2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Designs

Today the United States Mint has unveiled the designs for the upcoming 2010 Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Commemorative Coin. The coins will be issued to mark the centennial of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America.

The obverse of the coin depicts a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and female Venturer saluting. Inscriptions include “Continuing the Journey”, the centennial dates “1910” and “2010”, “In God We Trust”, and “Liberty”. The obverse was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Charles Vickers.

The reverse design features the universal emblem of the Boy Scouts of America. Inscriptions include “United States of America”, “Boy Scouts of America”, “Be Prepared”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “One Dollar”. The reverse was engraved by Jim Licaretz.

Other design candidates for the obverse had included an image of a scout and advisor on a rock ledge, and a scout in original 1910 uniform extending a hand to a scout in the modern uniform. The Commission of Fine Arts had supported the selected design as well as the scout and advisor design. The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had favored the design depicting the scout in original uniform helping the scout in modern uniform. The final design selection was made by US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner. You can see pictures of the alternate designs in this post covering upcoming commemorative coins.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under by H.R. 5872 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act, which became Public Law 110-363. The program provides for the production of up to 350,000 $1 silver coins in proof and uncirculated versions. General requirements on the design were provided, “The design of the coins minted under this Act shall be emblematic of the 100 years of the largest youth organization in United States, the Boy Scouts of America.”

The release date for the coins has not yet been announced, although the authorizing legislation states that the coins may be issued on or after February 8, 2010 until the end of the year. The other commemorative coin program for 2010 will be the American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar.

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  1. kestrel says

    Is it me… or did they just go for the politically correct choice, even through the other designs made more sense?

  2. Anonymous says

    LOL why does it not surprise that it be one of Obama's crew –lil timmy G.–that chose the PC version of the scouts coin over the recommemdations of the committee? What trash!

  3. Anonymous says

    As an Eagle Scout, I feel it is my obligation to buy at least one of these. Although I hate how they go for the politically correct crap over the more historic related designs. When we go through this period of coins with our grandchildren, we can tell them "This is the period that ever coin had politically correct image and had nothing to do with the history of organization that it was commemorating." Why not just put a whole bunch of different ethnic people and genders on the coins for the next ten years dressed in different clothing according to what will be commemorated?

  4. Anonymous says

    What's the deal with the woman saluting! I was in scouts and am a scout Dad, and think of my experience with men and boys black white asian but not everyone needs to be on all coins! Why push for the woman on this particular coin?

  5. Anonymous says

    Why indeed. The girl scouts will be having thiers. Will they be putting a boy on there?
    I agree with the coins showing the historic images over having a girl on a boys scout coin.

  6. abyman says

    As a former scout I was looking forward to getting some of these coins, but I won't be getting any. How could they have chosen the absolutely worst design? Don't bother…. I know.

  7. Anonymous says

    My boys are in cub scouts, so forgive me if this is a dumb question – why is the girl saluting differently than the boys?

  8. Michael says

    No indications yet…

    They actually posted the earliest version of the 2009 schedule on December 18, 2008. This year they seem to be a little bit behind with the coming year announcements though.

  9. Anonymous says

    I LOVE the diversity on this coin!!

    It's a gotta have and will proudly be placed in my collection.

    I buy coins because I collect, not to make a profit from others.

  10. Anonymous says

    Jeesh this 'diversity' thing is ruining every design! What's the designer's initial? Wait a minute, it reads "PC"!

  11. Anonymous says

    I'm gonna bypass this one and save up to buy the "workers" commemorative coin which should be out soon. You know, the one with the hammer and sickle on it.

  12. alex says

    This is truly pathetic, this in no way represents the history or reality that has been the scouts. Politically correct crap! Wouldn't it be nice if the coin collecting community could just say no thanks to such cheapened, shallow, excrement. I will not buy something so transparent. That's a shame because scouting deserves so much more than this.

  13. Anonymous says

    How PC can the Mint become?

    A girl on the Boy scout coin.

    A boy on the girl scout coin.

    Feet on the disabled American coin.

    Heads on the Perfect Union coin.

    Spouse coins for the Presidents.

    I can see 100 years from now people will wonder what happened to the mint.

