2010 Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Coins

The 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar will go on sale at the United States Mint tomorrow, March 23, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET.

The Boy Scouts Silver Dollar obverse features an image of a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and female Venturer saluting with an inscription “Continuing the Journey”. The reverse features the universal emblem of the Boy Scouts of America.

The design has not been without controversy. Some have questioned the portrayal of a girl on a coin for the Boy Scouts. The female depicted is a member of the Venturing program, which allows both male and female members, aged 14 to 21. The Girl Scouts of America will actually get their own commemorative silver dollar in 2013.

The authorizing legislation had called for a design “emblematic of 100 years of the largest youth organization in the United States, the Boy Scouts of America.” The final design was selected by the Secretary of the Treasury after consultation with Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), the Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). View some of the unselected candidate designs in this post.

The 2010 Boy Scouts Silver Dollars will be minted in proof and uncirculated versions at the Philadelphia Mint. The maximum mintage across both versions is 350,000, as specified by the authorizing legislation.

For the start of sales, the proof version of the coin will be priced at $39.95 and the uncirculated version will be priced at $33.95. These prices represent introductory pricing, which will be in effect until April 21, 2010, 5:00 PM ET. After this time, regular pricing of $43.95 for proof coins and $35.95 for uncirculated coins will go into effect.

The US Mint has imposed an ordering limit of 100 coins per version, per household.

As mentioned previously, I think that the coins will achieve a sell out of the maximum authorized mintage of 350,000 due to the broader appeal of the subject. In addition to demand from coin collectors, this program will have demand from past and current members or those associated with the organization. According to Wikipedia, there are currently four million youth members of the Boy Scouts of America. Since the organization’s founding, more than 110 million Americans have been members.

I am not sure this will be a one-day sell out. Last year’s popular Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar took more than one month to sell out. Even the 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar took about two weeks to sell out. Although many non-coin collectors will be interested in buying the Boy Scouts Silver Dollars, I am not sure they will have the sense of immediacy to purchase coins on the opening day of sales. That said, I will still be placing my order on the first day, just in case.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Definitely love mom, sisters, grandmoms, and all the ladies. But I do draw the line to inserting them on a coins designed to honor "boy" scouts.

    Would feel exactly the same if the situation was in reverse, no "boys" inserted on a Girl Scouts coin.

    Hope they sell out…….I choose not to buy one and approve errant decisions by the panel who selects designs. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous says

    If they had only chosen the design of the early scout of 1910 reaching down to take the hand of the 2010 scout. The mint could have sold a million of those. What a lost treasure, something that actually represented 100 years. I love the scouts but I will not be buying this coin sell-out or not. I don't care if there is a venturing program, just think what the scouts of old would think of this design.

  3. vaughnster says

    It's just a god-darned shame that the Mint's coin designs have to be so literal. I totally agree with the above post on missing the boat with the 100 year design. SYMBOLISM is what sells coins, not the to-the-letter PC illustrations.

  4. Anonymous says

    Despite the issue some have with the design, I believe these are going to be very popular and highly sought after. I for one will undoubtedly put in my order for 10 or more proof and uncirculated coins tomorrow.
    I do agree that these are unlikely to sell out on the first day. Nonetheless, why wait until the supply is low to place your order?


  5. Falcon says

    I have to agree with the 6:14 post. 1910 to 2010 was best shown with the two scouts reaching for each other.
    Too bad the mint doesn't let the public vote on the design. They would sell alot more coins if they did.
    The art doesn't have to be pc to the extreme like this one is. It should be the design that shows the spirit of 100 years of BOY Scouting.

  6. Anonymous says


    2009 PROOF GOLD BUFFALO is sold out!!!

    My order with new FS gold coins has been shipped.

  7. Anonymous says

    Looks like about 50,000 for the proof Buffalo, I say they start to climb in a few weeks when supply disapears.

  8. Anonymous says

    Not happy about it, but I suspect the early releases and first strikes will climb the most.

  9. Anonymous says

    It'll be tough for a supply of 50,000 coins to disappear. I'm thinking all of the collectors who truly want one already have one.

    Of course, the Mint probably didn't sell all 50,000 of them. The sales number this week will probably come in at something like 49,761 or something crazy like that. Why not just sell them all?

