2010 Proof American Silver Eagle

Sales of the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle will begin tomorrow, November 19, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET. Recent events have added even more drama to what was already the United States Mint’s most anticipated product of the year.
Proof Silver Eagles represent a collectible version of the one ounce silver bullion coin from the US Mint. The proof coins have been sold directly to the public each year from 1986 to 2008. Last year, increased demand for bullion coins and the limited silver planchets available from foreign suppliers resulted in the cancellation of the popular offering, to the dismay of many collectors. This year the offering was confirmed on October 4, 2010, resuming the series after a one year gap.

A little over a month ago, the US Mint began sales of Proof Gold Eagles, which had also been canceled in the previous year. Sales levels have been higher than normal due to pent up demand and increased interest from precious metals investors. The one ounce version of the coin has already sold out. The four coin set, which represents the next most popular option, has sold 22,657 units, which is already 10,000 above the 2008 sales level.

The 2010 Proof Silver Eagle should likewise experience a surge in interest compared to prior years. The US Mint has stood by their pricing of $45.95 per coin and household order limit of 100, which were established when the market price of silver was lower.

Earlier this week collectors who had placed subscription orders for the coins received an unpleasant surprise when an email notification from the US Mint indicated that the coins were sold out and the subscription order canceled. This email impacted about 100,000 customers who had predominantly ordered the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle through the subscription program. The emails had been sent in error and were reinstated over the weekend, with an apology issued by the US Mint.

Meanwhile, the demand for Silver Eagle bullion coins has been at record levels. For the year to date, sales have reached 31,805,500, representing a new record annual high. The current monthly sales total also seems poised to break a record. For the month to date, sales have already reached 3,1750,000. If the current pace continues, a new monthly sales record will be achieved by a wide margin. The current record for monthly sales is 3,636,500, set in May 2010.

The surge in bullion demand could serve to prevent the further production of 2010 Proof Silver Eagles, if the US Mint had been planning on striking more through year end. There has been no indication of how many of the coins have already been struck or will be available. Since the US Mint has stood by their household limit of 100, there is likely a significant quantity already available, but will it be enough?

As an additional consideration, the US Mint has still not provided any information on the series of America the Beautiful 5 ounce Silver Bullion Coins. By law these coins can only be sold during the same year of issue as the corresponding quarter, giving the US Mint an increasingly small window of opportunity to issue the coins. Production reportedly started back in September 2010, but no updates have been provided since then.

Finally, the same old problem of the US Mint’s slow/crashing website will almost certainly be an issue tomorrow. One would think they would have managed to fix this problem by now, but instead they have provided this message on the product page.

We anticipate unusually high demand for the American Eagle Silver Proof Coins. Because of the high number of customers that we expect to be placing orders during the first few hours of sales, you may experience delays when attempting to order online or through the call center during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day indeed. For those placing orders at the start of sales tomorrow, here is a direct link to the US Mint’s product page.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Will be a lot fun by couple hours of start ……slowwiiiiiing MINT website…..goood luck all……….

  2. Anonymous says

    The good news…the 2010 Proof ASE goes on sale tomorrow!

    The bad news…in order to get your coin you will have to undergo a TSA screening!

    In short (pardon the pun), be sure to wear clean underwear when you purchase your coin.

  3. Anonymous says

    Maybe I SHOULD buy the 100 coins my household is allowed. At the rate silver is going, the issue price might look like a bargain before too long. Kind of like the $800 issue price of the 2006 Proof Buffalo. Too bad I only bought 3 of those back then! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    If US Mint is allowing a household limit of 100, there must be plenty of these ASE to go around. As a collector I would never buy more than a couple and would never expect any price appreciation for something that millions of other people also own . For investment or speculation, you'd be better of buying bullion at a much smaller premium.

  5. Anonymous says

    No offense,

    But with mintages in the millions, do you really think that the LONG TERM potential for growth in value will be real?

    Certainly not. Many coin experts believe the coins low in demand will be the shining stars of the future…

  6. Anonymous says

    RE: ASE.

    The Proof ASE is NOT the one to buy. You're better off buying a more rare Uncirculated Fist Spouse gold coin with mintages likely to be under 5,000. Compare that with the mintage of the proof ASE, which would be in the tens of millions.

