2009 American Platinum Eagle Proof Coin Sales at 7,207

The initial sales figures for the 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle have come in at 7,207 coins sold through December 6. Since the maximum authorized mintage is 8,000, the opening sales figures suggest that the coins are on the verge of selling out.

The 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle went on sale December 3, 2009 with an ordering limit of five coins per household. Each coin contains one ounce of .9995 platinum. The reverse design features an interpretation of the theme “To Form a More Perfect Union” and will begin a six-year series representing the core concepts of American democracy.

Prospects for the coin seemed mixed leading up to the release. There was a vocal majority of collectors who disliked the choice of reverse design. The maximum authorized mintage was set well above the mintage of last year’s one ounce proof Platinum Eagle, limiting the possibility of a new key date. And finally, the continued rise in the price of platinum pushed the coin’s initial price to a lofty $1,792 per coin.

On the other hand, the 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle represents the only platinum coin to be produced by the US Mint this year, as well as the only collectible American Eagle coin offered. Additionally, collectors have been literally starved for options this year, forcing them to reconsider coins they might not have purchased under different circumstances.

In a post leading up to the release, I mentioned that I was leaning towards a sell out, but not an immediate one. It looks like the sell out will happen, probably within the next few days.

Sales figures are also available for the Margaret Taylor First Spouse Gold Coin and 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo. View the complete US Mint sales report on Coin Update News.

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  1. T says

    Thanks Michael,
    I am pretty sure now that it will sell out at any time specially after they start reading this blog. I was hoping for a lower number so I can cancel my order and repurchase it again with a lower price hopefully. But now I am sure I would not be able to do that. So I am just keeping the order in place.
    I plan to continue purchasing for the complete 6 issues anyway.

  2. Brad says

    I wonder if the James K. Polk dollar rolls are sold out now? I find it hard to believe that there were NONE purchased this week. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the sales figures are adjusted downward a bit, say to 35,000 rolls for each Mint.

    The numbers for the Van Buren's Liberty coins SHOULD have definitely changed, since they were sold all the way until Thursday December 3rd. This leads me to believe the Mint will release adjusted numbers for the First Spouse coins like they did the Eagles and Buffalos.

  3. Anonymous says

    I guess a sell out should not be a surprise. Limited mintage and the only platinum. Yes it generates some comments but those may be mostly on this blog and others just see the investment potential. There are probably at least 8000 dealers that would like to have it on their shelf. Having it may be viewed by dealers as kinda like a Cadillac on the showroom floor.

  4. Anonymous says

    Platinum spot is now down to the low 1400s representing a large mark up so even with low mintages there is a significant downside to purchasing it. Be careful! I personally think they are being bought by speculators not true public demand. They should have put a one per house limit to avoid this.

    Not sure about the van b mintages…

  5. Roger says

    I wonder how many orders will be cancelled considering the beating platinum is taking right now regardless of the ability to re-order. It's stuff to profitably sell a current issue $500 over spot.

  6. Anonymous says

    Something to consider about the 2009 platinum proof coin is that although it might be the lowest-mintage 1 oz Platinum Eagle overall, it COULD end up being the lowest mintage coin in the sub-series of Constitution Preamble coins. That could be a major factor in future value if this year's coin turns out to be the bottleneck in building the set.

  7. Anonymous says

    Amend my above comment due to error:

    Something to consider about the 2009 platinum proof coin is that although it might NOT be the lowest-mintage 1 oz Platinum Eagle overall, it COULD end up being the lowest mintage coin in the sub-series of Constitution Preamble coins. That could be a major factor in future value if this year's coin turns out to be the bottleneck in building the set.

  8. Anonymous says

    If you are thinking about aquiring the whole plat set be prepared to be held hostage for the next six years by the fluctuating metals market….If you want an entire set, you must start at the beginning regardless.

  9. Anonymous says

    Crap,wanted to cancel and reorder tomorrow. Would have saved 500 bucks (5 ordered). Not dealer,but yes,they should have placed 1 per houshold.

  10. Anonymous says

    Go ahead and hold your $1800 coin for 6 years to see if it will be the lowest mintage and if you can sell it then for more than one of my pretty proof gold liberties (also very low mintage and more "collectable") id be surprised.

  11. Anonymous says

    Good article per your usual. However, I would caution against inferring those that are the most vocal represent the majority.

  12. Anonymous says

    When I ordered my "Ultra High" on Jan 09,I was so thrilled…then Mint lifted its 1 per household making it worthless.

  13. Anonymous says

    The UHR will NEVER be worthless. Notice how the secondary market prices for raw coins are almost always in the neighborhood of the current U.S. Mint price, sometimes a little higher. And THIS is going on while the coin is still for sale AT the Mint.

    After it's all said and done and the final mintage comes in at 120,000 coins or a little less, the value will go up some more. There should always be a nice premium being paid for those coins in years to come.

  14. Anonymous says

    '…Check out the platinum free fall……love it!

