2010 Silver Proof Set Sales Suspended

As the price of silver broke above the $40 per ounce level, the US Mint has suspended sales of the 2010 Silver Proof Set and 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set.

Both of the products are listed on the website as “temporarily unavailable”, which suggests a pending price adjustment. Since these products are not covered by the US Mint’s more flexible policy covering most numismatic gold and platinum coins, new prices must be published in the Federal Register in order to become effective. This is a more lengthy process that can take several weeks.

Each of the products had a price adjustment on March 18, when the price of silver was $35.15 per ounce. The previous adjustment increased the price of the full set from $56.95 to $64.95, and the quarter set from $32.95 to $39.95.

The 2010 Silver Proof Set contains silver content of 1.33823 troy ounces, which now yields a melt value of $54.41. The sets also include base metal coins with a face value of $5.06 for a realizable value of $59.47.

The 2010 Quarters Silver Proof Set has silver content of 0.90420 ounces, yielding a melt value of $36.76.

(Prices based on $40.66 silver).

The 2011 versions of the sets, which have the same silver content, remain available for sale at $67.95 and $41.95. These levels are $2 and $3 higher than the prices that were in place for the 2010 versions.

Meanwhile, the price of gold is currently trading at $1,474.00 per ounce. London Fix gold prices have been above the $1,450 level since Wednesday. If this level is maintained through next week Wednesday PM, then a pricing adjustment would take place for the remaining available First Spouse Gold Coins and the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Man, I don't think I'll buy the Eliza Johnson coins the first week if the price is in the next higher tier. As much as I hate to risk getting someone's returns, I don't want to spend the extra money over the prices in effect on March 3, when they were SUPPOSED to go on sale.

    I might wait a bit, unless the price keeps going up to make another increase the next week appear highly likely.

    How much longer will I be able to buy these? I wish gold would take it easy and pull back!

  2. Anonymous says

    Bought 6 sets of the silver proofs a couple days ago, primarily due to silver prices…not numismatic reasons.

  3. Anonymous says

    Michael…"The 2010 Quarters Silver Proof Set has silver content of 0.77344 ounces, yielding a melt value of $31.26."
    I think this should be "contains .9042 oz of silver yeilding a melt of $36.67 based on silver at $40.56

  4. Anonymous says

    Michael – will the impending government shutdown affect the Mint's website or operations? Any idea?

  5. Mint News Blog says

    "contains .9042 oz of silver yeilding a melt of $36.67 based on silver at $40.56"

    Thanks. your're right. I picked the wrong numbers off the old post. Will update.

  6. Mint News Blog says

    "Michael – will the impending government shutdown affect the Mint's website or operations? Any idea?"

    It would not impact the US Mint since they are funded through a Public Enterprise Fund. They are not funded by appropriations, but rather through the sale of coins and bullion.

  7. Joe says


    I have been reading your blog for over two years now, and it is awesome! There are many good things about your blog (discussions, etc.), but the best thing is the timely information you present. I have had the opportunity to purchase several items just before they were pulled by the Mint due to the valuable information in your postings. A few notables are:

    * 2008-w unc american eagle
    * 2010 silver ATB 5 ouncers
    * 2009 silver quarter sets
    * 2009 Gold UHR

    Additionally, you occasionally provide direct links to products that save me a lot of time; especially for newly released Mint products.

    Anyway, this coin blog is a must for any serious collector.

    Thanks for your time and energy!

  8. Anonymous says

    Yeah, the Mint is funded by sorry suckers like us who buy their overpriced stuff! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says

    You know I thought in January when the mint made the prices for the 2011 silver proof set at $67.95 I thought it was way to high at the time when silver was at around $30. Now I guess it is justified at $40 dollars an ounce. But what I want know is how the mint knew that the price of silver would go up before it did? And set the prices for the 2011 silver products higher than 2010 silver.I guess by the time the 2011 proof silver eagles come out we will paying $100.

  10. Anonymous says

    Remember how the 2006 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle set sold for $100 at the Mint? Man, that was a sweet deal all-around by today's standards. Those sets briefly hit $600 opened and about $1,000 sealed on the secondary market before pulling back to the $250-$300 level it's maintained these past few years. That is still a nice profit for those who bought from the Mint, but I wish I had sold some for the $600, or a sealed case of 10 for $10,000!

    It appears that set is slowly creeping back up in price now. I wonder if it will ever get near the old peak?

  11. Anonymous says

    I'm glad I bought a slew of 2009 silver quarter proof sets back in the day. I cruise eBay daily for silver quarter proof sets below spot. I'm running out of room to put them! It's amazing what people are willing to sell them for if you e-mail them and make offers.

  12. Anonymous says

    One of the biggest no-brainers in the history of earth was the 2009 silver proof quarter set at $29.95 each when silver was at $27/ounce. Michael pointed it out on his blog and I bought…glad I did.

