2010 Proof Gold Buffalo Sold Out

The 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo coins have now sold out at the US Mint. The sell out comes just a few days before the 2011-dated version is scheduled to go on sale.

Sales of the one ounce proof coin began on June 3, 2010. At the time, the coins were priced at $1,510 each, based on an average gold price in the $1,200 to $1,249.99 range. There were no ordering limits or stated maximum mintage for the coins.

After opening with sales of 12,778, the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo remained a relatively steady seller during the ensuing months. The last reported sales through May 1, 2011 were 49,236. When last available, the coins were priced at $1,810 each, reflecting an average gold price in the $1,500 to $1,549.99 range.

It seems that the final mintage will land not too far from the level for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo. The US Mint has now released the final audited mintage for this issue as 49,306. The final mintages for all Proof Gold Buffalo coins are shown below.

Proof Gold Buffalo Final Mintages
1 oz 1/2 oz 1/4 oz 1/10 oz
2006 246,267
2007 58,998
2008 18,863 12,169 13,125 18,884
2009 49,306

The 2011 Proof Gold Buffalo is scheduled to go on sale May 19, 2011.

2010-P Yellowstone National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Yesterday, the US Mint announced the release date for the next numismatic America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coin. The coin featuring Yellowstone National Park will go on sale May 17, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET.

Matching the terms of the previous release, the coins will be priced at $279.95, with a mintage of 27,000, and ordering limit or one per household.

Meanwhile, the Hot Springs Five Ounce Uncirculated Coins still remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website. Despite strong opening sales, the anticipated quick sell out did not occur, likely impacted by the dramatic fall in silver prices that coincided with the release.

I am currently awaiting information for the latest US Mint sales report that should indicate exactly how many coins remain available for sale.

Update: The latest US Mint sales report indicates sales of 49,411 for the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo and 26,866 for the 2010-P Hot Springs Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coin.

View the Full report on Coin Update.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Silver was at $48 when the Hot Springs coin was released last month. I was hoping the Yellowstone would have a slightly lower premium, but I'll get one anyway.

  2. Anonymous says

    I am anticipating that the 2011 Gold Buffalo Proof will have fewer coins minted than 2010. I do not expect the coin to come close to the rarity of the 2008; however, several factors suggest the 2011 may become the lowest mintage of the series thus far (with the exclusion of 2008). The 2011 buffalo costs $300 more than the 2010 when it first went on sale due to the rise in gold. Furthermore, higher metals prices and more products available from the mint (such as the ATB 5 ounce silver) will cause a strain on coin buyers budget.

  3. Anonymous says

    The 2011 Buffalo should have a fairly low mintage. My reason for this is several fold. First the Mint currently has several offerings that are competing for collector dollars – the proof and Unc gold eagles, the platinum eagle coming soon, the FS series, and now the 5 ounce ATB silver series. Second the price of gold is holding steady, and may continue to creep higher – preventing many "would be" buyers from purchasing the coin. Third, most consumers are losing the "discretionary spending" battle – consumer prices for food and fuel continue to increase and thus directly compete with money that the collector may have used to purchase this coin. Of course this is just my simple opinion, it will be interesting to see where the sales enventually end up.

    As for the Yellowstone 5 ounce, initial sales will be strong, but I feel that overall interest will begin to fall, and I doubt there will be a sellout in the first month – if at all. Again just my opinion.


  4. Anonymous says

    I'll buy all five of the 2010-P "numismatic" versions of the 5 oz. coins. Whether or not I buy the 2011's will depend on the mintage level. If the level is kept small in comparison to the bullion versions, I will probably buy them too.

    Maybe the Mint will keep the mintage small, since the 2010's might not "fly off the shelves" if Hot Springs is any indication.

    Maybe the mintage will even be reduced a little bit to only 20,000 each. That would steal the 2010's thunder, but would serve to help solidify the desirability of the 2011's. I still think a silver coin with such a low-mintage will be a sought-after item in the coming years. I certainly haven't written them off just yet.

  5. Anonymous says

    i think the mint should lift the limit for every 5 oz coin that come out. this way it will tell the real demand on this series.

  6. Anonymous says

    can anyone figure out or guess at what price of silver per ounce that the mint use to calculate $279.95 on those 5 oz silver coins?. is it at $35, $40 or $45?. any formula for that?.