  10. Anonymous says

    Agree with the post topic that Scout coin has broad appeal and will sell out. But I don't care for the pc coin design. Symbolism would be better. Of course maybe people don't understand symbolism any more. I will wait a while before ordering. If I get one okay if I don't okay with that too.
    Looks like you were right Mr. Zielinski. Didn't you predict 50 large '09 proof buffs?

  11. Anonymous says

    The reverse is gorgeous. Just show of the reverse and forget about the reverse. That's the only way I can justify buying one.

  12. Anonymous says

    Many posted comments do not seem to be in favor of a woman appearing on the 2010 Boy Scouts commemorative coin, and I generally agree that it was probably done for political correctness reasons (I'm surprised they didn't include the likenesses of boys from every major nationality as well). That being said, a valid argument can be made that the Venturing program is included in the BSA and, although a relatively new addition in comparison to the traditional Boy Scout program, Venturing is co-ed. Also, there are numerous women who contribute countless hours volunteering as adult leaders with the BSA organization. As with any design, not everyone will agree with all aspects of the image but I just appreciate the fact that the BSA was recognized at all in this country! Cheers for that decision!

  13. Anonymous says

    You know those points just above are good ones as at least the gov't is honoring the Scouts with a coin. As for the female figure wouldn't it be more appropriate to have a den mother on the coin. Thats what they used to call them. Without the den mothers for the cub scouts scouting may have not had the impact it does.

  14. Anonymous says

    I just can't understand why the Mint produces 2 commemmorative coins within such a small time span? They managed to do this last year also. why not space these products out over 4-6 months to give collectors a chance to catch their breathe (and credit cards) before laying another silver product on us?? 30 million bullion eagles last year and no blanks for 09 proofs whos jamming who?

  15. Anonymous says

    To all who dislike the design for the 2010 Boy Scout coin:

    If you don't like the design, don't buy it. That will allow others to purchase them.

  16. Anonymous says

    Hey I eat cheerios,why didn't I get one of those?

    I could use the money, $16,000. Nice…


  17. Lasloo says

    Sorry to be off topic, but did anyone see the Coin World's recent article about the 2010 platinum proof design? While I DO like the liberty torch design A LOT, I'm not sure it embodies the supposed theme of "establish justice" whereas in 2014, the theme WILL be "secure the blessings of liberty" whereas that design will be perfect!

  18. vaughnster says

    Lasloo is right. I saw the designs and there were a couple of nice designs with Lady Justice. That is more appropriate than the torch, but we're talking about the U.S. Mint!!

  19. Anonymous says

    Looks like I'm in for one of each. Can't be a total loss since they are silver , the new gold!

  20. Anonymous says

    Please no name calling. Show some respect. You can ask a question without trying to put someone down.

  21. Anonymous says

    Nope, I won't buy this politically correct slap in the face to the 100year history of scouting. This coin is a joke. Because of a recent program with a miniscule percentage of girl participants compared to Boys in scouting we forget completely about the good scouting has done, the visions of memories it has produced, and yes even the role of the Den Mothers in its success. Usually I give $25 to the local scouts when they come calling, this year I'll give $40–the price of this embarassing coin.

    I won't buy it–you can if you like, but a great opportunity was lost. As long as we keep buying this politically correct, devoid of history crap, They'll keep making it.

    This from a past scout, whose son is a scout, and has lots of great memories about what scouting is truly about.

  22. vaughnster says

    Earlier in the day there was a "Sold Out" message on the 2009 Gold Buffaloes. Now it says available for shipping 4/6/2010. Are they that screwed up or is this their way of selling a few more from orders cancelled? What a mess………..

  23. Anonymous says

    Yes, they are that messed up, and I would say MOY and his subordinates even visit this blog and know what we talk about and still don't try to resolve any of the issues.

  24. WTF?? says

    The Girl Scouts coin is here! The Girl Scouts coin is here!! Oh .. wait, that's not– that's the Boy Scouts coin? But .. is that a girl .. WTF is a girl doing on the boy scouts coin? WTF??

  25. Anonymous says

    I also saw the "all gone" sign at the buffalo mint site this morning. Obviously somebody screwed up at the mint or the website. Maybe its a sales technique. You know, hey, sorry, we're all out. No, wait, we have one left just for you.

