2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two Coin Silver Proof Set

Today, June 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set. There has been a lot of discussion and debate leading up to this product release, so it will be interesting to see how it fares.

The first coin included in the set is the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle, struck at the San Francisco Mint and carrying the “S” mint mark. The standard proof Silver Eagle for this year is struck at the West Point Mint and carries the “W” mint mark, which makes the current release a special issue. Proof Silver Eagles have been struck at the San Francisco Mint in previous years from 1986 to 1992, representing the regular annual issues for those years.

The second coin included in the set is the 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. This coin features a special finish, which is the opposite of a traditional cameo proof. The background fields are frosted and the design elements and inscriptions are mirrored. This will be the third reverse proof Silver Eagle issued by the US Mint, following the 2006-P and 2011-P, which were issued as part of the 20th and 25th anniversary sets.

At this time, the 2012-S Proof and Reverse Proof Silver Eagles appear to be unique to the current offering.

The special sets will be available for sale only during a four week ordering window from June 7, 2012 12:00 Noon ET until July 5, 2012 5:00 PM ET. There are no household ordering limits and the sets will be produced to meet the demand from orders placed during the window. Pricing is $149.95 per set and shipping is expected to being in late July 2012.

The 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set seems to have been created in part as a response to customer complaints about the handling of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set offering last year. This product contained two unique coins, was limited to just 100,000 sets, and priced at $299.95 with an ordering limit of five per household. The entire mintage sold out in less than a day, prompting numerous complaints from customers who were unable to order a set from the Mint.

Within a survey distributed to some customers in January, the Mint floated the idea of a two coin set containing proof and reverse proof Silver Eagles with the “S” mint mark. One version of the survey indicated planned production level of 200,000 sets, a household ordering limit of two, and a price of approximately $125. The US Mint ultimately changed the final details by producing to demand during a certain period, removing the ordering limit, and increasing the price.

Collectors who are waiting to see how sales of the sets fare before deciding whether to make a purchase will have a “sales odometer” to provide a daily measure. Previous reports have indicated that the US Mint will place the odometer on the product page with sales updates posted each weekday at 3:00 PM ET.

By minting to demand and establishing what many perceive to be an expensive price for the offering, some of the speculative enthusiasm surrounding the product release seems to have faded. Even some dedicated collectors of the series are beginning to think that the US Mint is starting to issue too many different versions of the Silver Eagle. After producing only one numismatic version of the coin for the first twenty years of the series, this year there will be potentially five different numismatic versions.

On the bright side, in the past when the US Mint has started to issue too many different numismatic products, some low mintage or unexpected winners have emerged. As collector interest and budgets become stretched, some offerings tend to be under-ordered or over-looked during their period of availability.

For those tracking sales of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, here are some reference numbers to consider:

  • The 25th Anniversary Set, which contained the unique 2011-S Uncirculated and 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagles had a total mintage of 100,000. This made the two unique coins tied for the second lowest mintage (non-variety) numismatic issue after the 1995-W Proof, which had a mere 30,125.
  • The 20th Anniversary Set, which contained the unique 2006-P Reverse Proof, had a final audited mintage of 248,875.
  • The lowest mintage regular proof of the series is the 1994-P Proof Silver Eagle with a final mintage of 372,168.
  • This year’s regular issue 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle debuted with sales of 299,539 after four days of availability. The latest figures indicate sales have reached 404,985.

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  1. george glazener says

    You say it’s your birthday? It’s my Birthday too, yeah!
    You can get me one too if you want..!

  2. Brad says

    Hee hee. Nice try, George. 🙂 Actually, CaptainOverkill said a while back that it’s his birthday today, too. I don’t know if he’s older or younger than me, though.

    I figure I might as well order today. I’m going to buy it anyway, so what’s the point in waiting? Silver is on the rebound, not that there would have been a price adjustment on this product, anyway!

    I still hope sales numbers don’t get ridiculously high!

  3. says

    A nice birthday present for me from the Mint! 🙂

    I’m ordering today as well. Everyone in my six-man group decided to get one; the reverse proofs remain very popular in my group. A couple of us are also buying the 2012 silver proof set as well. I think this set is likely to do well even with the premium attached.

    On the issue of too many silver eagle varieties, I have to say in spite of the increase in versions I’d still like to see a high relief silver eagle, or barring that, maybe a UHR peace dollar as I mentioned to Louis recently.

  4. ABC says

    “Collectors who are waiting to see how sales of the sets fare before deciding whether to make a purchase will have a “sales odometer” to provide a daily measure.”

    You should replace “collectors” with “speculators”.

