2010 Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

To follow the previous post on 2009 gold and silver bullion sales, I wanted to provide the known information about the upcoming 2010 Gold and Silver Eagle bullion coins, which will be released later this month.

Based on information released to their network of authorized purchasers (APs), the production of 2010 Gold and Silver Eagle bullion coins began in January 2010. The Mint will begin accepting orders from the APs on January 19, 2010.

The available coins will include the one ounce 2010 Silver Eagle and the one ounce 2010 Gold Eagle bullion coins. Orders for the coins will be placed under the US Mint’s allocation procedures, which rations the available supply of coins amongst the APs. Until the US Mint starts accepting orders for the 2010-dated coins, authorized purchasers can continue to order 2009-dated coins under the allocation procedures.

There has been no information provided on the status of fractional 2010 Gold Eagles, 2010 Gold Buffalo bullion coins, or 2010 Platinum Eagle bullion coins. Last year, the fractional 2009 Gold Eagles were offered in December, the 2009 Gold Buffalo bullion coins were offered starting in October, and 2009 Platinum Eagle bullion coins were not produced.

Numerous dealers have begun accepting pre-orders for the 2010 Gold and Silver Eagles for delivery before the end of January. There are many pre-sales also listed on eBay.

This year’s procedures for releasing the newly dated Gold and Silver Eagles are different than usual. Typically, production of bullion coins bearing the following year’s date begins in late November or early December of the preceding year. The US Mint then begins accepting orders from APs in late December for delivery in the first week of January. The changes to traditional procedures were prompted by the ongoing heavy demand for bullion coins, which resulted in the US Mint continuing to strike 2009-dated coins until year end.

Separately, there has been no additional information provided for the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins. These five ounce silver coins will feature designs which are exact duplicates of the America the Beautiful Quarters. The oversized bullion coins will be distributed through the US Mint’s network of authorized purchasers and possibly through the National Park Service, which is authorized to purchase the coins for resale with possible repackaging.

Designs for the first five silver bullion coins are still unknown, since final designs for the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters have not been selected by the Treasury Secretary. The design candidates were reviewed by the CFA and CCAC in September 2009. (Follow the links to read their recommendations and view the candidate designs.)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Any News on the release of the 2010 Lincoln Cent on Feb. 11, 2010 in Springfield, IL. Are they also going to be released in Washington, DC like the 09's?

  2. limalo says

    Speaking of "Authorized Purchasers," does anyone understand the rationale for the AP system? Why doesn't the Mint just sell these coins directly to the public instead of going through these middlemen?

    With the AP's as a middleman, this means the public has to pay an additional markup. Couldn't the Mint sell to the public at the smaller markup that the AP's pay instead of the public having to pay a second markup charged by the AP's?

    Is this all because the Mint can't handle the volume of sales involved or is there some more nefarious reason behind this?

    Thanks for any comments or views on this.


  3. Anonymous says

    Thats a good question above about bullion sales. I thought it was because of volume and perhaps record keeping issues and maybe security in delivering large quantities. I suspect there are some very big buyers of bullion other than the collector who just wants one or a few bullion coins. It may just be that the law requires it. Will wait to hear from someone who knows.

  4. Anonymous says

    Well, I can understand why the mint only wants to sale in bulk… what doesn't make sense is that they refuse to sell in bulk to the public.

    Why not put bullion gold and silver eagle for sale through their website, to the general public, and simply put a minimum order amount?

    It can be much more expensive to sell smaller amounts of coins, but the mint already sells in bulk to authorized purchasers (which creates a huge illegal monopoly), so why won't they sell in bulk to regular people?!?!?!

    Why should I have to have $5,000,000 in assets to become an authorized purchaser just to buy 1,000 ounces of silver bullion from the mint? RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    After Obama cleans up this republican made mess, and fires moy, they should change this.

  5. vaughnster says

    Your comment was excellent right up until you mentioned your absurd political views. If Obama won't fire the "System Worked" Homeland Secretary, do you actually think he gives a rat's rear end about the Mint? Keep your political views out of this blog, PLEASE….

  6. Anonymous says

    Vaughnster …I second that motion.Politics always seem to find their way in here .People , can't we stick to what this board is about ? COINS & related topics..

