2011-P Gettysburg Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today September 22, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. This will be the sixth numismatic release for the series. The previous five coins were released periodically over the course of the past five months.

The reverse design of the coin features the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument, located on the battle line of the Union Army at Cemetery Ridge. This was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The obverse of the coin features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan.

Each coin contains five troy ounces of .999 fine silver and has a curious legal tender face value of 25 cents. The coins have special finish created through a vapor blasting technique and carry the “P” mintmark.

For this release, the US Mint has set the maximum authorized mintage at 35,000 coins. This compares to a maximum mintage of 27,000 for each of the five 2010-dated coins. An ordering limit of five coins per household will be imposed for at least the first week of sales. The previous releases had an initial limit of one per household. This limit was eventually removed for the third, fourth, and fifth releases.

The Gettysburg National Military Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are priced at $279.95 each. This is the same price used for the previous releases. The pricing notification for the product was published in the Federal Register and dated April 11, 2011. On that date, the market price of silver was $41.37.

Today’s release will likely be much different than the first numismatic release featuring Hot Springs National Park. An initial rush of orders took down the US Mint’s website for 45 minutes and by the end of the day, orders had been placed for more than 19,000 coins. Subsequent releases experienced slower sales, a trend which may be perpetuated by the higher maximum mintage for the current release and today’s drop in the market price of silver. Some collectors may also decide to drop out of the series at this point, after having purchased each design for the first year of release. Finally, the rapid fire release of so many issues has to be weighing on collectors.

A bullion version of the the Gettysburg Five Ounce Silver Coin was released earlier this year on April 25, 2011. The bullion versions of the coin carry a brilliant finish, which can sometimes be proof like, and are distributed through the US Mint’s authorized purchaser network.

The Gettysburg design managed to sell out at the authorized purchaser level with an initial mintage of 126,700 coins. Subsequent bullion releases have had considerably slower sales. By law, the US Mint can only sell the bullion versions of the coin during the year of release for the corresponding quarter dollar. This may set up for some lower mintage bullion versions.

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  1. Brad says

    Let’s have some fun here. I’ll throw a number out for sales reported on next Tuesday’s post. 5,287 units. Let’s see how much I over (or under) guestimated! 🙂

  2. William says

    After buying all the 2010 Ps, I’m done with this series (unless I absolutely fall in love with some future design).
    Like the others have said, initials sales will be fugly.

  3. Tim says

    I to, in having 2 2010 bullion sets and only the first 2 2010 P’s, I am now only interested in the Great Smoky Mtns Tn, and the Blue Ridge Parkway NC, if we make it that far ?????? DMPL bullion is much nicer than silver paint finish anyway.

  4. Broooster says

    Like others, I am happy with my 2010 bullion and Unc. set. From here on out, its buy what I like. So far, probably just Vicksburg for the 2011’s

  5. TMM says


    I am curious, you mentioned in the last paragraph of this article that ” By law, the US Mint can only sell the bullion versions of the coin during the year of release for the corresponding quarter dollar.” I thought the mint simply limited production (not sales) of the bullion coins to the year that their corresponding quarter was being minted. Wouldn’t the distribution and sale of the 2010 bullions in early 2011 be considered a breach of law? Additionally, is there a similar law barring sales of the collector version to the year that the respective qauarter is produced?

  6. Michael says

    All of the 2010 bullion coins were sold to authorized purchasers by the end of 2010. Some of the AP’s didn’t make them available for sale to the public until later.

    There is no law restricting sales of the collector versions to any particular year, however, I believe the coins must be struck before the end of the year the coins are dated.

    Here is the relevant section of the law related to the availability of the bullion versions.

    AVAILABILITY FOR SALE.—Bullion coins minted under
    paragraph (1)—
    ‘‘(A) shall become available for sale no sooner than
    the first day of the calendar year in which the circulating
    quarter dollar of which such bullion coin is a duplicate
    is issued; and
    ‘‘(B) may only be available for sale during the year
    in which such circulating quarter dollar is issued.


