2010-P Abraham Lincoln Rolls Sold Out

According to the US Mint’s website, the 2010 Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin Rolls from the Philadelphia Mint have sold out. These are the specially packaged numismatic rolls offered by the Mint for each issue of the series. The coins included in the rolls are the same as those issued for circulation.

The Abraham Lincoln Dollar Rolls originally went on sale on November 18, 2010, meaning that they have been available for just over seven months. The 25-coin rolls from Philadelphia have sold 49,300 units according to the latest sales report.

At the time of this post, the Denver Mint rolls remain available for sale, although they have a back order date of July 7. The sales report shows slightly lower sales at 48,770 units.

Numismatic products that feature Abraham Lincoln have always been popular and this product has been no exception. The sales levels are well above of all other Presidential Dollar rolls that are currently offered by the US Mint, several of which have been available for longer periods of time. The longest available rolls are those featuring James K. Polk, which originally went on sale on August 20, 2009.

Of the sold out Presidential Dollar Rolls, the only ones that tend to bring a big premium are those featuring William Henry Harrison. These rolls sold out in less than two months, with final sales of 30,000 from each mint. The continued premium is somewhat perplexing as a few subsequent issues also sold out quickly at the same final sales levels, but do not command a premium.

Coin Update News: Complete US Mint Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    I am glad to see at least one issue of these presidential dollars is doing relatively well. I probably should have bought one for myself.

  2. Anonymous says

    i guess for this year 2011w AGE unc one ounce gold coin mintage will be less than 5,000 pc. this week mint sold 69 pc only.

  3. Anonymous says

    I just wish I knew who is still buying the Polk rolls each week. I would GLADLY sell them mine for the Mint issue price, and I'd even throw in free shipping to boot. I'd rather eat the postage than eat the entire $114.45 premium I paid for the 10 rolls I bought, which is what I'll end up doing when I'm forced to simply open the rolls and spend them at face value.

    NEVER again will I buy any Presidential Dollar rolls from the Mint. I was the stupid one to gamble on them in the first place. I only buy products that contain some form of precious metal in them now. I'm not going to pay into these silly gimmicks and lose all that money.

  4. Anonymous says

    Dont worry 10:54, many of us have felt the burn from the Mint on the same and other products the last few years!

    It is a shame the current Mint won't put any effort into making items that will hold or increase their value over time like they used to.

  5. Anonymous says

    I bought the Lincoln dollars when they were initially offered. I do think the mint rolls will double in value – these days 100% increase is pretty good interest – I hope I'm right. The problem I think has been that we were showered with multi-pennies, commeratives, and the dollars all at about the same time … I bought a little of everything! And probably a lot of folks did as well. I am greedy, I will keep them all being the sentimental fool I am about history. I thought the mintage would be higher on Lincoln.

    I say bring on the rest of the 5 oz for this year and the proof silver eagles, and that will be it for me.

  6. Anonymous says

    To 10:45. You are not the only my friend. Got burned bad with those state quarters rolls. At the end, I opened them all up and deposited at face value.

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  8. Anonymous says

    Actually, I use the dollar coins as tooth-fairy money for my kids, but you'd have to loose a lot of teeth to use up several rolls.

  9. Anonymous says

    To 10:54
    That's exactly how I feel with these presidential rolls. I have 20 of these rolls from 2007 – Washington, Adams, Jefferson. $35 bucks each then for pretty much $25 face value now. I've been itching to open them up and just use them since they're just dead money. Like you, never again with these presidential rolls and First Day Coin Covers if I may add. There really is no sense getting these rolls for a premium when they are the exact same ones for circulation.

  10. Anonymous says

    Guys, stop talking about the 2011 AGE Unc if you want to keep its low mintage.

  11. Anonymous says

    Does the mint announce the end of issue sales before or after we are able to still buy it, considering there is no sellout?

  12. Anonymous says

    Yah! The 2011 w age unc has already been minted to 10 to 15K. Anyone wishing for less has been tipping a few to many before posting.

