2010 One-Half Ounce Proof Gold Eagle Sold Out?

According to the US Mint’s website, the 2010 Proof Gold Eagle individual one-half ounce option has sold out. The product has been moved to the “No Longer Available” section with the ordering buttons removed and “Sold Out” in their place.

This is a very surprising development since according to the latest US Mint sales report, the individual one-half ounce option had sold only 10,131 out of the 15,000 product limit. This suggests that nearly 5,000 coins were ordered in the past few days.

If the sell out did actually occur (in some cases US Mint products have been marked “sold out,” only to later return later), perhaps the other available 2010 Proof Gold Eagles also experienced similar surges in sales during the past few days.

As of December 19, the individual one-quarter ounce coin had sold 7,930, leaving 8,070 of the product limit available. The one-tenth ounce coin had sold 17,871, leaving 9,129 available. The 4 Coin Set had sold 31,846, leaving 7,154 available.

The individual one ounce option had previously sold out on November 1, with the entire 25,000 product limit purchased in less than a month.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Anyone who buys large 1 ounce gold coins will find it very difficult to sell if gold does reach very high spot prices. I myself look for smaller pieces under spot price which has proven to be a much smarter move if I ever need to sell. And yes it is possible to buy smaller gold coins under spot. The premiums on the US Mint gold coins are absolutely to high and not a wise choice to make when other smaller pieces can be bought under spot price. To each his own I guess. I prefer the low road over the high road myself.

  2. Anonymous says

    Seems that no one anywhere is saying anything regarding the sale of the ATBs to the public. The only real news that has come out of it is the resignation of Ed Moy. These APs and their dealers that they apparently favor are scumbags IMO.I really hope their are serious prosecutions made to all involved in this apparent move by the APs and their dealers to keep these coins away from the public.

  3. Anonymous says

    Mintages of precious metals over 20k traditionally have not been winner and mintages of under 20k have commanded nice premiums.
    The 2010 1/2 oz proof AGE will be a winner! (Much better use of $850 than the 5oz circus silver bullion).

  4. Anonymous says


    Can you please do your best to find out what the heck is going on about these ATB coins. Why are these coins not available to the public? What is the US Mint doing to make sure the APs are following their newly signed contract stating that they must sell these at a reasonable 10% profit to the public. WHY IS NO ONE ANYWHERE SAYING ANYTHING? Please help us understand what thew heck is going on with this completely screwed up situation.

  5. Anonymous says

    Looks like they could have capped Mary Lincoln at 10K and still not much interest. The Mary Lincoln hype has been high for years. Maybe the high price of spot gold has given many second thoughts. This may be good for the eventual value of the coin.

  6. Anonymous says

    Sorry to break the news but there are fewer of the 5 ounce silver coins than there are of the 1/2 ounce proof gold eagle.

    33,000 5 ounce silver coins each
    42,000 1/2 proof gold eagles and climbing

  7. Anonymous says

    @ 12/22/10 10:04AM
    Yes, you have to pay that premium way above spot to the Mint, but I always like to do it since it gives me a 1000% guarantee that the gold is real. Thats why Ive never bought from APMEX. Thats just from a collector's (and not an investor's point of view).

  8. Anonymous says

    33,000 5 ounce silver coins each total of 165,000 coins
    42,000 1/2 proof gold eagles and climbing
    4200 van buren mint state liberties
    8800 2008 w $10 gold eagles
    10,000 reverse proof gold eagles
    3200 Julia tyler mint state liberties
    7600 Jackson liberty proofs
    Read Eric jordans book on mordant us coins!

    This set is overhyped.

  9. Anonymous says

    Getting back on topic, maybe the Mint is having a hard time getting the blanks for these coins now. Just because there is a stated product limit doesn't mean the Mint will necessarily sell that many. They just won't sell MORE than the stated limit.

    Either the blanks are getting scarce, or a lot of folks have a hunch that gold will be moving sharply higher in the coming weeks and are buying up these sets for what may be viewed as a "bargain" price before too long!

  10. Anonymous says

    What a worthless bloat that 2010 Proof Silver Eagle turned into. Mintage has to be close to a million now. Hundreds still available on eBay. They made way to many of these.

  11. Anonymous says

    I didn't buy any! I knew they were way overpriced in relation to how many of them there would be.

    Maybe one of these days, the price will look like a bargain. In the meantime though, I don't want to tie up that much money in them while waiting for that to happen.

  12. Mint News Blog says

    There are 36,000 more of the one-half ounce 2010 Proof Gold Eagles in the four coin set. thus, total mintage is 46,000.

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