  26. Anonymous says

    I bet if anyone who really wants a 2009 Proof Buffalo and was still riding the fence, they jumped on it after the "sold out" scare this morning!

    However, it might be better to pick one up on the secondary market for less than the Mint sale price. It's possible that can happen, if someone who bought one at the lowest sale price of $1,360 needs to free up some cash and to do so is willing to take a small loss on the coin.

    I just don't think the coin is a good buy at $1,410 since it's not a "type" coin like the UHR and the mintage is too high to make for good demand.

  27. Anonymous says

    As to the 09 buffalo this looks to be a long range coin for appreciation as the buy price is pretty high now. I think it is a good coin to have in a collection but man is that thing expensive and obviously not for everyone. I think it will do better than two spouse coins in the long run but I say buy what you like and can afford. It would be a good coin for the gold eagle people to switch over to as the proof gold eagle appears to be extinct.

  28. Lasloo says

    Anybody have any cheese? I seriously need some cheese. I can't have this much whine without some cheese!

  29. Anonymous says

    Sorry to go off-topic, but I'm wondering now why anyone would bother to order the individual 2009 First Spouse bronze medals for $5.50 each, when you can still get the 2009 5-medal set for only $15.95 (AND it includes the two sold out medals of Anna Harrison and Letitia Tyler.) I've never seen the packaging that an individual medal comes in. Is it anything special enough that it would be worth that big of a premium?

    Maybe the individual price increase will make the 5-medal set sell out faster than it would have otherwise. Since the Mint never reports sales figures on those sets though, I have no idea how many of the 2007 and 2008 sets sold. They both seem to have appreciated nicely on the secondary market.

  30. Anonymous says

    Order went through for 10 proofs with just a little bit of waiting between each step in the checkout process. Say Backordered which is normal. Anyway, I got mine.

  31. Anonymous says

    I'll be surprised if all 350,000 get snapped up today. I was skeptical of another lagging website day, but it looks like I was wrong!

  32. Anonymous says

    This mint desperately needs to improve their web site. I have been on trying for 30 mins to get my order through.

  33. Anonymous says

    Yeah, everytime this happens they supposedly make some improvements so it won't happen again, yet it always does! Let's face it, on the day a highly popular item goes on sale, the website lag is par for the course!

  34. Anonymous says

    Got my order for 10 uncirculated coins in, 15 minutes start to finish. Signing in to my account took the longest!

  35. Anonymous says

    Once again their website performance is less than stellar , which could also be said for the product lineup this year ..

  36. Anonymous says

    There's obviously a lot more people who want to buy this coin than there are those who were bashing it's design! I'm thinking some of the biggest ducks in the pond who were bashing it were also the first in line to secretly buy it!

  37. Anonymous says

    Speaking of ducks>> If you have 2 ducks in front of a duck, and 2 ducks behind a duck, and 1 duck in the middle. How many ducks are in the pond total?

  38. Anonymous says

    Wow , talk about a quick and correct response! If only the mint could do so well toward us collectors , what a day indeed.

  39. Anonymous says

    I am a female, a boy scout leader and a former Explorer scout as a youth. But I still would have much rather seen the coin with the two scout from the different time periods. It's the BOY SCOUTS we are celebrating, and the symbolism of that coin was much more meaningful to my sons, and even to me as a female member of the BOY SCOUTS that the politcally correct, and BORING design that was chosen.

  40. Anonymous says

    If the comments today are an indicator seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for this scouting coin. More so than the disabled vet coin. Scouting coin should sell out before summer. The disabled vet coin honors the disabled but has depressing theme while the scouting coin is more uplifting in tone. However, I am still going to wait before buying any. Not that big a deal to me.

  41. Anonymous says

    Wow, a lot of Scouting flippers on ebay. Is this unusual for the first day release of a 350k mintage coin? I agree the female on the coin doesn't represent the "spirit" or feel of Boy Scouts. I'm. Going to buy the coin but not happy with the PC stuff pushed on us.