  7. Anonymous says

    I won't be buying the Yellowstone.

    Yeah, right. You will be online an noon just like the rest of us addicts.

  8. Anonymous says

    I just received the Hot Springs coin in the mail. It's a whopper and a beauty. From the mint, the new uncirculated strike.

  9. Anonymous says

    Looks like '08 half ounce is
    the real King of the Buffalo proofs with only 12,169 minted.

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi to all
    i got a question, maybe someone can help, i never send any coins for grading, but i got 6 sets of the ATB bullion coins and i am thinking about grading them,either through PCGS or NGC, i check both the websites, but still confused how to do it, i mean which one is cheaper, what i have to select on the forum, to complicated for guy like me, any help will be nice, like whats the best tier to select etc, Thanks

  11. Anonymous says

    Got a "70" HS 5 oz today in the mail. What a beauty, the real beauty is 27K. To those who cancel, you have missed the boat. Great all around coin and packaging.

  12. Anonymous says

    Silver moving back up, knocking on 39 a oz at this time. Going up, up, and away.

  13. Anonymous says

    For coin grading there is no going wrong with PCGS-more strict when grading coins but more collector desirability, appeal and value.

  14. Robin Hood says

    @ Anon
    May 10, 2011 7:00 PM

    send your ATB's to me I will grade them free

    HEE HEE !


  15. Mint News Blog says

    "i got 6 sets of the ATB bullion coins and i am thinking about grading them,either through PCGS or NGC, i check both the websites, but still confused how to do it, i mean which one is cheaper, what i have to select on the forum, to complicated for guy like me, any help will be nice, like whats the best tier to select etc,"

    This article has some comparisons of PCGS and NGC submissions for the ATB.


  16. Anonymous says

    what is the sales result of 2011w american eagle one ounce unc gold coin?. still no word?.

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    " Can anyone figure out or guess at what price of silver per ounce that the mint use to calculate $279.95 on those 5 oz silver coins?. is it at $35, $40 or $45?. any formula for that? "

    If you look at cost to manufacture, the 5 oz. ATB-P coins were struck in late summer or early fall of 2010, when Silver was spotting at $20-$25 per fine troy ounce (FTO). At the top end, that is $125 for the metal. Add 20% for manufacturing, the special finish, and packaging ($25/coin).

    So, based on when the coins were struck in 2010 vs when they were sold in 2011 at $279 each, I am estimating that the Mint is clearing (margin) at least $125 per coin on these Numismatic Issues.

    Keep in mind that this margin is $25/FTO, which is very similar to the Mint's margin on a 1 oz PR ASE.

    Just me, but I am expecting 2011 ASE prices in the $60 range and, when the 2011 ATB-P coins hit the market later this year, those prices should be in the $325 – $350 range (Silver at $43/FTO). When the time comes, though, I really hope I am wrong!!

  18. Mint News Blog says

    "what is the sales result of 2011w american eagle one ounce unc gold coin?. still no word?."

    I am trying to obtain this information. I will post the numbers once I have them.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hot Springs Unc arrived in mail. Blemish free, outstanding SATIN finish. This one is a sure winner!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says

    My ATB came today as well, but it has a dent on the front. I'm stuck with it as there's no way I'll get a replacement. Guess I'll use it as a hockey puck!

  21. Anonymous says

    Hot Springs Sold Out!
    Waiting list only!
    Hope you all got yours cause it's a beauty!

  22. Anonymous says

    Any new thoughts about the Hot Springs delayed sell out? I think it was mainly due to the timing with the precipitous fall in silver, but even in the mid-upper 30s/oz I think the coin will be a big winner with the 27k total mintage.

  23. Anonymous says

    Mint told me I can't put my name on waiting list for Hot Springs since I already ordered one.
    Next round, I'm going to wait for at least an hour before trying to order one (unless I get too nervous). Too expensive to buy bullion also. Is the Mint going to keep mintages down for 2011 numismatic version also? If so, I'm in for them and will skip the bullion versions.
    The numismatic coin looks perfect to me and I will not grade or sell it. It is the most "artistic" coin series the Mint has ever made. The state quarters may has some "historic" value, but overall they were UGLY!

