2010 ATB Silver Bullion Coins Available

A few of the US Mint’s authorized purchasers have just made their 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins available for purchase. This is likely in response to the US Mint requirement that AP’s must sell their entire allotment of 2010-dated coins in order to be eligible to order the upcoming 2011 releases.

While previous sales by AP’s have sometimes been complicated by requirements to call or place orders at a specific time or provide social security numbers, the latest availability is comparatively more streamlined.

Jack Hunt Coin Brokers is accepting orders at the site JackHuntATB.com. The price is $860.20 plus $88.00 shipping. Coins shipped to New York addresses are subject to sales tax and payments must be made by money order. The total cost is actually just a little bit higher than the spot price of silver. Ironically, these low mintage coins are one of the lowest premium methods to purchase .999 fine silver, while they last.

Update: A message on the website now indicates that the online store is sold out. More sets may be available after assessing inventory.

MTB has placed coins up for sale on eBay listed at $1,025 per set with free shipping. Their listings can be found under their username MTBcoins. The price is higher than JHCB, but I suppose they have factored in commissions and shipping costs.

Update: After selling 400 sets, in four separate listings, MTB has not put up another listing. That might be it from them.

For anyone who has been considering purchasing the 2010 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins, here is an opportunity. In accordance with the US Mint’s terms, each AP limits orders to one per household. Be sure to read the full conditions outlined by each seller and make sure that you comply and are eligible to purchase.

Update: Another AP, Coins N Things will be taking orders by phone Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. View their website for more information.

A few weeks back, they also accepted orders by phone for a brief period. Some readers reported that they were unable to get through despite calling repeatedly for the entire period. Those who did place orders were required to buy an additional amount of pre-1965 silver coinage to make the total price $1,100.

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  1. John says

    From everything I have read the mint said that since they have made the capital investment on producing 3 in diameter coins that they were going to keep them at the size.

  2. Mint News Blog says

    "I heard on (HSN) the 2010 set of 5oz ATB is the first and last year for the 3" Dia. coin. All future coins will be 2 1/2" Dia. Does anyone know if this is true?"

    The US Mint has confirmed that the diameter will remain 3 inches.

  3. Andrew says

    Did you guys get confirmation from Fidelitrade in anyway that your order was accepted? Did they email you anything or a tracking number by chance? Thanks

  4. CraigL says

    For those of you who got in on MTB's eBay auction — I had some correspondance with them this morning when I requested confirmation my payment was receieved. Here's what I got back:

    Yes we have received your payment. We are presently processing the orders and should begin shipping orders once we verify that the purchase requirement in our listing were met.

    Will be interesting to see how long their verification process takes!

  5. Anonymous says

    As far as giving your SS# to Fidelitrade; plenty of other institutions already have it…The issue is that these companies need the SSN some by law. Why does Fidelitrade need your SSN to buy some coins? Its a personal choice and some people are not comfortable giving it out. On a side note I never heard of a pharmacist or financial adviser needing a SS#

  6. Anonymous says

    Can anyone who has purchased the ATB 5 oz. coins from Fidelitrade PLEASE post as to how the coins looked and what condition they came in???

  7. Anonymous says

    I picked up a set from FT in their first round. While the bubble bags aren't great the coins are actually in very good condition. No overt PL or DMPLs though.

  8. Anonymous says

    I'd rate my Fidelitrade set as average. Amark's were nicer. APMEX about the same as Fidelitrade, maybe slightly nicer.

  9. Anonymous says

    My Fidelitrades set was very nice with what I'm sure will be a couple DMPLs and a couple PLs. There was a little rim nick on one. My guess is all will be 68s or 69s. My Apmex were very nice with a couple PLs and a tiny mark or two just on the clear area inside the rim on two of them. My Amarks were all nice with great problem free surfaces but definitely didn't have PL surfaces, too many polish lines. I believe what you get is simply luck.

  10. Anonymous says

    I wouldn't like having to keep looking at the websites for the cheapest prices of ATB 5 oz. Got better things to do. Although I can't afford them, I think buying at the auctions is more expensive but saves hassle.

    BTW, about pennys quan mntd…

    1794 918,000
    1797 897,000
    1931-S 866,000
    1877 852,500
    1807 829,000
    2009 satin 747,000
    1909-S VDB 484,000

    The 2009 95% copper satin is rarer than the 1794, 1797, 1931-S, 1807 and even the 1877. Gonna try to get ahold of a few of these.

  11. Anonymous says

    I would hate to say it but i think most ap's have gone through and already picked out the very best of the coins it's who you know???

  12. Anonymous says

    Yeah, but they shouldn't have waited so long to sell them. The Mint's requirements were not rocket science!

  13. Anonymous says

    Ya,and they tied up some bucks for 3 mos. and did'nt make anything on it. They got beat by their own greed.

  14. Andrew says

    Regarding Fidelitrade. The reason they need your social security number is because you are setting up an account with them. You can either take delivery of your silver or they can hold it for you. Like a brokerage firm.

  15. Anonymous says

    Hmmmm….yes it's possible that the APs are cherry picking; however, since they have to sell all their sets how do they account for the missing coins they cherry picked?

  16. Anonymous says

    Even if they're picked through, who cares? Given the spot price of silver and the price point of the coins, you're making out extremely well in regards to a bullion purchase.

    All the other details that come with the coin which add to their premium on the secondary market is a bonus.

