2011 Proof American Silver Eagles

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2011 Proof Silver Eagles today, June 30, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. Traditionally, this has been one of the Mint’s most popular annual collector offerings.

A collectible proof version of the American Silver Eagle has been offered each year from 1986 to present, with the exception of 2009. The obverse design features Adolph A. Weinman’s classic depiction of Liberty from the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The reverse features a heraldic eagle designed by former Chief Engraver of the United States Mint John Mercanti.

The 2011 Proof Silver Eagles are struck at the West Point Mint and carry the “W” mint mark. Each coin is struck in .999 fine silver and has a weight of one troy ounce.

Pricing for this years offering has been set at $59.95 per coin. This represents an increase of $14 from the price of last year’s offering. Reportedly, a silver market price of $37.50 per ounce was basis for this year’s pricing. Silver is currently trading around $34.80 per ounce.

An initial ordering limit of 100 coins per household will be in place for the start of sales. The same limit was initially imposed last year, but removed after two weeks of sales.

Even before the actual start of sales, things seem to be going more smoothly for the Proof Silver Eagle offering. Last year, the release date took place very late in the year on November 19. In the week leading up to the release date, the US Mint sent 100,000 incorrect email notifications stating that the product was canceled. Shortly after the start of sales, approximately 2,200 orders were deleted in error.

Let’s hope that today’s release continues to go smoothly. Here is a link to the US Mint’s product page.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I always passed on these from the beginning since they were so much higher priced than bullion. A little late to start now. I'll just keep up the hockey pucks. They are awesome!

  2. Anonymous says

    Just Curious : How did the mintage of last year (2010) stand up against the previous years?

  3. Mint News Blog says

    2008 mintage: 700,979 (sales cut off in August due to bullion shortage)

    2009: not minted due to bullion shortage

    2010 sales: 860,000 (availability from November 19 to December 28) This was the fourth highest Proof Silver Eagle mintage since the start of the series.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ordered my ATB, Silver Eagle and 9/11 Medals today. I saved on shipping. All are backordered with the ATB to ship 7/1/11.

  5. Anonymous says

    The precious metal bears are out!
    You may be able buy 2011 proof ASE's in '12 for a lot less than issue price if silver slides into the 20s again…
    If silver goes back to 40, you may not be able to sell for much more than issue price ($60)…

  6. Anonymous says

    I was told by the Mint that the Mintage of the 2011 edition of the ASE would be based "On Demand".
    Why is the Mint producing a "collector" coin in "On Demand" quantities? That is how they produce and sell the Bullion Coins. Collector edition coins are suppose to be "Limited Editions"

    What's going on?

  7. Anonymous says

    i did not order ASE or GC yet, but i got results from NGC for 3 Yellowstone pucks i send then, got 2 SP70 and 1 SP69, i also got 2 hot springs SP70 too, the question is should i send Yosemtie, i dout it will get 70 for the coins i have, help please

  8. HBGuy says

    Michael, thanks as always for the great job you do on reporting the availability of these items.

    Has there been any word on a 25th ASE special edition, similar to the 20th?

    BTW, I ordered my ASEs and Grand Canyon ATB at the same time shortly after sales of the ASEs began and didn't experience any problem or delay.

  9. Anonymous says

    I'm sticking to the bullion version. These coins will have no collector value. Way to many will be sold, and they are WAY overpriced this year.

  10. Anonymous says

    I really love the proof ASE issue. However, the mint overproduced this proof coin last year and will probably overproduce it again this year. I am hoping that they do something very special and very limited for the 25th anniversary ASEs.

  11. Anonymous says

    YES!!!! Today's price fixes will pull the average below $1,500 so far!

    Man, I sure hope this holds on long enough to do us some good!

  12. Stephen says

    For the ASE 25th Anniversary It would be nice to see one produced like the ATB in 5oz but with a PROOF finish, with a limited mintage of 25K.

    Just a thought.

  13. Anonymous says


    Wow, that would be one FAST sellout item and easily a quick $1,000+ secondary market coin too.

    If the Mint does that, count me in for sure!

  14. Anonymous says

    guys. don't dream. 10th anniversary – 30,000. 20th anniversary – 250,000. 25th anniversary – 400,000. but i don't think mint will issue it. 30th anniversary maybe.

  15. Anonymous says

    For those who think the 2006w silver unc silver eagles all have the same finish they are making a big mistake.