  13. Anonymous says

    By the way, the 2009 silver proof quarter set had about 1.1 ounces of silver all told, so $29.95 was close to spot.

  14. Anonymous says

    <> Dillon Gage is accepting orders on website that requires wire xfer after completing form. 4pm EST Friday web is still up. Price is below spot! <>

  15. Anonymous says

    For the young fella who just commented on the 2006 special 3 coin ASE sets, you mused that the value prices have started to creep back up, wondering if the price might ever reach back up to the old high of $600. Don't know if it reaches that lofty figure, perhaps it might. But some of the regulars here on Michael's blogs may have read my humble posts from time to time. Several months ago I shared that I've accumulated MANY Franklin Mint sets/ half sets/ and cheap individual medals for quite a while. The purpose of course has been to stockpile rounds of silver content mainly overlooked by many in favor of Eagles, bullion bars, etc. Melters don't give a rats (###) what form meltable silver is in, only the pounds turned in, by fineness. Thank God, our pile here is in the 100's of lbs.!!!

    But I'm posting this in connection with the other of my occassional posts…….the Reverse Proof in the 2006 ASE sets. I CONSTANTLY buy these , sometimes 1/2 dozen or more EVERY month as they are found available. You would NOT believe the total at this point, and it's the truth. Accumulating these singularly, in partial and full 3 coin sets, if the price is right, and it more often is CHEAP.

    The other 2 coins are nice, but the Reverse Proof is in a class by itself. In my 50+ years of collecting coins, I have to state that this coin is in a class by itself, and should be hounded by anyone serious about owning a spectacular numismatic item for generations to come. That's my opinion, and hope you folks think about it. ~ Grandpa

  16. Anonymous says


    I have a couple reverse proofs myself. Actually, I have one and my daughter like the coin so much that she purchased one as well. It is one of the more fascinating US coins in my humble opinion. What do you consider a good price to be for these (assuming they are in good condition)?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Anonymous says

    My JH 5oz ATB came today! Now that silver is over 40 an oz, I guess buying it for 950 or so was not such a bad deal after all, haha.

  18. Anonymous says

    How is it someone on Ebay has a group of 100 – 5 oz ATB sets, a group of 10 – 5 oz ATB sets, countless single 5 coin sets???????? Nobody has that many friends unless they are on a "PAYROLL"?

  19. Anonymous says

    Picked up a 1 coin 5 oz bullion NGC 69 for below 400 clams. Of the 5 designs produced in 2010, there is only 1 that I wanted. Didn't really care that much for the other 4 designs. I am after beauty and design more than bullion owning. The 1, I did get,, I must say, WOW !!! These things are something else.

  20. Newbie Collector says

    Has anyone else observed that Washington's profile on these silver cameo proofs seems to be in ultra-low relief? They're beginning to look more like a white silhouette than a relief sculpture.

  21. Anonymous says

    Has anyone found the ATB order form on the website from Dillon Gage? I have tried several times with no success.

  22. Anonymous says

    Just wait and see, I bet the finish on the collector 5 oz ATB will be nothing like the bullion. With the finish they are using, again I bet the bullion will look better. Just look at your proof silver sets. The new process STINKS !!!!

  23. Anonymous says

    Anyone else a little worried about wiring money to them? How long have they been around for? Hard to pass up silver under spot.

  24. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the tip on Dillon Gage!
    I faxed a form over, but what do I do next? I've never wired money before, so how do I make sure when I go to my bank that the money is connected to the fax I sent?
    Do I wait for some confirmation from DG? Any instructions appreciated.

  25. Anonymous says

    Wired money seems so scary
    Are there wiring fees?
    I doubt you get them back if your order is not filled.

  26. Anonymous says

    I sent DG an e-mail asking if the sets were still available, but received no reply. Granted, it was kind of late this afternoon before I got the tip, and I sent the e-mail from work so a reply could have come in after I went home.

    I would definitely want confirmation that the sets ARE in fact available before making a wire, as my bank charges $25 for domestic wires. And NO, DG will NOT refund your wire fee if the sets are not available. So, I'm not going to wire them money on a CHANCE I would get a set. I'm not about to eat a $25 fee. There's no reason why they can't accept money orders.

    This whole process has pointed out just how vastly different the members of the "authorized purchasers" network really are!

  27. Anonymous says

    I actually received a call from DG. (From what I hear they were going down an alphabetical list). Then I sent the check by 44c mail. They cashed it today. I would try to reach someone at DG by phone before making any drastic moves. $25 is a lot of money to set lose, at least IMHO.

  28. Anonymous says

    A few items of interest…

    1. The 2010 Silver Proof sets had a price increase less than a month ago.

    2. The 2010 Silver Proof sets were minted when silver was much lower.

    3. Sales of the 2011 Silver Proof sets are not suspended
    …suggesting no price increase for those sets.

    It seems like there's a "chance" that since…

    1. The 2010 Silver Proof sets were to have a much greater overlap with the 2011 Silver Proof sets.

    2. The Mint is now "estimating" future sales (ref. First Spouse sell outs)

    …that the 2010 Silver Proof sets are near a sell out with the CRAZY low mintage of 560,280!?

