2010 Yellowstone National Park 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Yellowstone National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin on May 17, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will be the second design released for the numismatic versions of the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins.

The Yellowstone coin features the Old Faithful geyser erupting with American Bison pictured in the foreground and background. This was designed and sculpted by Don Everhart. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

Each coin is struck in 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, with a diameter of 3 inches and thickness of 0.165 inch. The numismatic versions of the coin carry the “P” mint mark on the obverse and have a special finish created by vapor blasting the surfaces after striking.

Details of the offering are similar to the previous Hot Springs coin. There is a mintage of 27,000 and the coins are priced at $279.95 each. The US Mint will impose an ordering limit of one per household. The limit will be in place for at least the first week of sales, after which it can be extended, adjusted, or removed.

Beyond the basic details, the circumstances of the upcoming release will be decidedly different. Due to the decline in the price of silver, the percentage premium above metal content has increased. Just before the release of the Hot Springs coin, the premium was a little less than 20%. Based on the recent silver price of $34.18 per ounce, the premium is now more than 63%. This higher premium might be enough to give some collectors second thoughts.

There’s likely to be less speculative buying activity for the upcoming release. For the Hot Springs coins, a quick sell out was widely expected, driving a fast pace for initial sales. As the quick sell out failed to take place and the price of silver dropped, some speculative orders may have been canceled. These types of buyers probably won’t come back for the next offering, although it’s worth noting that the the Hot Springs coins continue to trade for a healthy premium on the secondary market.

Finally, I have yet to see any offers from coin dealers willing to immediately purchase the upcoming Yellowstone Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins from collectors. For the last release, there was an offer of $330 per coin plus shipping from one established modern coin dealer for the first 400 commitments, and another offer of $360 per coin plus shipping from a separate dealer for an unspecified number. Besides prompting a few hundred collectors to purchase coins to immediately resell them, these offers also set a tone for the market and inspire some additional speculation.

On the bright side, I don’t think there will be any need to rush to place orders within the opening minutes and contend with the US Mint’s slow or crashing website. The coins will likely be available from the US Mint for at least a few days, if not more. Personally, I plan to place my order tomorrow, in the mid-afternoon.

With this release, the picture may start to emerge as to how much genuine collector demand exists for the series.

Coin Update:
Olympic National Park 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Release

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  1. Anonymous says

    Goodness, I plan to buy one of these 2010 Yellowstone P coins, but considering that there are EIGHT more that will be issued after this one during the year, it's making me think twice if I really want to spend so much on the set.

    Also, the US Mint still has the gold buffallo, silver eagle, and platinum eagle coins to offer….

    I can only spend so much on what has become an increasingly expensive hobby….

  2. Anonymous says

    I am in for one, but will wait a few hrs before ordering. There should be enough to go around.

  3. Anonymous says

    @ May 16, 2011 11:47 AM

    I would pass. Most of the gold eagle's current value is based on the bullion. If bullion values go up, then so will the coin. If values go down dramatically, the coin's scarcity won't support its current price.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am also going to purchase the Yellowstone, but this time I think I am going to wait until things calm down at the mint. I plan on purchasing the coin a day or two after its introduction – I really do not fear the coin selling out…


  5. Anonymous says

    Michael , thanks sooo much for all your effort, energy & time you put into this blog, I for one greatly appreciate it. Now , I am planning on buying one , but I too think I'll wait for at least an hour till the mints website calms down. There is probably going to be a stampede as usual in the opening minutes . Also , I agree with anon @ 11:37 , it will be extremely taxing on my funds to purchase all of the numismatic versions coming out this year.


  6. Anonymous says

    Has the Mint given any indication of the product mintage limit of the "numismatic" P versions for the 2011 coins? Could it be possible the Mint might be willing to sell up to 100,000 of each of them? That would be about the right level if production increased in the same proportion from 2010 to 2011 as the bullion versions did.

    As others have stated, this could end up similar to the First Spouse series. The 2011 and later coins might end up having much lower mintages than the 2010's! A limit of 100,000 wouldn't spur anyone to buy for the rarity factor, and final sales could well fall below 20,000 coins.

  7. Anonymous says

    I will definitely be in for one Yellowstone "P" 5 ouncer. The hot springs coin was beautiful; however, I like the design for yellowstone much better. In addition, I have visited Yellowstone on a couple occasions (once as a kid). Thus, this coin holds some sentimental value to me. These coins are definitely one of a kind. I hope to collect the whole series. It will be interesting to know the mintages for the 2011 P 5 ouncers. However, collecting this series will definitely be difficult on a budget. With all the offerings from the mint this year, it will be very interesting to see mintages on other coins such as the proof buffalo.

  8. Anonymous says


    Do you think that the US Mint's ATB "P" coin series will suffer a similar fate to the gold First Spouse coins and the Presidential signature series dollar coins? Sales for both series started off with a bang, but slowly tapered off to a mere fizzle. In fact, the signature series dollar coins were cancelled.

  9. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't THAT be a kick in the pants? The Mint cancelling the numismatic P coins and sourcing all 5 oz. blanks to the bullion versions after 2011! Then we'd mostly be left holding 50 drastically overpriced ounces of silver!

    Maybe the silver spot price will reach the $100+/oz. heights some keep preaching it will at some point, effectively "bailing us out" and allowing us to sell off our incomplete series as silver bullion and still make a profit. What a bummer that would be, though.

  10. Anonymous says

    I can not imagine how this coin could be anything less than the most sought after coin in the series. It is "Yellowstone" !!!

    If this coin isn't a winner the series is doomed. First Year, possibly lowest mintage, already has it's own commemorative, is known world wide, many have been there and have fond memories…how can it miss?

    I'm holding on to all the Yellowstone bullion versions I can get my hands on as well. This has to be the key to this series…unless of course it erupts and destroys civilization as we know it. Good luck tomorrow, remember the massive eruption is already 40,000 years late. 🙂

  11. Anonymous says

    I cannot remain silent any longer on this coin. All of you who have one already, take a good look to the right side of the bison beard and see the great white shark taking a hunk out of a giant squid. The rocks in the stream to me look just like I said.


