2010 Yellowstone National Park 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Yellowstone National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin on May 17, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will be the second design released for the numismatic versions of the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins.

The Yellowstone coin features the Old Faithful geyser erupting with American Bison pictured in the foreground and background. This was designed and sculpted by Don Everhart. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

Each coin is struck in 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, with a diameter of 3 inches and thickness of 0.165 inch. The numismatic versions of the coin carry the “P” mint mark on the obverse and have a special finish created by vapor blasting the surfaces after striking.

Details of the offering are similar to the previous Hot Springs coin. There is a mintage of 27,000 and the coins are priced at $279.95 each. The US Mint will impose an ordering limit of one per household. The limit will be in place for at least the first week of sales, after which it can be extended, adjusted, or removed.

Beyond the basic details, the circumstances of the upcoming release will be decidedly different. Due to the decline in the price of silver, the percentage premium above metal content has increased. Just before the release of the Hot Springs coin, the premium was a little less than 20%. Based on the recent silver price of $34.18 per ounce, the premium is now more than 63%. This higher premium might be enough to give some collectors second thoughts.

There’s likely to be less speculative buying activity for the upcoming release. For the Hot Springs coins, a quick sell out was widely expected, driving a fast pace for initial sales. As the quick sell out failed to take place and the price of silver dropped, some speculative orders may have been canceled. These types of buyers probably won’t come back for the next offering, although it’s worth noting that the the Hot Springs coins continue to trade for a healthy premium on the secondary market.

Finally, I have yet to see any offers from coin dealers willing to immediately purchase the upcoming Yellowstone Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins from collectors. For the last release, there was an offer of $330 per coin plus shipping from one established modern coin dealer for the first 400 commitments, and another offer of $360 per coin plus shipping from a separate dealer for an unspecified number. Besides prompting a few hundred collectors to purchase coins to immediately resell them, these offers also set a tone for the market and inspire some additional speculation.

On the bright side, I don’t think there will be any need to rush to place orders within the opening minutes and contend with the US Mint’s slow or crashing website. The coins will likely be available from the US Mint for at least a few days, if not more. Personally, I plan to place my order tomorrow, in the mid-afternoon.

With this release, the picture may start to emerge as to how much genuine collector demand exists for the series.

Coin Update:
Olympic National Park 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Release

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  1. Anonymous says

    "Never fails, buy silver today and the market drops. It will dive tomorrow, just watch…"

    I stand corrected.
    Regretfully, my fool proof silver market manipulation for the last two years has finally been exposed as a farce…

  2. Anonymous says

    i got order# 37476xxx if orders are now at 37500xxx thats around 24k gone. i got order in for coin as it first went on sale at 12:00 excatly

  3. Anonymous says

    Hello Michael,

    Do you know the first day sales numbers for the Yosemite 5 ounce coins?


  4. Anonymous says

    Is the Mint mandated to always sell coins like the ATB 5 oz, Silver Proof sets, Commemoritive Silver Dollars, Proof/Unc-W Slver eagles, etc via the price structure of registering the price with the federal registre? It seems like if the Mint was able to put other gold/silver/platinum products on a sliding scale, they should be able to request being able to also to include ALL precious metals on a similar scale.
    Could the Mint request this??

  5. Anonymous says

    "There is no relationship as strong as that with ATB. "

    Um, most Americans have visited a national park, but not too many have visited a first spouse.

    Americans are MUCH closer to the parks that to dead historical women they probably never heard of, who did nothing but marry a famous man.

  6. Anonymous says

    "I purchased a Yellowstone 5oz ATB coin at usmint.gov yesterday. It's quite the rip off really."

    Are you saying that you are a fool?
    You allowed the Mint to rip you off?
    I think if you really want something then your willing to pay a high premeum to get it.
    You really wanted it so maybe you could try to enjoy it a little.

  7. Anonymous says

    Credit Card hit! I think the mint may ship some of the Yellowstone coins very early!!

  8. Anonymous says

    Although I agree the ATB's have broader appeal that the FS coins, keep in mind FS' have never been depicted on coins, and most did a bit more than just "marry a famous man." Many FS' have played imp. roles in our history — see Abigail Adams, who was her husband's closest advisor and a business wizz; Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Jackie O., Wilson's wife (can't remember her first name now) who ran the country when Woodrow got sick, and many others. And, for what it's worth, like most coin collectors, I am a guy…………Let's give the FS ladies their due.

  9. Anonymous says

    To May 19, 2011 5:26 PM

    No disrespect, but I strongly disagree with you. I am sure many FS did wonderful things when her husband was in office, but the designs are uninspired and in many cases just plain ugly. I think the bronze medals would have sufficed. The only exception may be Jackie O. due to her popularity.

  10. Louis says

    I was only commenting on their historical roles, not their appearances. But since you brought it up, I also disagree on that point. I only see a couple as unattractive (Adams, Taylor, Filmore and Johnson esp.) but that is because the women were not esp. attractive. Many others are very attractive- both Tylers, Louisa Adams, and many others. But appearance is a very subjective thing, history is not. When we learn more about presidents after they leave office or die, we often find out how imp. the spouses really were. Just my view…

  11. Anonymous says

    Sorry, but what did Jackie O do besides marry one rich man after an another????
    To quote the great historian Kanye West: "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, uhh…..".
    I'm sure you know the rest…..

  12. Anonymous says

    I might just go the proof silver set route though they are so tiny. I just can swing 279 every couple of weeks!

  13. Anonymous says

    Sorry, but what did Jackie O do besides marry one rich man after an another????
    To quote the great historian Kanye West: "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, uhh…..".
    I'm sure you know the rest…..

    May 20, 2011 5:32 AM
    Simply stated: Jackie O. was a beautiful woman and will look great on the FS coin.

  14. Anonymous says

    I agree about Jackie Kennedy. This should be a real special coin that will be very popular with more than just coin lovers. The JFK golden dollar should be a big hit too…

  15. Neal B. Forzod says

    Upcoming designs are outstanding except for Acadia, what a pleasant surprise, guess I'll have to keep the series going ..

    My 2010 rankings:

    Mt Hood => looks like the Klingon head in Star Trek
    Grand Canyon
    Hot Springs

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