2010 Hot Springs National Park 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Tomorrow April 28, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Hot Springs National Park 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin. This is the first numismatic version of the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins to be released.
The coins are struck in 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver and have a diameter of 3 inches. The weight and fineness are indicated on incused edge lettering. The designs for the coin are identical to the circulating quarter dollar and the previously issued 5 oz silver bullion version.

These numismatic versions carry the “P” mintmark for Philadelphia and feature a brilliant uncirculated finish. The coins are encapsulated and placed in a presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. The mintage is limited to 27,000 coins, which is less than the 33,000 mintage for the bullion version.

The price for each uncirculated 2010-P Hot Springs 5 oz. Silver Coin will be $279.95. This represents a premium about $46.35 or 19.84% above the metal value based on a silver price of $46.72 per ounce.

Notice of the product pricing was officially published on April 18, when the market price of silver was less than $43 per ounce. As the price of silver subsequently moved towards $50 per ounce, there was some speculation as to whether the US Mint would be forced to increase the product price. However, so far, there has been no indication that the price of $279.95 will be changed.

The US Mint will impose an ordering limit of one coin per household. This limit will remain in place for at least the first week of sales, after which point it may be extended, increased, or removed.

With a limited mintage and considerable interest from collectors. A sell out is widely expected. The main question is how long will it take?

The last rapid sell out for a “one per household” US Mint product was for the 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. This product was limited to 50,000 units and priced at $55.95 each. By 5:00 PM ET on the first day of availability, the US Mint had sold 29,919 sets. It took until the following day at 6:00 PM ET (30 hours of availability), for a complete sell out of all 50,000 units.

The product page for the 2010 Hot Springs National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin can be found on the US Mint’s website here. Ordering options will not be available until the official start of sales tomorrow at 12:00 Noon ET.

2011 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins

Earlier this week, the US Mint made the first two designs of the 2011 ATB Silver Bullion Coins available to authorized purchasers. The bullion releases for this year will have significantly higher mintages than the previous year. The initial mintage level has been indicated at 126,500 for each of the first two designs, with a goal of maintaining at least this minimum mintage level for the following three designs.

On the opening day of availability, US Mint authorized purchasers placed orders for 153,400 coins. Each authorized purchaser was limited to a specific allocated quantity and could only purchase the 2011-dated bullion coins if they certified that all prior year coins were sold in accordance with the special terms and conditions imposed.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Michael, thanks for posting the information on the rate of sales for the Lincoln Coin & Chronicles set. That tells me to be prompt tomorrow if I want to get one.

  2. Anonymous says

    I wish they would have offered the coin for sale earlier when they still had the silver proofs available. I was waiting, hoping to save on shipping. Now all proof sales are suspended. I wonder if selling one coin at a time was a play to ride the wave of rising spot prices? They are going to have to offer more than one a month if they are going to get through all 2010 and 11 coins this year. That is a lot of shipping charges for collectors.

  3. Anonymous says

    The data on the LC&C is very interesting. Nearly double the quantity and 20% of the costs of the ATB UNC, yet it still took longer than 24 hours to sell out. And Lincoln products almost always garners a high level of interest.

    Conversely, keep in mind that when the First Spouse Program started in 2007, the initial issues of 20K PR and 20K UNC Washington coins priced at approx $450 each sold out in 3-4 hours. Granted, a lot of that was due to the secondary marketeers buying bulk quantities, and the level of interest hasn't been the same in the 4 years since.

    Although I am expecting the worst from the Mint's e-commerce site on Thursday, I am hopeful to purchase one – and only one specimen – solely for me as a numismatic collectible.

    Come Thursday night, thought, I'm sure we'll see several people bragging about how they acquired 5 or more pieces through their Friends, Family and Pets plan, while other true collectors will go without.

  4. Anonymous says

    With the bullion 5 ounce mintages increasingly so dramatically my excitement and enthusiasm for collecting a complete set has been significantly decreased, thus I will probably simply keep my one set of bullion 5 ounce coins, and forget about the rest of the set. However, I am going to compliment the bullion set by purchasing (I should say ("hopefully purchasing") one of each of the low mintage numismatic coins. But I also feel that ff the mintages increase dramatically on the numismatic 5 ounce coins, I will probably stop acquiring them also.

    Does anyone else feel the same?


  5. Anonymous says

    Just a quick FYI.. I received an email from a distributor of NGC graded coins. They are looking for 400 people to buy the coin for them.

    The main part of the email is below:

    We are in need of several hundred of these, and as we have done in the past are willing to pay a premium for you and your friends and family to buy them for us. We will pay $330 each for the first 400 commitments we receive. We will also add another $25 for USPS express mail shipping and insurance so that you can overnight the coin to us when it arrives. If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond to


  6. Anonymous says

    Your comment about NGC puts them in a new light in my eyes.. What a crock.. but I guess there is nothing to stop them.

  7. Anonymous says

    This article was posted to Coin World earlier this afternoon:


    Indicates that the Mint is anticipating problems with their website and asks people to be patient. In checking the Mint home page at 3:35 PM (EDT), I didn't see the warning listed anywhere. Makes sense, though; we know it's coming!!!

    The article says the Mint is planning to upgrade the system in 2012. If the Mint had taken the effort associated with the "re-branding" and applied it to the eCommerce system, the upgrades already would be in place, customer satisfaction would be a little more positive, and they probably wouldn't need the ugly, wasteful re-branding!!

  8. Anonymous says

    For 12:42 PM. Read carefully!! The reference is to a "Distributor of NGC Graded Coins."

    I received the same email ealier today. Definitely NOT from NGC.

  9. Anonymous says

    Where's Pop Pop boy when you need him most?!

    Gold +22.80 $1530.90
    Silver +2.58 $48.20

    It's just the beginning boys! Let the good times roll!

  10. Mint News Blog says

    "Your comment about NGC puts them in a new light in my eyes.. What a crock.. but I guess there is nothing to stop them."

    This doesn't reflect on NGC at all. This is a dealer who sends coins to NGC to be graded. Individuals can also send coins to NGC to be graded. There is no "distributor of NGC graded coins".

    At least two modern coin dealers have offered immediate premiums for anyone wishing to resell the 2010-P Hot Springs 5 oz. coins to them. One has offered $330 plus shipping. Another has just offered $360 plus shipping.

    This has happened in the past for US Mint products that are limited to one per household, since dealers also can't buy more than one from the Mint.

  11. Anonymous says

    Day light scamming, and it's legit since it is in broad daylight! A fool and his silver are soon parted!

