US Mint Authorized Purchaser List

The US Mint has provided an updated list of authorized purchasers. There are some changes from a list provided by the Mint last week.

For current and future reference, listed below are the 11 primary distributors of United States Mint bullion products who are able to purchase directly from the Mint:

A-Mark Precious Metals (Los Angeles) Gold, Silver, Platinum
Coins ‘N Things (Massachusetts) Gold, Silver, Platinum
MTB (New York) Gold, Silver Platinum
Scotia Mocatta (New York) Gold, Silver, Platinum
American Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. (Oklahaoma) Silver
Dillon Gage Incorporated of Dallas (Texas) Silver
Prudential Securities Inc. (New York) Gold, Silver, Platinum
The Gold Center (Illinois) Silver
Jack Hunt Coin Broker (New York) Silver
Commerzbank (New York) Gold, Silver
Fidelitrade (Delaware) Silver

There is also some new information on the distribution of the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins. So far, the primary distributors have ordered only 75,000 of the total 165,000 coins available.

Each of the 11 primary distributors were provided with an allocation of 3,000 coins per design, or 15,000 coins total. It looks like only five of them have placed an order with the US Mint for their allocation, and the remaining six are opting out of the program or still evaluating their options. They will have until the end of the week to place their order, or the excess coins will be reallocated to the active dealers the following week.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The comparison to the gold spouse coins is not exactly apples to apples because the spouse coins were not sold as bullion like these coins are.

  2. Anonymous says

    I believe it is apples and apples because of the lower mintage. This is the first of the series and will obviously sell out just like the first of the series of gold spouse coins sold out. To assume that these will be the key date of the series with this being the first release of the series I believe is a big mistake. It would be the first time in modern bullion coin history that the first in series was the key date. Think about that.

  3. Anonymous says

    Jeez buddy, your sounding pretty pissed off and bitter yourself. re-read your post. Your bitter and pissed off. Case closed.

  4. Anonymous says

    "It would be the first time in modern bullion coin history that the first in series was the key date."

    So my '08 W 1/4 oz. fractional Buff doesn't count ?(1st in series)

    Or what about my '09 Platinum Proof(1st in series) ?

    "Think about that."

  5. Anonymous says

    I forgot the platinum eagles did sell less than 33,000 the first year for the 1/4 and 1/2 ounce, but that is platinum in 4 different sizes.

    These come in two silver sizes, the silver quarters which will do almost 1 million coins and this one that is 33,000 plus the P version at 27,000.

    Anyway we will see, I am thinking the mint had only three months to strike these coins and next year depending on demand will have over 9 months to do it. They could do 3 times as many if need be.

  6. Anonymous says

    The question that I have in my mind is if the US Mint will produce these numismatic version as a proof? If so, will there be proofs sold by the US Mint and Bullion sold by the APs? There was obviously 300,000 ounces total allocated for both versions that have been split in two separate ways. Will the US Mint announce that the 27,000 coins being sold by them become proof numismatic versions? If so, will there be less allocated for the bullion versions later to either match or exceed the possible proof versions? I just don't see a simple P being put on these bullion coins to make them numismatic versions. I may be wrong but this just sounds stupid and lazy to me to just put a P on the same bullion coins to call them numismatic versions. I really believe some more surprises are coming that will put a completely different twist on these series of coins. After all, even Mexico makes bullion and proof 5 ounce coins. I can't see us passing up the opportunity to do the same with our coins. If so are we really being out done by other world mints. I guess if we see nothing but Ps on a bullion coin. The answer to that question is sad but YES.

  7. Anonymous says

    I honestly don't think the US Mint can buy enough silver to meet the demand required in the future for this series.I believe that there will be much lower mintage in the future because the amount of demand world wide of silver will not allow for high mintage of this series to be a reality.Lower mintage on this series is inevitable.

  8. Anonymous says

    Its almost to the point….no check that….its well beyond the point that I smell a conspiracy. There is way too much misinformation going around and a well orchistrated delay to be considered a coincidence. I believe that all parties involved are building hype and gaining a network of free advertising through all of the blogs. We are the instruments being used by Moy and all of the APs to build this once thought blah bullion program into what it has become. I think they are genious in a way, however that doesn't stop me from wanting to contact a lawyer to discuss Apmex's theft of my $1400 bucks. I believe a class action is due and a nice settlement of….lets say….

  9. Anonymous says

    APMEX two days ago had the availability set at 12/17. They also were proudly showing that they had sold out of 1000 sets in 19 hours. Now when you go to their site. All you see is the ad with an alert me option. They contently maintain their answer even as of yesterday. Question to APMEx yesterday. When will these be available? Answer from APMEX: We will know more in 12 to 14 days. What a freakin joke this whole fiasco has become. And yet they still hold every ones money with no answers other then 'We expect delivery some time next week"

  10. Anonymous says

    "So , seriously , are these only going to be sold in sets of 5 ?…What do you think ?…."