  29. Anonymous says

    What's the scoop with Mary Lincoln first spouse? Will she be around for much longer? Sleeper coin in UNC? Any ideas?

  30. Anonymous says

    Glad to help with the tip, but I am not wiring them anything. Seems to me to be a strange way to do business. Bank wire only? in 2011 ????????????

  31. Anonymous says

    Ah yes, the frosty finish of the silver proof set, until you look at them 10X. Then you get to see all the dots and dots, that make up the images.

  32. Anonymous says

    Hey guys, sorry for a little digression from the topic of silver coins, but I just received in my email inbox a brief email that invites me to take a "coin survey". The full text of the message is reproduced below. The "survey link" at the end of the email points to the web address of "maximum.cfmc.com". I haven’t clicked the link. Has anyone received such emails and could it be spam/malicious?

    Subject: Coin Survey
    From: "Web Surveys"
    Please take a moment to complete the attached survey regarding coins and collecting them.
    The survey will take only a few minutes and we think you will find the subject very interesting.
    To access the survey, please click the following link: Survey Link

  33. Anonymous says

    Please someone let me know what's going on with the first spouse series.
    Too bad the capped Mary at 20k!

  34. Anonymous says

    I honestly believed that there were enough die-hard wealthy Lincoln collectors out there to absorb all 20,000 Mary Lincoln coins by the end of 2010. That line of thinking couldn't have been more wrong!

    I'm sure the last coin of the year is a tough call for the Mint in deciding how many to strike. It might be a reasonable estimate that the Mint struck 16,000 Mary Lincolns, with the breakdown being 10,000 proofs and 6,000 uncs. If that ends up to be close to the actual figures, these coins won't be anything overly special mintage-wise, and if the Lincoln collectors aren't driven to her now, that probably won't change much after she's gone. No, I think the other 2010's that sold out way early and unexpectedly will steal Mary's thunder.

    I REALLY hate the thought of having to pay more for the Eliza Johnson coins due to the lengthy delay in releasing them. But if I don't, I run the risk of being sent someone else's reject coins later. Anyone who truly believes that the Mint does not re-ship returned coins is kidding themselves. Unless the damage is so glaring that it should have been caught by quality control in the first place, the Mint will simply examine the returned coins to make sure everything is in order, and put them back in the mix to be shipped to future buyers. It would be expensive and a lot of trouble to mint new ones for each return simply because a very particular collector found a micro-flaw with a 16X loupe, when the Mint knows perfectly well that not all collectors are so picky and the coin can be sent to someone else without incident.

    I wish the Mint would bring back the 4-coin set option that was scrapped in 2007. The only reason it was done away with then was because way more than 40,000 people jumped on it to subscribe, and there would have been none left to sell as singles. Since those days of insanely high demand are over, there is no reason they could not bring the 4-coin set back. And, it could be released EARLY in the year, at the same time as the regular proof and unc annual coin sets. That way, we who collect the First Spouses could at least lock in all four coins for the year at the same price level. I'm getting so sick of having to pay higher and higher prices for each successive coin just because the releases are staggered.

    We need a break!

  35. Anonymous says

    DG is charging 937.00 for the ATB
    5 oz. set for non-texas residents. Even with the $25 wire fee that's $962 total, still under spot! You'll have a record of the wire transfer to their account and I believe they've been around a long time so trust isn't that much of an issue. There can't be many sets left at the AP's so I'm going for a set.

  36. Anonymous says

    I swear, some of you guys sound like little girls! First you're afraid to give Fidelitrade your SS#, then someone didn't like sending a money order in the mail, now you're afraid to wire money. Geez, no wonder these companies don't want to take phone calls!

    To be an AP these companies need to prove to the Mint that they have $10 million in assets. Only 11 companies are that big and strong to qualify. They aren't going to cheat you out of your $937.

    Thanks to the hot tips I got in these comments and two nice sisters I have been able to order 10 sets of these from 6 APs.

    We are talking about ultra rare classic coins at less than spot. Man up, guys!

  37. Anonymous says

    …We are talking about ultra rare classic coins at less than spot. Man up, guys!…

    They're not coins and far from classic. They're a hockey puck chunk of 5oz non-denominational bullion (of the worst quality control) that have been assigned numismatic value.

    It's such a pathetic low point of a wonderful hobby. Has that stopped me from acquiring 6 sets? No. Given that I'm getting less than spot, it's strictly business and a sound investment for a precious metals position. Call me a snob, but only a FOOL would overpay for graded sets such as $7000 for MS69 DMPL.

    DMPL?! On bullion?! Lordy, lordy.

