2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins Not Cancelled

Contrary to earlier reports from Coin World, the US Mint will be issuing 2009 American Gold Buffalo bullion coins during 2009.

CoinWorld had published a story in their July 6, 2009 issue stating that the offering was canceled based on information received from the US Mint. This information was not correct and the Mint has already received the 24 karat gold planchets necessary to produce the coins.

The US Mint added this statement to their press releases page:

2009 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Update — Annual production of the United States American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins is required by law. As a result, the United States Mint is presently developing a production and launch schedule to determine the earliest possible release of these coins through the Authorized Purchaser network.

The US Mint first released the 24 karat American Gold Buffalo coins in 2006. The coins were offered as one ounce gold bullion coins and one ounce proof coins for collectors. The same line up was offered in 2007. In 2008, the number of collector offerings ballooned to included fractional proof and fractional uncirculated coins. These additional offerings were announced discontinued before the end of the year.

Based on current information, the US Mint will offer one ounce 2009 Gold Buffalo bullion coins and one ounce 2009 Gold Buffalo proof coins. Last year, the US Mint sold 189,500 of the one ounce bullion coins and 19,591 of the one ounce proof coins.

Release dates for this year’s offerings have still not been provided.

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  1. Tom Maloney says

    I was at the Denver Mint three weeks ago, and of course they had no bullion available. There were a few Louis Braille coins, and some Mint Proof Sets but really little else. To my surprise they did have Austrian Philharmonics in lieu of American Eagle coins. The staff there told me that they had received many complaints about the lack of coins with precious metal content. If the US Mint can't source gold, silver and platinum that ought to tell you just how bad the economy is really doing…

  2. Anonymous says

    Just wondering if they are competing with other mints and if the demand for planchets is higher overseas. I really wish they would have kept all fractionals, at the least on either the proofs or the uncircs.

  3. Anonymous says

    The mint should have kept at least the 1/10 oz. coins to allow more collectors on smaller budgets to stay or get involved as a new collector. I understand the mint has had too many products and I agree but its too bad they didn't cut elswhere like maybe eliminate those goofy brass presidential dollars from the proof sets.

  4. Anonymous says

    "maybe eliminate those goofy brass presidential dollars from the proof sets."

    LOL–no, no please don't take my batting cage tokens away!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Calling those brass presidential dollars "goofy" also could be viewed as an insult to Goofy the cartoon character. On behalf of everyone who calls those coins "goofy" I apologize to Goofy.

  6. Anonymous says

    I don't really believe they are going to produce any more gold coins…it looks to me as if they are preparing to wind down production of all gold coinage in preparation for another possible round of gold confiscations as we had in the 30's.

  7. Anonymous says

    You must be kidding on the winding down gold sales, the mint has been selling close to record numbers of gold ounces this year.

  8. the x says

    they should drop or redesign the presidental dollar coins they look fake they look like those sunoco gas station coins of 2000.

  9. Anonymous says

    it's getting late in the year…why would the mint issue a 2009 buffalo coin in the Fall? Wouldn't they wait until 2010 instead?

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