  42. Anonymous says

    I'm sorry, but from what I read the enthusiasm for this coin is the hype it might sell out and then can be flipped. "The Boy Scout" idea is generating that enthusiasm, not this coin that could have done so much more to honor the memories many of us have for scouting.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hope Moy realizes some of us like me will buy a Scouting coin no matter what the design is. This does not mean I am enthusiastic or "endorse" the design at all. It only has to do with my support of Scouting. In God we trust!

  44. Anonymous says

    Got my 10 proofs and 2 uncirculated.
    Took me 30 minutes from start to finish. I was literally trying to get the order through since 12:00 EST on the dot.


  45. Lasloo says

    BTW, good set of articles in Coin World covering coin collecting in the 60s.

    There's pieces in these articles that shows that some things never change… lots of complaints about the Mint director, and collectors absolutely angry with the govt for trying to kill their hobby.

    If there's one thing I learn from reading history… its that the more things change, the more things stay the same. 🙂

  46. Anonymous says

    Maybe we have just gotten spoiled over the years with those proof ASE's and gold proof
    ASE fractionals. Lets call those a mint aberation. We should just be thankful now for the boat loads of those brass coins the mint now cranks out for the proletariat. And don't forget they throw a bone with few silver here and there along with those nasty spouse gold coins nobody wants. I guess it all balances out.

  47. Anonymous says

    I think we need an Asian girl, a white man, a Hispanic boy, and a black woman on a coin to commemorate Black History Month. After all, Americans of all races celebrate it.

  48. Anonymous says

    I'm holding out for a "we are the world" coin. You know, one with a crowd of people on the obverse both hands high in the air doing the big wave and on the reverse a picture of a hippie with a tear in his eye looking a pile of trash someone just threw on his foot next to a stream with a bloated dead fish washing up to shore and a coal plant in the background belching out a big cloud of toxin and greenhouse gas infested smoke from the chimney. They could make the coin out of a recycled Coke cans. Instant sell out.

  49. Anonymous says

    Someone did a youtube video on this coin. Just search "A girl on the boy scout silver dollar"

  50. Anonymous says

    No first-day sellout on these. I'll bet there were probably only about 1/3 or less of the maximum sold yesterday.

  51. Anonymous says

    To Anonymous March 24, 2010 10:44 AM

    Do you know many sell-outs for the commemorative coins with mintages of at least 350,000 or higher???

  52. Anonymous says

    Sorry I meant to say:

    Do you know many FIRST DAY sell-outs for the commemorative coins with mintages of at least 350,000 or higher???

  53. Anonymous says

    Face it – every coin from here on out will have a lame PC design. Somehow the CCAC would manage to show everyone but Neil Armstrong standing on the moon to honor the Apollo landing.

    As a Scout leader I am embarrassed by this very poor design and have opted not to buy it because it really doesn’t show the symbolism of scouting – leaders helping the next generation to take the reins.

  54. Anonymous says

    It will sell out. Probably 3 weeks. I would be more concerned if it did sell out the first day or two due to the lackluster design.

  55. Anonymous says

    Holy cow!!! My BSA coins shipped today!! At least the Mints shipping department is on the ball.

  56. John says

    Mine also shipped today and I am pretty surprised as I have ordered many mint products and this is a record!
    The last quick commemorative sell out was back in 2006 with the Ben Franklin founding father coin it took only 10 days to sell 250,000 coins. The BSA coin has a 350,000 mintage. I would expect it to sell out before 3 weeks. Here is my logic.

    1. Even though the coin has a girl on it, the design is not that bad considering the reverse is pretty good. Look at the 2009 platinum there were plenty of people on this board beating that design up and that sold out.

    2. The single most important reason demand. Go browse through the red book and list all of the comemorative coins that are commemorating a LARGE ACTIVE group. I stress the two words large and active (very active)

    you have the Marines with a total mintage of 598,481

    National law enforcement memorial with a mintage of 139,003 and the 2010 red book prices are 190 for the unc and 165 for the pf

    1994 women in the military with a mintage of 311,138 now this is not a high value coin but come on now 311,138 coins commemorating women in the military compare that to 350,000 for the BSA coin.

    If you want go on out on a limb I guess you could include a few more coins the 1991 uso the 1991 38th anniversary of the korean war, the 1994 Vietnam memorial the 1991 -1995 50th anniversary of ww2 and the 1994 prisoner of war museum.