    December 8, 2009 12:01 PM.'..

    BTW, I love the free fall because I don't have the money to buy anyway. And I wish the ones who bought loose money. Tell me your reasons. LOL

  15. Anonymous says

    It really is a shame and a sham the UHR is ultra small! It would be a perfect coin if it had the size/ diameter of the real mccoy (St.G)!

  16. Anonymous says

    The London AM Fix for platinum will need to come in at $1,342 or less tomorrow to trigger a price decrease. The current ask price around $1,415 does not make it appear too likely that it will get low enough.

    The coins will likely sell out very shortly, but I'm sure they will be wait-listed. Since they're on backorder, the option of canceling for even early buyers should still be there. If enough of them cancel, placing on order on the wait list might actually net you a coin. Some early buyers might be so disgusted with the price swings that thye might just cancel entirely, with no intention of even re-ordering at all.

    Basically, it's probably best to just buy the coin if you want it. For speculators, it IS an awfully long time to tie up almost $1,800 just to see if this is the lowest-minted coin in the Democracy series!

  17. Anonymous says

    Lets see, would you rather buy 2008 gold buffalo fractionals or this coin? The platinums will only be popular for a short period of time but the 08 buffalos will be the coins people will want years from now!

  18. Anonymous says

    2008-W Buffaloes are proven winners. They can only appreciate. 2009 Platinum may not be as good as 2008 Buff, but at least you know there is only going to be 8000 of them. I am sure it will be worth more in the future although I am sure it will not triple in price as the 2008W Buffaloes. Only time will tell.

  19. Anonymous says

    I love the precious mtal fall because it will shake off the scum bag "investors" as they will lose their shirts! Most of these investors don't know crap about coins. I hope platinum goes under 1000! I should wait to post this stuff for a few weeks so the suckers are stuck with one of the worst designed coins at way inflated prices! Do you think any of the folks doing a run on the plat crap know anything about Christian Goldbrecht. Oh you missed your real opportunity to invest by a week!

  20. Anonymous says

    Sorry Michael, I have to say this, there are some sad and unhappy individual out there (see the message @ December 8, 2009 1:22 PM)

  21. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know what the mintage figure was for the 1 ounce 2008 Buffalo proof? I remember reading about an adjustment to the mintage figures for the Gold Buffalo proofs on this site a few weeks ago.

  22. Anonymous says

    I actually agree with 1:22 pm.
    Athough not very polite and the poster is likely not sad, but happy with the precious metal fall, he points out that chasing precious metal prices and even mintages on coins that don't have a nice design is not wise.
    If you buy coins that you think have great designs and low mintages like the Liberty sub-series you will do well eventually.

  23. Anonymous says

    I agree…Im sure many will be returned. I didn't buy a Plat but if I did, I would most certainly return it.

  24. Anonymous says

    There is a price for everything in life. That includes coins. You may not like the design or the price or the politics behind the design or for whatever other reasons, but if there is more people liking it, the coin will sell and the buyer will do well and enjoy the coin. Nobody can force you to buy. It's a free market.

  25. Anonymous says

    In regard to where gold or platinum spot is trading at the moment, most of you hold on for the long haul don't you? Unless you have great faith in our government leaders not to spend you into submission, ohps.. the leader of our country said today,"We will spend our way out of this!" Oh joy. PM's are being payed for a while to book year end profits for hedge fund managers but in time the disaster of our financial system will make all your PM's shine brighter.

  26. Anonymous says

    Remember, you need to give the mint your precious dollars for them to give you that plain old ounce of platinum. Dollars only go up! Its not like they are making any more of them…

  27. Anonymous says

    The gold bubble has begun to burst. All the money that flippers and get-rich-schemers were trying to have you spend is now going down the tubes.

    POP@ POP ! POP !!

  28. Juanita says

    It is quite appropriate that a coin that pays tribute to women and minoritiess should be so popular with the American public!

  29. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't it be funny if the Mint bookkeepers made a mistake and there were only say 720 plats sold. These are the same folks that claim there were no van buren liberties sold in its last few sales day.

  30. Anonymous says

    I have nothing to worry about holding on to my 5,yes 5 coins. I would rather pay the Mints mark up then some jackass listing theirs on ebay as "First Strike"…..wait a minute,thats a good idea.Seems a lot of "Haters" being happy platinum is down.Same mentalitity as someone saying "Ha ha,he went to college for 8 years to get his Masters and he had a car accident that killed him on the way to work,good thing I dropped out of school"

  31. Anonymous says

    Your analogy doesn't make sense. 8 years for a masters? We are not really haters we just never want collecting to be dominated by spot precious metals. 09 has not been a good year for serious collectors in terms of choices. Best buys for me this year have been old liberties from 08 and 07 and 08 eagles.

  32. Anonymous says

    It's off-topic, but the Mint released the official images of the 2010 Presidential Dollar coins on the website. The Lincoln dollar design looks pretty nice.

