2010 Presidential Dollar Uncirculated Set

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Presidential Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set on April 13, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET. This set will likely be a popular seller since it will include the first released 2010 P& D Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollars.

Each set will include the 2010 Presidential Dollars featuring Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The eight coins will be presented in an illustrated folder with biographical sketches and quotes for each president.

Even though the US mint product page makes no mention, it seems reasonable to expect that the coins included in the set will feature the satin finish, which has been used for coins included in US Mint issued Uncirculated Coin Sets since 2005. The Mint has previously confirmed that they will continue to use the finish in 2010, despite rumors to the contrary. Also, I have just received the Millard and Abigail Fillmore Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set and can confirm that the Millard Fillmore Dollar has the satin finish.

The 2010 Presidential Dollar Uncirculated Sets are priced at $18.95 each, which represents a $3.00 price increase compared to last year’s set. There are no household ordering limits.

The previously released 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set, which marked the first release of the 2010 Proof Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar, debuted with sales nearly three times the level seen for the prior year set. I expect that the 2010 Presidential Dollar Uncircualted Set will see a similar strong opening.

Later in the year, the eight coins featured in this set will also be included in the 2010 Uncirculated Mint Set. This set presents a better relative value, priced at $31.95 for 28 coins, but there will likely be many collectors willing to buy the separate set to get the 2010 Presidential Dollars earlier.

On a separate note, the first coin image for one of the America the Beautiful Quarters is finally available. Until now, the US Mint had only provided the line art images of each coin, even at the special unveiling ceremony held last month. Here’s a look at the Hot Springs Quarter:

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  1. Anonymous says

    Like I stated on the last post I think the mint coin roll covers look better than the reverse of the coin.

    It's too bad the mint stopped minting the original design of the Washington quarters. I think the original Washington quarters with the classic big bold eagle reverse is probably my favorite coin design of all time.

    I like coin designs with big bold images that use the full face of the coin like the Washington quarter, the original Indian head/buffalo nickel and the walking liberty half dollars and peace dollars with their classic eagle reverses.

  2. Anonymous says

    Just a quick question for a spare moment: How do the sales of the Presidential Proof Coin sets compare moving from 2009 to 2010. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says

    2010 Uncirculated Mint Set is the one for me . All the coins I want and none of the hassle or (extra) added cost. Well other than increase already applied. Im inclined to agree with the poster @ April 9, 2010 12:40 PM , I to like the older eagle designs , a true classic .

  4. John says

    On a different subject. The 2009 D Dime rolls have hit the market. They are going for $49.95 a roll. These are not the satin ones.

  5. Anonymous says

    How do people get these unc bank rolls? Must be nice to be able to get them at face value. Esp. rolls like these and the '09 nickels.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey everyone. What's your favorite circulating coin design. Mine is the morgan dollar, you just can't beat the beauty of a morgan.

  7. Anonymous says

    I prefer both the obverse and reverse designs of the peace dollar to the morgan dollar.

    I also like the other coins I listed in the 2nd post on this page like the walking liberty halves and the ORIGINAL Washington quarters with their classic eagle reverses. Also the classic buffalo/Indian head design of the old nickels and the recent gold and silver (2001 comm. & rounds) coins.

    I also liked the obverse of the 2005 Jefferson profile nickel design that I believe was only for one year.

  8. vaughnster says

    I like the Presidential Dollar Uncirculated Sets because of the neat turning plastic capsules as well as a short bio on each President. I will give them to my son when he is old enough and it can be a nice teaching item.

  9. Anonymous says

    There were some great coins in the last century: walking liberty half with the big eagle on the back; liberty dime with its great detail; Morgan an obvious classic; St. Gauden's double eagle another classic; and buffalo nickel, the only uniquely American classic coin. Makes me sad just to see all the crap that passes for coinage these days. Its deteriorated so bad that now we soil our pants from excitement when the next presidential brass carnival coin gets released.

  10. Anonymous says

    Correction and addition to above comment. Mercury dime not liberty dime and add the standing and seated liberty quarters in the early part of the century. There were a bunch of really neat coins in the first 40 years of the last century. I'm not a big Peace dollar fan but its also so much better than anything now.

  11. Anonymous says

    Looks like we may have a last call on spouses this week (at currnet prices), with gold over $1150. If you want one, be sure to watch gold prices over the coming days.

  12. Anonymous says

    The USMint does not want the classic bald eagle on the Washingon quarter reverse to ever come back in circulation since the bald eagle is a predominanly white feathered bird. The mint is considering a more diverse feathered colored Tucan for future Washington quarters.

  13. Anonymous says

    In the spirit of diversity, The US Mint will consider consolidating coinage with white presidents to a single coin, such as the dime with a general themed obverse "presidents coin" so a more diverse group of individuals may be represented on other coins.

  14. Anonymous says

    Anonymous 6:47
    A Tucan would absolutely work. Then they can be colorizing the coins like the RCM. As goofy as some of the issues are currently it would fit in perfectly

  15. Anonymous says

    As commenter at 6:28 said those spouse coins appear to be goin' up this Wednesday unless there is a big smack down on the metal prices.
    The yellow and silver metal have been creeping up all week. I just checked the world spot market which is now open and yellow is up aroung 1170 oz. The Commodities commission met last week and it was discovered that there is not enough metal to cover all the silver and gold certificates that are sold. Apparently people invest in gold like the stock market. They don't actually take posession but the seller sends them a certificate that says they are holding gold for them. If too many buyers of paper metal ever redeem their paper and ask for actual metal then like musical chairs it appears someone or many someones ain't gonna get their metal and prices rise until the gov't figures out a way to get metal back down. Mr Zielinski usually gives us a heads up if his computations show a price increase. So keep an eye on his blog.

  16. Anonymous says

    Prices for gold coins will DEFINITELY be going up this week unless gold spot takes a HUGE hit in the next two days. It doesn't look too likely for that to happen, though.

  17. Anonymous says

    I would never use the word definately and gold in the same sentence when talking about short term price movements, but we sure could use a post to remind us if spouse prices are set to rise. Thanks Mike!

  18. Anonymous says

    Michael probably won't do another post regarding the First Spouse prices until after tomorrow's London Fixes are known, so here's where it stands as of today's fixes.

    The average of the London Fixes so far this period is $1,154.21. There are three fixes to go before the final price tier determination is made. The average of the three remaining fixes must be $1,141.50 or less to avoid a price increase this week.

    The gold spot price is backing off at the time of this writing, but it's still over $1,150. It's not looking too good for there not to be a price increase this week. 🙁

  19. Michael says

    Right. I usually wait until the London Fix prices are in through Tuesday PM, leaving only one last fix price.

    That way it is pretty certain whether an adjustment will take place, and it still leaves about a day to make any purchasing decisions.

    New post on price increase is up now.

  20. newbie coin collector says

    I agree with vaughnster, the packaging on this set is very nice. The cool rotating capsules are what I loved about the Uncirculated Dollar coin sets as well… too bad they discontinued those!

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