2009 Proof Gold Buffalo Sales at 19,468

The first sales figures are available for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo. This coin went on sale at the United States Mint on October 29, 2009 priced at $1,360 with no household ordering limit or stated maximum mintage.

As of November 1, 2009, the US Mint recorded sales of 19,468 of the one ounce 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo coins. This positions the coin only 123 away from the total sales amount for the one ounce 2008 Proof Gold Buffalo. The table below shows the mintages (or last reported sales figures) for Proof Gold Buffalo coins from 2006 to date.

Proof Gold Buffalo Mintages

1 oz 1/2 oz 1/4 oz 1/10 oz
2006 246,267
2007 58,998
2008 19,591 12,569 13,903 19,294
2009 19,468

The relatively strong opening sales came amidst a “wait and see” attitude from some collectors. If the price of gold had remained below the $1,050 level for most of the week, this would have prompted a price reduction. The coins are currently priced at $1,360 based on an average weekly gold price within the $1,050 to $1,099.99 range. Prices for the US Mint’s gold numismatic products can be adjusted once a week if the average price of gold moves into different price tiers set at $50 increments.

Gold’s recent performance suggests that a price reduction will not happen this week. By my calculation, unless tomorrow’s London AM Fix is below $1,058, the price of the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo will remain unchanged. The current price of gold is $1,079 per ounce.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Man, gold is almost $1,085 now. It looks like next week we might have to worry about the U.S. Mint prices moving up to the NEXT tier!

  2. Anonymous says

    I hope gold prices blast through the roof, and the resulting mintage #s are low. This will most certainly seal the deal for this baby's value skyrocketing after the mint shuts it down on this issue. I'm nowhere near a scalper, nor do I plan on selling any of my collection, but I do like the idea of having something that is rare and valuable! This could be the recipe for that to happen.

  3. Anonymous says

    Somebody posted that the Mint will be selling Proof gold Buffalos on its bulk dealer program, at effectively a 4% discount.

    That means sales will skyrocket.

  4. Anonymous says

    Yeah, despite rising prices the gold coins still seem to be selling pretty well. I'm surprised that so many First Spouse and UHR coins have sold over the past couple of weeks. Maybe folks are simply worried that the prices will just keep going up.

    I sure hope that "bubble" bursts soon. Not that I want those who've invested heavily in gold to suffer, but because I want to be able to afford the gold coins I'd like to have.

  5. Anonymous says

    Just remember one thing. If you blow up a bubble to fast it will burst very quickly.

    You must be referring the government's ability to print money. Yes, it's going to end very badly, with rampant inflation, and the value of your dollar plummeting.

  6. Anonymous says

    $100 in one day won't actually amount to a whole lot when the price is near $1,100 anyway. I need a much bigger drop than that. I need a return to the $600-$650 days of mid-2007!

  7. Anonymous says

    For all you Jac???ses that thought gold would go down, look at what happened today. All the smart governments are becoming net buyers vs net sellers. Gold will pop one day but not for another 2 -3 years.

  8. Anonymous says

    I really appreciate all you gold shorters advice to not buy gold. I'm glad you care so much about how I spend MY money. Thanks again…

    Oh yeah…I forgot: LOL, ROFLMAO…or whatever…

  9. Anonymous says

    To all you gold bugs you may have finally hit pay dirt. I don't believe the big banks and governments can manipulate prices down like they have been doing with all the paper gold ETF's and massive shorting. People are getting wise and taking physical possession so much so I believe the manipulation will become harder and harder to pull off. I'd love to see a $300 dollar drop so I can take advantage but not likely. Check out Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) website.

  10. Anonymous says

    So if your gold is worth 1500.00 and the dollar is worthless.Why would you sell your gold for a worthless dollar.And if it does go that high.Who will even take that big a risk to buy it at that level.Your chances of selling at a high bubble will not be very good.So be careful what you wish for.

    If the price of gold goes up very quickly.It is going to drop even quicker.This will give you very little time to sell to very few risk takers.So as Clint Eastwood once said."How lucky do you feel punk.Go ahead and make my day".I think all you gold hoarders better sell at 1300.00 myself.Because anything above that just will be asking for the big boom theory on your little bubble.

    I hope you make a killing.But, wait to long and you will lose buying at today's prices.And if the dollar fails completely.This country will go into mass hysteria and the only thing that will save you then is your guns and the food you saved up.LOL.

