2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Recap

With this post, I wanted to provide a recap of the release and sales of the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. The reader response to the posts from Thursday and Friday has been incredible over 700 combined comments. You can check out the original posts and comments here and here. If you have some time and haven’t been following along already, you can read the comments to get a variety of collector impressions on this latest US Mint product release.

Sales Period

The Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale October 15, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. For the first several hours of sales, the US Mint’s website slowed to a crawl, which made placing orders difficult. Some readers were able to get through by phone, but most received an automated message stating that the US Mint was unable to answer. By 5:00 PM ET, the US Mint had sold 29,919 sets.

Sales continued into the following day when orders could be placed more easily. On October 16, 2009 at 6:00 PM ET, the US Mint put up a waiting list notice, which indicated that the maximum number of sets had been sold. Orders would continue to be accepted for placement on a waiting list. In the event of cancellations, orders would be fulfilled from the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.

At the time of this post, the US Mint is still accepting orders for the waiting list.

Why Did the Sell Out Take So Long?

While a sell out within 30 hours is impressive, many people (myself included) expected a sell out on the opening day of sales. I think one of the primary reasons for the slower than expected sell out is an overall reduction in speculative demand for US Mint products. Undoubtedly, there were people buying the Coin and Chronicles Set in order to resell it at a profit, but the scale of this practice probably wasn’t anywhere near the massive levels that took place a few years ago when one day sell outs were more frequent.

The last US Mint product to sell out in a day was the 2007 Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin. The coins had a maximum authorized mintage of 40,000 and an ordering limit of one per option per household. Each customer could order a maximum of one proof and one uncirculated coin.

Around this time, some dealers were paying sizable “bonuses” for individuals who ordered and shipped the coins to them upon receipt. Check out this article from Susan Headley which describes the practice and some of the premiums paid for First Spouse Gold Coins. By the time the Thomas Jefferson coin was released, there was likely more speculative demand than actual demand for coins. When the secondary market proved much less robust than dealers expected, prices quickly deteriorated. After this ordeal, some dealers may have stepped back from the practice.

The “buy-to-flip” activity may have also died down on the individual level. Even without bonuses from dealers, individuals can still buy products and immediately resell them on eBay. Earlier this year products like the Lincoln Birthplace Two Roll Set (LP1) and William Henry Harrison Rolls (WH2 and WH4) made a big impression after they unexpectedly sold out and began selling for huge premiums on the secondary market.

Speculative activity perked up for the subsequent bags and rolls offerings, but similar gains failed to materialize. The US Mint also threw a curve ball with the second Lincoln Two Roll Set offering (LP2) by nearly tripling production from the prior level. After a year of hit and miss, some speculative buyers may have chosen to sit this one out.

Whatever your opinion on the practice, speculative buying or buying for immediate resale does have a significant impact of the level of US Mint product sales, the pace of sell outs, and secondary market prices. The US Mint uses household order limits to curtail the practice and also (unintentionally) discourages the practice by being unpredictable. No matter what policies are in place, speculative demand will always exist and continue to impact collectors of US Mint products.

Beside the impact of reduced speculative buying, two more factors may have slowed the sell out. First, the US Mint may have lost some customers after the disappointment created by the cancellation of the 2009 Proof Silver Eagle and other products. After the news broke, many customers stated in comments here and elsewhere, that they would not be purchasing anything else from the US Mint. Second, the economy may have played a factor as people are being more careful about what they purchase.

Third Party Grading

Comments in some of the previous posts expressed concern about third party grading services like NGC or PCGS creating some type of special label for the coins in the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. As a few readers pointed out, this seems somewhat ridiculous since one of the most appealing aspects of the set is the packaging. To take the coins away from the packaging, and instead put them in a holder with the words “Coin and Chronicles Set” seems kind of silly.

I contacted NGC and PCGS to try to confirm their intentions for the set. NGC quickly responded that coins in the set will not receive any special recognition. If submitted, they will be graded as regular proof coins. PCGS has not responded to my inquiry.

Secondary Market Prices

Secondary market prices for the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set are now around the $150 level, after dipping to around $125 late Thursday and early Friday. (View current auctions.) The number of pre-sales listed has increased with more than 140 sets currently listed. Once the coins start to be received by collectors, usually an influx of new listings appear. In the past, this influx has served to temporarily depress prices.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think this set will continue to trade at a decent premium. Even though it does not contain any unique coins, the US Mint has created an appealing and historical set with a limited production. This year, collectors have been more willing to pay a premium for US Mint packaging. In the case of the Coin and Chronicles Set, at least the packaging is something unique and special, instead of a plain white box stamped with a product code.

The set also has some potential for broader appeal beyond coin collectors. While most collectors were aware of the set and had a window of opportunity to order directly from the US Mint, others from outside the coin collecting community were likely not aware of the offering. If demand starts to emerge from other channels, this would further bolster prices.

Lastly, if I am correct that this product had less speculative purchases than other sell outs, this will bode well for the long term prospects of the set. With more coins in the hands of collectors who intend to keep them, there will be less supply on the secondary market. A limited supply combined with steady demand would serve to keep prices high and prevent the boom and bust experienced by the early issues of the First Spouse Gold series.

Next Release

With the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles release over, the next product on the US Mint’s release schedule is the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo. This coin has a tentative release date of October 29, 2009. Ordering information and details of the release are still not available from the US Mint.

On October 15, 2009, the bullion version of the coins actually went on sale. Since these are bullion coins, they cannot be purchased directly from the US Mint. They are sold to the Mint’s network of authorized bullion purchasers, who resell the coins to other dealers and the public.

I will have more details on the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo offering as details become available. I will also track the status of the bullion coins sales and report anything of note.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I wouldn't be surprised to see these in the $250 – $300 range by year end. Why? They are going to be truly scarce. I am guessing that a fair percentage of the mint purchases are from true collectors who are going to put their set away and not look at the secondary market price for quite some time. Other buy and hold types will be scavanging up the sets that come out from dealers and on eBay in the next few weeks. After that, I don't think you'll see too may of these in circulation. Someone who wants one then will have to pony up. Just look at the Harrison dollar rolls. They're still not coming down one bit.

