2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace Two Roll Sets Sold Out

The 2009 Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set for the “Birthplace” design has just sold out at the US Mint. The quick sell out attests to the continuing strong demand for the newly designed Lincoln Cent, and the lack of availability through regular channels.

The sets were priced relatively high at $8.95 plus shipping and handling for $1.00 face value worth of coins. They were also subject to a five per household limit. Despite these obstacles the coins sold out less than two weeks after the product release on March 13, 2009.

According to Numismaster, the roll sets had sold 97,149 so far, with a steady pace of about 50,000 per week. I am guessing that the final sales number might be an even 100,000.

It does not seem that any of the rolls have shipped yet. I placed an order during the first hour of sales and received an email notification last week with an expected shipping date of April 4, 2009. (Update: based on a comment, some appear to have been shipped)

The US Mint plans to offer similar roll sets for the other three 2009 Lincoln Cent designs. Release dates have not yet been posted, and only seasonal estimates of spring, summer, and winter have been posted. It’s possible that for the remaining three roll sets, the US Mint could coordinate the product release with the circulation launch date for each design. (See 2009 Lincoln Cent Release Dates.) I suspect that the US Mint will also be more prepared for the strong Lincoln Cent demand, and may allocate more coins for the two roll set offerings.

A related product, the Five Coin Lincoln Proof Set has recently appeared on the US Mint’s Scheduled Products Listing with a release date of “summer.” This set will contain all four 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents in bronze composition (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc), along with the 2009 Proof Lincoln Commemorative.

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  1. astroguy says

    That is ridiculous that these things sold out from the Mint for a few reasons. First, the markup is stupid (and yet I paid it for 2 sets). Second, it shows that there’s poor distribution of these to the point where they sell out from the mint in just 2-3 weeks (don’t remember exactly when these were offered). Third, I can’t believe that, due to the insane markup, the Mint’s not willing to make more of these and “earn” $7 a set (factoring in maybe $1 for actual labor involved).

    Now I’m conflicted. Do I risk breaking these open to actually roll them and better preserve them in plastic vs. the sulfur-infused paper? Do I try to do a complete set and get another 2 of each when they come out later this year? Or just give up.

    Collecting CURRENT coins should not be this expensive.

  2. Anonymous says

    My understanding is that the 4 proofs cents in the special 5 coin set would copper composition. Is there an official word from the Mint now on the content of the set?


  3. Michael says

    yes, they will be copper based. (95% copper and 5% tin and zinc) some people refer to this as bronze.

  4. Anonymous says

    I also received the email from the mint saying my order would ship on 4/3. I know several people that received theirs early this week so I called the mint because my oder was placed in the first 20 minutes on the first day. I was told mine will ship tomorrow 3/27. Looks like the mint is still not adhering to their first in first out policy. Thanks–Duke

  5. Emo says

    SOLD OUT!!? What the ……….
    When the release was first announced, did the Mint say that they were going to stop at 100,000? Why so low- there clearly is a demand.
    Did anyone else know they would stop at 100K? I think of the way the Lincoln Silver Dollar numbers were monitored. We were kept informed, so we knew when it was getting close to the max. This caught me off guard. Any chance the Mint will change their mind?

  6. Michael says

    The two roll sets went on sale March 13, 2009. There was never a stated limit, but the US Mint said they would be available “for a limited time only.”

  7. Emo says

    I guess the Mint really meant when they said “limited time only”!
    Live and learn. BTW, great job Michael on your sites and keeping all informed!

  8. Anonymous says

    Thought I read somewhere the copper proof cents will also be used in both the regular and silver proof sets. Does anyone know if this is true? Are they minting BU copper cents also?

  9. Michael says

    The 95% copper composition will be used in all of the annual sets, such as the 2009 proof set, 2009 mint set, and 2009 silver proof set.

  10. Anonymous says

    Farewell to overpriced useless Mint paper wrappers at $8.95. Greetings to NF String paper wrappers for same quality coins at $2.00 (and actually dropping by the hour.) No one stores coins in sulphur and ink impregnated paper, so why pay for something you need to remove and discard? Birthplace cents are starting to appear everywhere as of Friday afternoon. Ebay sell-by-the-box jockies are now privately offering sealed bricks for under $100, while a small group still have ad’s for $350+ which they haven’t pulled yet. The smarter sellers don’t want to get stuck holding product that won’t move. I predict the prices and hysteria will drop in just a few short weeks to the $60-75 box level which is where it should be. Bragging rights to have the first coins of any issue available for any issue doesn’t warrant ridiculous buying decisions. Just my opinion.- Breezy

  11. Anonymous says

    I appreciate "Mint News Blog," it's become my daily read as I have become very interested in US coins. I thought sure the Lincoln dollar would be in the greatest demand and here comes the log cabin penny and seems to have knocked the dollar right off its feet. Who would have known … I noticed on ebay today the mint wrapped penny P&D rolls have sold for almost $90. wow – not bad for a $9 investment.

  12. Scooby Doo says

    To the person who referenced NF String. & Son– right you are, I get all my presidential dollar rolls, which come from the Fed wrapped in NF String & Son wrappers, at face value from local banks. I won't pay the mint's ridiculous surcharges for base-metal circulating coins, I'll just get them when I can when they enter the commerce stream.

