2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

Today, January 17, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. This set contains proof versions of each of this year’s quarters struck at the San Francisco Mint.

Each set includes the following five coins:

  • 2012-S El Yunque National Forest Quarter
  • 2012-S Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarter
  • 2012-S Acadia National Park Quarter
  • 2012-S Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Quarter
  • 2012-S Denali National Park and Preserve Quarter

Each coin is struck in the standard copper-nickel clad composition also used for circulating coinage. The US Mint previously released a separate set containing 90% proof versions of the coins on January 10.

The 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set is priced at $14.95, unchanged from the prior year. There is no stated maximum mintage or ordering limit imposed.

This product will represent the first opportunity for collectors to acquire the clad proof versions of this year’s quarters. They will later be available within the full annual set, which does not yet have a release date announced. Last year, the order of release was the opposite, which likely had a negative impact on sales of the five quarter set.

The 2011 ATB Quarters Proof Set, which still remains available for sale at the Mint, has sold 139,672 units as of the most recent sales report. This is a little bit more than half the level of the 2010-dated set.

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  1. Samuel says

    The Unc AGE is not on the Mint website anymore, Whats going on?

    By the way, is it possible to add a “forum” function to this website? So people can discuss things.

  2. says


    Good catch. It definitely appears to have sold out. See here: http://catalog.usmint.gov/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=16260&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=10051

    As for a forum, the closest thing there is to one is Coin Network, something Michael set up some time ago as a social network for coin collectors. I posted there for awhile when Mint News Blog’s comments were closed. Many posters here do post at least occasionally on Coin Network.

    However, I find that most of the best discussion still goes on in the comments section here. This is just a personal observation/opinion and your mileage may vary.

    As for the lone proof set, I will not be buying it. I don’t feel it makes “sense” as a lone product the way the silver quarters set does. I will wait and buy the normal proofs when the standard proof set becomes available.

  3. Samuel says

    It is just like you guessed yesterday! Fortunately, I placed an order last night, which shows backordered to 2/1. Just not sure if it will get fullfilled.

  4. Leo S. says

    I would stay away from the base metal coins and stick with the silver proofs and 5 oz silver products. That way you get the collector value and the metal value that may keep pace with the inflation that no one wants to talk about but which is rapidly increasing as I type. I do not have a good feeling about the econony.

  5. Zaz says

    Agreed, the silver products are a better buy overall. I’ll wait for the full 14-coin clad proof set, to add to my one-a-year run. Incidentally, the just concluded 2010S quarters have this final tally, less the auditing to come, 859,417 for the silver, 1,380,285 for the clad, making it lowest mintage of the clad quarters by far. Might be the first year of sub 2M mintages and represent the new norm.

  6. dan says

    I placed an order Friday night for the unc AGE and I received a backordered notice on Monday mid morning. I hope it comes through also

  7. Samuel says

    In order to make sure I get one, I just placed another order at APMEX. And I am watching the quantity down to 1 at the time I am writing from 23.

  8. Brad says


    That was very smart of you to check APMEX for the 2011 W AGE. Once it became official that it was sold out from the Mint, people flocked to that source pretty quick to buy what was left while they still could! I will have to check eBay when I get home from work to see what’s going on there. I expect pretty sharp price increases in the short term for this new key date for 1 oz. AGE coins. I didn’t figure the 2006 Reverse Proof would ever be beat, but it appears we have a new winner.

  9. Samuel says

    Thanks for all the insights you provided on this issue.

    To be honest, I am just confused, why something really not popular yesterday will suddenly become a super star over night.

  10. Brad says


    It seems to happen all the time with U.S. Mint products. Many times in the past there have been products that were slow sellers at the Mint, but once they were only available on the secondary market prices shot up much higher than what the Mint was charging.

    In the case of the 2011 W AGE, many people (aside from the readers of this blog) were most likely caught off-guard by the unexpected sellout at such a low-mintage. They simply didn’t realize that a new low-mintage king was in the making. Now that it’s official, those who did not buy one will want to be sure to obtain one for their collections. Since there aren’t that many of them out there to be had, prices will rise for a while until those buyers have secured one.

    I have to admit, I owe my decision to buy three of these coins last August for $1,778 each to Michael. I probably would have been caught off-guard too if he hadn’t pointed out in a prior post how the coin was shaping up to be a possible low-mintage issue. When I saw he was right, I took the chance. It looks like it might pay off nicely. So, thanks Michael!

  11. G says

    Well, we all knew some coins in ’11 would be winners- silver eagles? ATBs? buffaloes? First spouse? hey, where’d the W gold go… Doh!

  12. Louis says

    Received a set of 2012 silver quarters today. It’s a nice set esp. the Denali and El Yunque coins. What do others think?

  13. says


    I am holding on until the silver proof set is released (unless we get a huge silver price surge). I am really looking forward to El Yunque and also the lighthouse one.

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