  2. Anonymous says

    That makes the third party graders look like two faced jack-a****. They had no problem labeling the 20th anniversary eagles as such and the only coin different was the reverse proof. The proof and uncirculated coins could be bought through other options. Why don't they just say that that 50,000 sets is not enough and they cannot make much money? By the way, my guess for secondary market pricing for this set would be 200.00 – 300.00 as long as it is in the unopened mint shipping box.

  3. Anonymous says

    I really only bought the set just to see if I could break through the mints website and get one ordered. Now that is a challenge, they should turn that into a reality television program. We have more fun with that, I talked my 80 year old father into ordering a set. I told him he would have a blast, he called me an hour and a half into the sale and said he was on stage four of checkout and said his arm and shoulder were hurting from sitting in the same position with the mouse. He said he was having a blast and that it was nothing a massage would not take care of later and wanted to know when the next big release from the mint was.

  4. Anonymous says

    People who buy "unopened Mint shipping boxes" are fools. Why spend a couple hundred on a cardboard box? It wouldn't be too difficult to forge those or open one and stuff a lump of coal in there and then peddle it as "unopened". Insanity.

  5. Anonymous says

    The scalpers will soon be slitting each other's throats when their orders start coming in. I'll bet there will be 1,000+ eBay auctions for Lincoln Chronicles sets going on for several days in a row in a couple of weeks. Watching the dropping prices will almost be comical!

    It will only be after all of the scalpers have liquidated their supply and the vast majority of sets are held by true collectors that the Lincoln Chronicles set will truly get it's chance to shine. Plus, the true collectors who have to buy from the scalpers because they missed the set from the Mint won't get gouged nearly as bad in the near future as they will later on. The next two weeks should be a prime time to buy!

  6. Anonymous says

    Everyone knows they are sold out without the mint havine to post more then they have already

  7. Anonymous says

    There are several practical reasons for this set to appreciate. Obviously if one is so lucky to get all 70 grade coins in the set then the set would be quite valuable. Besides this, I'm also thinking of the historical and artistic significance of the "packaging." Wow! the Gettysburg Address in vintage print and with Lincoln's signature! Just think 10's of years down the road…

  8. Anonymous says

    Look at this on ebay…item270472694032….it shows his Lincoln Chronicles set has been SHIPPED

  9. Anonymous says

    THE MINT NEWS BLOG IS THE BEST SOURCE FOR CURRENT COIN INFORMATION, ANALYSIS, AND COMMENTARY. I ordered a set of Chronicles about 6 hrs in so it appears I should get one. I wasn't going to stay home and make sure I got an order placed early. I figured if I get it great and if I don't then I don't. The US Mint has become a disappoinment and as the Blog states it may be losing customers. Of course there are other economic issues as well as it being just too unstable in its offerings which are becoming crappier. It is starting to appear that most offerings for the average collector are now either brass or alloy clad coins. I will keep shopping for things I like at the US Mint but not with the enthusiasm I used to have nor the determination to get the item I like before it sells out.

  10. limalo says


    Great job on the Lincoln Coins and Chronicles Set Recap. Any idea what happened with the Braille Education Set that many people bought along with the Lincoln C & C Set? The production run for that set was half of the Lincoln Set so it wasn't necessary for as many people to buy that one as the Lincoln set. Has it reached or come close to a sell out yet? Or, was there just not sufficient interest in that one.

    In the long run, it will actually be more rare because of the 25K limit. Of course, that rarity alone doesn't guarantee a higher price because demand will probably be less due to less popular figure than Lincoln. Thanks for any information you may have.

  11. Anonymous says

    Everybody seems to be missing one variable in their estimates for prices on these (including you, Michael)…Christmas. These sets will be arriving just 6-8 weeks before the big day. A lot of comments on this set contain the words "I will be giving this to…". This is probably the greatest driving factor for this set. All of the "true collectors" have these coins already, the rest of the set is window dressing designed to be a great gift.

  12. 4pawz says

    I was able to place my order online for the Lincoln Chronicles set and had it confirmed by 12:14 on the 15th. It took a while to get to the point of confirmation but I appear luckier then most from what I am reading. My confirmation number 33160XXX is lower then any I have seen in the ebay adds. I would also like to add a thought on the set not selling out the first day that I have not heard yet? If the Mint Web Site had been running correctly they would have processed many more sets that day then we here about form their first half a day of sales. Thank you, Toby O'Brien

  13. Anonymous says

    Looks like the shipping date on site is back to 10/30/2009 . However there are some that have already shipped, according to some Ebay sales.

  14. Anonymous says

    Mine shows that it shipped yesterday! I was able to get my order in at 12:07, with the confirmation number being in the 331592XX range.

  15. Anonymous says

    Although the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set says that it shipped yesterday, the other products that I ordered still say "In stock and reserved." Does this mean that they are only shipped my Lincoln set?

  16. Captain America says

    I was able to place my order online for the Lincoln Chronicles set and had it confirmed by 12:05 on the 15th. My confirmation number 331594XX.

    I purchased this for one reason and one reason only; for my own pleasure and enjoyment and to show to my kids and grand kids the beauty of a great coin set that can be past down from generation to generation for years to come. keeping it in the family. My coins are not for sale for the reasons stated here. Why sell yourself out for a quick buck and dimish your own self worth?

  17. Anonymous says

    Got my shipping notice for yesterday. Ordered about 12:05 with order number 33159XXX. Going into the steel safe and hope the price goes higher and pays for a quarter of kids college in a few years! If not still looks to be a great collectors piece.

  18. Anonymous says

    25% of a college bill sounds like a pretty tall order for this coin set, I'm afraid! 🙂

    It's off-topic I know, but it will be interesting to see this past week's "Mint Statistics" and see how many of the gold coins the Mint sold over the past few days. I'm thinking it won't be very many, seeing as how the prices are the highest they've ever been and all! I'll bet the UHR STILL won't have passed the 100,000 mark.