  5. george glazener says

    @ABC; You’re right. I bet the good ol’ boys at The Coin Vault will be talking this set up big time tonight. They’ll have it for sale in a few weeks for $259.95, a least

  6. DCDave says

    I’m in since I like them, don’t care what they go for in the future.

    Anyone know if the “unc S” quarters will be available in UNC sets later this year?

  7. says


    I don’t believe an uncirculated set has been announced yet for the S quarters, but I am hoping the US Mint decides to release such a set. I would certainly buy the product.

  8. george glazener says

    Yep, I just saw that too on WSJ.com. Well, the MINT has 30 minutes to drop the price from 149.95 to 139.95.

  9. vaughnster says

    I’ll order two sets today at noon just because old habits die slowly and I want to be one of the first to order. My birthday is still six months away…:-(

  10. billy silver says

    I will pass on the disco coins and wait for the unc silver eagles to come out

  11. george glazener says

    Same here. One at least today. Then perhaps a 2nd in 3 weeks if the odometer is low.

    You know we’re all going to freeze up the mint’s site in 30 minutes….hee hee..!

  12. george glazener says

    “The Coin Vault” is a cable shopping network. Also a website of the same name. It’s on DISH NETWORK channel 225 on Mon-Tues-Thurs at 6pm. Great salesmen, great displays and presentation, but their prices are too high for me.

  13. Shawn Irish says

    i’ve seen lots of references to the mint shipping in late july after the ordering period is closed, but is there anything official from the mint confirming this? what if they do ship earlier and the first strike clock starts ticking? i’ll buy 3 today in case that happens and will consider more at the end of the period.

  14. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Ha…I knew you guys would just hafta break the site anyway for the fun of showing the Mint they need more hardware (or better software)… 🙂

  15. Brad says

    Why do we torture ourselves? I guess because we all have an overwhelming desire to be among the FIRST To order! If need be, I’ll wait a while. But I think my order will finish shortly.

  16. george glazener says

    I’m going out for a burger and fries, and when I get back, maybe the next page will have loaded…..

    this is about as much fun as we can have with our clothes on…!

  17. Shawn Irish says

    mint website says available for shipping 7/27. so no real reason to order these today, unless you think silver is going up and price will increase.

  18. Bryan says

    I am a rookie investor (been a novice collector for some time). Would you suggest that I purchase 5 sets, with the intention of “flipping” 4 of them and saving 1? How can one measure the demand on day 1? I also heard not to open the boxes as they arrive.

  19. jeff in tex says

    I just got my order placed. I ordered the twin eagle set, silver proof 2012 set and unc set

  20. John says

    Orders are ship on a first in first out basis… flippers need their coins first to slab, then raise the price. Flippers are crashing the site.

  21. Really? says

    billy silver,

    i thought you were only seven years old – how do you know about disco??? 🙂

  22. Don says

    for me im just buying one for myself but i rather have it sooner than later. its kind of like people trying to get on an airplane. u know ur seat will still be there but all of us want on first

  23. Zaz says

    Don’t know about the coin counter on the page itself, if that’ll encourage or discourage the flippers and speculators, we’ll see on June 8th if this even works, heh heh, but got my two sets (for now).

  24. george glazener says

    Whew, only took 34 minutes but I got my 500…..I mean, 2.

    Was it this hard for the 25th Anniversary Set last October?

  25. Auxmike says

    I’ll probably try at about 11pm tonight. Only incentive is if shipping is done in order…

  26. jeff in tex says

    Looks like the site is sloooow. Wonder how many people ordering. Sign in taking time to get signed in.

  27. sunsop says

    I just place my order placed after 45min that was a day’s work getting on the website a good days work but I got it lol

  28. Wes says

    I don’t think I want would want a birthday present I would receive two months later. If somebody wants to get me one now, it should arrive before my birthday.

  29. Discover Gold says

    After waiting for 25 min. at a stand still with a cable connection, I was able to place an order with an Ipad wireless in less than 5 min. What a shame, they can not have a system in place after all the prior goofs.

  30. says


    I haven’t ordered (another guy in my group handles that fortunately unless there’s household limits imposed) but I suspect the 25th anniversary set was even worse. It was basically a four hour sellout!


    On flipping, no one really knows what these will go for because the Mint has never done a “mint to demand” high-demand set like this before. The reason for the huge premiums on the 25th anniversary set last year was caused by a combination of a high-demand product, limited mintage of 100K, and a very speedy sellout.