  12. Anonymous says

    Just got an email from A-Mark offering the two 2011 ATB 5 oz. for $629.99 slabbed. Why would anyone want bullion slabbed, it already takes up enough room? And I collect bullion, not plastic.

  13. Anonymous says

    I'll give it a try ordering, but not going to waste too much time. These are supposed to be bullion, and I already got a few bullion sets. We don't even know if they are going to continue numismatic versions or if it was only due to the productions problems last year that they did this. Wouldn't be surprised if they don't sell out for a few days. Some APs apparently had trouble selling their bullion versions at under melt!

  14. Anonymous says

    APMEX took the two 2011 5 oz ATB off their website. I hope they will have a price set up for them soon.

    How much would you pay for a 2011 5 oz ATB bullions?

    I'm looking at price of 275-290 each is alright.

  15. Frank says

    APMEX charge $6.99 over spot per silver eagle if you buy 5. At $48 per oz., this would equate to 5x$48 + 5x$6.99 = $275.
    This is assuming they won't charge more – which they will…
    One clown on fleabay wants $400 for one 5oz coin!

  16. Anonymous says

    153,400 5 ounce coins is about $34 million dollars worth of silver. Not bad for the opening purchase.

  17. Anonymous says

    I get ASE for $4 over spot for tubes of 20 from my local coin shop.

    On a side note, I received an e-mail from CNT stating my ATB set shipped Regsitered Mail along with a tracking number today.

  18. Anonymous says

    These coins will be gone within 2 hours.

    I'm actually NOT looking forward to the Mint upgrading their website to better handle heavy traffic. I have security in knowing that when I'm having trouble placing an order, everyone else is too. If the site works like it should, sellouts could happen in a matter of minutes, not hours.

    In the world of a properly functioning website, I'm afraid that I might find myself getting shut out of rare, hot items a lot more. Just a thought…

  19. Anonymous says

    Anonymous said "My america the beautiful 5oz coins have been shipped by CNT."

    ME TOO!

  20. Anonymous says

    You see people, the lot of you thought CNT took your money and ran! Relax, all is well.

  21. Anonymous says

    I've never once been able to get through on the phone to place an order at the time a hot, limited item goes on sale. Not even once. Every single time it always goes to an automated voice that simply says "we are unable to answer your call right now." It doesn't even let you go on hold!

    No, the only way to go is to place your order online. I've never not been able to buy something I wanted when being there at the start of the party and persevering until the order is placed. It's taken anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour before, but I always get the product in the end.

  22. Anonymous says

    I am excited and stressed for tomorrow. I am a physician and have a full schedule in the clinic tomorrow. Have to find some time to sit in front of the computer. But it is kind of exciting like modern Wild Wild West. I love this site, all the best to everybody I hope all the collectors get one each. I don't blame the flippers they are the people I have to look for if I do not get one tomorrow.

  23. Anonymous says

    I'll bet the site jams before high noon!
    I NEVER got through on the phone during a sell-out type item!

  24. Anonymous says

    APMEX has pulled their ATB 2011 coins off their site Both coins had alert me and now they are gone.

  25. Anonymous says

    Ben Benanke said "Bond Buying" will end in June… But what was he really saying? Interest rates will be going up in June and commodity prices may go down.

    You heard it hear first.

    The Mint should make a new coin to honor the Central Bank with an image of Benanke on it. Perhaps it would become known the Central Bank "fools gold" coin.


    Olive Oil

  26. Anonymous says

    Let's see. $279.95 x 50 = $13,997.50? Holy moley! Uhh…any chance the US Mint can make this series in .999-fine zinc instead?? 🙁

  27. Anonymous says

    "Let's see. $279.95 x 50 = $13,997.50? Holy moley! Uhh…any chance the US Mint can make this series in .999-fine zinc instead?? :-("

    If you are referring to the ATB series, your multiplier should actually be 56. In addition to the 50 states, there will also be coins for D.C. and the territories for a total of 56 ATB quarters. If you assume $279.95 per coin (not likely as the price will change over time), then it's $279.95 x 56 = $15,677.20. That's even worse than you thought, eh? But, your point is well taken.


  28. Anonymous says

    Bernanke is just trying to prop up the value of the dollar as we face bankruptcy. He can't raise rates, and he did not announce plans to pull back the trillions in fake money he created, so ending bond buying makes little difference. Ride the PM wave a little longer!!
    Mr. Physician: At least you can afford to pay a flipper $500 or whatever if necc.

  29. Anonymous says

    "Let's see. $279.95 x 50 = $13,997.50? Holy moley! Uhh…any chance the US Mint can make this series in .999-fine zinc instead?? 🙁 "

    That total is over a 10 year period. If prices were to remain the same over the entire series run, that comes out to about $120 a month. I don't consider that out of reach for many. People spend that on their montly coffee fix. There's choices to be made in life.

  30. Anonymous says

    Apmex selling 2 coin sets of 2011 5 oz now if you signed up for an alert….limit 100 2 coins sets…..comes in mint tubes if you buy 10!

  31. Anonymous says

    I wouldn't go crazy buying these 2011 bullion coins right now. I am buying ONE and only one bullion set for 2011 at this time. I think we'll see lower silver prices later this year and these 2011 bullion coins will not sell out. Last year, those that acted quickly got the rewards. This year, patience will be the game.

    As for the 2010 numismatic version, I'll be there at 12:00:01 tomorrow trying my hardest to buy. I hate to think I have to do this five times over several weeks/months to try to get one set of 2010s. What a pain!

  32. Blackcamel says

    Here's the e-mail I got from APMEX

    Because you have previously purchased or signed up for an "Alert Me" notification about the America The Beautiful coins, we have selected you to participate in a special promotion. For 24 hours we are giving you the first opportunity to purchase the NEW 2011 Gettysburg & Glacier Silver Two Coin America The Beautiful Sets before we offer them to the public. We are offering these coins to you for as low as $5.99 per oz. over spot!

    These extremely popular bullion coins are the first two America The Beautiful coins to be released in 2011. They will only be sold as a set and will not be available individually. Orders of 10 or more will come in mint-issued tubes. Orders of 100 or more will come in mint-issued monster boxes.

    These "large format", five ounce .999 fine Silver coins are minted in the same design as the popular America The Beautiful quarter series. One side features a prominent national park design and the opposite side features founding father George Washington. The parks featured in this set are The Gettysburg National Military Park and The Glacier National Park.

    Buy your 2011 Gettysburg & Glacier Silver America The Beautiful Two Coin Set today before it's too late and you miss this unprecedented opportunity! Hurry, because these popular coins won't last long. Your order will ship on or before May 20th, 2011.