  7. Anonymous says

    A rare 1913 Liberty head nickel just sold in Miami for

    Let's hear it for rare coins… Maybe we should do a list of the rarest U.S. Coins minted in the last decade.

    Pocket Change

  8. Anonymous says

    I like coins. I hope the next coin will have a likeness of Obama or Hillary. After 8 years of abuse and mismanagement under a Republican administration, it's time to put a recognize the contributions of Democrats.

  9. Anonymous says

    How 'bout a coin with a likeness of democrat Sen. Robert "sheets" Byrd the illustrious democrat and former klan member. Would you want him with or without the sheet?

  10. Anonymous says

    They need to make a coin with the great republicans:

    george "man and fish can coexist peacefully" w. bush
    dick "shoot you in the face cuz I can't tell you from a bird" cheney
    John "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" McLAME,
    sarah "the bimbo from wasilla" palin
    or, my favorite:
    ronald "I like to raise taxes, and all of my kids grew up to be hardcore democrats" raegan!

    The list just goes on and on and on…

    This is just for realistic laughs, you don't want to have a serious comparison. republiCANTS can't hold their ground. ahahhaha

  11. Anonymous says

    Maybe they could make a coin with Harry Reid on it, and on the reverse his heartfelt quote about the president… a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one". What a great american Reid really is, isn't he 7:23 poster.

  12. RICH says

    Did you see on E-Bay What a Us Mint 2008-w Buffalo Gold 4- Coin Proof set sold for ? US $8,287.87 ITEM (130355113318) WOW

  13. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I saw that one too. It was on my "watch" list. It totally blew me away.

    I still think that the uncirculated 4-coin set will pass the proof set in value sometime. It's micro-mintage will come into play and we'll have another Jackie Robinson scenario. I mean, come on! Two of the four coins in the set have total mintages under 10,000, with the 1 oz. version barely over 9,000! There's a lot more people than that who want the Buffalo gold coins, and new ones will come on board every year.

  14. Anonymous says

    Here is what I don't get, their are the same amout of 08 eagles and buffalos (UNC's and Proof's) on sale on Ebay but the total mintages for the eagles are far more than the buffalos so you figure their would be more eagles for sale. Any expert explanation for this??? I think the 08 eagles are going to be the next coins to move much higher b/c the buffalos have just gone nuts and are much less affordable but I thought they were expensive months ago as well but they just seem to go higher. Lastly, for gods sake please keep the politics out of this site!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says

    Where do I find a list of AP's to buy bullion coins from? Do they differ on price or is it a set price? Lastly do you know if the Parks Service will be selling the 5oz bullion coins?

  16. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at January 10, 2010 8:13 AM.

    Your question has been answered several times before. Mintages alone do not contribute to high values. A combination of low mintages (supply) and high demand result in high values. That's Economics 101 – the Law of Supply and Demand.

    First Spouse Gold Coins – values are low simply because there is not much demand for most of these coins.

    Similarly, there may be identical mintages for the eagles and buffaloes, but collectors seem to want the buffalo coins more. Higher demand leads to collectors willing to pay more to own one of the buffaloes.

    Economics 101. Law of supply and demand

  17. Anonymous says

    Would all brain-dead liberals please refrain from posting your political nonsense on this website before it's totally ruined. Thanks

  18. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at January 10, 2010 9:11 AM

    Would all brain-dead, redneck, anti-diversity white male Republicans please refrain from posting your political nonsense on this website before it's totally ruined. Thanks

  19. Anonymous says

    To the 8:13 post–when we talk about the uncirculated coins we mean the uncirculated 'w' mintmark coins/ By reading Mikes blogs you will realize that only 2800 w four coin sets were sold. On ebay you may be looking at the # of uncirculated bullion coins not the W. On monex.com you can follow their cost of bullion coins. In the past the buffalos were approx. 40 dollars more than the gold eagles, however recently the eagles have overtaken the buffalos—go figure.

  20. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the econ lesson but my point was that their should be more eagles listed on Ebay vs the buffalos. You rarely see an eagle four coin set for sale on Ebay especially a graded version but buffalos can be found all the time. Since demand for buffalos is much more the listing should be much less than the eagles as well. It just seems that the 08's are commanding the highest price right now. I would be curiouse what these will go for once gold hits $1300 – $1500???