    In this case, since the Mint is producing an unlimited number, a lot of people think this will depress eBay premiums. On the other hand, it’s clear from the website crash that the demand for these coins is extremely high. So it’s hard to say what will happen. For certain, I would definitely not expect the kinds of premiums people were getting for the 25th anniversary set last year.

    As for keeping it in the box, I believe it must remain in the box to get the “First Strike/Early Releases” label by the coin grading companies. I do not get my coins graded, but I believe the rule is the coin must either be mailed in within 30 days of release, or else it must be mailed in a sealed box from the US Mint to prove that it is an early release/first strike. What people were doing last year was ordering each set separately rather than as one big order to ensure each set was sent in its own separate box. Thus they could keep one set for themselves and mail in the other four for grading, rather than being forced to mail in all five sets in one giant box for grading.

    Fortunately, I don’t have these problems since I don’t typically flip. 🙂

  31. Rich says

    Just logged on mint site took about 4 min Havn’t ordered yet Order meter says zero.must be stuck. O”well going back to other window to finish order.

  32. stephen m. says

    I got my set without a lot of trouble other than the site being slow. My birthday is in Jan. Start sending gifts now. I’ll be taking all gifts until the 18th with no limits. Mintage for the S.F. twin set=634,000 sets.

  33. DCDave says

    Can’t get through on Mint site. Common guys, you can order this thing for a month!, Chill out!

    Noticed PMs tanking again. Funny if you end up seeing a price cut (now selling for close to 2X spot silver) in the last week of availability to boost sales and piss off everyone else…

  34. simon says

    FYI : They will not update the order meter till tomorrow 3pm ET according to the page.

  35. silverdude says

    is this a typo?

    “The 25th Anniversary Set, which contained the unique 2012-S Uncirculated and 2012-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagles had a total mintage of 100,000.”

    thought it was 2011-S and 2011-P

  36. Fosnock says


    As you are new I would recommended you buy one set just for yourself. This definitely is not the set to try to learn to flip with, as far as not opening the box you can open it as it does not make a difference as all the coins are unique

  37. Shawn Irish says

    what will be interesting is if all of them are shipped at the same time or close together, or if those that order on July 3rd will ship a month after those that are ordered today. if that is the case then those ordering today may be able to flip for a premium on ebay.

  38. Fosnock says


    The only reason they sent in the boxes unopened was to prove the non-unique coins were actually from the set.

  39. says


    I don’t think they will cut prices on this set, if only because it would be an instant PR disaster and invite a flood of people trying to cancel and reorder at the lower price (then again, this is the government!).

    I do think we could see price cuts on the AtBs though. The terrible sales figure for the first week at El Yunque must have them considering it.

  40. simon says

    Oops looks to be less – about ~ 10 k orders in the first hour but the set count is still unknown.

  41. Fosnock says


    If you sent in a unopened box for the 25 anniversary issue they would all get the special 25 anniversary label (but not the early release) If you set in a open set only the unique coins would get the special label

  42. Shawn Irish says

    seriulsy, the mint should just sell through amazon or ebay directly. also I wonder if the mint has ever considered aucitoning their products themselves. why let the flippers (like me) get all the money. they wouldn’t have to mint to demand, they could keep the mintages low and it would be a fair (depending on your beliefs) way to distribute

  43. Shawn Irish says

    george, lol. thats okay. i made enough on the 25th Anniversary sets to last a while. 😉

  44. Bryan says

    Thank you @Fosnok and @CaptainOverKill – I think I will order two sets with the intention of possibly selling one just for fun

  45. John says

    It took me 1 hour 10 minutes for first order, 10 minutes for second order.

    I placed two orders because of mint screw ups. Just yesterday they cancelled my Silver Proof order with no real reason. If the sales numbers stay low I may order another 2-4 on the last day, the mint doesn’t charge your C.C. until the order ships so if there is a last minute rush you could always cancel the order before shipping starts July 27.

    Flippers might have a short window of opportunity if they are ordering today, they can sell quickly to the folks that missed the boat, otherwise collectors have a full month to buy their one or two sets.

    As for ordering time today, for me it was slower than the Hot Springs 5 oz & faster than the 25th Ann. set. The billing page kicked me out 4 times. In the past it would hold your “cart” info but this time I had to start all over.

    It will be interesting to check the counter tomorrow @ 3PM!

  46. Ikaika says

    The US Mint website for ordering the SF ASE set is soooooooooooooooooo slow !!!! Will try later on. No hurries this time around.

  47. Fosnock says


    They may rise, it depends where are the Europeans going to park their money? The dollar, the Swiss Franc or PMs.