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    As a former Scout, Explorer, and Scout Master, I am sorely disappointed with the final selection. I had been pulling for the "Scout and Adviser" proposal, as I thought it embodied the "spirit" of the organization. This particular design also rekindled some old memories of Philmont, the BSA national camp in northern New Mexico. Would have been a great coin to make available to 2010 Philmont participants!! Like previous posters, I will have to weigh my love for the organization against my disappointment in the coin. Right now – tough call.

    Separately, as of sometime late this afternoon, the Mint has posted their broad spectrum schedule for 2010. No surprises, to include that, sadly, the Mint also modified the special links for the '10 ASE, AGE and Buffalos. So far, the notices haven't changed, but looks like a new year with recycled excuses.

    Michael – any inside track on production dates or estimated quatities for those ATB 5oz. silver bullions? If I understood correctly, all 5 examples would become available to the authorized outlets about the same time the first quarter hit the street – some time in April. If we're lucky, that could allow 3+ months of ASE production.

  15. Anonymous says

    Throughout history, the coinage of great nations has declined as those nations declined. Our country is no different. This country is going to hell in a handbag and that is reflected in the designs of our recent coinage. "Diversity" has been elevated to the point that it's no longer acceptable to be a Proud American. Our enemies watch and wait as we grow weaker every day.

  16. Anonymous says

    I can tell from the 2010 product schedule that I will not be buying anything from the mint until NOVEMBER 2010 at the earliest… there are no products worth a crap next year. 2009 was a boring year, but 2010 will be much worse………………

  17. Anonymous says

    politically correct times = politically correct coins

    this is nothing new in this country. I don't agree with it, but i'm suprised it hasn't happened sooner. although, I would have expected it on our circulating currency first, it seems that the commem stuff is made to turn a profit as quickly as possible. however, i see these types of designs going down much like the braille commem. FLOP.

  18. Anonymous says

    So, the CCAC gets one right and Geithner comes along and screws the whole thing up. What a pity!! This coin is a bitter disappointment when there were two great designs that could have been chosen. Thanks, Geithner, for going for the worst possible choice. This is one coin that I surely will not be getting.

    The Old Scout

  19. Anonymous says

    Yep, for the average collector pretty much carnival coins from the Mint for 2010. Possibly the silver quarters proof set might be okay. Those 5 ouncers are gross (no pun intended) and are not proof anyway. I guess for silver collectors the Mint is trying to force us to collect bullion coins. Maybe with some polishing compound and a q-tip I could make a bullion look almost proof. There might be business opportunity; turn bullion into prooflike. Rumpelstiltskin where are you.

  20. Michael says

    They have ruined our commemorative stamps…now they are working on the coins. What happened to real art.

  21. Anonymous says

    Not sure why there's so much whining and complaining about what the US Mint has to offer.

    If you don't like it, don't buy it. I COLLECT coins. If you're looking to make a fast buck, then you may want to collect zhu zhu hamsters. If you want to invest in art, there are plenty of paintings or Tiffany lamps to invest in….

    America. Love it or leave it.

  22. Anonymous says

    I see some great offerings that I will get…

    February. 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar

    March. 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar

    July 2010. United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set®

    July/August. 2010 United States Mint Proof Set®

    August. 2010 American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin

    August/September. 2010 United States Mint Silver Proof Set™

    September. First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Coin – Buchanan’s Liberty

    December. First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Coin – Mary Todd Lincoln

    December. Abraham Lincoln $1 Coin Cover


  23. Anonymous says

    The BSA has membership policies that restricts the membership of girls and prohibits atheists, agnostics, and known or avowed homosexuals. I do not support a private organization that promotes these values and will not be buying their coin.

  24. Anonymous says


  25. Anonymous says

    As for the commenter several comments above they are right. We don't have to buy the coins if we don't like them (at least for now). So I ain't. I'm gonna go with the one finger salute on this coin. Oooooh, aaaaah. . . After seeing the 2010 Mint selections I can hardly contain myself. Uh, oh, I think I just soiled my pants.

  26. Anonymous says

    only coin I'm getting is maybe the mary and abe coins. Everything else is a loser. my guess is that this will be a pretty slow blog next year. you might have to expand into precious metals mike if you want the same traffic you got this year. thanks.