  7. says


    I am not Michael, but my understanding is that the 2010 bullion coins were actually sold to the various primary dealers in 2010, pricing issues notwithstanding. After that, the dealers are free to do what they want with with their supply of the coins. Most 2011 bullion coins should disappear shortly after December, because they are only buying them in small quantities from the Mint due to very low demand.

    As for buying what you like, I’m in 100% agreement (though I might consider otherwise if the Mint offers a price cut). I’ve picked up the bullion versions of Vicksberg and Chickasaw and that is liable to be it. I might consider picking up a P version of Chickasaw too depending on whether my funds have recovered in time for that release.

    As for the guessing game, I originally suggested it was going to be 7,500-10,000 for the first week. Given that since then I’ve discovered the 35K mintages and today’s huge drop in silver prices ($37, ugh), I am going to go ahead and make my guess of around 7,750 sold up to the first Mint sales report. 5000 seems a bit too low for this release, perhaps Glacier or Olympic might have a start that bad.

  8. William says

    I’m shaking my head going through some ebay auctions right now. I see some 90% silver halves which should trade as bullion going for $16. Do these bidders not know that silver is down $4/oz today???

  9. jimmy says

    now i have to base gold at $1,700.00 to $1,749.99 an ounce. and wait the u.s mint lower down the prices again.
    1 oz AGE proof ———- $1,985.00
    1 oz AGE unc ———— $1,978.00
    1 oz AGB proof ———– $2,010.00
    first spouse proof ——– $1,029.00
    first spouse unc ———- $1,016.00
    commemorative $5 proof – $522.15
    commemorative $5 unc — $512.15

  10. Two Cents says

    The initial sales for the Gettysburg “P” should give us an idea of the collector base for these coins. I cannot see the dealers or flippers risking their money for something that has declining interest/demand and has a huge premium over silver spot, for them to foresee a profit on these coins.

    Collectors, on the other hand, savor “completeness” in their collections, and are the ones who will purchase the coins. However, many of them will consider their 5-oz. collection complete with the first-year issues of 2010, and will not continue into the later years (except for individual pieces).

    Silver prices are dropping dramatically, and the Mint’s price is too high, relative to silver spot, and it’s just too expensive for the collector to spend in one year, and especially over 12 years.

    For my guess, I see a significantly lower mintage for the Gettysburg, perhaps in the 5,000 range for the first sales report, and maybe 7,500 for the total mintage. The mintage may go higher if silver spot approaches the coin’s silver value, but even then the Mint will re-price the coins higher.

    Like the Captain mentioned, future coins will see declining demand and therefore mintage. I predict that mintages will run around 5,500 or less, depending on the state. There might be spikes for the following:

    #12 – 2012 – Hawaii’s Volcanoes (for some reason, Hawaii’s coins do well)
    #20 – 2013 – South Dakota’s Mt. Rushmore (maybe a sellout)
    #22 – 2014 – Florida’s Everglades (lots of retirees and tourists)
    #40 – 2017 – New Jersey’s Ellis Island (especially if the Statue of Liberty is included)
    #46 – 2019 – Guam’s War in the Pacific (depending on the design)
    #56 – 2021 – Alabama’s Tuskegee Airmen (popular subject w/ historical significance)

    For the other coins, perhaps there will be higher than normal mintages because of that particular state’s higher population and/or collector base, such as California or New York, even Texas, or because of a very attraction design.

    This is, of course, assuming that the 5-oz. “P” series will continue. Demand may be too low for the Mint to bother with it, yet they have recently invested in an upgraded vapor process for them to stop. If they do discontinue the “P” series, I hope they consider minting other coins on an individual basis: anyone for a 5-oz. Silver or Gold or Platinum American Eagle? How about a 3-inch Kennedy Half?

