2010 Presidential Dollars Coin Images

Late last week, the US Mint released coin images for the 2010 Presidential Dollars. The images come just about three weeks before the first coin is released into circulation and two weeks before the first of the year’s Presidential Dollar products goes on sale.

The circulation release date for the Millard Fillmore Dollar will be February 18, 2010. This will be followed by the Franklin Pierce Dollar on May 20, 2010, the James Buchanan Dollar on August 19, 2010, and the Abraham Lincoln Dollar on November 18, 2010.

The US Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set on February 11, 2010. This set contains the proof version of each of the four coins and is priced at $15.95.

The newly released images for each coin are shown below.

Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar

Franklin Pierce Presidential Dollar

James Buchanan Presidential Dollar

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar

These images do show some variation from the previously released line art images, particularly for the Abraham Lincoln Dollar. Below is a side by side viewing. Click the image for a larger version.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think it's a better looking Lincoln – looks ok to me. I do believe this one will be very popular. Bet it will be a sell out.

  2. Anonymous says

    Too bad they can't get the drawing tranferred to a coin metal befitting a President like silver or gold. Even an 80% gold or silver coin would be better than the brass coins. Lincoln will probably sell out due to the fever from last year. I am not impressed however with this series. Put Mickey Mouse on them and introduce into circulation.

  3. Anonymous says

    Man, Lincoln just looks…lumpy. I really hope the actual coin is better, this was the only Pres Dollar whose products I was planning on ordering from the mint.

  4. Anonymous says

    The art always looks better than the coins themselves, for both the presidents and the spouses. That's one thing I like about the Uncirculated versions of the First Spouse series, since it includes the artist depiction of the coin design on the COA itself, unlike the Proof version COA.

    Lincoln DOES look pretty bad on the coin itself. I don't remember anyone talking too much about the vast difference between the artist depiction and the coin for George Washington, who also did not translate well from art to coin. His eyes looked all crazy, almost scary looking!

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh, man, that Lincoln transfer is baaaaad. Okay, someone is either doing crack or making a meatloaf while transferring the drawings? Let's give them a do over.

  6. John says

    The pierce dollar looks great. I think in general with all of the presidential dollars the sketches always look better than the actual coin. I agree that if these coins were made in silver or gold that they would look a whole lot better, but we know that will never happen. I am curious what the mint geniuses will set for the production of the mint wrapped Lincoln rolls. It would actually probably be a brilliant move on their part to set the max mintage at 30,000 so they sell out fast and perhaps spark a little more interest in the series. Back in 2007 when the series began there was about 136,000 rolls of both the p and d mint Washington dollar then it dropped down to about 75,000 for the John Adams and then down to about 60,000 for Jefferson and 50,000 or so for John Quincy Adams. Currently the mintages vary between 30,000 to 40,000. I'm curious if anyone has any guesses as to how many Lincoln mint rolls will be sold…..? I'll throw my guess out at 75,000 to 100,000

  7. Anonymous says

    Who knows? Why didn't the Mint cut off the James K. Polk rolls at 30,000 each like Harrison and Tyler (not that it seems to MATTER for Tyler)? Now, even when the Mint finally DOES put them out of their misery, with the upcoming eBay fee increase I'll NEVER be able to get my money back! I basically bought $250 of Polk dollars for $364.45, or flushed $114.45 down the toilet.

    Despite some recent bad experiences, just like a fly drawn to light, I'm sure I'll take a chance on some of this year's Mint products as well. Sometimes flushing money down the toilet in hopes of hitting on the "next big thing" gets to be a nasty habit!

    I don't blame you if you don't want to take advice from an admitted "money flusher" as of late, but I'm thinking a safe bet this year is the Abraham Lincoln First Day Coin Cover. Unless the Mint makes allowances for Lincoln's popularity, the Presidential Dollar Coin Covers will likely have a production cap in 2010 of no more than 30,000 units. The 2009's sales have been very sluggish. With a 30,000 cap and Lincoln's picture on it, I can see the covers selling out in a day or two.

    I was also going to recommend the Lincoln Coin & First Spouse Medal Set, but I noticed that it disappeard from the schedule the other day (as well as the Pierce set too), but the Filmore and Buchanan sets are still listed. I wonder what gives with that?

  8. vaughnster says

    Looks like Lincoln took a high stick from Gordie Howe and has gashes for eyebrows in the line drawing.