  21. Anonymous says

    If you look back at Michaels blogs in Nov 08 and Dec. 08 he kept you abreast of the number of unc eagles, buffs and platinum offerin gs, yet only three to five people commented on the blogs. Now you have scores who should have been listening back then instead of complaining about soaring prices now==you too could have been in the same boat rowing your way to great coin selections that may prove a good investments for the future.

  22. Anonymous says

    The other reason is that people are not coming off of their 08 w four coin sets because we know with only 2800 sold (including the 1/4 and 1/2 ounce pieces now going high dollars for so few minted) these will surely out price the buffs as soon as the buffalo mania subsides. Look at the mintage of the 08 w unc platinum coins. When Mike wrote his blog in Dec 08 these were selling for around 1069 after the mint had these priced over 2400 when platinum reached its highest point. Few would pay 2400 when plat tanked to $750 lower than gold at 850!!!!!!!Maybe alot of us collectors just put them into our collections not worried about making a quick dollar on ebay!!

  23. vaughnster says

    For the secondary market watchers, I've been noticing the $55 original priced Lincoln Chronicles Set slowly rising in price again after selling for $180- $190 right after it's release and then dropping to around $120. They are now selling for $150 for the 50,000mintage set. Funny that the Mint roll set of the Tyler Presidential Dollar, a low 30,000 mintage, barely sells over the original $72 price. If only they were Lincoln rolls……..See no politics :-O

  24. Anonymous says

    vaughnster. Econ 101 again.

    Supply versus demand. It is quite clear that there is a demand for Lincoln memorabilia versus Tyler.

    Folks are willing to pay more for Lincoln, so prices stay high. Can't say the same about Tyler….

  25. Anonymous says

    Just wanted to put a word in edgewise —

    There'$ $o much talk about making fast buck through the $peculative gold market.

    I'm happy to say that my stock mutual funds averaged a net 50% increase in value from last year. I'm sure most coin collectors can say their overall coin portfolio did as well.

    Collect coins for enjoyment, not profits.

  26. Anonymous says

    I am not clear why 08 w uncirculated buffalos should be rising in price. In addition to these the mint issued the regular uncirculated in huge number. It seems a big gamble to pay so much for a same coin with extra w on it.

  27. Anonymous says

    To you all you" drink the kool-aid from Bush" Republicans. Just shut up, you lost, now get over it.

  28. Anonymous says

    Man, they fixed the Webidz.com website search engine so that now only the item you search for comes up, but still no one seems to know the site exists! My group of 10 P & D Guam quarter $25 bags (the only Guam quarter item on the entire site) still has not been bought or hardly even viewed by anyone!

    Please, if someone reading this is interested in Guam quarters, please at least go check it out! The price is much lower than any you will find on eBay!

  29. Anonymous says

    To Webidz guy,

    Maybe it's because they're over-priced. You might also try selling one bag at a time for a more reasonable price, e.g., $30 per bag.

    Just a thought. Good luck, guy.

  30. Anonymous says

    Supply verses demand…

    Some sales on Ebay may be fabrications, if you trust the data then good luck to you.
    I look at longer term possibilities…many Gold Spousal coins entered the market when gold was less expensive…large numbers of these coins have been melted after the price of gold rose…

    Good data is hard to come by; these coins may prove to be better long term investments than eagles or buffalos. Only time will tell.

    There is a lot more to it than simple equations.


  31. Michael says

    I am going to publish the results this week. The first installment will hopefully be up today.

  32. Anonymous says

    Michael, is there a reliable source for the annual mintages of Silver Eagles, not the sales numbers? I noticed they have sold 261,500 ASEs already in 2010 so those must be 2009s that they are still getting rid of. Can you elaborate (or have you and I missed it)? Thanks.

  33. Michael says

    Here are mintage figures for Silver Eagle bullion coins from 1986 to 2008:


    The sales figures that are reported throughout the year will include some coins bearing dates from the prior or upcoming year.

    The mintage figure for 2009 dated Silver Eagles hasn't been provided yet. As you mentioned, these coins are still being sold.

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