  24. Anonymous says

    Just received my ATB 5 oz coin from the Mint with the satin finish and of course it looks BIG. Looking through the capsule – it looks perfect to me. I love it … wish I could have purchased at least two.

    Next time I hope they'll have a little higher limit. Can't wait until the 17th for Yellowstone.

  25. Anonymous says

    Auction yesterday for NP1 on ebay went for $360. Last two bidders below that were $355 and $350. Think I'll keep mine. Hot Springs design is my least favorite, but the next ones coming look nice.

  26. Anonymous says

    Yeah, and the eBay/PayPal fees for a $360 auction are $43.14. Postage/insurance/signature confirmation will probably be at least another $12, so selling it for that would only net you about $20 profit.

    Like wow, man!

  27. Anonymous says

    Uh…why does the upcoming product page for Yellowstone say "price to be determined"? The press release had already said the price was going to be $279.95!

  28. Rich G says

    "Hot Springs Sold Out!
    Waiting list only!
    Hope you all got yours cause it's a beauty!"

    What satisfaction do you get from posting this?? There is no wait list and they are not sold out. Is that the best you can come up with? Please go away.

  29. Anonymous says

    Got my Hot Spring coin today. Nice satin finish. The Mint's P version, in my opinion, will be more collectible than the bullion version.

    Will the first in the series bring a great premium? Not so sure. I keep thinking about the Martha Washington First Spouse gold coin and the FS series.

    @ May 11, 2011 7:56 AM. eBay ain't the only game in town. Check Coin World for buyers and you can sell without the eBay fees.

    @ May 11, 2011 8:12 AM. Patience is a virtue. The website will be updated.

  30. Anonymous says

    It is sold out? It is sold out. Praise the Lord, this coin is finally sold out!

  31. Anonymous says

    Coin shopping network had 2011 Gettysburg ms69 499.00 and same with glacier national park ms69. 499.00.

  32. Rich/Will have to change name to Poor says

    They did that so if the price of silver sky rockets, They can adjust price higher.To the Mint the sky is the limit.

  33. Anonymous says

    Silver IS dropping again today. How much it will rebound before next Tuesday (if anything) is unknown. Hopefully the price will be no higher than $279.95.

    I highly doubt we will see a price drop on this one, even if silver drops to $30 or less. I'll settle for no price increase!

  34. Anonymous says

    I can't see the waiting list for Hot Springs lasting very long at all. Most of the coins have probably already shipped. Waiting lists are for those items that supposedly sell out in the first day or two, before the Mint has had a chance to process any of them or check for duplicates.

  35. Anonymous says

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Hot Springs National Park Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list.

  36. Anonymous says

    Hey Rich G,

    Knock off your nasty comments.
    You obviously weren't reading the Mint site very carefully.

    A got my Hot Springs "P" and it's an awesome coin and glad they are now sold out (waiting list only).

    I appreciate how other bloggers keep us updated on the latest news.

  37. Anonymous says

    It will be really interesting to see how well the next 5 ounce silver coin sells — and the ones after that. That may determine the future of the series.

    The FS gold coins started off strong, but they petered out. I wonder if, after the first 5 of the ATB 5 ounce series, we'll see a similar drop off…. Higher mintages, combined with high mark ups from bullion values may turn a lot of folks off.

    Personally, I do not plan to buy any of the 5 ouncers after the first limited-mintage five coins.

  38. Anonymous says

    Silver is freefalling again, it is down over 7%. $30. silver is right around the corner, mark my words, the demise of silver is happening right before our eyes.

  39. Anonymous says

    My AMPEX 5 oz ATB set came today, each one was FS, MS68DMPL. I couldnt be happier.

  40. Anonymous says

    Just received Hot Springs 5oz, strike and quality stunning. Finish much sharper than bullion version. At $279 will seem like a bargain a year from now.

  41. Anonymous says

    Received my 5oz UNC and now it's one of my favorite coins. So I plan to collect the whole series. It's like the FS series, because they are all different, they are more fun to collect.

    I think the ATB UNC series left in the display box will be over 20' long end to end. That will be an impressive display of silver.

  42. Anonymous says

    Just got my ATB's from APMEX.
    The coins all have proof like look
    to them with no dents or marks but were only graded BU.
    Anyone have any info on this ?

