2009 Silver Quarters Set Back on Sale

After the product apparently sold out last week, the 2009 DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set was put back on sale on the US Mint’s website.

The product contains 90% silver versions of the quarters featuring the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Pricing remains the same $29.95 that has been in place since the sets were originally issued more than 19 months ago.

At the current spot price of silver ($24.80 as of the writing of this post), the silver value of the coins included in the set is $26.91. Therefore, the product price represents a premium above silver value of $3.08 or 11.45%.

By comparison, the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set, which contains 5 silver quarters with a silver value of $22.42 is priced at $32.95. This makes for a premium of $10.53 or 46.96%.

On a few past occasions, products which seemingly sold out at the US Mint have been put back on sale. In some instances the products quickly sold out again, while in others the products remained available for some time.

The latest US Mint sales report shows sales of 298,612 recorded through October 31. Assuming production was a round 300,000 sets, perhaps another 1,388 sets remain.

2010 Proof Gold Eagles Sales

Separately, the latest sales figures for the 2010 Proof Gold Eagles are available. A summary is included below showing the sales for the week, the total sales to date, and the percentage of the product limit that has now been sold.

Week Total Percent
1 ounce 3,698 25,000 100.00%
1/2 ounce 373 3,499 23.33%
1/4 ounce 246 4,006 25.04%
1/10 ounce 609 9,791 36.26%
4 coin set 1,366 12,785 32.78%

For the full weekly sales report visit Coin Update News.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Probably, especially if the price of silver stays high. They will still be among the lowest-minted, second to the 1999's.

    They're already backordered, and by tomorrow morning will most likely be sold out again. I thought about buying some more myself, but decided to save some money for the 5 oz. silver ATB coins, if they EVER go on sale that is.

  2. Anonymous says

    The mint supplier probably found a few large boxes of these silver quarter sets hidden way back in the warehouse after they earlier said it was all gone. Who knows what else they will find someday.

  3. Anonymous says

    Another possibility is that there was a large return of sets or these are from unsold full silver proof sets. In any case, this means that there might still be one or more NMI error coins to be had. By mint supplier, I assume you mean the fulfillment center, run by PBGS. They might well have found a stash, they have been incredibly inept since starting fulfillment duties early last year.

  4. Anonymous says

    Anon 2:11

    Your facts are wrong. The silver proof loser 2000 set had a lower mintage than these 2009s, so the 09s will only ever be priced according to spot.

  5. Anonymous says

    Imagine that?! A stash of 08' Buffalo's?! Sort of like the ten 1933 Langbord Gold Double Eagles that surfaced. LOL! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says

    I just checked and the price is now $29.95. Don't forget the $4.95 S&H. Buy in quantity.


  7. Anonymous says

    That would be a real hoot if they found a stash of '08 buffalos under a pile of crap no one else wanted. For some reason and please correct me if I am wrong I don't believe a new found stash of '08 buffalos would make it to the news or to the sales catalog. I believe they would call that a case of mysterious disappearance.

  8. Anonymous says

    More accurately, HSN or some other mash house returned unwanted / unsold / picked over sets they couldn't sell. Remember, the big buyers secure large blocks of sets regularly and cull out the MS69's & 70's, then return anything they can't grade high for excessive prices. The late customers who dawdle get picked over, marked, and scratched product. Always was, always will be. Pity.

  9. Anonymous says

    they just found a 2000 coin box of Julia Tyler uncirculated first spouse gold pieces!!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Darn it ! They're sold out again !! But look at silver spot now. Was looking at them last night but said "I'll wait til morning" — too late. I'll bet they still have more– they're watching silver too.

  11. Anonymous says

    Michael you were right many months ago(before the silver run up) when you said these were a good bargain with the extra coin, etc. I bought some then, yeah ! Thanks for the tip !

  12. Anonymous says

    Told ya they'd be sold out again by morning! Second chances like that don't last long!