  38. Anonymous says

    I'm not a bit afraid to wire the money. I just don't want to do it without knowing for sure that I can get a set. I don't like that bit about refunding your money if it turns out a set is not available. The refund will be for the purchase price only, NOT my $25 wire transfer fee. I don't want to eat that, so with no guarantee, I'm not wiring anything.

  39. Anonymous says

    To the gentleman inquiring my opinion re: 2006 Reverse Proof ASE's. You asked- "What do you consider a good price to be for these (assuming they are in good condition)?"

    I buy both privately in my living area, at monthly coin shows / club meetings, etc. I do not buy on line-ebay-or dealers thru the mail. I insist on examining the coin in my hand with my loupe and deal only with cash. That makes the seller pleased and there's no baloney, shipping costs, and tax add-ons. If we can't agree on the friendly transaction I simply smile and say thank you. You never know if that same table vendor is there next month and reconsiders your hopefully fair offer next time. To be specific let me answer your question by qualifying that I shun those over priced slab coins from NGC, PCGS, and the lesser companies who add to the buying price for a paper label I don't require. In fact, I salivate if the coin is in it's original raw state (mint box) or simple Coin World type protective plastic holder. After 50 years of collecting I feel confident in my examination with a glass and enjoy eye appeal. Remember, these are proofs, and nearly every one straight from the Mint has "graded" 69-70, so you can't lose. Now for the prices paid, over the last 3 years that I've been accumulating them, I have spent a range between about $90 to a high of $302 for a single RP coin. Buying the original 3 coin set as a unit, I once or twice paid a bit over $400 when I was really flushed one month. If you can swing a single for about $250 these days, grab it. If you don't have paper cash-try a trade with a local person. In February, I traded a BU roll of 1964-D quarters that I stored that year for a nice RP eagle. We were both happy. He got $10 face in silver that cost me $10, I got the Eagle. Always trade-deal fairly and both walk away happy. Can't agree? You still walk away. Sorry for the long winded answer, but the me only transactions these days are not the best way to do business. ~ Grandpa

  40. Anonymous says

    your estimated prices is only based on spot silver and make adjustment. and the mint agreed it. but if based on $41.00 spot silver. the new prices (if new issue release today from u.s. mint) for these coins or coin sets will be as ff:

    silver proof set – 96.95
    silver quarter set – $57.95
    silver eagle proof (ASE) – $83.95
    silver eagle burnished unc-$67.95

    remember most of the single coin or set were based at $22.00 spot silver during their first offer early this year. not spot silver is $41.00.

  41. Anonymous says

    correction: last sentence should read now instead of not. thanks.

    i encourage collectors if you want to collect all these sets or single coin. keep buying from the mint. because when the 2012 issues come out next year. the prices will be very very expensive. unless the spot silver go down.

  42. Anonymous says

    I am continuously amazed at some of the posts I read here.

    I buy coins because I enjoy collecting them. As the price of gold and silver increase, I have been much less inclined to buy coins made of these metals. How I long to collect coins, not for their bullion values, but because of my interest in the thrill of the hunt.

    I have made much greater profits from the stock market. In fact, my portfolio has increase nearly 100% since I started investing in stocks about 2 years ago. Since I am not a flipper interested in short term gains, I will continue to purchase stocks for my long term investment needs. Not only are they safer in the long term, but they are certainly more profitable.

  43. Anonymous says

    Pop, pop, pop!
    Next week.
    What goes up, must come down.
    If Trump gets elected, dollar will rally, gold will fall below $1000.
    Pop, pop, pop…..

  44. Anonymous says

    Are the presidential elections next week? and is Trump really going to win? wow!!!

  45. Anonymous says

    pop pop pop
    that's mean gold will continue to go up till $3,000.00 an ounce. dollar is gonna continue to fall. because trump will not be elected.
    pop pop pop

  46. Anonymous says

    Gold and silver will skyrocket if our government adopts the Kenyan Schilling as our national currency. Silver proof sets will be used to buy automobiles.

  47. Anonymous says

    …I will continue to purchase stocks for my long term investment needs. Not only are they safer in the long term, but they are certainly more profitable….

    I'm a young guy here too and have been investing since 1996. I agree with you wholeheartedly. That financial meltdown with the previous administration in 2008 was an amazing buying opportunity for me and couldn't be happier since. BUT, stocks have imploded in the past – Enron, Bear Sterns, GM, Citigroup, AIG, etc… Companies you would never imagine. People lost everything and now a slew of baby boomers can't retire.

    This hasn't happened with precious metals or coins…for the most part. There were many people burned by precious metals in 1980 at their highs and were stuck with them for decades before they were able to break even when adjusting for inflation. But they are sound investment choices IF you know what you're doing and the right time to buy. They should provide a certain percentage of your portfolio. I'm 37 and over weighted with 20% investing mostly in silver since $10.50. My father is begging me to sell. If you have $1 and someone offers you $4 for it, you take it! "Don't be a pig" he yells. "I warned you!"