    Not necessarily, check on ebay.
    For now APX has them in the sets–could change–hang tight. This release has a few twists and turns.
    The numismatic version from the Mint may just sell the both ways to get the most out of them.(for the one hour that they'll be available online)

  11. Anonymous says

    There's no way I'm paying the exorbitant selling prices on Ebay .May just have to sit this one out.

  12. Anonymous says

    "I think they are genious in a way, however that doesn't stop me from wanting to contact a lawyer to discuss Apmex's theft of my $1400 bucks. I believe a class action is due and a nice settlement of….lets say…."

    I'm sure that if you contact APMEX they will be more than happy to cancel your order and refund your money promptly.

  13. Anonymous says

    He doesn't want to cancel, no way.
    Just wants them delivered like they(and the mint)promised.
    Me too !

  14. Anonymous says

    I would live to know what questions APMEX asked the Mint that is holding up their distribution. Maybe it's something helpful to customers like can they sell to relatives. But more likely it's something about how they can make more money off their customers.

    Since the Mint is a government agency, probably a Freedom of Information Act request could get a copy of APMEX's letter. Also, would be a good time to ask how they are going to be sure guys like Jack Hunt follow the guidelines and what proof they will require.

    Any intrepid reporters out there who want to make the FOIA request to the Mint and be a hero?

  15. Anonymous says

    I don’t think anyone will be able to buy from the AP’s (Authorized Purchasers) to start with. Due to the restrictions on the selling price, here is what I’m afraid will happen.
    AP shows all units sold , never offering any for sale. They are all sold to friends, ETC.. All coins sold back to AP. AP then becomes just another seller and up and up goes the price. Bet no one buys a set at the mint’s guidelines!

  16. Anonymous says

    to add to the comment above. Ampex questions : Can we as an AP buy the coins we sell back and then sell at market value. The answer according to Federal Law: Yes you can. NO ONE will buy the coins at the mint's price rule!!

  17. Anonymous says

    Quote : New rules say the authorized companies can only sell ONE COIN OF EACH DESIGN TO A HOUSEHOLD to ensure wide distribution of coins to the public. Yeah , like that's going to happen !! I thinks it's like a cell phone plan ..Friends & family first..

  18. Anonymous says

    I think all the dealers and distributors need a little cheese with their Wine. Whahhh Whaaahhhh Whahhhhhh!!!! They are finding it difficult to rip off the public. I can promise you that all these dealers and distributors have everything in place to make sure the public gets screwed. I'll wait and buy my set from the US Mint.Screw all these money grubbing greedy hum bug dealers and distributors. Numismaster pretty much made it clear that at least three or four of the greedy suckers are going to do all they can to make these sets completely unreasonable in price to the public. Collectors should wake up and boycott these scumbags.

  19. Anonymous says

    I'm gonna see what happens here->( on 1/3/11 at 12:01 am sharp. I hope they're fair(they have to be–there are rules in place) or their will be consequences.

  20. Anonymous says

    >A few of the items the AP's are >asking for clarification on……


    I just read this article. What pathetic rubbish! All of this started with APMEX's price gouging. Then the Mint rightfully stepped in. There's a big difference between reasonable profit (for bullion) and sky high premiums (for preconceived rarity). Now the dealers want to check our citizenship papers to make a purchase of the ATB. Wow!

  21. Anonymous says

    The mint never said they could only sell 1 coin per household – they said 1 coin per design per household, which means only 1 set of all 5 coins per household. Big difference.

  22. Anonymous says

    Why on Earth would APMEX ask if they must sell to US citizens? Maybe they are planning to fly someone down to Mexico or Switzerland to open 100 PO boxes? With $100,000+ profit to be made on each 100 sets, I bet a lot of tricks will be tried. I wonder how many people will end up in jail all because of these coins. Greed is a strong emotion. It's not a crime to break the contract but it will be a crime when they try to cover their tracks when the Mint starts checking into it.

    Too bad the Mint didn't supply numbered certificates with each set. They when some dealer comes to a coin show with 100 sets to sell for $2500 each we'd know exactly where they came from.

  23. Anonymous says

    I just thought I'd throw my two cents worth in on APMEX's Ad for the ATB 5 oz coins.