    I hope the Mint does not stop producing the coin & spouse medal sets, as I'd like to have the opportunity to get the Buchanan's Liberty and Lincoln sets of those. By the time those two come out, maybe the low-mintage sellouts of 2009 will finally get a chance to shine.

  33. Anonymous says

    Looks like the Plat. Proof sold around 90% of total in 3 days! This means if there is not a sell out in the next day or two (already been about 3 days since reported 90% sell out) then I'd fire the Mint bookkeepers and complain to Mr. Moy! Were there no Van Buren Gold Spouse Liberty coins sold since last report?? Doesn't make sense to me. Why publish numbers if you know they are wrong.

  34. Anonymous says

    8 years is good for Masters if your going part time. I actually am on 5th year with many more to go.His analogy makes perfect sence.

  35. Anonymous says

    Actually the part of (your) the analogy that makes no sense is comparing someone dying in a motor vehicle accident to a drop in precious metal pricing! Come on!
    I am personally thrilled that the precious metals are coming down.
    I'm an American first, and a strong America means that the dollar (not precious metals) are desired!

  36. Anonymous says


    I said it before, and I'll say it again, you are a racist and a sexist, and narrow minded speech, such as yours should be banned…wait a minute…I am beginning to sound like a liberal…AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Sell me one of dem dere coins!!!

  37. Anonymous says

    I find it interesting that it is taking you 8 extra years to learn as much as I learned in high school.

  38. T says

    If you are just at high school level, you shouldn't join the masters' conversation. Return when you finish college, then you'll know what the meaning of post grad work.
    BTW, the lowest 2008W is $25 proof singles. The mint box could be worth a lot of money.

  39. Anonymous says

    I understand his analogy. Why would someone be happy that I will loose money on this coin? I work hard and made a sacrafice to order coin.Why would you punish someone for succeeding in life?Jealous?

  40. Anonymous says

    There you have it. That arrogant attitude that makes you beloved by none. I have an arrogant attitude as well. It is not because I was smart enough to go to college, but because I was smart enough that I didn't HAVE TO GO!
    Now, get out of school, get a job and YOU will understand the meaning of REAL WORK.

  41. Anonymous says

    Earn my five year B.Arch ten years ago, I’m working full time and I will complete my M.Arch this coming spring. One, who knows only theory, will always be in the dark shadow. And one, who knows only technical, can never be a leader. You need both! I’m 35 and enjoying my professional, career and collecting of US coins.

    Michael, I enjoy your blog and I have absorbed so much of knowledge through here. I started collecting coin since June of 09. My first coin was 2009 UHR from mint, second was 2009 Proof Buffalo, third will 2009 Proof Platinum. Will you be willing to pay above $4,000 for a 2008-W Proof Buffalo PCGS PR70DCAM? I would like to hear your advice.

    Bow respectfully to those who have dedicated their knowledge here.

  42. Anonymous says

    I wasnt directing my comment to "T". I was agreeing with other comment about analogy. He/she makes sence.

  43. Malo says

    With the price of platinum @ $1415 today it's unfortunate that the mint didn't lower the price $100. Looks like it will sell out before that happens since they usually only update their prices on Wednesday. I might have gone in in that case but now I'm not so sure. I know I can return it but, c'mon who does that? It's a hassle and my time is worth more than $100/hr.

    And to all the suckers who keep bringing up the 2008 buffs: STFU already; that train left the station a long time ago– if you bought some from the mint, good for you; if you're chasing them instead of some other recent release, best of luck to you because the easy money's already been made.

    And another thing: I call for a ban on the word "POP" in this blog. Enough with the bubble references already.

    End of rant.

    – Raul

  44. Anonymous says

    Since the platinum coin still hasn't sold out or gone to a waiting list yet, it kind of leads me to believe that some orders have been cancelled due to the platinum price drop. Some cancelled orders might be placed again for $100 less next week (if the lower spot price holds long enough to trigger a decrease), or the would-be buyers might simply move on to something else.

  45. Anonymous says

    Many are commenting about platinum's freefall. I wonder how many of those who have thusly commented have noticed that the mint hasn't lowered their price for the proof. HAAAA!!!!! You stupid idiots probably didn't even notice that the UHR is still prices at $1,539.00 as well. You can my Platinum proof from me in eight years for no less than $5k. Thanks for your pessimism.

  46. Anonymous says

    Damn!! I ordered 5 platinums first day at 12:15pm eastern.They are sold out now. Damn! Platinum is down. Damn!HA HA HA.

  47. Anonymous says

    Now that it is sold out, I change my mind of canceling it. I don't think I am alone on this.
    Why would I cancel if I can make a couple of bucks selling them on eBay. They will start saying "sold out in a week". Not bad. Sell 4, get one for yourself free.
    Thank you Michael.

  48. Anonymous says

    All these comments about cancelling orders to save a $100.
    In three years time you will be sorry for not buying one. GUARANTEED!

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