2011 Proof Gold Eagles

The US Mint will begin sales of the 2011 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins on April 21, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. Although this will no doubt prove to be a popular offering, this year’s release seems to lack some of the excitement and pent up demand experienced last year.
The 2010 Proof Gold Eagles had been released following the cancellation of the 2009-dated coins, and a period of more than 18 months during which proof Gold Eagles were not available for purchase from the US Mint. Secondary market prices for prior year issues had risen dramatically due the lack of new supply. When the coins were released late in the year on October 7, initial sales levels were three to five times higher than comparable figures for the 2008-dated coins.

Ultimately, the 2010 Proof Gold Eagles only remained available for sale for roughly four months, until all options sold out. The US Mint did not strike the coins to the full extent of the authorized production levels, possibly due to timing, conservative demand forecasts, or blank supplies.

This year, the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles are being released within the typical time frame, which should provide for a longer period of availability. There was never much doubt as to the release of this years issue, which had a release date set before the start of the year. The demand for bullion coins, which had previously caused delays and cancellations, is not as much of an issue. While US Mint gold bullion sales are strong, the coins are currently not subject to allocation (rationing) and furthermore the US Mint now has the legal flexibility to produce numismatic coins in any case.

The one factor generating some extra excitement and a sense of urgency is the record price of gold. Gold passed the $1,500 per ounce level for the first time yesterday and continues to set new highs. Higher gold prices result in higher product prices for the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles, and likely price increases during the course of the offering.

As in the past, the US Mint will produce the coins in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce sizes. Each of these coins will be available individually or as part of a complete 4 coin set. Maximum production levels for each option have been announced. For some options, the levels have been increased from the prior year.

The pricing for the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles will be based on the average price of gold based on the London fix prices from last Thursday AM to this Wednesday AM, which falls within the $1,450 to $1,499.99 range. Prices for the coins will be adjusted weekly if the average price moves into a higher or lower tier.

The production limits, mintage limits, and pricing for the upcoming offering is shown below.

2011 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
Product Limit Mintage Limit Initial Price
1 oz. 30,000 70,000 $1,735.00
1/2 oz. 15,000 55,000 $881.00
1/4 oz. 16,000 56,000 $453.00
1/10 oz. 30,000 70,000 $195.50
4 Coin Set 40,000 N/A $3,215.50

The US Mint also plans to offer the 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle next month, with a release date set for May 5, 2011. This collectible uncirculated version of the coin with the “W” mint mark is expected to be available in one ounce size only. The last time this collector version of the Gold Eagle was offered was back in 2008.

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  1. Anonymous says

    @ 9:04AM:

    "The US Mint also plans to offer the 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle next month, with a release date set for May 5, 2011. This collectible uncirculated version of the coin with the "W" mint mark is expected to be available in one ounce size only. The last time this collector version of the Gold Eagle was offered was back in 2008. "

    The 4-coin set was officially discontinued back in 2008, so it's unlikely it will be making an appearance. Just the one ounce coin for now..

  2. Anonymous says

    One ounce coins are very popular because premiums are lower, but am I the only one who feels that dropping all the burnished gold, burnished platinum and proof platinum eagles in fractional sizes (i.e., smaller than one ounce) is an example of the Mint catering to the big guys? if they have all these problems with demand and blanks, etc., would it not be easier to make some of the smaller coins instead?

  3. Anonymous says

    They're certainly leaving money on the table (from my perspective, not necessarily a production standpoint) by not having fractional coins. I'm sitting out 'cause I simply can't afford the one ounce coins. Haven't yet decided whether to jump into the fractional proof fray for this year, though…

  4. Anonymous says

    I don't know why they make unc versions that only differ from the bullion by a mint mark. Proofs are things of beauty. Uncs are boring.

  5. Anonymous says

    I loved the fractional burnished gold from 2006-2008. Prices for the lowest mintage coins are extremely strong. Each of the three half ounces is now about two grand each. I bought two 2007's for an average of $450 each. Anyway, I will also be passing this time on the one ounce, as I can do better things with my funds.