  16. Anonymous says

    gold has had a nice sell off – I hope prices stay below $1500 and the mint lowers prices in the next week or two and that I have the money to buy

  17. Anonymous says

    Gold prices may have topped out for the time being like in the 70's. Weaker dollar is not helping the price of gold to rally. It is pretty scary that everyone thinks gold prices will keep climbing. I hope I am wrong, but the wishes of some people here for the price of gold to come down might come true except it is not going back up again.

  18. Anonymous says

    pm prices may continue to go down some more but it is unlikely that there will be a sell-off similar to what happened in '08 when the dollar rallied because of the mass liquidation of assets – that was one of those rare once in a lifetime anomalies and great buying opportunities for the wise. Gold was down to just above $700 and silver was actually below $10 for one day in Oct. '08. I (like most people I believe) didn't have the money to buy much pm's then but if a similar sell-off were to happen again in the near future I would sell everything I could and liquidate all my non-pm assets and buy as much gold and silver as I could – but I doubt we will ever see pm prices near that low ever again. But for my own sake anyway I sure hope I'm wrong.

  19. Anonymous says

    burnishing is the way they prepare a blank for a proof strike. It is not a finish.

  20. Anonymous says

    You can take a look on ebay 2006w ngc ms70 silver eagles. you can clearly see the dif finishes if you no what you are looking at. There has been someome talking about this for some time. So i took a look for my self. Imust say i think he has a good point.

  21. Anonymous says

    All of the 2006 W uncirculated eagles are the SAME!!! Even regular bullion silver eagles sometimes look slightly different on the finish! It's probably just some sort of variation in the silver itself or something.

    Man, I'm so SICK of hearing people harp about this over and over and over! SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says

    "Weaker dollar is not helping the price of gold to rally."

    What? The weak dollar is causing the rally.

    When the dollar goes down, gold goes up (in dollars). If the dollar dropped 50%, gold would double in price in dollars. This because gold is priced in dollars and people around the world aren't going to let the price of gold drop 50% just because the dollar does. They'll want a lot more of those cheaper dollars for the gold.

  23. Anonymous says

    When Raegan took office, the dollar bill earned its first billion dollars of debt. Our current position is 14 Tillion dollars of debt. That's 49 cents of every dollar is debt. They estamate that by 2020, we will have debt eaqual to 70 cents on every dollar. That's at current Government Spending Levels. Nobody can stop the overspending of the government. Before we reach 70% debt, the dollar will collapes. Anyone holding debt, will be holding paper. Anyone holding Gold and Silver, will be holding TRUE MONEY! I'm investing in as much real money as I can. The price of 2011 Silver Eagle Proofs are spendy, But I'm a Coin Collector Too. I'm buying a fair amount.
    Remember, the Silver and Gold market flutuates in the seasons of the year. In the Spring and Summer months, when work is plentyful, Silver & Gold will go down. But in the Winter months, when jobs slow down, Silver and Gold will go back up. I'm not worried in the least what the Market currently says. I KNOW how things are going to work out. Silver is a good Investment! Buy Low, Sale High.
    I think the US Mint knows the true value of Silver, that's why we get these high prices now.

  24. Anonymous says

    I agree with the comments above.

    The economy is very bad right now – there never has been a recovery – just money (dollars – actually not real money) pumped into the economy to make it seen like things are better but that is only inflation. The reason the stock market doubled from 6300 in March of '09 to 12,000+ this year is just inflation. Those are just nominal values. If you measure the stock market in gold and silver over that period of time there has hardly been any increase at all if any. And if you compare the return on investment of gold and silver to the DOW over the past 10-12 years there is no comparison. That should be the top story every hour on CNBC and FB but they are for the most part complete financial idiots and don't understand money and basic economics. I've repeatedly heard these journalists and many of their "expert guests" say over the years and even now "why should people own gold – what can you do with it". The real question is why own US dollars what can you do with that – less and less every year actually and maybe soon very little or nothing.

    The US economy must be completely restructured from a borrow and spend economy to a save, invest and produce economy. But that will only happen by economic force because there is simply no responsible economic will.

    This means the economy will get much worse before it ever gets any better. I think three of the best things to own these days are the three G's: gold (and silver) guns and a good means of transportation.

  25. Anonymous says

    Americans have to make some really tough choices. Sorry, but we can't keep spending to fund wars, social security, health benefits, etc. without raising taxes.

