2009 DC & US Territories Silver Proof Set Sold Out

Yesterday, the 2009 District of Columbia & U.S. Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set sold out at the United States Mint. This product originally went on sale March 23, 2009, meaning it has been available for more than 19 months.

The six coin set had been the focus of some recent attention due to its rising intrinsic value. Each 90% silver quarter within the set contains 0.18084 ounces of silver, yielding a total silver content of 1.08504 ounces per set. When silver was trading at its recent high of $24.49 per ounce, the silver value of the coins included in each set had reached $26.57. This was approaching the US Mint issue price of $29.95.

The 2009 silver quarter sets were also priced $3 below the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. In addition to the lower price, the 2009 set also contained six coins compared to five for the current year set, adding to the bargain factor.

Despite the long period of availability, the last reported sales for the 2009 DC & US Territories Silver Proof Set come in at 298,562. This actually represents the lowest sales for one of the US Mint’s separate 90% silver quarters sets.

Since the introduction of the separate 90% silver quarter sets in 2004, sales have ranged from a high of 672,662 (2007) to a low of 429,021 (2008).

The six 90% silver DC & US Territories Quarters were also available within the full 2009 Silver Proof Set. Sales had reached 694,406 when product offering concluded on June 15, 2010.

Coin Update News: Latest US Mint Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    I sent back a Buchanan unc a couple of weeks ago due to a massive obverse flaw. Credit was processed last Friday on my credit card. Although I expect a flawless (I hope) replacement, mint policy is to make refund for the replacement and charge again when new coin is shipped. Perhaps a large number of credits were processed by the mint last week.

  2. Anonymous says

    Considering how it contains 6 coins instead of 5, combined with a total mintage of around 993,000 units (a relatively low number for this product type looking at statistics from 1999 to the present), I think this set will become a collector favorite. If silver drops too much though, it will obviously lose a lot of luster.

  3. Anonymous says

    The mint should have quit selling 2009 coins at December 31, 2009. This would have made them more valueable. As with any coin it should only be sold in the year that it represents.

  4. Anonymous says

    Then what to do with all the leftovers? I was trying to pull my account up from the online catalog, and only had luck dating back to 2006 year purchases. Any way to retreive the previous one or two year sales?? or does the mint only go back 3-4 years of record keeping? As I said in previous posts. gold was at its highest when the mint released the gold proof—-platinum was at a very high point when the platinum 2010 was released–seem like a pattern to you?? Al in Ohio

  5. Anonymous says

    Once again, the Mint has NO control over PM prices. It is all coincidental. Lets hope it drops a little more for the Lincoln Spouse.

  6. Anonymous says

    To all you misguided fools that think the '09 will become a "collector favorite" PT Barnum would loooooove you. Sorry you didn't notice the mintage of the '09 was HIGHER than the '00 silver proof sets that have NO VALUE over spot.
    Sorry for shouting but it irritates me when someone makes a comment meant for HSN viewers instead of a numismatist audience.

  7. Anonymous says

    Chill out, dude. The 2009 silver quarters set has more going for it than the 2000 silver proof set. It's a one-year series with an extra coin over the other years, and it is lower-mintage than most recent year similar sets. No one's a fool here (with the possible exception of that annoying "pop pop pop!" guy.)

  8. Anonymous says

    The '09 6 coin set "with the COA" should do ok later as there are less than 300,000 of those sets.

    Later may come sooner if silver can reach 30.00-50.00 per oz. You never know these days.

    I'll hang on to mine for a bit, may need to buy some bread with those gems someday !

  9. Anonymous says

    Its all about timing. I was reading about the recent interest in the '09 set, saw the logic and bought a few extra for sh!ts and giggles. They arrived today and now the new post of a sell out. Not like I'm going to make a killing or anything; but for once it feels good not to be the kid with his nose pressed up against the candy store window. I'll stash away with the rest of the collection and enjoy.