  12. JA says

    I, for one, plan on collecting the series at the expense of some of the other Mint offerings.

  13. Anonymous says

    I think the numismatic 5 ounce P mintages will either increase or stay the same (27,000) over time because demand will be there. Comparing this series with the FS gold series is like comparing apple and oranges. The ill-conceived FS series mintage decreased because demand plummeted due to increasing gold prices and simply put, the FS coins are really unattractive. The 5 ounce silver coins have great looking designs and are well within the price range of many more people than the FS series. Their size also adds to their appeal. Also, demand will pick up for certain parks close to home, whereas the only FS coin that might have an increased demand is Jackie O. The ATB P series is a winner…I'm all in.

  14. Anonymous says

    I'm in it for the series with the numismatic versions. I think of how much money I waste in other areas of my life and see that it won't be too difficult coming up with multiple $279.95 payments if I tighten my belt.

    I'm waiting on the 2011 UNC. Eagle and what Michael blogs about it. If the trend is leaning towards a low mintage winner, I might grab one.

    I'm holding off on the proof Buffalo. Too much money for me.

    I have a question for your guys. Do you think the non-AP's that are selling the 2011 ATB's are cherry picking and selling the rejects as the raw sets? I Modern Coin Mart has graded 2011 specimens but also raw ones.

    Do you think the AP's that are selling them raw are cherry picking? I know how you all feel about APMEX. How about the other ones. I see Gainsville coins has them raw.

  15. Anonymous says

    The premium on the Yellowstone-P is ridiculously high…almost 70% markup (based on silver at $33.75). One can't even say they are buying this for PM content as there are a million other places to get much better deals on silver bullion.

    This is really just a pure "rarity" play and gambling that collectors will be wanting 3" diameter pucks (can't call it a coin) in the future. From a collectible standpoint, the only difference between this coin and a metal offered by the Mint is that one is silver and one is bronze. Oh I forgot…and the 70% premium.

    This one won't sell out if silver values stay where they are and the Mint keeps the 70% premium in place. It appears that the Mint is trying to create another First Spouse boondoggle. The government sector really doesn't have the first clue about running a business.

  16. Anonymous says

    I ordered from Gainesville, and wouldn't recommend them. They do not respond to emails and they do not ship coins. I'm still waiting for either…

  17. JimD says

    I'm getting the 2010 set and quitting, mainly because the Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Yosemite are my favorite parks and who wants a Gettysburg coin? I agree with others, interest in specific parks will vary.

  18. Anonymous says

    I plan to buy the first five of the five oz. series and after that see where prices are. My bet is they are up. The prices on the 2010's delayed the sell out and allowed me to get in on them as I can't always get online the first few hours of sales. If the mint released them last year when sliver was 18 bucks these coins would have been marked way under 200 and I probably would have missed out.

    Thank you mint for delaying the release until the price of the 2010's could be jacked up significantly allowing me to get in and start on a collection.

  19. Anonymous says

    Jim D –

    You have got to see the proposed volcano design for Hawaii.

    It's the most beautiful and exotic one I've seen so far…!

  20. Anonymous says

    I've ordered from Gainesville in the past and was very pleased woth their service.

  21. Louis says

    Re: where to buy 2011 bullion ATB's. I strongly recommend Provident Metals. I have received a Gettysburg and Glacier Park and neither has marks and should be 69's. I got one from Modern Coin Mart that is vastly inferior. It has scratches, etc. Gainesville is fine too, I have never had a problem though your order could be delayed slightly and I can't comment on their 2011 bullion ATB's. I would go with Provident, and no I don't work for them.

    As for those who are bailing on Yellowstone. Dealers will need stocks of these coins and have to buy them from us. Look at the back pages of Coin World. You can get $35o for your Hot Springs, and that is from today's issue. The same company pays $1500 for a PCGS BU 2010 set, but I would wait to sell that as I think they will be worth more later.

  22. Dreama says

    3:43 PM, Wow your right, that is really a nice looking coin

    Mike, thanks for the link to check it out

  23. Mint News Blog says

    "Im glad you are screening all comments .Thanks"

    Yeah, no problem. Well, here's what you missed out on. Deleted comments included:

    1.) A claim that the US Mint is producing 50,000 more Hot Springs coins offered at half the original price.

    2.) Inside information that the Yellowstone coin sales are slower than anticipated, even though sales haven't started yet.

    3.) information for the 500th time about a super secret 2006 silver eagle, that is of course much more rare than all other US Mint products in the history of the world. INFORMATION PRESENTED IN ALL CAPS TO INSURE MAXIMUM CREDIBILITY.

    As I have said, there are probably two or three people posting absolute crap for some unknown reason. No one wants to read it. I will not allow it to appear on this site. I am moderating all comments until these people get a life and go away.

  24. Mercury says

    Concerning The Screening, who’s minding The Mint? My guess is that the Mint has figured that one of the main draws for us coin collectors is to only enrich their pockets. I don’t get it? In view of the present state of affairs, this price is totally insane. Tell me where is the representation that justifies the specified price rate? I Never thought I would be one to say it, but as I see it, I'd rather the AP's take over the "2010 National Park 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin" distribution. Come on friends at the US Mint we are not the enemy. You seem to be determined to give us all Major Burn Out!!! You got to start treating us better than this

  25. Anonymous says

    I'm thinking of just buying the silver proof sets instead. SO much cheaper, and you get five coins at a time. Also, they don't look like silver spray painted discs.
    I really hate that "satin" finish…

  26. Anonymous says

    The El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico design looks very unusual and I like the parrot and gecko design, which has to be a first on a US coin. In general I think this series is terrific I especially like the designs highlighting the wildlife and all will look great in the large 5oz. I agree with most of your posting regarding the high cost and hope the mint adjust for the lower silver cost. I bought a Hot Spring my least favorite of all the ATB designs and am definitely in for a Yellowstone. Happy hunting tomorrow .