  33. Anonymous says

    You had to post the entire e-mail? I think an earlier post about it was sufficient…….

  34. Anonymous says

    APMEX – same damn thing they did with the first round of 5 oz bullion: ignored their customers' single "Alert Me Nows" while they sold the 5 coin sets.

    Apparently, if you signed up for the 2011 Alerts, they have sent out an email letting you know about the format change and the availability. If not, here is the unpublished link to their revised 2-coin set:


    Currently over 10K 2-coin sets in stock. $574 for wire transfer & $591 for credit cards. $20 for S/H. In the end, approx $60/oz.

    Given the increased Pops, maybe a little steep out of the gate. I may wait for the dust to settle.

  35. Anonymous says

    APMEX…the price for the 2011 ATB 2 coin set is 601.01 inc/shipping if you pay by credit card. Discounts are given for higher volume purchases.

    You can buy the 2010 coins for that price…and with a mintage of 126,500 per coin for the 2011's, I think I'll stick with the 2010's.

    Also, this makes the Mint's price for tomorrow's Hot Springs coin all that much better of a deal…I can't remember the last time(if ever) it was cheaper to buy from the Mint!!

  36. Anonymous says

    What is a "typical" premium over the spot price of silver to pay? If you buy one 2 coin set from APMEX, based on the ask price of silver they are charging a premium of $8.99 per oz.

    I know the obvious answer is that it will depend based on demand, but is the $8.99 per oz. thought to be low, in the ballpark, high, or very high?


  37. Anonymous says

    Could the Mint change the price even at this late hour? Silver is back over $48/oz. at the time of this writing. Do you think they would revise the price prior to the start of sales? They did say the price was "subject to change."

  38. Anonymous says

    6:42 PM – No Lie about the Great Deal from the Mint when you consider the quality of the UNC coin and today's spot prices. Given that they pressed these coins with silver blanks bought in 3rd quarter 2010, they're doing alright.

    Does make one wonder though, "Will they hold those same margins on the 4 remaining, 2010 issues??" Hmmm – indeed. And what of the costs and margins for the 2011 issues? Probably $350 each.

  39. Anonymous says

    6:32 PM – Margins will depend on coin types, quantities and demand.

    In this instance, the APs are paying the Mint a fixed margin of $2/oz over spot at delivery. Upon receipt, they add their sales margin and vary it based on some or all of the criteria listed above, as indicated in their "volume" pricing.

  40. Anonymous says

    Is it reasonable?? Really depends upon the individual and what they "think" is reasonable. Risk vs Reward; will silver pass $60/oz?

    Like 1-2 posters have already said – given the increased pops in 2011 and the volatility of Silver, might be able to wait for some lower costs. Also keep in mind that several other APs have indicated that they will continue to sell directly to the public.

  41. Anonymous says

    The bullion ATBs are supposed to be a more economical alternative (cost per ounce) to the ASEs. The APs seem to be treating these as collectibles, and some of the APs are now trying to get into the graded coin market. I'm sure this is not what the Mint wanted when they came up with the idea for these five-ouncers.

    I'm waiting until the price is more reasonable. With mintages of over 125K each, it's only a matter of time.

  42. Anonymous says

    Luckily my boss is on vacation so I have no fear of Internet usage during work hours tomorrow! Although one girl said she'd rat me out for looking at coins as if she doesn't spend all day on Facebook when he's not around.

    Good luck to all. I'm feeling lucky. I got one of the e-mails to buy the ATB set from APMEX as well as landed a live person when I called CNT.

    Going for the hat-trick!

  43. Hidalgo says

    Hi Michael,

    Is there a reason why the law states that these special coins have to be FIVE ounces of silver? What an odd number of ounces – why not one ounce? Two ounces? Or even four ounces (1/4 pound)? Five ounces simply does not make any sense.

    Do you know the reason?

  44. Hidalgo says

    "Let's see. $279.95 x 50 = $13,997.50? Holy moley! Uhh…any chance the US Mint can make this series in .999-fine zinc instead?? 🙁 "

    The $279.95 dollar value that you quote is the cost as of this writing. Silver is currently overpriced and is certainly not rare. It is widely used and available throughout the world. People will eventually realize that. When the price falls, it will be much more affordable to collect the whole set of 5 ounce US Mint coins.

    I personally have no desire to collect the entire set. I have been investing my money in mutual funds. In the past two years, my investments have DOUBLED.

  45. Mint News Blog says

    The specifications for the coins were included in the authorizing legislation. The bill was introduced by Rep. Michael Castle, passed by the House of Representatives, passed by the Senate, and signed by the President.

    I don't know the original motivation for the 5 ounce size, but it was in the bill and everyone went along with it.

  46. Hidalgo says

    Placed an online order after 30 minutes of trying. Time of email: 12:29 PM.

    Order number: 373455##

    Bullion coin is backordered to May 12, 2011

  47. Dr joe says

    got on early and kept refreshing. no problem till product became available and when got to check out- boom- kicked me out. Now the servers down and the land line is continous busy!!
    Knew if would be bad but good grief, this is nuts!!
    Congrats to those who got thru. Hope my AQ (Adversity Quotient) is up today.

  48. Hidalgo says

    As of this writing, within the past minute:

    The United States Mint is experiencing technical difficulties. During this time period, you will not be able to use the website. To place an order please call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). We apologize for the inconvenience.

  49. Craig Fosnock says

    The line is busy…this is definitely worst than the Lincoln Coin & Chronicles set. It look me an hour to get through but I only crashed once then…the servers are now down hard

  50. dgauge says

    Finally decided to try via phone and got through to complete my order. It took about 20 attempts between land line and cell.

  51. Dr joe says

    just got in and went thru like nothing ever was wrong. less than 60 seconds total!!!

    good luck all!

  52. Craig Fosnock says

    Servers are back up…I got one before they got flooded with requests again. Good luck everyone it can be done!

  53. RSF says

    The Mint's IT upgrade project was back-burnered as part of a response to those whose main priority is to defund government operations. (except for anything military/industrial/congressional complex related of course!)

    Until we change our priorities from keeping the sea lanes open for tankers to allowing our government to operate efficiently, this is what we can expect.

  54. claytonpollock says

    I was able to get through to the mint by phone. Keep trying, there is still hope

  55. Hidalgo says

    The real fun has been the challenge of placing an order. When one is able to place an order, it is a sign of success.

    Do you think that the coin will sell out tonight?