    Of course, if you're a coin flipper who has his coins certified, that's a different story…

  7. Anonymous says

    Well, the 2010 proof eagle won't have a mintage in the TENS of millions, but I'll bet it will approach or surpass one million.

    Long-term for the coin doesn't bode well, but SHORT-term could be nice IF the coins are pulled off-sale much earlier than usual, especially before Christmas. That would create a sense of urgency in buyer's minds that they must hurry up and get the coin before it "skyrockets". We all know that it will go down in price later, but those who bought early and often will be the ones to clean up in that scenario.

    I'm on the fence as to whether I should pick any up or not.

  8. Anonymous says

    I believe this is the first time the mint has put any ordering limit on the ASE proof.

    This is a very late start. Perhaps well south of 500,000 to be minted? Could be the key to the series?

  9. Anonymous says

    If silver goes over $30 per ounce, and bullion demand stays this high or increases anytime soon… the 2010 proof silver eagle will be a winner.

  10. Anonymous says

    "This is a very late start. Perhaps well south of 500,000 to be minted? Could be the key to the series?"

    No. I'm betting that the 100,000 subscribers each bought more than 5 each on average. Then you'll have to add in the first days sales. I think this will be a rather common year.

  11. Anonymous says

    I originally planned on buying 100, then I knocked it down to 25. When the mint refused to state a ballpark mintage, I reduced it to 5. A rather common Eagle with a mintage in the millions I'm guessing. Still glad to have the ol' girl back.

  12. Anonymous says

    When I try to order, I keep getting this message!: The Mint Server is error free is error free is error free is error free

    !!! AHHHH !!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Wow! The US Mint's online catalog worked great at 10 a.m. I ordered a lot of ASEs with only a slightly longer than usual processing speed. Confirmation # in hand…for now.

    Here's hoping the order sticks. If it does, then kudos to the Mint.

    Stay tuned.

  14. Anonymous says

    The server is not as slow as it was for the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles last year… but it's terribly slow.

  15. Anonymous says

    It's been 30 minutes and I can't get past the first checkout page… the second page always cannot be displayed…

  16. Anonymous says

    Got mine in 22 Min but the order status reads: Your order request has been suspended.

    The last time they manually had to release the orders so hopefully it will be the same today.

  17. Anonymous says

    The second page of the checkout process has not loaded atleast 10 times on me now…

    If the mint wont invest the $2,000 to fix their servers, they should change the 30 minute timeout once you login, it will probably take me another hour to login again and finish my order because of the timeout.

  18. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I've been burned by that "timeout" in the past on heavy ordering days, too. It's kind of frustrating to be kicked out for 30 minutes of "inactivity" when you've been spending the entire time waiting for pages to load! That's not "inactivity", that's "time waiting"!

  19. Anonymous says

    This is great: I just got through the checkout, clicked "Place Order" … and IT DIDN'T LOAD… so I have to spend another hour getting through the process again!

    I'm confident that the mint has their server (probably an old beige PC with Windows 95) connected to dial up.

  20. Anonymous says

    With the projected mintage, this will be nothing special. Just fills a hole in the album. Of course there is the glaring hole from 2009 still there, so do you buy two?

  21. Anonymous says

    Good luck making money off of these, with everyone allowed to order 100 coins there will be thousands on Ebay in a week or two.

    L@@K Super Rare 2010 Silver Eagle
    Buy it now $49
    1 of 100

    L@@K Super Rare 2010 Silver Eagle
    Buy it now $48
    1 of 100

    L@@K Super Rare 2010 Silver Eagle
    Buy it now $47
    1 of 100

    L@@K Super Rare 2010 Silver Eagle
    Buy it now $46
    1 of 100

  22. Anonymous says

    Follow up to my 9:15 am post:

    I just received usual email order confirmation from mint: Order in process!

    Glad I have high speed broadband (cable modem) connectivity. It seems to make a difference. DSL users I know have experienced problems today.

    Let's see how my separate subscription order is handled…should be interesting.

  23. Anonymous says

    "Good luck making money off of these, with everyone allowed to order 100 coins there will be thousands on Ebay in a week or two."