    Of all the coins the mint has commemorated I think that this one is by far the most practical. How many board members were a boy scout at some time in there life? I am willing to bet it is a very high percentage. How many were pow's or served in the uso? I think every one gets my point and I don't want to beat a dead horse but this will definately sell out and soon.

  57. Anonymous says

    …….seems to me the general sentiment is the BS of A coin will sell out because of its overall symbolism…end of conversation……

  58. Anonymous says

    200,000 has been sold as of Saturday's morning.
    With this pace I think the sell out will occur withing 2 weeks.

  59. Anonymous says

    To the Mint, you are stupid to strike such a misrepresentation of an organization. Venturing began in 1998? Give me a break. How many years and Presidents between 1910 and 1998? Yes it will sell-out and those who own it, own a mighty big misrepresentation. Timothy G. can't pay his taxes but he sure knows how to screw-up a meaningful coin for countless millions of AMERICANS.

    "This is another sign of our decline".

  60. Anonymous says

    Same liberal bunch that loves having the gals in the foxholes on the battlefield. Read the stories of those female soldiers who have been POW's and what is it, 9 times out of 10, that they went through first, at the hand of their captors. PC gone a muck for both male and female. God Help Us All.

  61. Anonymous says

    All the hoopla of the PC behind this coin design is something to take note of. This is only one of a few things that make us weaker while our enemies grow stronger. If the Mint wants to go back to making money as it has been stated in the latest issue of COINAGE, make something millions want. Make the 2 older designs. There are millions of current or former scouts. The Mint stamped out close to 30 million bullion ASE. Why not try 350,000 of the current design and a million of the other 2 designs. They would all sell-out, but what do I know, common sense is leaving our Country's way of thinking. Make them and they will buy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Anonymous says

    To March 29, 2010 9:18 AM

    Incorrect.The information you have provided was correct as of Saturday's morning.Read the source!

  63. Anonymous says

    To Anon March 29, 2010 9:18 AM,
    YOU need the correction , the source stated that as of Saturday morning 200,000 had been sold, hence, my statement of "as of 3/29 OVER 200,000 has been sold" , try to read closer , one word makes all the difference.Have a great day.

  64. Anonymous says

    The source said that over 200,000 coins were sold in 4 days.That's the correct info.There was no exact number,but tomorrow we should see.
    The most interesting part will be the split between MS and Proof in terms of mintages.

  65. John says

    Thanks for the info. I just received my scout dollars and I have to say the mint did a good job with the quality of these.

  66. Anonymous says

    I have to agree with John. I got 3 Uncirc. BSA's and compared with other commemoratives of recent years (and also the Uncirc. Burnished ASE's) these seem to be freer of the speckles and grunge that have been common. A good effort and the delivery was Saturday after having ordered them Tues.

    Jim L.

  67. Anonymous says

    "The latest figures shows 214,673 have been sold, with 144,732 proof and 69,941 uncirculated. As is typical with the US Mint weekly sales report, the "as of date" is Sunday."-from http://www.coinnews.net

  68. Anonymous says

    wow. political correctness is out of control. it should be a device that prevents the mistreatment of others, that's all, not something that makes it necessary to put a girl on a boy scouts coin. They've opened themselves up (Tim Geithner etc.) to fair charges of sexism now if there's no male figure on the future girl scouts coin. re-diculous.

  69. Ross says

    I'm a Boy Scout and I know girls that are in the Boy Scouts of America Venturing Program. The Venturing Program is a very great program in that it gives the Scouts who age out of Boy Scouts at age 18 something to do because you are considered a youth in Venturing until you are 21. The Venturing Program is Co-ED. The Venturing Program is also more leneant when it comes to it's policies. You can do more adventrous stuff like whitewater rafting on Class 5 rapids, shooting a handgun, and hunting. This is because they do not allow you in Venturing until you are in High School (age 14). So they trust you more. Back to the post. When I think of "Boy Scouts", I think of Boys. 100 years ago they didn't have a Venturing Program and they deffinitley didn't have any girls regestered with the Boy Scouts of America. So I think to celebrate the 100th anniversary they should not have had a picture of a Venturing Girl on there.


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