  13. Anonymous says

    I don't think the mint would have minted 10 to 15K AGE unc for 2011. Besides that doesn't have anything to do with sales numbers and maybe we had better stop mentioning it if we want to keep sales figures low but we probably won't influence sales too much anyway because other factors like price and the amount of other coins available this year esp the ATB 5 oz coins will be more of a factor to buyers.

  14. Anonymous says

    september 11 silver coin should have make 500,000 each of the philadelphia proof and unc and 500,000 each of the west point proof and unc. total 2,000,000 piece.

  15. Anonymous says

    There are only a fraction of people collecting the numismatic coins from the Mint. Look at the sale volume of gold and silver bullions, the ATB-P coins would have sold out in a couple of days after release. If I had purchased the bullion gold coins last year, I would have made a solid profit. Now, I am not even sure how much the proof and UNC coins could bring from ebay. In additon, it is easier to buy on the dip with bullions once you have identified a good dealer. Enough with looking at these shining coins. Need to start to treat them as investment.

  16. Anonymous says

    I, for one, have never bought an AGE UNC but am now considering it depending on how it goes regarding the cost and mint figures. If the Mint has to adjust its price upwards when the gold average goes over 1550, then I definitely have to grab at least one before that happens.

  17. Anonymous says

    Cancelled my order for 2011 AGE UNC ($1778) coin after seeing some of the previous coins on sale at APMEX: 2007-W UNC- $1649, 2006 three coins set bullion, proof and rev pr- $4999, and two-coins set -$1774. Can anyone tell me that I should not go for the APMEX coin set? I really like the two and three coin sets.

  18. Anonymous says

    "Cancelled my order for 2011 AGE UNC ($1778) coin after seeing some of the previous coins on sale at APMEX"

    You just need to consider APMEX might be selling the 2011 W AGE's at a much higher price if the total mintage on these coins is very low when they sell out. Then you might be wishing you had bought one of these coins for $1778. But then again if the economy gets really bad (which it actually is) and we have hyperinflation and PM's skyrocket – collectible coins may only be worth their intrinsic value anyway.

  19. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the advice. Considering 2007-W UNC as somewhat low sale- 11,000 vs 3,000 for 2011 UNC now, the low price at APMEX ($1649) suggests that we may have over-estimated the premium value of numismatic products.

  20. Anonymous says

    I noticed that most coins including the proof version trail the bullion prices. The only clear winners are early sell-outs and low mintage. I am hoping for a repeat of 1995 Silver anniversary and 2008 Buffaloes.

  21. Anonymous says

    I just checked and APMEX is currently selling the 2008-W 1/4 oz Burnished Gold American Eagle (w/Box & Coa) for $1395 which is currently the lowest minted AGE with a mintage of 8,883.

    This shows how much of a premium they might be selling the 2011-W 1oz coins for if the mintage for
    them is even lower.

  22. Anonymous says

    Then we may have two winners- 2011 1/2 ounce proof and UNC, since both are selling in the mid 2,000 range.

  23. Anonymous says

    You will never find a modern gold coin that will even come close to the the value of a low mintage silver eagle in ngc/pcgs/ms70

  24. Anonymous says

    The half oz proof age has a total mintage of about 10000 so far because of the sales of the four coin set – the 1oz age unc should be the winner by far.

  25. Anonymous says

    I just checked and APMEX is currently selling the 2008-W 1/4 oz Burnished Gold American Eagle (w/Box & Coa) for $1395 which is currently the lowest minted AGE with a mintage of 8,883.

    This shows how much of a premium they might be selling the 2011-W 1oz coins for if the mintage for
    them is even lower.
    The 2008 W 1/4 ounce burnished coin will always remain supreme because they do not make them anymore (i.e., 1/4 ounce with the W mint mark). Same with the fractional buffalos of 2008. I bet the mint has made at least 10K 2011 1 ounce AGEs.

  26. Anonymous says

    Can someone tell me why the price of the 2006 W Gold Eagle Reverse Proof remains stuck in the $2000 range with a mintage of only 10000?