    Well it all depends on how many orders in total are filled. If it sells out soon such as in a few days, the price will likely spike. If it stays available throught the holiday season the downside is not very much given the current market.

  24. vaughnster says

    I'm for one glad that the Mint resumed the ASE proof coins but it's kind of sad all we have to get excited about these days is trying to be one of the first to order a coin that will have at least a 500,000 mintage and probably no increase in value. It's nothing like last year's excitement for the Lincoln Chronicles at 50,000 or the proof platinum eagle at 8,000 & 10,000 mintages. These were more rare and it seemed like a huge "score" when ordering before a known quick sell-out. Let's hope that comes back somehow in 2011.

  25. Anonymous says

    Man, two hours in and the catalog page is still slow-loading! I swear the Mint did this on purpose just to prove a point.

    "Old beige PC with Windows 95 on dial-up." Priceless, whoever wrote that! 🙂

  26. Anonymous says

    Some sources say that there will be 600,000 Silver eagles Minted.Can someone confirm this???
    Usually 100 Coins Limit is placed when the mintages are 500,000-600,000

  27. Anonymous says

    I've heard they'll do no more than 200,000 proofs per month and they started in October. So thats where the 600K comes from.

  28. Anonymous says

    placed my order online over an hour ago and still no confirmation email for the mint, usually it is sent instantly. Anyone else in the same boat?

  29. Anonymous says

    I placed my order at 3:20 p.m. EST with no delay whatsoever. The Mint's website is working very smoothly. If anyone has trouble with waiting by using the phone, I recommend using the website for a speedy alternative.

    After placing my order, it showed up in my account as "In stock and reserved." There was also an indication on another part of the account which showed "Suspended." Is that just something the Mint does on all credit card orders while they verify the charge? Thanks.

  30. Anonymous says

    Usually suspensions go away after a few minutes. I think it might have to do with verifying that orders don't exceed the household limits. The status should change to "on hold" or even "in process" shortly.

  31. Anonymous says

    Don't worry, the mint has plenty of these coins ready to ship. With 100 coins per household and a million households in this country I doubt these will be hard to come by in the future.

    I may buy some on Ebay in a few weeks for $35 each when people are trying to dump them for a loss. Kind of like the Boy Scout coins, real hot start but cooled off real fast.

  32. Anonymous says

    Will the mint offer these 2010 ASE proofs for sale in 2011 if it does not sell out? Or will this be available only until the end of the year? What has the mint done in the past with these coins?

  33. Anonymous says

    I wish silver would POP POP POP just in time for the 5 ounce quarters to come out. Then it could continue going up to $100 an ounce.

  34. Anonymous says

    $35 is pure fantasy if silver approaches or exceeds $30/oz. They just started minting these and 2011 is fast approaching plus the intense demand for the bullion version is taking up mint resources.

  35. Anonymous says

    Some folks will do anything for a fast buck! If you write to them and point out that they are being less than truthful, they will just get mad at you and tell you to mind your own business (or something similar to that.)

    It may well be possible that some may be selling this coin for a loss in a few weeks, unless silver really spikes shortly.

  36. Anonymous says

    Off-topic, but it looks like the James K. and Sarah Polk Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets will not last until December 30th. They are on backorder now.

    I noticed on the last sales report that the sales of those had reached the level of both Tyler sets when they sold out, so I figured the Polk set must be getting close.

    Of course, some buyers have bought the Harrison and Tyler sets on eBay cheaper than what the Mint sold them for, despite the very small sales numbers. I don't get it!

  37. Anonymous says

    Michael, looks like it's already time to update your post: the mint website is showing 3,775,000 bullion ASE's sold so far in November. The 25-year record has fallen!

  38. Anonymous says

    People have to be cringing at the price. This should slow the dealers down a lot; especially in this economy. $50.90 shipped, $20 grading, and you're in it for $70.90. Then you have to sell it. With a mintage above 600K; anything PR-69 DCAM is a loser. Just hope they all grade PR-70 DCAM. It would be nice if the mintage stays below 500K. Here are the key ASE Proof mintages: 1994P (372k), 2006P Reverse Proof (250k), and 1995W (30.1k). All these coins have real value and this is due to their low mintages. I hope this year's Proof ASE doesn't end up like GM's IPO – too high a price and too many shares. Yet, people are buying up those shares like fools.

