2009 Lincoln Presidency Cent Launch, Abraham Lincoln Bronze Medal

Some preliminary details for the launch ceremony for the fourth and final 2009 Lincoln Cent design are available via a recent Coin World article.

The ceremony will take place on November 12, 2009 at 10:00 AM ET. It will be held at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial located at the base of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Further details of ceremony events and attendees have not yet been announced.

The fourth 2009 Lincoln Cent reverse design represents Lincoln’s Presidency. A half completed view of the U.S. Capitol building is depicted, as designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

This year’s Lincoln Cent launch ceremonies have been popular destinations for collectors and Lincoln enthusiasts. Based on the unofficial estimates from previous coverage, 1,500 people attended the first ceremony in Hodgenville, Kentucky and 3,000 people attended the second and third ceremonies held in Lincoln City, Indiana and Springfield, Illinois.

Previous ceremonies have been followed by coin exchanges where attendees are allowed to exchange currency for rolls of the new coins at face value. At the prior two ceremonies 20,000 rolls were exchanged. A minimum of two rolls and a maximum of six rolls were allowed for each pass at the exchange line. Details of the Washington D.C. coin exchange have not yet been announced.

On November 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM ET, the US Mint will also begin sales of the 2009 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set for the Presidency design. Each set contains one 50-coin roll of Philadelphia coins and one 50-coin roll of Denver coins in custom US Mint wrappers. The sets are priced at $8.95 with an ordering limit of 5 sets per household.

Abraham Lincoln Bronze Medal

While browsing the Medals section of the US Mint’s online catalog, I came across a current product that I thought might be of interest to readers.

The US Mint currently offers an Abraham Lincoln Bronze Medal as part of its Presidential Medals series. For each Presidential term, a medal is created featuring a portrait of the President on the obverse and inaugural dates, terms of office, presidential symbols and seals, or quotes on the reverse. Presidential medals are currently offered for recent Presidents as well as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
I am not sure how long the Lincoln Medal has been available, but I think the US Mint is missing an opportunity to highlight the product for Lincoln’s bicentennial year. The obverse of the medal features Lincoln’s portrait in profile. The reverse was designed by George T. Morgan and features an oak and laurel wreath with a spray of pine and cedar, circled by a serpent with its tail in its mouth. The reverse inscriptions read “Inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1861. Second Term March 4, 1865. Assassinated April 14, 1865.”

The 3 inch version of the medal is priced at $38.00. A smaller 1-1/2 inch version is priced at an affordable $3.50. The next time I place an order, I am planning to add one to my cart. You can find the Lincoln Medals at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I can't believe there is only 1 more Lincoln commemorative to go…. seems like yesterday it was all getting started.

    After the LP4 and next year's Lincoln Presidential Dollar they probably won't honor Lincoln again for decades.

    I'm glad I have all of these commemoratives for my collection! Too bad it's all winding down…

  2. Anonymous says

    Can you hear the scalpers chomping at the bit ? This will be the last flood gate to pend for them.Already presales on Ebay !!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I just wonder if there will be high mintages for them or be like the LP1"S? I'm thinking the Mint will open their own (flood gates) and kill off high prices as they did with LP2-LP3 ..Any thoughts , anyone ?

  4. Anonymous says

    My Lincoln Four coin Proof Sets shipped 10/29/09. That is a month ahead of the 11/30/09 date listed.

  5. Anonymous says

    I just received my mint sets. The satin finish cents are OUTSTANDING. The LCC set is unbelievable.

    (On another note the Lincoln Medal was available quite a while back. I picked one up about 4 (yes FOUR) years ago. I have a feeling these are continuously available from the mint.)

  6. Anonymous says

    My Lincoln 4 Coin Proof Sets shipped today. Not sure if they had a limited amount available to ship or if the 11/30/09 date will be coming down soon. Looks like they are in stock though.

    On another note, anyone know why or have an opinion as to why the Mint won't take the ordering limits off of the LP3's now that they've been out for 2 1/2 months and everyone has had ample time to get them if they wanted them?