  27. Anonymous says

    I am not going to complain about the design of this coin since it does depict an actual part of the scouts. I am going to look at her as a Cub Scout troop leader. My mom was one, so it would be appropriate.
    My issue with this is like many others, this is not the best design. I prefered the vintage scout helping the modern scout art much more.

    The those of you that don't like PRIVATE groups discriminating. Beware, there are many more non white male groups out there that discriminate than there are white groups (NAACP, monochrome coalition, Girl scouts, national organization of (some liberal) women…)

  28. Anonymous says

    Boy Scouts are basically a wing of the Latter-day Saints, methodists and Roman Catholics. It is a shame this organization is allowed to get their own coin.

  29. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at December 18, 2009 2:17 PM.

    Keep in mind that there are many who who are racists, bigots, and money-hungry souls.

  30. Anonymous says

    Just so everyone knows: I am fully behind the womens movement. The view is much better there. And also to further prove I am not a chauvinist I no longer watch football all day on Sunday. I watch at least two hours of womens nude wrestling to provide some balance to the football.

  31. Anonymous says

    No white male on this coin as well…and a female on a Boy Scout coin…so obviously politically correct it might be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. Oh well, leaves me more funds for the First Spouse series…at least they haven't screwed that up yet. Fuuny, one person, obviously a liberal, left the comment "America, love it or leave it." Remember that, my friend, when the political pendulum siwngs back in 2010 and your leftie friends are looking for new jobs.

  32. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at December 18, 2009 8:35 PM

    Clearly you are a bigot, racist, and redneck all rolled up into one.

    Diversity is beautiful. I hope you are married to a woman.

    America. Love it or leave it.

  33. Diversity Dan says

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but diversity sells.

    The 2009 Platinum Eagle coin sold out in a few days. Gold Buffalo coins did as well.

    You can't say the same for all coins that feature white males.

  34. Anonymous says

    Nah, diversity isn't the reason why the 09 platinum coin sold. That coin sold because there wasn't as many precious numismatic products like in 2008, and in essence, people just spent the extra cash to buy the platinum coin.

    However, we shall see how it does on the secondary market next year. I don't think it'll be worth much other than bullion value. General consensus is that the coin's design is terrible, but sometimes coins that are deemed monstrous in the past can perform well in the future. So we shall see.

  35. Anonymous says

    I liked the artwork on the 2009 Platinum eagle coin. The Statue of Liberty obverse and diversity reverse matched very well.

    At the turn of the 20th century (1900s), Americans were complaining about non-Anglos immigrants (Germans, Italians, Greeks, etc.). Now Americans are complaining about non-White immigrants. How America has changed.

    I agree with the previous post. Diversity sells. The 2009 Platinum eagle, gold Buffalos, coins featuring Indians, Jackie Robinson gold, Liberty coins (which feature women), etc.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  36. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at December 18, 2009 8:35 PM

    Don't you think that white males are already well represented on US coins? It's nice to see a very small number of coins that recognize the diversity of America…

  37. Anonymous says

    Is it OK with everyone if I not like this coin because I think the design is boring, bland, and ugly as hell? I mean, I'd hate to ruin the party of broad sweeping generalizations of why collectors don't like many of the recent offerings.

  38. Anonymous says

    As the picture behind this drawing was actually taken from my sons Eagle Scout COH, the idea was to show off the different areas of the BSA – Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Ventures – which does have girls in it. In fact all 3 scouts shown are actually involved in the BSA program.

  39. Anonymous says

    True, but the biggest problem is that there were a couple of nicer designs that were rejected. This one is rather bland.

  40. Anonymous says

    Since so many of you have a beef about a Boy Scout coin (as if you were really interested in one anyway), I can just hear y'all complain about a Girl Scout coin.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    If you don't like it, don't buy it.

  41. Anonymous says

    Actually, the Girl Scouts do not discriminate like the Boy Scouts. Also, the Girl Scouts are not a church organization. So no problem with their coin.

  42. Anonymous says

    More politically correct garbage. Only in America can you have a coin commemorating the BOY Scouts and have a girl on it. This is such ludicrous rubbish. It is almost as bad as the 9-11 poster the liberal idiots wanted to produce showing one white, black and asian fire raising the flag in the ruins of the World Trade Center. The outrage and outcry was huge: the design was dropped and the liberal idiots scurried back in their holes, probably to design these pieces of rubbish.