  19. Anonymous says

    I haven't heard anything on the Braille set yet.But I woould assume that since the shipping date just changed.That should be an indication of close to a sell out.I bought one and decided to rename the coin.I figure since it looks more like a blind George W Bush.I'll call it the Blind leading the Blind coin.LOL

  20. Anonymous says

    Since the mint has a subscription policy, it would be nice if one could have ordered a Lincoln Chronicle set by subscription..

    This would certainly be a more orderly way to sell their sets from the perspective of the Buyer and the Seller…why create a problem for the collectors who have day jobs?


  21. Anonymous says

    The Mint has become completely greedy with gold prices.I don't see to many fools and their money being that foolish this go around.

  22. Anonymous says

    Just for the heck of it.I went to coinnews.net.Only to almost fall off my chair laughing.So now that the US Mint feels that they have done well with a coin that looks like an OREO cookie(UHR).I guess they figure they can come up with the girl scout cookie in 2011.LOL OH YEAH!!!!! I can see a huge sell out on that coin.I wonder if buy then they will give 6 in a box that looks like it should hold 12.LOL and charge 4 times the price they should be.LOL Good luck on that one.

  23. Anonymous says

    I ordered my Coin and Chronicles at 1204 on the first day mint shipped today. It will not be for sale its going into my safe. The price isnt enough for me to sell (In my collectors mind it is priceless). Enjoy the madness of the greedy. My tracking number was

  24. Anonymous says

    To the 7:23 blogger who looked at coinnews.net.Did it ever occur to you that most of the people running that web sight are the ones who bought many of these gold coins to sell them graded and try to make a profit off of already exploded price increases.It would not be in their favor to say that sales have been terrible in relation to other years when gold prices were more acceptable.They are just hoping the fools and their money will bite on their news.

  25. Anonymous says

    Did anyone who ordered on Friday 10/16 with an order # 33221xxx or later have their status "In Stock and reserved"?

  26. Anonymous says

    Considering that only 54 Coin and Chronicle sets have sold on ebay since last Wednesday.I don't think any news from the US Mint of a sell out will help prices increase by much more then they already have.With all the scalpers stepping on each others toes with prices from 125.00 to 525.00.There is little chance that these sets will ultimately do much better then current average prices of 150.00.Given the fact that the main stay of most scalpers are is to wait.Once they all hit in full force.There will be much better deals to be had by then.

  27. Anonymous says

    Yeah, a lot of the scalpers will want to unload their sets quickly, despite falling prices. That influx of supply and so much competition will lead to continually falling prices that will allow true collectors to get their sets for a markup that is not too out of line, all things considered.

  28. Anonymous says

    Can't wait to see the Lincoln Chronicles – it's amazing some folks are already getting their shipping notices from the mint. I would call that faster than lighting. I think this set is selling well on Ebay, considering sellers don't even have the sets in hand. I do hope my set goes up in value, I will relish in the fact that I am lucky to get a GREAT set. Someone share what the next great coin will be – not gold – can't afford that – silver is my favorite.

  29. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know wtf is going on with the Proof Gold Buffalo? Seriously, the release is supposed to be next thursday and the mint won't even tell if or what the limits will be, the packaging, or anything.

  30. Anonymous says

    Quite honestly, I think the Braille Education Set might be sold out already too, and the Mint simply hasn't said so yet. The reason I think that is because the set I ordered along with my Lincoln Chronicles set shows "In Stock and Reserved", while others I know whose orders for them were placed a while after mine still shows a status of "Backordered." The Mint just might pull a fast one on that set and slap the "Sold Out" notice on it without any prior hints, other than the usual "backordered" status. They've just been so busy monitoring the Lincoln set they probably haven't noticed the Braille set is gone!

  31. Anonymous says

    I am another early buyer with a low confirmation number 33159xxx. I also just found out that my order has shipped. So to those who are wondering if you have received a set or not should know as soon as the mint sends out the last one.

  32. Anonymous says

    My order from friday ( 8:00 am EST)3321xxxx is still in backordered (10/30/09). I called Mint and they told me that I have a little chance to get this set but not much. I ordered 10 hours before Mint waiting list.

  33. Anonymous says

    That would mean there are thousands of orders that will be cancelled! So much for falling prices!

  34. Anonymous says

    Your order number would suggest that you are in the 60,000 order range I think. I have a feeling, with the wait list, there are going to be 15-20 thousand orders cancelled??

  35. Anonymous says

    Re: Anonymous at 10.19.09 at 9:03 p.m. 2009 LINCOLN MASTER SET PCGS??? Ebay #300349503538

    I just contected PCGS to ask if they are doing anything special regarding the Coin and Chronicles set. Their response:

    "No, PCGS is not doing anything special for this set since they were already issued earlier this year."

  36. Anonymous says

    My order is done within 30 mins of the opening, till now (in stock and reserved) but the status is still on hold. wtf is going on?

  37. Anonymous says

    Make sure your credit card information is up to date. I would call and check on it. 1-800-USA-MINT.

  38. Anonymous says

    To all of the flippers and I am not talking down to you as I have flipped several items myself. Why flip this set without seeing what is in there first. Just imagine: four 1 cent proof coins with a "W" mint mark or four satin proof 1 cent coins or a siver dollar with a "W" mint mark. You never know, the mint has done it before. Why take a chance on a 60.00 item? Anyway, I can dream can't I?

  39. Anonymous says

    if your status is on hold, be sure to call USMint or else your item will be canceled. Your status must be "in process" not "on hold".

  40. Anonymous says

    Called up the Mint; they say it's normal for the status to be on hold for a few days and that everything is fine. I've purchased other coins recently with the same C.C.

    Sure hope the Mint dun mess this up for me.

  41. Anonymous says

    As per Mint web site >>>
    Orders can be in a temporary status of; suspended (S), error (E) or held (H) during the normal order processing period. If your order is still in one of these statuses after 7 business days, please contact Customer Service at one of the numbers listed below.
    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)
    But I'd give them a call just to be sure it doesn't get canceled..

  42. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know if these are going to be shrink-wrapped from the Mint or how they will be packaged?

  43. Anonymous says

    I have a very early order number (within the first 20 minutes)

    Called up the Mint; they said it's normal and everything is all right.

    Sure hope it's as they say. Do you think they are gonna screw this up for me?

