2010 Platinum Eagle on Waiting List

After almost exactly one week of sales, the 2010 Proof Platinum Eagle has been put on waiting list status at the United States Mint, signifying that orders have been received to fulfill the 10,000 coin maximum mintage.

Orders can still be placed on the US Mint’s website, however these orders will be for placement on a waiting list. In the event that coins become available due to order cancellations, orders are fulfilled from the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

The 2010 Platinum Eagle proof coin went on sale Thursday, August 12 priced at $1,892 each. By Sunday, August 15, sales of the coin had reached 8,268, representing more than 80% of the maximum mintage. Yesterday, a pricing adjustment reduced the cost of the coin to $1,792 each, likely providing the impetus for reaching the 10,000 coin maximum.

The time frame necessary to reach the maximum is slightly faster than last year. The 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle took slightly more than seven days to sell the maximum mintage of 8,000 coins. Last year the sell out did not spark an immediate boost for secondary market prices. Rather, it took some time for prices to steadily increase to around $2,400 per coin. The most recently completed auctions for raw 2009 coins show prices just above $2,500.

The strong demand for the 2010 Platinum Eagle is somewhat of an anomaly for US Mint products this year. Other products have fallen short of prior year sales trends. The only other 2010 product to sell out was the Boy Scouts Commemorative Coins. In that situation, the coins experienced strong opening sales, but then dragged on for months before an official sell out was attained.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I noticed that there are a couple of 2010 platinum eagles on ebay for $2100 buy it now. My guess that now the waiting list is up, that's not too bad of a deal. My guess is that it will take a few months to get those $2500 prices on the 2010.

  2. Anonymous says

    Since the waiting list did not pop up yesterday, and my order for 5 coins would tie up almost $9,000, I cancelled it this morning and instead placed an order for a single coin just a few minutes before the waiting list notice appeared.

    Cancelling the first order may turn out to be a bad move, but I was afraid of having that much money tied up in something I might not be able to sell quickly. Just because the 2009 saw gains didn't mean the 2010's necessarily will. My hope was to make a quick short-term profit on the platinums and re-invest the proceeds (less capital gains tax) in some Buchanan's Liberty and Mary Lincoln First Spouses.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah, i'm glad i bought two. I'll keep one to complete the collection and i'll try and sell the other on ebay eventually. Hopefully I can bring the cost down on my keeper to at least spot. If these sell like the 09's, then I think a person could make around $400 after fees. We'll see. I like the design on this coin way better than last years PC coin. Nice to see the sell out.

  4. Anonymous says

    If you look at the previous post some may be returning their coins due to poor striking or marks. Those on the waiting list will be the ones receiving these returns. My order for one was on Friday (the second day available) at noon and my status is in stock and reserved. Hopefully the mint will send it out before the returns start as I don't open the box and have no choice but to keep it mint sealed!!!!!!Saving the hundred dollars may take you out of the PF70 range and may keep you from receiving a coin alltogether–Al in Ohio

  5. Anonymous says


    Many thanks for your posts on this coin. I would have missed the chance to buy one from the U.S. Mint at the reduced price.

  6. Anonymous says

    Al in Ohio
    I wouldn't exactly sweat the hundred bucks theory after hearing that the IRA funds were tying up a bunch of these. When those get let loose on the market eventually the hundred clams won't mean much.
    I'd rather take my money and buy a proven 2001 $50 Platinum AE.

  7. Anonymous says

    Several posts concerning the 2010 Platinum Eagles have made reference to them as being a good investment for IRA accounts. Some of these posts implied that the Platinum Eagles were good as an IRA investment but not otherwise. Can someone explain to me what would make the PE a good investment for an IRA but not outside of an IRA? Also, once a coin has been purchased, can it then be put into an IRA or does it have to be purchased through an IRA initially? Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.


  8. Anonymous says

    If the waiting list notice vanished, it must have been very short-lived. It's displayed on the page now. I never saw it disappear.

    There might have been some cancellations with re-orders placed to save the $100 per coin, if cancelling the older order was still an option.

  9. Anonymous says

    To me an investment is an "investment" whether it's in an IRA or not. It's still going to gain in value(maybe) So IRA's, flippers, or heaven forbid- a collector may do well with this coin later on.

  10. vaughnster says

    I'm glad I picked one up yesterday at $1792. Can't see it going down in value with low mintage and such a quick sellout. I think it's much nicer looking than the 2009.

  11. Anonymous says

    It does look nicer than last years "PC" coin. I kinda got a chuckle when i heard this years PE referred to as "Blind Gangsta Liberty".

