2010 Silver Proof Set Sales Suspended

As the price of silver broke above the $40 per ounce level, the US Mint has suspended sales of the 2010 Silver Proof Set and 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set.

Both of the products are listed on the website as “temporarily unavailable”, which suggests a pending price adjustment. Since these products are not covered by the US Mint’s more flexible policy covering most numismatic gold and platinum coins, new prices must be published in the Federal Register in order to become effective. This is a more lengthy process that can take several weeks.

Each of the products had a price adjustment on March 18, when the price of silver was $35.15 per ounce. The previous adjustment increased the price of the full set from $56.95 to $64.95, and the quarter set from $32.95 to $39.95.

The 2010 Silver Proof Set contains silver content of 1.33823 troy ounces, which now yields a melt value of $54.41. The sets also include base metal coins with a face value of $5.06 for a realizable value of $59.47.

The 2010 Quarters Silver Proof Set has silver content of 0.90420 ounces, yielding a melt value of $36.76.

(Prices based on $40.66 silver).

The 2011 versions of the sets, which have the same silver content, remain available for sale at $67.95 and $41.95. These levels are $2 and $3 higher than the prices that were in place for the 2010 versions.

Meanwhile, the price of gold is currently trading at $1,474.00 per ounce. London Fix gold prices have been above the $1,450 level since Wednesday. If this level is maintained through next week Wednesday PM, then a pricing adjustment would take place for the remaining available First Spouse Gold Coins and the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo.

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  1. Anonymous says

    "I never received a confirmation e-mail for my order from Jack Hunt last night"

    I did not receive Email for a whole week. But I sent the MO anyways with the order number as per the call I made to them.

  2. Anonymous says

    Has anyone gotten any type of confirmation of their order from Dillon Gage? I'd like to know my order is confirmed before I wire the money.

  3. Anonymous says

    I never received an e-mail from Jack Hunt except for a Fedex tracking number when it was ready to ship. I got the coins a few days later.

    Everyone should be fine. Hold tight.

    I was thinking about going to Dillon Gage for another set but will use that money towards the numismatic version and part of the 2011 proof buffalo coming out in May.

  4. Anonymous says

    The rub against Dillon Gage is that you have to wire the money first before you know if you'll get a set, even after faxing the info. My guess is with the extra effort needed to bank wire the money, that they'll have plenty of sets left>

  5. Dr joe says

    Kinda wonder if all these hoops that the PA's are doing is to be in a position to NOT sell their allotment and be able to show the mint that their allotment can now be sold to the big boys. Don't know but the older I get the more conspiracy theory I become. Shoot, they may have already sold to the big boys and will make it increasingly harder for the little guys to buy sets in order to cover what has already been done. Well, back to the bunker with my gun and beenie weenies!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Back to the topic:

    When spot PM goes up, the Mint jacks up the prices within MINUTES on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (I can't remember).
    The 2010 silver sets were taken off for WEEKS then put on again at a higher price. Now they have been taken off for days.

    What's up Mint?
    Yank them or put them back on sale.


    AND….what's going on with the First Spouse program????
    WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Not all price hikes can be done quickly. Some have to be published in the Federal Register first. So it's a law, not a Mint trick.

  8. Anonymous says

    I just tried to wire money to Dillon Gage and my bank says they can't do it without the physical addresses of the bank and of DG which aren't provided on the form. It almost makes you think they don't want to sell these things below melt.

    Do they have to return any to the mint that don't sell by the April 30 deadline?

  9. Anonymous says

    My bank teller was nice enough to go to the Dillon Gage contact page and get the address right then and there, wire done. I expect them to contact me in a day or two(I asked them to when I sent the form via email. Good luck to all with good nerves.

  10. Anonymous says

    2010 ATB Quarter Silver Proof $39.95

    2011 ATB Quarter Silver Proof $41.95

    I hope the 2010's are unavailable because it is sold out and not ANOTHER price adjustment.

    The 2010's were produced LAST year so the cost to produce them has already been paid and now the Mint wants to "gouge" the public for another $2?! LOL

  11. Anonymous says

    i would not be in a hurry now to pay a premium for gold or silver collectible coins because precious metals take the "stairs up and the elevator down" wait it out!

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