2011 Platinum Eagles, ATB Five Ounce Silver Update

2011 Proof Platinum Eagle Designs

The United States Mint has provided details of the upcoming 2011 Proof Platinum Eagle, including the selected reverse design and mintage limit.

The reverse design features the image of a harvest goddess to represent the theme “To Insure Domestic Tranquility”. She emerges from a field of wheat, while holding a stalk of wheat in her left hand and extending her right hand to a landing dove. This was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill.

Out of the nine design candidates originally presented, this one seemed to gain the most praise from collectors. It was also the design selected by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, after their review. The Commission of Fine Arts had selected a design showing three hands grasping a laurel wreath. (You can view the nine original design candidates here.)

The maximum mintage for this year’s coin will be 15,000 units, which is a big increase from the previous years of the design series, which presents the core concepts of American democracy. The 2009 issue had a mintage of 8,000, while the 2010 issue had a mintage of 10,000. Both managed to sell out within approximately one week of offering.

If the price of platinum remains within the $1,750 to $1,849.99 range, then the one ounce coins would be priced at $2,092.00. The scheduled start of sales is May 26, 2011.

I will have another post on the 2011 Proof Platinum Eagle ahead of the release date.

America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins

Before the weekend, I wanted to summarize some of the latest information on the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins. Some of the information was previously reported on Coin Update, but has not been presented within a Mint News Blog article.

The next bullion release of the series featuring Olympic National Park will go on sale to authorized purchasers starting on May 23, 2011. The previous 2011-dated bullion releases featuring Gettysburg National Military Park and Glacier National Park had gone on sale April 25. These two issues have now sold out of their initial quantities of 126,700 each.

The Olympic Five Ounce Silver Bullion coins will be available in an initial quantity of 126,700. As with other bullion releases this year, the US Mint’s authorized purchasers will be able to purchase them based on the market price of silver plus a markup of $9.75 per coin. After the APs receive the coins, they generally resell them to other bullion dealers, coin dealers, and in some cases directly to the public.

The Hot Springs Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins officially sold out at the US Mint. This represented the first numismatic release for the series. The coins went on sale April 28 and moved to waiting list status on May 13. The waiting list was closed yesterday May 19. It took approximately two week for the US Mint to receive orders to cover the 27,000 mintage, and another week to close the waiting list.

Meanwhile, the Yellowstone Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins, which went on sale May 17, had reached sales of 18,143 by the end of the first day of sales. This was a slightly slower pace than the prior release. The coins currently remain available for sale at the US Mint. I will have updated sales figures early next week.

Finally, some readers have reported that the US Mint’s phone representatives provided a release date of June 7, 2011 for the next numismatic release featuring Yosemite National Park. I have not been able to confirm this date yet, but phone representatives had previously provided an accurate release date for the Yellowstone coin, before the US Mint’s official announcement.

Update: The US Mint has listed the release date of the Yosemite National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin as June 9, 2011.

Coin Update News Article:
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  1. Anonymous says

    Love the numismatic ATBs, but could you please make the coin holder a little better? It's too tight and black stuff is flaking off and sticking to the case. I assume everything is made in USA. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says

    Careful, platinum is not keeping up with gold. Gap now under $250 and closing.

  3. Anonymous says

    I remember a while back (2-3 years?), platinum was actually less than gold for a short while.

  4. Anonymous says

    Since spot gold is not doing us any favors this week, I just finished placing my order for my 2011 PR Buffalo at the lower price.

    After today's close at $1527, the weighted average is plus $42. If gold opens at anything above $1458 on Wednesday, we're going to see a price increase. Given current markets and economic concerns, the opening price will definitely stay above $1500.

    Here's hoping for more downward corrections later in the year!!

  5. Anonymous says

    I have done buying proof gold coins in the range of $1500-$1650 last year. The spot silver in the low $30 range may be a better buy within the next 12 months. Wish I have gotten in early, but was busy with my day job.

  6. Anonymous says

    I hope silver stays down long enough to get all five of the 2010 ATB P coins for no more than $279.95 each.

    We should find out sometime today how many of the Yellowstone coins had been sold through Sunday. I would imagine the waiting list isn't too far away at this point.

  7. Anonymous says

    I received my Yellowstone today, it looks beautiful, a quick scan and nothing pops out as bad.

    Question. My Hot Springs had a sleeve over the box. My Yellowstone was just the box. Has anyone else had this happen? Not that I plan on selling for the next 20 years but it be nice to have ALL of the OGP that was supposed to come with the coin.

  8. Anonymous says

    What happens to the returned Hot Springs P due to scratches/poor quality? Do they still sell them to the people on waiting list, give them out as replacements, or do they melt them? Makes me wonder if the replacement I'm expecting is going to be a recycled one.

  9. Anonymous says

    no. the mint just sell back everything we returned. since we don't care. the mint don't care too.

