2011 US Mint Proof Set

Today, January 11, 2011, the United States Mint released the 2011 Proof Set. The popular annual set is released more than six months earlier than last year’s set. Currently, both the 2010 and 2011 dated sets are available for sale at the US Mint.

Each 2011 Proof Set contains a total of 14 different coins, struck at the San Francisco Mint and carrying the “S” mint mark. The coins included in the set are as follows:

(1) 2011-S Proof Lincoln Cent
(1) 2011-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
(1) 2011-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
(5) 2011-S Proof America the Beautiful Quarters
(1) 2011-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
(1) 2011-S Proof Native American Dollar
(4) 2011-S Proof Presidential Dollars

This year, the America the Beautiful Quarters feature Gettysburg National Military Park, Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park, Vicksburg National Military Park, and Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The Presidential Dollars feature Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James Garfield.

The 2011 Proof Set is priced at $31.95. This is the same price as the prior year set.

In previous years, the US Mint had released separate Presidential Dollar and State/Territorial/ATB Quarter Proof Sets, prior to the release of the full annual set. It always seemed that this was done to provide some incentive for purchasing the component sets. Collectors could get the new quarters and dollars a few months earlier than if they waited for the full proof set to be released.

In terms of total cost, it never made sense to purchase the separate sets. Under this year’s pricing, it will make even less sense. It will cost $19.95 to purchase the 2011 Presidential Dollar Proof Set and $14.95 to purchase 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set for a total of $34.90. This is $2.95 more than the price of the full annual set, which also includes the cent, nickel, dime, half dollar, and Native American Dollar.

Releasing the full 2011 Proof Set, before the separate dollar and quarter sets is definitely beneficial step for collectors. A likely result will be higher sales for the full annual set compared compared to last year, and significantly lower sales for the separate dollar and quarter sets.

Coin Update News: US Mint Numismatic Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    Has to be the union shield. Personally I have to save my nickels and dimes to be able to afford the third in the series of platinum eagles.

  2. Anonymous says

    One (small) reason to buy the Clad Quarter and Presidential Dollar Proof Sets was that they came out several months earlier than the full Clad Proof Set.

    This year, the Quarter + Dollar Sets cost even more, and the full Set is available before the separate Sets, for the same price as last year.

    The Mint's "marketing department"
    (if they even exist) really dropped the ball here…

  3. Anonymous says

    No ball was dropped on marketing.
    In spite of many commenters concerns about the mint being run as a business. It is not a business. It is a government agency and employees get their pay raises whether they sell 20,000 sets or 2 million. They do not go "out of business" either.

  4. Anonymous says

    The acting US Mint Director is obviously not interested in becoming the new US Mint director with results like this. Although I'm pretty sure the no back bone mint director that just resigned is laughing at this blunder as he leaves for good. What a pathetic exit strategy. This will be one US Mint director that will not be missed. Maybe, just maybe we will get a new US Mint director with some backbone to fight the APs and look out for the collectors this time around.

  5. Anonymous says

    Presidential dollars, this year excellent designs. Distinguished, philisophical, educated looks of the mid-1800s like darwin. as 4 the quarters, i'm an outdoorsman, like hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, guitar, lightin a fire so excellent designs. Think i'll grow a long beard and head to the mountains.

  6. Anonymous says

    Yep, head to the mountains. Just follow the hawk to the Muscle Shelf……heck, he's there already.

    Jerimiah Johnson

  7. Anonymous says

    Reminds me of the time the Mint sold three nickels in a package for $8 or more. I hesitated and lost. People bought the set in great numbers.

  8. Anonymous says

    Does anyone really think the 2010 Silver Proof set will stay at $56.95 once the 2011 Silver Proof set debuts at $67.95?

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes, I think it will. The Mint almost NEVER adjusts the prices of such products once the level is established. They were still selling the 2009 Silver Quarters proof set for less than the 2010 one, and the 2009 set contained an extra quarter even!

  10. Anonymous says

    Yes, no doubt that the 2010 silver set will stay the same price until it sells out or the timeframe for it being on sale ends. Not sure it's a value, but it's certainly cheaper than 2011!

  11. Anonymous says

    Either way they lost my business in 2009. I can get this garbage if I want it cheaper on the secondary market from the idiot flippers who thought they would get rich on selling this crapola.

  12. Anonymous says

    That might work. However, it's important to remember that the rising prices and poor secondary market performances of recent years will undoubtedly limit the number of products being bought to sell on the secondary market in the first place.

    If there aren't too many being offered, the prices might remain around the original U.S. Mint level. That won't make the original purchasers any money though, unless they sell at a yard sale or something! Too many middlemen dipping into the pot when you sell online, plus you have to pay to ship it too! All of that coming out of a sales price around the U.S. Mint level equals a big ol' fat LOSS! 🙂

  13. Anonymous says

    11:20, please do skip the purchase of the 2011 set so I can sell you one in 2013 for $90. Thanks!

    Hopefully, Evil Flipper won't beat me to the punch!

  14. Anonymous says

    I take pride in ripping you flippers off. It will be my pleasure. And the best part is that I won't have to wait until 2013 ROFLMAO.

  15. Anonymous says

    Trying to "flip" these run-of-the-mill ordinary Mint products is just plain dumb. They don't lend themselves to it very well. There's an occasional hit product, but most of them are duds.