  43. Pete says

    Michael, Have you noticed the Washington "Lip Tick" on the Hot Springs 5oz coins?

    T have seen two coins side by side and the tick looks indentically placed. My first thought was a flaw, now I'm thinking bad die.

    Any thoughts?

  44. Rich G. says

    There's nothing nasty about asking someone to stop posting false info on this site. Just checked the Mint's website and it states the Hot Springs ATB is backordered until 5/25. Nothing about a wait list.

  45. Anonymous says

    FS series died off since

    #1 too pricy: $500ish for a coin is doable, but now at $900ish a coin, not so doable.

    #2 Ugly coins: Liberty and Julia Tyler are nice, but Maggie and Eliza (and Mary Lincoln) and most others not nice to look at.

    #3 PC theme: Folks are proud of national parks, but just to get the spouse of a president seems a bit of a PC agenda many folks just don't care for.

    ATB 5oz will be winners since:

    #1 Price is doable
    #2 Beautiful coins
    #3 Great theme
    #4 "wow" appeal
    #5 low mintages (2010 for everything and 2011+ for numismatic versions)

  46. Anonymous says

    Here's the confusion: it says 'availble for shipping after 5/25, but right BELOW it says it is sold out. It's sold out. Great coin! Got mine yesterday, but wonder if the Deep Mirror bullion will be the keeper series- for now I'm collecting the P versions and the bullion DMPLs

    Price: $279.95
    Enter Quantity
    Product will be available for shipping 05/25/2011
    Add to Cart

    Add to Wish List

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Hot Springs National Park Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

  47. Anonymous says

    Pete , I noticed the same (lip tick) on mine as well , that is if your referring to the upper lip?

  48. Anonymous says

    Mine too, upper lip tic is there. If this is also on the bullion coin does that mean they used the same die?
    Or is there a variety in the works?

  49. Anonymous says

    I received my Hot Springs yesterday; unfortunately, there was a tiny scratch on GW's hairline, and a barely noticeable "ding" on the edge. But I know the coin will not grade 70, if I am lucky it may grade 69, but more likely it will grade a 68. I do not want to send it back to the mint for a replacement, at least with this coin I know what I have.


  50. Anonymous says

    I was intrigued by the "lip tick" comments. I checked my satin finish P coin and my bullion coin. No such lip tick on either coin.

    Seems like you might have a coin with a die chip, not a variety. I prefer to have one without a die chip.

  51. Anonymous says

    I would actually keep these "tick-or-no-tick" in OGP. Sending them back as returns is a mistake IMHO. Personally, I think the numismatic value will hold in the long term, and OGP is a fantastic fit for these oversize units.

  52. lmx_keith says

    Terry, mine is fine too, perfectly smooth around the lettering. No lip tick either. Interestingly, my Hot Springs bullion coin that does have the lip tick.

  53. Anonymous says

    Terry, I notice that my "Springs" look like that, however, the "Hot" is normal.

    What is wrong with it?

    I can't send it back to the mint. No way, I'm keeping it no matter what.

  54. xxxbadapple says

    I got both of mine. My GF bought me one as a gift. I was impressed with the quality of the coin.. they look flawless.

  55. xxxbadapple says

    Being able to see the coin design so clearly is going to make these highly collectable to me… I can't wait to see some of the other designs!

  56. Anonymous says

    This line may be caused by the pressure in the edge lettering process. If I remember correctly the Mint was thinking of a diameter reduction because of planchet warpage in the minting process.

  57. Anonymous says

    Anyone know ….

    I have two satin finish coins – a FS satin finish unc gold coin and my Hot Springs P 5 ounce silver coin.

    On both coins, the satin finish appears uneven. That is, there are places on the coin that look like they have less of a finish than in other areas.

    If I were to send these coins to be graded, would such an uneven finish make a difference on their final grade?

  58. Anonymous says

    GOT MY 5OZ HOT SPRINGS TODAY. NOT AT ALL NICE.scratchs on bottom of wash. head. should i send it back for a replacement or just keep it. called mint and they said they hold back some for people that want exchanges.(don't really beleive that) but maybe it's true. anyone else have same problem. also should i beleive the mint or just keep it. thanks for any help

  59. Anonymous says

    my 5oz P Hot springs still says reserved & in stock. Why hasn't it been shipped yet?