    What will make things difficult however is the fact that the Fed has made no arrangement to segregate 2009 circulating coins from other dates; they may come mixed with previous dates and types (in the case of state/territorial quarters etc.), which make things more challenging, but they will show up eventually, whereupon I will just "roll my own," right, Shaggy?

  13. Brad says

    It’s off-topic, but I can’t find a post for it here. The Harrison P-Mint Dollar Rolls are back on sale at the U.S. Mint website, just like I knew they would be. It just didn’t take as long as I thought. Woe to those who paid $200+ for a roll on eBay!

    Now, will the Lincoln two-roll sets make a comeback as well? Time will tell! In the meantime, be wary when paying $75+ for a set on eBay!

  14. Michael says


    Yup, I noticed that too and am planning a post on it. The US Mint did recently switch from indicating “Product Not Available” to “Sold Out.”

    Hopefully this is to differentiate which products are temporarily unavailable from those that are gone forever.

  15. Anonymous says

    I would like to express my displeasure with the way that The U.S. Mint abruptly ceased the availability of the 2009 “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set after only 13 days!

    I have no idea why the Mint decided to do this, but they are doing a great disservice to customers like myself who were planning on purchasing these coin rolls.

    Because of the low production numbers of the “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set and the abrupt end of availability from the Mint, they are now only available from aftermarket sources who are charging anywhere from $75 to $150 for these rolls!

    Just like they do with the State and Territorial quarter rolls, the U. S. Mint should offer these Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Sets for sale through the end of their mintage run!

  16. coinman says

    hello all new to blog.Just a comment on the U.S Mint and their Lincoln pennies, its great limit them. We live in a fair market society and if someone can make a profit on e-bay so be it. All it does is make my collection that much more valuable and a fun challenge to find. To all those that bought coins on e-bay at a high price, great for you keep it up i might make enough extra cash to buy GOLD coins. Nuff Said.

  17. Anonymous says

    Hey Coinman… nice way to rationalize your greed and the unfair mintage and distribution policies of the idiots at the U.S. Mint!

    You are probably one of the greedy, price-gouging, bloodsuckers who are selling the 2009 Lincoln “Birthplace” penny two roll sets for $150 or more on eBay!

    Shame on you and shame on the suckers who are buying these penny rolls for more than 10 times their original issue price!

  18. Anonymous says

    Wait a few months, $150 will seem like a good deal when the 2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace Two Roll Sets will sell for $300+

  19. Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? says

    Wait a few months, $150 will seem like a good deal when the 2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace Two Roll Sets will sell for $300+


    The U.S. Mint was taking advantage of their customers in the first place when they offered these Lincoln Cent Birthplace Two Roll Sets for $8.95 plus $4.95 postage and handling!

    Think about it… The U.S. Mint was selling coins with a face value of $1.00 for a 1,390% mark-up! When they abruptly stopped selling these coin roll sets after only 13 days, they manipulated the market by creating an artificial shortage of these coins. The resulting frenzy has caused the price of these rolls to skyrocket from $13.90 to $150 or more!

    I will not get suckered in by the U.S. Mint or the aftermarket price gougers. I would rather be without these overpriced pennies than pay 11 times (or more) their original price!

    Good luck to any rube who buys into this scam by paying hundreds of dollars for $1 in pennies!

    As P.T. Barnum used to say… “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

  20. Anonymous says

    My local bank refused to sell me a $25 worth of Lincoln Cents(I was initially told that they could be all 2009 and agreed to take my chances with a sealed box) claiming that only customers who have a business are willing to purchase boxes.So,even if you want to buy them and you know where they are,it will be very hard to do so.

  21. Anonymous says

    Hello! I purchased my coins on March 19th when the mint’s website said they would be shipped on March 20th. Then I received an email that told they would ship on April 4th. I still have not received a confirmation that they’ve shipped. I called the U.S. Mint and they said that they are still going to be shipped and I should receive them by May 5th or 6th. Has anybody else had this kind of problem with the Lincoln cents? Or, has anybody else not received theirs like me? I think it’s crazy that it would take a month and a half to receive something that should have been received in under ten days.

  22. Michael says

    Based on other reader reports, there are still some rolls that have not shipped. I ordered mine within the first hour on March 13, and only received last week.

  23. Anonymous says

    I ordered my 2 rolls on 03/24/09 and I have had delivery dates of: 04/03/09, 4/18/09, 5/05/09 and now 5/20/09. I decided to skip eating for a day so I could spend $14 on $1 worth of pennies.

  24. Anonymous says

    I missed out on buying the birthplace penny from the mint and ordered it recently for $65. I am having buyers remorse because it is hard to justify paying that much for something worth $1 face value. Do you guys think these coins will go up in value or is it the current hype? I already bought the second version and will make sure I get in on the others one so I don’t have to pay a premium.

  25. Michael says

    The first set only had 96,000 sets available. The second set has more than 200,000 sets and counting.

    Since the first set has much fewer available this should support the price to some extent, especially if the production runs for the remaining sets are much higher.

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