2009 Jefferson Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes

I am just returning from a brief vacation. While I was away, several readers left comments about a surprising development reported in Coin World. The US Mint announced that they have ended officially production of 2009 Jefferson Nickels and 2009 Roosevelt Dimes.

According to the article, no more Jefferson Nickels or Roosevelt Dimes will be struck for circulation at either the Denver or Philadelphia Mints for the remainder of 2009. The production of remaining circulating coins will continue, but “in reduced numbers.”

The most surprising aspect of the story is that the US Mint is announcing the end of production in April. Many collectors have been expecting drastically lower coin production, but I don’t think anyone thought production for two denominations would officially end this early in the year. There must be an enormous stockpile of coins at the Federal Reserve, which literally ensures that no new coins will be needed for at least the next eight months.

The US Mint’s coin production page indicates that 36.00 million 2009-P Jefferson Nickels and 33.36 million 2009-D Jefferson Nickels have been produced. There has not been a nickel struck for circulation with a mintage this low since the 1959 Jefferson Nickel with 27.248 million. Last year’s production figures were 287.76 million and 352.80 million for Philadelphia and Denver, respectively.

Coin production figures indicate 78.50 million 2009-P Roosevelt Dimes and 41.50 million 2009-D Roosevelt Dimes have been produced. The Denver mintage represents the lowest mintage since the 1958 Roosevelt Dime which had a mintage of 31.91 million. Last year’s production figures were 413.00 million and 637.50 million for Philadelphia and Denver, respectively.

In a previous post exploring 2009 Coin Production, I specifically mentioned dimes and nickels as denominations to watch for 2009. It seemed very likely that the mintages would be the lowest in years. The coins also seemed less likely to be retained by collectors as opposed to the other denominations which feature rotating designs.

This new announcement will bring greater attention to the denominations, but no matter how much collector’s scramble to acquire and hoard the coins, I still don’t think they will be retained in numbers as large as the other denominations. Circulation strike cents, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins from each mint and for every design have all been (or will be) sold by the US Mint in bags or rolls. Nickels and dimes are the only 2009 circulation strike coins that the US Mint will not offer for sale directly to collectors.

The 2009 nickels and dimes also do not appear to be showing up in banks or in circulation yet. For the past several months I have been watching eBay auctions and contacting roll sellers to see if I could locate the coins. So far, I have come up completely empty.

Has anyone found any 2009 Jefferson Nickels or Roosevelt Dimes?

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  1. Brad says

    Not a SINGLE ONE!!! I’ve been doing an exhaustive search of bank rolls in my area, and haven’t seen any 2009’s. I’ve found a few silver dimes and an interesting error dime I’m not sure what to call, but that’s it.

    The error dime has a bent rim, and the word “Liberty” that appears on the obverse is indented on the reverse backwards, but not on the same edge as it appears on the obverse. It’s on the opposite edge. Also, there is part of another ear and some hair upside down and pushed into Roosevelt’s face on the obverse. That’s as best as I can describe it. The obverse design is partially off-center, so the last digit of the date is pretty much missing. Because of that, I don’t know for sure what year coin it is. It’s a nineties dime from Philadelphia, though. The “199 P” is visible.

    Any ideas what this is or what it might be worth to a collector?

  2. Devin says

    Nothing at B of A in southern AZ. As a matter of fact, I was told by a branch employee that NONE of the B of A branches in my area of So. Arizona were going to be ordering any of those coins. Too many older coins on hand.

    I guess I’ll try some of the other banks.

  3. Anonymous says

    People will be searching their change for 2009 coins just like they searched for silver coins.

    An entire year’s coinage will eventually be picked out of circulation. Amazing.

  4. Anonymous says

    The only 2009 dated coins I have found in circulation were three 2009-P DC quarters

  5. Col. Klink says

    Nope, nada, nothing … they stare at me sideways-like when I ask for rolls of new coins at the bank … they shrug … the only thing I’ve been able to locate are rolls of presidential dollars.

  6. Anonymous says

    the dime and the half-dollar are the only US coins that have not been ruined with carnival designs.

    just look at the garbage state quarters — not only the amateurish designs but how cheaply they are made compared to original Washington quarters. There’s no relief to the die imprint; the coins look like the cheap Euro commemmoratives that have laser-ed images.

    the many changes to the coins and the notes in recent years makes a mockery of the money.

    the plan is to cause value dissociation … to get the people to view it all as monopoly script; for this will make the transition to electronic, bio-chip money all the easier.

    get the dime if you can. Before they ruin it with tacky designs.

    The US Mint is being led by the coutre ala Mrs. Roper (Three’s Company).