  56. claytonpollock says

    I dont se the coin selling out over the phone.If they get the web site going posibly.

  57. Mint News Blog says

    There is a current issue with commenting on Blogger. The system is not allowing anonymous comments to be posted.

    Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Sorry to anyone who has been having trouble…

  58. London Locks says

    by comparing order numbers posted on another blog. Now there are about 1000 to 2000 left.

  59. SunTzu says

    I tried calling while simultaneously using my Mint account on both IE and FireFox starting at 12:00. The website kept crashing at checkout driving me nuts! I got through to a nice woman on the phone only to have her screen crash but she got it back and I got my coin. I received an e-mail confirmation.

    So I started at 12:00 and landed a coin at 12:46.

    It looks like anyone can easily speed through the site now and purchase. i guess the re-boot of the system worked.

    Who knows if they are still around after you place the order? Are people being wait listed or are they still around? It's 5:00 EST here, 5 hours after the start of the program.

  60. Hidalgo says

    Michael, I prefer that people NOT leave anonymous comments. Folks need to be accountable for the comments they put on this top notch blog. Allowing folks to remain anonymous allows them to hide behind their words.

  61. London Locks says

    Rumor has it that a US Mint representative stated that there are about 19,200 sales as of an hour ago. Who knows for sure. Thats less than the order numbers suggest.

  62. London Locks says

    Too bad blogger had a glitch with posting. This would have been an epic thread if the anonymous posting was allowed. Oh well.

  63. SunTzu says

    I must admit, I was surprised at how well the website of the mint was running after they "re-booted" it. If one wanted to place an order they could zoom all the way through the checkout. But the initial onslaught was just too much.

    It was an epic battle for those of us who endured the front lines of the battle at noon time!

    It'll be fun to watch the secondary market on these puppies. It's going to be an expensive series, that's for sure!

  64. ~grandpa says

    Well even I couldn't resist picking up one of the first bullion unc's today. Like the hockey pucks or not, with an inital first coin in a series and micro mintage of 27,000, who could resist? Certainly not Grandpa. Experienced all the same log on glitches starting exactly noon and finally got thru on line at 2:56pm. Based on a posters 12:24 receipt number and mine almost 3 hrs. later, there is a 17,950 order spread. Since it's a Thursday and nothing extra exciting or prompting a flurry of mint orders, you must assume the majority were due to the 1 coin per house ATB bullion unc's. Interesting to find an ebay offering by 3pm offered at $500. Even before a sell out? Crazy folks out there.

  65. Stevieladeek says

    Wow….I wish the Mint would publish the release dates for the rest of the 2010 5 oz'ers.

    Also what will the mintage be for the 2011 coins…will they also increase in mintage like the 2011 bullion version did? 126,500.

    If they do, both the bullion and numismatic 2010 ATB 5 oz coins are going to do well down the road.

  66. ~grandpa says

    The craziness begins! Not to create a stir but was curious how fast those ebay people flipping the Hot Srings unc's would be advertising. I just saw 2 ads, one for $500, and the second one for $599. Now I can go to sleep a happy guy. Wow.

  67. DetroitSuperior says

    BTW, I liked it better with "Anonymous" posts.

    I'm anonymous anyhow, like everyone else, using these silly names (ie. Hidalgo).

    Want to read what others are thinking today.

    Still not a sell out…

    Next round I think I'll wait for an hour or so…

  68. Anonymous says

    Ordered ATB 5oz with number 373717XX,
    so suspect about 26,200 sold as of 6pm PST,
    9pm EST (as 373455XX was the number at noon (71,700-45,500=26,200));

    So, I bet the 27,000 lot will be entirely sold out the
    first day

  69. Anonymous says

    Judging by the confirmation # from earlier postings, the Mint should be or close to a sell out. The count is over 29,000 orders.
    Having said that, some people might have purchase other items from the Mint. But I am pretty sure that the majority is 5 oz ATB.
    Good luck to all!

  70. Anonymous says

    The US Mint's collectible uncirculated version of the 5 ounce silver ATB coins, at least as of this writing, are clearly selling at higher prices for comparable bullion coins sold to authorized dealers. As I thought. I wonder what the long term prospects are for the US Mint ATB 5 ounce coins.

    I suspect that they (the first 5) will be much more popular and valuable in the long run than comparable bullion coins. So get them while/when you can!

  71. Anonymous says

    Mintage of 27,000 for the ATB Hot Spring P coins. Are these coins really rare? Many of the gold First Spouse coins have mintages below 5,000 and yet, they aren't worth more than the bullion they are made of.

    Do you think the 5 ounce silver ATB coins will be worth much in the future (other than the value of their bullion)?

  72. Anonymous says

    Still available on Mints web site. Anyway this is a great deal compared to the new pricing on the 2011 bullions.

  73. Anonymous says

    Jus: That would be troy ounces.

    Re: Back Ordered till the 12th

    What is going on with this back order? The Mint took a long time to even offer these. They announced availability on the 28th of April weeks in advance. Then when orders are placed they are back ordered until the 12th of May. What is going on here? Why not just accept orders on the 12th of May?

  74. Anonymous says

    What do you expect from the Government?
    Most large businesses can upgrade servers in a few months tops, the Mint takes a year and a half!

  75. Anonymous says

    The back order is just the way the mint works. They have to check for duplicate credit cards and addresses. They will leave sooner than the 12 but

  76. Anonymous says

    I have a question. I created an account with mint yesterday and placed order, as I did not see the order in the order history I went ahead and placed order again so in the end it allowed me to place 5 orders still nothing in the order history but I have email confirmations for 5 orders if any advise what to do now. Thanks

  77. Anonymous says

    To: April 29, 2011 4:48 AM

    Keep in mind that a major upgrade of an automated system cost a lot of money. Thousands, maybe a few million. Considering the current economic climate, sometimes it takes time just to get the funds needed for a major project, like an overhaul of a secure, online shopping site.

  78. Anonymous says

    I agree with 4:48 am.
    It's an upgrade, not a new system. Shouldn't take so long.
    Government has lower production standards/ expectations than private industry.

  79. Anonymous says

    RE: Backorder

    The Lincoln Chronicles set was not listed as back ordered. It came a few days after I place the order. I don't think this is business as usual for the Mint.

  80. Anonymous says

    For shins and grins I put in an order this morning but from the looks of it I'm prolly SOL.


    Which I calculate to be ~28.7K orders

    There would have to be a lot of cancels to have a shot.

    Any guesses as to a change in mintage numbers for the next release or is that already set in stone?