    Just look back on history and remember what got us out of the last depression.It was world war II.If world war III happens.All the gold in the world won't save your butts.I'm just glad I have enough land to keep the wack jobs at a safe distance.A modest investment might not hurt you.but,If you put all you eggs in the same basket.That's your own fault.

  11. Anonymous says

    I didn't realize the dollar was worthless. Since it is, why don't you give me all of yours!

  12. Anonymous says

    Considering that the government of China is holding over $1,600,000,000,000 US Dollars as a currency reserve right now, and that they are trying to back their currency with gold, I do not forsee a problem selling gold at $1,500 or $2,000… the chinese will exchange any amount of dollars for gold at this point, because they have helped the US government out too much and they now know it. They also know that the best way out of it is to trade those dollars in for gold As Soon As Possible, which is what they are doing… and thus, gold is skyrocketing.

    The price of gold won't have a crash anytime soon, it will take China years to have bought "enough" gold to satisfy themselves.

    All the people bearish on gold, I used to be one of you… then, I did some research… and now I'm buying gold. Open your eyes.

  13. Anonymous says

    For the time being China needs us since we are still the largest consumer of Chinese made goods in the world. I have no doubt they'd love to see an end to the dollar as the reserve currency but it is not in their interest to kill the dollar yet. They are a patient people so you still have time to prepare for their eventual dominance as THE world financial power.

  14. Anonymous says

    The market price of the Mint's gold coins, whether it is the Buffalo, the UHR, or First Spouse, is predominantly being affected by the bullion price and not the numismatic value of the coin itself. That makes these coins bad investments to my way of thinking. Although I'm more a collector than a speculator, and like anyone else hope my collection will be valuable someday, I have found no reliable way of predicting whether a coin will become a big winner financially. Low mintages, age, beauty, historical interest, packaging — for every coin that has all or some of these aspects that turns out to be valuable, there's another with the same qualities that isn't. I know many may disagree, but I have trouble paying $1,400 for a coin simply because it may go up to $2,500, $3,500 or possibly more. Just not a lot of leverage there. You put a lot of money at risk, and if all goes well, maybe double or possible triple your investment. If I really wanted to make quick money in gold, I'd buy options in gold companies in the market, or invest in commodity contracts in the precious metals. I wouldn't do it buying coins from the Mint. Chances are those who do buy to sell won't get the street value when they go to sell the coin anyway — a dealer won't pay retail, and price competition on EBay or elsewhere could put pressure on the selling price as well. I suppose any investment has risks, and some profit is better than no profit, but long-term, I don't personally find speculating in coins very enticing. I'll miss some opportunities, and no doubt have some gaps in my collection, but I'm ok with that.

  15. Dave says

    To all the people who are so bearish on gold right now I have a question. Where ARE you putting your money right now? Stocks?… I just shifted the bulk of my 401K out of emerging markets and into fixed income securities. This rebound in the stock market is creating a false sense of security there and a second “fall” will likely occur.

    Are you putting your money in CDs? Choose your financial institution wisely if you do. Banks are failing left and right, and while you may be protected by FDIC insurance (which should be good until the USA declares bankruptcy), there is no timeline under which the gov’t is required to make good on your insurance claim. It may be your heirs who actually collect that FDIC insurance.

    There are some bargains out there in real estate but you better be able to cover the mortgages when the rent checks stop coming in.

    Gold has never gone bankrupt. It’s never been worthless. There is no board of directors tied to it nor is it tied to any one country. There have always been willing buyers for the metal and there more than likely always will be in the future.

    There is absolutely nothing that points to a gold bubble right now yet the chicken littles keep preaching about it – just as they have been doing since it’s been about $800. Is this because they’re jealous that they can’t afford any of it? Governments that actually have money are buying it. Mints around the world can’t keep up with demand.

    Options are incredibly risky. If the price of gold falls 10% my gold is still worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 per oz. A 10% drop would make gold options worthless. You lose 100% of your investment and once the options expire, it’s gone forever.

    I’m really liking gold right now. However, there is one thing I like even better than gold….. silver.

  16. Anonymous says

    Here's my advice on the gold, I've been tracking this market for 30 years. It's not about getting rich, it's about preserving your wealth. Read, learn & follow the market. Buy better date old gold or proof Eagles when you can get them at a fair price. Remember that gold will still be money 2000 years from now, just as it was 2000years ago. Gold shines brightest in difficult times & the dollar's future doesn't look nearly as good.

