2009 Proof Platinum Eagle Design Unveiled

Today, the United States Mint unveiled the reverse design for the upcoming 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle. The Mint had previously announced the upcoming availability of the coin, but the reverse design was not revealed until today.

The new reverse design is intended to represent the the principle “To Form a More Perfect Nation.” This is symbolized by four faces with intertwined hair and clothing to represent the diversity of the Nation. The reverse will also include a new American Eagle “privy mark” from an original “coin punch” identified at the Philadelphia Mint. This mark will satisfy the legal requirement that an eagle appear on the reverse of the coin. The reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.

This reverse design had been recommended by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The Commission of Fine Arts had favored a design depicting a small tree with thirteen leaves. Other potential design candidates had included fasces (like on the reverse of the Mercury Dime), plants, trees, and interlocking hands.

This will begin a new six year program of reverse designs of the collectible Platinum Eagle. The new program will commemorate the core concepts of American democracy by featuring the six principles of the Preamble of the United States Constitution. Future designs will feature the following themes: To Establish Justice (2010), To Insure Domestic Tranquility (2011), To Provide for the Common Defense (2012), To Promote the General Welfare (2013), and To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity (2014).

The one ounce 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle will be the only platinum coin released by the United States Mint this year. All collectible uncirculated coins and fractional proof coins were previously announced as discontinued. All bullion coins were officially canceled in a sweeping announcement made last month.

The 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle will go on sale December 3, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. The projected price of the coin is $1,692.00 based on an average platinum price between $1,350 and $1,449.99. The United States Mint has indicated a maximum production of 8,000 coins and an ordering limit of five coins per household.

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  1. Diversity Diva says

    The diversity theme will be the start of a beautiful series of platinum coins. I enjoy this theme and future themes because they reflect our true American values.

    Looking at the themes for future years, those of us who cherish our core American values will enjoy the first of many significantly important issues to come.


    Future American Eagle Platinum Proof coin reverses will feature the following themes:

    2010 – To Establish Justice
    2011 – To Insure Domestic Tranquility
    2012 – To Provide for the Common Defense
    2013 – To Promote General Welfare
    2014 – To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity

  2. Edith Bunker says

    Well Archie,

    If your 09 gold Buffalo proofs are "99.9999% Fine Gold" and your "08 burnished gold Buffalo says .9999 Fine Gold – not .999999," then that must mean the 09s are MORE pure than the 08s.

    So that means that the 09 golds will be MORE VALUABLE than the 08s!

    We should buy 20 of the 09 golds. I'm no dingbat!

  3. Anonymous says

    Despite the fact that platinum is more scarce and more valuable than gold, I prefer the color of the yellow metal.

    Give me a gold coin over a platinum coin any day…!

  4. Archie says

    Edith Bunker – regardless of which one is more valuable, I find it strange that the comment section of this blog is the first place the increase in purity is being discussed. It seems like the mint changed the purity and didn't tell anyone and that no one's discovered it until now and that just seems… odd.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ivory soap is .99 percent pure too.

    Maybe they should change their ad to read .9999
    percent pure. That might hit a positive note with devoted gold coin collectors…


  6. Anonymous says

    I thought of the same thing – Ivory soap is 99 – 44/100 pure.

    Gee whiz, I wonder if the US Mint's gold and platinum coins will float. One way to find out!

  7. MarkApsolon says

    one word for the reverse design… "Ugly". This has to be the one of the worst designs the US mint has come up with over the years I personally loved the plat reverse of previous years because they had what I liked to call a real liberty feel that American coinage has lacked(mostly 2003-2008 but I really loved the 2007 rev). Diversity is part of America but I think Liberty is much more important on an individual level than being diverse. That is just my opinion on the matter. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says

    If anyone dislikes the design, one simple solution. Don't buy it.

    That's what folks were saying about the Peace Dollar (with the eagle's back shown on the reverse).

    It just makes the coin more valuable for those of us who will buy it. (Big $mile$)!

  9. DashRipRock says

    Do you think we've covered every angle on this coin yet?? Michael we need a new post…………

  10. Anonymous says

    The coin collecting hobby and this blog is in sad shape with posts such as the one above from Anonymous, November 22, 2009 11:30 AM.

    What a big turnoff. There are other sites which have readers who are not as sexist, bigoted, or exhibit redneck opinions.

    Very sad.

  11. Anonymous says

    Yes there are too many cold pricklies. We need more warm fuzzies. Cold pricklies please do not make any further comments. The warm fuzzies will greatly apreciate you taking your cold pricklies elsewhere. If we could only eliminate all the cold pricklies the world and this site would be a better place.

  12. Anonymous says

    Just goes to show you, liberals have no sense of humor.

    The design on this coins bears no resemblence to the original concept of "perfect union". How many of the signers were slaveholders? How many would have allowed women to vote? How many would have been pleased to see native Americans exterminated from this nation? If you had shown this coin at the signing, you would have received nothing but chuckles, and maybe a mild toss out on your rear.