  12. Anonymous says

    To commenters regarding investment in IRA for this coin. This would be for tax pursposes now and down the line. If you are a person of substantial means then it may not be of any benefit and your accountant would give you the proper advice.

  13. Anonymous says

    I think it will be interesting to see how this coin does…will the higher mintage this year of 10,000 vs 8,000 of last year offset vs the much better "design": of this years coin? (well, my take on it)

    Personally, I much prefer this year's design to last years PC design.

    To me…the 2010 "Blind Justice" design will be hard to beat in this series future offerings.

    As always, time will tell, but I have a feeling that 5 years down the road we may look back at the 2010 design as the best of them all.

  14. Anonymous says

    A word of caution for those who think they'll cancel their original order and get a $100discount. The order I placed Sunday shows "In stock & reserved"
    The order I placed yesterday says "Backordered". I've had similar "backorders" canceled in the past by the mint due to a sell-out.

  15. Anonymous says

    ***Platinum close to a 6 month low.
    Be careful flippers!
    Only buy coins you like and can afford.
    If you buy only to flip, you may get burned!
    $1800 is a lot of money to be tied up in a flip.
    Lots of high priced flips, but not much bidding…

  16. Anonymous says

    Nice youtube vid…it shows the 2010 platinum eagle up close and personal. I think its a nice looking coin.

  17. Anonymous says

    So how does the HSN get 29 of these graded by the 16th of Aug? Does the 5 household limit not apply to them? Crazy.

    this is in reference to the youtube video above.

  18. Anonymous says

    For all you newbees out there, platinum does not always trade higher than gold!
    Buy a coin if you are ok paying and keeping it.
    In general, and especially on a coin, gold is way prettier than platinum.
    I snagged a proof buff before the price increase, much nicer coin than the plat. The slight orangy color to the gold with the beaten metal looks awesome. Plat with blah color and lack of detail is a yawner!

  19. Anonymous says

    Ok, Ok, Ok !! Enough already with the Platinum bashing. You almost sound like Mr. Bubble Pop-Head. When Platinum scyrockets (eventually) after industrial demand kicks in (eventually) we (and the IRA holders) will be very pleased indeed.

  20. Lasloo says

    As to how HSN got hold of so many Platinum Eagles and were able to grade them so quickly… from what I've read/heard, their representatives was at the one of the big coin shows where the US Mint was directly selling these. A number of grading services were also there, specifically ANACS I think… and they were able to grade them on the spot (usually at a higher cost though, but cheaper than PCGS). So, they were able to get the "first day" label as well.
    They had a number of representatives there, so as long as each one bought 5, they could probably get close to 30 of 'em.

  21. Anonymous says

    Good article in financial press yesterday pointing out the increased demand in China for platinum, where it is a preferred precious metal. For the poster who prefers appearance of gold to platinum, that's why they make chocolate AND vanilla.

  22. Anonymous says

    Platinum is considerably more scarce than gold. Platinum is also a much smaller market than Gold, often having larger daily fluctuations in price. Platinum is more sensitive to industrial demand, so take that for what its worth in these uncertain economic times.

  23. Anonymous says

    Try asking any of the millions of Indians to swap personal gold for equal weight platinum, you will not find any takers.

  24. Anonymous says

    I asked a dealer what he would pay for the '10 proof Platinum and I was told spot plus a small premium. He wouldn't give me an exact price until I showed him the coin, but unless you sell on ebay, don't expect to make more than spot plus a fixed premium. Vaugnster will be correct unless spot platinum falls (this may be happening now).

  25. Anonymous says

    Orders must have been coming in fast and furious. I placed an order for one coin shortly before the "waiting list" notice appeared, and it still shows "on hold" and backordered. If my order is on the waiting list, it should be towards the very top, but who knows?

    I sure hope I don't get someone's returned coin! What's the point?

  26. Anonymous says

    I remember that the 09s took about 6 or 7 months to get to $2400 mark on ebay. After fees, that represents about $450 profit per coin. My guess is that it will take at least that long with the 2010s as well. Right now, they have sold a few on ebay for $2100 or so. Not much profit after fees at that price. Although, HSN has sold out of their 29 anacs pr70s 2010 PEs for $3800 each. Wish I had HSN's selling power. Now comes the wait.

  27. vaughnster says

    My order for the 2010 plat eagle finally moved to the "in stock and reserved" today. I ordered it last Wednesday after the price drop. Looks like I'll be receiving it soon. It's my first platinum coin and I'm hoping it won't have any defects. It's sad we even have to think about that……….