  44. Anonymous says

    On hold with an early order number = keep calling the mint and stay on them or you might miss out, and be nice.

  45. Anonymous says

    Don't worry about the "On Hold" status. My order was placed 17 minutes into the ordering period, and it didn't come off of "Hold" status until this afternoon.

  46. Anonymous says

    My order was at 12:24 and it has shipped.Call and tell them you want to verify your credit card information.

  47. Anonymous says

    Ebay prices holding steady. Prices will rise once wait list is gone and thousands of orders are cancelled.

    Last 5 ebay purchases.

  48. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know if these are going to be shrink-wrapped from the Mint or how they will be packaged?

  49. Anonymous says

    I ordered on Friday around 10am. I have order # 33221xxx My order status says "Your order is in process Backordered expected to ship 10/30/09. I was told this means my order was accepted by the mint and will be shipped. Is this true?

  50. Anonymous says

    It is my opinion that this set ACTUALLY sold out on the first day. I believe we are going to see thousands of orders cancelled.

  51. Anonymous says

    Hey, my order shipped today, too(10-20-09). Order placed at 1:05 on the 15th.
    Order number 33168xxx.
    I guess we will find out very soon what orders will be cancelled.
    And btw, Mine's not for sale either. I have almost a complete set of lincolns and this will be a really nice addition to my collection.
    It is alot of fun to see what others are willing to pay for it.

  52. Anonymous says

    When I track my order the Cancel box is now gone. This order cannot be cancelled by me now. Why would the mint take away this option, not that I would ever cancel?

  53. Anonymous says

    so many individuals got these sets and will never sell them. The pool on the secondary market is shrinking with each ebay sale! And when 1000's learn their order has been cancelled, watch out!

  54. Anonymous says

    It seems clear that while the "wait-list" officially started at 6pm on Friday, it actually started atleast early Friday morning, if not Thursday. Who knows how many sets were sold between late Thursday and now. It could be 10-20 thousand?? Gonna be some P*ssed off people!

  55. Anonymous says

    Mine shipped today. Good luck to all others that are unsure of their order. I agree there is going to be alot of pi%sed off people within the next few days.

  56. cw says

    My l&c set also shipped today but what stood out was they used FedEx.Which was the first time in all the years I purchased from the Mint.my one set is not for sale!!

  57. Anonymous says

    Usually they lead off with Fedex , then its handed off to USPS for delivery , or at least that's always been my experience.

  58. Dave says

    Sometimes FedEx partners with USPS in getting our products to us. I’m not sure if that’s the Mint’s doing or that of the shipping companies. But FedEx might hand it off to your local post office for delivery.

    These sets probably will dip in price once the second wave hits eBay (from the flippers who didn’t want to pre-sell). I’ll watch the pricing trend to determine if I want to pick up some extra sets. It’s hard to imagine their value ever dipping below cost though so these should be a good investment for some time to come.

  59. Anonymous says

    Does anyone recommend leaving the sets unopened in the brown box in which they shipped? Would this provide potential secondary market consumers with a sense of security that the sets have not been pillaged?

  60. Anonymous says

    If your planning on selling , I would leave it sealed . It will probably command a better premium if still sealed in the original brown mailer.

  61. Anonymous says

    Imagine what would have happened if they had sold these before the silver dollars and cent sets were for sale .

  62. Anonymous says

    Just checked my tracking # from mint and I should have my set in hand 10/24/09 ,can't wait to open it and see what a great job the mint did on this one!

  63. Anonymous says

    Any info on "highest order number" approximately that will get filled? If an order still says "Backordered" are you likely out of luck, even though there was no Wait List yet at time of order?

  64. Anonymous says

    You can no longer get direct shipped Van Buren bucks!

    What? Were you thinking of something else?

  65. Anonymous says

    My set shipped today, order
    #33160XXX. Any concern if you re-sell the Chronicle set without opening the shiiping box? Your mailing info and purchase price is on it……

  66. Anonymous says

    I purchased mine at approximately 2 pm cental time 10/16/09. My order # was 33226xxx. That's somewhere in the 65,000-66,000 range. I will be shocked if I actually get one. To counter this fact I just bought one on the bay for $148 plus free shipping. I think they will go up (mine's going in the vault, though, so I don't really care). If I do get mine from the mint, it will be serendipity, and will probably go in the vault as well.

    My advice to those who want one as part of a collection would be to get one now and not risk limited secondary market quantity. The behavior of future prices is always a gamble, but I think this one stands a good chance of rising.

  67. HBGuy says

    I received confirmation this evening (20 Oct) at 1847 Pacific time that my Lincoln Chronicles set had shipped. This is ~ 10 days earlier than the original order confirmation suggested.

    My order was placed ~ 0730 Pacific time on Thu, 15 Oct.

  68. Anonymous says

    HBGUY: Is that typical that mint website lets orders go through that are placed ahead of the sale opening?

  69. Anonymous says

    Mine was placed 1:24 EST on 10-15. I had also ordered Mint Sets and the Braille Set. Just today the cancel boxes were removed and the sale is "in Process" My order # is 3317xxxx

  70. Anonymous says

    My order went through at 11:50 CST on the 15th order #33166xxx. Was surprised to see the email saying it was shipped today (10/20).

    I had also ordered the Braille Set, which is backordered and the 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set, just to get another 2008 Silver Eagle. That was shipped on the 16th. I had gone online the day before and added these to my cart so I wouldn't have to navigate the site on the day of the Chronicles.

    The Chronicles will top off my Lincoln collection from the Mint this year. Already have the Proof and Uncirculated Dollars. The pennies from all the various mint sets and I also ordered the penny set on it's own, which I think ships in November, and I'll have one each of all the rolls.

    Everything I collect is for myself and my children in the future. As a graphic designer the Chronicles Packaging looks to me to be very nice.

    This would have been a good year to partner up with the BEP and have one of the new $5 bills included in the set as well. Actually I wish the BEP and the Mint would partner up on more (or any) products. But that's probably asking too much, 🙂

    Anyway to everyone who gets one of these sets, enjoy!