  9. John says

    I feel your pain as I am also stuck with a bunch of Tyler dollars also. That is a good idea with the first day cover as the mintage may be low enough on them to create a premium in the secondary market.

  10. Anonymous says

    Lincoln's beard looks like he either got it trimmed from a blind barber or he was stricken with sarcoidosis, neurofibromatosis or maybe even the plague!

  11. Anonymous says

    Get me a doctor!!! Get me a doctor!!! Lincoln is zombified!!! Call an ambulance!!! Well you wanted night of the living dead, well you got it!!! Poor guy!!! He was probably the greatest American to walk this land, unifying our country and abolishing slavery. Now everyone will see him as this ugly 2 bit coin. Children will say I don't want to be like him!!!

    Jefferson, too. As great as he was, they made him look like a pig on the $1 coin. Then they made Washington look like a bloated King George III. Who the rootin tootin designs these coins?

    They should have just made a Presidential paper $1 dollar note series from Washington to Obama (excluding GWB, of course). Nobody's gonna use these dollar coins anyway. Without a decent design, rare or not, they won't be worth anything.

    Lincoln in side profile like the penny would be much better!!!

  12. Anonymous says


    If they do that then they should make the Obama dollar worth 8 cents as that is what it will be by the time he is done with all the spending. We will all be nearly bankrupt!

  13. Anonymous says

    You know, I always thought he looked like somebody, but never could put my finger on it. You nailed it. He DOES look kind of like Leno.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think they depicted Lincoln as he would have looked were he alive today — a metro-sexual!

  15. Anonymous says

    I figured it out. They popped the lid on Lincolns box too a picture and voila' the Lincoln dollar as he looks today.

  16. John says

    They really do look like Alec Baldwin and Jay Leno. I even see Martin sheen, that's pretty funny.

  17. vaughnster says

    Whatever happened to subtleties in design?? These are atrocious. The only one that will have ANY interest is Lincoln, even though his image looks carved in stone. Someone help us!!

  18. Anonymous says

    I think the Franklin Pierce coin resembles a younger version of the actor Gene Wilder a little bit. I agree that the Buchanan coin does look like Jay Leno. The Lincoln coin looks more like he has stucco on his chin than a beard.

  19. Anonymous says

    These comparisons with celebrities are pretty good. Now I am expecting to see Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein on the back of the Gene Wilder dollar, oh,crap, I mean Franklin Pierce.

  20. Anonymous says

    To go back to the 2009 designs, I always thought John Tyler looked like Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars!

  21. Anonymous says

    Now that you all mentioned it, they do look like those celebs, even Tarkin, I mean Tyler. I thought that I saw an image of Jesus in Lincoln's beard, but it was just some of the milk I snorted out of my nose while laughing. Any clues as to who the "models" were for the previous coins?

  22. Anonymous says

    I'd love to see a commemorative "Jesus of Nazareth" coin proclaiming "Jesus of Nazareth, the inspiration for the majority of Americans!"

    Why is the truth so un-PC?

  23. Anonymous says

    I was staring at the Lincoln dollar and I thought I saw the antenna from the mothership coming out of his left ear but then it pulled back in. Don't go lookin' for it. Its gone now. BTW, thats not Jesus in his beard. Its just a little chew dribbled in there to make it look authentic.

  24. Anonymous says

    Lincoln does not look like Lincoln, bunch of low quality engravers. Bad thing is, they could probably care less as long as they draw a paycheck. Is there no quality control anymore? Moy, you are going to release this? I know you read this, this is the greatest place to keep up on all the crap being shoveled out of the mint.

  25. stgecko says

    The Lincoln is abysmal! If the mint had made a great likeness of Lincoln it would've made for a very nice advertisement for selling the coins. For instance the First Spouse coin of Mary Todd Lincoln looks great and will be a very nice advertisement for the whole First Spouse program. What I'm trying to say is, a good looking Lincoln coin could've promoted the whole series and possibly made the mint some money. I envision the Mary Todd Lincoln gold coin doing that very thing.

    BTW The best looking Lincoln is on the 1918 Illinois Centennial commemorative coin.

  26. Anonymous says

    Maybe we should stop spending so much energy on "fun" money and get off our butts and work on the economy? Just a thought

  27. Anonymous says

    You guys are so entertaining. I kinda think that Franklin Pierce looks like Will Ferrell

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