  6. Anonymous says

    Expensive vanilla!
    Sales will be way down…may make them worth more eventually…
    Mary Lincoln may have a price increase next week.
    Don't buy any Lincoln first spouse coins please. They are overpriced and she is not such a looker. Keep away from this boring, overpriced stuff…buy the fractional proof AGEs please.
    I think Mary will be a sleeper…

  7. Anonymous says

    Why a sleeper for Mary Lincoln? Her mintages are nothing low.

    I'm passing on the proofs this year. I got a couple fractionals last year. I can only spend so much given the numismatic 5ozers, proof Buffalo and UNC. Eagle coming out.

    I was thinking of selling some bullion to roll into these pieces from the mint.

  8. Anonymous says

    The much hyped and blah to look at "reverse proof" ASE has 250,000k mintage. I was fortunate to buys some of these, but thinking of parting ways with some to fund other purchases.
    Mary will have under 15k total sales, with eventual high demand (read all the hype pre-release when gold was more affordable).
    Shouldn't have to defend my feeling about Mary being a sleeper it is just my humble opinion (others posted same feeling).
    I feel confident that Mary is probably the best bet to spend money for 1/2 oz of gold.
    Maybe my ego is getting the best of me since I want the mintage totals to stay low for her, so no more of my posts on that subject!

  9. Anonymous says

    I have been collecting for over 25 years, and I have never seen silver increase like it is doing in this market. It is up $1.09 today alone, is this artificial, or for real – I do not know anymore…


  10. Anonymous says

    I think supply and demand are a factor. And it takes more dollars to buy anything now since it's been inflated. Just wait 'til the public at large jumps on the silver bandwagon. They have not done this yet. Supply will be tight, wouldn't be surprised to see an oz. cost 150 of our inflated dollars.

  11. Anonymous says

    I agree…the First Spouse series is terrible; too expensive for bad designs. They'll never be worth more than bullion. If no one buys them, they may go away. Stay away!!!

  12. EvilFlipper says

    I agree that the public at large hasnt jumped on the bandwagon yet. I only know of one person who took my advice to buy and hold physical gold and silver. The debt is wayyyyy to high and things are so uncertain not to own at least some and when the public catches on there will be a major shitstorm. I will definitely be purchasing some gold proofs and the ATB but wont be flipping these. As a matter of fact I dont think i will flip much anymore and basically hoard anything i can at this point. History proves that fiat currency stability is an exception- not the rule. Its not insane in the least to start putiing food,gold, silver, ammo, water or anything of use right now away, tucked for safe keekping. Make sure you're good to your neighbors and keep friends and family in close keeping. I cant really tell for sure if tsigthtf but it never hurts to be prepared. I even sank about 800$ into a good stable garden for the year (still need to add protection from the elements however-greenhouse etc). Keep collecting and keep your eye out for stormy weather- literally and metaphorically. It if opprtunity arises- take it!

  13. Anonymous says

    I see a big bubble forming. Prices escalating very fast… Reminds me of the housing market.

    When that bubble strrrrrrrrretches guess what?

    POP! POP! POP!

  14. Anonymous says

    be sure to buy it immediately before the mint suspend it. cause the gold is above $1,500.00. another bracket higher.

  15. Anonymous says

    The mint doesn't suspend gold. It adjust it once a week if there is a price increase or decrease.

  16. Anonymous says

    …I see a big bubble forming. Prices escalating very fast… Reminds me of the housing market.

    When that bubble strrrrrrrrretches guess what?

    POP! POP! POP!…

    Dude, the housing bubble was created based on something that didn't exist. At the height people were paying a $1.89 for every $1.00 the house was worth! Nor mal range is like $1.05 for every $1.00. We're at around $1.25 so there's room to fall.

    Precious metals are based on sound ground given all the evidence that supports the run-up. Yes some is based on emotion and yes there will be corrections from profit takes. But for the most part there is evidence to support this rise.