    When Bush lowered taxes on those earning $250K (!) per year and kept spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our surplus soon evaporated.

    Time to increase taxes again on the wealthy 1% of all Americans. Then the price of precious metals might go down in value again so that we can enjoy collecting coins.

    Sarah Palin for President.

  26. Anonymous says

    Greed brought this country to it's
    Knees and Greed will finish it off.
    Sad it has to end this way.

  27. Anonymous says

    @ July 2, 2011 9:33 AM

    Yup. The Republicans and George W. and taxing the middle class…

  28. Anonymous says

    The real solution is for each individual citizen to realize that their real intrinsic investment and value is in their own creativity and hard work. And next, they should purchase coins and PMs as an investment. It has often been said that your truest and best friends are your mind, heart, hands and feet, and finally your coin/PM collection. How many of us these days simply want it easy, and to rely on the government we elect for handouts. This holds for the rich (tax breaks) and the poor (welfare). I have heard one too many executives and their supporters in Congress on C-Span cry over high taxes and insufficient profits. It is time for real "change" that we can see, touch, and collect for ourselves.

  29. Anonymous says

    we have a spending problem in this country not a revenue problem. Even if the government confiscated all of the wealth from the wealthiest 1% of Americans the government would still be broke.

    We will have no choice but to default on our loans to our foreign creditors when the dollar collapses and the US economy must and will completely collapse as well so it can be restructured – hopefully to more of a true free-market capitalist economy like we had during the industrial revolution as opposed to the crony capitalist/socialist economy like we have now – but unfortunately I think the days of free markets and true capitalism in this country are gone forever as well as the middle class and soon most people in this country will be working their entire lives without any retirement to support an oppressive out of control government and their wealthy elitist crony-capitalist friends.

  30. Anonymous says

    The naysayers above clearly do not believe in America. The USA is the greatest country in the world. The land of the free. The home of the brave. As our Independence Day approaches, we have so much for which we must be thankful.

    God bless America. God bless the USA.

  31. Anonymous says

    Our freedom is far from free. And on top of that, you are not as free as you think you are. Your computer traffic is constantly monitored, there are laws for everything imaginable, and they seem to make up new ones daily. We are all slaves that work for the machine, You just don't see it.

  32. Anonymous says

    In the first place they are, no they are not even the same, in the second place, you must not no anything about minting or finishes.

  33. Anonymous says

    IF you would like to have a really nice modern silver coin collection, here is how it is done . follow ebay for silver modern coins that you cant seem to buy very often.Aand buy only the highest grade given to that coin in ngc/pcgs. it may cost more money, but you will have the best of the best down the road. If they are hard to find on ebay then they are hard to find anywhere.

  34. Anonymous says

    WE don't have true freedom in this country anymore. People are being taxed, regulated, controlled and inflated to death. Whatever most working people in this country have to be thankful for is indeed thanks to the founding principles of this country and their own doing and despite the federal government of the past 100 years or so. And I have no political preference to either party – I've always thought the whole d vs. r game is just absurd nonsense and the single biggest waste of human resources – which is the last thing this country needs right now.

    What is there to celebrate anyway? Freedom from British rule and the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? That was over 200 years ago and would things be much different today if this country was still a British colony? Yes but before long as we lose more and more of our freedom the answer may be no. 100 years ago the answer would clearly be yes but most of what the federal government has done since then (including the creation of Social Security and the Federal Reserve – two of the main reasons for the weakness and eventual destruction of our economy) is actually in violation to the Constitution and a complete disgrace to the honorable, brilliant and brave men who created it. If we still had true freedom in this country and honored and obeyed the Constitution like we should then the 4th of July would have true meaning.

    Maybe someday before long people in this country will be celebrating Independence Day as independence and freedom not from British rule and tyranny but as independence and freedom from our own government – now that would truly be something to celebrate.

  35. Anonymous says

    As the economy continues to get worse more and more people will be leaving esp. younger people who see better financial opportunity in places like Asia. Before long Chins will have the worlds largest wealthiest economy.

  36. Anonymous says

    I wonder when we will get more info about the American Palladium Eagles. I think the interest in those coins will be similar to the ATB 5 oz coins if not more because of the uniqueness of the composition and design of the coins.

  37. Anonymous says

    This isn't the Tea Party rah rah band wagon. If your going to talk politices get the f#$@ over to some political blog, so we can back to discussing the 2011 ASE.