  17. Anonymous says

    A much better investment that will never ever loose its value is hardware. If the economy totally implodes, nobody will want gold, afterall, it is just a chunk of metal. You will, however find somebody willing to trade a meal for say, a box of nails. Stock up on shovels, brooms and mops. Some day, the world will wake up and realize that gold is just shiney, and a box of it weighs too much.

    Also, why is it that every post on Michael's site eventually ends up in a discussion about gold?

    Lets see…Mechael says that coins are round…ROFLMAO says GOLD WILL GO UP, ALWAYS!!!! followed by somebody else (usually Mr Anon.)saying that all balloons burst. Enough said, we get the point…Gold will go up then burst.

    Love, Mr. Anon the second

  18. Anonymous says

    Out of topic but why in the world would anyone sell their Lincoln Chronicle set. It is probably one of the best products the mint has put out in years. I was so impressed by it, I bought 2 more off Ebay for Xmas gifts and one more for my self. At the price that it costs, you truly get a lot for you money and a great piece of history.

  19. Anonymous says

    I ordered just the one LCC from the Mint and I am keeping it. Nice historical and artistic set.

  20. Anonymous says

    I hope you weren't one of the ones who bought the Chronic for 200.00 on ebay.Because they are going down as all the flippers step on each others toes.I think it is hilarious to watch all the flippers squirm.I myself bought one from the mint and would never contribute to these scum bag sellers. As for the price of gold.IT'S JUST TO HIGH.Just another example of greed getting the most of humanity.If it goes higher then it will prove to the world that man have become a greedy blood sucking non caring piece of crap.And believe me when I say this."I will never be jealous of greedy people"I will sleep well knowing I did my part to do good in this world and earn what I worked for.I could buy a lot of gold if I wanted to.But I choose not to lend a hand to the greed that has taken over common humanity.Men fighting for shiny pieces of metal and oil.What a joke.

  21. Midas says

    Gold is cyclical and if the Republicans take over Congress next year and then start cutting spending we could see gold starting to drop again. Right not everyone thinks it will only go up forever but it will have a big correction eventually.

  22. satishsoli says


    Yaa Gold price is increasing at tremendous rate, but we can;t be speculator, For our future we can make ornaments and other Diamond Ring and Jewelry items

  23. Anonymous says

    I think the gold nose ring market is what's driving the price of gold up. China and India buy vast amount for their reserves has nothing to do with the price. Just people speculating on the gold nose ring market. They make great stocking stuffer too!

    Oh yeah, I forgot: LOL, ROFLMAO, etc….whatever…

  24. Anonymous says

    For those of you that naively believe that there won't be a market for gold in the event of an economic collapse, you might want to open your history book and reread it. There always has been and always will be a market for gold.

    Let's assume the current administration completely destroys the US economy (which appears to be their intentions). There are other global markets that will be more than glad to take our gold off our hands. Even in the great depression (which we are likely headed towards a greater "great depression" at the hands of morons) gold held its value and was used to buy goods.

    A simple economic collapse won't affect one's ability to purchase with gold. What you are describing is complete and utter anarchy where the government collapses and its every man for himself. In that event, even the guy with guns and buckets of nails (hardware, etc.) is in danger from a guy with more guns.

    So instead of gold, we should really be buying landmines, tanks, assault rifles, and maybe a battleship or two. Hmmm….

  25. Anonymous says

    What most people don't understand is the basics of supply and demand.Usually if there is a demand and the supplies are there.The price goes up slowly.If there is a demand with limited supply.The price goes up quickly.When the price goes up quickly it reduces demand therefore causing prices to go back down.Basic stuff here folks.Once all these major powers and 3rd world countries meet their reserve desires which will not take long.The demand will go down because supply will be fulfilled.Don't wait to long on this bubble or you may get burned.$1300.00 will be the time to sell.Mark my words.

  26. Anonymous says

    It seems like the Au price will go up, short term. India purchased just half of the IMF offering. Speculation is that the other half is waiting and ready for China/Russia/Middle East. This should keep things afloat for a while.

