double Prosperity Set. I have not seen any sales figures for this set, but I would guess that at least 10,000 or more have sold. After this figure is added to the individual sales and 4 coin set sales, the one-half ounce coin becomes less remarkable.

The one ounce 2008-W Unc Gold Eagle also seems like a bargain. After the recent move in the price of gold, this coin has only a small premium over the price of regular bullion versions of the coin. The potential for this coin to be a low mintage key more than makes up for this premium.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I just ordered some of these, along with the double prosperity set, though they are all showing backordered till Jan 22, so I may or may not get them. It will be interesting to see how these final mintage numbers come out. Thanks Michael for all of the useful information you provide. I refer to your site often now, whenever I am thinking about purchasing any mint products. This is a great service to all US mint product customers.

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2008-W Uncirculated and Proof Gold Eagle Sales

As we come closer to the end of the year, it’s a good time to review sales figures for some of the US Mint’s product offerings. Unpopular or neglected products with low sales have the potential to become potential high value key dates once sales officially end.

Today’s post will take a look at the most recent sales figures for 2008-W Uncirculated and Proof Gold Eagles. The sales figures are for the collectible versions of the coins offered direclty by the US Mint and not the bullion versions.

The figures below are based on September 24 Mint Stats from Numismaster. The product column refers to sales of each ordering option. The combined column refers to the total sales for each coin by adding individual sales to the set sales.

2008 Proof Gold Eagle Sales

Product Combined
1 ounce 10,338 17,781
1/2 ounce 2,343 9,786
1/4 ounce 3,780 11,223
1/10 ounce 7,328 14,771
4 coin set 7,443 n/a

2008-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle Sales

Product Combined
1 ounce 2,294 3,607
1/2 ounce 900 2,213
1/4 ounce 1,187 2,500
1/10 ounce 4,718 6,031
4 coin set 1,313 n/a

Both Proof and Uncirculated Gold Eagles are showing incredible declines compared to last year’s estimated final mintages. This is likely due to two factors. First, the coins have been been on sale this year at extremely high premiums above precious metals value. This is because the coins were priced when the market price of gold was high, and not repriced after gold fell. Second, this year the Mint began offering Uncirculated and Proof Fractional Buffalo Gold Coins. Some collectors may be choosing to buy Buffaloes instead of Eagles.

The coin with the lowest sales total is the 1/2 ounce 2008-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle with combined sales of only 2,213. This is far below last year’s estimated mintage of 13,358. Besides the Platinum Eagles mentioned previously, this is the coin with the lowest sales figures of 2008 US Mint product offerings.

Is this coin a good investment as a potential future key date? Maybe.

At this point, there are still too many factors in play and too much time for the coins to remain on sale. If the price of gold regains its old high, this would likely spur additional sales bringing the total mintage higher. On the other hand, if the price of gold declines and the US Mint finally relents and lowers prices, this could also spur additional sales. The price of gold has been extremely volatile lately, making either scenario a possibility.

There is also plenty of time left for additional sales. The US Mint usually keeps these coins available for sale until next year’s coins are released. We may have as much as six more months until the end of sales.

For now, I am keeping the 1/2 ounce 2008-W Gold Eagle, all 2008-W Platinum Eagles, and a few others (that I will reveal soon) on my radar.

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