2009 Formative Years Two Roll Set Sold Out

The 2009 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set for the “Formative Years” design has now sold out at the US Mint. The sets first went on sale May 14, 2009, making the total sales period nearly three months.

When the roll sets first went on sale, many were expecting them to sell out within a the first few days. The anticipated quick sell out was based on the expectation that only a limited number of the roll sets would be available. The first Two Roll Set featuring the “Birthplace” design only had 96,000 sets available. After the sell out, prices zoomed higher on the secondary market.

The US Mint ended up offering significantly more of the “Formative Years” two roll sets with the most recent sales figures indicating 297,520 units sold. The roll sets also perhaps experienced a boost after Coin World and other print coin publications reported on Formative Years Double Die varieties which had been found in the US Mint’s two roll sets.

Tomorrow the third release for the 2009 Professional Life Cent Two Roll Sets will go on sale at 12:00 Noon ET.

Separately, another US Mint product has sold out. Some time within the past few days, the 2008 First Spouse Bronze Four Medal Set had its product page status changed to “Sold Out.” These sets had been offered at $12.95 and contain each First Spouse Bronze Medal issued for 2008.

I have had one of these sets on back order for about three months. My expectations of actually receiving the set are low. The First Spouse Bronze Medal products are becoming somewhat notorious for being constantly back ordered and eventually having these orders canceled after the product sells out.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It's about time the LP2's sold out!

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if the LP3's are limited to 100,000? ROFLMAO

    Way to go Mint!

    In the midst of all of this… 8 and a half months into the year… still no word on proof gold/silver/platinum eagles or buffalo coins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow. That was too easy. My order for the new pennies was completed at 12:03. For those keeping track, the number was 32613xxx.

  3. Anonymous says

    Gotta love THE MINT ,order placed within first 5 mins. "BACKORDERED" Expcected ship 8/19..:(

  4. Jeff says

    I got on the subscription program for LP3. My credit card was charged on the 11th and said back ordered untill the 13th, wonder if they will ship early.
    I personaly like the penies and enjoy watching what they do on the secondary market, though I have never sold anything on ebay it is intresting to watch.

  5. Anonymous says

    DC sold out early and I had to go to another Kiosk, I got mine stamped as well. I think these will sell at a higher premium then the ones the mint is selling due to the quantity vs the mints.

  6. Anonymous says

    My LP3 order number is 32578xxx and yesterday they were backordered with a shipping date of 8/13. Today, shipping date is 8/29. What a joke.

  7. Anonymous says

    Anyone notice or care :

    8/26/2009 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Proof Set*

    * Shipping is expected to begin in late November.


  8. Anonymous says

    I live in the Washington DC area. The US mint is within my commuting area.

    Does anyone know if collectors can obtain/buy any of 2009 P or D coin rolls from the mint? I am specifically talking about nickels and dimes.

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Jus- says

    In response to anonymous 8/14/09 4:43 PM. No, the rolls of nickels and dimes can't be purchased from the mint.

    I also had a subscription for the LP3's and now it is on backorder until August 30. Wondering why the mint can't fulfill subscription orders on day of release when they already know which orders have been placed prior to the release date?

  10. Anonymous says

    The Mint has placed the cent proof sets on the website. At 7.95 it seems a bit steep. But what's with the limit of 5 sets per household? I guess a limited "packaging" or will it be a special finish?

  11. Anonymous says

    And what's with that picture? Surely that must be a cobbled-together, make-do "prototype" picture or something! If I was buying a penny proof set, I would at LEAST expect it to come in a specially-decorated box! The box in the picture is the same one in the 18-coin proof set, the same thickness and everything! Couldn't they have at LEAST showed what the REAL box will look like?

  12. Anonymous says

    They don't have time to display another box design, they are too busy figuring how to back order all the subscription orders for the third penny, that should have shipped on the first day. Nothing has changed. The Chronicles set will probably ship 12/12/2012. We would be fired if we did what they do.

  13. Anonymous says

    12/12/2012? Hee hee, sometimes it seems like it takes that long, doesn't it? I'm still waiting for them to send me a replacement COA for the Jackson's Liberty Uncirculated First Spouse gold coin they sent me last January that was missing the COA! It's backorder date keeps getting pushed back, now at the end of August. Why do they always bulls@#$ us like that? In January, if it was going to take until December to send why didn't they just say so? And if they don't intend to send it at all (the more likely scenario), why don't they just tell me that I'm sh!@ out of luck? Just say "Gee, we're sorry that we screwed up and did not send you a COA, but you'll just have to make due without one"? Man, they make me so MAD sometimes!

  14. Anonymous says

    Holy smokes! What kind of hoops did they make you go through to get your coin? That would be impossible to prove, so what did you do?

  15. Anonymous says

    A common thread in many posts is about delayed and redelayed schedules and deliveries…missing coins…defects galore etc. In this regard I have noticed that all of my coin orders from "The Mint" have come through a fulfillment center in Indiana which is proximate to where I live about 300 miles northwest. I have to say that I have had no problems with product delivery, delays, or packaging per se though 2008-09 coin quality is generally mediocre. I am assuming that "The Mint" uses several fulfillment centers, some good others bad. As it would seem that the FC's are the eyes of last look before shipment could they be a source of some of the dissatisfaction amongst our merry crew here?

  16. Anonymous says

    I don't think it's all the fault of the flunkies in Indiana (which is the ONLY fulfillment center the Mint uses for the entire world by the way, moved from Memphis TN). Sometimes, the folks at the fulfillment center make GOOD mistakes too (like sending gold coins in an order for silver coins, or sending products containing silver dollars when the actual products ordered were first day coin covers). However, eventually the Mint caught the mistakes and wanted them made right. How much of a recovery they got from those mistakes is unknown, but it could not have been 100%. I returned mine, but I know everyone could not have, due to boxes being sold unopened on eBay.

    I have a story here regarding a recent experience of mine. Last May, I ordered several pairs of Native American Dollar direct ship boxes, $500 each. For reasons unknown, my credit card company reversed one of the charges, then replaced it four days later. Since everything worked out, I did not call either the Mint or my credit card company about it. I should have known that somehow it would come back to bite me in the butt, though.

    About 2-1/2 months later, I get a letter from the Mint's accounting department in Washington D.C. saying that the order was shipped to me after a credit had been applied to my credit card, and I need to either send them $500 or return the product. It was paid for last May, but they think I still owe them for it, and have since placed all of my new orders "on hold". I've both mailed and faxed them copies of my credit card info showing that the reversed charge was replaced, but I'm still waiting for them to fix this. I've called them several times, and keep getting the run-around. I'm promised call backs that never come, etc. I'm really getting sick of it. I want my orders taken off of "hold" status, but they are so slow in getting this fixed!

  17. Anonymous says

    OK! I did contact the mint about the missing coin. We did several go arounds, because the coin was noted as missing after I sent it in for first strike grading in the sealed mint shipment package (from Memphis, TN, BTW). A note from the grading co was necessary, since I had no idea that I had sent them a box with no coin within.

  18. Anonymous says

    Wow, so if you had opened the box yourself to find the coin missing instead of sending it to be graded, the Mint would have told you that you were out of luck? That figures. If that happened to me, I would DEFINITELY file a chargeback with my credit card company!

  19. Anonymous says

    I haven't given a thought about it but it certainly would have been extremely difficult to prove without a letter from some established authority, recognized by the Mint. Perhaps, even though they have thoroughly debunked the whole first strike hyperbole.

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