2011 Gettysburg Quarter Coin Production

The US Mint has recently indicated the preliminary circulating coin production figures for the 2011 Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter. For the time being, the figures represent the lowest production for any issue of the America the Beautiful Quarters series.

Total production was 61.2 million, comprised of 30.4 million coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint and 30.8 million coins struck at the Denver Mint.

These figures are noted as preliminary since the US Mint has indicated that they may restart production of any design within the year of issue, specifically to fulfill demand for bulk purchase program. This program allows bulk bags of 200,000 quarters ($50,000 face value) to be purchased for face value plus a 3% handling charge.

During 2010, the Mint did restart production for the Hot Springs National Park Quarter. Initially, production was reported as 59.6 million across both facilities. The US Mint later produced an additional 10 million coins, presumably to fulfill bulk orders. For the previous State Quarters Program, once production of a particular design had stopped, the mintages were final.

The mintages for the America the Beautiful Quarters to date are shown below. The figures for the 2010 releases are final, while the 2011 release remains preliminary.

America the Beautiful Quarter Mintages

Denver Phil. Total
Hot Springs Quarter 34.00 M 35.60 M 69.60 M
Yellowstone Quarter 34.80 M 33.60 M 68.40 M
Yosemite Quarter 34.80 M 35.20 M 70.00 M
Grand Canyon Quarter 35.40 M 34.80 M 70.20 M
Mount Hood Quarter 34.40 M 34.40 M 68.80 M
Gettysburg Quarter 30.80 M 30.40 M 61.20 M
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  1. Anonymous says

    The Mint's got to make a perceived "rarity" to compensate for dwindling interest due to high prices. They tried the same trick with the Hot Springs quarter. Sorry Mint, 60 million is not rare.

  2. Anonymous says

    First off delete the postings by the 10 year olds.

    Also, as a buyer of the Hot Springs quarters, it turned out to be the last quarter rolls I have bought from the mint. Mintage subject to change and product will remain on sale for 10 years if necessary is not a good way to create interest. Minting 3 million half dollars in the month of January alone also isn't a good way to sell product.

  3. Anonymous says

    Gettysburg, nice design. I don't care about the mintages, if it's a cool design, I will buy the rolls. Any roll I bought was very shiny and prooflike, diff than the circ strikes. The Mint Dir Moy really came up with many great designs over the past few yrs.

  4. Anonymous says

    They have dates for all the other first spouse coins except Eliza Johnson. I doubt they are canceling the series. Although, they must be disappointed that the Mary Todd Lincoln hasn't sold better. Get your first spouse coins before mid morning tomorrow. It looks like another price increase is coming.

  5. JA says

    Back to the original topic: even with the low mintages, it's not going to entice me enough to pay double the face value just so I can stuff one in my closet.

  6. Anonymous says

    Why would anyone want bulk quarters?

    Anyone find an error in these? Seems like a real error can still be found in circulated bank roll quarters with no premium. Am I missing something?

  7. Anonymous says

    So glad I wasted my money buying up all those Hot Spring Two Roll Sets early last year. I hope they have enough decency to not produce anymore 2010 quarters.

  8. Anonymous says

    Received my Mary Lincoln gold set today, very nice coins. Cool looking brickwork design on reverse. Thought I overspent, but now think I made a good decision. Time will tell.
    I decided to purchase the set after realizing how small the Army and MOH gold commemoratives were. I think the high price of gold should scare the flippers away from buying a lot of gold products and further keep gold spouse numbers down.

  9. Anonymous says

    If everybody in the U.S.A. wanted just one of each of these ATB quarters, 300 million divided by 60 million equals 240 million people would do without!!The mint must release these into circulation to have any chance of generating any interest. State quarters were released and alot of interest followed.-just my two cents worth.

  10. vaughnster says

    I also bought several Hot Spring rolls and bags and was signed up for the subscription program right up until they announced that they will mint more as needed. I canceled my quarter subscription and have had good luck in getting all the rolls through my credit union and a few rolls on eBay from some honest, descent sellers. Yes, there are still some out there. A previous post said it all: there will be no rarities in this entire series……

  11. Anonymous says

    Q/C = Quarters per Citizen

    35M Quarters/300M Citizens = .116 Quarters to every man, woman, and child

    408.1M Quarters/300M Citizens = 1.36 Quarters to every US man, woman, and child.

    Q/S = Quarters per State

    35M Quarters/50 States = 700K Quarters per State

    408.1M Quarters/50 States = 8.16M Quarters per State

  12. Anonymous says

    In the past two years, the only new quarters that I have seen in circulation have been a few Washington DCs and a few Puerto Ricos. The newer quarters are not making it into circulation. I've tried my bank on numerous occasions to get new quarter dollar rolls with no success. If you want them – you have to buy them from the mint. The only blessing in all this is the astronomically low mintage numbers. However, clad coins have historically failed to gain any interest or value with collectors.

  13. Anonymous says

    Last time I looked those Gettysburgs were worth 25 cents. Anyone try to tell you they are only worth 5 cents – quickly tell them you will take 10 rolls for $20.

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