    Look how many ounces of gold it took to buy a 1972 Ford back in the day. Look at that same Ford today and see how many ounces of gold it takes. You're spending MORE dollars and LESS gold for the exact same item.

    Did anyone else read (I saw it in Bloomberg) that the University of Texas academic trust (the 2nd largest in the country) took delivery of almost $1 BILLION worth of gold bullion in a vault in NYC. That accounts for 5% of their assets. That's telling you something!


  17. Anonymous says

    The thing is, if the sh*t really does hit the fan and the dollar becomes worthless and social security checks won't buy anything and welfare people are burning down supermarkets, and gold hits $5,000, $10,000 an ounce then who are they going to be looking to to save the dollar?

    To us, who were foresighted enough to save some gold and silver. Only a couple percent of the population owns gold or silver. If the government seizes our gold like they did in 1933 98% of the people won't care about us or property rights. They'll say we deserve it for being rich greedy misers.

    What to do? Maybe proof sets will be left alone since they are numismatic and too beautiful to melt. Maybe.

    I might just read up on metallurgy and become a jewelry craftsman on the side. That way I can melt down my bullion into rings and things. I'm sure not going to meekly turn it over to a corrupt government.

  18. Anonymous says

    Did you say Texas and silver together?

    I remember in the 70's when someone said, "the Hunt brothers were trying to corner the silver market"… I sold my silver at 47 plus or minus and after the crash everyone asked me how I knew to get out…

    I said, "It seemed a better time to get into real estate…I was right twice and made a small fortune.


  19. Anonymous says

    "…Did you say Texas and silver together?…"

    I believe he said Texas and gold together.

    The University of Texas Investment Management Co.'s $19.9 asset responsibility is tad different than the Hunt Brothers!

  20. Anonymous says

    AMPEX just got my check for my 5oz PCGS slabbed set! Woot! I'm in it for $39 an ounce slabbed and shipped.

    Bring it on pop pop boy! Give me a 10% correction and I'm still golden.

  21. Anonymous says

    You'll see a correction in precious metals when QE2 ends in June and the government stops printing money. But we'll see how long that lasts.

  22. Anonymous says

    Not long is my guess. QE2 may end but it's too late, my dollars will have been puffed up too much. The real correction unfortunately will be our economy(collapse/default)
    I hope I'm wrong as this could create hardships never seen here before.

  23. Anonymous says

    Dillon Gage has more 2010 ATB 5 ounce silver bullion 5- coin sets for sale, but at a higher price.

  24. Anonymous says

    When will CNT ship the 5oz ATB? I cannot believe that they have not sent me an e-mail yet. I order it on April 2. Has anyone gotten an e-mail from them yet?

  25. Anonymous says

    Totally agree. I just last week send my Jack Hunt MO and today received email. Coins n Things payment was made almost a month ago, and still nothing.

  26. Anonymous says

    While some continue to wait for their 2010 sets, our favorite, direct to the public AP has listed the first two for 2011 – Gettysburg and Glacier. No prices yet; just listings and "Alert Me Now" options. Yeah, like that worked out well for so many of us the first time around.

    And, let the official countdown begin: 7 days and several minutes from now, the internet will explode and the Mint's poor excuse for an e-commerce system will collapse into molten silicon as the world fights for one of 27K Hot Springs 5 oz UNC bullion coins. If you listen closely, you should be able to hear the muffled screams caused by denial of service!!

  27. Anonymous says

    Ha! My boss is on vacation that day so I have free reign of the Internet at work to plot and pray for my piece of the pie. Hopefully my insanely fast connection at work will give me a leg up on all you wild jackals! Trample the weak, hurdle the dead!

  28. Anonymous says

    Where's that POP POP POP kid who sold all his gold when the price hit $500 and he thought it was a bubble?

  29. Anonymous says

    I don't know about the rest of you but these $46 dollar silver coins are starting to burn a hole in my pocket!

  30. Anonymous says

    With silver rising $1+ per day, will the original stated price of $279.99 hold? The item still had no link in the "upcoming products" section of the Mint website.