  39. Anonymous says

    2011w ASE one ounce proof offer price by the mint will be much higher than this year. if spot silver hit $30.00 an ounce by the time the mint calculate its selling price. it will cost us $61.95 each. 2010w ASE were based on $22.00. that is why mint offer them for $45.95. if using today's closing silver price at $27.37 an ounce. then the price should have been $56.95 instead of $45.95 each.
    so. we are lucky as far as silver proof is concerned. but not the gold proof.

  40. Anonymous says

    ASE one ounce proof silver dollar:
    2001w – 746,398 – $24.00
    2002w – 647,342 – $24.00
    2003w – 747,831 – $24.00
    2004w – 801,602 – $27.95
    2005w – 816,663 – $27.95
    2006w – 843,602 – $27.95
    2007w – 821,759 – $29.95
    2008w – 700,979 – $31.95
    2009w – zero
    2010w – most likely within those range. price – $45.95

  41. Anonymous says

    currently. we can buy the older issues ASE one ounce proof silver dollar (1986 to 2008) from any dealers at around $57.95 to $69.95 each. except the 1995w. which cost around $3,000.00 for lesser quality. and much more for higher quality or grade.

  42. Anonymous says

    The 2010 ASE proof is a good one to get for the following reasons some outlined in this blog:
    1: If your are an ASE proof collector you need to get it.
    2. The price of silver is rising slowly and steadily so the mint price is a good one.
    3. There is a chance these will not be a real high mintage (maybe just a few hundred large) due to bullion demand.
    4. Its a late in the year offering which leads me to believe this will also limit mintage along with bullion demand.
    5. The mint may not produce anymore 2010's other than what they already have due to silver price increases.
    6. The mint may not produce any 2011's.
    7. These would make great Christmas gifts.
    8. This is a classic design on an affordable precious metal coin for the average collector.
    9. This is the mint's flagship coin. They just don't know it.
    10. In summary the best reasons for getting these are Nos. 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9. The other reasons are good ones too but lean on the speculative side.

  43. Anonymous says

    Anonymous at November 19, 2010 8:25 PM.

    You are naive, very young, or a coin flipper. Your reasons won't hold water if you are a collector who enjoys collecting coins for pure enjoyment.

    The reality is that there will be so many of the proof ASEs, that in the long term, there will be little demand because they will be so common. Long term, their value will be based on the bullion content.

    But don't let anyone stop you from buying 100s of these. Whatever makes you happy.

  44. Anonymous says

    Dumb question:

    For those of us with a subscription, is there any indicator that our orders have been accepted and processed? I don't show any orders in my Mint account. How long does it take for the Mint to process subscriptions?

    Thanks in advance!

  45. Anonymous says

    On my checkout yesterday for my 10 Eagles, it looked like my longstanding subcription for 5 Eagles was changed to 2011!
    What's up with that? I thought the problem was fixed.

  46. Anonymous says

    Your subscription order should be found in the Track Orders tab. It should have 2 lines: The first stating that the item is not available. That was a glitch. The 2nd line should say In Stock and Reserved. If you dont have this then you better get on the phone.

  47. Anonymous says

    Thanks – it was there. I'm surprised it showed a Nov. 5th date, which is what threw me off.

    Thanks again!

  48. Anonymous says

    I placed my order for one proof ASE coin.

    I am a collector. I do not believe silver will rise to $45 and I don't care. I paid $45 for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the beauty of my upcoming purchase.

  49. Anonymous says

    To the Anonymous person who did not receive an e-mail confirmation on the 2010 Proof Eagle: I was also in the "same boat" and after calling the mint today (Saturday), I was informed that quite a few orders like ours were LOST. The lady I talked to gave me the option to place a new order for me or to go online and re-do the order.

  50. Anonymous says

    I'm guessing this is now a sellout and anyone placing orders now will not be filled. It looks like they received about 50,000 orders so far and if the average size was 10 or so then that should do it.

  51. Anonymous says

    Since Do-Little Moy said that the mint could produce 200,000 of these monthly – then factor in that there is only 6 weeks left in the year, and bullion demand is much higher than when he said that… what is the likely hood that the mint stops production at under 600,000?