  27. Mint News Blog says

    "Is this the first time they have used vapor blasting."

    They also use vapor blasting for the bronze medals.

  28. Anonymous says

    I haven't seen anyone else comment on this but I don't particularly like the way the rim lettering is detailed on the reverse of these coins – it seems to detract from the different designs somehow.

    I wish the mint would have continued to mint the quarters the way they did with the state quarters without using a band around the rim of the reverse of the ATB quarters for the lettering – I don't know why they decided to do this. It looks like the way a lot of private mints do on silver rounds.

    Even on big 5oz coins it still seems to detract from the different designs somehow.

  29. Tony says

    Thank you Mike for screening the postings. I am thinking really hard now if I really want to collect all the 5 oz. coins. The weight of the 56 coins will be close to 40 lbs.
    It'll really be difficult to store them much more to enjoy them once in a while like you do with your other coins knowing that you have to work to put them away again.
    The weight is equal to 280 pieces of 1-oz coins. Heavy……..

  30. JimD says

    OK. You're right. Now that I've seen the 2012 prototypes, I've got to have the Chaco, Denali, and Hawai'i Volcanoes. But if they choose any design other than the straight (no dancers) volcano for Hawai'i, forget it.

  31. Anonymous says

    I checked out eBay, and like Michael said, there are few Yellowstone 5 ounce coins for sale. And further, fewer people buying them. I guess folks are aware that they can buy them for $279 (versus $300+ on eBay).

  32. Jo says

    For me; all the 4 remaining 2010 5 Ozers are some of the best designs in the series. In other words, the Hot Spring IMO is the least appealing.

    So definately, going for the Yellowstone today!

  33. Anonymous says

    what is the purpose of vapor blasting?. what will be the effect on the coin?.

  34. Mint News Blog says

    Info on vapor blasting:

    The United States Mint uses a water vapor and ceramic media mix. It is very similar to sandblasting but instead of using compressed air, we use a compressed water vapor. The finish is applied to each coin AFTER the coins have been struck and NOT to the coin dies. This provides a uniform, protective finish on each coin.

  35. Anonymous says

    is it cheaper to use water vapor rather than sand blasting or satin finish or burnished finish?. i think it is the cost that they the u.s. mint shift from one way to the other?. right?.

  36. Anonymous says

    Could the U.S. Mint be using vapor blasting to minimize returns? Also, I wonder why the U.S. Mint did not offer proof 5 oz ATB coins?

  37. Ed G says

    Off topic question. When does the mint usually reprice their gold eagle items. I placed an order yesterday for th unc gold. Can no longer cancel as it is processing. Now I see gold is going down and just wondering what day they adjust their prices as I probably missed a $50 reduction

  38. Anonymous says

    To: "I'm thinking of just buying the silver proof sets instead. SO much cheaper, and you get five coins at a time. Also, they don't look like silver spray painted discs.
    I really hate that "satin" finish…"

    That's why the bullion coins look sooo much better….nice and shiny..more proof-like

  39. Anonymous says

    Are there mandatory mintages for the Mint's 5 oz unc. coins? If silver price doesn't gather some steam these coins could end up being semi dead dogs due to their exobitant price relative to sliver and resulting lower mintages perhaps way under 50 large. The bullion version would then gain in popularity as their price is tied more directly to silver.

    There will always be some dedicated collectors but paying close to 300 bucks when sliver is dropping to nearly 30, gimme a break. Its a long shot but maybe the mint would adjust their price downward eventually. I said its a long shot.

  40. Mint News Blog says

    "When does the mint usually reprice their gold eagle items."

    It usually happens around late morning/ mid-day on Wednesday.

  41. Anonymous says

    On the questions of whether the five ounce coins will be popular in the future, considering that a large percentage of collectors are baby boomers who are now getting old with declining eyesight, I bet these big ones will get more and more popular since the designs are so much easier to see than on the quarters!

  42. Anonymous says

    "This provides a uniform, protective finish on each coin."

    Sounds like an ideal finish for a bullion coin!

    I got two sets of 2011 coins from Gainsville and they look DMPL and three look MS69. One Getty looks to have some "metal stress" around the long park name. Still waiting on a set from APMEX ordered at the same time. Can't complain though. Picked up may "D" box yesterday with all 69s and three PLs. My most recent order prior was from 2009 for $330, so I figure maybe it was my +$600 order for the two 2011 pucks that got me the D box. They felt sorry for me!

  43. Anonymous says

    For Ed G… If the prices do drop, and I remain hopeful that they will (for other gold offerings), you always could return the first coin for a refund, then purchase a second one at the lower cost.

    Timing is everything, so there might be a short period of time when both coins are balanced against your credit card, but the Mint has been pretty good about crediting returns in a timely manner.

    And, should you find something wrong with the second coin, you can return it for a replacement at the same cost AND get reimbursed for the S/H & Ins needed to send back the defective item!!

    Bottom line, you'll spend $12-16 dollars for P/H and Ins, as well as some valuable time, but you could end up saving $35 overall.

  44. Anonymous says

    MNB — The boss has a sense of humor, too! (I enjoyed your post on the censored posts.)

  45. Anonymous says

    My feeling is that the Satin finish will look much better in 10 yrs time when the coin age ; compared with the bullion version.

    Just look at the Maples 1 oz bullion and silver eagles – which do u prefer (the finish) after aging?

  46. Anonymous says

    Good point. It sounds a bit tacky to say it like that, but it makes a bit of sense.

    It looks like the average price of gold just might fall in the lower tier this week. However, a rebound back above $1,500 for Wednesday pm could still spoil it. Keep your fingers crossed that all will work out!

  47. Anonymous says

    I agree totally. I'm a boomer myself. In fact it would be helpful if all quarters were made this size.