    The thing I find most offensive about this coin is it considers any traditional symbols of our "perfect" union, mere afterthoughts…Hmmm…don't we need to put an eagle on here somewhere?

    I personally think that a chain of thirteen assorted hands grasping each other in a circle around the eagle would have been more appropriate, and less offensive to any excluded groups.

  13. Anonymous says

    There are many liberal folks out there that like leftist designed coins. In the end, it is not the poorly closen design that makes the coin undesirable, it is the mint's large mark-up of a coin that has such a high purchase price in the first place. Even an excellent design would be risky to buy at well over $1500, when platinum has sold for less than gold in the past.
    Most folks like the color of gold better than platinum and finally, you have much more real consumer demand for gold (if you ever want to sell) than platinum. Even if platinum goes up more than now, most folks either wouldn't be able to afford to buy the "eagle" or could get platinum bullion at a much cheaper price.

  14. Anonymous says

    It is truly sad that coin collecting and visitors to this site are so narrow minded, bigoted, and sexist.

    What would all of you do if Michael decided to close down this blog?

  15. Captain Crunch says

    There are many liberal folks out there that like leftist designed coins.

    although I do think the diversity isn't what the phrase "a more perfect union" means argument is a good one, i think the notion that this is a leftist design is absurd. as the November 21, 2009 9:28 AM noted, those on the right would likely consider the design leftist, racist, and sexist if there was a single non-white male on it, let alone four. and i'm sure some racists among us would even consider four white males to be an affront if they weren't blue eyed blond haired aryans.

    Even an excellent design would be risky to buy at well over $1500, when platinum has sold for less than gold in the past.

    i completely agree with this. i bought a 1/4oz platinum coin a few years back and although i would be willing to spend a few hundred for another one, be it 1/10oz or 1/4oz or whatever, paying $1,500+ for a full 1oz coin is not something i'm prepared to do, regardless of how noble the design may be.

  16. Anonymous says

    It looks like the Mint might get to break in the next price tier on the gold coins. Today's London Fixes were $1,166 and $1,169.50, bringing the average so far this period to $1,148.25. A little too close for comfort. If you've been putting off buying the Buffalo Proof, you might want to order it before Wednesday morning!

  17. Anonymous says


    Next week's Coin World has a front page story reporting that a Legislator is seeking Proof 2009 American Eagles be produced. Moy has been "contacted".

    The entire U.S. House of Representatives is being asked by one of its members to urge U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy to reverse the Mint's decision not to produce Proof 2009-W American Eagle gold and silver coins.

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Stay tuned for fast breaking developments.

    Most likely is will be a 24 hr window if Moy backs down.-Grandpa

  18. Anonymous says

    Nope, Grandpa don't fool around about his coin collections. The sponsor spearheading the effort is Rep. Gary Peters of Michigan. We understand that "panic" has set out in the hallowed halls of the Mint, and fingers are being pointed as to "who" directed a rush to destroy the already prepared dies and 2009 packaging. A little bird suggested the "package" was not destroyed, but placed into safekeeping. LOL. This whole fiasco is reminiscient of the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark that showed the Ark being wheeled down a long corridor in a Government warehouse, only to be placed away and forgotten.

    Hold on to your hats kids, there will be a limited subscription 1 week end of year effort, then maybe a lottery for those who signed up. Wanna bet it will be a 1 coin per address deal????? Wait until the sharpies on ebay pick up on this one. Can you say $500 opening bid? Yup.~ Grandpa

  19. Anonymous says

    I called up Coin World online. They do have a link on their website about Peters request for 2009 ASEs but since I am not a subscriber I couldn't call it up. Perhaps someone who has a membership can post the text here. Thanks

  20. Anonymous says

    To All –

    There is indeed a Coin World article titled, "Legislator seeks Proof '09 American Eagles – Sends Dear Colleague letter to members of U.S. House" by Paul Gilkes. However, the author makes it clear that the production of American eagles is a request. It is not a fact. Nor does the article imply that the request is even being seriously considered.

    For now, consider the creation of the proof eagles to be speculation. Wishful, hopeful thinking. I'm sure if proofs are minted, we will hear much more about it in the future.

  21. Anonymous says

    On December 3, there is a choice between a PC coin or another PC coin. By that I mean the platinum eagle or the gold spouse.

    Hmmmm….tough decision. Both will have low mintages, both have extreme markups, and both are politically motivated to make some liberal-minded constituency get goose bumps.

    Zach Taylor…aka ole' rough and ready…was a 40 year army veteran and kicked some butt in the Mexican-American war (not a real diversity minded policy). On the other hand, just looking at the platinum coin makes me want to hug everyone I see (except white males of course).

    Revelation…I can get Zach's wife and have diversity (fortunately he married a female instead of just living with a white male partner) while getting a gold coin for much less than the PC platinum coin. Thank goodness…I will be able to sleep tonight now that that decision has been made! Whew!