  43. Anonymous says

    Sorry, but the Boy Scout coin was commissioned under the uber-conservative frap of the Georgie Bush Administration. You'll have to blame something else on the liberals.

  44. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at December 21, 2009 11:14 AM

    Stop your whining. It won't change a thing.

    It will take years for America to recover from the Republican-led GW Bush policies of the 2000. The decade that Time Magazine calls the … Decade from Hell.

  45. Anonymous says


    Lillian Carter, Jimmy's mother, died when she was 95.

    Longevity is heredity, so Jimmy living to be in his 90's is a real distinct possibility….

  46. Anonymous says

    I was so excited to learn that a BSA coin was to be released in 2010…until I saw the design. I'm now 35, and a former Eagle Scout and getting back in to Boy Scouts with my 12 year old son. I thought maybe I could get him, and my father one of these coins. But I don't think I will. The two other designs were better than the PC version chosen by our wise and esteemed Tres. Sec. I'm so disappointed. Couldn't you just imagine a cool coin with one of the Norman Rockwell Scouts on it or maybe one designed by a Scout/former Scout himself. Such a shame.

  47. Anonymous says

    I am so glad that the Boy Scouts of America is being recognized on a US commemorative coin.

    The design is not so important to me as the fact that they are being recognized. Many organization aren't even mentioned in Congress.

    I'm so glad that our politicians are rewarding the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for what they stand for – all American values in the Land of the Free.

  48. Jughead says

    … even getting beyond the fact that a female appears in the design for a coin intended to honor the boy scouts, DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE HER THE MOST PROMINENT FIGURE???

    So will we see a male on the upcoming girl scouts commem? Not likely– all the cookie packages won't leave enough room.

  49. Duane says

    Let's see…The Boy Scouts. When I was a Boy Scout there were many Caucasians involved. I don't remember any 'Female' Boy Scouts…There were Asian & Black Boy Scouts, but I think mostly Caucasians…What thinking went into this representation?

  50. Anonymous says

    Girls have been Explorer Scouts since 1971, and currently can be Explorer or Venture Scouts.

    Get with the times

  51. Anonymous says

    I totally agree…this is a BOY SCOUT Coin and should depict only young men, no female should be on this coin! I am very dissappointed as well! I was a Girl Scout for 7 years and I planned to buy the Girl Scout coin for me and the Boy Scout coins for my sons (current Scouts). If they wanted to include Venture Scout to put a female on it…then make a coin for the Venture Scout! I am so sick and tired of this PC World we live in! I would have preferred one of the two other designs over the one that was selected!

  52. Anonymous says

    BTW, forgot to mention…the female on the coin is giving a military hand salute. The 7 years I spent in Girl Scouts, we did a Scout salute, however, in my 20+ yrs in the US Navy, I gave a military salute…scrap this coin and use one of the other two designs!

  53. Christian says


    To make things clearer for all you, this is the Boy Scout commemorative coin, not the Boy Scout and Venture Scout commemorative coin; therefore, a girl should not be on the coin. At the time the Boy Scouts were started in 1910, women didn't even have equal rights, and neither did blacks, for that matter. Even now, there are only a handfull of female Venturers. I am neither sexist nor racist, and I will get one of these coins, but I am PO'd at whoever decided on this design. As a current Boy Scout and Venturer Scout myself, I would know that this is not commemorating anything but the present, which does not need any commemoration. Still, I encourage all current and former Scouters to get one of these, because it does represent how important the BSA has been found to be, no matter how crappy the design.

  54. Anonymous says

    American is a diverse country and it will always be. We don't stand still and we do respect everyone.

  55. Anonymous says

    There are currently three divisions of traditional Boy Scouts, which are being reflected on the coin – Cub Scouts, which uses a two fingered salute, Boy Scouts, which uses a three fingered salute and Venturing, which uses a full hand salute. Venturing has been co-ed since inception, and a significant portion of Ventureres are female. So, as someone involved as an adult leader in all three levels of Scouting, I see nothing wrong with the design on the coin, as a representation of the current state of BSA.

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