2009 Mint Set, Louis Braille Education Set Sales Figures

Sales figures are available for some recently issued US Mint products, most notably the 2009 Mint Set and the Louis Braille Education Set.

The 2009 Mint Set went on sale October 1, 2009. Expectations for the set were high for a variety of reasons, including the 95% copper Lincoln Cents, the expanded scope of the set to 36 coins, and the 2009 nickels and dimes. As of October 11, 2009, the US Mint has sold 392,007 sets.

This positions the set as one of the most swiftly selling Mint Sets in recent years. By comparison, last year’s 2008 Mint Set had taken approximately six weeks to reach this level of sales. The 2008 Mint Set eventually sold a total of 745,464 sets.

Even though the popularity of the 2009 Mint Set will cause it to have a higher mintage, I think the longer term prospects remain positive. The inclusion of the unique satin finish 95% copper 2009 Lincoln Cents should keep the sets in steady demand and support prices.

The sales of the Braille Education Set were surprising. Since going on sale October 8, 2009, the US Mint has sold 2,719 units. Before the sets went on sale, I expressed the opinion that they would not be hot sellers (like the upcoming Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set is expected to be), but I didn’t expect sales to come in this low. Ironically, these low initial sales figures might draw some new attention to the set. Recently, some collectors have been paying big premiums for low production US Mint products after they are no longer available for sale directly.

Across all options, the US Mint has now sold 192,784 of the Louis Braille Silver Dollars, with a split of 123,899 proof coins and 68,885 uncirculated coins. The maximum authorized mintage across all coins is 400,000. Commemorative coins and related products usually remain on sale until mid-December unless the maximum mintage is met sooner.

For a complete report of US Mint sales figures through October 11, 2009, including the latest numbers on the Ultra High Relief, First Spouse Gold Coins, and others, visit Coin Update News.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I can't believe there is only 1 more lincoln commemorative penny to be released… seems like yesterday they were releasing the first one. The last one will be released soon.

  2. Anonymous says

    I'll order one of the Braille sets with the Chronicles, too. I'm also going to order my uncirculated sets then, too. I try to combine as much as I can to get out of the additional s/h charges myself.

    I WILL get through, trust me on that. I've sat in front of my computer with the bogged down Mint website for 1 hour 10 minutes before, trying to order hot items. I've NEVER come up empty-handed yet!

  3. Anonymous says

    Anyone knows what service to use to return gold coins to the Mint?
    From both U.S. and Overseas buyers.


  4. Anonymous says

    I'm anxious to see the blogs on the Lincoln Coin and Chronicle sets.I believe that the US Mint will quickly reset the household limit of one per household when they find that the sets did not sell out like they had hoped.I may be wrong so I will be there to order mine tomorrow for sure just in case.But after the lies about the UHR have taken place.I hold no faith in the US Mint keeping to their word.Have they not figured out that even though the the dealers figure out ways to get more then one.That this will not be a sell out because there are so many proofs already in existence.

    I'm still thinking that the late shipping deal on the Proof pennies is on hold because the Mint believes more people will buy the proofs and silver proofs just to get the proof pennies.I think in all evidence of these occurrence is the fact that Dealers get pampered and first rate attention over the average collector.Even though it is the dealers who bring them less profit over all in quantity figures.

    I have waited wisely this time to save on shipping and order everything at once.I think many people have done the same thing.Up coming sales figures I think will show this to be the case with many Mint buyers.I'm just happy I waited because that way if my order arrives screwed up as the case has been all year.I won't get hurt as bad when I return their mistakes.

  5. Anonymous says

    Absolutely. Since I've been using the site, the 2006 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Set sold out in about 12 hours as I recall. The 2007 Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson's Liberty First Spouse gold coins all sold out in about 2-3 hours as well.

  6. The Dude says

    2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Proof Set (LN2)

    Product will be available for shipping 10/22/2009

  7. Anonymous says

    This coin will go into the record books for the lucky ones who will be able to get one. Not into buying things on Ebay for crazy prices but this one will be interesting on what will happen in the 2ndary market. If the LP1's are selling for $100 or so this one will easily sell for $400 or above.

  8. Anonymous says

    I don't really see $400 for this one, especially in the short-term. The scalpers are all going to be unloading their sets at once, keeping prices down. I can see these selling for $100 in the next few weeks. That sounds like a decent markup, but by the time you factor in eBay and PayPal fees, as well as postage the excess over issue price won't be that great.

    Later on though, after the scalpers have all liquidated their supply and most sets are held by real collectors, those sets that come up for sale on occasion will do much better. I still think that $400 is a bit much, though.

  9. Anonymous says

    As a collector I would pay $200 or more if I dont get one tomorrow. Their is nothing else to buy at the mint.

  10. Anonymous says

    Don't worry about it, you'll get one tomorrow, provided you don't mind arriving just before the party starts, then staying a while!

  11. Shawn says

    I think you are mistaken to say that the popularity of the 2009 Mint Sets will cause them to have a higher mintage. I suspect that the production totals for this set was decided many months ago, and will not be raised in response to high demand. Even if it was feasible to order the additional striking of 36 different satin finish coins before year end, the supply of 95% copper planchets is certainly limited and probably exhausted. Now, consider the possible detrashing of some of the cents that tarnished, the declining trend in production in recent years, the lower sales of proof sets compared to last year, and the high price of the set. All this hints that the production of 2009 Mint Sets could be abnormally low.

  12. Anonymous says

    Just received my Braille set today and let me tell you this coin is stunning just stunning! Thinking of buying another.

  13. 4pawz says

    I was able to place my order online for the Lincoln Chronicles set and had it confirmed by 12:14 on the 15th. It took a while to get to the point of confirmation but I appear luckier then most from what I am reading. My confirmation number 33160XXX is lower then any I have seen in the ebay adds. I would also like to add a thought on the set not selling out the first day that I have not heard yet? If the Mint Web Site had been running correctly they would have processed many more sets that day then we here about form their first half a day of sales.

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