  27. Anonymous says

    They should make Ronald Reagan coins cause he was a much better president than Lincoln. Reagun helped all Americans into prosperity.

  28. Anonymous says

    RR a better president than Lincoln? Kind of hard to compare or even fair to compare don't ya think since Lincoln was assinated prior to his term ending as president? Reagan was ok at best. He was good at spending money… and increasing the deficit. A deficit trend that got way out of control with Bush Jr.. and now Obama

  29. Anonymous says

    i'm glad somebody bought the lincoln rolls i was planning on buying. saved me $20. i started my collection back in 2007, got mad when i missed the william henry harrison rolls, and just gave up before lincoln. with the price increase this year i am staying away. i started collecting the different native american rolls, but i will probably give them up too. will they ever be worth more than mints pricing? i guess the direct ship program killed the value of the mint rolls. i have started selling mine on ebay to pay for my atb uncirculated coins. if they don't sell, i'm just going to take them to the bank. so far the only one to fetch a premium for me has been the 2008 martin van buren philadelphia roll $52.50.

  30. Anonymous says

    Most of you are foolish to think that the US Mint will sell products and limit quantities to appeal to collectors and coin flippers.

    The US Mint, like most business, is out to sell merchandise (coins) and make profits. Why do you think precious metal items are marked up so high?

    Best to invest your money in more reliable investment commodities. Sure, there are occasional winners sold by the US Mint. Be seriously, take a hard look at every item the US Mint sells (exclude precious metal items — values are primarily based on bullion values). You'll find that the winners are the exceptions than the general rule.

  31. Anonymous says

    I am waiting to see a George W. Bush Presidential coin. I thank him for putting our country so deep into debt, that investors throughout the world have caused precious metal values to rise. The value of my coin collection has risen as well.

  32. Anonymous says

    PM;s are down a little more this morning – good for buyers – hope gold goes below $1500 again and the mint lowers it;s prices a little

  33. Anonymous says

    I have been getting my presidential dollar rolls at a local bank at face value. All have crimped ends and are labeled with the name of the president. I did pick up two rolls of the Lincoln dollar when they came out as I thought, apparently correctly, they would have a higher demand down the road. The demand for William Henry Harrison though is confusing.

  34. Anonymous says

    "Can someone tell me why the price of the 2006 W Gold Eagle Reverse Proof remains stuck in the $2000 range with a mintage of only 10000?"

    Because plenty of sellers are happy to sell at that price and not enough buyers are willing to pay more.

    Remember many mint products are bought by the dozens by dealers. Look at and table at a coin show. Piles of mint products. Where are to collectors for them?

  35. JA says

    I have several thousands of dollars in bank and mint rolls. I stopped buying mint rolls last year and have since only collected bank rolls.

    I have chosen to stop collecting them altogether and I am *this* close to putting them all in a box and just taking them to the bank.

    In hindsight, buying the mint rolls was very foolish as I got caught up in the presidential coin frenzy.

    I stand to lose a lot of money by just cashing these little golden suckers so if anything, realizing my loss is what's keeping me from going ahead with the plan.

    Don't even mention FeeBay, prices for Presidential proof dollars (another product I foolishly invested in) are down 35%.

    Overall, I am looking to start selling my collection. Good luck to those who can spot the winners but as for me, I am slowly starting to leave the hobby altogether.

  36. Anonymous says


    I feel your pain. I have a lot of "junk" that I foolishly bought over the past few years also that I now find myself in the position of taking losses to clear it out.

    Try offering your stuff for sale on webstore.com, as they have no selling fees there. It takes longer to sell stuff due to the reduced traffic, but it can be done. I sold my Hot Springs and Yellowstone P ATB coins there, and saved myself a $63 eBay fee. All I had to pay was the 2.9% plus .30 cents to PayPal. I'm wondering when the day will come that eBay will not allow PayPal to be used on any competing auction sites! 🙂

    Best of luck to you!


    A Fellow Remorseful Buyer

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