  27. GoOgLyMoOgLy says

    THANK YOU for mentioning the fact that India bought 200 TONS of IMF gold. Apparently, they don't think GOLD is too expensive at this point. Oh, and please believe that if China told its entire population of 1 BILLION+ to invest in precious metals, they're not going to let GOLD drop too far. Remember, China is NOW the #1 producer and #1 consumer of GOLD now. Oh and as another poster mentioned, more than $1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in US Treasuries. My bet is that GOLD will be here at these prices until the USD DROPS LIKE A ROCK. Doesn't matter if Republicans or Democrats are in the office. WE ARE SCREWED EITHER WAY. Too much funny money has been created and the only way to correct the problem is to CRASH.

  28. Anonymous says

    All of the people saying that gold is going to crash soon are simply ignoring the facts, the market dynamics, and not using common sense. DO SOME RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF. You will realize that the price of gold is going up for a million great reasons, reasons that also ensure it will continue to rise for YEARS TO COME (this is a long term thing).

    If you think gold is overpriced and forming a bubble right now, SHOW ME THE FACTS THAT SUPPORT THAT. There is only one problem – there aren't any. All the facts, information, market dynamics, and common sense are pointing to $1,000 gold and higher for many years to come.

    The "gold bubble" will form… but you guys are wrong to say it is forming now, or is already formed. The price won't be ran too high up for 3-5 more years I believe, and then there will be a gold bubble that will burst… but $1,000-$2,000 or higher gold is here to stay until then.

    Of course the price will dip and rise, but in general it will only go higher from the $1,100 that it's at right now.

  29. Anonymous says

    I hate to be a rebel and write about the thing this blog is intended for, coins, but I am. I got my 2009 proof buffalo yesterday and I wanted to post some of my observations. My coin is very nice. When compared to my 2006 proof buffalo this new one has a lot more of the "frosting" effect on the raised images. Also the details are harder to see on the 2009. I think this is because of how heavy the frosting is. Most of the detail comes out when you angle the coin and the light hits it just right. However, there are a couple of area that do seem more shallow or less detailed than the 2006, even in the right light. The most noticeable one is the tie in the Indians hair that holds the feathers in place. I have a magnifying glass that is x5 magnification, so one with more magnification might help to tell if it is from the heavy frosting or if it truly is a less detailed area. Feedback from others who bought this coin and are not consumed with guns, gold prices and the end of the world would be appreciated.

  30. Michael says

    Thanks for your observations on the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo you received.

    Perhaps this is the result of the recent change in proof finish? A few months back, I had this post comparing the 2008 and 2009 proof coins-


    A few weeks later, Coin World had an article confirming the change to laser etching for frosted surfaces. If they used this technology for the 2009 Proof Buffalo that would seem to explain the differences you are seeing.

  31. Anonymous says


    Thanks for the reply to my 1020 post. You probably are right in saying that the heavy frostiness is from new technology. I didn't think of that, but it makes sense to me because the newer silver eagle bullion issues have had more "frosting" on them. I have a book with an example of each year of the bullion eagles and there is a distinct difference in the more recent ones (starting around 2007…I think). My local coin shop owner thought it was to enhance the coin's luster and to make it easier to distinguish from a cleaned/polished coin. I like the new look, especially in the silver. Interestingly, the new bullion buffalos don't have any extra frostiness compared to previous years. My '09 bullion buffalo looks identical to the older ones. I prefer them to be that way in that perticular series. To me, it gives them a "grittier" look like something from the old west.

    Thanks again,
    Mike (Yes, that's my name too)

  32. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the comments on the the new buffalo condition from those that received one. I am going to wait awhile and run the risk of being priced out. Anyway I will continue to keep an eye on this site as there is good information and entertainment from the gold bugs.

  33. Anonymous says

    Folks, I know this is off base from Gold Buffalo's but does anyone else have a LCC set where Abe's signature for Lincoln is spelled Linco in his handwriting? L and N missing. The one I received is like that. The mints quality control must have been off that day.

  34. Anonymous says

    My buffalo shipped this week and I should be getting it tomorrow. Can't wait as it is probably my favorite all time US Mint contemporary series coin.

  35. Anonymous says

    I am sure that not many people care, but I noticed this on the Mint's site:

    Also, the 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar products must be issued by December 31st. In order to meet these requirements, the United States Mint is only accepting orders for these products until December 11th at 5:00 p.m. ET. Please note that all credit card and billing issues must be resolved prior to December 11th.

    Those out there that planned on waiting until the last minute…well…the minute comes a few weeks early.

