2010 Quarters Proof Set Sales at 75,558

The first sales figures are available from the US Mint for the recently released 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. Between the start of sales on May 13 and the reporting date of May 16, sales of 75,558 sets have been recorded.

This is somewhat of an underwhelming start for the product. This set contains the first proof coins released for the new 12 year series and represents the first availability for four of the five coin designs for this year. Until this set was released, only one design had been released as a circulating coin.

For comparison, the 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set had managed to sell 224,426 sets within the first reporting period between February 11 to February 14, 2010. Sales have now risen to 373,835 after roughly three months of availability.

Last year’s 2009 District of Columbia & US Territories Quarter Set had debut sales of 78,018 sets between January 5 and January 11, 2009. Sales to date have now reached 609,376.

As the US Mint has continued to move towards breaking up annual coin sets into more and more component sets, maybe collectors are moving in the opposite direction and waiting for the full 2010 Proof Set to become available to acquire the coins. Or maybe the level of enthusiasm for America the Beautiful Quarters is already waning…

You can find this week’s full US Mint sales report at Coin Update News.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I wish I could say otherwise, but it looks like the mint has another flop on its hands.

    A lot of people were scratching their heads when this whole program was announced, and it looks like they were right. This makes no sense as they already did state quarters.

  2. Anonymous says

    I am not surprised. Why buy these proof quarter sets when you can just get them later on included in the annual proof sets? I think more people may now be wise to this product duplication and just trying to save money.

  3. Anonymous says

    anon 10:33 AM

    In general, I'd agree with you; but something still bothers me about the discrepancy in number of pres token proof sets sold to number of quarter proof sets sold. I can't believe there are THAT many casual pres token only collectors compared to casual quarter only collectors, nevermind my personal opinion that the pres tokens aren't even remotely appealing. My only guess is that there may be a large number of quarter collectors who are waiting for the silver set, so perhaps it's best to wait for that sets release and weigh sales of both.

  4. Anonymous says

    Is this the US Mint or the Franklin Mint producing this carnival of products?

  5. Anonymous says

    Hee hee, the Franklin Mint. Their stuff just SCREAMS quality, doesn't it?

    I love those commercials for those junk coins talking about them being $20 legal tender. Yeah, in LIBERIA! $20 there is worth about .28 cents U.S.!

  6. Anonymous says

    I'm waiting to hear from those who have purchased the proof ATB quarters to see what they think of them. If the opinions are mostly favorable then I will consider getting the silver proof set version.

  7. JA says

    Could not agree with the first poster any more. Piggy backing a new quarters program in this economy may have been too much too soon.

    1) Who's going to shell out that kind of money now when they can get it in the set later?

    2) As I've said before, the signs are surfacing that the interest in this series is waning. The most frightening fact is this is only the first coin!!!

    3) I did not start collecting the first quarters series until late in the game but I can tell you that I have not purchased a single bag or roll set to date.

    Something needs to be done to breathe life and excitement into this series.

  8. Anonymous says

    Something needs to be done to breathe life and excitement in the Mint offerings. I know some of their stuff is mandated by law so that much of the fault lies in congressional diddling and congressional diddling is probably the result of the metal lobby.

  9. Bob says

    It's amazing to me that nobody knows about this program except us avid collecters. I ask banks if the have rolls yet and they look at me like I'm crazy and I have to teach them about the new series. Ask anybody that is not an avid collector and the marketing behind this new series is way short of what promotions the mint did for statehood quarters. I bought a proof set, looks like with low numbers, it might be scarce and valuable someday?

  10. Anonymous says

    We have already seen two of the 2010 quarters in previous years, Yellowstone has already been on a commemorative and Yosemite was on the earlier state quarter so in the first year two of the coins are repeats.

  11. Anonymous says

    My sister is the head teller at a local bank here in town, and she had no idea about the ATB Quarters. She was very aware of the new $100 bill however.

  12. Michael says

    Watch for some "RARE" error coins to surface in the future to thin the inventory.

    Bring on the 5oz bullion!!! I think they will be the only thing collectible in the series along with the silver proof sets.

  13. Falcon says

    I still say they should have breathed new life into the Kennedy half dollar and put the ATB on the back of them. There would have been alot more room for the designs. It also would have put the half dollar back into the public.

  14. Anonymous says

    nice idea falcon, but if you keep having good ideas like that you'll never be in charge.

  15. Anonymous says

    Love the idea Falcon. If only.

    Any news on the 5 ouncers? Haven't heard a thing recently.

  16. Anonymous says

    I just noticed that the Mint has declared the John Quincy Adams rolls and bags "Sold Out." When did that happen?

  17. Michael says

    I think it might have been to coincide with the start of sales for Franklin Pierce.

  18. Anonymous says

    We have supported the mint for many years. We have bought good and some bad. It does not look like they are in control of their own programs.
    When they play fair , and produce items other than sets of quarters I might again get interested.


  19. Anonymous says

    The price on the silver proof ATB set is a rip off! I happen to like the design as I have seen some individual coins on ebay. I want to buy just the quarters as I hate the crappy pres dollars! The only way I will pay what their asking is if they release that they are going to produce a really low number. Being that they are included in the Silver set, that likely will not happen and I will have to buy the thing, and spend money on coins I don't want just to make my money stretch. I love the Kennedy Half idea, It is such an awesome proof coin and would love to see a new design on the back of them. I don't know about ATB design, but maybe just a newly designed eagle, just something to freshen up an all ready great coin!

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