  81. Anonymous says

    Anyone's dog or 2 year old kid order one too?

    I know my dog loves collecting coins, or at least chewing on them 😉

  82. Anonymous says

    Was anyone able to place an order that did not have a registered account? The address info page asked if the billing and mailing address were the same, but had no yes or no answer box and the checkout would not proceed. I guess they only wanted to sell to registered accounts to limit "buddy" sales or prevent sales to people that don't like their credit card on file.

  83. Anonymous says

    anonymous 5:23 am, if u take ur order and subtract from mine, it is well over 30K – looks like a sellout to me

  84. Anonymous says

    April 29, 2011 5:00 AM

    Easily said. I guess the US Government needs to raise taxes to pay for the country's and the US Mint's economic woes. Tax the rich!

  85. VABEACHBUM says

    LASLOO!! So good to see you around again. I've missed your sage insight in several threads over the last couple of months. Have you been going anonymous, or just lying low?

    And, if this item gets "The Grandpa Seal of Approval," I know I chose wisely.

    Like others, I logged into my Mint account at 5 'till Noon, and refreshed every minute until all Hell broke loose. After 3 time-outs and 14 minutes, I get a coin in the basket. 3 more time-outs and another 14 minutes to complete the "quick" checkout.

    12:28 PM and order number 37345XXX.

    As for any kids and pets making purchases, still waiting to hear from The Dude and The Lil' Dude!!

  86. Anonymous says

    I am very sure it is a sell out. I checked last night it was over 29,000 orders already. 30,000+ by now should be about right.
    The Mint is probably late in posting the "wait list" just like what they say on the website.

  87. Anonymous says

    The coins have not sold out yet. There are 33,000 for sale. Based on the information above, about 30,800 orders have been made. Some of these order numbers have nothing to do with the 5 ounce silver coins (like a simple order for a proof set, which still gets a US Mint order number). Some orders will be cancelled. Perhaps we will see a sell out later today, if there are abou 2,000 – 3,000 individual households that are willing to place an order…. We'll see.

  88. Anonymous says

    April 29, 2011 5:56 AM

    Grow up immature man. Time for you to change your diapers, leave mommy and daddy, and find a job.

  89. Anonymous says

    To the 4:52 AM comment, I would call the Mint ASAP to have them delete 4 of your orders and to make sure you stay on the list for the 1 per household. If you let them just take care of it, they may very well just delete all 5 of your orders.

  90. Anonymous says

    Has anyone ever tried to use an eGift certificate when paying online for something from the Mint?

    Yesterday, I tried to use eGift certificates to pay for the Hopt Springs 5 ounce Silver coin but ran into trouble. The payment page provided a block to enter the gift certificate number but after doing so, a message came up that it wasn't a valid number. I tried several times with different certificates but got the same result each time.

    When I called the Mint's customer service number, I was told that the certificate numbers were valid and should work. They still didn't work. Another call to customer service resulted in the person checking with her supervisor. The supervisor said that gift certificates cannot be used online but only over the phone. I then paid for the order over the phone using the gift certificates.

    My question is: why bother to provide a block for paying by gift certificate, if gift certificates can't be used online? That kind of doesn't make any sense to me.

    Has anyone ever successfully used a gift certificate when paying online on the Mint's website? Thanks.


  91. Anonymous says

    anon 12:51, Are they rare? no. But they are scarce considering the large amount of collectors & investors in the market and soon to be in the market. They will do well.
    Only the first 3 spouses @ 20,000 ea. sell for a little over spot. Those at 7000 and below will one day have a chance at being considered "rare"
    Sometimes it takes a while for scarce coins to be appreciated, especially if many have been stored away an forgotten for many years. Put 'em away for a while, you'll see.

  92. Anonymous says

    "…in the end it allowed me to place 5 orders still nothing in the order history…"
    April 29, 2011 4:52 AM

    I had somewhat of a similar experience when placing an order for my sister who is blind. When an order was about to be placed, the website crashed so we thought it hadn't gone through. We were able to login again and place a second order not knowing what had happened with the first one.

    Later, after everything had settled down, I was able to check the "Track Order" function for her. "Track Order" showed two orders. The first order showed that it was suspended. The second order showed that it was on hold. Things stayed that way over night. When I checked again this morning, the one that had been suspended was deleted entirely and the other one was still there.

    That may mean that any duplicate orders are simply deleted and one per household will still be okay. Not sure if that works in the case of the guy with five orders because the two situations aren't entirely the same but it may be an indication that the Mint will simply eliminate duplicates and let one order per household stand.

    Anyone in that situation may want to check "Track Order." Good luck, five order guy.


  93. Anonymous says

    FYI. I just called the US Mint ordering service.

    The nice lady said that as of 2 minutes ago, they were still accepting orders for the Hot Springs 5 ounce coins. The coins had NOT yet sold out and they have NOT yet started a waiting list. So if you want a coin, go for it!

  94. vaughnster says

    I was logged in on the Mint's web site at 11:45 a.m. Thursday both with an iPad and a PC. Kept refreshing every few minutes and all was fine until noon when I got kicked off the server. About a half hour later I was able to finally get mine ordered. I knew that if I waited a couple of hours or even the day, I'd probably still be able to order one but I guess it's the rush of adrenaline and the fun of trying to be one of the first to put your order in. Seeing how well the bullion versions are selling with mintages of 33,000 each, I predict these uncirculated versions, packaged by the Mint and with mintages of only 27,000 each, will be big time winners. Can't wait to compare them to the bullion versions. It was a fun day yesterday!

  95. Anonymous says

    I don't believe that date is right. Why would they sell Yellowstone before they even shipped off Hot Springs? Then they'd have to combine shipping which would be a hassle. I've come to find out that the phone reps at the Mint barely know anything about what they're selling.

  96. Anonymous says

    In response to April 29, 2011 6:16 AM:

    I was able to use my $200 e-gift certificate to purchase the 2010 Hot Springs 5 oz silver coin without any problems. Although the checkout page never showed the certificate deduction, I'm sure the Mint will apply the certificate before charging the difference on my card.

  97. Anonymous says

    Ahhhhh The Hot Seat Quarter
    this tailet has a hot warmlet seat and cool water jet!
    good to buy your boss if you're on the hot seat

  98. ~grandpa says

    I wonder whether a few of those "dealers" will be offering "early orders" or "early releases" or "first packaged" graded slabs soon. Perhaps as a novelty, we might see "first mailed" based on accepted order numbers.