  36. Anonymous says

    To Anon 5:42AM,
    I reread my HISTORY book, and it doesn't say that gold will always be worth something.

    I'll take my chances with hardware.

    You silly person, you can't buy a battleship…maybe a frigate, but definately not a battleship.

  37. Anonymous says

    I ordered my proof Buffalo within the first 20 minutes and mine still hasn't been shipped… ;_;

  38. Anonymous says

    With hanging out around $1090, I caved and bought my 2009 Proof Buffalo.

    If gold retreats, I may buy another.

  39. Anonymous says

    forgive me for asking a simply stupid question.But,If you buy gold from the mint at 1360.00 and gold has risen 360.00 in a year.does this mean that the price of gold if on the same path will rise to say 1400.00 in one more year from now.If it does and you bought that gold at 1360.00.Is a 40 dollar profit really worth it.I see gold in other places that can be bought for closer to spot value.Why give the US Mint all the profit.Aren't they the same people that screwed the US dollar.Just doesn't make much sense to me to buy from them.In less of course you just don't care and love the coins for their artistic laser work.

  40. Anonymous says

    I notice Apmex is pre-selling the 2009 fractional AGE bullion coins. Are these worth getting?

  41. Anonymous says

    Now the post below makes sense and it's clear that it is coming from an educated individual. It's fun to speculate on whether or not gold will go up or down in price.

    In the short term, flippers will buy gold. But for collectors and long term investors, gold has historically gone up and down. Never before have we seen such high prices. Can such high prices be sustained? Probably not.

    Remember in the mid 90s when realtors told home seekers to buy, buy, buy property; that it would be a great investment for years to come; and values would never go down? Guess who is laughing now?

    After being burned by stock market brokers and realtors when values kept escalating, I realized that all good things have to come to an end sometime. And the market for gold will not sustain such high levels indefinitely. Anyone who says so otherwise is purely speculating.

    The market price of the Mint's gold coins, whether it is the Buffalo, the UHR, or First Spouse, is predominantly being affected by the bullion price and not the numismatic value of the coin itself.

  42. Anonymous says

    4:38's folly like others is that he's still thinking in dollar terms…. that gold cannot sustain such a "high" price.
    Hello..There is NO lIMIT to how low the dollar can go. GOld bugs don't think in terms of dollars so much as gold's buying power in ounces. Gold is money.

  43. Anonymous says

    I'm not sure what history book you're reading, but not one of mine says that gold has ever become worthless (and nails, hardware, etc.) become the new currency. That philosophy sounds anarchist to me. And I believe the silly people are those that naively believe they will be able to hold onto their hardware if anarchy reigns. The point was that someone with more guns will take your hardware and probably end your existence. For heaven's sake…haven't you ever seen Mad Max?????? 😉

    It is obvious that the current price of gold coins is related to gold prices as the previous poster noted. But I disagree with the previous poster that gold can be equated to real estate and stocks. While they both can "bubble", both also respond differently during economic calamities. And the economic times that we are in are not typical. When in the history of the good ole USA has our government tried so unashamedly to take over the private sector? When has our government downed forests to print money (which is ironic since most are all tree-huggers)?

    All one has to do is look at the late 1700s time period (around the revolutionary war) to see what printing money without hard currency backing will do. I am not a gold bug, but I am smart enough to recognize that our script is soon to be near worthless.

    Just ask yourself why is gold high right now in the first place? Or better yet, go ask China or Saudi Arabia. And while your at it, explain to them why the USD is really a better form of saving money today. Laughing sounds the same in any language.

  44. Anonymous says



  45. vaughnster says


    Can you please post a new Mint subject to talk about so we don't have to read all this gold chatter ad-nauseam??

  46. Anonymous says

    vaughnster – unfortunately, many coins are made of gold and the price of gold is a relevant part of purchasing one. I agree that my interest in this website is centered on numismatics and those harping on the price of gold is getting old.

    I think we've been invaded by people that believe their comments on a coin collectors site can actually impact the global price of gold.

    As a side comment, I think the markup by the US Mint on their precious metal coins (buffaloes, eagles, etc.) is ridiculous and they are just hurting themselves (if their intention is to make a profit).

  47. Anonymous says

    Yeah, the Mint markups are pretty high. I still prefer the old way of pricing, even though we did have to endure suspenions that sometimes dragged on for what seemed like an eternity. At least the prices back then were more fair (in other words, not locked in so ridiculously high over metal value.)