  31. Anonymous says

    Just curious. All those who are buying / hording gold and silver for the ‘eventual’ collapse of the dollar / society, how exactly does that help you?

    In Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., I don’t read about or hear about people using gold and silver to buy food, gas, etc… I am not sure how a Silver Eagle is going to put bread on the table or gas in the tank when things collapse and people are looking to barter goods and services just to survive.

    You can’t eat a gold coin or pour some 90% silver in your tank and drive off. I would think that like what has happened in many situations like this, that fuel, food, shelter, weapons, ammunition, building materials, seed crops, water, etc., would be far more valuable than all the gold and silver in the world.

    Also, if things go that bad, what stops the US Government, or the provisional government that is established after the crash, from just declaring PMs illegal to own and the property of the state with the threat of death for those who are found hording or owning PMs privately.

    I’m sure that there is reason and logic to buy / hoard PMs in the event of a crash … I just don’t see how it will help you in that situation.

  32. Anonymous says

    People with stocks of gas and food will need to sell/barter it before it spoils. Gold and silver would be better to barter with than worthless paper money or used furniture.

    When ownership of PMs gets the death penalty, I'll be the first to take up arms against any congress critter who voted for it. But when thinks just look like they're getting bad I'll take it out of the country.

  33. Anonymous says

    Re: the gov't is going to take our PM's some day. This is nonsense, and please stop fear mongering. Go back and study what happened in 1933. Coins with numismatic value (which is mainly what I own) were exempt, you could still keep $100 face value of bullion, and it was mainly a voluntary system. There is simply no way it could be implemented today. The gov't. does not have the manpower or infrastructure to do this. And there is no record of who owns what unless you do really large transactions.

  34. Anonymous says

    I have been corresponding with a nice lady from CNT and everthing seems to be in order. I did not get an email, but according to what she told me two weeks ago, we should be getting our ATBs soon.


  35. Anonymous says

    If the alleged future govt confication were to occur, the best thing to have is the ATB's with a $0.25 face value. (assuming the "rules" are the same)

  36. Anonymous says

    Remember the 6 Bs:
    1. Blue Chips
    2. Bonds
    3. Bucks
    4. Bullion
    5. Beans
    6. Bullets

    Yes, if society slips to #5 or #6, silver and gold doesn't mean much. That's unlikely however. The sweet spot for silver and gold is around #3 and #4. Basically, depression era. Right now I think we are around #2.


  37. Anonymous says

    Dudes (and Dudettes),
    The '11 Proof Gold Eagles went on sale today!
    Anyone able to place an order?

  38. Anonymous says

    So the price is still at $279.95 for now. That surprises me.

    If silver keeps going up like it has been the past few days, the premium will all but vanish at that price by the time sales start. The silver the Mint used to make those coins was probably purchased last summer for around $18/oz., so they're still making a killing. However, they don't want to sell things without their mark-up over the current spot price, so will the $279.95 hold for another week? It would seem highly unlikely.

  39. Anonymous says

    Anyone taking bets on when silver will break the all time record of $49.45 an ounce? Looks like it's coming soon. It's gone up about an average of 40¢ a day this month.

  40. Anonymous says

    I'm selling a 1/2 my silver position at $50 if it hits.

    The psychological impact of QE2 ending in June will lead to a correction in my opinion.

    PM's are rising too fast and it's natural for a price correction.

    I'll be getting $4 for every $1 I invested. The good thing is my wealthy boss has been buying bullion since 1972. He'll buy my silver Eagle rolls for $4 over spot a piece cash so I don't have to sell for less to a dealer. I'm the dealer.

    He showed me 10 NGC cases FILLED with buffaloes! 200 ounces of gold Buffaloes alone! It was like a pirate's booty.