  38. Anonymous says

    Are there any proof American Silver Eagles from a non-anniversary set that are rare or command prices above the original sales price?

  39. Anonymous says

    no need to get excited with the political view of others. we are not just talking if you like the coins but also the price. both the price and preference involve politics. this blog show allow all views even some may deviate a lot.

  40. Anonymous says

    I don't like politics. I prefer to discuss which celebrity has the best rack.

  41. Anonymous says

    go to read " in the garden of beasts" and learn more on recent history of Stalin's Rusia and Mao's China, you will appreciate the freedom (including collecting gold and silver coins) in US. Please relax and enjoy other folk's view on coins and politics.

  42. Anonymous says

    > Are there any proof American Silver Eagles from a non-anniversary set that are rare or command prices above the original sales price?

    The lowest non special set mintage for the proof is (I think) 1994. They are available in OGP from various sellers.

  43. Anonymous says

    "Are there any proof American Silver Eagles from a non-anniversary set that are rare or command prices above the original sales price?"

    Due to the price of silver, all proof eagles comand prices above their original issue prices (usually even the 2010). The proof eagles with the lowest mintages are from 1993-1995 (the non-anniversary 1995). These three tend to have a premium above that of the other proofs with the 1994 enjoying the highest premium.

  44. Anonymous says

    "The land of the free."

    Used to be. First they made us buy toilets that didn't flush, next they forced us to use shower heads that dribble and don't give a good shower, next year we won't even be able to buy the light bulbs we want, and after that we'll have to buy little death trap cars to save gas.

    Save up the silver and gold for when the revolution comes and we kick the lefties out!

  45. Anonymous says

    July 2 at 8:24 a.m., "The price of 2011 Silver Eagle Proofs are spendy"

    What does that even mean?

  46. Anonymous says

    Have the sales numbers for the Grand Canyon ATB 5 ounce P silver coin been published yet? I have not seen them.

  47. Anonymous says

    Where are some good places that I can sell some of my US Mint coins? I know eBay is used by many collectors, but it has a 9% selling fee. And when folks pay, there is like a 3% (?) credit card charge fee.

    There has got to be a better place for sellers. Where could that be?

  48. Anonymous says

    With the price of gold falling a bit, do you think there will be a rush to buy more gold coins and thus, raise sales figures? The 2011 W $50 burnished gold eagle may no longer be a winner….

  49. Anonymous says

    except these two ASE proof attached with anniversary:
    1995w – 30,102
    2006w – 248,875 reverse proof

    the other three regular issues next in line were:
    1994p – 372,168
    1993p – 405,916
    1995p – 407,802

  50. Anonymous says

    the one ounce gold will hardly command a premium except for the 2008w AGB proof (18,863) and unc (12,099) one ounce gold coins. and the 2008w burnished (11,908) one ounce gold coin.

  51. Anonymous says

    2008w burnished refer to american eagle unc one ounce gold coin. the other two were the american buffalo proof and unc one ounce gold coins.

  52. Anonymous says

    The 2006-W, 2007-W & 2008-W GOLD and SILVER EAGLES were ALL BURNISHED…(well, not the proofs, but the uncs)as well as fractional gold eagles and 2008-w fractional Buffaloes.

    There is no such thing as a burnished proof.

    What is so hard for you people to understand???

  53. Anonymous says

    there have been 40 numismatic products issued by the Mint in the first half of 2011. There are only 27 (with 6 tbd) schedued for the 2nd half of 2011. not sure that the Mint is taking a break or that the Mint is preparing some surprises.

  54. Anonymous says

    Anyone saw the 2011 Australia UHR Kangaroo just released? I think this could be a winner…

  55. Anonymous says

    RE: UHRL Kangaroo…it might do well…max mintage of 20,000 is a little higher than I would like. One oz of silver.
    Cost $100 (i think) plus shipping

  56. Anonymous says

    ya its a nice coin, but i guess i will just by the 1oz working dog series, i have the first 4, just have to get the last one now, german shepard

  57. Anonymous says

    What is the highest sale price today for a 1oz silver coin released in the last 40 years? Is there anything that rivals the price of the 2011 UHR Kangaroo?

    I would guess the buyers of that coin would pay any price?

  58. Anonymous says

    I am generally cautious of non-US coins. I purchased several Canadian silver coins in years past and had trouble off loading them even at bullion value. I lost and learned a valuable lesson. If you are a collector OK but as an investor I would pay only bullion prices for these non-US widgets.