  7. Anonymous says

    Yeah I got the 1.5-inch medal as well. Definitely one of the better looking bronze medals out there.

  8. Anonymous says

    Has anyone else gotten a notice that thier Lincoln penny proof sets are shipping? I just got a e-mail letting me know mine was being shipped.

  9. Anonymous says

    The presidential medals have been available for quite a while now. I bought the whole set a few years ago.

    When they were talking about the Presidential Dollars I was hoping they were going to take some of the design elements from the medals for the Dollars. But unfortunately they didn't and the Dollars are a poor design overall in my opinion.

    Anyway the year of Lincoln is almost over and I'm happy with all that was offered and it all ended up in my collection!

    TK- Minneapolis

  10. Anonymous says

    I wonder how many of the Lincoln Cent Proof Sets were sold to people who had sold the pennies only out of 18-coin clad proof sets? I'm reasonably certain that the lenses from the penny sets will be indistinguishable from those contained in the 18-coin sets. That way, those who broke their sets up can get the pennies back to re-complete their original sets, plus they could then sell the empty box and COA to people who bought their penny proofs early on from broken 18-coin sets.

  11. Anonymous says

    Im new at collecting I bought the lp1,2,3 and soon the 4. I have purchased full bank rolls from different banks with the 3different series but none of them have a mint mark. Where are these pennies being minted why no mark? is only the ones purchesd at the mint have marks? I have not opened them but assumed they did.

  12. Anonymous says

    Old business, but, teh LC&C set arrived today. We wrapped the Mint's website advertisement, several color mail inserts, and numerous Coin World articles and some posts from this blog site around the sealed package.

    Never opened, not inspected, but placed on shelf L-16 in the coin collection storage room. (When one of the kids moved out, we converted a medium sized spare bedroom into my "collection-hobbies" room. Some day my kids can take the inventory books, locate what interest's them, and enjoy almost 51 years of collecting & accumulation. God I love this country. – Grandpa

  13. Anonymous says

    I'm very certain that due to the amount of proof sets that were broken up just to sell or grade the pennies.This only means that there will be much less proof and silver sets that are complete.Many people buying the penny proof sets are getting them mainly for the individual packaging that will increase their Lincoln collection.I only hope these aren't rejects sent back buy all of proof and silver sets that were returned.

    I just received a notice that my 5 sets were shipped on 10/30 and will be returning them if they look like crap.It also makes me wonder how many people who bought proof and silver sets with bad pennies will be simply replacing these bad pennies in these sets so they can make the proof and silver sets look nicer.

    I hope these are different lenses, but somehow I can't believe they would go to that much trouble.Plus the way they have made lenses since 1999.They are to easily opened and replaced by dishonest flippers and dealers.Just another reason to be careful who you buy from.The Mint needs to start packaging coins in a way that they can not be tampered with.It would be an easy way to stop all the dishonesty happening and ruining our hobby.

  14. Anonymous says

    Case and point about dishonest sellers.If you look on ebay.You will see many so called authorized dealers selling the uncirculated sets all cut up.Then in the same sellers listings.You will see them selling the high graded sets all slabbed up.Buyers should be aware that these coins all in one pile being sold are simply low grade coins that these authorized dealers can not make money on slabbing.In other words.They are cherry picking the sets and selling the junk too.Although these coins may look like a great deal because of a high quantity.You can be sure that it is only junk.

  15. Anonymous says

    I just got my Braille education set today.It was so nice to sit down and teach my granddaughter about the history of Louis Braille and Hellen Keller.She is only 6 years old and now she wants to learn the Braille alphabet.This is what makes coin collecting such a treat for me.Not all the people simply buy coins just to turn around and sell them for a profit.But to be able to use the coins for there intended purpose.Somewhere along the line in coin collecting there has been a deterioration of this concept.And I would lend this problem to greed of money.I am very happy to say that I am only interested in coins for there educational purposes.I only wish more people would realize this importance and move on to a honest living.Please stop destroying our great loved hobby out of greed for money.