    Also consider the reduced profit margin they are getting compared to the profit margin they thought they would get!

    Doesn't seem far fetched to me.

  52. Anonymous says

    This is a great classic precious metal coin design the average collector or non collector can afford. These would be great Christmas gifts too as commenter stated. Whatever the mintage is they are still a great coin from the mint and if you have any interest at all get at least one. I wouldn't buy it solely as a flipper coin there are too many other good reasons to buy it.

  53. Anonymous says

    I ordered two this evening as an insurance policy in-case there is a surprise sellout. My initial plan was to pick up a PCGS 70 DCAM on the secondary market. But, this issue is difficult to call.

  54. Anonymous says

    To 4:53 am. If I am a collector who enjoys collecting coins for pure enjoyment, then why would I even worry about high mintage and little demand in the long term. A little naive for you to think you know what's behind a "collector's" decision to buy.

  55. Anonymous says

    Placed my order about noon on the 19th. My account then shown suspended, but all items were in stock. I recieved no E-mail conformation. Didn't think much of it, assuming all is well. On saturday 20th my order status did not show any order at all. Called the mint and their automated system said there was no such order. (please call back during normal business hours to talk to a real person) @#!$%#$ I reordered my 3 eagles again and other stuff after 9pm Saturday.(can't wait till Monday to Bitc##.

  56. Anonymous says

    my order was changed to backordered from in stock and reserve. early first day order.

    look like mint will sell out this item before next week end.

  57. Anonymous says

    Am I being overly suspicious or is there a feeling out there that the mint will cancel the five oz. ATB bullion coins? Are they required to make them by law?

  58. Anonymous says

    They are required by law to make the 5 oz. but man they are playing it close with only a few weeks left in the year.

  59. Anonymous says

    It will be ironic if the mint cancelled the 2009 proof silver eagle to help uphold their interpretation of the law (even though it is very debatable)… only to not follow the 5 oz coin law that is spelled out and not open to interpretation!

  60. Anonymous says

    The Mint's notice about the accidental cancelation of 100,000 subscription orders suggests that 500,000 Proof ASEs may are already spoken for (5 per order average). There is only enough time to make about 600,000. I'm betting this thing is already a sell-out. That's OK. They made 250,000 Reverse Proofs in 2006 and those can still be found on the secondary market for $200-250.

  61. VABEACHBUM says

    Like some of the current posters, I also have been following the plight of the 5 oz. ATB bullion coins. Although we have but 6 weeks left in the year, I have to believe they're going to happen, and regardless of the ASE product lines.

    The Mint already has purchased, delivered and installed the special presses that are required. Michael had touched on it briefly in a previous post. Separate tooling means little impact upon the ASE coins.

    The planchets are dimensionally different, finished differently, and sourced separately from ASE blanks. Again, little impact upon the ASE coins, and some photos of the sample strikes are out there.

    Lastly, the Mint is required to complete THEIR sales by December 31st. Since these are legislated bullion coins, those sales will be to the Authorized Distributors (and maybe the Park Service). Between the 5-6 authorized silver bullion distributors out there, I think they're fully capable of snapping up the 100K bullion coins per design by December 31st. For example, APMEX has been listing the 5 oz. bullion for nearly 3 months. Once the Mint releases these coins, the distributors can take as long as they need to sell them at whatever profit margin they choose.

    Given the cost of materials, manufacturing, O/H and margins, I'm setting the over-under at $185 per coin. Any takers??

  62. Anonymous says

    Track Order
    Order Date: 11/19/2010 at 12:24 AM

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

    10 units backordered. Expected to ship on 12/06/10.

    That should be PM (not AM) and 24 minutes in and my order is backordered 🙁

  63. Anonymous says

    The mint just changed my order from "in stock and reserved" to
    "back ordered". The mint's order
    system sucks!!!!1

  64. Anonymous says

    I've got several 2006-W Burnished UNC pieces (NGC-MS69 and raw) in front of me now. All purchased through different venues. The finishes range from Shinny Pearlescent to Flat Matte on the obverses. The reverses are all pearlescent. This could be due to die wear. Also, all of the 07-W Burnished UNC are all flat matte (obverse and reverse). Any other comments out there?