  41. HBGuy says

    I'm amused by all of the concern that PMs are in a bubble, and Ag, in particular, is rising too quickly. Consider this:

    1. Au, at $1500 USD/oz, has risen 76.5% from its old high of ~ $850 USD/oz.

    2. If Ag were to replicate Au's performance relative to its old high of $49.45/USD oz, Ag would be at $87.25/USD oz.

    3. Today's price of $46/USD oz. is slightly more than half Au's percentage increase relative to its old high.

    Now consider that less than 0.6% of all financial assets in the US are held in Au (Bloomberg); Ag is substantially less than 0.6%. In 1980-81, during the previous PM highs, more than 5.0% of all financial assets were held in PMs.

    Finally, consider that the above-ground supply of Au is ~ 2 billion oz. Ag is slightly more than 1 billion oz. Which is more scarce? Historically, the Au/Ag ratio is 16:1, today, it's closer to 32:1. So, even if one assumes no further Au price increases (highly unlikely), Ag can easily double in value from here and only reach its historical ratio of 16:1. And that doesn't reflect the fact that Ag has significant industrial and medical uses, whereas Au doesn't.

    Bottom line, PMs aren't in a bubble, and will continue to increase in value as more and more fiat currency is electronically printed by the Fed and its cronies in Europe and Asia. And, Ag will increase in value proportionately more than Au. Count on it.

  42. Anonymous says

    I wonder if this set will actually be a long term performer, based on the historically high price of gold maybe holding down sales. I am not enough of a gambler to get into gold at these prices.

  43. Anonymous says

    I'll still buy the gold spouses even at these prices, since the mintages are so micro. That will provide at least some degree of insurance against bullion value declines.

  44. Anonymous says

    I think the Julia Tyler proof will eventually be the winner, at least it should be, for the #1 eye appeal.

    On another topic, I bought silver comms thinking they may be a good deal based on rising silver, but I goofed and didn't read Michaels blog saying they are only 0.77 oz of actual silver. Pay attention to what he writes! (The gold comms are LESS than 1/4 troy oz, oh well). I was confused that the total weight is only 90% gold/ silver. Thanks for the blog!

  45. Anonymous says

    Way to much drama dealing with the mint,its much easier going to dealers.

    April 21, 2011 7:12 PM

    I canceled my gold proof MOH, and my silver proof MOH. When they first went on sale way back when, why immediately throw ship date April 25th into the mix.I like to get what I want when I want it. No telling what the ship date will be on Hot Springs even though they made them last year.

  46. Anonymous says

    You better be opening your hunt boxes. Mine came in bubblewrape 3 weeks ago. My sons came today in pcgs fs holders. 3-MS68DMPL,1-MS69PL,1-BU

  47. Anonymous says

    @10:20 am
    Is that true? hmmm i got 4 boxes of jack hunt, actually i have 5 but i open one before even reading your comments, donot know if i should open the others

  48. Anonymous says

    Why wouldn't you open your boxes?! You bought a tiny mintage, first year set of silver bullion below spot! It's worth $1,193.00 in silver value alone.

    If some are slabbed, all the better!

    What are you going to do? Return it?

    Dear lord.

  49. Anonymous says

    What is the deal with CNT? They deposited my check on 4/6. They were to ship it after ten days of holding a check. Why hasn't anyone gotten any e-mail from them. I wounder if Michael can find out what is going on here?

  50. Anonymous says

    Anon @ 1:22,

    I think he was advising to open the Jack Hunt boxes because some people sell them sealed online. He was offering the advice that if you were to open the box, you might discover that the coins are worth more than you thought they might be, and selling them sealed you could be shorting yourself.

    That's the way I took it, anyway.

  51. Anonymous says

    Suspicious…. They take your money, shut down the website, and now no coins….


    Anonymous said…
    What is the deal with CNT? They deposited my check on 4/6. They were to ship it after ten days of holding a check. Why hasn't anyone gotten any e-mail from them. I wounder if Michael can find out what is going on here?

  52. Anonymous says

    I don't think they'll risk their freedom over this. Settle down, call yourself and find out what the story is.