    TK in Minneapolis

  71. Ed says

    Can someone explain why one would keep the Chronicles in a safe? Mine will be on display with the other coins I collected this year. It seems to be a wast to buy the Chroniacles set and never see it. Leaving it in a safe is as if you have never had gotten it.

    My order was completed 10/25 at 12:15 #33160XXX and I got an email from the mint stating shipped 10/20/09.

    But Fedex states Shipment information sent to FedEx Oct 20, 2009 3:47 PM and is in the Initiated process.

    So the package hasn't left the mint wearhouse yet.

  72. Anonymous says

    I agree with Anon 8:30. A $5 bill would have been an excellent addition to this set

    I also agree with the previous post. Open that bad boy up, and put it on your desk/in your curio/on the wall/etc…

  73. Anonymous says

    The last 2 posts are why I try to have 2 of things I think are importance or potentially valuable. A safe is the ultimate in protection, even from light (for the packaging). With 2 items you can tuck one away forever and you can do whatever you want with the other and remain guilt free. It's like eating your cake and having it too! I know, the down side is dauble the cost, but it's worth it to me.

  74. Anonymous says

    It really is sad that the Mint continues to take orders for this set knowing full well that anyone that orders one now will never get it. It just shows an apathy for customer service in my opinion.

    Mayber their webmaster is on vacation this week and that is why they haven't taken it off nor put up the proof buffalo info! 🙂

  75. Anonymous says

    The Mint needs backup orders in the case of a disaster. Say, for instance, that everyone whose order fell in the second half of sales suddenly dropped dead of heart attacks and the Mint would have been left holding all of that unsold product. Please.

  76. Anonymous says

    I paid 60.90 for 1.04 cents and 2 photo copies in a box. I am happy.
    They sold 50,000 within 30 hours (Less if the Mint knew how too operate). I am Glad.
    Watching the SHOW and READING the BLOGS. Priceless Thank you Michael

  77. Anonymous says

    I assume the mint is Not shipping the orders in the order they were taken in. I have an early confirmation number from early that day and I have seen several post with later confirmation numbers than mine that have already been shipped out. Just makes me a bit nervous, hope it ships out today.

  78. Anonymous says

    To 7:30pm post and order # 33226xxx When you track your order, what does it say? Also is the cancel box still there? You will have a chance to receive this set if your order status in in process.

  79. Anonymous says

    My wife's order 33172XXX, which was placed 30 min after mine 33168XXX and my parents orders shipped yesterday but the two earlier ones aren't shipped yet.


  80. Anonymous says

    This to answer the above post. My status reads that it is "in process." There is no cancel order option that I can find…my fingers are crossed. I was very polite to the sales rep on the phone. She seemed optimistic about the transaction, but this blog can sure spook ya!

  81. Anonymous says

    It's just normal for the Mint to throw things in (limbo) , consider it just another day at the fulfillment center….

  82. Anonymous says

    WOW ,already in-hand and up for sale .I think the mint is on the ball with these things. Great looking set from the pic.I can't wait to receive mine.. .Ebay # 290362103088..

  83. Anonymous says

    I wish my Braille Education Set had stayed on backorder a little longer, so I could have cancelled it. The set didn't sell that many at all on October 15th, so the sellout I figured was coming then probably won't even happen at ALL now! But the little booger went to "In Stock and Reserved" status, and will probably be shipped in the same box with my Chronicles set and Uncirculated sets (both of which are also "In Stock and Reserved".

    Oh well. Maybe more people will decide that they want it by mid-December (the 11th, maybe?) when the Mint pulls the commemoratives off-sale for good. Time will tell!

  84. Eric says

    Braille Education Set

    I just got mine, and it's kinda lame, Packaging is ok, no where need the lincoln set, they have the minitage limits on the back stating that limit of 400,000, but they should have put the limit number of this set on the packaging. I would be cooler of they would indivually number each set ie #223 of 25000

  85. Anonymous says

    Just received my Coin & Chronicle set . I'm a little disappointed in the packaging!!!There is no shrink-wrap. There is a lightweight white cardboard sleeve (open on both ends) that slides over the folder!!!! So much for sealed packaging .Better keep your Mint shipping boxes sealed if ya gonna resale!!!

  86. Shrek says

    I recived the shipping order yesterday and am very excited. I am a beginner collector and this will go great with the other coins i have. #331619

  87. Anonymous says

    I love the 2009 cents and the C&C set. It's exciting times for the cent.

    I really hope that LP-10 is NOT chosen for the 2010 and beyond cents. The design is frankly boring and plain. More importantly, the whole point of the new cent is to represent the legacy of Lincoln and the preservation of the Union… so I don't really agree (as others have suggested) that a 34 star flag is really the most appropriate choice- it's not about what the Union was like under Lincoln, it's about his legacy and our future.

    That being said, the LP-13 and LP-14 designs seem to have a nice balance of design interest, eye appeal and imagery appropriateness. Let's face it, all the Capitol Building submissions are a bit played out and the eagle submissions all have an eagle whose anatomic design is well… awkward, to be kind.

    By the way, an easy and nice place to see all the submissions side by side is at:

    Just my thoughts… anyone else?

  88. Aureus says

    Sorry to double-post.

    I don't like the LP-10 design either. I vaguely recall seeing a similar design on the back of a spiral notebook when I was in the fourth grade. It is boring. If the flag were blowing in the wind, I think that things would be different. If we are stuck between the two designs, LP-13 is the better choice, here.

  89. Anonymous says

    Quick question- Does anyone remember what the westward journey nickel sets sold for at the mint 4 or 5 years ago?

  90. Anonymous says

    I really doubt they are shipping alphabetically , because mine would be close to last (W) and i have a tracking # that has already shipped with an expected delivery date of 10-24-09.

  91. Anonymous says

    5:03: how in the world is it averaging $160? It is clearly $143 for today considering only ebay auctions not buy-it-now

  92. Anonymous says

    Notice some sellers are selling SEALED SHIPPING BOXES , I think that will be the key in the long run if your a flipper/seller. Any thoughts on appreciation values for sealed shipping boxes?