  11. TMM says

    I thought I read somewhere that Gold Commems are subject to repricing. However, I do not see commems listed on the US Mint pricing Grid. Does anyone know if the gold Commemeratives are subject to weekly repricing? If so, does the Mint have a separate grid for the pricing? Thanks

  12. Ikaika says

    I am curious to see how fast the Mint will adjust the prices downward. I am almost sure not as fast as upward.

  13. says

    Yes the Gold Commems are subject to weekly repricing. They have a separate grid which can be seen on the Mint’s website.
    In short, for every $50 tier change in gold, the $5 gold commens price will change $12.15 (both proof and unc.)

  14. says

    Two Cents – I like the idea of them minting a giant-sized silver Kennedy! Of our standard circulating coins, that one is currently my favorite. Perhaps that would make a good thing for them to do to celebrate the 2014 50th anniversary?

  15. simon says

    I agree. I am trying to assemble a subset of all the silver Kennedys. Looking forward to slowly getting there.

  16. DCDave says

    I’m waiting for either:
    1-Mint to lower prices for Gettysburg or
    2-Silver to go over $40 again or
    3-Published sales of Gettysburg to go over 25k (when this happens, sell-out at 35k will likely be met eventually, and 25k will be low enough that you will not as likely to get someone’s old returns).

    I agree with the Captain and predict sales next Tues to show 7-8k sold, with declining sales for all of the ’11P series (unless silver climbs over say $42/oz).
    We may have a FS situation again…..

  17. MarkInFlorida says

    Instead of ordering the Gettysburg P today I ordered 2 bullion Chicksaws from a dealer. I’ve always preferred bullion and proofs.

  18. Simeon says

    Dear all,

    I am outside America and can only buy collector version of coins from US Mint Web site. Any reliable authorized dealers that I could turn to via internet for those bullion coins which I envy so much that you guys can jsut go down the street corner and get a bundle….

    Any advice


  19. ClevelandRocks says

    ATB bullion is now selling for under $200. Silver down 20% in 3 days. Not sure if this rapid drop is sustainable, or an upside down “bubble” due for correction.
    Going to pass on all. 2011 ATB-Ps untill DC Dave’s conditions are met. They should have offered the 2011 ATB-Ps as a set!

  20. says


    Agreed on watching and waiting. We’ve fallen below $33 in silver now, and I believe that’s lower than the last big floor for silver. If we fall down to $31 or $30, I’d hold off on buying any silver product and wait for a price correction from the Mint. If they were to actually offer a $50 or more price cut on Gettysburg, I would probably cave and buy it.

    As for a re-bubble, I would expect it either when a major piece of negative news regarding the dollar comes to light (such as a downgrade by a credit rating agency) or when the troubles in Europe temporarily sort themselves out. Uncertainty in the Euro and strength in the dollar, combined with the lack of a new QE program is what’s currently driving this price drop.

    I really am disappointed with this big drop, though. I’d been entertaining the idea of selling some silver to buy gold, and now it looks like I may be waiting awhile. Gold is holding up relatively well, but silver and platinum are being destroyed.

  21. Dolores says

    At what point would we see the silver coins offered by the mint come down in price – this drop in silver makes me a little anxious about the 25 year anniversary set. I don’t want to pay top dollar when the metal is going down-down-down. I’ve been saving my $$ to buy five of these sets. Any comments/ideas??

  22. says


    For the anniversary set, if I were you, I would buy on release day if at all possible. It’s clearly going to be a high-demand item and will probably achieve a quick sellout. It is highly unlikely the Mint will drop the price from whatever the starting price of the set is.

    As for the other silver products, we will have to wait and see. The Mint’s mindset on pricing has made some great leaps forward this year. They won’t want to cut prices, but my suspicion is if the sales of the AtB are awful enough and the price of silver drops (and stays) below $33 for an extended period of time – at least a week or two – we may finally see some price cuts on their silver products. They’ll have to do it or people will stop buying their numismatic stuff.