    Personally, I think these prices are sustainable because the real financial situation at home and globally have aligned the stars providing a glorious recipe for metals to thrive. You will see normal corrections however. But the "pop pop" boy is correct, just not now in my opinion. There will come a time when they will go out of favor because the massive global economic barge will slowly putter, turn and steam back the other way (maybe after another meltdown). The question to ask yourself when this occurs is where does your portfolio have to be given your age. As young guns we have a lot of wiggle room and play. My parents and grandpa do not. They need to preserve their wealth.

  48. Anonymous says

    Seems like they should pull the 2010 sets off as "sold out" or not bother pulling them for just a $2 bump. Kind of annoying.
    I don't understand how they even have their act together to do this while the Eliza Johnson and the whole First Spouse program lingers with zero direction from the mint.

  49. Anonymous says

    What are the latest UNC figures for Mary Lincoln> Is there a threat of her being yanked from the offering? If so when? Will she be the new Julia Tyler? Amazing if so and pathetic for the mint.

  50. VABEACHBUM says

    As of last week, the Lincoln UNC is at 2,780. Details can be found at Michael's other site:


    However, she's only been on sale for 4 full months. Given that the Mint authorized increased production for this release, I don't think it will take over as the Key of the series. If it does, it will be because increased costs have driven away potential buyers, vice actual production numbers for the last coin of 2010.

  51. Anonymous says

    Mary Todd Lincoln is at 2780 for the UNC with an increase of 37. If she stays on the market for 8 more months to make the full 12 and continues with a monthly average of 37 or maybe less because of an increase; then she can finish out around 3076 (or a little less) making her more than the current champ Julia Tyler.

    Uh, I hope my math is correct.

  52. Anonymous says

    Julia Tyler is the best looker!
    Nice reverse too.
    Looks awesome in proof.
    I have an unc for "investment" but the proof is for me to keep.

    The Mary Todd Lincoln actually has one of the better reverses.
    My favorite Liberty is the unc Van Buren. I see more detail on the reverse on the unc than on the proof.

    Funny the ATB 2010 pucks will have 10x mintage of the Mary Lincoln unc. The Mint could unexpectedly pull Mary to get more hype into the series. No law against yanking them whenever they want.

  53. Anonymous says

    To 7:59 AM about the projected Mary Lincoln UNC sales based on the 37 sales.
    The 37, I believe, is last week's sales but not last month's sales.
    Therefore, the calculation should be:
    2780 + 37*8(months)*4(weeks)
    ~ 3964

  54. Anonymous says

    Grandpa –

    Thanks for the input. I mentioned that I had a couple RPs, but have since decided to add a few more. The reason is I think it is the nicest silver coin produced in the past 50 years by the Mint. Therefore, I would like each of my kids to have a nice specimen of it.

    It must be nice living in an area where there are decent coin shows. We have a couple good ones each year that are within 40 miles, but the rest are over 100 miles away. What with gas prices climbing daily, traveling gets a bit pricey. My teenage daughter enjoys these shows as a merc dime collector, so we definitely try not to miss them. Wish there were more to go to. I didn't realize a person could trade in silver rolls at these shows; for some reason my little brain only thought about cash only transactions. Certainly something for me to consider.


  55. Anonymous says

    I am kind of addicted to this site. Thanks for all the advise I could get hold of 4 atb sets. for me it is a lot as I am a practicing physician and do not have time to check web sites. Thank you guys again, may be someone shoulg set up a ATB club. I love these coins.

  56. Anonymous says

    2006 Reverse Proof, done in both silver and gold for the special 20th Anniversary Sets.

  57. Anonymous says

    OK good people I won't continue posting about the 2006 Reverse Proof Eagles (RP's) much longer here. This blog subject is about the 2010 proof set suspension and a bit about how silver metal prices are affecting them. So to sum up a few folks who are running the 06's down a bit, let me say that not every table "dealer" at local shows cares to trade. They are there on a Sat or Sunday trying to sell their wares to get green cash, perhaps to pay personal bills, or put food on the table. That's my take on it. However, as soon as silver hit about $32 a while ago, many guys displayed index cards offering to buy rolls, mini-bags-, and zip-locs filled with junk silver. It didn't take too long in my area to find willing traders for "junk" silver for what the lookers and real buyers wanted. In my last post I mentioned '64 wash 25c's. I picked up many dozens of BU rolls that year at my bank when I learned 1964 would be the final yr for 90% silver coins. You would be surprised that all those older circulated Franklin and Kennedy halves that we put into large empty pretzel tubs in the basement piled up substantially in the late 60's when they were freely in change. In hindsight, I got rolls for face, didn't miss the little payout, and years later, beyond the ability to spend any of them anytime for face, I can now get multiple value per coin. Not being much of a drinker, I would have excess cash to spend on coins for my hobby, rather than leaving money daily on some bar. That's only a personal choice that works for me. Each one chooses their own interests. I will say in closing that circulated rolls of Walking Lib halves go for a higher trading premium than Franklins and Kennedy's. Each half trades for more than quarters and dimes. Silver dollars are the best…..you get a good trade locally. Good luck with your purchases, remember, it never hurts to ask if a coin show, street store dealer, or other collector will trade or sell what you want for junk silver rolls. It does them no good to hold onto their offering unsold, while silver seems to move almost daily. If silver keeps moving up, I'll ask my EXXON gas station for a fill up, and hand him 2 half dollars. :~))