  93. Anonymous says

    Can anyone tell me at what number of set were sold with a number 33208XX sold a 7pm the 15th. My oder is being process and in stock and reserved. Which means nothing. Can be canncelled anytime.

    To the post about already arrive and on ebay. Well the auction is asking too much for them $199.00, othere are way less.

  94. Anonymous says

    To 33208XX sold a 7pm the 15th. You should be fine if its showing in stock and reserved. Your order # should be in the 49,000 range as mine was 33159xxx, which has shipped ,with a deliv. date of 10-24.

  95. Anonymous says

    Great looking set!! Ebay #280413378097 , not to mention only $129.95,lol. Ready , Set , Goooo.

  96. Anonymous says

    Oh, it's going higher. Just wait until the wait-list goes away and thousands of orders are cancelled!

  97. Anonymous says

    It could be on the outside of the capsule. He has very nice pics of his set. It's a shame he opened it. 🙂

  98. Anonymous says

    You can bet mine will be opened asap, it's not for resale, its for display and sheer enjoyment .It will put the finishing touches on my Lincoln collection.

  99. Ed says

    Here is a thought. I have three 2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar, and 3 (4) proof 95% copper one-cent coins reverse designs. I think that maybe I will put one of them up for sale for those who missed out on the Chronicles Set. They can make up their own set. But then there are always Ebay high prices for the real thing. Maybe I will wait on this one.
    Mint states my set will arrive Monday the 26th. YES!!!

  100. Anonymous says

    I think I'd wait on that to Ed, ya never know whats going to happen when all those orders get canceled!

  101. Ed says

    Yes I saw that set it is up to $79.00 but I think it would looked better if the Lincoln Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar was more centered. Looks kind of weird on the bottom.

    I might send two up for grading and save one for when the 2010 Presidential $1 coin is released. Then I will have all 5 for the set to be graded.

  102. Anonymous says

    Yeah ,I agree Ed, the placement wasn't the best , but still a nice looking set. Sound like a good idea on the 5 set 🙂 My LC&C set is supposed to be here 10-24 , I cant wait .

  103. Anonymous says

    Anon 8:54 says 28 chronicles set sold on ebay.
    That's just since 8 o'clock this morning! Yesterday I counted 155 sold and 48 unsold. currently there are 296 completed listings and 190 active.
    I'm kinda interested in the one with order number 3323xxxx. Wonder if they will get it.

  104. Anonymous says

    Just found this >>David C. Harper, Numismatic News
    October 21, 2009 :The Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set arrives this week with a sellout number of 51,000. That’s 1,000 over the maximum allowed, but not to worry. That will be whittled back to the 50,000 by the time all credit card and other problems are worked through.

    In fact, the Mint was still taking standby orders to add to the waiting list for days after the official ceiling was reached.

  105. Anonymous says

    To anon 10:15 , that's around 70,500 later than my order # 33159xxx .Needless to say i think they are gonna be outta luck..

  106. Anonymous says

    To Anon 10:27,
    That's what I thought. It will be interesting to see what happens to ebay auctions when cancellations start going out. It seems that some think they are getting one just because thet could place an order. I'll bet there will be alot of dissappointed people after the 50,000 have all shipped. I got my tracking number yesterday, so I'm just watching what happens now.

  107. Anonymous says

    Yeah I hear ya , I think it's going to be quiet a mess even more so than already is . Not to mention all the p&ssed off and angry people . I can't believe that the Mint is taking/letting people order !

  108. Ed says

    This ebay auction # 120482225781 list as Presale Confirmed Order #3323xxxx Set to ship 10/30/09. If you are right about the orders this Ebayer will have some refunding to do. It is up to $88.00

  109. Anonymous says

    I just wonder how many in total pre-sales are going to be canceled or have to refund? That's going to be hilarious to watch . Glad I'm not one of them:)

  110. Anonymous says

    Yes Ed , even if allthe order #'s in between didn't buy a set , that's more than enough to sell them out.

  111. Anonymous says

    If what I'm thinking is correct alot of the so called (confirmed orders) will be canceled and a huge number of people will definitely be at the mercy of secondary market!

  112. Anonymous says

    I am canceling my chronicles set; before the mint cancel it for me; I am so behind in the queue!!!

  113. New Collector says

    My Lincoln Coin & Chronicles shipped yesterday!! Got the email from the mint at 9:19 last night. Hooray!

  114. Anonymous says

    WOW , the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set are in No Longer Available list , but it still says "Product will be available for shipping ", how wasted are they there at the controls?

  115. Skid says

    Well, a set did just sell for $189 on ebay. I am from Kentucky and we have a saying around here. "And they're off…!"

  116. Anonymous says

    If my calculations are close to being right , there will be around 15-20,000 pi$$ed off people out there , especially after seeing some of the order #'s on Ebay , lol… If I'm off , please correct me ..

  117. Anonymous says

    I placed my order with in the First Hour of the set going on Sale and I have a very early conf number but my set still hasnt ship out yet. Is there anyone else that order early like me and hasnt had theirs ship either???

  118. Skid says

    It's hard to say how many will be cancelled. We don't know how many dupes there were and we don't know the sales pace after the set went on it's wait-list. But I would concur and guess atleast 10,000 sets to be cancelled. And that could be a very low number.

  119. Skid says

    It will take some time to ship out all 50,000. As long as your order says "in stock and reserved" you are fine!

  120. Anonymous says

    Regardless of how many are canceled , the prices might start easing up now .I think I might be in the market for another set. Mine is scheduled for delivery on 10-24 , but I'm thinking I want another one,lol, yes I'm being greedy.

  121. Anonymous says

    Just received mine. The product is about the size of a hardcover novel and is packaged to look like one. First there is a white paperboard retaining sleeve around the set which slides off, then the "book" itself sits inside a matching brown case which is open on one side. The "book" then slides out of the case and opens as you've all seen it in the standard photo. The Gettysburg Address is inside the left cover and is printed onto lining paper which is glued inside a door-like cover. There is no shrink wrapping or cellophane so everyone can have a look at it and then put it back together just like it came. I'd say a very well done package. The coins looks good, although the flat areas around Lincoln have an odd wavy look which I'll have to investigate under magnification later. All in all though this is a very substantially built set.