  22. Anonymous says

    To :November 23, 2009 3:33 PM poster –

    Indeed Rep. Gary Peters sent each member of Congress a "request", a notification if you will, about Mint Director Moy's pronouncement not to mint 2009 Eagles. Yes there is no guarantee that Moy will reverse a bad decision, HOWEVER, what any lackluster appointee does NOT want is to have 'everyone' learn of his job and image failing. Congressmen just eat that stuff up, I know, been there (in Washington) done that. Here's an opportunity to gain some good press, make new allies of collectors, and openly display their outrage that the "public" is not being served. If these people can shove the present Health Care Initiative down everyones throat at a cost of hundreds of billions, they can do a 35-50K Eagle run with ease. The die(s) are cast (no pun intended), item packaging is ready to go, the Mint already buried manufacturing costs in the 2009 budget, and all they need is 100 hours on 2 machines. The letter writing campaign, emails and faxes to Congressmen & State Senators, editorials, etc. have finally reached a sympathetic ear. Moy could come out of this fiasco in better shape and stature than when he started. I think they will do the right thing. Actaully, for anyone on the bottom already, any signs of life is huge. -Grandpa

  23. Anonymous says

    Politically correct propaganda has ruined commemorative stamps…now I see they are about to ruin coins too.

  24. Anonymous says

    The collector community is starved for true collectable coins not those with "I love you or he ain't heavy he's my brother messages" symbolized on them. If they were able to crank out some AGE's and ASE's I hope they are able to do at least 50 large of each or they will just enhance the unhappiness that has already been created.

  25. Anonymous says

    Is it my cheap monitor or just my bad eyesight, but isn't there a white male missing from that illustrious group of "Americans"?

  26. Anonymous says

    I commented above about the Mint producing 50 large of ASE's and AGE's. I will have to correct myself as I just looked at the gold price. I don't know, with the price heading up, 50 large of AGE's may be way too many to fly out the door. Also I have no problem with the mint producing "I love you, man" type coins just please do them on the medals, Zach Taylor blanks, or commem's.

  27. Anonymous says

    I long for the days where the coins had lady liberty (who is ironically is out of fashion in WDC these days thank to those currently in power) and the bald eagle. Insult to injury, the coins with those symbols on it (AGEs and ASEs) were scrapped this year in favor of the PC coins like the platinum and spouses.

    One notable exception and the nicest coin this year (IMO) was the gold UHR.

  28. zelnaga says

    I long for the days where the coins had lady liberty (who is ironically is out of fashion in WDC these days thank to those currently in power)

    You mean people like Edmund C. Moy, who was appointed by George W. Bush in 2005? Or do you believe Moy incapable of making decisions on his own?

  29. Michael says

    Interesting how when you reply to a comment there are icons distinguishing anonymous users from logged in users yet when viewing comments there are no such icons.

  30. Anonymous says

    Well, it's pretty much official that the Mint will be raising the prices on the gold coins tomorrow. The average of London fixes this week stands at $1,152.88. If tomorrow's AM fix comes in at $1,127 or more, the prices will go up. I'd say the chances of the price fix being at that amount or greater are pretty well guaranteed.

    Welcome to the world of $1,539 UHR's, $754/$741 First Spouses and $1,460 Proof Buffalos!

  31. Anonymous says

    "Welcome to the world of $1,539 UHR's, $754/$741 First Spouses and $1,460 Proof Buffalos!"

    Well, I guess that's important if you are desparate to be parted from your money. In the old days, we bought coins of all compositions because they were fairly decent looking and gave pleasure to view. In the new era, it seems all one cares about is not what the item looks like, what work went into creating something beautiful, etc.

    It seems all that matters is that it's 1 ounce, and at the low end of a pumped price. That's OK for some without any question….on the other hand, no one is going to
    goad me into swarming over the edge of sanity. I still have the ability to reason. I could be a lot of things, but I sure am not a lemming.

  32. Anonymous says

    @November 23, 2009 7:22 PM blogger:

    "Diversity" is code for any non-straight white male person. There is a white female pictured, so that takes care of the caucasian representation. One can only assume that one of the four people are also gay.

    It's also the worst artwork ever– it's like after the design was finished they realized that they needed something else to make sure it was obvious that the Indian was an Indian so they stuck a miniature feather coming out of his head, almost as an afterthought. woo-woo-woo-woo-woo!! Also, the Asian woman's hair is dreadful– there is a hard outline of her head but her hair is somehow flowing out from behind awkwardly; it's absolutely terrible artwork, the mint should be ashamed for perpetrating this design crime. Amusingly the Black man looks like a young Danny Glover– if I were him I would buy one. But where is the Mexican laborer? Also that Eagle privy mark is the worst since the Franklin Half reverse. Ok done bitchin' now.

  33. Anonymous says

    About the platinum coin.

    Simple resolution. If you don't like the design, don't buy it. Period.

    How many of you were really intending it to buy it anyway?

  34. tristan says

    I thought this was suppose to be a Platinum Eagle? The back only has a eagle head so small that most folks would have missed it. In my mind the back is the worst design yet…

  35. tristan says

    My wife just pointed out to me that the coin is depicting four women. I thought is it was two women and two men. Boy if she's right, they really did an injustice to the Native American and Black women. Shame on the US Mint…

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