  16. Anonymous says

    I think many of us who lurk and make coin related comments are collectors. There will always be bottom liners but yours truly looks at the history, art, culture, engineering, and economics. One of my goals is to put together a set of coins commonly used starting at the Declaration of Independence through today. Nothing special but just a need I have to connect with people and coinage from decades in history past.

  17. Anonymous says

    The greed starts with the US Mint!!! If you want to fix the hobby, talk to the folks who create errors, shortages, early sellouts, and overpriced precious metals. The mint makes hundreds of millions of dollars and a few of us want to make a couple of hundred dollars. Who's greedy?

  18. Anonymous says

    Anyone have any predictions on the mintages ? Since the Mint know's they can sale thousands of 2 roll sets, will they produce 200,000-300,000 or be closer to the LP1?

  19. Anonymous says

    I suspect a lower mintage on this last series(LP4).There has been a lower demand on these sets due to low secondary market prices.As usual it is any ones guess.But I believe the mint would be very foolish to produce more of these sets with a higher risk for leaving them sitting on the shelves unpaid for.I will still order 5 sets for my collection though just in case.

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi mike, I enjoy your blog mostly, if by some chance you recive this, I would like to know your email address. I may have a news worthy thing to talk to you about. it is in relationship to my lincoln chronics set.

  21. Anonymous says

    Wow , scalpers already listed and selling on Ebay! Crafty devils…Who's in for a set at 21.99? LOL

  22. Anonymous says

    Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us all updated. Any word on what coins will be coming out in 2010 coins from the mint other than the ones you have talked about and when do they usually list their calender?

  23. Anonymous says

    Merry Christmas collectors! If the Mint deems it wise to attempt restoring their reputation, they will surprise the public with a "limited" run of Silver 2009 Proof Eagles to be offered during the first week of December. A limited production of 50,000 pieces, order limit of 1 per household. The dies are already available from the stock used to mint commercial bullion. The necessary quantity of polished blanks were found in a downtown Philadelphia warehouse where 2009 nickels and dimes are being stored. {{{{{RING!}}}}}

    And then I woke up. Sniff.

  24. Eric says

    Well lets look forward to the 2010 eagle announcement , followed by an announcement of not enough blanks and then at the end of the year, they are canceled

  25. Anonymous says

    To "anonymous" at 5:12 AM,

    That's funny. It really is too bad that the Mint deemed it better to disappoint everyone than please a few by producing a very limited number of proof eagles this year. What awesome collectibles the 2009 proofs would have been!

    As for the nickels and dimes (especially the seemingly non-existent "D" Mint), who knows WHERER those things are?

  26. Anonymous says

    So much for our price decrease on the gold coins this week. Today's London fix prices came in at $1,052 AM and $1,062 PM. Rats!!!

  27. Bob M says

    The Lincoln medal has been available for at least a few decades now. I purchased that exact 1.5" medal in Springfield, IL as a kid in the early 1980s.

  28. Anonymous says

    You know … I didn't even know about that 3" lincoln penney – that is cool. Will buy one for my grandson – he is seven. I'm not an expert, but like one blogger said, this is a great denominator for different generations … I keep learning a lot of history I should have known but just never found it terribly interesting. Now my grandchildren have something tangible to relate to the past. All those trying to make a buck during these hard times with coins – can't blame them. Thanks Michael.

  29. Anonymous says

    The following note appears on the United States Mint website, "Also, the 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar products must be issued by December 31st. In order to meet these requirements, the United States Mint is only accepting orders for these products until December 11th at 5:00 p.m. ET."

    Be sure to get your orders in quickly as you don't want to miss these babies. LOL

  30. Anonymous says

    Does anyone think the Braille Education Set will be one of those products that falls in under the informal "No one wanted it while it was available, but once it's gone everybody's gotta have it" rule? Or do you think it will forever be a product that no one will care about?

    It looks like only half or slightly more of the 25,000 set maximum will ultimately end up selling.

    So what do you think…"Dog" or "Gold"?

  31. Anonymous says

    The proof Braille has proven to be a bust on the secondary market meaning interest of the Braille ed set will stay low.This set will be a very low mintage in my opinion and will go down as one of the lowest which should make this set very much like others who either sell very well later or just go unnoticed for years until one day emerging like the Attuck.Could become a long term sleeper in my opinion.