  48. vaughnster says

    I totally understand gold's impact on the price of the Mint's coinage. Too many people are trying to impress us with their supposed knowledge, and it's all redundant.

    As far as the pricing on these coins hurting the Mint's profits goes, in the first week the total take is almost $26.5 million in Buffalo proofs alone. Obviously a large chunk of that is their cost of gold blanks, which I'm sure they got at a very nice price. Glad to see a new post on the home page….

  49. Anonymous says

    Just received my Proof Gold Buffaloes!! Wow,can't believe that I got them a week from when i ordered. Called PCGS and they don't even have a coin # set up for the proof yet.For those of you like me that think that the First Strike designation is BS, I have no choice but to spend the extra $14/coin to get them graded that way as the FS coins command higher premiums because idiots are willing to pay for it.Not that I am planning on selling these or any of my other coins for many,many years.(Unless of course gold gets up to 2500-3000/oz next year!)

  50. Anonymous says

    My new gold buffalo proofs are not nearly as detailed as they have been in years past.I read that the mint are frosting using lasers but this lost a lot of the definition in these coins.Very disappointing.If i haven't been collecting these since they first came out in 2006, i would probably send them back.
    NOT HAPPY with the mint!

  51. Anonymous says

    With sales numbers like they are from 2006 to date.It really goes to show the economy and mint customer dissatisfaction.The Mint really needs to step it up next year and I don't mean prices like this year.

  52. Anonymous says

    These numbers just show that the mint could have easily produced the proof eagles this year.Even at high prices they could have sold more then these goofy buffalo coins.Who ever does the selection of products to be introduced should be fired after this years complete lack of understanding of demand.

  53. Anonymous says

    I think the public would have rather seen the buffalo proof axed then the eagle proof.The people will not be rushing out to buy these 2009 buffalo's now that sales will easily top the 2008s.The 2008s are looking better every day now.Although lower mintage is imminent on the 2009s.They will still play second fiddle to the 2008s.And you can be sure of one thing.2009 Ws have the lowest mintage of eagles proof and BUs (Zilch).Can't get any lower then that.LOL I think it is no longer a matter of profit this year.But a matter of holding back until prices rise more for next year.What a greedy bunch of pigs we have for the law makers who caused this.Just remember this happened on election day.

  54. Anonymous says

    For some reason, the Mint seems able to procure 24 carat blanks (for the buffalos, UHRs and First Spouses), but not enough 22 carat blanks (eagles). I wonder if it is just that the bullion eagle demand was so huge that the Mint couldnt believe it would last. If the bullion buffalo ramps up as well, they may sto making the collector version after all – the Mint seems incapable of estimating bullion demand correctly.

  55. Anonymous says

    The pulling of the proof coin in favor of the bullion coin IS something to think about. Just because there are no order or mintage limits doesn't mean the Mint will make and sell them as long as everyone seems to assume.

    To anyone who would complain if the Mint DOES declare them as "sold out", they will probably just say "Gee, you had your chance!"

    Just keep guessing!

  56. Anonymous says

    I think most of you should send back your 2009 buffalo proofs.

    Mine will be worth more then.

  57. Anonymous says

    This is off-topic I know, but I'm looking for a place to vent. No one seems to know that anyplace other than eBay exists, do they? Case in point: I've had a group of three First Spouse gold coins (Jefferson's Liberty Proof, Jefferson's Liberty UNC and Dolley Madison UNC) for sale on Webidz.com since last Saturday for an opening bid of a penny, and they STILL have no bids!

    It's hard to guage the counter since it recorded each time I looked at the page in some capacity, but I think only one or two others have even viewed the page besides me all week!

    Man, I want away from eBay so bad, but how can I sell anything on sites no one knows about? I can't exactly advertise their existence in an eBay auction. They'd pull it real quick!

    Webidz is just as good as eBay from a buyer's perspective, since they can still use PayPal to pay and all. I wouldn't even mind the PayPal fee so much for an item sold on Webidz, simply because the same company who owns PayPal won't be taking another huge chunk of the item's price as a fee. In fact, Webidz doesn't charge any fee at all!