  16. Anonymous says

    5 oz ATB TBD at US Mint with all listed separately. No price, no date no nothing but the usual US Mint mystery.

  17. Anonymous says

    I really wish the mint would make the ATB 5oz coins a subscription program. It would cut the BS of trying to order all five during a blood bath of the first day.

    US Mint are you listening!

  18. Anonymous says

    I was really hoping the Mint would make the 2010 5 Oz Silver ATB Coins available as a 5-coin set in a display case. That would look cool. Plus, you wouldn't have to try to get 5 items in your cart during the madness, only one.

    Do you think the Mint, in the ultimate gesture of trying to be "fair", will limit purchases to one coin PERIOD per household? That would force you to pick one design to buy from them and then try to get the other four from the secondary market. Talk about crazy!

    Yeah, I'll really be trying to do that. NOT!

  19. Anonymous says

    I hope they are not STUPID enough to seriously only offer each coin individually – THAT WOULD BE A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE FOR EVERYONE!

    I surely hope they are going to do just like with gold eagles – offer individual coins and a 5 coin set!

    Why wouldn't they?

  20. Anonymous says

    The 5-coin set in a special display case would be a very nice item. I would definitely buy that.

    It certainly makes the most sense to offer each coin individually as well. There may be some collectors who only want one design for whatever reason. Their favorite park, home state, etc. However, what do you think the spread would be? With 27,000 of each coin an odd number, it seems like a logical choice for the split would be 12,000 5-coin sets and 15,000 singles.

    The 12,000 5-coin sets would most likely be the more popular item. It would definitely be easier to try to checkout with! It would also make the more attractive display piece.

  21. Anonymous says

    How do you all know the Mint will release the 2010 ATB pucks on the same day? I'm inclined to think they will be released on five different days.

  22. Anonymous says

    Can anyone tell me what the NGC Population Report is for the bullion ATB 5 OZ coins?

    How many MS 70, 69, BU, etc?

  23. Anonymous says

    It would be tough for one of the bullion coins from a tube to get that grade, yeah.

    You would think the numismatic "P" versions will have a much better shot.

  24. Anonymous says

    On the bullion ATB 5 oz coins…
    as u can c, the coins on eBay r getting less and less pristine. in Dec dealers pics were MS65 to MS70. Now look! they are MS60 or less w scratches. toldya the mint said they r hard to make. shoulda bought early!

  25. Anonymous says

    My set graded as I expected between MS66-MS69:
    Hot Springs MS67
    Yellowstone MS68
    Yosemite MS68
    Grand Canyon MS69
    Mount Hood MS68

    These were a set I got from APMEX received on Dec 24th. A set I plan on passing down to the next generation some day.
    I haven't heard of any MS70 from the 5oz bullion coins nor do I expect any.

  26. Anonymous says

    All that plastic holder scam is bull crap anyway. To see them in a early release slab was the funniest thing I saw. I knew they would have the ballz to do something as stupid as that. Previously any coins would have to have a shipping date from the US Mint still sealed in the box. Now they are just putting that attribution on them in a APMEX box LOL. What a complete joke all this grading crap is. The funniest part is that people actually fall for that crap. MS 70? Yeah ok how about just making them all 69s for the people in the loop. Anyone else outside the loop gets mixed grades. Can't you people see what is going on with these pucks and other coins. It's all one big fat scam from the start. And people out there still fall for all this insanity ruining the hobby. Who ever paid outrageous prices out there deserve what they get. ONE BIG FAT LOSS. One day people will wake up and see all these scams. I sure hope it's not to late by then. Because this hobby is being ruined quick.

  27. Anonymous says

    To: 4:29 PM

    I have news for you sir or who ever you are.

    "On the bullion ATB 5 oz coins…
    as u can c, the coins on eBay r getting less and less pristine. in Dec dealers pics were MS65 to MS70. Now look! they are MS60 or less w scratches. toldya the mint said they r hard to make. shoulda bought early!"

    Your first thought of ebay being a barometer for grades is false. These coins were picked through before they even had a chance to get sold outside the APs. So if you assume just because you bought earlier means you got a better grade is poppy cock.

    I would be willing to bet that there are many thousands of sets already cherry picked and graded by the APs just waiting for legal process before release. These APs made it very clear that they did not like what was forced on them by the US Mint.

    To assume that they are not doing all they can to maximize profits is very naive. The problem will be the timing and market place conditions and obvious disgust by the consumers. If anything at all. This whole situation only proves how demand will seriously fall if silver ever hits 100.00 an ounce.

  28. Anonymous says

    Actually my guess is that the mint will begin decreasing production and ultimately eliminating the component sets altogether so they dont have to mint them at all. Most people wait for the full sets anyway. The only things the mint will be untimately hurting are the large corporations that sell millions of graded items before the sets come out. The second is the secondary market prices for mint and proof sets. If every coin collector purchases a complete set as opposed to component pieces there will be so many out there that mint issued prices will stay the norm for a few years after release instead of spikes in prices because the mint is sold out or has lower mintages. This especially holds true for the silver proof sets…silver spot is doing enough havoc with pricing.

  29. Paul says

    I recently received my 2011 silver proof set and noticed 2 of the quarters are the same. I have 2 Chickasaw quarters and I'm missing the Olympic National Park quarter. Would this set be worth anything extra to a collector…thank you

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