    The much anticipated United States of America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin™ Program has almost begun!! Start your collection off right with the very 1st rip off coin of the series, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Nearly an exact replica of the Hot Springs National Park Quarter Dollar newly released in 2010! Above and beyond any reasonable price for bullion.
    Set an "Alert Me / Screw Me" now and be scammed when we begin selling these fabulous coins! This is one of the most talked about United States Mint Bullion products ever released because we have complete caused a fiasco by over charging on bullion coins and we expect to sell out quickly and have our shipment stopped. If you would like to become one of the first to get completely hosed on this series, set your "Alert Me and Screw me" NOW!

  24. Anonymous says

    Here is a little proof that people have completely lost their minds on the sales of these BULLION coins.

    Waiting this one out is an obvious smart move with this holiday presale craziness. Keep in mind that no one can promise delivery at this point. I'm just wondering who some of the sellers are and are they already on the friends and family list.

    They are obviously showing that they are buying more then one per household. Looks very much like the APs and dealers have been busy getting their ducks all in a row to screw the decision made by the US Mint and the average collector. I hope the APs involved in this obvious evidence against them loose their account with the Mint over this mess.

    Looks like the insane 2700.00 price has averaged out down 1000.00 to 1700.00. This is making the future lower mintage Numismatic version look much more appealing. I personally will not give any of these greedy dealers or APs the satisfaction of gouging me on these bullion coins. Just keep in mind that when the lower mintage numismatic lower price is put out by the US Mint. The price of these coins will not hold a candle to the current insanity prices.

  25. Anonymous says

    I know a collector who is in the FBI and he says they're going to keep an eye on this and if any of the APs break the rules they'll be fighting with Bernie Madoff in the shower over who picks up the soap!

  26. Anonymous says

    A message I just received from APMEX indicates my one set order will be sent on 12-24-10. Cost is $859.95 + 45.75 shipping.

  27. Anonymous says

    … $46 for shipping a tiny little roll of coins? DID THEY NOT GET THE MESSAGE TO STOP PRICE GOUGING?

  28. Anonymous says

    I ordered 2 sets and got one …cost 859.95 and Shipping 19.95…with a refund check…shipping Arrival? Friday Dec 24

  29. Anonymous says

    I got the email too with $19.95 shipping. But I paid by check. Did you guys with $46 shipping pay by credit card? I think APMEX always charges higher shipping when you choose to use a credit card. It costs them at least $26 more in fees if you prefer to use plastic to pay them $860 than to send a check. And you probably get cash back or bonus points on your credit card.

  30. Anonymous says


    Do you have a list of APs that are set up to sell directly to the public through the internet the ATB 5 oz coins. So far all I know is APMEX claims to know nothing until they furnish the details through their alert me now feature and C&T is saying that their sales will start on their new web site on Jan 3rd.. Do you know anything more or does anyone else?

    Apmex did make a statement to me that they will buy as many as possible of the ATBs and did not say anything about a possible additional order other then the fact that buyers have already received information saying that their orders ordered from the sell out will be delivered by the 24th. I take that news as a sign that they have received their first allocation order.

    All this secrecy is just making me wonder if these coins will even be available to anyone other then through the secondary markets. What are your feelings about this situation and do you have any other additional facts to share?

  31. Mint News Blog says

    The latest information I have on the ATB Silver Bullion coins is that nine of the eleven AP's have purchased their allotments.

    All of the AP's except Scotia Mocatta and Commerzbank have ordered.

    As far as I know, there have not been any changes to the terms and conditions set by the US Mint.

    This means that the nine participating AP's must sell directly to the public at a maximum premium of 10%, with an order limit of one coin of each design per household.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any information on the individual distribution plans of the nine AP's.

  32. Anonymous says

    That leaves two orders left. The question is will APMEX and C&T be the ones that make those two last orders? It is safe to assume that all these APs have well over 3300 customers that they can fill these orders with without having to set up any additional web site to make the sales happen.

    With the latest news of Ed Moys resignation. I really can't help but wonder what all this ATB business has to do with his resignation. He has only lasted two years with a democratic president and was appointed by a republican president.

    Is this a push by the lame duck congress to get a handle on the US Mint before the new republican house takes over?

    Many politicians I am sure are tied to the interests of coins sales. Is this a move to make the business as usual robin hood administration take over the US Mint? Or to take out the larger money makers and institute a more governmental run sales program through the US Mint?

  33. Anonymous says

    Guys- just talked to the US Mint on the phone- they said they will be selling the coins directly through the Mint starting in January at "much lower prices" than everybody else is selling them for. She said they didn't have the details yet, but that they would be selling them. -woodward/bernstein

  34. dawson says

    there is an article in coin world week of dec 20,it says don't be fooled by 5 ounce america the beautiful series. the article says if you ever think you will get more out of a dealer in the years to come other than melt value,you are fooling yourself.This has happened to me with other bullion coins in the past ,when i went to sell them. i think it is really a good article on how alot of purchases prices work and then when you go too sell it is a different story. these things are 5oz silver rounds and that is it , the hype has then built up know,but years to come there are going to be some long sad faces.