  53. Anonymous says

    Thanks Anno 1:22 am
    i think i will let them stay sealed, and when i sell them, let the new guy discover it, its his luck, i made enough money of those 5 oz atb, it was a good gig, now no AP's have them

  54. Anonymous says

    Received my Jack Hunt ATB coins today. I opened the box and coins were in bubble envelopes only not slabbed. Bubble envelopes are not for long term storage. Mine are now in Z5 airtites. The coins look great, even better at $949. for the set now worth over $1150. melt.

  55. Anonymous says

    Maybe CNT is having the last ones slabbed too. It might be worth waiting for. Still waiting too. But I think they stated ten business days, not ten days.

  56. Anonymous says

    Are America the Beautiful bullion coins falling in value on eBay? One sold for $1500, but now prices seem to be dropping.

  57. Anonymous says

    Attention is getting ready to shift to the Hot Springs P "Numismatic" coin. All 27,000 units will undoubtedly be sold out completely in around 2 hours.

    I wonder when Yellowstone will go on sale? That one might be even more popular.

    I just wish the coins had been offered as a set of five in a big display case. That would have looked nice.

  58. Anonymous says

    Re: Jack Hunt…I've got a set that will arrive Monday or Tuesday next week. Two of you have mentioned receiving the JHCB coins today…one got a PCGS slabbed set, the other a raw set.
    I've seen a lot of these on ebay in the unopened box
    My question is this…wouldn't a set that was slabbed be in a larger box than a raw set? It seems to me that you should be able to tell the difference.
    Any opinions?

  59. Anonymous says

    Im sure everyone will get their coins,just relax,you are going to give yourself a heart attack

  60. Anonymous says

    …What's wrong with keepingb\ silver coins in bubble wrap? Seems inert to me….

    Yes, but there are PVC's and exposure to air which will tone them over time. I have a handful of 1988 Canadian Maple Leafs in the original government packaging and a couple are black with toning at the spot where there is a rip in the vinyl-like sealed flip and the coin is exposed to air.

  61. Anonymous says

    re: Jack Hunt coins- I got a set the same day as my dad. I opened mine- bubble wraps- he opened his- 3 68DMPL, 1 69PL, and one GemBu-all slabbed PCGS First Strike. I'm jealous- he at least made 200$ on savings of the submission fees!! Open your Jack Hunt sets people!

  62. Anonymous says

    my jack hunt came graded just got them today,why are they doing this for some people, were they planning on holding them and making a profit?

    3:26 hope you see a white box inside the the shipping box, and if your lucky you score the grades i did

  63. Anonymous says

    Jack Hunt is delivering christmas in april,gamble people buy the unopened boxes on ebay. could be fun!

  64. Anonymous says

    Anonymous @ April 22, 2011 8:33 PM.

    Grow up immature man. Time to leave mommy and daddy and find yourself a real job. You can't make a living from profiting from precious metals. Try it and see ;o)

  65. Anonymous says

    Anno 2:30am
    Normally i donot answer people comments, but just for fun of it, i donot need a job, i own a business and people like you work for me, hope fully that answer satisfy your low self moral, but anyway if you need a job, fill up the application and see me in my office

  66. Anonymous says

    So, you made a few hundred dollars off the 2010 5 ounce silver ATB bullion. Wow, you better add that to your resume. Yet another thread disrupted with obsessive thoughts about Dillon Gage, Apmex, Jack Hunt, CNT, etc.

  67. Anonymous says

    I'm long on the 2010 5oz sets. Years from now with only 33,000 sets made, first year of issue in a new style of mint bullion will all lead to a winner in my opinion.

    People crave the 1995-W ASE proof with similar low numbers and you see the returns on them now. Imagine sets of MS69 DMPL's 5 ouncers that you can assemble from the multiple sets we all (or at least I) bought.

    Unfortunately we are assigning (as well as the TPG's) numismatic value to these but that's the game we have to play in order to win.

  68. Anonymous says

    I thought this post is for American Proof Gold Eagle. I read it to learn more about AGE program. Why it suddenly becomes political incorrect with economy debt, with ATB bullion and with one person bashing others about unemployment, etc.