  10. Anonymous says

    Sorry, the 2000 silver proof set has lower mintage, more coins and more silver than the 09 quarter set! The 2000 proof silver set is a loser, so expect your 09 quarter set to do worse! Wow a sell out with a 2009 sold almost into 2011!
    Sounds like some folks bought too many 09 quarter sets that they will have a tough time unloading!

  11. Anonymous says

    The only way they'll be dogs is if the price of silver totally tanks. I really can't see that happening, though. Correction fluctuations, yes. A complete loss of value? I highly doubt it.

  12. Anonymous says

    Jeeez 5:36pm why so angry ? Sounds like you have too many sets to try and sell. Ya know, some of us are proud of what we "collect" and not worry about mintage/rarity,flipping, etc. These 6 coins along with the US territories first day coin covers are some of the nicest looking(and low #s) in several years. They are a good(and beautiful) "investment" for us who will hold them for our future heirs. IMHO.

  13. Anonymous says

    Yeah, they are "Sold Out". The remaining sets are being melted for future silver eagle blanks. It is simply more profitable.

  14. Anonymous says

    If silver goes to $50 an ounce I can pay off my house! But if it then goes to $100 I'll really regret it…

  15. Anonymous says

    I sold my silver coins when the Hunt brothers were trying to corner the "silver market" in the sixties. Today it is Buffet, just a guess, but I assume he is holding his silver against a possible dollar collapse.

    I wonder. Is Buffet still a buyer of silver or is he now a seller? He was buying in the 4-6 dollar an ounce times.

    Hi ho silver away…

  16. Anonymous says

    30½ million 2009 bullion A.S.E.'s (and no Proof 2009 A.S.E.'s) versus 298,562 of the 2009 Six-Quarter Silver Proof Sets.

    Both products selling for not much over melt value.

    There's literally 100 times as many '09 bullion A.S.E's as there are '09 Six-Quarter box/COA Sets.

    How could you go wrong? If silver tanked, would you rather have high-mintage bullion, or low-mintage Proofs in a unique
    one-year-only 6-coin Set?

    I "backed up the truck" on these Sets!

  17. Anonymous says

    Is the Coin Update site having a problem? I can't seem to access the Mint sales report page. I keep getting a "forbidden" notice. When it happened at work, I just assumed the computer guys saw I was going there a little too often and blocked it somehow. However, I'm home now and am getting the same message. Anyone else having a similar problem?

  18. Anonymous says

    Oh, those pesky little bubble pop flies keep showing up. They think they are at a picnic and smell a hot apple pie but they are really in a pasture and smell a hot hereford pie and will get their little legs all sticky when they land on it. They are as significant as as a gnat on an elephants butt.

  19. Anonymous says

    So , now that the 2009 Silver Proof Quarters are all sold and there are right around 1 million of them it looks like my Northern Mariana Islands silver proof coin with a major die error is a one in a million coin. I have been trying to find another since finding mine over a year ago and none have shown up. Those of you who just purchased lots of these sets, look at the obverse of the NMI piece and see if there is a crescent line across the top of the field, running through STATES OF. It is caused by a die that was damaged before being used. It is difficult to see with the unaided eye so use a magnifying glass when looking through the plastic. Surely not very were minted before the die was tossed and the folks at the mint must have tried to keep the coins out of sets but at least one got out and there may be more.

  20. Anonymous says

    I just noticed that I have a NMI silver proof quarter where the image of George Washington has a different frosted finish than that of the other quarters. The frosted finish resembles the way the proof quarters used to look before they started using the new dies that made the devices look grainy. You guys may want to check your sets for this.

  21. Anonymous says

    Today (Nov. 8th), this Set became
    worth more in melt value than its
    issue price of $29.95.

    And, less than 300,000 of
    the Six-Coin Box and COA Sets exist.

    To all you misguided fools…
    And how many of the Six-Coin Sets
    will be melted once silver passes $50?

    At that point, even a number of
    2009 Full Sets (among many others)
    will be melted….

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