  65. Anonymous says

    My subscription order for 10 proof SAE's shipped today, 11/21.

    I also placed 2 orders on the 19th at 12:45 & 1:30 pm…they both are showing as backordered…both charges are shown as "pending" on my credit card.

  66. Anonymous says

    To Anonymous November 21, 2010 3:20 PM

    I've seen the same phenomenon with the 1998-S Silver Kennedy Matte halves. Some are real pearlescent and glossy. Yet, some are real flat. I attribute this to die wear, die cleaning, or variations in the finish of the burnished planchets. The pearlescent specimens tend to get an extra grade point. So, I find it hard to declare a new variety in this case. Additionally, the sighting of a High Relief ASE would of popped up on the radar at the grading companies. Either/Or, the minor variations in the Burnished UNC ASE doesn't amount to much. What constitutes a variety is a significant anomaly. For example – 2008 w/REV 07, Missing Edge Letters, 1999 AGE Unfinished Die, No "S" Proof, or 1982 Kennedy No FG. Unless someone at the Mint directly notifies Q. David Bowers or the ANA – there is nothing there to investigate.

    PS: Your writing skills are inexcusable.

  67. Anonymous says

    Examples of a numismatic error include: struck off center, double struck, triple struck, broad struck, brockage, struck through, struck on wrong planchet, unstruck, and clipped (source "Official Read Book", 63rd Edition, 2010, Whitman Publishing LLC, Atlanta Georgia – pg. 400-407).

  68. Anonymous says

    Its seems almost everyone who placed an order on Friday now has a "backorder" status.

    Looks like this is going to be a quick sellout. The new surge in bullion demand may be choking off the proof mintage.

  69. Anonymous says

    The US Mint Sale of the 2010 ASE proof is a true testament that a fool and their money will soon part. HELLO !!!!!!

    $45.95 AN OUNCE !!!!!

    UMMMMMM What is spot 27.35 maybe a little more with ups and downs.

    GEEEZE !!! some people just have way more money then they have sense.

    No offense intended of course but doesn't anyone recall all the ripoff deals that our US Mint has taken them for in the past. Or is everyone but me hypnotized by these rip off artists. Lets see: They started out 2010 by selling old scumbag sacagawea rolls. Then to add insult to injury they stuck it to the small time collectors with a higher price and lower quantity proof set.

    I for one was done with them after 1999 when they started with the crazy prices for the state quarters and then in 2007 when the complete bastardizing of all coinage was brought to an all time high with the presidential transit tokens. Sorry to seem so hum drum but. THE US MINT CLEARLY SUCKS NOW !!!!

  70. Anonymous says

    To the hum drum commenter just above. You need to pick and choose. Personally, like you, I think most of the mint products are pot metal junk or of such poor design to be passed off to the unsuspecting as collectable coinage. To each his own, however. The ASE proof is the one bright spot (no pun intended) for the average person who can't afford 1600 bucks for a gold eagle but wants a classic coin design on precious metal proof. Remember, the price includes more than just the metal. The classic design is worth something as well as the production cost of making a proof, plus markup. If you don't have any particular interest in a proof condition but want an ASE then get a bullion version for 15 bucks less from a bullion dealer. Its all about what you like, want, and can afford. If a person thinks they are getting screwed obviously don't get it as the person who buys one while he thinks he is getting screwed may continue to have a bad feeling even after it arrives.

  71. Anonymous says

    The reason for the "BACK ORDER"
    change on most orders is that
    their waiting for the returns
    to come from the dealers. Then
    we'll get the pick overs.

  72. Anonymous says

    To the 10:07 blogger.

    For you to think that the mark up is warranted for the 2010 proof ASE just because it makes them affordable for people who can't afford the more expensive gold coins at 1600.00 is exactly the same hypnotic bull crap I'm speaking of. 45.95 for a 2010 proof ASE IS A RIP OFF !!! Pure and simple. Your attempt to say that the " The classic design is worth something as well as the production cost of making a proof, plus markup." is exactly the same hypnotic bull crap the US Mint tries to put in peoples mind just to make them think they are getting a deal. Anything over 35.95 for a proof ASE is a rip off in my opinion. Case and point. Try to take your ASE to a coin dealer and see what they will offer you for it. Then you will see it's real value.