    Any limited Mint issue that sells out within probably 2 days would be rather difficult to specially market for extra dollars to the unsuspecting. Let's see who tries for something crafty and what they might call it. (Just for fun of course, but it's bound to happen.)

  99. Anonymous says

    No sure if this P 5 Oz ATB will be a good buy at this levels.
    I like the coin; but at this prices?

  100. Anonymous says

    Hot Springs still available from the mint. Get one now before it's too late. I got one yesterday via telephone as web site was down.

  101. Anonymous says

    DO you think this coin will raise in value in time? Or will it just be a hype for now?

  102. Anonymous says

    I think if the 5oz coins continue and a complete set is something you can aquire that of course the first release of its kind will appreciate in value. If anything its 5oz of silver and the price of silver just keeps going up.

  103. Anonymous says

    or…if they don't continue them, makes them even rarer – just like the fractional gold buffs

  104. JA says

    With the limited numbers minted and high demand, this coin is destined to become a sure fire winner.

  105. Anonymous says

    When silver eventually falls back to $30 in a few years, these coins will be worth considerably less.

  106. Anonymous says

    SO you are saying these 5 oz P ATB will just be bullion and have no collector value at all?

  107. Anonymous says

    "When silver eventually falls back to $30 in a few years, these coins will be worth considerably less."

    Yeah.. just like all the gold coins. I see gold dropping before silver.. to many people can't afford gold.. many more can afford silver which IMHO will keep the price up there.

  108. Anonymous says

    Okay – I was a little bored this morning so I read several of the BLOGS. Here's my observation.

    373413XX @ 12;05 (Thursday)
    373434XX (time: UNK)
    37345XXX @ 12:28 (Thursday)
    373498XX @ 12:46 (Thursday)
    373547XX @ 14:00 (Thursday)
    373717XX (time: UNK)
    373742XX @ 08:19 (Friday)

    As you can see (based on the Order #'s), the U.S. Mint has now sold 32,900 units.

  109. Anonymous says

    Only 19,000 coins sold? That seems to be below expectations. Will there be a sell out before the weekend?

  110. Anonymous says

    They are still accepting orders. My order I just made is on hold. Here is what the Mint order page look like as of 11:50 AM EST

    2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas (NP1)
    The United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2010 America the Beautiful Five-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin–Hot Springs National Park at 12 Noon (Eastern Time) on Thursday, April …

    Price: $279.95 More Info.

    Product will be available for shipping 05/13/2011

    I placed my order an here is what it read.

    Order number: 37381XXX

    Order Date: 04/29/2011 at 10:58 AM

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

    2010 ATB SILVER COIN – HOT SPRINGS 1 $279.95 $279.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 05/13

  111. Anonymous says

    I am a little surprised that these have not sold out as of yet. Maybe a sign of the economy and or the price of silver but there again maybe a phony demand created by those looking to procure 400 of them at 325.00. I collect to collect and not to flip, of course it is always nice to know that things are worth a little more than I may have paid. I am just glad to have gotten one and this makes me think it will be easier to collect the entire set.

  112. Anonymous says

    Does anyone think that these small mintage of 27K will make this 5 oz ATB a winner? IS this a coin or just a big piece of metal in silver?

  113. Pete says

    373413XX @ 12;05 (Thursday)
    373434XX (time: UNK)
    37345XXX @ 12:28 (Thursday)
    373498XX @ 12:46 (Thursday)
    373547XX @ 14:00 (Thursday)
    373717XX (time: UNK)
    373742XX @ 08:19 (Friday)
    373818xx @ 10:xx (friday)

    40,500 + units, oh -1 Thanks to John's info (40,499 units)… so it's got to be close.

    No malice John, good luck.

  114. Anonymous says

    Pete –

    The order numbers are not an indicator of Hot Springs 5 ounce coins sold.

    ANY order – if it is for a roll of pennies, a proof set, a US Mint medal, etc. will get an order number.

    So that should explain why there is no sell out yet, as of this writing….

  115. Anonymous says

    would a sales rep at the usmint phone # be able to determine what the sales #s are for this coin?

  116. Anonymous says

    Yes. I agree. This one's going to be a dog. At least the coins will have some value if silver doesn't drop too low.

  117. Anonymous says

    The 5 ounce coins are all novelties in my opinion. The cool thing about coins and numismatics in general is that you (at least at one time) could fine any given coin in your pocket change. No longer. Search as I might, I haven't found any 1/4 gold buffs or gold UHRs. But I would probably find one of those before I would find a 5 ounce ATB coin (if you want to call it a coin).

    Time to start collecting 1 foot by 2 feet baseball cards…

  118. Pete says

    "The order numbers are not an indicator of Hot Springs 5 ounce coins sold."
    Oh yes, I know.. but, for me, it's kind of fun number crunching.

    We know 27K, we can then calculate, to some degree, what percentage of orders were for that coin when the wait list appears …70% 65% ..whatever… +- x% Just ball park.

    Hey, it's coin collecting, an for me, a good part of it is for fun.

  119. Pete says

    Oh, One thing I like about the 5ozers,
    I can see them without the help of glasses, magglass or a microscope, lol.

  120. Anonymous says

    "Oh, One thing I like about the 5ozers, I can see them without the help of glasses, magglass or a microscope, lol."

    LOL! It also would seem that with more surface area, it would be that much more difficult to obtain a coin graded at MS70. JMO.

  121. Anonymous says


    Of the 40,999 orders placed (in the last 24-hours) to the U.S. Mint…it's safe to assume that 1/2of those orders were placed in response to this release.

    I expect that by day's end we'll have a "confirmed" SELL OUT.

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  122. Anonymous says

    "Yeah.. just like all the gold coins. I see gold dropping before silver.. to many people can't afford gold.. many more can afford silver which IMHO will keep the price up there."

    I don't understand the logic here. Gold is more rare than silver, which plays a large part in a PM's price. Yes, gold is more expense, but gold is gold and silver is silver. For someone interested in protecting their currency from an inflated dollar, it is much easier to buy one ounce of gold than to purchase 30 ounces of silver. It is also much easier to store (volume-wise). I agree that someone with less than $1K to spend would likely purchase siliver, but they could also purchase a half-dozen 1/10 ounce gold coins.

    My experience with the markets has shown me that stalwarts like gold will perform well over time, and will be more stable. Gold has been (allegorically speaking) a "tortoise." Silver, while still a good investment in today's economic environment, seems to have risen much to fast to be sustained. Silver is (allegorically speaking) the "hare." A smart person will diversify between the two.

  123. Anonymous says

    Dang! Gold just passed the $1550 level. That means another $25 on the gold Eliza Johnson spouse coin. If only the Mint would get their act together and sell their products according to their own schedules.