  48. Anonymous says

    I am going ahead and buying Yellowstone 5 oz today at this outrageous price – silver down to 33.70'ish at this moment. I use to think I was a little bit country, now I think I am a little bit crazy, but it looks like I am not alone. 🙂

  49. Anonymous says

    I wonder how much a 5 oz CLAD quarter would cost to manufacture? Wouldn't it be hilarious if the quarters we were expected to use in everyday transactions were 3 inches in diameter and weighed 5 ounces?

    That's it! That's the way that the Mint could get the public to accept the $1 coins WITHOUT retiring the paper bill! Just make our quarters so big and heavy and inconvenient to use that the public will be DYING to carry around a pocket full of DOLLAR coins instead of quarters! 🙂

  50. Anonymous says

    I can find the 5 oz silver Hot Springs coin on the US Mint website but I can't find the 5 oz silver Yellowstone coin. How can one find the Yellowstone coin for ordering once it becomes available? Is the Mint not showing it until noon or am I just looking in the wrong places? Thanks for your help.

  51. Anonymous says

    Btw, just checking , is there a polling on the most popular 2010 5 oz design?

    I would rank my preference from top:

    Grand Canyon
    Mt Hood

  52. Anonymous says

    water vapor blasting finish look very dull. there is no brilliant thing involved. like brilliant uncirculated.

    anyway. the coin look uniform and beautiful. i don't see any damaged or anythings that some collector stated.

    really to buy the yellow stones.

  53. Soapy says

    I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, and would not want to have the Yellowstone coin delivered while I'm away. A mint rep just informed me I can place a phone order and put delivery off for up to two weeks with what she called a "personnal hold." That said, I won't even bother to call back for several hours to avoid the rush.

  54. Anonymous says

    My order of preference would be:

    Grand Canyon
    Mount Hood
    Hot Springs

  55. Anonymous says

    I was really hoping the Mint website wouldn't lag this time, but so much for that!

  56. Anonymous says

    I just wonder how many posters here that said they are gonna wait are online now in the mix ?

  57. Anonymous says

    Kept getting this: The server at catalog.usmint.gov is taking too long to respond.

  58. Anonymous says

    The word brillant is referring to the people that made up the process to make these coins ,the finish is a matte type finish.

  59. Anonymous says

    The website already seems to be improving. These coins might be around for a month or more!

  60. Anonymous says

    Got online at 12:00 and completed the order at 12:14. There was some delays between the pages obviously. One page did crap out but a quick refresh brought it back online.

    During this time I was calling too to see if I could get an operator. That's how I made the first purchase. But it was chronically busy.

    Wasn't too bad. Looking forward to this one.

  61. RICH says

    I didnt sign in till 10 after 9.00 Pacific Time and was able to go back in forth to add other products.Slow but was able to get finished in about 5 min. #374796xx

  62. Anonymous says

    Still struggling on US mint website to get one ordered. I haven't even managed to sign in to my account! This is crazy…
    My Order of preference

    Mt. Hood
    Grand Canyon
    Hot Springs

  63. Anonymous says

    10 minutes late to the race, but in and out in 5!!

    Site is slow, for sure, but definitely more responsive than the first time around.

  64. Anonymous says

    For some reason, I kind of figured the Mint would end the waiting list for the Hot Springs coin to co-incide with the release of Yellowstone. But, the list is still open.

  65. Anonymous says

    Ordering was not as bad as HS. Told my brothers, sisters, neighbors, cousins, friends, in-laws to get this one. Told them the 5 ounce ATBs will be winners especially Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. If they don't want it, told them I would buy it from them at cost.

    I hope this sells out faster than HS.

  66. Anonymous says

    No problems, done in a couple of minutes.

    Order #374834XX So I think there is no rush required.

  67. Leo S says

    Ordering the Yellowstone was better this AM than the Hot Springs. Try logging in to you account before adding the coin to your cart. I tried adding the coin and then logging in but it kept claiming that my log in was wrong. Got off the site and then logged in to my account and it went like clockwork.
    Just a thought. Good Luck to all.

  68. Anonymous says

    I'm an idiot. I spent an add'l 10 mins because I didn't have my default address set up properly.

  69. Anonymous says


    I'm an idiot. I spent an add'l 10 mins because I didn't have my default address set up properly.

    May 17, 2011 9:42 AM

    I had the EXACT same thing; I updated my default add this morning but when I did my ordering, it's the old add – so I have to update all over again!!

    You are not an idiot! THE MINT IS !!!

  70. Anonymous says

    This won't sell out faster than Hot Springs, from the looks of things. Who knows, maybe the mint will increase the household ordering limit just to get rid of them. I don't think they'll do that after just one week, but after a month or so they might raise it. I doubt they'd eliminate it entirely, though.

    Ordering Yosemite should be a breeze, if today was any indication! If this downturn in silver holds until then, I sure would appreciate a downward price adjustment from the Mint for that one!

  71. Leo S says


    With Gold down to below 1500 this week, will the Mint lower the price on the FS coins this Wednesday?

  72. Anonymous says

    What the heck is the Mint doing ? I just checked my orders in mint account & I have 2 orders confirmed ?? I only placed order for 1 !!

  73. Anonymous says

    Got on about 12:20pm EST and it was a tad slow but I finished in about 10 minutes. Then it said order suspended and I got nervous because last time they cancelled my suspended order, and I had to place another. Anyway, I checked the automated order status option on the phone, and now I just got the e-mail, so I am fine. Will check again tonight just to make sure there is no funny business. The premium is too high but it appears this issue will be more popular, and we will all do fine in the long-run.

  74. Leo S says

    To: Got two order confirmed

    This happened to me on the HS. If you get kicked out after you order 1 coin and then log back in, the Mint remembers your first order and if you order again it gives you 2 orders. See my earlier post and when you log into you accout there is a box that gives you what you have in your account. Then just check out. Good Luck

  75. Anonymous says

    Finally got through around 11:52…order number 374860xx. The lowest number I've seen since 11AM is 374783xx. This means that roughly 7700 orders have been placed in the last 50 minutes. I think it is fair to say the majority are Yellowstone P sales.

