2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set

The US Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set on February 11, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET. This set will contain proof versions of the Presidential Dollars featuring Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln.

The four coin sets will be priced at $15.95 each. This represents a $1 increase from the price charged for the 2009 set. The product page can be found here, although ordering options won’t be available until the start of sales.

The release date of the 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set comes one week before the launch ceremony and circulation release of first coin featuring Millard Fillmore.

If you plan on purchasing all of the 2010 proof coins issued by the US Mint, it has invariably been a much better bargain to wait for the release of the full annual set. The cost of acquiring the separate Presidential Dollar Proof Set and Quarters Proof Set is usually around the same price as purchasing the full 2010 Proof Set, which will contain 14 proof coins.

On the other hand, the separate sets do provide the opportunity to obtain the some of the coins earlier, as the 2010 Proof Set won’t be available until July/August. Additionally, in some cases the separately packaged sets have gained secondary market premiums unrelated to the coins. This has occurred for some of the prior year Presidential Dollar Uncirculated Coin Sets, but not to any significant extent for any of the Presidential Dollar Proof Sets, which are sold in higher numbers.

When sales of this year’s Presidential Dollar Proof Set begin, it is likely that the US Mint will end sales of the 2009 set. The set is currently available on the US Mint’s website priced at $14.95. As of the last weekly sales report, the US Mint recorded sales of 622,391 units.

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  1. Michael says

    They seem to be on eBay for around $13-$16 per set, if sold individually. You can find them by using the product code LN2 within your search term.

    These sets were originally priced $7.95 and sold 200,000 sets.

  2. vaughnster says

    Is it a coincidence the proof set went up in price $1 and Lincoln is included in the set? This will be the only meaningful $1 proof set until Teddy Roosevelt is included in the 2013 release. Might be worth it to buy a few and put away for a while.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think the Lincoln dollar will be HOT. I don't collect these but I may pick up a few sets.

  4. Anonymous says

    The Lincoln dollar may look like crap, but that won't stop the buyers from flocking to it in droves. However, this proof set will not be the real secondary market winner. If you want to put your money in Lincoln products that should provide a nice and quick return, buy some of the Lincoln First-Day Coin Covers and Lincoln Presidential Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets.

    The cover should be a big winner if the Mint limits the 2010 Presidential Dollar covers to 30,000 units each, and they leave the lack of an order limit in place. What will make the cover not work out is if the Mint anticipates the popularity and increases the limit for Lincoln to 50,000 units or even higher, and if they place an order limit on it. Do keep an eye on it later on when further details are known.

    The coin & spouse medal set should be great, IF it even exists. For some reason, it disappeared from the Mint's 2010 product schedule a few weeks ago (as well as the set for Pierce). However, the Fillmore and Buchanan sets are still listed, with Fillmore having a release date of March 26.

    Michael, any ideas why these two sets vanished from the schedule? The coin & spouse medal sets were one of the few things I was looking forward to this year.

  5. Anonymous says

    Let's see, the presidential dollar set. Hmmm, the Gene Wilder and Jay Leno lookalikes and Lincoln as he would look today if you opened his box at the Lincoln memorial, snapped a photo, and transferred it to a coin. No thank you.

  6. Anonymous says

    Off topic a bit, but does anyone know why the 2008 uncirculated mint sets are selling for over $50 on ebay? Kinda makes me wonder if the 2009 set will have the same fate.

  7. Anonymous says

    This is off-topic for this post, but I gotta say it: Isn't it uncanny how despite the beating that gold has taken the past few days, that the premium being paid for the UHR keeps getting higher? I noticed that raw specimens of the coin routinely fetch over $1,600 now despite the decline in the gold spot price. There were some on this board who kept bashing the coin and saying it would have no real premium over gold spot. I guess now it's been pretty quiet on that front!

  8. Anonymous says

    You're right, THAT particular UHR listing is by a dreamer. I guess they're hoping to be one of those guys who finds a sucker to sell to, as it does happen on occasion.

    I wonder if the UNC 2008 Buffalo Gold set will surpass the proof version eventually? Although the proofs LOOK nicer, they also sold many more sets than the Uncirculated did. Come on, two of the four coins in the set had total mintages of under 10,000 across all options!

  9. Anonymous says

    Since we are off topic….I think the UNC Van Buren is the nicest looking coin (looks nicer than the proof version to me) with the lowest mintage. Makes the '08 buffalo seem common.

  10. Anonymous says

    The Buffalo W-UNC 1 oz will eventually be the king of Buffalos with less than 3500 made. Just the box sells for over $500.

  11. Anonymous says

    Since we are talking about the 08 coins. What do you think the Double Prosperity set will do? Right now it seems both coins in the set sell for more separately than they do together in the box. Id like to hear some thoughts on this set

  12. Anonymous says

    While reading President O'bama's latest book (aka 1040 instructions fro 2009), I found that I made over $6000 profit on Mint products last year. Not bad for a $19,000 investment (my money market account would have paid about $200 on the same money). THANKS, FOR THE INFO, MICHAEL. I would share it with you, but chapter 7 of Mr. O's book says that I have to give your share to Nancy P. Lets hope that 2010 holds some treasures.

  13. Anonymous says

    To the poster from February 7, 2010 7:50 PM, this is very impressive to say the least. Could you describe which products were the most profitable in your particular selling experience for '09 and what do you foresee as the best for 2010?

  14. Anonymous says

    By far, the '08 gold fractionals, take your pick. I don't see anything on the horizon, but with the buzz building on the Lincoln products, there might be some winners there. The real guru (Michael) will let the followers know which items will be winners (Right, Michael???)

  15. Anonymous says

    One dollar coins, five dollar coins, twenty dollar coins, fifty dollar coins and hundred dollar coins should be minted…
    If the public had "new coins" to handle every day that they can actually use; well just think of the number of new coin collectors that will likely follow…

    But, all the coins should be light weight( pocket size) or they will just and collect dust like most of the mint's silly coinage made today.

    Penny wise.

  16. Anonymous says

    Prosperity set is definately a sleeper. I think it will take another year or maybe even two till it hits it true potential. If you notice the proof 08 Buffalo $25 is not moving up that well but the UNC has done quite well.
    With regards to the UHR, I am quite surprised the FS has stayed around the low $2000 for a very long time. No movement there so in my eyes that is another one that I think will move later this year.

  17. Anonymous says

    Yes, I think the Prosperity Set is also a sleeper. I have noticed that the coins sell for more separately than they do together in the set. I think the Prosperity set still has Alot of room from profit.

  18. Anonymous says

    2008 Gold Buffalo FS set is selling for over $16000 now on Ebay. Anyhting with an 08 Buffalo written on is sky rocketing. Word is now that dealers that were not big on modern gold coins are jumping into the wagon also. Surprisingly the UNC's are not selling as well as the Proofs but with such low mintages, it is only a matter of time till people realize.

  19. Caylie says

    Does anyone know the total mintage of the proof presidential dollars from 2007 up to 2009? Or doesn't the San Fransisco mint give coin production figures, because I can not find it anywhere on the net. I am just curious as to how many proof coins were produced as compared to circulating coins each year!

  20. Anonymous says

    I find it interesting that the 2009 Presidential Dollar Proof Set remains available. Usually, I thought when the new year of a set was released, the Mint would discontinue the prior years set.

    I wonder if the Mint will do this with the other 2009 "annual sets"?

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