  23. Brad says

    Don’t look for the Mint to adjust prices downward any time soon. They’re probably thinking that they can’t do that, because the price they paid for the silver used to strike these coins is higher than the current levels. They’re pretty much only sensitive to spot price increases, not decreases.

    If the drop holds long enough and sales start to slip, there might be a price decrease. But, if the new prices have to be published in the Federal Register, by the time the new prices will take effect a rebound might have happened. In that case, the suspended products would just have sales resumed at the old levels.

  24. SunTzu says

    My fear is that when Greece finally implodes you will see an even larger mad dash to the dollar by the sheeple as a “safe haven.” That will crush PM’s even further.

    I have always been nervous about the main streaming of PM ownership. I read a lot of PM forums and the things coming off of peoples’ keyboards are crazy. When you surround yourself in the echo chamber of those who only agree with you, you begin to believe everything you read and then start investing… a lot; more than what should be allocated in my opinion. I am not in the camp that gold is in a bubble, but the EXACT SAME rhetoric has been bantered about like with housing and dot com stocks. Every other Internet advertisement is gold at $5k and ounce and silver at $1k. And when the sh!t hits the fan, people are dumbfounded as to why they are losing money. Most investors are clueless about the larger sophisticated, institutional forces at work operating at micro fast, computerized speeds that eat up and spit you out before you knew what hit you. Same applies to bullion investing. It’s “funny” reading people now who are panicking because they’re shocked that the gold they bought at $1870 or silver at $44 is plummeting like a stone because everything they read was that PM’s will do nothing but rise.

    I’m taking wait and see attitude on what plays out and where the dust settles before I go back in. With that said, I will not make any Mint purchase if the prices do not go down with the fall of PM’s. Like others have done, I’ll buy the bullion version of the ATB’s and Gold Eagles. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the proof Buffalo. I’m hoping for a little decrease to add to my series.

  25. MarkInFla says

    For those getting scared, PMs shouldn’t be watched on a daily basis, they should be bought over time and saved for the future when the dollar will continue to erode.

    This crisis in Europe is pushing up the dollar for now, which makes PMs cheaper, but eventually it too will drop and PMs will continue upward. Some still expect $2000+ after the Euro mess is over.

    I bought silver at $4, $8, $12, $18, $30 and I’m still buying. Gold too.

    Here’s some interesting reading:


  26. Dolores says

    CaptainOverkill … thank you for your response. The memory of the 1980’s brings back the metals going up and then down-down. It was a different time, I also saw mortgage rates hitting 13-14% … who would know that the economy would come to this. Thanks for giving me that little encouragement to buy the American Eagle Anniversary Sets … because I really want to and know that there are five sets with my name on them 😉

  27. Brad says

    Notice how the spot price of gold is now two tiers BELOW the tier currently in use by the Mint, yet the products remain available for sale. 🙂

  28. SunTzu says

    Think about if the Mint lowers their pricing by two tiers?!

    If the floor for Ag is somewhere in the 20’s, I’m going balls to the wall and loading up on bullion Chickasaw and Vicksburg ATB’s. Nobody is buying them and their premium over spot is peanuts.

  29. Brian says

    Yeah, the Mint is a hypocrite. They immediately suspend sales when gold rises two tier levels, but when it falls two tier levels, they let you buy all you want at inflated prices.

  30. says


    Don’t feel too badly, the price will recover eventually (unless, of course, the government becomes serious about getting spending under control). There’s a good comment at Zero Hedge discussing the situation http://www.zerohedge.com/news/goldsilver-plunge-fest#comment-1702242, and I put up a post on my blog summarizing my own thoughts. In short: Don’t panic if you bought around $40, and if you’ve been keeping the powder dry, enjoy the discount.

  31. DCDave says

    Sorry to burst you bubble SunTzu,
    I agree with your thinking, but I too got some bullion “Chick and Vick”
    I think we are likely not the only two thinking this, so numbers may end up much higher with the dip in silver when all is said and done.