  76. Anonymous says

    Leo S. ,I did log back into account and still has 2 different order #'s both say oh hold.

  77. Anonymous says

    Well, I'm seeing quite a lot of interest on Yellowstone as the most popular design in the 2010 series; while HS is the least appealing.

    For me, I would rank HS at the bottom of the 5 as well.

    My Ranking


  78. Anonymous says

    Placed my order 50 minutes pass
    the hour and everything went
    smoothly. No problems. The usual
    backordered status with estimated
    shipping June first.Had to have
    this one becuz hey……, its
    yellowstone. Probably one of the
    most famous parks in the world.
    Loved the look of my Hot springs
    even though i had a small blemish
    on the fountain edge. Hope this
    one comes perfect. Can't wait!!

  79. Anonymous says

    YOSEMITE tie 2nd
    YELLOW tie 2nd
    GC.. They should have moved the edge of wall a little more right instead of straight down the center.. wudda been really good perspective

  80. Anonymous says

    By comparing order numbers on other forums, I figure that over 10000 orders (roughly 10300) have been placed since the coin has gone on sale. However, the last order number I have is from 1:45. I think it is fair to say that the sales thus far have been slower than Hot Springs…Disclaimer–Order numbers are not indicative of the number of Yellowstone P coins sold; however, it is probably safe to assume that the majority of these orders are for the Yellowstone coin…

  81. Anonymous says

    Update–I received another order number (from another customer on a different forum) around 2:15 central time. The order number suggests that roughly 12700 orders have been placed since the Yellowstone coin went on sale. Keep in mind that not all of these orders are yellowstone coin orders…

  82. Anonymous says

    Like others here, I went ahead and bought the coin, but I also really hated having to pay such a huge premium over the silver value.

    Barring a rebound in the silver price, I really hope the Mint will consider re-pricing the issue downward for Yosemite. At the current silver level, the price really shouldn't be any higher than $249.95, and even that is still a little steep. $229.95 would be more fair.

    How much does the "vapor-blasting" technique used on these coins cost? Any idea?

  83. Anonymous says

    I'm still showing 2 separate orders for the Yellowstone in my mint account, both say on hold. I know I only ordered 1!! What gives??Will they cancel 1 or both orders?

  84. Mint News Blog says

    "I'm still showing 2 separate orders for the Yellowstone in my mint account, both say on hold. I know I only ordered 1!! What gives??Will they cancel 1 or both orders?"

    Maybe try calling customer service. They could probably straighten it out.

  85. Anonymous says

    Seems like around 12k orders have been placed. A little lower volume than Hot Springs, but it could actually sell out in less time than HS.

  86. Anonymous says

    "Barring a rebound in the silver price, I really hope the Mint will consider re-pricing the issue downward for Yosemite. At the current silver level, the price really shouldn't be any higher than $249.95, and even that is still a little steep. $229.95 would be more fair."

    Mint won't lower a price if they don't have to. Maybe we can buy the 2011 numismatic versions as a set? That would be nice.

  87. Anonymous says

    Thanks Michael , I did call customer service & the lady checked order & canceled the latter one ,my order # 374819xx.


  88. Anonymous says

    i think proof like is better than water vapor blasting. proof like is brilliant and mirror look. but the later is too dull. just like uncirculated coin keep for a long period and became dull.

  89. Anonymous says

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm thinking of just buying the silver proof sets instead. SO much cheaper, and you get five coins at a time. Also, they don't look like silver spray painted discs.
    I really hate that "satin" finish…

    May 16, 2011 8:06 PM

    I don't like the finish either, bullion finish is 10x better. TLB

  90. Anonymous says

    I have to agree that the finish makes the coin much less appealing – but we are all in the same boat. As much as I would have preferred a proof version, I am still going to try to collect the entire series.


  91. Anonymous says

    Think of it this way guys, in 10 yrs's time, the Satin finish is gonna look much nicer than the proof version.

    This is how I compare my bullion maples and eagles

  92. Anonymous says

    at $34.00 per ounce spot. if the mint release a new eagle silver proof today. the price will be $69.95 each. so the five ounce proof will be around $349.95.
    if the mint release a new eagle silver burnished unc today. the price will be $62.95 each. so the five ounce burnished unc will then be around $315.95.

    at $34.00 per ounce spot. the water vapor blasting five ounce silver coin will then be price at $281.95. today mint is offered at $279.95. which is still fair enough. if the spot silver fall below $30.00. then i will cancel the order.

  93. VG says

    Logged into the Mint's website abot 11:59am and my order was done at 12:02. Piece of cake for once. Order #37476xxx

  94. Anonymous says

    Order Status: Your order request has been suspended.

    Still not updated since 12:15

  95. Anonymous says

    Just got home from work 5:20pm EST and tried to purchase one. It breezed right through like changing TV channels. Anyone who wants one can do it seamlessly at the moment.

  96. Anonymous says

    Relax good people. In 2046, all of the ATB's will be valuable and high priced, provided you could locate some. I think in the next 30 years or so, we might see regular folks turning in anything silver, and gold too, in order to pay for shelter, heat, and food. Too bad about the global economic stress in most every country, and those with the necessities for sale will probably not accept paper money in future years. So anyone who comes up with various forms of precious metals for example, will be sitting pretty. Take these 5 oz rounds for example. No sense grousing about the out of wack selling prices to spot value, any of these may save your family some day.

  97. Anonymous says

    at 5:30pm eastern time. my order number is 37496xxx. the total order number reached 20,500.

  98. Anonymous says

    At 5:54 PM Eastern Time, my order for a Yellowstone 5 ounce coin and another item is:



  99. Anonymous says

    Yellowstone may sell out sooner than Hot Springs! 20k is more than HS did on the first day.