  58. Anonymous says

    Mint web site is down, has been for awhile. Get ready to start playing some more games with that bunch.

  59. Anonymous says

    I can believe it, someone is buying those stupid,"5 oz America the Beautiful Empty Monster Box w/ Tubes" from APMEX. It is proven, people will literally buy crap ! Oh, and thanks APMEX for sitting on your remaining inventory.

  60. Anonymous says

    I visit Michael’s site more than ten times a day, but seldom post blog. My sincerely THANK YOU Michael for your site, or else I would never own the 5 oz ATB set. Starting collecting coins since 2009, almost try to learn from those who have provided their knowledge and input. From time, people didn’t like the Pop-Pop guy and they miss him sometimes. It is like a cyber bar for coins. It wasn’t fun for few days when no comments were allowed due to the few with no respect to this site.

    Granpa, good to have you around…

    Michael, your site is part of my everyday life…

  61. Anonymous says

    APMEX has 2 weeks to certify that they sold their 3,700 ATB sets – when it is well known they only offered 1,000 to the public.

    Coins N Things has taken down their website after only taking calls 2-3 times – when it is mathematically impossible for them to have taken 3,700 orders in the few hours they took calls.

    Dillon Gage and Fidelitrade are still trying to sell some of their inventory of ATB sets.

    The Gold Center bragged about only offering 600 sets to the public, and selling the rest privately.

    … and, yet, CSN has over 1,000 graded ATB sets since January, Modern Coin Mart sold hundreds of sets…

    The Authroized Purchaser system needs to be dismantled.

  62. Anonymous says

    I keep reading about how many flippers here plan to make big bucks when selling their ATB 5 oz bullion sets.

    Question for those of you who brag about making $100s from a particular coin/set…. How many times have you lost $$ from your speculative purchases? Hmmmmm?

  63. Anonymous says

    I always thought PCGS had nicer holders than NGC until NGC made the new holders where you actually see the side of the coin.
    Seems to me PCGS ruins coins like the ATB 5 ozers and any coin that has etching/ writing on the side.
    The NGC slabs appear to be the winner for the ATBs. Anyone with other thoughts?

  64. Anonymous says

    I have two sets and they will remain ungraded. TPG's have lost their compass – moral and otherwise.

  65. Anonymous says

    I am in favor of the US Mint increasing prices on its silver and gold coins.

    You have to remember that the country is deep in debt. The Federal Government and US Mint both need to raise revenues so that we won't fall further in a hole.

    Raising prices on silver and gold coins makes sense. If collectors and flippers want something that discretionary so badly, then they can pay for it.

  66. Anonymous says

    I can believe it, someone is buying those stupid,"5 oz America the Beautiful Empty Monster Box w/ Tubes" from APMEX. It is proven, people will literally buy crap !

    For someone planning to buy a few sets each year those boxes would be a convenient way to store them.

  67. Anonymous says

    Where does all this silver and gold go? China,India or does the US Government actually get it back and put it into bullion. If people are getting rid of their common (or worst) rare silver coins and they are being melted. Is their anyone that actually knows what specific coins are being destroyed? At this rate the 1964 Kennedy's halves maybe not so common in the long run.

  68. Anonymous says

    Coins melted for silver content are usually in circulated "good" (meaning awful) condition.
    High grade old coins are not melted.
    Some high grade moderns are (ie. high mintage First Spouse, Boy (girl) Scout Comm, etc.

    NGC holders are far superior than PCGS for ATB 5 oz coins.

    I have less issue with the phrase "early release" by NGC than the incorrectly labled "first strike" by PCGS. Strikes have to do with the order a dye is used to stamp a coin (which PCGS has no clue!).

  69. Anonymous says


    http://www.JackHuntATB.com will reopen tonight, Sunday April 10th, at 6:00 PM EST

    You receiving this email because you requested notification of the reopening of our America the Beautiful online store.


    1. Payment must be received by FRIDAY April 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you plan to order a set you must send Money Order or Cashier's Check as payment ASAP. USPS Express Mail shipment of payment highly recommended. Please note that a Cashier's Checks were not originally offered as payment option but are now acceptable.

    2. Order limit ONE PER HOUSEHOLD and ONE PER INDIVIDUAL. ALL ORDERS from those placing duplicate orders to either the same name, same address or both will be CANCELED!!!