  48. Don says

    Question on the SSB set – how are you all going to store it? Im going to add to the SF set to save on shipping. Im stuck between the case version and the set version. How will you preserve the actual paper?

  49. says


    The typical pattern (right now anyway) is for them to park in the dollar and the Swiss Franc. The Swiss have had serious problems trying to control their currency in recent months with all the Euro-panic going on.

    I think this flight to the dollar is counterproductive with our current fiscal policies, but apparently it’s still seen as the preeminent safe haven.

    Incidentally, our group’s order finally got through around 2:11.

  50. george glazener says

    @ Don;

    I’ll probably display mine on a shelf in my antique secretary behind the glass doors. Out of direct sunlight for sure. No dust & no sun fading. This ought to be a big hit when the real Bicentennial comes around in Sept of 2014.

  51. says


    This sometimes happens. Wait 24 hours, and if your order is still listed as suspended, give the Mint a call. It’s some kind of administrative/internal issue rather than a problem with your credit card. This has happened to my group a couple of times, and usually the problem just disappears within a day with no corrective action taken by any of us.

  52. G says

    Probably slow because people may be buying multiple sets one at a time so they ship in separate boxes

  53. george glazener says


    I hope I’m not being nosy, but when you say “my group”, what does that mean? A coin club, or a trade group or publication? I’m curious about the demographic of this blog. Thanks..

  54. Fosnock says

    An internal server error has occurred. If you would like to place an order you can always call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  55. says


    Since I started buying gold and silver, I have been enthusiastically preaching my “gospel” to both my local friends and family and to my friends at work. I’ve roped in five people (and sort of a sixth) in total at work, creating what I like to call my “six-man buying group.”

    In general what this means is we work together to coordinate our purchases. One guy in our group has someone at his house at all times, so we use him to order all of our coins since there will always be someone on hand to receive packages and spare us trips to the post office or UPS/FedEx supply depots. Additionally, since we group all of our purchases into one order, even the high prices APMEX charges on its shipping become much less painful if three or four people are contributing to shipping costs.

    We don’t all buy the same things and we don’t all share the same tastes. Several guys in the group are only interested in US coins, and are only interested in standard purchases, such as the proof silver eagles, or the silver proof sets, and stuff like this. Myself and person who orders for our group tend to be the most prolific buyers, and in addition to US coins we also buy world coins (from Perth for example) fairly heavily. I can almost always find someone to order coins with and it is unusual these days for me to have to order on my own.

    This is usually what I refer to when I speak of “my group.” In this case everybody in the group wanted one of these sets, so we’ll each pay less than $1 for shipping.

  56. RLP says

    Mint site now posting error message:
    “An internal server error has occurred. If you would like to place an order you can always call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    The track record of the online order system remains solid, a unbroken chain of disappointing encounters.

  57. Andrew says

    Got my order in just before the crash at 2:40PM ET. Still waiting on a confirmation email.

  58. Don says

    Thanks George! I do like that SSB set. Im going to clear off a desk to have it displayed. Now just need the site to work

  59. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Oh, ye ole “Server Wreckers” ye…thank goodness for a regular ole phone line and human-beans to prevent more carnage. 🙂

  60. Louis says

    Coin buyers are very predictable aren’t they? I guess you could say the same about the Mint’s web site. I will see if it is working tonight or tomorrow.
    Happy birthday, CO!

  61. says

    I’m amazed this chaos has continued for this length of time. Why on earth are people going berserk trying to get these things with it being minted to demand? Is there a fear the Mint will somehow sell out anyway? I have to say I am amazed at the depth of demand for this product; people must really want it.

    In spite of the website crashing, they must be hi-fiving each other at the US Mint about now.

  62. Fosnock says

    Obviously price was no objection on this set. What scares me is how many sets are they requesting per order? I had more success ordering the 25th Anniversary set than this set…Happy B-day

  63. george glazener says

    If we’re not careful, we’re going to crash THIS website too. 88 comments already..!

  64. george glazener says


    That or the sales managers are kicking the IT guys in the rear end to fix the problem….

  65. Dave in CT. says

    I just tried to get on, nothing. Why the rush ? I just tried to see if the clicker
    showed a number as to how many have been sold since the start. I’ll
    wait 3 weeks for my one set. No hurry.

  66. says

    George, this is nothing. The 25th anniversary set thread provoked almost 500 comments last year! 🙂

    And thanks to everyone wishing me happy birthday!

  67. Fosnock says

    The United States Mint is experiencing technical difficulties. During this time period, you will not be able to use the website. To place an order please call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). We apologize for the inconvenience.