    It looks highly unlikely that we can avoid a price increase on gold coins next week. We might be saved if the price dips again for the Wednesday pm fix to rest in the current range. Today's fixes get the average off to a strong start towards a price increase. 🙁

  13. Anonymous says

    2000 silver proof sets are selling less than spot on ebay! Less mintage than 2009s to, just checked out the numbers. Any insight to this 2000 proof set mystery?

  14. Anonymous says

    Perception, perception, PERCEPTION! The mind is a very powerful thing. The 2000 Silver Proof Sets are perceived as dogs. They always have been and probably always will be. There is no logic to it.

    However, they may someday become more valuable if the supply dwindles due to many sets being broken up, maybe even melted for the silver value. Wouldn't that be an amazing turn of events? The 2000 Silver Proof Set ends up quite scarce and valuable due to melting. Theoretically it could happen, if the value of silver explodes like the "experts" are always predicting.

  15. Anonymous says

    The 2009 Set has one more quarter in it, 6 vs 5 = More silver = High price

    Thats why the 2000 sells for less on ebay

  16. Anonymous says

    Yes, but the 2000 Silver Proof Set has a silver dime and half dollar in it too, so it ultimately has more silver than the 2009 Silver Quarters Proof Set.

  17. Anonymous says

    Man, if this keeps up we might see our first TWO-tier price jump next week! Who would've thought that gold would approach the $1,400 mark today? Even if it does, maybe that $1,361 am fix this morning might hold the average down enough to prevent a two-tier jump.

    I have to decide if I'm going to bail on my First Spouse sets now, or at least try to swing Mary Lincoln. Gee, those things are getting EXPENSIVE! I long for the $429.95/$410.95 days of the beginning!

  18. Anonymous says

    Check out "Stop Trading" on
    CNBC.com. Cramer disclosed that
    his retirement account is almost entirely in gold. Watch the video.

  19. Anonymous says

    Do all your friends and work colleagues tell you they have a lot invested in gold? Until this happens gold (and silver) still have a huge upward potential.

  20. Anonymous says

    2000 silver proof set, best value/ investment on planet period! Yes I bought a bunch and want to see the value skyrocket like it should.

  21. Anonymous says

    I do have a bunch and I'm planning on unloading them when they sell for at least $100/set. That may take a few months!

  22. Anonymous says

    Whooopppeeee! Gold at $2,000 and silver at $50!

    I'm just a greedy coin flipper and speculator with the only intention of making big bucks from coins.

  23. Anonymous says

    Na, but the PF 4 coin set is getting more tempting.
    But don't forget in 2 weeks the 2010 PF Silver Eagle will go on sale and go on back-order the same day. Wonder what the price will be ? Save up folks !

  24. Anonymous says

    Whooopppeee ! I'm a collector with the same mindset that I'll make money for me or my family.
    So what's your point and what's wrong with that.

  25. Anonymous says

    He probably dosn't like what america was built on; Free enterprise, free markets, freedom and liberty. would rather you re-distribute that wealth to him as opposed to earning it.

  26. Anonymous says

    Wow, gold got to $1,399.40 at some point today, and silver was $26.95. Funny how each one lacked a tiny bit of reaching the next barrier. The day's not over yet, though.

  27. Anonymous says


    The America the Beautiful coin sets really look nice.

    I am gonna buy 10 $et$ of them and put them on eBay a$ $oon a$ I get them.

    You $hould know by now I am a greedy get-rich-quick white male, anti-diversity, redneck coin flipper… Haha.

  28. Anonymous says

    lol@ ANON 11:53

    with his hysterical anti-white- male/ fetish-for-diversity rants who, one can be certain, lives nowhere near the people he purports to love so much. lol at you and your kind

  29. Anonymous says

    Maybe we can re-distribute a few of these quarters to him, make him happy, then he can go get his pint of beer for the night. Or better yet, he could sell them to his buddies saying they're rare and make a profit, but of course that would be capitalism and that's evil, right diversity guy?

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