    3. Triple check you shipping address when ordering. We CANNOT update shipping addressees after an order is placed.

    4. Please ensure to reference your JackHuntATB.com order confirm number on your money order or cashiers check. As long as confirm number is referenced with payment no other paperwork is necessary.

    5. Orders can only be shipped to Residential Addresses via FedEx Ground. Direct signature from an individual at shipping address provided is required. If the signature requirement is a problem please read the following note from FedEx on how you can still receive your order:

    When the FedEx courier attempts to deliver the package the first time, and no one is there, a door tag will be left, alerting the recipient that an attempt to deliver was made. It also tells them that FedEx will attempt two more times. The recipient can, at that time, call 1 800 GO-FEDEX and they can change their delivery method to Hold at Location.

    6. We CANNOT confirm receipt of payment. If we have not received your payment by Friday you will receive an email from us indicating your order is canceled. If at that time you can provide details that payment was delivered (i.e. USPS Express Mail tracking number) we will reinstate your order.

    7. You are not guaranteed a set because you received this email. Sales are on a first come, first serve basis.

    Thank you…

    Jack Hunt Coin Broker – ATB Team

  70. Anonymous says

    gold all time record high – $1,478.40/oz.
    silver 31 yr old high – $41.16/oz.

    gold still considered very very cheap as compared to other commodities. gold should go over $2,000.00 an ounce in my opinion.

  71. Anonymous says

    I wonder how many sets Jack Hunt has left. My order # is 327X at 3:50pm pacific time.

  72. Anonymous says

    gold all time record high – $1,478.40/oz. POP!
    silver 31 yr old high – $41.16/oz. POP!!!

    Higher and higher. Good investments. Plan for the future. I ain't talking about gold and silver. Just repeating what was said about the housing market in 2004….

  73. Anonymous says

    If the bullion versions of ATB coins have a mintage of 33,000 and the US Mint versions have a mintage of 27,000, which do you think will be more valuable with time?

    Duh, that's too hard to figure out….

  74. Anonymous says

    Don't bank on that. I don't think either of them will be anything tremendously outstanding. The Mint versions might have a slight edge, but don't expect a high value. Remember that thousands of them will be offered for sale at the same time, and the flippers will be slitting each other's throats trying to unload their overpriced inventory first. That will make the prices get lower by the day, after the initial panic-buying.

    For now, the bullion version at over $3 per ounce BELOW spot is the best buy. Plus, there will not be any "proof-like" Mint collector versions. It's not like 6,000 more per coin will be the death of them!

  75. Anonymous says

    Don't forget how gullible people are. There are people flipping sets 500-2000 dollars more than they bought them for. People continue to buy, hook, line, and sinker. And that is sad. Its like that do not want to listen to common-sense folks on here that warn about when items are over-priced. Sad, sad, sad.

  76. Anonymous says

    From a previous post.

    "I think the UNC's will be nicer than the bullion. I'm not all that impressed with my bullion proof coins."


    April 10, 2011 5:00 PM

  77. Anonymous says

    …Higher and higher. Good investments. Plan for the future. I ain't talking about gold and silver. Just repeating what was said about the housing market in 2004….

    The fundamentals and historical charts all prove you wrong. There will be corrections along the way, but this is just the beginning. During the height of the housing market people were paying $1.89 for every $1.00 their house was worth. When you examine precious metals history/charts/figures with the same level of academics, you'll see that your "pop pop" philosophy will not hold up.

    Plus you don't know what the global uncertainty will bring. Wait until Israel decides to bomb Iran's nuclear installations.

    Call me kooky, but you'll see China buying more and more gold until one day the Yuan will be the world's default currency, not the dollar.

    We are in uncharted territory and I think PM's have a looooong way to go.

    You'll be watching the tides while I'll ride the current to the top!

  78. Anonymous says

    For those thinking the mint UNCs at 27K mintage will be superior to the 33K bullion, you need to take quality control and care into consideration. The mint UNCs should have consistently high quality. The 33K bullion have mirror finishes, mat finishes, etc. And some got crapily handled by the APs and during shipping.

    We also need to see if the mint UNCs are attractive with the new finish. They mint look very appealing.

  79. Anonymous says

    I like the look of the ATB bullion, and am not trying to make a profit, just collect the set.

    Do you think that a complete set will need the 33k bullion and the 27k mint version? Seems from what I have read the Mint version will carry a P mint mark.

  80. Anonymous says

    Insanity and silver mainia is running rampant tonight. Just noticed a few Ebay auctions in play for junk silver coins. One in particular is offering 219 worn out half dollars, and with 2 days to go, the last bid was $3,052.00.

    I just wonder if the seller is throwing off old saved pocket change and intends to buy a few 5 oz. ATB's. Imagine buying a few of these for $109 in face value spendable pocket change!

