2010 Native American Dollar Direct Ship Rolls Available

Today, the United States Mint began sales for their first 2010 dated product. The 2010 Native American Dollars are being offered through the Direct Ship Program.

The 2010 Native American Dollar features a portrait of Sacagawea and child on the obverse and the Hiawatha Belt on the reverse. This belt is a visual record of the creation of the Haudenosaunee or Iroqouis Confederacy in the early 1400s. This is the second reverse design for the series celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of Native Americans.

The Direct Ship Program was created to make dollar coins more available to the public and encourage their use in circulation. Since the program was introduced in June 2008, the US Mint has distributed more than $130 million in dollar coins through the program. After some widely reported abuses, the US Mint added messages to the product pages which state that by ordering the coins, customers must understand and comply with the intended purpose of the program and not immediately deposit the coins at a bank.

The 2010 Native American Dollars are available in boxes of 250 coins. The coins are wrapped in rolls of 25, with ten rolls to a box. The $250 boxes may be ordered at face value with no charges for shipping and handling. There is a limit of 20 boxes per household. The mint mark of the coins cannot be specified. At various times the US Mint has issued either Philadelphia or Denver Mint coins through the program. You can find the US Mint’s product page here.

Update: The US Mint has unexpectedly added 2001 Sacagwea Dollars to the Direct Ship Program as well. The 2001-P Sacagawea Dollar had a mintage of 62,468,00 and the 2001-D had a mintage of 70,939,500. This was the last year the Sacagawea Dollar was struck for circulation- in subsequent years the coins were produced only for sale in numismatic bags and rolls or annual sets.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I was sorry to see the 2009's run out so quickly after resurfacing on the site. Nonetheless, I think the 2010 coin design is beautiful and have already placed my order for 2 boxes. Will certainly order more in the future.

  2. Anonymous says

    I just heard last night on TV one of the coin sellers was saying that there will be no more satin finish coins. He said there will be no satin finish unc. mint sets or anything else. Has anyone heard any news about that?

  3. Anonymous says

    Nope, I've heard nothing about the satin finish coins being discontinued. I doubt that is true, but you never know anymore what might be going on. It's probably just a rumor someone started.

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow, I had no idea the Mint was still sitting on enough 2001 golden dollars to make them available in the direct ship program. I ordered my limit of two boxes, as well as two boxes of the 2010's. I sure hope those don't count as cash advances on my credit card!

  5. Anonymous says

    This seems to be a new gimmick from the Mint. They over produce coins that don't sell well to collectors and are for the most part unwanted by the public at large, so they store them for a few years. Suddenly out of nowhere, they ressurrect a large supply, and splash them for sale as tho' collectors at going to leap into the air with glee. Remember how many years those Kennedy half dollar bags were offered long after their mint date? Now it's Sac $1's, that no one wants. Try handing a fist full to a pimply faced kid at the register in your town. LOL. He'll call the sherriff in an instant. Better than that, hand a bunch to your local Walmart brain trust and watch the reaction: "Attention-security, assistance needed at register #12 A.S.A.P."

    Aside from a few widely scattered post stamp machines or a train ticketing device, no one carry's, uses, or wants them. And the Mint is doing you a favor by offering $250 worth for $250??? You know how much they weigh? LOL. Amazing!

  6. Anonymous says

    I ordered my Two rolls of the 2010 Dollars. I will wait to see my credit card bill before placing any more orders. If charged as a cash advance, NO more orders.

  7. Anonymous says

    Anyone think it is worth buying some of the direct ship Washington, Adams, Jefferson dollars in hopes of finding some Godless dollars? Just wondering… Thanks

  8. Anonymous says

    Sure, if you haven't already bought your 2-box limit, go ahead and try your luck. I'd buy more, but since I already bought 2 boxes of each many months ago, the Mint would cancel any more orders I might place.

  9. Anonymous says

    So the mint had kept those dollars sitting in a warehouse for literally 9 years… WOW

  10. vaughnster says

    Michael, do you have any idea whether the new design 2010 penny rolls will be available through the Mint in February?

  11. Anonymous says

    I hope they are sitting on the 2009 nickel and dimes and will release them soon. I haven't seen one all of last year.
    I also hope we can order the new pennies, nickels and dimes online from the mint.

  12. limalo says

    Has anyone had any experience with the Direct Ship Program since the changes were made to curtail the frequent flyer miles excesses? Specifically, did your credit card company treat the purchase as a cash advance with attendant charges or did it just go through as a normal credit card transaction?

    I just can't see paying cash advance charges for direct ship coins. I used to get two boxes of the various dollar coins but I am reluctant to get any more until I know that I won't be charged a cash advance fee.

    Anyone's experience would be helpful to know. Thanks.

  13. Anonymous says

    No brainer…If you use a credit card to purchase something it legally cannot be something else (ie. cash advance).