  32. Anonymous says

    Director Moy wrote a response to worldwide criticism for the MINT's failure to mint American Eagles for 2009. He wrote a mealy-mouthed editorial in the next Coin World weekly paper. What a blatent crock! It's insulting to read his lame excuse that he expects collectors to swallow. This clown should be summarilly dismissed from his position by the Secretary of the Treasury.

  33. Anonymous says

    LOL. Now they want to issue two "limited" mintage dollars in 2010. Are you ready? Maximum mintage for each pegged at 1,000 coins. (That's one thousand coins kids.) LOL. Wait until you see the Mint's order server implode on issue day. Ha-ha-ha-ha, you just can't make up this stuff. LOL.

  34. Anonymous says

    About those American Eagles that won't be minted in 2009: Mint representatives now reveal that the dies were all ready to go into the presses, the packaging was manufactured, and COA inserts printed.

    They now plan to "destroy" the dies, use the boxes in 2010, and reprint the COA's with next years dates to save money.

    Anyone want to bet that an "unknown quantity" of "test coins" were minted in anticipation of production, and are now "missing", or better yet….thought to be included in Lincoln Coin & Chronicles sets in error. There goes everyone who thought they would never open those USPS mailing boxes. The search will be on. That'll take the focus off ineptness…..way to go Mr Moy. Snappy!

  35. Anonymous says

    The Braille Set will be largely forgotten in the coming years, just like the 1993 Philadelphia set (a Franklin medal, silver proof eagle, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz proof gold eagle) I bought from the mint years ago. Tough to find, but nothing special, not worth much over melt value.

  36. Anonymous says

    All those Brailles just sit there and we get no 2009 W eagles.What a joke.Micheal can you get any numbers on how many Brailles have sold so I can get a good laugh.

  37. Anonymous says

    With respect to the Braille Education set, did anyone notice this statement on the Mint website, "Household order limits for this product were removed on October 21, 2009"?

    With the ordering limits removed, watch it start to fly out of there. It's on now!!! LOL

  38. Anonymous says

    Looks like the recent spike in the price of gold was on account of India doubling its gold reserves in a short period of time. The purchases were made through the IMF.

  39. Anonymous says

    Braille Dollars-

    I don't think anyone later on will want a coin with a guy who looks like a muppet on it. Besides, the overall number sold across all product likes is larger than some of the '90s commems that are now coming into focus. Long term doesn't seem to have much potential.

  40. Anonymous says

    Even with the maximum mintage ceiling of 400,000.The Braille had only sold roughly 190,000 as of the 8th.Many buyers may have waited to buy the braille with the Coin and Chronicle.But this meant that by the 15th it was very possible that only 200,000 were sold by then.That would only have been half of the amount expected.

    Surely a good mint director at that point could have discovered that they would not all sell and use a fraction of these blanks to mint the 2009 W Eagles.But Nooooooooo!!!!!.They will just sit there and cause a loss instead.

    I'll be very interested to see what the count on Braille sales are to date.What a total failure this year has been on silver.The only thing that came close to saving face was the sell out of the Coin and Chronicle and the bu and proof Lincolns .Wow!! That is proving to not be as big as many expected on the secondary market.Now showing average sales of 135.00 a set.I hope Michael gives us some good updates on mintage numbers on all these coins soon.This way we can all see the complete failure of Moys attempt to give bogus reasons for not producing the 2009 W Eagles.

    So far I see no hint of a Braille ed sell out from the mint either.Even with them lifting the one per household limit.Only 4400 left would make anyone wonder if these will even sell out if they haven't already.I expected to see them sell out soon after the Coin and Chronicle did.Does this mean that 50,000 orders failed to sell 4400 Brailles.I find that hard to believe.Maybe the mint is accepting a buffer on those too.LOL

  41. Anonymous says

    The Mint couldn't use the Braille blanks to make "W" silver eagles even if they wanted to. The reason is that the Braille blanks are "coin silver" or 90% silver, while the Eagles are .999 fine silver. Because of that, they are not interchangable.