  73. Anonymous says

    Yeah, the price does seem excessive. But, If the coin is declared "sold out" this week sometime, the secondary market price will most certainly be even higher in the short-term.

    However, after Christmas the price should cool down. Unless silver spot continues to rise, there's a chance that in a few months you can buy the 2010 Silver Eagle Proof coin for less than Mint issue price. It's not like that sort of scenario hasn't happened before! I'm sure the coin will be high enough mintage that it will only be worth the spot price of silver.

  74. Anonymous says

    I predict small premiums in the long run (ie. $70/coin with OGP/ PF 69 DCAM to buy, $60/coin to sell). Reason to buy them now to not get returns for picked over dealer coins.
    Mint should change rules about returns to prevent "pick-overs"

  75. Anonymous says

    Try to take your ASE to a coin dealer and see what they will offer you for it. Then you will see it's real value.

    I think I read in the Gray sheet a couple weeks ago that dealers are paying $53 for any proof silver eagle. Did I read that wrong?

  76. Anonymous says

    If some of you think that the mint makes errors to create more interest, then don't buy the errors.

    On a separate note, it's ridiculous that some posters are blaming Moy for everything that they think the mint is doing wrong (especially the absence of the 09 ASE). The supply of silver and the demand for the bullion versions of the coin were deciding factors as to whether the 09 proof was to be produced or not.If it wasn't for Moy, the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle probably would've never been produced. Couldn't help but wonder whether all this criticism for Moy is due to his ethnic background rather than what he has done at the mint.

  77. Anonymous says

    I would wager that ethnic background plays a big role in the negative swipes. There are some real cheap bigots posting on this site. They enjoy liberty as long as it is just for themselves.

  78. Anonymous says

    Not sure what Mr. Moy's ethnic background is or think anyone really cares.
    I do know he is involved with a Christian group, so I guess if you were anti-Christian you may have a problem with that.
    I thinks he has been ok as Director maybe a B-
    How about keeping race baiting out of this blog.

  79. Anonymous says

    if the production continue till december 31. the mintage is 830,000. i think the mint will extend another month. the total mintage should be 1,030,000 or more.

  80. vaughnster says

    It must be the flippers who are dreaming the Mint will sell out of the ASE proof in a week. I just don't see it. Any big-time investor would buy silver bullion at spot instead of a huge mark up for the proof. Way more bang for the buck. I bet the mint already has at least 750,000 minted already, and there are six weeks left for more mintages. Even a sell-out at 500,000 won't cause much of a ripple. I'll be interested to see the Mint sales report tomorrow. Just my humble opinion.

  81. Anonymous says

    273,000 coins is a huge number for 1 week, up 50% versus the first week in 2008. Anyone who thought they were going to sell 600,000 coins in a week was smoking some really good stuff.

  82. Mint News Blog says

    2010 Proof Gold Eagle first week sales figures were up 300-500% compared to 2008 figures.

    I think the Silver Eagle numbers have been under reported.

  83. Anonymous says

    I am guessing the mint is NOT currently striking any 2010 proof s right now as the bullion sales figures suggest they are minting those to capacity, which means all blanks are being diverted to bullion strikes. The pendulum swung from a mediocre bullion sales month in Sept. to a stronger one in Oct to the current massive one.

  84. Anonymous says

    I ordered 2 2010 Silver Eagle Proofs Sunday (status is backordered with ship date 12/7/2010), decided to order 2 more today for X-Mas presents, then called the Mint today and asked if I could combine the order to save on shipping. The woman I talked to said to leave the orders as is, because I would not want to lose my place in line or I would run the risk of being put on a waiting list. list. She works in the department that goes through the reports to determine what has been ordered/cancelled/available and strongly suggested I do not cancel and re-order. Sounds like it's going to sell out pretty soon.

  85. dawson says

    really something to,all the money the mint makes amd they use a box from eagles past ,mine has a old z06 sticker underneath the new ps1 you can see it

  86. dawson says

    really something, all the millions of dollars the mint makes and they give you the box that they had laying around with old z06 stickers,i can see under my new ps1 sticker

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