    If you think the government has enough power AND organization to make your legal purchases with a credit card turn into something else (ie. cash advance) than we need to contact Big Brother directly!

    A cash advance is when you put a piece of plastic in a machine and you ok a "cash advance" and money comes (at that moment) out of the machine into your hands.

    Check with your credit card company!

  14. Anonymous says

    I've heard they are still treated as purchases. Whether or not they still earn any type of rewards remains to be seen, by me anyway. I've got an order in for two boxes of the 2010 Native American Dollars. I passed on the 2001's, since I figure there is really no point in getting those until I know for sure how the transaction will be treated by my credit card bank (Chase.)

    Earning rewards on the direct ship boxes was just icing on the cake for me anyway, as my real motivation behind getting the coins was the ability to get large amounts of coins to search for errors. My banks never did receive any 2009 Native American Dollars. In fact, several of them asked me to order some of the coins FOR them, so they would have some to distribute to their customers who were asking for them!

  15. Michael says

    In response to some of the questions-

    "I just heard last night on TV one of the coin sellers was saying that there will be no more satin finish coins."

    I have seen a few people mention this online, but the only source of the information is the same home shopping TV program. There has been no official word from the US Mint and nothing from any of the major coin publications or websites. I think they must have bad information or misunderstood something.

    Also, the US Mint's subscription pages for the 2010 Mint Set state that the coins will have the satin finish.

    "Has anyone had any experience with the Direct Ship Program since the changes were made to curtail the frequent flyer miles excesses? Specifically, did your credit card company treat the purchase as a cash advance with attendant charges or did it just go through as a normal credit card transaction?"

    The LA Times said that per Tom Jurkowsky of the US Mint "In the future, credit card purchases will be recorded as cash advances rather than credit card purchases."

    Nonetheless several Mint News Blog readers have reported ordering Direct Ship coins and having them come through as a regular charge.


    Maybe it was not possible for the US Mint to have these charged as cash advances. If anyone has a charge come through as a cash advance, please leave a comment.

  16. Elwood says

    I ordered and received one box of 2009 Native American Dollar coins. They arrived on Christmas Eve. I purchased by credit card, the transaction was processed as a normal purchase, and my credit card company gave me my cashback reward. And I placed the order after the announcement about making these "cash advances."

    Personally, I have found that many of the vending machines I frequent do take $1 coins. And I rarely find a cashier who doesn't know what they are. $2 bills are another matter.

  17. Anonymous says

    Has anyone ever opened a presidential or sac roll after a few years.These coins do not do well next to each other at all.Manganese doesn't even do well when placed in a holder by it self.Now the mint says they have 9 year old rolls for sale.ROFLMAO.I'm pretty sure they just sat on shelves in bags for nine years.Then got sent off for rolling.I think not.Those are going to be some very ugly coins I'm sure.I say this is a pretty pitiful attempt for the US Mint to get rid of their junk.So this is what I am to expect so far in 2010.2001 Sacs and 5 oz bullion I can't buy from anyone but a rip off bullion dealer.LOL what a joke numismatics has become.

  18. Anonymous says

    How about buying a box or two and spend them. This is what the direct ship program is all about. Try it, you might even get some interesting reactions from the public. I do.

  19. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I love spending both dollar coins and $2 bills at fast food restaurants. Those kids always hesitate before turning around to ask the manager "Do we take these?" Sometimes their almost ready to call security! 🙂

  20. Anonymous says

    To the earlier poster about whether to order. Yes, do it. I found several Washingtons with a die crack in UNITED. A couple that looked like leopard skin, and a few with other Presidents with misaligned letters. Even if you don't find anything fun, it will give you something to do on those snowy evenings, and it doesn't cost anything.

    I also ordered some after the hoopla, and did not get charged a cash advance fee. I ordered other items with these, so I am not 100% certain that the "cash" part of the order wasn't masked. I found 2 misaligned letters on the '09 N.A.s.

  21. Anonymous says

    By "mis-alingned letters", I take it you mean the edge lettering? I too found a few '09 Native American Dollars that had that peculiar anomaly. I think I kept one or two of the more pronounced ones, but the rest I probably got rid of. Are they worth anything?

    I found two JQA, one James Madison and two Native American dollars that were missing part of their edge lettering, with deep gouges and scratches on the edge following the point where the missing lettering began. I sold the two JQA that had that defect, the first for around $60 and the second for almost $130. I still have the Madison and Native American ones. Did anyone else who is reading this find any like that?

  22. Jake says

    I received my order of one 2001 and 2010 coins today.

    The 2010 came in standard 'string and son' wrapper and were beautiful.

    The 2001, however, came in official US mint wrappers. The end coins were all spotted and hazed over. The inside coins were in excellent condition.

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