  32. limalo says

    “Anil says:
    September 23, 2011 at 1:29 pm
    I cannot believe I ordered 3 ATBs p. Just have to live with this falling price.”

    Actually, if you are talking about the current offering of Gettysburg AtB p, you don’t have to live with it. You can still cancel that order and wait to see if they offer them at a lower price in response to the falling price of silver. The premium on this issue at current spot prices is outrageous at over 80% as I write this. I believe you can cancel your current order, wait to see what happens and then order later if you feel so inclined.


  33. SunTzu says

    DCDave, that’s if the AP’s purchase more of them if there is demand. They might have higher demand in other forms of bullion. By law they have to end sales on December 31. Let’s hope that they don’t purchase too many more. The sales figures so far for those two are utterly dismal. Fingers crossed! If not, at least I stacked some more at fire sale prices…praying it doesn’t further correct of course. I might even go against my better judgement and buy one set of graded MS69 DMPL’s for the potential of secondary market value given mintage. I really don’t buy graded bullion. It’s times like these that I wish I had a nice wad of cash to burn on coins!

  34. SunTzu says

    Anil, you can always return your coins and the mint pays return shipping. Box it up and send back insured for the full value. Save your receipt from the PO and tape it to a simple letter indicating you want a shipping refund. The Mint gives you a fax number to send it to. Just include your address and order number on the letter and fax it over with a copy of your original invoice. A week later you get a check from the treasury department in the amount you spent at the PO. Very accommodating.

  35. William says

    can i ask where you purchase your Chickasaw/Vicksburgh ATBs? I see apmex selling them for about $5/oz over spot, which i wouldnt necessarily classify as peanuts. Thanks in advance!

  36. says


    You could get them at Provident Metals for about $3.87 over spot, they tend to have the best prices for plain bullion products. http://www.providentmetals.com/bullion/silver/us-slv/america-the-beautiful-5-oz.html

    I must warn you that finding very low premiums right now is unlikely. When metals crashed in 2008, and during the May silver crash of 2010, dealers kept their premiums high in anticipation of rebounds in the market. This is going to happen again with bullion products. I’m seeing premiums of $4-$6 for silver eagles on a lot of websites.

    If anyone can find better premiums at an internet store, I would like to know too. I don’t have a lot of money lying around right now, but it will be good to know for future reference.

  37. Michael says


    I bought some Chickasaw ATB bullion coins from Filelitrade. They are one of the US Mint’s authorized purchasers.

    I think the price varies based on quantity, but I paid spot silver +$2.50 per ounce. There was an additional commission charge of 0.75% (three quarters of one percent) plus shipping of $35. I haven’t checked everywhere, but I think this was a fair price.

    Everyone else- I am trying to get some information form the Mint about the possibility or under what circumstances they would reduce prices for silver numismatic products. I don’t believe they have ever done so in the past.

    Just to speculate, I think they could possibly reduce prices if silver remains around this price level for a while, as opposed to immediately bouncing back. To implement a price change, sales would need to be suspended for probably a few weeks, until new pricing levels can be published in the Federal Register.

    As soon as I have any information, I will provide it in a new post or article on Coin Update.

  38. SunTzu says

    Provident Metals is a good source for Ag. Golden Eagle Coins is good source for Au. They have low premiums for Au bars. APMEX charges a lot for shipping even when they have those 0.99 over spot silver specials.

  39. vaughnster says

    Actually I wouldn’t mind if silver stayed around $30 an ounce for a month or so and hope that the Mint prices the ASE 25th Anniversay set at $300 or less a set. Then it can march back up to $45 an ounce!!

  40. Louis says

    A lot of people are jumping on the Chickasaws because of your 9/1 story on sales figures. But I wonder if more data will be coming soon that may show higher numbers since people have figured out it is the key date. The numbers may not be that much higher yet, but I wonder what you and others think. Plus we have to see what happens the next couple months.