    The Braille Education Set had only sold 7,000 out of the possible 25,000 units as of 10/25. I doubt that too many more were sold as of 11/1. We should know that information tomorrow afternoon sometime, but my guess is that there have only been 8,XXX units sold through then.

    The set really IS kind of cool-looking, and the surcharges from it go to a good cause. Buying one won't set you back much money, and who knows? You might end up with a halfway decent collectible out of the deal. If not, just take pleasure in knowing you helped support the blind.

  42. Anonymous says

    Well, it looks like our chances of a price decrease on the Mint's gold coins this week is in serious jeopardy. The average so far this period stands at exactly $1,049. There's only one London fix price left to figure in, and with the current spot price approaching $1,080, the chances of tomorrow's AM fix coming in at the needed $1,057.75 or less is slim to none.

  43. Anonymous says

    i received email from the mint that my 5 lincoln one cent proof sets was shipped on the 29 of october,went to FedEx tracking number page there was no info. i called FedEx they said that they have no info on my order, called the mint rep. said that the items has been shipped emails that the mint sent out was a glitch. sets were to be mailed on 11-30 2009???

  44. Anonymous says

    I got the message my 5 sets shipped on 10/29 as well. The FedEX tracking page for mine does work, but it's taking some strange routes. It shows it first went to Indianapolis IN, then to to Earth City MO, then to Atlanta GA, then to Grove City OH, and finally back to Earth City MO. It never should have went to Atlanta or Grove City, since Earth City is always the last stop before being delivered to me.

    I hope the package isn't all banged up by the time it finally gets here. The value in the "pennies only" proof sets will lie in the unique box and COA they contain. I don't want them to be destroyed!

  45. Anonymous says

    Yeah, that eBay auction is pretty bad. I hope the grading fees weren't too high, since it certainly wasn't worth it!

  46. Anonymous says

    Did anyone notice or care that the Letitia Tyler bronze medal quietly sold out at some point?

  47. Anonymous says

    I posted an earlier post (11-4-09 6:36 AM) guess what,I received my 5 lincoln cent proof sets today at 11:30 AM. the package was in purfect condition and the coins are beautiful.

  48. Anonymous says

    I'm puzzled as to why someone would do that! Why break that beautifulset up to grade? I just can't understand that move, or logic.

  49. Anonymous says

    Does anyone else have a LCC set where Abe's signature for Lincoln is spelled Linco? L and N missing. The one I received is like that.

  50. Anonymous says

    It sounds like some sort of printing error. Unfortunately, it would likely be regarded more of an unsightly defect than anything valuable.

    There might be someone out there who would be interested in it, though.

  51. Anonymous says

    Thanks, Under a magnifying glass the signature imprint is there, it just doesn't have the gold print all the way. It is a unsightly defect but as all know, there is no returning for another. I wonder how many others have defects with their set. At only 50,000 compared to millions for other products one would think all would be perfect, considering these had been spoken about for most of the year.

  52. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know the address of the post office in Washington DC where the LP4 rolls can be canceled after the ceremony on Nov.12 ?

  53. Anonymous says

    That doesn't answer my question. There are many post offices in Washington DC, but there will only be one location that will have the dedication stamp cancel. You were not in Springfield in August, were you? They changed the cancel location at 3am the day of the event.

  54. Anonymous says

    OH you are looking for the commemorative stamp that will be issued for the 2009 release of the Lincoln and will be good for at least 31 days after the official release. Try call the US MINT.

  55. Anonymous says

    All of the post offices have their own unique ZIP Code, so my guess is that the post office whose ZIP code is the one used for the location of the ceremony will be the one to have the special cancellation.

    I was in Lincoln City and Springfield, but those were much closer for me. I gave up plans to go to Washington DC and just plan instead to buy my cancelled rolls on eBay. If the past is any indication, they won't be worth much of a premium after the initial fever breaks, which only seems to take a few days. It will be a lot cheaper than traveling to DC!

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