2010 Platinum Eagle Reverse Design Candidates

With the next US Mint product release more than a week away, I wanted to take a few posts to share the leading design candidates for a few upcoming coins. The first is the reverse design for collectible version of the 2010 Platinum Eagle.

Last year, a six year design series began for the collectible American Platinum Eagle. The core concepts of American Democracy as stated in the Preamble to the United States Constitution were to be presented on different reverse designs. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. provided narratives for each of the concepts to serve as inspiration for the designs. This year’s design will depict the principle “To Establish Justice.”

Nine different candidate designs were recently provided by the United States Mint. Six of the designs presented the figure of Justice blindfolded, holding scales, and/or surrounded by other allegorical symbols or people. Two of the designs featured images from the Supreme Court building, figures on the western pediment and the panels depicting the development of law on west front doors. One more design featured the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) have already had the opportunity to review the design candidates and make recommendations. The final selection will be up to the United States Treasury Secretary.

The CFA recommended the design depicting the torch. Their motivation for selecting the design seemed to be focused to its relation to the obverse design, which will feature an image of the Statue of Liberty. Their letter to the US Mint Director stated that they felt this design was preferable to the allegorical figure of Justice in combination with the figure of Liberty on the obverse. They did recommending moving the words “Justice the Guardian of Liberty” to flank the image.

The CCAC recommended a design depicting a blindfolded Justice holding scales and an olive branch. They did recommend that the inscription should be changed from “Justice, the Guardian of Liberty” to “To Establish Justice”. They further recommended that the design should be altered so that Justice holds the scale by a loop above the beam, to be mechanically correct.

The United States Mint plans to offer only one collectible 2010 Platinum Eagle, the one ounce proof version. According to the current scheduled product listing, this coin will be released in August 2010. Last year, the Proof Platinum Eagle was not released until December 3, 2009. The coins sold out of the maximum authorized mintage of 8,000 coins in about a week.

If the bullion versions of the 2010 Platinum Eagle are issued, they would not carry the new reverse design, but would feature the soaring eagle and rising sun design that was used for all 1997 Platinum Eagles and all bullion Platinum Eagles issued to date. Last year, the US Mint did not issue 2009 American Platinum Eagle bullion coins.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I actually really like the blind justice design.

    It would be so cool to see in person on a platinum coin.

  2. Anonymous says

    I actually prefer the torch design better but all in all, I think they've done an excellent job with the designs. Either way, the Platinum coin's going to be highly sought after later this year.


  3. Anonymous says

    If Geithner doesn't choose the Lady Justice design, it will be a sorry coin.

  4. Sigo Plapal says

    Why didn't they depict a "wise Latina" tipping the scale with her thumb?

  5. Anonymous says

    Both of these designs are more in the spirit of a symbolic representation. I don't collect platinum but these look pretty good to me so far. I'm still waiting for a silver buffalo half dollar.

  6. Anonymous says

    The second design is Justice saying – "take this balance and shove it"

  7. John says

    I think the 2nd design is far superior. It is a great design, so with that said the mint will pick the first design.

  8. Anonymous says

    Much better than last year's crappy PC design. Leave the PC crap off coins and in WDC where it is bred.

    Note: I am a white male who likes these designs, and there isn't even a white male on these designs.

  9. Michael says

    "Where is the eagle privy mark?"

    I think this will be added in after the final design selection. Last year the candidate designs didn't include the privy mark either.

  10. Anonymous says

    The lady justice design is stunning… this will actually go on
    my purchase list if that gets chosen.

  11. steve1942 says

    CCAC has my vote, really creative. Put some excitement into our coin design.

  12. Anonymous says

    Would love the proof plat to come in fractionals. With the price of platinum I would only be able to afford a 1/2 oz coin (probably priced around a grand!).

  13. Anonymous says

    This one should go out the mints door even faster than last years. These are more of the classic look for which the mint has been known. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Too bad they can't make them in silver also for the average collector.

  14. Michael says

    Last year the maximum mintage was set at 8,000. The US Mint has not yet provided details on the maximum level for this year.

    After last year's quick sell out I think its possible that they might increase the level for this year's coin.

  15. Anonymous says

    The Mint had better not get too greedy when it comes to setting the mintage limit. Setting it too high will make some would-be buyers shy away. Remember their optimistic estimate of how many of the 2007 Platinum Eagle 10th Anniversary Sets they could sell? A 30,000 limit that should have only been around 10,000, like the 2006 Gold Eagle 20th Anniversary Set.

    Granted, the Mint actually ended up selling over 16,000 sets as I recall, but it would have fared far better for the collectors had the limit been much lower. The set seems to have no real collectible value today. I was glad I was able to unload mine right after I bought it, courtesy of the price of platinum shooting to the moon temporarily!

  16. Anonymous says

    I sort of agree with above commenter. The optimal mintage number may be tricky. I would say mint more than last year because the designs are more appealing. How much more is the question. Also what will the metal price and economy be when they are released. High metal price and bad economy could dampen sales.

  17. Anonymous says

    The blind justice isn't bad, but the 2008 blind justice is so much nicer. Additionally, the equally weighed scales and olive peace branch is something of a myth. A tipped scale and the sword on the 2008 coin is more true to the really here in the US. Sad but true, I'm afraid. Peace and Ron Paul for President!

  18. Anonymous says

    The lady liberty with the the balance scale definitely make the point that ideal justice has to strive for impartiality. I am hopeful that the treasury secretary will pick the lady liberty!

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