  100. Anonymous says

    Grand Canyon
    Mount Hood
    Hot Springs

    Never fails, buy silver today and the market drops. It will dive tomorrow, just watch…

    Have to admit it, but I like the new 'hockey pucks'(probably 'cause they are easier to see without the glasses). But until the price drops I'll just collect the ones with the wildlife on them, and get the others later when silver goes back to $5/oz.
    At least that's the strategic budgetary acquirement plan. We'll see if it happens in my lifetime…
    Great site Michael – thanks once again!

  101. Anonymous says

    I purchased the Jackie Robinson uncirculated $5 Au for < 200. No strategy – just plain liked the theme and the coin! Did well!

  102. Anonymous says

    at the rate of 1,000 per hour. right now is 21,000. i think it might sell out tomorrow. then it will proof that yellow stone, yosemite and grand canyon can do it. because they are the most popular one.

  103. Anonymous says

    To 3:13pm,

    Same here with the 08w burn'd Buffalos, who knew at the time? Can't lose by getting the coins you like, even if they fall in 'value'.

  104. Anonymous says

    the first year first series of the america the beautiful collector's series should have a better performance in the future. just like the four liberty's of the first spouse gold coins. which command a good premium.

  105. Anonymous says

    These coins are coming in too fast. They are not cheap for the average joe, either.That sandblasted finish is quite an eyesore to look at. Storing them is a nightmare. I do own the hot springs. I consider it a novelty with lots of "wow" factor when I show my non collector friends. It just looks "fake" compared say, to a 1964 JFK half where you can tell it's real silver.I will not be buying anymore paperweights from the mint, thanks…
    I hope this doesn't get deleted, because it's just my .02 cents from the heart,,..

  106. Anonymous says

    my six sense told me that the mint is producing as much as possible a low cost coin to get a maximum profit. period.

  107. Anonymous says

    I completed my two separate orders between 12:05P – 12:25P. The site was a little slow but compaired to Hot Springs this was a breeze (45 minutes for the last two orders).

    I hope that doesn't mean that nobody is buying this time around???

  108. Anonymous says

    Just ordered. 374987xx

    Where silver is going, the $279 will never be recovered, but the coin and the series are beautiful!

  109. Anonymous says

    I calculate 22k+ sold!
    May sell out in 24 hours.
    Any other thoughts?

  110. Anonymous says

    "I calculate 22k+ sold!
    May sell out in 24 hours.
    Any other thoughts?"

    I believe that your estimate is high. You are calculating based on order numbers. However, I expect that some people placed orders that did not include the yellowstone P coin. Furthermore, some of these orders may be duplicates that the mint will cancel. I expect that the sales of yellowstone P coins are closer to 18K to 20K. However, I too hope that the coins sell out soon. I'm predicting they sell out on the 19th. My hope is that people buying the proof buffalo will pick up the yellowstone P coin to keep shipping costs low…but this is anyone's guess

  111. Anonymous says

    Your calculation would be wrong because of the doubling order issue, for instance there are 10,000 people order ATB's with the doubling of order that makes it 20,000 when you calculate it according to the order numbers. I have 2 different order but one of it is in the other one is a pony lol. I don't know what is going on though but I wouldn't mind if they send me 2 Yellowstone P coins for the price of one ahaha

  112. Anonymous says

    With silver closing @34$ an oz., RUN don't walk away from this series. Planning this series during such a volitile period in PMs is sheer folly on the mints behalf. I will be buying the clad proof versions @15$ for five.

  113. Anonymous says

    Hope no one is foolish enough to wait a few days to buy a 5oz Yellowstone to save $5 on shipping by combining it with the "vanilla" Buffalo. Sell out (or "sloppy seconds") may wait for those folks trying to save the $5.

  114. Anonymous says

    27k total ever. Don't kid yourself. These look awesome and would be a great buy even in a 5oz clad!

  115. Tony says

    I just checked my order that I placed this morning and found out it was the "Hot Spring" because I just clicked the order from the "stupid" check out basket. The Mint should have cleared the basket from previous order.
    I figured it was around 22K sales since this morning including mistakes like mine and sales of other coins. So the real number could have been in the 20K range.
    Just a rough guestimate of course.

  116. Anonymous says

    At least when I ordered my Hot sPRINGS silver was $48 and I was satisfied with the price. But buying this at $35 knowingly seems like a real bad move. I've done bead blasting, it's fast, cheap and covers up "mistakes" real nice vs. the painstaking process of a proof strike as this SHOULD have been in the first place.

  117. Anonymous says

    It looks like a repeat of the Hot Springs, it will sell out but dont know when. Michael will know tomorrow and let us know. Those that are waiting on the sidelines will have to jump in late. I've got mine. Two down Three to go. These are very nice Kodo"s to the Mint.

  118. Anonymous says

    To the one who said their order was still "suspended" after 7 hours:

    Something is wrong. Your order must not have been taken correctly. The same thing happened to me with Hot Springs.

    My advice is to place another order. When I did that with Hot Springs, my "suspended" order immediately disappeared and was replaced with the second order that was "on hold" and later fulfilled. The order numbers were not the same, so the suspended order vanished after the valid order was placed.

  119. Anonymous says

    I ordered a Jellystone 5 oz'r from the mint around six and a half hours after the opening bell with ease.

    Once again, thank you mint, for waiting until the price became outrageous before putting these coins up for sale. This insured that I who do not always have online access until several hours after release to start a collection.

    If these had gone out the door shortly after they were struck when silver was around 19 I doubt if I would have had a shot.

  120. Anonymous says

    With silver closing @34$ an oz., RUN don't walk away from this series. Planning this series during such a volitile period in PMs is sheer folly on the mints behalf. I will be buying the clad proof versions @15$ for five.

    Go ahead and be a foolish cladder. your clad set will be worth $12. These first 5 (2010)ATB 5 ouncers will always sell for more than they cost. Yes silver has its ups and downs but clads will always be ordinary chump change.