  10. Anonymous says

    hahaha… nice. I ordered my Yellowstone just yesterday!

    Guess I will be getting one of the returns? Damn!

  11. Anonymous says

    I thot the Mint produces more than the 27K so that they have some buffer for the returns?

  12. Anonymous says

    The buffer comes from the 27,000 mintage figure. They probably mark the item as sold out when they're within a few hundred away from being sold out. I also believe the returns are not melted. They are sold to other customers.

  13. Anonymous says

    I was so disappointed that my Yellowstone had a nick above Washingtons forehead that I have decided to send it back for a refund. I will not be purchasing anymore of these from the mint. I can't believe they sent this out.

  14. Anonymous says

    I'm probably in the minority, but I like the Hot Springs the most of any of the first 10 designs because of the texture of the design. Yellowstone looks too "cartoonish" (IMHO).

  15. Anonymous says

    Just got my yellow stone, I am not a professional but did not find a scratch or a dent and looks perfect to me.
    Now the question should I pull the trigger on Gold buffalo or the proof platinum have funds for only one.

  16. Anonymous says

    Both are good choices, both will go up for sure later. The Buff may have a lower mintage this time around. Although the Plat is a higher mintage this time around I think it will still sell out in a week or less because of it's superior non PC design. IMHO.

  17. Anonymous says

    Now the question should I pull the trigger on Gold buffalo or the proof platinum have funds for only one.

    Or the 2011 W UNC Gold Eagle. That's going to be a winner. But I love the Buffalo – great coin.

  18. Dreama says

    anon. @ 11:29 AM

    I feel your pain, I have the same decision to make, I have the 2009 and 2010 plats. and the 2011 is so much more attractive, I also wanted to collect all 6 in this series, but I really like the Buffalos, and if I go with the buffalos, I need to do it before price goes up this week. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO

  19. Anonymous says

    It is your choice, not ours. All are great "W" collectables/investments.
    I am torn too, all 3 have just great designs.

  20. Anonymous says

    I take it that the sellout of Gettysburg and Glacier coins means that all remaining coins are in the hands of the retailers. I would say that the demand for the higher production 2011 ATB bullion coins is fairly strong given the price of silver these days, even with the significant pull-back off the highs. I think it looks good so far for the series. Even if the later parks are not as well known, that does not mean that the coin will not have a desirable design. I like the looks of the 2012 coins. However, it could be that the 25,000 or so (and straw buyers) that are buying the P versions are also buying 5 or so of each bullion coin. I think these bullion coins could really catch on with the 1 oz buyers if there were actually any regular ATB quarters that made it into regular circulation. I guess they are out there, but I have yet to see one.

  21. Anonymous says

    This series would have been fantastic as a 1oz proof series @ about $70 per. I DO want Gettysburg, the bullion version though…
    I'm done with the sandblasted P series!

  22. Anonymous says

    As I've stated before I like the different ATB designs but I think the original Washington quarter reverse eagle would look the best on a large 5 oz silver coin – it's too bad this design is no longer being minted – it's one of the best coins designs ever minted by the US mint.

    I wish the mint would have decided to mint one ATB 5 oz coin with this design – I bet it would have been the most popular of all the ATB coins and is probably the best single design and image of a beautiful America.


  23. Anonymous says

    I am very happy with the yellowstone I recieved today. I hope my luck continues on the next coins in the series.

  24. Anonymous says

    I just recieved my yellowstone 5 oz. uncirculated coin, im a litte dissapionted because it has a nick on the reverse, it stands out like a sore thumb. I cant believe the mint sent out a coin like this,especially for the price.What can i do? i cant return it for another one, the mint wont guarentee i will get another coin.

  25. Anonymous says

    I'm probably in the minority, but I like the Hot Springs the most of any of the first 10 designs because of the texture of the design. Yellowstone looks too "cartoonish" (IMHO).

    Agreed. Of the 2010, the Hot Springs is the only one that does not look like clip art.

  26. Mint News Blog says

    Update: The US Mint has listed the release date of the Yosemite National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin as June 9, 2011.

  27. Anonymous says

    Got my 5oz yellowstone; it has nicks at the base of Washington's neck and on the rim that stand out. The reserve is perfect. Looks like quality is already beginning to slip in this series (not sure mint quality was ever perfect anyway). I will likely return it. …and bailing on this whole series is likely to follow for me…

  28. Anonymous says

    No nicks or scuffs on my Yellow Stone ATB. I am not an expert on grading but I would say this is as good as it gets.

  29. Anonymous says

    2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (NP2)

    Price: $279.95

    Sold Out

  30. Anonymous says

    2010 America the Beautiful Five O

    Right off the US Mint Page SOLD OUT! On sale May 16th sold out as of June 1st.

    One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (NP2)

    Price: $279.95

    Sold Out

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