  17. Anonymous says

    fidelitrade sends a email when paperwork is received, then another one saying it was accepted and approved. now i'm waiting for check to clear and email with shipping confirmation

  18. Andrew says

    I placed my order with Jack Hunt on Monday and overnighted my payment (postal money order). It was received around 11am… has anyone received confirmation that your order was accepted and you will receive a set of ATB bullion coins? Thanks

  19. Anonymous says

    My payment was received too back on Monday at Jack Hunt according to USPS tracking. They indicated they received a couple hundred envelopes when mine arrived after I inquired. I can imagine all the envelopes they'll be receiving. I'm sure once they're sorted we'll get an update.

    When I sent my check to MTB, I heard nothing (check deposited) and then like 4 weeks later the UPS man arrived with them.

  20. Anonymous says

    Does Fidelitrade put their ATB coins in air tite capsules or do they ship them raw?

  21. Anonymous says

    What would be interesting would be to have a compilation of how each AP ships their coins (e.g., airtites or not, etc.). Then we could purchase airtites ahead of time if needed.

  22. Anonymous says

    Does Fidelitrade put their ATB coins in air tite capsules or do they ship them raw?

  23. John says

    Fidelitrade sends them raw in bubble wrap (no capsules).
    I actually got nicer coins from them than MTB even though MTB had used capsules. I think it is just luck of the draw.

  24. Anonymous says

    Fidelitrade sent their first batch in bubble wrap.

    The later sets ARE in CAPSULES…so if you are waiting on a set, don't buy extra capsules.

  25. Anonymous says

    Got into CNT after about 12-15 busy calls this morning. I started calling around 10AM EASTERN. Got one!

    As mentioned, they make you get $6 face of junk silver along with your order, for a total of $1100.

    What does $6 face of junk silver sell for? Did I get ripped-off?


  26. Anonymous says

    The first sets sent out by Fidelitrade were in bubble pack, A recent one came in airtites. (I bought extras through my sisters.)

  27. Andrew says

    Woohoo… received my FedEx (ground) confirmation this morning that my coins have been shipped today from Jack Hunt!

  28. Anonymous says

    Received my notification (and fedex tracking number) from Jack Hunt as well this morning. Should have it in a few days.

  29. Anonymous says

    Question is: How are Jack Hunt's coins shipped? Do they come in airtites or not? Anyone know?

  30. Anonymous says

    Help me with the math here…

    I paid $949 for 5 5oz Coins or 25 Oz

    That is $38/oz

    Spot is $38.45 on Kitco today…

    Did I just buy 25 Oz of sliver for $12 or so UNDER Spot?

  31. Anonymous says

    Buzz Kill!



    You are receiving this notice because you recently ordered a set of America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Coins (ATBs) from Jack Hunt Coin Broker Inc (JHCB).

    FedEx sent an email yesterday to each of our ATB customers with a shipping tracking number that stated that orders will ship Monday, April 4th.


    While some orders will ship this week most will not and will go out within the next four weeks. Retain the tracking number you received from FedEx, this will be your tracking number. You will be able to periodically check to see when your order does ship. You will not receive an email from either FedEx or JHCB when your package is in transit.

    Note The Following:

    1. The email from FedEx is in no way a verification that your payment was received. IF PAYMENT WAS NOT RECEIVED YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP.

    2. The FedEx labels we have will be used once we verify order payment is received and order is prepared for shipment.

    3. If you canceled your order after receiving email from FedEx the order will not ship.

    4. Retain the confirmation number you received from FedEx. You will be able to use it to track your package when your order does ship.

    5. As stated in our ATB sales terms and conditions, orders can take up to six weeks from date of purchase for delivery

    6. JHCB will not respond to email inquires regarding order shipping status.

    7. JHCB is unable to verify receipt of payments. If there is a problem with your payment you will hear from us by early next week.

    We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your understanding.

    Thank you,


    America the Beautiful – P.O. Box 4189 – Kenmore NY 14217

  32. Andrew says

    I received the same email from Jack Hunt yesterday as well… HOWEVER, I just received my package from FedEx 10 minutes ago… WOOHOO!

  33. Anonymous says

    I just received my coins from Jack Hunt this morning. My order # was 29XX. I had the money order to them in 1 day. The coins were shipped in bubble lined manila envelopes, wrapped in bubble wrap inside a box wrapped in bubble wrap inside another box. One coin has some slight scratches on the edges and a couple of dots on the obverse. The rest are almost proof-like and very nice. Does anyone know where I can get Airtights for these coins?

  34. Jeff S. says

    Fantastic service from Jack Hunt Coin Broker. Just got my 5oz ATB's todday….-man were those things packaged well….best packing I've ever seen -they took great care.
    I'd buy again from this group.

    Thanks JHC…..Jeff

  35. Anonymous says

    I just got an email from JHCB that they have not received the payment. The tracking of the priority mail showed delivery on March 31. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

  36. Anonymous says

    Money orders were sent and received based on tracking on March 31. Email from JHCB today said they have not received the payment. Anyone with similar experience?

  37. Anonymous says

    Recieved my 2010 ATB silver coins from JHCB today. 04/07/2011 I never thought I would ever get one. By chance I turned on my computer and read MINT NEWS BLOG.

  38. Anonymous says

    I mailed money order on 3/29. USPS showed delivery on 3/31. Got an email from jack saying money not received too!!!

  39. Anonymous says

    all this whining about pricing and packaging yada yada yada meanwhile the ATB sets we all bought at around $40/oz…what does a silver eagle cost these days?? $45 hello!!? trolls!!? winning!!

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