  41. Louis says

    I doubt the Mint will adjust prices on ANY of the collectible silver products no matter how low silver goes, but I could be wrong.

  42. Michael says

    Regarding the ATB bullion, I will continue to provide monthly sales reports at CoinUpdate.com. The numbers that are reported reflect what the US Mint has sold to authorized purchasers. So, an influx of collectors purchases won’t necessary lead to a big increase unless AP’s restock their supplies. On the other hand, at any point the AP’s can decide to purchase them in huge quantities, which could take place for example if Silver Eagles are suspended.

    I have the feeling that the AP’s are kind of sour on the series at this point, after the hassle of selling the 2010 coins individually, and now the relatively poor sales of the 2011 coins.

    It is far from certain at this point if these issues will end up with low mintages. At the very least, the ATB’s are cheaper to purchase as silver bullion than the Silver Eagles.

  43. says

    Louis, so far this month the sales to the AP’s have not changed much. Vicksburg has increased from 28,800 to 29,400. Chickasaw has increased from 17,500 to 17,800.

  44. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, Steve. I just bought one more of each for $174 each!! Even without the potential key date status, you can not get a better deal on silver bullion right now. Premiums on bars and rounds are too high like in late 2008. Buy low mintage coins! I decided to get this instead of the Mint’s overpriced Gettysburg offering but I may get that later. It will be interesting to see if the Mint for the first time decides to lower prices on silver products. What a week!

  45. says

    LOVE this discount in silver! I bought the bullion chickasaw, vicksburg, and some Pandas today. $25 spot would be so sweet. CME upped margins again I see. I know what silver bullion coins I really want to load my safe with, so here’s to hoping the price goes lower.

  46. says

    Louis, I passed on Gettysburg too.. for now, but I know I’ll be getting it. Just can’t stomach that current premium. Ouch! imo.. the vapor blasts are more defined.

  47. Louis says

    The Mint really should lower the price of the burnished eagle next week or as soon as possible in light of the procedures. $60 price tag with $30 silver is just crazy. But we will see…………

  48. SunTzu says

    I’m waiting until Monday to decide whether or not to buy more bullion. $175 for an ATB is awesome but trying to catch a falling knife after the markets close is risky. Silver plummeted over 2 days and I don’t know if it is over. I think i red it was the worst drop 2 day drop in decades. I’d rather catch it on the upswing. Just my $.02

  49. jimmy says

    now the silver is down from $41.00 to $31.00. the mint 25th anniversary should adjust its prices from $375.00 to $280.00 a set.

  50. Louis says

    It is indeed hard to catch a falling knife, but remember that there is some kind of floor on the bullion versions. If silver keeps going down, which is possible, that does not necc. mean the price of the coin will keep declining at companies that have the most competitive prices. You also have to keep in kind that they may be sold out of the issues you want like Gettysburg, which is getting hard to find.

  51. TonyH says

    With the kind of drop we have today, I think PM will drop some more before it will stabilize. The downward momentum is just too strong. I am done with my 2010 ATB and that is it. As I said before I am not planning to buy anymore ATB because of storage issue. They are just too bulky and heavy and with the money I would rather buy more gold. The next buy will be 25th anniversary silver and then no mas for the year, and maybe next unless there is something unique like UHR. Good luck to all.

  52. ClevelandRocks says

    I will be very upset with the Mint if they lower pricing on burnished silver eagles since it was on my subscription list.

    I think most of us like PMs not getting too high, but this steep drop is not good for those that recently bought w-AGEs and other Mint PM products.

    I think gold may jump near 2k again if certain economic events happen (don’t know what, but everyone is very jittery). I usually don’t like predictions, but with so much gloom over PMs, I think they will be up 5% by the end of next week. Silver bullion (not Mint products) seems like a good idea over the weekend.