  60. Anonymous says

    "I have two satin finish coins – a FS satin finish unc gold coin and my Hot Springs P 5 ounce silver coin."

    What is this "FS" ? If it is a First Spouse Coin then it is not satin, it is unc.
    The raised areas of the coin may look different because of how much pressure is applied when it's struck.
    An expert may know more about this and can correct me as needed, thanks.

  61. Anonymous says

    Yep … the ATB 5 oz is finally sold out per US Mint – waiting list only. It's not obvious 'cause you have to actually click to order and then it's stated. Finally …

  62. Anonymous says

    It took about two weeks for the US Mint to sell out of its Hot Spring "P" coin. Do you think the next few offers will sell out faster, slower, or at the same rate?

  63. Anonymous says

    I just recieved my ATB 5oz. silver coins from APMEX, all are BU !

    Two had nice size scratches on them. I've got to ask " Why grade a scratched coin ? " They are first strike scratched.

    Anyone bragging about getting MS68 or MS69 are shoveling cow waste.

    Can you say "Cherry Picked".

    From now on I am sticking with the mint for my collectables.

    I'll be selling this on ebay.

    Thanx, APMEX. You lived up to your promise.

  64. Anonymous says

    They state the second p mint mark 5oz has a unc finish. The first one states brillant unc finish.what are they up to

  65. Anonymous says


  66. Pete says

    So the "lip tick" would be called a die chip? So how many coins need to have this for it to become a collector issue? 10, 20 100?

    My coin also has an inside the rim issues.

    Maybe I'll have better luck next time… I would have sent it back if it wasn't so close to a sell out.

  67. Anonymous says

    Puhleeeeeeez. You must be the Moy hater…


  68. Anonymous says

    I got my set from APMEX and I got 3 MS69PL & 1 MS69 AND THE LAST ONE WAS MS69DMPL Thanks Apmex. Jim

  69. Pete says

    The "lip chip" looks like he has a small cut on the upper lip. It's cut into the lip. I didn't notice until the light hit it right. It is finished just like the rest of the coin. So not a post process cut. looks like something got caught between the die and the blank, imo.

  70. Anonymous says

    Just opened my Dillon Gage ATB…..wow is all I can say….what a bunch of crap….poorest quality by far…and by far the worst packaging…I guess the $80.10 freight charge was really worth about $20 and I an being generous there. If this is how they do business,they won't be seeing anymore from me!

  71. Anonymous says

    Out of all the ATB sets I got raw, CNT was easily the best. Waiting for my AMPEX set tomorrow.

    Got my numismatic version from the mint. Probably not going to open and send directly to PCGS and take a shot. Going to wait for all 5 first.

  72. Anonymous says

    I received my 5 oz Hot Springs yesterday. I am glad I got one but am disappointed by the strike detail on George. It almost looks like not very much strike pressure applied to George. The strike detail on the Hot Springs Park side is good. Maybe George is supposed to look melted out on these larger coins. The coin is not scratched or dinged so perhaps I should not be too picky.

  73. Anonymous says

    Do you guys think Modern Coin Mart cherry picks their 2011 bullion 5ozer's? I see they sell them raw and slabbed. Do you think the raw ones are the rejects?

    They seem to have the best pricing but I'm concerned if I get them raw, they'll look like ass. But on the flip side, they're the cheapest and they aren't even AP's.

  74. John says

    Terry, My coin is also like yours except it is damaged from the s through the n in springs and the hot is ok. My best guess is that it was damaged from the edge lettering process. It is quite obvious and I noticed it right away even before reading your post. I had a feeling that mine was not the only one with this damage.

  75. Terry says

    Looking at mine again it also seems that the letters TER DO in quarter dollar seem a little lighter towards the bottom. So it's almost like there wasn't as much pressure towards that edge when it was struck.

  76. Anonymous says

    Please don't do yourself a flavor. Don't buy from APMEX. They cherrypicked. They might give a nice set this time. Who know what they will do next time when they can keep the MS69 and dump the trash on you!