  68. george glazener says

    500 comments..!! WOW…..How many of them looked like:


  69. G says

    happy birthday to CO and Brad- hope it’s a great day- nothing gets the blood flowing like a good old US Mint server crash!

  70. Brad says

    Louis and Fosnock,

    Hey, it’s MY birthday too! Why isn’t anyone wishing ME a Happy Birthday? I’m hurt!

    Oh, and what if due to the crash all orders placed today get wiped out without a trace? What would THAT do to U.S. Mint customer relations? 🙂

  71. kevin says

    I have said it before (during hot springs crash), and I will say it again: there is literally no excuse at all for the Mints horrific website performance issues… it is 2012! If the upgraded system doesn’t prevent a crash like this from ever happening again once it is implemented, then everyone involved with IT at the Mint should be fired.

  72. Dan says

    They will ge tit up and running just in time for the people coming home from work to crash it again.

  73. Frank says

    Happy birthday Brad!

    I cannot believe I got the 25th and missed boat (as of now) on this one. I hope the Mint still keep it promise on its “mint to demand”.

  74. Brian says

    As expecticted, the Mint’s website is down, the phone goes to busy after pressing “1”. Fire the bunch – typical government incompetence…

  75. Fosnock says

    Happy birthday, Brad!

    @ george glazener

    Most were order numbers…the second most were &^%$ as people who could not get in saw those order number increase

  76. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Happy B-day Brad, CO and anyone else that’s celebrating today!! May your orders be swift (well…not today) and your mintage’s low. Have a great one!

  77. Louis says

    Totally crashed the site in about three hours! Does anyone know what time the mint site went down?

  78. Fosnock says

    Per my posts

    2:50 pm is when I got the internal server error URL

    3:15 pm is when I saw the server maintenance URL

    I image it when down around 2:45

  79. kevin says

    Anyone else find it annoying and even a bit dishonest that everytime the Mints pathetic servers crash they try to pretend “everything is still all good, just call the phone line”…. when we all know it’s futile.

    They should just put a more honest message like:
    “we didn’t buy good enough servers, or bandwidth, or software, or technicians for peak demand (because it might cost $10,000 to keep our billion dollar business up), so our servers have gone bye bye for a while, we do have a phone number you can call – but we can’t operate that either. so please go away and try again tomorrow while we try to figure out what coiuld possibly be wrong.”

  80. Brad says

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

    You know, as long as there is a “First Strike” or “Early Release” grading designation, and the Mint’s online ordering system remains as it is, we will have to deal with slowdowns and crashes on the days that popular items go on sale, limits or not! It’s all of those who want those designations trying to get their orders in the queue as early as possible that cause it!

  81. Fosnock says

    Obviously the Mint did not have the resources available for the additional traffic like they did for the 25th anniversary issue. This is the worst crash I have seen from the US Mint. They usually reboot and are backup and ordering quickly (like Hot Springs or the Lincoln set)

  82. says

    Probably no one expected a stampede this time. I know it caught me totally off guard. After all, why would there be a mega-stampede for a mint-to-demand product? Except apparently people want it so badly that they stampeded for it anyway!

  83. george glazener says

    What do you guys bet they sell over a million of this set…?
    40,000 units per day would do it..!

  84. Samuel says

    the ultimate solution? — ship the last order first! not first-in-first-out! will solve the problem.

  85. Frank says


    Call me paranoid, but I don’t think the Mint is very good at keeping promises. They can even work around the congress bills.

  86. Michael says

    Samuel – you mean the same people that wouldn’t stampede for a product that is minted to demand? lol!

  87. John says

    The United States Mint is experiencing technical difficulties. During this time period, you will not be able to use the website. To place an order please call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). We apologize for the inconvenience.

    This is kinda funny, I think a lot of people decided to wait an hour for the diehard fans & dealers to get there orders placed. By waiting they caused a second rush of people that just wanted to get their order in early crashing the site. Let’s face it tomorrow at 3 PM the site will be down again while people log on to check the sales numbers. LOL

    IMO, the majority of sales will be today (if the site works), tomorrow & July 5th. What will be interesting is if a flood of sales happen on July 5th then a bunch of cancellations after the fact. Will the mint sell any leftovers? Will they melt the extras down? Maybe the mint is anticipating last minute cancelations and factored in the cost of unused boxes and that’s why they raised the price to $75 to cover any loss.

  88. Jack says

    I was ?lucky? more or less ( ok, maybe a little more than less ) for having little difficulty placing an order for only 3 of these guys around 12:00pm. While I was online on the mint’s page at that time, I got kicked off when they switched their page to “live” for ordering about 1 minute after 12pm. It took another 15 or 20 times at bat before I was able to login again, place the order and v e r y s l o w l y wait until their servers accepted it. I noted the order was placed at 12:10pm and at 12:12 I received my email confirmation. The order numbers at that time were around Order #: 396879xx give or take a hundred numbers.