    Jim L.

  122. Anonymous says

    I was thinking if I received a "defective" Chronicles set, what can I do?

    There will be nothing to exchange for at the Mint rite?

    So,it's either I keep the defect ot return for a refund?

  123. New Collector says

    Speaking of packaging, just received a divider set for my multi-lens box. Why the specially manufactured and printed box for such cheaply made pieces of plastic? Shrink wrap would have been sufficient. Thought it was my Lincoln one-cent proof set at first until I opened it.

  124. Anonymous says

    Order # 33221xxx "In stock and reserved" I mentioned in a post the first day of sales that the mint will cancell ALL duplicate orders. This proves there were 10's of thousands of duplicate orders. One per household address holds true. Sorry scalpers.

  125. Anonymous says

    For those who have hopes that by using the wait list you might get a set of the Lincoln Chronicles. Have faith order number 3321xxxx was shipped today with Tracking number. Of course that means a cheater lost one of their sets.

  126. Anonymous says

    If this holds true then the prices will go up in a week or two. Most of these sets for the wait list where for one (true collectors) thus taking them off the secondary market.

  127. Anonymous says

    My Chronicles set is shipped today !!!!

    that's even thou' I order for it in the first 8 minutes…

  128. Anonymous says

    I wasn't able to place order until Oct. 18th. When I read that I was to be placed on a wait list, I assumed the worst. I never imagined that I would be able to receive one, unless going through the secondary market. But when I saw those four words "In stock and reserved" I couldn't control my excitement! Order #3324****

  129. Anonymous says

    Serendipity!! I posted a day or 2 ago with an order # of 33226xxx. Today the item is in stock and reserved. I called the mint to verify. It sounds like a sealed deal. The cutoff point for orders was probably in the 3323xxxx at the end of the day 10/16. If you subtract that from the earlier numbers like 33159xxxx you get 71000 to 72000 total sales made on 10/15 and 10/16. It doesn't seem far fetched to think that there were approximately 22000 orders made for items other than the lincoln set on those 2 days (pennies, quarters, UHR, etc). Plus it sounds like many people tried to work the system by puchasing more than one set from the mint; and then got their extra orders canceled. I think this played out pretty fairly and the mint only made 50000 of these sets. Now, for those of you wanting more than one, have fun trying to predict the secondary market for a bargin!! I, for one, think these stand a good chance of rising in value.

  130. Eric says

    I got one of my sets today, I must says this is by far the best product that I have bought from the mint, (just starting buying in may of this year) It's just so cool.

  131. Anonymous says

    Good news for people on the waiting list. I ordered my set 4 hours after the set was put on the wait list at 6pm eastern and i just got confirmation that my order is now confirmed and reserved and about to be sent.

  132. Anonymous says

    Got my set today! Great looking set. All coins are PRISTINE , they actually look better than the proof silver dollar and proof cents that I purchased earlier in the year!

  133. Anonymous says

    We shipped the items listed below today.
    Thank you for shopping at the United States Mint Online Catalog; we hope you'll visit again soon.
    Registered users may track their order at http://www.usmint.gov/ catalog and guest users with inquiries about their order should call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). If you have questions about returns or cancellations, please visit http://www.usmint.gov/ catalog.
    Thanks again for shopping with the U.S. Mint.
    Electronic gift certificates are now available!

    1. 2009 LINCOLN COIN & CHRONICLES SET (LN6) Qty : 1


  134. Anonymous says

    I just got mine in the mail today, and I think this is one of the best products the Mint produced this year , if not the best.I'm in the market for another set:)

  135. Anonymous says

    Tried to buy a second set via Ebay, and the seller had to come back and tell me the order had been cancelled.

  136. Anonymous says

    Really? WOW,I just tried to do the same , and she said "I'm sorry but they canceled my order yesterday"!! Well needless to say I asked why she didn't remove/cancel the auction , she said "I just wanted to see if anyone would make me an offer". Women ,lol, 🙂

  137. Anonymous says

    I just received mine today and someone on Ebay will be happy when they win the winning bid. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190343367621&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

    I started my auction at .99 cents so I gave people the option of getting it at a low bid. My sister has one coming to her and she is giving it to me. So that is the reason I put mine up for those who didn't get one. She order heirs @ 7:00 PM on the 15th and it is in the mail to her. I will be keeping that one for myself. I was thinking of canceling the bid so I can have two one for display the other in a safe. But then I thought about those who wanted one and could not get it.

    This is such a nice set that I feel the Mint could have held back 100,000 Lincoln silver dollars and used them for the Chronicles Set.

  138. Anonymous says

    Are you trying to get buyers by putting your auction on this blog?
    I hope your sister keeps hers and yours sells for .99

  139. Anonymous says

    I guess they are checking your CC. They had mine on hold then the next day it went off then the next day it was shipped. What is your order number? Mine was 33208xxx

  140. Anonymous says

    My order # is 33221xxx. Thank you for your answer. On Thursday my order was in process, on Friday it says on hold. I hope on Monday it will be shipped. The item says in stock and reserved.

  141. Anonymous says

    Received a few sets today (other family members bought too) and can say the pennies vary in quality. Some have small tarnish spots, some "red" tones and some "orange". They look nothing like the pennies in the proof sets as far as the color goes. Question of course, would be will collectors prefer the red ones or the orange ones. After seeing the "spotted" coins, I can say anyone who ships or buys an unopened box (which I presume means you leave your packing list with your address and order number etc. inside) is taking a chance that you will get spotted coins. The mint may have foreseen this issue and that could be partly why penny proofs sets were available individually and why they coins were in individual airtite holders rather than a sealed plastic case. The airtite penny holders fit perfect in the Chronicles box! So if you get what you believe to be unsatisfactory proof pennies in your set, buy an extra penny set from the mint and some airtites.

    I had tremendous difficulty ordering, got booted three times during checkout. To my surprise, when I finally got to checkout, I had 4 sets in my shopping cart. While deleting three, I got booted again. But when I finally got back to check out, only one was in my cart. Finally was able to check out. There could have been orders cancelled for more than one, but would the mint cancel the entire order or just the "excess" sets? Anybody have this happen?

