2010 Boy Scouts Uncirculated Silver Dollars Sold Out

Less than a week after the 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollars were placed on waiting list status, the coins are now officially sold out at the United States Mint.

On Friday, April 23, 2010, the US Mint informed buyers that orders had been received to meet the “maximum limit” for the uncirculated version of the coins. Customers could still place orders to go on a waiting list. Orders would be fulfilled from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis with coins available due to order cancellations.

Yesterday, on April 29, 2010, the Mint officially stopped accepting orders for the waiting list and changed the status to Sold Out.

The proof version of the Boy Scouts Silver Dollar remains available for sale through regular ordering, priced at $43.95 per coin.

The most recent US Mint sales report indicated combined sales of 330,602 coins sold across both options, as of April 25, 2010. This left 19,398 coins available for purchase before the maximum authorized mintage of 350,000 would be met. The breakdown of sales between proof and uncirculated versions is shown below.

Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Sales
Uncirculated 107,292
Proof 223,310
Total 330,602

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  1. Anonymous says

    Awesome news!
    Despite the pc design, they are beautiful commemorative coins. We shall see the effect the sellout has on the secondary market.


  2. Anonymous says

    Not related to the BSA commemorative, but I noticed today that there are many 2009-D Jefferson Nickels (Business Strike) singles and bank rolls on sale on eBay. Any news on the sudden appearence? Perhaps they have finally been released from the FED vaults.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think that's it, exactly. And they showed up first in Puerto Rico again, surprise surprise!

  4. Anonymous says

    I don't understand why the mint is saying that the uncirculated dollar is sold out and the proof version is still available when they never openly put any limit on the number of each type. They only ever said that 350,000 total would be produced, with no per type numbers ever stated. They have set a shipping date in June for the remaining proof coins so it looks like they have not even minted tha last coins. Why decide for people which type of coin is left?

  5. Anonymous says

    The last laugh will be those who bought the BSA coin.

    Folks like Bowtie who criticized the design just provided opportunities for others to make a lot of $$$$ !!

    HA HA HA!

  6. Anonymous says

    2010 rolls of pennies at Bank America…

    I was cashing a check at B of A and heard a teller say , Look rolls of brand new pennies." So I asked for four rolls. Cost was just $2.00

    I also asked if they had any rolls of nickels or dimes. They said they didn't. I still feel the old coppers are the real collectables…could be the mint is hoping to pull the real coppers out of circulation before anyone notices. Just a guess.


  7. Anonymous says

    Making a lot of money from the Boy Scout/ Girl Scout Coin. Ha!

    Yep, the 100 yr. Commem, ya know honoring all of the girls in Scouting since 1910!

  8. Anonymous says

    Comments like the one above show how uneducated visitors to this site are.


  9. Anonymous says

    Putting a girl on a boy scout coin. Wow, thats a novel idea only a genius at the mint could come up with. Who was the wizard that approved that one? Celebrating 100 yrs of girls in the boy scouts.

  10. Anonymous says

    For all you who are criticizing the girl on the boy scout coin, it just shows how under educated you all are. Yes the name is boy scouting, but the advances over the 100 years incorporated females into the program which was a success, aka venture scouts. How about know your material before you run your mouth, and stick to your coin collecting.

  11. vaughnster says

    I disagree. The coin should commemorate the Boy Scouts, not some obscure venture program many never heard of. It shows a double standard. It's o.k. for girls to force their way into the Boy Scouts because it's not fair, but if a boy wants into Girl Scouts (why?)…Look out!! The coin didn't have to be that literal and PC. The design passed over with the two scouts 100 years apart reaching for each other would have covered everthing!! Tradition means nothing to people who strive for political correctness.

  12. Anonymous says

    Geithner approving coin design! That explains everything. He needs to stick with working on his Turbo tax program and stay away from coin design.