  59. Anonymous says

    I've been reading about buying silver coins and their values. Here are my thoughts.

    If you buy silver or gold bullion coins, then the probability is very high that you will be able to sell them at bullion values. You may gain or you may lose main as the price of the bullion fluctuates.

    However, if you buy collectible coins made of gold or silver, then odds are a bit higher that they will sell for more or less the prices you paid for them by the US Mint.

    Check out eBay sales prices for several recent releases by the US Mint….

  60. Anonymous says

    i remembered 1995w 10 anniversary 5 pc gold and silver set at Proof70 cost $35,000.00. and the raw 1995w ASE one ounce proof cost $7,500.00. currently this raw silver 1995w ASE cost around $3,000.00 more or less.

  61. Anonymous says

    you don't seek coins because of their truth or beauty, you just care about things that have weight, or value. you would rather read a ledger than a poem, or interesting story…

  62. Anonymous says

    Below is a good example of slab marketing:

    Both coins are the very same. HOWEVER one has a "golden gate" label. $10 more – Kaching!


    2011(S) Silver Eagle Struck at San Francisco Mint Golden Gate Label NGC MS70 ER Mint State 70 Early Releases ***NEW ARRIVAL***
    See details

    Our price: $125.00



    2011(S) Silver Eagle Struck at San Francisco Mint NGC MS70 ER Mint State 70 Early Releases ***NEW ARRIVAL***
    SKU: SKU23474

    Our price: $115.00

  63. Anonymous says

    I really don't understand why anyone pays for special labels such ss first strike, early release, or now golden gate – this is just stupid and totally worthless…

  64. Anonymous says

    Right now, it looks like it could go either way. The average is hovering just below $1,500 right now, but a slight rebound could pull the average back above $1,500. We are also at the added disadvantage of the Wed PM fix being able to override the average if it is back above $1,500 at that time.

    I'm sure hoping all the cards fall into place to get us a decrease this week!

  65. Anonymous says

    same coin same grade same grading company. allot of dif in price never seen before for dif label. something is going on i do not under stand.2006w unc silver eagle.so what if one came in a set and one did not,it is the same coin. isn,t it

  66. Anonymous says

    Simple: A clear case of questionable marketing taking over the hobby. These days we are being enticed to collect labels not coins! Or perhaps the paper label supersedes the PM / coin.

  67. Anonymous says

    In my opinion a fool buys graded bullion…it's just bullion! Even buying graded mint issued numismatic coins is nuts. It came from the mint to your house in a capsule. Why on earth grade that? It's one thing to grade circulated currency but modern mint issued numismatic pieces? C'mon now.

  68. Anonymous says

    "In my opinion a fool buys graded bullion…it's just bullion! Even buying graded mint issued numismatic coins is nuts. It came from the mint to your house in a capsule. Why on earth grade that? It's one thing to grade circulated currency but modern mint issued numismatic pieces? C'mon now."

    Just because it came straight from the mint doesn't mean it doesn't need to be graded. I've been ordering coins from the mint for the past 10 years and most of them would probably grade ms/pr69. There were also quite a few that would grade below that because they had various flaws (scratches, gouges, etc). For coins that are not expensive, it may not be a big deal. But, if you are buying gold or platinum coins, it is.

  69. Anonymous says

    "There were also quite a few that would grade below that because they had various flaws (scratches, gouges, etc). For coins that are not expensive, it may not be a big deal. But, if you are buying gold or platinum coins, it is."


  70. Anonymous says

    PMs are shooting up again!
    The mint is buying up tons of gold to keep prices up so they won't have to lower pricing this week!

  71. Anonymous says


    !@#$ it! The average will still be lower, but unless the rebound is extremely short-lived, we will be cheated out of the price drop this week.


  72. BullWinkle says

    Buy the coin , not the label. lol

    The mint keeps pushing back my G.C.
    ATB 5 oz shipping date. it is now July 6th

  73. Anonymous says

    Some people like to buy slabs…. I wonder why? It just makes the coin look silly. All my mint coins are in OPG and that's the way I like it.

  74. Mint News Blog says

    I haven't received this week's sales information yet. As always, I will post as soon as available on CoinUpdate.com.

  75. Anonymous says

    Mint must be saving money on shipping also. Both of my ATB and Silver eagles show shipping date expected to be 07/06. ATB moved from 06/30 and the silver eagle went from 07/15.

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