    If I purchase an Eliza to keep the collection going, it will be the most expensive ugly coin I've ever purchased.

  124. Anonymous says

    Are we all going to be surprised if the Mint comes out with the statement saying that the counter is "wrong", and that they are selling the coins they actually don't have anymore.
    My basket is showing there is still one ATB coin waiting to be checked out.
    Maybe those guys on eBay actually know what they are doing.

  125. Anonymous says

    There's got to be something wrong with the Mint's system. I can't imagine this one not selling out in a day. I'm thinking when their servers went down, it might have wiped out the previous orders or started the count to 0 again.

    And what's with the buyers on ebay buying these at $500 when they can still place an order with the Mint?

  126. Anonymous says

    @12:22pm, they are probably thinking that the mint will send notifications out indicating they have accepted orders passed the limit and have to cancel.

  127. Anonymous says

    Not to worry. The 5 oz. Hot Springs silver uncirculated coin will be a winner. When the mint sorts out it's order numbers, many who wanted one will be denied and the value will increase.

  128. Anonymous says

    To: April 29, 2011 12:22 PM

    Some of the buyers on eBay may not have a credit card or they are outside of the USA.

  129. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know that Modern Coin Mart from Sarasota, FL is offering its customers $50.00 plus the cost of overnight shipping to order the 2010 P Hot Springs 5oz coins for them? Who knows how many other coin dealers are doing the same thing?

  130. Anonymous says

    To: April 29, 2011 12:47 PM

    There are other coin dealers doing the same. Check out other posts on Michael's blog site.

  131. Collector-Joe says

    After reading through the comments on is or "if" the ATB is coin -here's the deal:

    If the US Mint says the ATB coin is a coin, then its a coin.

    Silver hits $50oz -you pay roughly $30 over spot …for a very unique and COLLECTIBLE (and very COOL I might add)…. coin.

    Does it get any better? Thanks Mint -keep up the good work 🙂

  132. Collector-Joe says

    April 29, 2011 9:55 AM

    I wouldn't underestimate this one -it's so unique it's confusing the collector/flipper base out there.

    Time will tell.

  133. Anonymous says

    "Gold is more rare than silver,"

    Do you realize that there is less silver stockpiled in the world than gold? Silver is used up in various manufacturing processes, never to be recovered, while nearly all gold ever mined in history still exists.

  134. Anonymous says

    Michael, how long did it take before the US Mint announced that there was a waiting list for the 50,000 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set? 1-1/2 days? 2 days?

  135. Anonymous says

    Well, after 30 hours of availability, there's still some left of the 27,000 ATB "P" Hot Springs 5 ounce coin is still online to order.

    The 27,000 mintage is about 1/2 of the Lincoln C&C set. So go figure…. I guess demand just ain't that great for this high priced product….

  136. Anonymous says

    Look at silver/gold prices today! This first issue of 5oz proof is going to be a blast @ only 15% over spot! Grab one while you can…

  137. Anonymous says

    When is the US Mint going to issue a 5 ounce proof? I have not seen anything of that sort advertised.

  138. Anonymous says

    I have still held onto 3 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles. Now, looking forward to 3 ATB 5oz Hot springs. The Nation Parks 5oz will be an expensive collection. I have also been collecting the presidential dollar rolls, not as expensive. It will be interesting to see the price swings during the ATB 5oz series.

  139. Anonymous says

    The US Mint website says one per household during the first week. If the US Mint allows you to buy more than one after the 1 week period, will you buy more?

    A limit of one (1) coin per household is in effect for the first week of this product’s release. At the end of this period, the United States Mint will re-evaluate this limit and either extend, adjust or remove it.

  140. Anonymous says

    When is the US Mint going to issue a 5 ounce proof? I have not seen anything of that sort advertised.

    Dude, if you have seen any of the bullion graded "Deep Mirror Proof Like" then you really have a proof coin.

    I guarentee a bullion MS69DMPL will have more eye appeal than a numismatic version that graded MS70.

  141. Anonymous says

    To: April 29, 2011 6:18 PM

    Puhleeeez. There is a difference between PROOF and Proof-like.

    I would never pay the same for a proof vs. a proof-like coin.

  142. Anonymous says

    Puhleeeez. There is a difference between PROOF and Proof-like.

    I would never pay the same for a proof vs. a proof-like coin.

    Puhleeeez, you obviously have not not seen any DMPL coins…don't talk if you don't haven't seen these…which you obviously haven't…I mean no disrepect, but get real!

  143. Anonymous says

    Who knows, these Uncirculated coins may be Proof Like as well, just like some of the Bullion coins.

    Anyway I have a Proof Like 2009 UHR and it is certainly better than a regular Proof Eagle when it comes to eye appeal and I prefer the UHR to regular proof just on looks alone.

    So if these uncirculated 5oz hockey pucks turn out just as nice (meaning some Proof like coins are minted and I don't see why not because the minting process/technology has improved) then Uncirculated coin is the one to get.

    Just My Opinion

  144. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to see the "numismatic version". What most people don't realize though, is that the bullion coins were minted on really polished dies…when you can hold a book 12 inches away from the coin and read it, well the only reason it's not a "proof" coin is just the method of manufactoring, not how it looks.

  145. Anonymous says

    The UNCs can not be proof like. They are basically sandblasted. How many times have you heard about using sandblasting to make a mirror finish.

  146. Anonymous says

    April 29, 2011 7:23 PM

    There has been no 5 oz. Proof coins minted by the US Mint. Ever.

    You absolutely do not know what your talking about.

  147. Anonymous says

    Please go ahead and cancel your order. Some collector who really wants one will gladly purchase it. Regret is an awful feeling.

  148. Anonymous says

    I regret not buying that roll of Silver Eagles in March of 2010. They were $19.10 each out the door.

  149. Anonymous says

    Is anyone planning on have their 2010-P Hot Springs coin graded? I'm sure there will be quite a few MS70's.
    But…it is expensive to have just one coin graded…$81 for a PCGS First Strike($14 modern tier, $20 for oversized holder, $18 for First Strike label, $8 handling fee, $5 to sent it to PCGS, $16 for return shipping.
    NGC for one coin "Early Releases" would cost $65.35…($17 "special modern tier", $25 for oversized holder, $5 to ship to NGC, $18.35 for return shipping.
    If you get a MS70, then it is money well spent…a MS69…not good.