    Now I see what that grandpa was talking about yesterday. Coin collecting and numismatic investments are the way to go.

  81. Anonymous says

    Maybe Coins N Things got in trouble with the Mint over there forced purchase of the Barber halves? It doesn't make sense that their website is gone if there is no way they sold 3700 sets with over the phone.

  82. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't that be something if the Government directed you to an authorized purchaser that took your money and ran.

  83. Anonymous says

    "CNT cashed my check and I have not received my coins. Should I worry?"

    No, wouldn't worry. The APs are not the fly by night type that would cash a check and run.

  84. Anonymous says

    They are asleep at the Mint. Look at what is still on the subscription page,

    "2011 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin Subscription – $25.95 per unit."

    Proofs are 45.95 even though we paid mid sixties last year.

  85. Anonymous says

    I contacted CNT a few days ago. They said that per their policy they have to wait 10 business days after clearing your check before they ship the set or anything you order from them. The lady was very pleasant and gave me answers to my questions. She said that I will get an email with track info.

    As far as getting $6 face value with the order- bonus!
    When I ordered a set from MTB to avoid tax I got 5 eagles @ that time. I do not know if it is the same in other states but in NY if you buy PM over $1000 it is considered an investment and therefore is not taxable. So basically you are getting a little tax return instantly instead of paying tax and getting nothing.

    When I was placing an order with CNT, they did not tell me that the $6 face was to avoid tax nor I got the option not to get it. I was one of the first to place an order on their first run. I'm glad I was able to get the coins and if they come with something extra then I'm happy to hear it!

  86. Anonymous says

    I never received a confirmation e-mail for my order from Jack Hunt last night. My e-mail address is able to receive other messages, and I entered it correctly on the order page. Did anyone else fail to receive a confirmation e-mail? I don't really want to mail off a money order without a copy of the e-mail confirmation with it.

  87. Anonymous says

    You should definitely receive an e-mail order confirmation from Jack Hunt soon after placing your order on their website. You may want to e-mail them with your order number to make sure it is still valid. You better hurry, payment must be received by April 15th!!

  88. Anonymous says

    "I never received a confirmation e-mail for my order from Jack Hunt last night"

    I did not receive Email for a whole week. But I sent the MO anyways with the order number as per the call I made to them.

  89. Anonymous says

    Has anyone gotten any type of confirmation of their order from Dillon Gage? I'd like to know my order is confirmed before I wire the money.

  90. Anonymous says

    I never received an e-mail from Jack Hunt except for a Fedex tracking number when it was ready to ship. I got the coins a few days later.

    Everyone should be fine. Hold tight.

    I was thinking about going to Dillon Gage for another set but will use that money towards the numismatic version and part of the 2011 proof buffalo coming out in May.

  91. Anonymous says

    The rub against Dillon Gage is that you have to wire the money first before you know if you'll get a set, even after faxing the info. My guess is with the extra effort needed to bank wire the money, that they'll have plenty of sets left>

  92. Dr joe says

    Kinda wonder if all these hoops that the PA's are doing is to be in a position to NOT sell their allotment and be able to show the mint that their allotment can now be sold to the big boys. Don't know but the older I get the more conspiracy theory I become. Shoot, they may have already sold to the big boys and will make it increasingly harder for the little guys to buy sets in order to cover what has already been done. Well, back to the bunker with my gun and beenie weenies!!

  93. Anonymous says

    Back to the topic:

    When spot PM goes up, the Mint jacks up the prices within MINUTES on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (I can't remember).
    The 2010 silver sets were taken off for WEEKS then put on again at a higher price. Now they have been taken off for days.

    What's up Mint?
    Yank them or put them back on sale.


    AND….what's going on with the First Spouse program????
    WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!

  94. Anonymous says

    Not all price hikes can be done quickly. Some have to be published in the Federal Register first. So it's a law, not a Mint trick.

  95. Anonymous says

    I just tried to wire money to Dillon Gage and my bank says they can't do it without the physical addresses of the bank and of DG which aren't provided on the form. It almost makes you think they don't want to sell these things below melt.

    Do they have to return any to the mint that don't sell by the April 30 deadline?

  96. Anonymous says

    My bank teller was nice enough to go to the Dillon Gage contact page and get the address right then and there, wire done. I expect them to contact me in a day or two(I asked them to when I sent the form via email. Good luck to all with good nerves.

  97. Anonymous says

    2010 ATB Quarter Silver Proof $39.95

    2011 ATB Quarter Silver Proof $41.95

    I hope the 2010's are unavailable because it is sold out and not ANOTHER price adjustment.

    The 2010's were produced LAST year so the cost to produce them has already been paid and now the Mint wants to "gouge" the public for another $2?! LOL

  98. Anonymous says

    i would not be in a hurry now to pay a premium for gold or silver collectible coins because precious metals take the "stairs up and the elevator down" wait it out!

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