  35. Anonymous says

    The 5 ounce ATB coins are priced at 34.40 per ounce ($860 for a set of 5) by APMEX. The current American Silver Eagle one ounce coin is priced at 33.50 per ounce on APMEX. There are 33.9 million American Silver Eagle 1 ounce bullion coins available in 2010 (and counting). There are 33,000 ATB silver bullion coins available (final mintage). You are paying a 2.7% premium on the 5 ounce ATB coins while getting something over 1000 times scarcer. Supply and demand will rule the day in the end. It will be easy to determine the aftermarket winner by simply comparing the price of the ASE to the ATB coins on a per ounce basis. We'll see if the coins are truly just considered "bullion" by the market.

  36. Anonymous says

    One must understand the fact that other such five ounce bullion pieces from other countries with a mintage of only 1000 or even less can sell for bullion spot prices. I guess that kind of blows that theory.

    Quite honestly I do believe the idiots and their money may keep these selling for more in the beginning only do to hype in the market place.

    But. the prices and availability will remain until the novelty wears off. The prices will simply at that point reflect upon spot. This is because this product is merely nothing but bullion.

  37. Anonymous says

    It's supply AND demand, not just supply. Other countries' bullion does not have the demand that US bullion does. Economics 101. You'll see it in action once the initial price fixing has passed. The market will dictate the price thereafter.

  38. Anonymous says

    I wouldn't be so quick to say the idiots and their money are the market or the gougers and their starting prices should dictate the market.

    The US Mint may be holding the holy grail of the first 5 ATBs with a lower mintage which will be called numismatic versions. As soon as these are released interest and demand will shift and the AP bullion will become what they are BULLION.

    You may want to study the market better on bullion before you are so quick to get arrogant about how well these bullion coins will do just because they are American.

    The fact that these coins are shrouded now with negative exposure will not bode well on their future prices. What you are witnessing now is the same thing that happens on many new series coins. People pay to much because they believe the hype and are sorry later. The choice is clearly yours to make. I'll wait for the numismatic version myself.

  39. Anonymous says

    The APs will make $297,000.00 off of the one order they make. There plan was to make $2,062,500.00. This is why the US Mint called this gouging. Now it looks like the APs are figuring out ways to increase their profits regardless of what the US Mint has made them commit to. It's all about the greed factor any more. What ever happened to the honesty in collecting? When is enough enough? If every set sold in the after market at $2700.00. That would be a gross profit of $6,352,500.00 for one order of 3300 sets. When you look at it in these terms. Then you begin to see just how big a rip off this is on the public. It would also remain a loss that no one in the public would recover from.GET IT NOW!!!

  40. Anonymous says


  41. Anonymous says

    If you buy something for 2700 that you can buy for 860 then the buyer is a fool, but what does that make the buyers of the coins at 860 that are only paying a 2.7% premium over American silver eagles? Considering the ATBs are 1000 times more scarce, I am willing to risk overpaying by 2.7%. It would seem you are being foolish by saying the public is being ripped off by extrapolating the highest price to everyone. Not everyone is paying 2700, some very smart people are buying at less than 35 per ounce on something that will be very scarce.

    There is no doubting that the numismatic versions will be winners too.

  42. Anonymous says

    The true insanity has now begun on these plastic slabbed rip offs. 3999.99 for a full set of NGC slabbed coins. If anyone pays this. They need to have their heads examined.

    Feebay listing # 270683092749

  43. Anonymous says

    I can already hear the reasons for these scammers for the high premiums. But a ms70 is a low population BLAH BLAH BLAH !!!

    What a joke these scammers have become.

  44. Anonymous says

    It really messes up the hobby of coin collecting doesn't it!

    I'd be more than happy to get just a set in the RAW format.

  45. Anonymous says

    The APs are clearly making it impossible for the public to buy these coins. What if anything is the US Mint doing about this?

  46. Anonymous says

    Does any AP's have those for sale to public? what good the US mint did by telling them to sell it to public,i donot see any for sale or maybe i am blind.

  47. Anonymous says

    Yes, it looks like the Mint destroyed any hope of the public getting these coins by intervening in the market and attempting to price fix.

  48. Anonymous says

    What about those of us who don't want the whole set ? They aren't making single coins available to us !!!

  49. Anonymous says

    What about those of us who don't want the whole set ? They aren't making single coins available to us !!!

    Uhhh….Buy the whole set, sell what you don't want for a profit thereby reducing the cost of the one coin you want. If you are averse to making a profit, sell the excess coins at cost or sell for a profit and donate it to charity.

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