  77. Anonymous says

    to: got my set from APMEX and I got 3 MS69PL & 1 MS69 AND THE LAST ONE WAS MS69DMPL Thanks Apmex. Jim

    You must work for the cherry pickers… APMEX

    all your coins were ms 69 + ?

    Bull.. Ebay is loaded with the coins that were taken.

  78. Anonymous says

    only dings on mine are little scratches in that little shield on reverse bottom right. i assume it's supposed to be flat, and ever so slight little imperfections under the windows.

  79. Anonymous says

    There is a saying in the sales business.

    A happy customer tells a friend.

    An unhappy customer tells 10.

    I tell 100.

  80. Rich G. says

    I received my coins from APMEX today. Two were graded PCGS BU, two were MS68 and the other was MS68 PL. How can one be disappointed with a total cost of $1008.00? I'm happy to have at least one set graded. Sent in a couple of 2010 P Hot Springs 5 oz. coins to PCGS. They looked very sharp. For those of you wondering, PCGS charges $52 each for grading! $20 for the oversized holder, $18 for First Strike designation and $14 for their standard grading fee. Oh, plus shipping and an $8 handling fee. Hope it's worth it!

  81. Anonymous says

    I will tell everyone I know. Must be greater than 1000.
    For those get a nice set from APMEX. Just a quick reminder, this time around, they need to ship out everything they got. For 2011 and on, They could easily keep the best ones and give old a BU sets. Since they will tell you only only order bullion.

    On the other hand, I got my A-Mark set and one of them is not very good. But that is my luck. I would rather to deal with A-Mark from now now.

    No to APMEX.

  82. Anonymous says

    Hey, does it seem like these "numismatic versions" were the ones that were too defective to sell as bullion, so the Mint put a "special finish" on them to try to hide the flaws and rescue them?

  83. Anonymous says

    All you guys who bad mouth APMEX just didn't take a chance to buy a set the first day they put them online. So you missed out on getting a $500 refund and the first sets on the market. I got one of those and my wife just got on of their graded sets (for me) so I love APMEX!

  84. Anonymous says

    My 5 sets of Hot Springs "P" have arrived. I ordered under several addresses such as home, business, po box etc. All look good.

  85. Anonymous says

    To May 11, 2011 5:51 PM;
    The Mint Made Washington that way. It's an exact replica of the original 1932 design and not like the enhanced Washington we see so much of on the state quarters. Compare a quarter from the 1970's to a quarter from the 2000's and you'll see. Your new ATB's will look like those quarters from 1970's.

    To May 11, 2011 7:00 PM
    I think all 5 oz.ATB's have these scratches/markings on that little shield. I would be surprised to hear that a shield is smooth and free of these markings. Now that would be a variety!

  86. Anonymous says

    Hey, does it seem like these "numismatic versions" were the ones that were too defective to sell as bullion, so the Mint put a "special finish" on them to try to hide the flaws and rescue them?

    That makes no sense at all. Bullion is bullion. 2010 mintages were set at 33K (bullion version) and 27k (collector version). If really you want to waste your money, buy or get your ATB bullion issues graded. Smart money is on the collector's version (no AP middleman).

  87. Anonymous says

    Grade or not grade 2010P….Got mine yesterday small scratch on washington's shoulder???????

  88. Anonymous says

    I think grading *might* be a good idea. Years from now the fakes fromChina will be so good, there might be the chance of people questioning authenticity. With grading there is no question.

    I have an aquaintence who bought loads of ungraded numismatic gold over years from a local coin shop who he became friends with. He sent it all to NGC. It was ALL fake.

  89. Anonymous says

    My P-puck came in perfect condition, no fat lip or any other flawes at all. Very nice!

  90. Anonymous says

    I just got my set from APMEX. One was graded MS69PL and the other four were graded as MS68DMPL. I am very happy to have such a graded set. The packaging was awesome.

  91. Andrew says

    I have absolutely no complaints about my ATB dealings with Fidelitrade. They were outstanding and their coins were packaged in air-tites then bubble wrapped and in beautiful condition. Will definitely recommend them and do business with them again in the future.

  92. Anonymous says

    "I have an aquaintence who bought loads of ungraded numismatic gold over years from a local coin shop who he became friends with. He sent it all to NGC. It was ALL fake."

    I know someone who bought the rights to the Brooklyn Bridge and the deed was ALL fake too!