    People has freedom to speak. If you have something to say about AGE topic, let hear your opinion. Otherwise, please respect the author of this post.

  69. Anonymous says

    People has freedom to speak. If you have something to say about AGE topic, let hear your opinion. Otherwise, please respect the author of this post.

    April 23, 2011 6:30 AM

    Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much 5 oz talk, there are other items such as AGE !

  70. Anonymous says

    It seems to me that the 5oz sets are the hot topic. Michael has created yet another post about it regarding the first two in the 2011 bullion series, not to mention the release of the 2011 numismatic from the mint.

    This is what people want to talk about.

    There is nothing interesting about the proof AGE. It's the same vanilla offering as years past.

    If people wanted to talk about it they would.

    For those of you who complain, go ahead and talk about it!

    We're all interested in hearing what you have to say! So say it and don't write about not saying about it!

  71. Anonymous says

    OK. How about those 2011 Proof Gold Eagles?

    I heard Dillon Gage might get them. Has anyone heard from CNT? I wonder if Apmex will sell them at retail. These are going to really be on fire on ebay. I am going to call Jack Hunt all day on Monday to see if I can get on their wait list.

    Nobody is talking about limiting free speech. People are just tired of threads getting highjacked. There is now a new thread on ATB bullion…go have at it.

  72. Anonymous says

    "I heard Dillon Gage might get them. Has anyone heard from CNT? I wonder if Apmex will sell them at retail. These are going to really be on fire on ebay. I am going to call Jack Hunt all day on Monday to see if I can get on their wait list."
    Are you talking about the AGE? Duh, why spend all day calling Jack Hunt….order from the Mint.

    If you are talking about the 2011, 5 oz coins, Michael stated that Jack Hunt will not be selling them retail.

  73. Hidalgo says

    Hello everyone –

    I need your advice. I just signed for my Jack Hunt package containing my America the Beautiful set of 5 ounce coins.

    Should I keep the box closed/taped up in case I want to re-sell it later? Or should I open it to see if maybe, some of the coins might be slabbed and certified?

    I'm not sure what to do as I am a novice in this area.


  74. Neal B. Forzod says

    Another thread hijacked by the ATB-obsessed, oh well .. can't beat em … I too am waiting on my Hunt, CNT and Fidelitrade sets … also got an email from APMEX for their slabbed sets and scored one of those … the only set I've actually taken delivery of was from MTI, which is a very nice set in air-tites.

    Anyway, I plan on passing on the proof AGEs in favor of the upcoming burnished unc AGE with the W mint mark, anybody else in? Anybody know how the mintages will compare? I bought multiples the last time they offered the burnished unc bullion and boy am I glad I did – in fact I recall Michael pointing out the low mintages of the 1/4 oz 2006 or 2008, can't recall which … I managed to buy couple before they sold out and whammo, those sucker have tripled at least … also scored some of the burnished plats, don't need to tell you have those have done, cheers.

  75. Anonymous says

    Neal – did the prices go up because of the bullion value? Or because the burnished versions were more rare?

    Compare prices with the proof versions and you'll have the answer.

  76. Anonymous says

    I received my Jack Hunt ATB 5 ounce bullion coins today. There's a note inside the box…

    To Our Valued Customers,

    Thank you for your America the Beautiful coin purchase.

    It should be noted that the United States Mint ships these five ounce coins in tubes of ten resulting in occasional imperfections completely out of our control. Please remember these coins are sold as bullion, not as numismatic pieces. Please note: the coins are packed in bubble envelopes for shipping only and are not intended for long-term storage.

    If you have questions regarding your order please email us at ——. Sorry, we cannot take phone calls regarding your purchse.

    Thanks again for your order.

  77. Anonymous says

    What do you think is a better buy. A proof 1 oz age, or a full set of pr69 NFC graded ase not including of course the 95w.

  78. Anonymous says

    Go with the silver AGEs. Gold values are much more volatile than silver. You might see great increases in values with gold, but you'll also see great decreases as well.

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