  13. Anonymous says

    To the one of limited background knowledge, If you believe this coin shows the past 100 year history of BOY scouting, as it was suppose to do, you really know little about real scouting, and it's place in the development of young men. This coin is Political Correctness at it's most obscene. It completely disregards all scouting has been to make a bogus statement. It is a slap in the face to every scout, scout leader, and even Den Mother that ever believed in the mission of scouting. Token girl gets the forefront of a coin honoring the history of BOY scouting. Geez, I'll bet less than one tenth of a percent of BOY scouts are girls, but what the heck. True history means nothing anymore in this country.

  14. Anonymous says


    Why not close this blog down? Too many idiots coming in here. This blog is supposed to be about coins and idiots are talking politics.

  15. Anonymous says

    Let's not forget that the design chosen was the favorite of the head of scouting. That basically means that the design was the choice of scouting itself, as it exists today. Whether that is being politically correct or not is not important. The coin as it exists is what the Boy Scouts wanted.

  16. Anonymous says

    The design of any commemorative obverse is appropriate for this blog.

    There was a legitimate flaw in the approved design of the Boy Scout 100 year commemorative (much worse than the 09 proof plat).

    The design would not be so objectionable if it were a new 2010 logo for Boy Scouts. The disign was a poor choice since its purpose is to commemorate (by its design) the past 100 years of Boy Scouting.

    Worst choice of obverse for a commemorative ever.

  17. Anonymous says

    The Unc coin doesn't seem to be selling for much of a premium yet, especially factoring in all the fees and postage paid before arriving at the bottom line. It looks like it will even lose money, for now anyway.

    I'm glad I didn't buy any, since that was what I figured would happen. There's too much stuff out there, and interests swing too rapidly. I'm tired of getting burned on all the stuff I speculated on, so I decided to pass. Good call it seems.

  18. Anonymous says

    To the above poster:

    Smart move. Most of the folks who come here are speculators. They buy coins in the hopes that prices will increase. Sometimes they do. But sometimes they don't.

    Typically, you'll hear of folks bragging how much money they made from buying US Mint coins. What they don't tell you is how much they've lost.

    Too hard to predict the coin market. If you buy to collect, not to profit, you'll always have something of value to you — no matter the cost.

  19. Anonymous says


    Why not close this blog down? Too many idiots coming in here. This blog is supposed to be about coins and idiots are talking politics."


    Sorry…commemorative coins ARE political to some degree, and therefore are open to politically charged comments. Many coin designers DO have political motivations, and it is naive of you to believe otherwise.

  20. Anonymous says

    Lets see what designs they have for the Girl Scout coin. I wonder how PC they will get. Are there any boys/men in any part of the girl scouts? Probably not, its ok for girls to force thier way into a male club like they did with the all male only bars but heaven forbid that a male trys to get into a all female place.

  21. Anonymous says

    HSN was unloading these coins last night for $49.95 each which is almost a giveway compared to what they normally charge. I think if they are dumping them then the market must have completely dried up, so BLNT [better luck next time].

  22. Anonymous says

    I have a feeling a lot of speculators bought these, which only hyped more speculators. I bought one of each for my collection, that's enough of a mediocre design for anyone, unless you're really into scouting.

  23. Anonymous says

    I am a past eagle scout, i have been in scouting all my life, since i was in grade school. it truly hurts to see how many people who know nothing of the program are smashing the female on the coin. all i have to say is yes females are allowed in one branch of scouting its called venturing, and that is it. a female can not join the actual "boy scouts" they may only join that branch. i am actually happy they put a female on our coin because it shows how scouting has progressed over the 100 years.

  24. Anonymous says

    So according to you a girl can not join the actual "BOY scouts" but it's all right for them to be put on a coin meant to honor, "BOY scouts" Great logic on your part, maybe we should put a lovely hummingbird on the back of the coin to show how far the science of ornithology has come. After all why should only the eagle represent the ideals of America. Surely not all Americans are Eagle-like in their defense of American history, American tradition, and American ideals. We really do need representation for those who flutter around only visiting things that look pretty and taste sweet. Let us forever be Politically correct. Amen!

  25. John says

    Girls have been members in Exploring and Venturing for the past 40 plus years so the deign is fine. Forget profit, this is a great history piece and memory coin for any scout or scouter.

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