  150. Anonymous says

    it needs few thousands more order numbers to sell out this 5 oz ATB silver coin. why?. because the u.s. mint have so many other products on sales. and also orders being cancel by customers or by the mint itself. and the mint also need some more orders for reserve. in case they found out some orders were duplicate or customers order more than one for the same address.

    the next one will come out over $300.00 when the silver stay at this level. and it looks like end of May.

  151. Anonymous says

    the slabbed companies have so much lies to tell us that the coin is first strike, early release and so forth. come on. when the production is huge. like 10 to 20 million coins or more. the mint have to have several runs from the machine. this is only 27,000 or 33,000 coin. the mint can just run one time to product all these coins. and every coin is first strike and every coin is early release. why fool us?.

  152. Anonymous says

    the new u.s. mint gold products will come out first week of May. well, the gold close in India yesterday (Saturday) at a record high. it looks like over $1,600.00 an ounce. to be exact. it's $1,629.00 per ounce. based on gold average for that week say between $1,600.00 to $1,649.99. the price for the new first spouse 1/2 ounce gold will be: proof – $979.00. unc – $966.00 and the long waited 2011w american eagle burnished uncirculated one ounce gold coin will cost us $1,878.00 each. wow.
    p.s. the american eagle and buffalo gold proofs will be adjusted at a higher prices too. the only cheap stuffs from the mint are the modern commemorative gold and silver series. these prices were being set long time ago.

  153. Paul says

    5 Oz ATB "P" is still available as of now; why is the demand so lackluster?

  154. Anonymous says

    No. 200!!

    The Mint site is down!
    Just check my order; it's all gone.

    Has the Mint done it again this time and deleted all our orders?

  155. Anonymous says

    why not sell out quick?.

    very few collectors for 5 oz. just like the first spouse gold.

    the mintage for 5 oz is considered very high. and the bullion one were the first to send out for dealers and collectors.

    the dealers are not buying and participate. they are busy for their own bullion one. the 2011.

    as a coin collector. this 5 oz coin is never use for general circulation as money before. therefore. it looks like not real. it only fits a medal-like i suppose.

    the price is almost all time record high. people wait to see price lower before they get in. last year the 5 oz should have only cost us way below $100.00 each.

    one ounce is always better than above (5 or 10 oz) or below sizes (1/4 oz or 1/10 oz). how you gonna carry a 5 oz coin in your pocket?.

    these were some of the reasons 5 oz is not so popular. but it will certainly sell out due to first issue and / or first set coming out of a series.

    and i think the next one will be around $325.00 to $350.00 depending on the spot silver. but i will not buy them.

  156. Anonymous says

    Ordered the 5 oz Hot springs silver medal on thursday 9:30 am and it said back ordered till 5/13 checked again Friday and it said back ordered 5/14. Checked sunday am and it says back ordered 5/15. What gives don't they even have a clue on their own shipping and handling process. I think they have sold out and they don't even know it yet!!!!!!!

  157. Vanessa says

    Hey May 1, 2011 1:17 AM

    Sorry to hear about your Mint order, hopefully, it's back later today. I just checked my order and it's still there with a ship date of 5/15. Did you have multiple orders. I know they are checking multi orders with addresses.
    Good luck.

  158. Anonymous says

    vog17 Just checked my order and everything is a go.Only thing that changed is delivery date was moved to 5-15 11.

  159. Anonymous says

    Just wondering, why even bother ordering if you are going to cancel?? Seems like a waste of time. Maybe hoping for a fast sellout and the resale value hitting $1000 overnight ??? Silly.

  160. Anonymous says

    I'm cancelling my order before silver crashes. I'll pick one up for $60 or $70 then.

  161. Anonymous says

    I'm cancelling my order before silver crashes. I'll pick one up for $60 or $70 then.

    That would mean $12-14/ounce silver again. What are you smoking?

  162. Anonymous says

    Silver is correcting now. It's nice that the Mint locked in a good profit from its collectors. Holding out a 2010 coin to sell at the spike up to 50/oz and soon after the sellout, Silver is dropping. Nice JOB U.S. MINT.

  163. Anonymous says

    I am not canceling my order flippers !!!! Should not tell lies like some are doing to maximize profits, not too funny that the devil is in the details. Remember he is the father of ALL lies.

  164. Anonymous says

    one ounce is always better than above (5 or 10 oz) or below sizes (1/4 oz or 1/10 oz). how you gonna carry a 5 oz coin in your pocket?.

    Not one time have I read where someone plans on carrying these in their pocket. Good grief .999 fine 5 ounces of silver is what they are buying and throw in a neat design to boot. Comments like above are so stupid they are not one bit funny.

  165. Anonymous says

    No cancellation here, I am going for it. This is number 1, it, in my opinion will outrank the other first 4. This is the very first one. Can't get any better than that.

  166. Anonymous says

    Might not be as nice looking as some of the other 4 but first is first.

  167. Anonymous says

    One silver analyst I read expects silver to hit $250 an ounce. I think $100 is safe, but $250 would really be a bubble.

    You guys hoping for a drop… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  168. Hidalgo says

    Post – bin Laden news:

    World stock markets are up. And pre-market stock trading in the USA is up as well. Seems like it might be a great day for the stock markets worldwide.

    Gold and silver futures have retreated. It appears that gold and silver values will fall,, at least for today.

    God bless America. Go USA!

  169. Anonymous says

    @ May 1, 2011 6:55 PM

    Michael, I hope you will only allow those who reveal their names/nicknames to post on your blog.

    The immature man @ May 1, 2011 6:55 PM needs to grow up. He may be an adult, but has the maturity and intellect of a 6 year old.

  170. John says

    U.S. mint caught all its collectors!
    Selling a 5 Oz 2010 coin at 2011 peak silver. Nice Job, Mint!

  171. Anonymous says

    U.S. mint caught all its collectors!
    Selling a 5 Oz 2010 coin at 2011 peak silver. Nice Job, Mint!

    PMs dropped sharply due to news leak of death of OBL (UBL). This was not timed by the mint.

  172. Anonymous says

    THe point is the Mint could have sold a 2010 coin last year, why delay till end of Apr 2011?

  173. Anonymous says

    I'm cancelling my orders. Saving the cash for other better buys this yr.

    Sorry you did not get one. Perhaps you can pick one up in the aftermarket at 2-5x the cost.

  174. Vanessa says

    I just checked my US Mint order, the item status has changed from "backordered with a delivery date of 5/15 to"
    "In stock and reserved"

    Anybody else getting this change in item status?

  175. Anonymous says

    @ Vanessa ,I just checked my Mint order and I too am showing in stock and reserved.

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