  142. Anonymous says

    I got my set today , and I'm disappointed! All 4 cents have black spots on them.The dollar looked great though 🙂

  143. Paul says

    Order a set or two of:

    2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Proof Set (LN2) as soon as you can, they are only $7.95 The proof set will pop open pretty easily, ditto on the airtites. It's an easy swap as long as the mint still has the proof penny sets. I maxed out my order for five sets, I think they will come in handy as the copper Lincoln pennies seem to have "toning" issues. I looked at a 1968 proof set today, the penny in the 1968 set was less toned than one of my pennies in my Chronicles set!

  144. Anonymous says

    For future reference
    Sets are not sold out until the U.S. Mint posts a SOLD OUT status.
    The reason that it posted a WAITING LIST status for the Lincoln Coin & Chronicle set was due to the odering abuses determined by the ordering system software.
    Initially the mint had a box to change the quantity for ordering from 1 to ???.
    Before they placed the one per household notice on the set, the initially gave notice that there was a 5 set limit per household.
    There were orders that were accepted and confirmed by the Mint ordering software only later to be rejected by the system.
    The Mint a hour later removed the quantity box entirely so that only one of the sets could be ordered at a time.
    Many people trying to circumvent the household limits to gain more than one set were able to do so only to find that those too were rejected by the ordering system.
    The edit critieria and constraints used in the software to locate multiple orders seems to work quite well since it took days after the inital posting of the WAITING LIST ONLY status to get to the SOLD OUT status.
    There are many people on eBay bragging about multiple sets to offer for auction. They will be sorely depressed to find that they will be lucky to receive only one set and their other orders cancelled by the Mint.
    Bidders on eBay should beware of any presale of these sets as there is no real guarantee that the seller will have the item in hand even with a Confirmation Number from the Mint.
    Who wants to go through the hassle of getting there money back from Pay Pal where they will take their cut just to refund you your money, besides having to wait for it.
    The Mint will send an email for all orders cancelled.
    Remember it’s not nice to fool the U.S. Mint.

  145. Ed says

    That is right unless you had your co-workers,family or friends order them for you. There is no way the mint could cancell those orders. If you order with a different credit card with a different billing address and shipping address then again your coins will be shipped if you order in time. There is always a gray area…the above examples are of many.

    I received my set and I think this makes up for the cancellation of the 2009 Liberty Silver Dollar Proof which I am still steamed about. Just my penny for your thoughts.

  146. Anonymous says

    Simple, they probably had multiple people ordering sets for them . Most of the early orders have already been shipped and delivered to them , then they forward sets to the seller..Just a guess.I'm happy that I already have mine in hand (1) .

  147. Anonymous says

    Received my Chronicles set today.
    Of coz, I opened it!!!

    Otherwise I wouldn't buy it !! lol

  148. Anonymous says

    Beautiful set , isn't it ? I was pleasantly surprised when I received mine last week, truly a nice product from the mint.

  149. Anonymous says

    Looks like the prices are staying under $155.00 on Ebay. That is with 200 listings so far.

  150. Anonymous says

    Looks like the Chronicles fever is over.

    Enter the Proof buffalo – but just dun chase it up like with the Chronicles . Collecters need to learn their lessons seriously.

  151. Anonymous says

    PCGS designation for the 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set? I just called PCGS (10/27/09) and they said they are working on putting together a special label for the coins in this set though they do not offer it yet. This is good news! If they get enough inquiries they will move faster, PCGS toll free number is 1-800-447-8848. Tell them you want the special label for the coins in this set.

  152. Anonymous says

    Will they be grading this set as a whole , or taking coins out of tri-fold? Or was that even mentioned?

  153. Anonymous says

    Seriously, why bother with the PCCG or NCG gradings on the Chronicles set? Are they grading on the plastic cover as well?

    The 5 coins in the set can come from so many sources.. so why grade the set; unless they can grade the plastic cover too.

  154. Anonymous says

    No it isn't sealed at all, it comes in a white cardboard slip cover and the tri folder is inside a opensided type box . check out this Ebay item number , it shows everything in the set …170399333871

  155. Anonymous says

    WTF. My Lincoln set shipped on Monday from Indianapolis. The tracker says it won't be here untill Saturday. I live 4 hours from Indianapolis. Why is it taking 5 days??!!

  156. Anonymous says

    ya, i wondered same thing. i live a hour from indy. I got mine, Monday. They came via Missouri. I think fedex ships from indy to missouri, then usps picks up from there. what do you expect from the government.

  157. Elwood says

    I got my set yesterday. There are some spots on the dollar. Also in one of the pennies, the background has a texture instead of a mirrored surface. I believe these will be going back.

  158. Anonymous says

    I posted a similar observation when I received my set last week. In addition to the wavy appearance of the obverse backround area I later discovered what appears to be a small brownish stain around the top of the "G" in GOD. I now wonder how many of the EBay sets are actually rejects being pawned off as opposed to returning same to the mint for a refund.

    Jim L.

  159. Anonymous says

    Returning your Chronicles set to the Mint will only net you a refund, less shipping costs. They will not be able to replace it for you because it is sold out. Plus, you will have to pay to ship it back to them.


    You're better off selling it on eBay, but be sure to note the defects. You will still make some money on the set (just not as much), and someone who is not as particular about the coins' appearance will be happy to be able to get a set.

    It's just things to ponder in making your decision.

  160. Anonymous says

    Switch the coins, since coins are readily available coins , its the packaging that's not . Keep the set . Sell unsightly coins off on Ebay, and you still have the set. It happens hundreds of times a day there .

  161. Anonymous says

    The Lincoln Dollar in my Chronicles set obverse (front) flat areas around Lincoln also have an wavy (not flat) look. Is this a mint error?

  162. Paul says

    If it were me, I would not sell that way unless you specify NO RETURNS. A lot of the chronicle sets have spots on the pennies. If you don't know what you are shipping, I think you open yourself up for a bad position in the case of a return. Maybe you even get a return of somebody else's coins. You need to know what you are sending. If there were "error" set, maybe send unopened…. How about a few other's chiming in on this.

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