2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle Scheduled

The US Mint has added a release date of September 29, 2011 for the 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

Previously, the coin had been listed as “TBD” on the scheduled product listing and “early fall” on the tentative product page. Although an exact date has now been published, it still remains subject to potential change.

The product is an additional collectible version of the American Silver Eagle, following the proof coin released on June 30. The uncirculated version carries a finish similar to the bullion coin and is struck on specially burnished blanks. The coins also carry the “W” mint mark to denote production at the West point Mint. As with other Silver Eagles, the coins are struck in .999 fine silver with a weight of one troy ounce.

The last collectible uncirculated silver eagle was released back in 2008. The product was canceled for the following two years, as the US Mint struggled to meet demand for bullion versions of the coin. Under previous law, the US Mint was required to produce the bullion coins in quantities sufficient to meet public demand. Since they were not meeting full demand, they sourced all silver planchets to the production of more bullion coins and canceled some collector versions of the coins. The law has since been changed to allow some flexibility for the production of collector coins.

Pricing and ordering limits for the 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle have not yet been published.

When last available in 2008, the collectible uncirculated Silver Eagles were priced at $25.95 each. The same year, the proof version was priced at $31.95. During the year, the market price of silver ranged from a low of $8.88 per ounce to a high of $20.92. The cumulative average for the year was $14.99.

The currently available 2011 Proof Silver Eagle is priced at $59.95 based on a market silver price of $37.50 per ounce.

Coin Update News: 2011 ATB Silver Bullion Sales

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  1. Rick says

    I wonder how flexible they would be if there is another run on silver bullion-maybe a small batch here-we”ll see. Michael will sales end at the end of the year?
    Thanks for installing posting and thanks for your timely Mint News.

  2. kevin says

    I wish the mint would remove the household limits on the last 2 2010-P ATB coins already…. everyone has had a fair chance to get one at this point!

  3. SunTzu says

    Thanks for allowing comments again!

    They sure know how to pick the right time to release a coin that has been suspended in order to meet bullion demand. With the down grade I wonder how much further demand there will be for bullion and whether it will affect this offering. Are these coins already minted and slated for release 9/29/11?

  4. Michael says

    The switch from blogger to wordpress is complete, so comments are back. The site address is also now http://mintnewsblog.com/ All previous links and posts should redirect to the new address. All feeds and email subscriptions should continue to receive new posts.

    If anyone notices any problems, please let me know.

    There is no specific requirement to end sales of the 2008-W Unc Silver Eagle by the end of the year, so it will probably be produced throughout the year of issue, and then one final batch near the end of the year that may continue to be sold into the following year.

  5. SmallPotatos says


    Thank you for the extra effort to bring the comments back. It is well appreciated!

    So they still have some 2008-W’s lying around?? 🙂 Well, if not, then i will wait for the 2011-W’s. It has been a banner year, and coin fatigue has set in, but i will be adding this coin to my collection.

  6. CaptainOverkill says

    All right, good to have comments back!

    Seems like we’ll probably see a price of $50-$55 for the uncirculated eagle, assuming we don’t have a giant runup in silver prices before September. If we do, we might be in the funny situation of the proof costing less than the uncirculated.

  7. Marlowe says

    Still haven’t decided yet if I’m going to be buying this coin – it may depend on markup and initial sales figures. I also haven’t decided about the 2011 P ATB coins yet either. Hopefully we’ll get more info on those coins soon.

    BTW, I just noticed silver is back over $40 and gold is near $1700. It seems very likely there will be another mint price increase next week.

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