    Since they’re only taking orders now (I’m guessing … because they won’t even get shipped out till some time in July (hopefully of 2012), I doubt that any of these coins are even minted yet. Does anybody know if they are or are not ?

    Whenever I get them, I’ll just keep them and give one set each to my kids. That’s what I did for the 25th Anniversary ones and no good reason to change now.

    You’d think that with all the money they *earn* for the government (that’s us folks, the peoples) (after the coins are issued and monetized, that the Director of the Mint could spare a few bucks for that lonely guy up in the IT cupboard, and that single iSwitchboard Operator to go on permanent vacation while the entire US Mint operation gets outsourced to Silicon Valley and the US Mint gets listed on NASDAQ.

  89. dave says

    yep mint site is back up its basically the stampede like when the iphone 4 came out or the new ipad people just cannot wait for it people just do not have any patience

  90. Hidalgo says

    I ordered two sets. That’s all I need. And it took me no more than 5-10 minutes to order both sets when I ordered around 4:00 PM (EDT).

    I can imagine the mad rush and the US Mint’s website going down, and the busy phone lines were primarily the result of coin dealers, flippers, speculators, etc. who want to have their coins certified as “Early $trike.” That includes APMEX, Modern Coin Mart, and other big volume coin dealers… LOL!

  91. says

    I’ll be honest, I would have expected cancellations with sedate sales. But with a stampede like this, I suspect most buyers will now decide to take delivery. It’s clear the people stampeding probably do not care about sales numbers. Plus, there is no household limit this time either so it’s not like the dealers HAVE to order each set seperately.

    No, I think most of these orders are real and I expect the initial sales number tomorrow to be huge. I bet at least 100K will sell today, maybe even 150K.

  92. george glazener says

    Wow, I just ordered two more sets and had no delay whatsoever. 12 seconds start to finish, no lie….

    That’s harder to understand than the crash of 2 hours ago…..Hmmm

  93. Dursch says

    How does shipping work with the mint, if on the same ticket you order a product that is in stock with a product such as the 2 eagle set that won’t ship for a month plus. Will you get charged for shipping twice? Will they not ship the in stock until the other item is available?

  94. vaughnster says

    I finally got my order through for two sets at 1:44 p.m. I know I have 4 weeks to order but I had the time today and I enjoy the whole frenetic process of trying to get your order in first. I’m in with CO, I think it’s a big seller today with few, if any cancellations. I’m hoping to see this on the Mint’s website in about a week, “Due to unexpectedly high numbers of orders, we are suspending orders for the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two Coin Silver Proof Set until further notice.” Hey you never know 🙂

  95. Val says

    It took the computer a few minutes, but I was able to place my order at 1:19 PM. So, by placing an early order, I hope the coins I get are as perfect as the ones I got in the 25th Anniversity Set.

  96. Shutter says

    How does shipping work with the mint

    They will only charge you once for shipping and ship items as they are available. Sometimes they will ship separately even when shipping on the same day. I got my gold and silver SSB in separate shipments shipped on the same day.

  97. saucexx says

    Seriously guys, I ordered at 4pm cst no problems at all. How many people were saying these were too expensive, potentially too many minted, not interested etc. And first chance the web site crashes from too many orders 🙂

    As info the 25th set last year had the site choked even after the the sell out was announced.

    CO, this last increase in PM was speculative based on Bernanke announcing QE3. He probably will eventually but apparently didn’t give good enough hints. Based on today’s mint website issues I think the speculators switched to buying 75th ASE’s.

  98. Shutter says

    Those that placed the orders. Have you received email confirmation? I placed my order about 20 minutes ago and still nothing in email. Also the order doesn’t show up on the Track Order page.

  99. Fosnock says

    @george glazener

    Once they reboot it clears all the connections. The website can handle around 150-200 orders per minute, so as the connections come back the website can handle the more limited volume. In the past they have been able to perform this rather quickly. This is typical of the mint what is not typical is the length it took to reboot the servers. They usually have it back up in about 15 min obviously the server admins were out to lunch or something. I’m really surprised that they don’t reboot the servers from the get go and shake the thousands of people all ready logged on and trying to order


    They will not ship the order until all the other item are available.

  100. Fosnock says


    This was more likely another take down due to naked short selling. It always amazes me that PMs start to go down before Bernanke speaks but it is always blamed on the speech

  101. says

    I placed my order at 12:17 and got a email at 12:23. It also showed up immediately on the Track Order page.