  53. says

    Predictions are obviously tricky but I agree with CO that after this big a sell-off we are likely to see some kind of bounce next week. Just as nothing goes up in a stright line, nothing goes straight down either. Or as someone put it, “stop crying, and start buying”!

  54. says

    And now we have our answer as to why metals imploded this week, folks: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/case-closed-cme-hikes-gold-silver-copper-margins

    Yes, another margin hike. Apparently the news was leaked ahead of time to cause another selloff. So we can probably expect to recover from this… eventually. It will be awhile, though, given the steepness of the selloff. I agree with other posters buying AtB bullion – that is definitely the best means right now of amassing silver, with premiums so much lower than silver eagles. Plus, you can potentially get Chickasaws as the key date. I’m amazed that even after Michael revealed the sales figures, you didn’t see a significant jump in sales for Chickasaw – I wonder if buyers must be well and truly tapped out.

  55. Hidalgo says

    Does anyone know why the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle set is NOT listed on the US Mint’s product website?

  56. MarkInFlorida says

    “I’m waiting until Monday to decide whether or not to buy more bullion.”

    APMEX is now sold out of Chickasaw! I bought 5 Friday evening, thinking I’d buy more Monday, possibly at a lower price, but other people are grabbing them up at this low price.

    Who else is easy to buy from? I like APMEX because I got one of the first ATB sets from them with a $500 refund check and flipped it to Gainesville at a coin show for $2500 cash, which let me buy three more sets from other APs.

  57. SunTzu says

    I’m still waiting and willing to buy on the start of the way back up. If that occurs on Monday, I’m in. Chickasaw isn’t going away. The AP’s still have 3 whole months to replenish their stock to sell to an apparently eager public. The cat is out of the bag on this one and now it’s a numbers and waiting game. But I still think it’ll be the lowest minted one for the series to date.

    It’s amazing to see one of the most highly anticipated Mint offerings, the numismatic ATB’s, fizzle so rapidly. We’re now back talking about the bullion pieces!

  58. DCDave says

    Chick and Vick have over 3 months for APs to order more so don’t bet on numbers below the 33k for the ’10s. I’d wait until closer to Christmas.

  59. Hidalgo says

    I see that a few folks here are speculating that the Chickasw bullion coin will be valuable. I purchased some silver ATB bullion coins over the past few months and somehow, I think I’m going to get burned for speculating.

  60. vaughnster says

    I think the bullion 2010 5 oz. ATB’s will hold their value despite what silver spot prices are,since they are the first set in the series and low mintages. I bought multiple sets of the 2010’s but from here on out, it’s only going to be one bullion set each year unless something drastic happens.

  61. Hidalgo says

    I agree with DCDave. And it makes me wonder if the 2012 ATB silver bullion coins might have even lower sales numbers… Several of us have been saying that the ATB bullion and mint coins would follow the pattern of the First Spouse coins. I see that our predictions are coming true. As Michael had said before, we may be experiencing a “new normal” where low sales numbers are not going to make much of a difference….. Especially since the value of the gold and silver coins being sold now are primarily based on bullion value rather than scarcity….

  62. chris says

    Here’s one for an off beat example. I purchased a Jackie Robinson $5 Au uncirc just because I liked the commemoration. I had totally forgotten about it, and just barely 4 years ago was looking up some values for my collection and found that this coin was a valuable rarity. No plans – no speculation – just coin collection. I think many of these 5 Oz ATBs bullion or P versions will not mature till 10-15 years later when their true numismatic value will be established in the community.

  63. says

    What to do?
    On Friday am, I bought 4 more Chickasaw…at probably the highest price all day…lol…oh well…but still at $197 each.
    Now. I’m looking at two sites/options…one has the chick and vick raw coins for $174…but Gettysburg is not avalible. The other site has Gettysburg PCGS MS69PL for $190, which I think is a great price for a slabbed coin.
    So…what would you do??
    ps…I’ve already made my decision, but I’d like to know what you would prefer.