  58. Anonymous says

    I placed an order for 2009 buffalo at 12:45 PM ET today and I had this order " in stock and reserve".About 4:30 PM ET status change to backorder 11/20/09.I was waiting for one week hoping that price woud drop and didn't. I hope to receive this coin before is "sold out" .

  59. Anonymous says

    To Anon 1:18,
    I'd consider placing a bid but I don't want all three coins. Consider listing them separately.

  60. Anonymous says

    I received one of mine today. It's very beautiful with the frosting. I really like this years better. Very,very nice display box, nice leather touch.

  61. Anonymous says

    If gold doesn't let up soon, the Mint's prices may rise again next week. The London fix is getting dangerously close to the next tier. This mornings AM fix was $1,095.

  62. Anonymous says

    Ouch! The backorder date has been shifted to December on the proof Buff.

    I am wondering if they only pressed about 10,000 of these ahead of time, and are having a difficult time catching up.

    Did anybody out there order on the first day, and had your order put on backorder?

  63. Anonymous says

    i am curious. i noticed the mintage on the 2008W Buffalo Unc set was 6165, and the 2008W Eagle Unc set was 2997. now the overall mintage for eagles are higher that the buff's, but shouldn't the set (if kept intact) have some impact as a key date set? the Lincoln Chronicles set has to be kept intact to retain ITS value, right?

  64. Anonymous says

    For the commenter above re: values. I would look at ebay prices for the set vs the total for the coins in the set sold individually. Also check various coin books at your local book store or internet coin sites to see if they have values for 08's listed. True value is always what you are able to get when you sell. A for instance is the first 09 Lincoln penny rolls fetching around $80 for a dollars worth of pennys early on. Personally if I had a set of gold eagles or buffaloes I would be hesitant to break it up even if the value was more unless I was a speculator/flipper or needed the most cash right away.

  65. Anonymous says

    My order for my 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo's was placed at 12:13… which was 13 minutes after they went on sale… and my order is not backordered, but says "in stock and reserved", and has not shipped yet.

    The annoying thing is that people who ordered after me have already received their coins, but I suspect people like me who ordered more than 1 are being forced to wait. Maybe if I had ordered 1 i would have gotten it early like others.

  66. Anonymous says

    I ordered my gold proof buff at roughly 12:05 eastern, and received it yesterday.

    It is a nice coin; however, I am with previous posters stating that it appears to be almost overly frosted (to the point that detail is lost). I compared it to a quality 2009 unc buff (bullion) and I think I like the unc buff better. Just my take.

  67. Anonymous says

    My order for 5 was completed at 12:07. I received the coins on Thursday, and promptly sent them off to PCGS. I know, First Strike is a load of crap, but if somebody is willing to pay a premium for it, well, it is OK with me.

  68. Anonymous says

    I guess it is just "herd" mentality, as lower mintage in this case isn't as much of a factor…

    The 2008 W Unc Buffalo set is currently on ebay:


    As well as the 2008 W Unc Eagle:


    And the winner is:
    Buffalo over the Eagles.

  69. T says

    Here it is Micheal, I ordered my coin on Friday Nov. 06 at 4:30 pm and I ordered again today Wednesday Nov. 11 at 7:30 pm. The order number jumped by 53,402. I don't know if they go by the order number regardless of how many coins per order.
    So I figured the sales pace last week should be around 10,000 a day including weekend. By now, I am sure the sales should be around 100,000 coins.
    Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

  70. Anonymous says

    T, thats sounds like a pretty rapid pace of sales for the buffalo. I suspect that order number difference includes order numbers for all products sold by the mint. 10,000 buffaloes a day sold for a $1360 ea. would be quite impressive. but I am not Mint expert.

  71. Anonymous says

    Ordered 11 Proof Buffalo coins at 1203 PM on 29 Oct. Got confirmation email at 1245.
    Am getting BS from Mint. Order status still "item in stock and reserved". Can't get any specific answer as to why, or when they'll be put on the 'list' for shipping from the warehouse.Clearly BS games or no knowledge of their own business processes. Makes you question how these people at the Mint got/keep a job.

  72. Anonymous says

    You are not kidding about these people working at the mint. Just look at the website. You can order silver proof coins that don't even exist. If you try, they'll give your confirmation numbers. And when you check back in a few days, it will tell you that items already shipped. All they need to do is have their IT people remove it. Is that what they call government jobs?
    BTW, good luck with your coins. I am still waiting for mine too.
    And thank you Mike for keeping us updated.

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