  102. Samuel says

    Fosnock, u said “They will not ship the order until all the other item are available.”
    it is not the way mint did before, unless they changed it recently. the way is, they will ship the in-stock-and-reserved item first, charge u $4.95 fr shipping, and then ship the other items when available, free.

  103. guama says

    It took awhile for my email too. I doubt that the mint will change their mind about the mint to demand. Otherwise there would be a huge backlash.

    Ebayers are selling…but how can they break even at the cost of fees? I think the flippers will do well when they break up the set and sell the reverse proof.

    The set is pretty as is and I am keeping mine:)

  104. says

    Shutter, our email confirmation took about 30-40 minutes to be received. Likewise it took some time for our order to show up on the “track order” page but it did around the same time the email confirmation came. I’d write down your order number, and if nothing shows up by tomorrow morning, give the Mint a call.

  105. joe z says

    there is a lot of sheep out there today all buying up a potential massive mintage number the higher the mintage number the less upside potential.the true buy is the 2011 silver eagle reverse proof with only a 100,000 minted.this coin will turn out to be the key coin.we will never see a low mintage number like this again.mr z

  106. joe z says

    may the truth be known. buy the 2011 silver eagle reverse proof and be rewarded with ample appreciation on a low mintage coin mr z

  107. Hidalgo says

    On the US Mint’s website:

    “*Data for cumulative total units ordered will first appear on June 8, 2012 at approximately 3 p.m. (ET).”

    Yep, the counter is now online. I expect to see a number in the 1,000s when the numbers are posted….!

  108. joe z says

    dont be supprised when you look up the sales total after 3.00pm 6/8/12 the counter will be off the page. mr z

  109. Frank says

    I certainly hope their quality control is up to snuff for these coins–since they’re not shipping until after sales are over, I’d hate to get a defective coin and have no recourse other than to get a refund.

  110. Shutter says

    I expect to see a number in the 1,000s when the numbers are posted….!

    Way to go out on a limb!

  111. auxmike says

    I ordered at 6pm EST, glided right through. My only reason to order it today was the “first come first served” thing…. Only bought ONE set.
    @joe Z , I agree 100% about buying the 2011 rev proof instead. It’s not cheap as a standalone coin, but like you said only 100k were made vs. probably over 500k of these “to demand” anchors people are rushing to snatch up…..
    @CO & @ Brad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I enjoy reading all your posts , guys…

  112. fosnock says


    Thank you for the update… I had that happen before but thought it was because the product was delayed. I know I have had products wait for about a week until everything was together. I have also had them break up my order but charge me for the breakup…I ordered silver and clads together they were sent separately (from different mints) but I was charge two shipping charges which is why I now only combine all clads or all silver items. That might have been done in error but I know it was done because it infuriated me as I was waiting for the silver items to be made available.

  113. Dan says

    I picked up a set. I was able to log right in (after the site was back up) and place an order along with a few other items. My order status however is SUSPENDED – not sure what that means. The previous order from the 1st of June is now HELD status.

  114. shellbell says

    The mint will not wait and ship as stated on the website. They always say that. My order is in process and I expect they will begin shipping in a week. They put up the projected date for those that may have the #100,000 set as it may take awhile for those to ship.

    Suspended and held per the now defunct faq’s was/is a normal part of the ordering process. However, as in the past, if it remains for more than a week you need to call to make sure there no problems.

  115. Wes says

    I would think as many as 250,000 sets will sell today, 500,000 by end of weekend. 850,000 total. With the delayed shipping there may be alot of cancellations if the mintage gets to high.

  116. Hidalgo says

    Let’s play! Guess how many people will cancel their orders after they see the numbers after a day, after a week, and after a month!

  117. JW says

    I logged on right at 12 and I had a similar experience as Jack did. Kicked me off for a minute, then I was able to order very slowly. I just checked my email confirmation, and it came in at 12:11.

  118. guama says

    I will guess that the number sold today will be 122,500. Total will be around 780,000.

  119. Steve says

    Just placed my order at 6pm PST and the website was still acting up and I got kicked out.

  120. j says

    got mine in and out 8:00 2 sets why order early and put yourselves through it? it mint to demand people!

  121. jeff in tex says

    What do you think the mint will do with all the extras if the cancilationsare close to July 5th

  122. guama says

    I bet tons of activity this week with pent up excitement. Next week and the following week not to much activity. The last week busy again with buyers speculating for future sales.