  121. Anonymous says

    Subtract 1-2k for other stuff and you get around 20k by 8:30pm
    Better than Hot Springs.
    Folks will be keeping these orders.

    If this were Wall St. the analysts would say they beat market expectations!

    Looking forward to anything Michael says about this.

  122. Anonymous says

    Instead of the clads, try the proof silver sets. they are cheap at $41 a set of 5.

  123. Anonymous says

    Thanks London Locks.

    That mean 24k orders of stuff including errors, so I'm thinking about 21-22k Yellowstone sold.

    80% sold in less than 12 hours!
    Not too shabby!

    Let's see how much of a "mistake" is was for us folks that ordered on the first day…

  124. Anonymous says

    Clad sets are worthless and pumped out with no run limits. Save your pennies and go for a 5oz.

  125. Anonymous says

    Just received my Hot Springs coin today and was very disappointed given the spotted stains and a long hairline scratch. Was excited to collect the series but will now pass. Maybe pick up the bullion version if prices come down more.

  126. Anonymous says

    I ordered both coins at about 2pm central time. My order numbers compared with the early numbers posted show that my Yellowstone order is about 6000 higher than the hot springs coin. So I would think that the estimate someone gave of 1,500 an hour is right. How many of those don't go through is anybody's guess but it does show this coin is selling much faster than the hot springs coin.

  127. Anonymous says

    The "vapor blasting" finish on the "P" coins may be consistant(consistantly dull), but the PL & DMPL bullion coins look 10x better.

    The vapor blasting just covers up the imperfections of the strike.

    Of course, I'm buying both versions because of the low mintages.

  128. VABEACHBUM says

    For those who keep harping, and harping, and harping on the price of this NUMISMATIC ISSUE, please keep in mind that the one ounce, 2010 ASE PR coin sold for $46 per unit when silver was spotting at $24-$26 per fine troy ounce.

    In that instance the metal costs represented 57% of the price of the coin, while manufacturing costs & Margins represented 43% of the price. All for a coin series and for processes that have been in place for 25+ years. But, because this coin is loved by all, was only One Ounce AND was under $100, no one thought about the mark-ups or screamed about the price. Expect to see the 2011 ASE PR coins priced in the high $50's to $60's this year.

    The 5 oz ATB-P represents a new series and new processes – press & striking, finishes, OGP. If these NUMISMATIC COINS are "priced" at $280 against their 2010 "costs," then they are over-priced ($215 – w/ Ag at $23 per FTO and 43% on the back end). If they are "priced" at $280 against current, 2011 "costs," then they are damn near a bargain ($315 – w/ Ag at $35 per FTO and 43% on the back end). I honestly expect the pricing for the 2011 ATB-P coins to be higher!!

    I will not deny that the Mint has its issues but, so far, they have recoved well from the bullion catastrophe to manage this "first-of," numismatic coin type that also supports a unique series. To quote the sage words of Grandpa, Lasloo and others: "Buy what you like and can afford, and spend where your money is treated best." I bought one. I only wanted one. I intend to keep the one.

  129. Anonymous says

    Well said VABEACHBUM .

    However, I don't think the preium and final cost of a 5 oz ATB coin should be 5x the cost of a one oz coin.

    A one oz GAE sure cost a lot less than 10 1/10 GAE's, as well it should.

  130. Anonymous says

    Summary: Around 26k orders have been placed over the past 23 hours. I'm guessing at least 23k have been legit orders for the Yellowstone 5 oz.

    Safe to say in less than 24 hours we are now around 85% of being sold out for the product. I am surprised by this.

    I'd also like to hear what Michael thinks about this.

  131. Anonymous says

    I am less optimistic than most commenters on this blog. While I am going to try to collect the entire series – and yes I did purchase both the Hot Springs as well as the Yellowstone coins; I remain doubtful that the series will have long term collector interest or collector commitment – remember the mint is considering another eagle series made of Palladium, if the mint decides to produce this series, it will be in direct competition with the ABT 5 ounce series, along with other competitors such as all the remaining gold offerings, the annual offerings, the commemorative offerings, and special offering like the 9-11 silver coins. I strongly believe that there will simply be too many products for too few collector dollars.

    For the reasons listed above along with many others to numerous to list here, it is my opinion that the Yellowstone will NOT sell out quicker then Hot Springs – it will experience a much, much slower sales pace then that of the Hot Springs coin, so have patience. I also feel that the large mintages (27,000) are going to eventually decrease – and decrease dramatically, I strongly believe that the series will parallel the FS series – a firecracker upon introduction of the first few coins, and a fizzle out in collector interest as the series moves forward. Therefore, the mintages of 27,000 for each of the first 5 coins will be the highest mintages of the series. I know the vast majority of collectors on this blog will disagree with my view, and that is alright, it is simply my opinion, and it will be interesting to look back 5 years from now to see if I made a correct or incorrect call.

    Having said this, I also have to say that I love the coins; the detail is so much better with the larger coins that it will be absolutely breathe taking to show a complete series 11 years from now. Good luck to all collectors.


  132. Anonymous says

    I chuckle as I see the prophets trying predict # sold.
    I predict this series won't go past 10 new releases,than be pulled off as a total faliure

  133. Anonymous says

    As a boomer with declining eyesight, these are my favorite coins! I can see them without a magnifying glass.

    I bet they'll get more popular as other retiring boomers discover them. Remember not many collectors read blogs or follow the coin market closely since they're busy with jobs, family, etc. But as these get noticed I bet more people will collect them.

  134. Anonymous says

    "I bet they'll get more popular as other retiring boomers discover them. Remember not many collectors read blogs or follow the coin market closely since they're busy with jobs, family, etc. But as these get noticed I bet more people will collect them."