  7. Jim A. says

    Ive just had a post from one of my member's in U.S. Coin Collecting who said the following "I work for a National Armored car company and can tell you we have not seen any yet for distribution here in Washington,in fact I had the route that goes to the fed for picking up of coin to be rolled. I asked if they knew when they might be coming here and they said they have no room,the same is being said of all the new coins now. It is like the mint did good for the staters and then abandoned the way they sent them out or whatever,but will let you all know when I have new coins at the shop going out." As of right now, new Nickel & Dime rolls have not been sold on ebay either. If they aren't on ebay, they just aren't there! ~ Jim

  8. Anonymous says

    Will the 2009 nickels and dimes come in new rolls or will they be in rolls with old coins?

  9. Anonymous says

    With the atrocious new Mint selling policies, soon you will probably see rolls of common nickels and dimes being offered to “collectors” in 2 roll sets at some outrageous amount to be determined…..plus the obligatory $4.95 fee for shipping. The Mint seems to be failing worse with each and every step they take. Please, someone turn back the clock.

  10. Man says

    I’ll join the chorus in the lack of 2009 finds. On average it takes 3 months to find a newly minted coin but I think this year will be tough.

  11. Anonymous says

    These Coins are truely “rare”. Still doesn’t make me want any.
    Maybe the Mint should restrict mintage every year and just sell the Coins to hoarders. Might decrease the federal deficit a little.

  12. Anonymous says

    I was lucky enough to find a 2009-D DC quarter in my change from the soda machine last week.

  13. rickiepen says

    no one in northern indiana has any idea when or how but thats the fun in it or the aggrevation of the whole ordeal of how thw mint is doing thing good luck

  14. Michael says

    2 2009 dimes on ebay right now! search 2009 roosevelt dime and wade through the proof dime pre-sales but they are there!

  15. Michael says

    1- 2009 Jefferson Nickel on ebay! put 2009 Jefferson Nickel in the search box, look past the pre-sale proof coins and viola! Not willing to pay 40 bucks for one, but one of you guys may want one that bad!

  16. Anonymous says

    None of the banks in Flint, Burton, Grand Blanc, Brighton or Imlay City Michigan had any 2009 nickels or dimes. I bought several "turned-in" rolls and did some shooting, but no 2009s. I did find a 1959 nickel in really nice shape, and considering how that was a rather low volume coin I may just have gotten something for my travails.

  17. Lew says

    I have gone to Citibank, Chase, TD, HSBC Bank of America and many local banks and have come up empty. Has the mint released the coins? That is the question.

  18. Anonymous says

    2009 Rosevelt dimes and 2009 Jefferson nickels are on ebay. I recently purchased a few of each for a resonable price. The coins are in unc. satin finnish.

  19. Anonymous says

    Been an avid coin collector sine childhood (the 60s) but it's gotten crazy. Too many "collectables"… the US Mint is trying to be the Franklin Mint or something. Let's rationalize what is produced to something that can be collected, but not a huge range of coins produced only for "collecting".

    My suggestions:
    Kill the panny, half dollar, and $1paper bill.

    Pennies ae a nuisance, nobody circulates 50 cent pieces since there is no slot in a cash register and the coin is too big, and the usage of the dollar coin is sabotaged by the dollar bill.

    Lincoln will remain on the $5, Washington remains on the quarter, Jefferson is both on the nickel and the $2 bill… move Kennedy to one of those.

    One or two designs per coin per year. No more, otherwise the mintage is too low.

    I live in Missouri. We get primarily D coins, but I have my dad in Western Pennsylvanis look for P's. Have seen ZERO 2009 nickels, dimes, halves (not unusual for halves), and even some of the "D" pennies are rare (the 2009 Lincon "young professional life – D" and the 2010 Union Shield – D.

  20. Bryan says


  21. Anonymous says

    I live in south florida. Ive been searching rolls of dimes and nickels (about 300 dollars worth this year) from various banks in the area. Ive found about
    25 2009-P dimes but only 6 2009-P nickels. Ive gotten only a few in change.

  22. john bellom says

    as you alll have probably realized by now, there are plenty of the 2009 coins on ebay. i havnt really been looking through my change until last week and have already found 1 2009 P jefferson nickel and found (and lost 🙂 ) 1 2009 P dime they are going for about $2 per pair of either both P & D dime or P & D nickel on ebay …not bad

  23. the kev says

    I’ve been looking through nickels for over a year now and I found my 1st 2009 nickel today at work. A year ago I bought 1 P and 1 D nickel for $2.50 total with shipping on ebay. I’ve never looked for dimes.

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