    Any news article to support your "story"? If true (I highly doubt) someone is behind numismatic steel bars!

  93. Not Happy with APMEX says

    Got my APMEX ATB's on Wed. and all were graded BU.
    I will not do biz with APMEX again and will close my account.

    How can they give some customers number graded and some not just bad biz

  94. Anonymous says

    I got a crazy mixture from Jack Hunt in the form of a raw Hot Springs, PCGS FS MS68DMPL Yellowstone, and PCGS FS BU Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Mount Hood.

    Why did they have to mess me up and send a RAW Hot Springs? I was bummed about that.

  95. Anonymous says

    Bullion is Bullion, graded or not. Crack those useless slabs open and put them in capsules. Then they are all equal again like they were from the Mint.

    If I ordered 20 BU Silver Eagles from APX I sure as heck wouldn't want them all in a big, bulky plastic holder! No, I would want them in the roll as they came from the mint.

  96. Anonymous says

    On one hand I am glad that the AP's and US Mint mointor this site. It gives them an insite on how collectors think and what we want.

    On the other hand, they sent their Spin Doctors in to try to make us believe a ton of bull.

    This is no more than Public Dis-information. What can you believe? Sure Apmex sent out all Ms 69 coins coins.

    We were really chumped when we bought graded coins from them. They took our money , graded all the coins and them cherry picked the batch. I admit it I am a chump, however, it won't happen again. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice , shame on me.

  97. Anonymous says

    …Any news article to support your "story"? If true (I highly doubt) someone is behind numismatic steel bars!…

    No, I don't have any news story about this. What are you talking about? Why such a hissy fit?!

    He submitted 10 coins through an authorized NGC dealer and they came back fakes. Most were $2.50 Indian's. I saw the slabs. This guy is friends with my boss.

    My boss and I argued with him to sue the guy but he won't do it.

    You can choose to believe or not. I don't waste my time typing false stories to you people. I was using it as an example that in the future there will be no doubt that slabbed coins are genuine.

    I was at the FUN Show in Tampa and listened to PCGS make brief mention of fake slabs from China that are appearing.

  98. Anonymous says

    My point being that if you buy raw coins, be careful. And if you buy slabbed coins, check with the PCGS/NGC registry to see that they match.

  99. Anonymous says

    I can't wait to open my APMEX set today and post what I have and then read the guys who think I am making it up. Gotta love it.

  100. Anonymous says

    Apmes spin doctor:
    I can't wait to hear what you got in the mail today.

    I predict all ms 70.

  101. Anonymous says

    Is there anyone else whose P Hot Springs is still not shipped from the Mint?

    Mine says still in Stock and reserved!

  102. Anonymous says

    Is there anyone else whose P Hot Springs is still not shipped from the Mint?

    Mine says still in Stock and reserved!

    May 12, 2011 10:01 AM


    Call the mint and ask for an explanation. It may be as simple as you put in an incorrect CC # or expiration date, ot there may be an issue with your CC compnay (I experienced this before, and when I called the Mint they allowed me to pay with another CC, and my order was shipped in a couple of days) I hope things work out for you.


  103. xxxbadapple says

    Some of the posts on here are pretty funny concerning the lip tic and what not.. Find a very definitive double die and then let us know. A little lip tic is hardly anything to report. Sorry I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud but thats not a major error/defect to get excited about.

  104. Anonymous says

    2010 bullion ATB 5 oz silver five coins set dealer's buying price is $1,100.00/set. both slabbed and raw coins the same price. did you guys make money on this?.

  105. Anonymous says

    To May 12, 2011 9:28 AM

    You are the biggest a-hole ever!! You are a f—off.

  106. Anonymous says

    Really, can we do without the name calling and what not. THis is a coin site, take that childish stuff to some chat room.

  107. Anonymous says

    I'm still waiting for the APmex spin Dr., to show me his MS 70 ATB bullion coins.

    They were sent ups ground so they should be checking in before 5:00 central time.

  108. Anonymous says

    Just got an e-mail that my APMEX set was delivered. When I get home in an hour, I'll post what I got. It'll be funny to see the responses I get, calling me a liar or a APMEX stooge.