    I'll second this opinion. I have been purchasing the 5 ounce coins for my father. He was very impressed with the coins when I showed them to him. However, he didn't even know they were being minted. Furthermore, he buys from the mint once a year normally to get some proof sets, a proof eagle, and maybe a proof buffalo. However, the 5 ounce coins which sell out in a couple weeks is something he would never purchase because he doesn't check the mint product schedule.

  135. Jeff72 says

    Jeff72 says:

    I've been reading the comments for weeks now on the ATB series. Many compare this new issue to everything else the Mint is minting.

    Personally, I think the ATB stands on its own merits and can not really be compared apples to apples with any other offering nor will it compete with the paladium series as one poster postulated -why? -because the paladium eagle will be twice the cost for one thing, and it too, will be it's own special breed.

    I'm just glad the Mint had the where-with-all to make a really unique product like the 5oz ATB coin, medal, puck whatever….and so far, keep the mintages desirable for collectors who like really cool and unique Mint products.

    Bravo Mint!

    Now hurry up and go mint the Paladium Eagles -we will buy them 🙂

  136. Anonymous says

    You can't compare FS series to the ATB's. The FS fizzled because the designs stunk outside of the Libert subset and the price of gold made it too rich.

    Who wants a Jane Pierce on a coin and pay $900+ for it?!

  137. Last ATB w/o PRICE REDUCTION says

    I purchased a Yellowstone 5oz ATB coin at usmint.gov yesterday. It's quite the rip off really. Silver has to hit $56 per oz to break even on the bullion value. With silver at $35, its essentially a 60% premium to spot.

  138. Anonymous says

    People living today are related to First Spouse's. There is no relationship as strong as that with ATB. You right you can't compare but the FS series is much more significant.

  139. Anonymous says

    …I purchased a Yellowstone 5oz ATB coin at usmint.gov yesterday. It's quite the rip off really. Silver has to hit $56 per oz to break even on the bullion value. With silver at $35, its essentially a 60% premium to spot….

    How much you gonna pay for a Proof ASE? Did you ever do the same comparison with them year in and year out?

  140. Anonymous says


  141. Anonymous says

    "Never fails, buy silver today and the market drops. It will dive tomorrow, just watch…"

    I stand corrected.
    Regretfully, my fool proof silver market manipulation for the last two years has finally been exposed as a farce…

  142. Anonymous says

    i got order# 37476xxx if orders are now at 37500xxx thats around 24k gone. i got order in for coin as it first went on sale at 12:00 excatly

  143. Anonymous says

    Hello Michael,

    Do you know the first day sales numbers for the Yosemite 5 ounce coins?


  144. Anonymous says

    Is the Mint mandated to always sell coins like the ATB 5 oz, Silver Proof sets, Commemoritive Silver Dollars, Proof/Unc-W Slver eagles, etc via the price structure of registering the price with the federal registre? It seems like if the Mint was able to put other gold/silver/platinum products on a sliding scale, they should be able to request being able to also to include ALL precious metals on a similar scale.
    Could the Mint request this??

  145. Anonymous says

    "There is no relationship as strong as that with ATB. "

    Um, most Americans have visited a national park, but not too many have visited a first spouse.

    Americans are MUCH closer to the parks that to dead historical women they probably never heard of, who did nothing but marry a famous man.

  146. Anonymous says

    "I purchased a Yellowstone 5oz ATB coin at usmint.gov yesterday. It's quite the rip off really."

    Are you saying that you are a fool?
    You allowed the Mint to rip you off?
    I think if you really want something then your willing to pay a high premeum to get it.
    You really wanted it so maybe you could try to enjoy it a little.

  147. Anonymous says

    Credit Card hit! I think the mint may ship some of the Yellowstone coins very early!!

  148. Anonymous says

    Although I agree the ATB's have broader appeal that the FS coins, keep in mind FS' have never been depicted on coins, and most did a bit more than just "marry a famous man." Many FS' have played imp. roles in our history — see Abigail Adams, who was her husband's closest advisor and a business wizz; Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Jackie O., Wilson's wife (can't remember her first name now) who ran the country when Woodrow got sick, and many others. And, for what it's worth, like most coin collectors, I am a guy…………Let's give the FS ladies their due.

  149. Anonymous says

    To May 19, 2011 5:26 PM

    No disrespect, but I strongly disagree with you. I am sure many FS did wonderful things when her husband was in office, but the designs are uninspired and in many cases just plain ugly. I think the bronze medals would have sufficed. The only exception may be Jackie O. due to her popularity.

  150. Louis says

    I was only commenting on their historical roles, not their appearances. But since you brought it up, I also disagree on that point. I only see a couple as unattractive (Adams, Taylor, Filmore and Johnson esp.) but that is because the women were not esp. attractive. Many others are very attractive- both Tylers, Louisa Adams, and many others. But appearance is a very subjective thing, history is not. When we learn more about presidents after they leave office or die, we often find out how imp. the spouses really were. Just my view…

  151. Anonymous says

    Sorry, but what did Jackie O do besides marry one rich man after an another????
    To quote the great historian Kanye West: "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, uhh…..".
    I'm sure you know the rest…..

  152. Anonymous says

    I might just go the proof silver set route though they are so tiny. I just can swing 279 every couple of weeks!

  153. Anonymous says

    Sorry, but what did Jackie O do besides marry one rich man after an another????
    To quote the great historian Kanye West: "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, uhh…..".
    I'm sure you know the rest…..

    May 20, 2011 5:32 AM
    Simply stated: Jackie O. was a beautiful woman and will look great on the FS coin.

  154. Anonymous says

    I agree about Jackie Kennedy. This should be a real special coin that will be very popular with more than just coin lovers. The JFK golden dollar should be a big hit too…

  155. Neal B. Forzod says

    Upcoming designs are outstanding except for Acadia, what a pleasant surprise, guess I'll have to keep the series going ..

    My 2010 rankings:

    Mt Hood => looks like the Klingon head in Star Trek
    Grand Canyon
    Hot Springs

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