  28. Anonymous says

    You order number 350216XX at 11:33AM on 8/18/2010. Mine is 35022xxx @ 12:52am same day both at lower price, shipped 08/24/2010.
    So in about 1hr 20 min there was at least 1000 orders. They must be pretty busy although not all were ordering the same thing.

  29. HighRoller says

    Ordered 2 of these on 8-12 received both 8-19. One was perfect but the 2nd had a very obvious mark on the obverse below the E in Liberty. I sent this one back for a refund. Ordered 2 more on 8-18 at the lower price received both on 8-24. Same situation, one perfect and one with the same mark on the obverse. Sent this one back for an exchange. Hopefully the replacement will be a better specimen.

  30. Anonymous says

    I received my 2010 Platinum proof eagle from the mint last week. I plan to sell it next year to invest in other coins. Here is my question: Is it worth more to keep it sealed in it's shipping box, or open it up and inspect the coin?

  31. Anonymous says

    If you don't plan to keep it, leaving it sealed is your best bet. That way, if it has any problems, you were not aware of them and the buyer can't hold you accountable. Plus, so many people are obsessed with the silly "First Strike" or "Early Release" nonsense, the sealed box will qualify it for that status and make it more valuable in those people's eyes.

  32. Anonymous says

    To 12:52 PM

    I also bought a couple to resell, but I just couldn't keep them sealed. I just don't trust the mint that much. A sealed coin would sell on ebay for more due to the fact that it guarentees the buyer that the coin hasn't been cherry picked. Also, if the buyer wants to send it off to get graded, it would qualify for a early release or first strike if its sealed. Although, since this coin sold out in the first week, I guess they would all be early releases… I think you could expect a hundred more for a sealed coin by next year. Anyway, I opened mine and they turned out to be in perfect condition. I think that you can expect to get about $2500 for each of these coins by next year even if they are opened. However, you might want to invest in a PCGS membership and send them off to get graded. If you get a pr70, you could expect to get $3000 per coin on ebay. Remember fees though. You will pay around $200 in fees on a $2500 sale on ebay. I would open them and inspect the coins with gloved hands. At least then you will know the condition and that the actual coins are in the box. This is all just my opinion, but I hope it helps.

  33. Anonymous says

    Got my PAE and noticed two marks and 1 small scratch on the coin. 🙁
    Is it possible to get an exchange? Or i have to return it..very sad.

  34. Anonymous says

    All waiting lists are canceled today marking the official sold out. Don't return your coins. Ebay prices are increasing daily. Happy ending for those who bought and sad for those who didn't.

  35. Drecollector says

    But it defenintly was before the waiting list..The order was on hold for a couple days then it said it was being processed.. Then a couple days later it now says the order was canceled.. Im pissed. I noticed on a previous comment where somebody said their order number was 35022.. 2 before mine. Just wondering if anyone recieved it after my order.

  36. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know if PCGS will grade with the First Strike label regardless of when you send in the coins due to the fact that all were sold in the first week. I opened mine, but I don't think I'll beat the 30 day deadline that PCGS requires for the FS label, but doesn't seem to reason that if all of the coins were sold in the first week, then all of the coins are by default, First Strikes or Early Releases? Any experience or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  37. Drecollector says

    For some reason my last order got cut off. The begining was that .. If anyone could let me know if their order number for the platinum eagle was after Order number 35024.. please post it because i think the mint screwed my order up cause i order mine 2:14 am On thursday morning almost wednesday night.It was said to be on backorerd and then it went from being on hold then to processed and then it went to canceled. And i wanted to see if anyone ordered after me 32024 n got it.

  38. Anonymous says

    I had that happen with a 09 uhr last year. I couldn't figure it out to save my life. Needless to say I was pretty upset. I called the Mint and asked what was up and they told me that my credit card was denied. I checked it out and apparently my card had expired about a week before. Instead of letting me know my card was denied, they just cancel my order with no email or explanation. I wouldn't have ever known if I didn't call. I would definately check with your credit card or debit card company and see if anything is up.

  39. Drecollector says

    To the last person who posted. My order number was 35024.Are u sure your order number was the same.. because i dont know how they could have the same order number. Whats your whole number.. Mine was 35024860. Mine was canceled too.

  40. Anonymous says

    It must be pretty hard to get these platinum blanks for the mint. Its just crazy that they would only sell 10000 of them when they are making so much money. The after market prices are already pretty good on ebay. The pcgs pr70s are going for $2800 and selling on ebay. The raw coin is already around 21 to $2200. I could see them going to 1 per household next year. Then they will really become exposive. I only bought 2, but I now wish I had bought the limit. Can't wait for next year.

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