    Also, it’s really hard to think about buying the Gettysburg “P” version for $280 when you can buy the bullion for $100 less….I mean really…I like the bullion versions better with their PL/DMPL finishes….and I can’t see the justiication in paying $20/oz more for the “P” version just because it comes with a COA and cardboard mint box.

  64. MarkInFlorida says

    Yes, the P-Getty is overpriced now but when silver priced bounce back it will be a fair price. It’s the first ATB 5 oz I haven’t jumped at buying. Maybe I’ll get one later, maybe I’ll skip the rest of the Ps and regret it because they’ll be the rarities. But I’ll be sure to get a few sets of all the bullion ones.

  65. SunTzu says

    The difference between the jackie Robinson and the ATB’s is obviously one is gold but more importantly one is part of a series and the other is a “one and done” commemorative. I think we are in for a series of low mintages for these ATB’s both bullion and numismatic.

  66. Ikaika says

    SunTzu: Another difference is that the Jackie Robinson is one ugly coin, while the ATBs are not. I am not sure others will agree with me, but I really don’t see any beauty in it. Some of the FS have lower mintage and are just as bad. But you are right, it is “one and done”. Still it is part of the commemorative series 🙂

  67. Broooster says

    I honestly thought PM’s would start to climb some, not continue to drop. Silver is already down $1.50. How low will it go???

  68. says

    PMs are going to drop at least for Monday because the small time players who didn’t get the advance warning of the upcoming margin hike are getting forced out due to the actual increased margin requirements. We won’t see any kind of recovery until at LEAST Tuesday. And then I expect metals to be relatively flat until some piece of news changes that and starts a new surge.

  69. MarkInFlorida says

    On another note, I put a $10 bill in a parking machine in Tampa and got 5 BU Hayes dollars in change. First time I got dollar coins since the PO took out the stamp machines (so people have to stand in line and clerks have to spend time selling and making change for one 44¢ stamp!)

  70. says

    They don’t have to legislate new AtB prices but it might need to be republished in the Federal Register.

    Given that the price is now down to $27.45 as I type this, a price cut almost has to be in the works. Nobody is going to buy a numismatic AtB now.

  71. jimmy says

    gold as low as $1,531.90 an ounce. fall under $1,500.00 – $1,549.99. i will wait for that. by then, the prices from u.s. mint will be as follows:
    2011w AGE 1 oz proof – 1,785.00
    2011w AGE 1/2 oz proof – 906.00
    2011w AGE 1/4 oz proof – 465.50
    2011w AGE 1/10 oz proof-200.50
    2011w AGE 4 coin set – 3,308.00
    2011w AGE 1 oz unc — 1,778.00
    2011w AGB 1 oz proof – 1,810.00
    2011w first spouse proof – 929.00
    2011w first spouse unc — 916.00
    2011 commemorative $5 proof – 473.55
    2011 commemorative $5 unc – – 463.55

  72. Brad says

    I’ll bet the Mint isn’t selling very many numismatic gold coins right now. Gold spot is 3 tiers below the pricing tier currently in use. Basically it’s “buy all you want at the inflated prices right now, before we’re forced to lower prices on Wednesday morning.” No product suspensions THIS time. It’s not a two-way street. They’ll take advantage of you, but they won’t let you get any deals! 🙂

  73. MarkInFla says

    CO’s right, metals are dropping because speculators are being required to put up more money (margin hikes) to cover their trades. So now is the time to buy, before prices bounce back. But it’s getting harder and harder to find silver! The cheap stuff on APMEX is sold out and the rest has high premiums. (remember they probably bought all this when prices were higher- and no one wants to sell now at the bottom).

    Here’s an interesting post from 2009 by a guy who said silver would go to $28 this year before going to $100 next year:


    Buy now or forever hold your tongue!

  74. SunTzu says

    Pulled the trigger and bought one Vicksburg and one Chickasaw bullion at $169.00 each plus $8.95 shipping. Not too bad.

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