  109. Anonymous says

    I am toying with the idea, if funds are available, of collecting the entire ATB series. It will be my first attempt at a series, and since the coins are unique, I'm thinking of doing all issues i.e. the common uncirculateds, the 1st year satins, the proof clads and silvers, and the the large 5-Ozers.

  110. Anonymous says

    MCM sent out an email earlier today advertising NGC graded Hot Springs P in SP69 and SP70. Both seem to have sold out in hours. I am seeing a lot of potential in the collector version.

  111. Anonymous says

    10:39…I just checked MCM, the SP69 is currently "out of stock", but the SP70 is still available.

  112. Anonymous says

    Has it not become obvious ?

    The AP's Such as APMEX Cherry Picked all the ATB bullion that they sold to us and are now selling the MS 68 And MSs 69's for a premium on there sites.


  113. Anonymous says

    What's been wrong with Blogger lately? I didn't think it was EVER going to come back up.

    Plus, the post about April 2011 coin production and all of it's comments have vanished!

  114. Anonymous says

    Just got my ATB set from APMEX. Was skeptical about about comments made on this blog about them sending coins out that had been graded by PCGS, but all 5 of mine were. The Hot Springs received an MS68PL, all 4 of the others received a MS68DMPL. Yes, they may have cherry picked even though we'll never know, but for the price I paid I'm very happy they already came back graded. Ron

  115. Mint News Blog says

    There have been some issues with Blogger. Some posts and comments were removed while they tried to fix the situation.

    The missing post and comments should be restored within the next few hours.

  116. Anonymous says

    My Dillon Gage came in a tiny box with plastic "flips" (all stacked on one another).

    APMEX all were "BU" with some obvious dings in some. Disappointing.

    There must be cherry picking going on. I'm disappointed that I wired DG my money over a month ago only to find such a novice job handling them.

  117. Anonymous says

    Ron: Keep shoveling. We are all on to you and your employer(APMEX).

    Sure I will buy from them in the future; (Not).

    Fellow Blogers, I am sorry that I have continued on this path, however, someone has got to make an attempt to stop the BS. We are all being played. The only thing that you can really believe is the text that is producted by Michael.

    Everything else take for a grain of salt.

  118. Anonymous says

    My Dillon Gage came in yesterday aswell. However, at $ 34.24 per ounce, I did get what I paid for. Shipping at $80.10 was a tad steep.
    Not one had a nick or scratch on them.

  119. Anonymous says

    I receieved my set from APMEX yesterday, all were grade – 2 were MS69 with designation, and 3 were MS68 with designations.


  120. Anonymous says

    As a first time APEX buyer, the coins I received are 2 MS68DMPL, 3 MS68PL. I am very pleased. I had registered on the site around the 1st of April and could not buy any until the first day passed and they were not selling as expected. Great deal, not for sale, the grandchildren will get these. Tim

  121. Anonymous says

    Dillon Gage NGC for $1159.00 came in yesterday. There were scratches near the name of the state on two of them. O well, I'll keep it around for awhile.

    The NGC slap is BIG. I didn't think it would be that big. It won't fit inside my lock box. haha


  122. Diane says

    tmm at12:56 PM, hate to sound stupid, but what does desination mean? Thanks Diame

  123. Anonymous says


    The 5 coins were all designated "First Strike," by PCGS. Additionally Mount Hood is MS68DMPL, Yosemite is MS68DMPL, Yellowstone is MS68DMPL,Grand Canyon is designated MS69PLand Hot Springs is simply MS69 – I hope that helps…


  124. Anonymous says

    Got my set too. 3 68dmpl's and 2 68pl's. Love reading the sore loser comments. You really think employees are here posting? puleaze!

  125. Anonymous says

    I too received my HS 5 oz coin from the mint as well as my 5 coin set from APMEX this week. The satin finish coin from the mint looks flawless and the 5 coin set from APMEX had 2 MS68DMPL & 3 MS68PL – same as May 13, 2011 1:47 PM. I'm happy with all these coins. Looks like TMM did real good with two MS69's.

    To Diane – I beleive the designation term refers to Proof Like and Deep Miror Proof Like.


  126. Anonymous says

    Over-kill APMEX! You win; huh? Get some sleep you have another long day tomorrow.

    P-l-e-a-s-e Stop Cherry Picking.

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