  123. jeff in tex says

    I see it this way. JUNE. 8-10th. 200,000. JUNE. 11-17th. 200,000. JUNE. 18-24th. 100,000 with 50,000 cancels. JUNE. 25-JULY 1st. 150,000 with 50, 000 cancels. JULY 2-4th. 50,000 with 50,000 cancels. JULY 5th. 150,001 with 100,000 cancels Making this mintage total=600,001

  124. Don says

    Don’t worry about getting this set(s) shipped to you early to qualify for “first strike” labels. The “first strike” and “early release” designations are just marketing ploys used by the shopping channel coin shows and grading companies. A PR 69 or 70 is the same whether the coin is minted earlier or later. These labels somehow imply that the early release ones are better coins. Nonsense.
    As for me, I just keep my coins intact in the original government packaging and stay away from grading services. The vast majority of modern proof coins would grade 69 or 70 anyway.

  125. jeff in tex says

    Well when the UNC. Eagles are released for sale. Will there be all 4 mint marks for us collecters to buy or is that next year.

  126. Jack in N.E says

    I just noticed on mint website when you click on more info.link for the 2 coin set it shows available for shipping on 6/22/12 is this a typo? I thought they would not ship until late July

  127. limalo says

    To Jack in N.E,

    I’m not sure where you are looking but here is an exact copy of what the mint website shows when you click on the additional information link: “Shipping is expected to begin in late July 2012.”

    Is it possible you are looking at the wrong page? You might want to check again as I copied this from the website and pasted it here.

    Take care,


  128. Leo S. says

    Just ordered a few minutes ago and the site is working just fine. My order was listed as “Backordered”, no suprise.

  129. limalo says

    As a post script to my comment above, I placed my order at 11:04 p.m. EDT and it went through at the speed of track ball clicking. Ordering that late at night allows you to still have the first possible date of availability while not having to put up with the hassle of any server delays. Sometimes it pays to be a night owl. 🙂


  130. Saucexx says


    I agree the labels are bogus but the idea behind it is the strikes are supposed to be better because the dies are new. In reality you have no idea when your coin was struck and the mint doesn’t keep track. So it’s conceivable if a whole series was minted, your first strike could actually be one of the last coins minted but the first shipped out. I’m still amazed at the premiums people pay for labels.

  131. Jack in N.E says

    I just double checked about product shipping availability for the 2 coin proof set.When you click on the product ordering p;age that Michael provided above at the end of his comments and read info. it states available for shipping 6/22/2012. When I went directly through to mint site on the product description page it also reads the same date 6/22/2012. Yes everywhere else states 7/22/2012 so maybe it is a typo.

  132. says


    You are correct about the labels being essentially bogus, but people pay huge premiums for it anyway, so there is some value to these labels, especially for third party dealers and eBay sellers.

  133. Saucexx says

    75th ASE presales on eBay, only $199 get them while they’re hot!

    Seriously 😐

  134. Dan says

    Long before the TPG used “First Strike” or “Early Release” on their labels, there was something to be said about ordering coins as soon as they were released on the premise that you’d have a better chance of having a better strike. There may have been some logic in that at one time, but nowadays, how does one know that “their” coin is one of the first in a new die? I agree with the earlier poster that a label is just that and perhaps it can be exploited on eBay and other auction sites, or by dealers, but an MS-70 First strike is still an MS-70. Then there are black labels that include the signature of the designer, etc … and those sell for large premiums so it begs the question, are you buying the coin, the grade and something else?

  135. Ikaika says

    Could not get through at noon. Purchased two sets along with the ailing 5oz ATB El Yunque around 5:30pm. Took 45 min for the confirmation. ATB charged to cc already. Am I the only one still interested in the ATB series 🙁

  136. John says

    Jack in N.E says:
    June 7, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    I just noticed on mint website when you click on more info.link for the 2 coin set it shows available for shipping on 6/22/12 is this a typo? I thought they would not ship until late July

    One page says 6/22 the other 7/27. My status update shows 7/27 but I think they may ship ealier. If I remember correctly the 25th Ann. set started shipping a few weeks early. Also according to S.F. news some of these coins have already been struck. Look and you’ll see the R.P. press & coins. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/video/7264419-san-francisco-mint-turns-75-years-old/

    I hope they ship before the cutoff date that way if I get some rejects I can return them and order a few more, otherwise you’ll only get your $$$ back!
    This is why I ordered early, not for First Strike / Earlier Release BS.

  137. vaughnster says


    I just received the 5 oz. El Yunque silver ATB yesterday and it is gorgeous. I’m going to keep collecting both the P version as well as the bullion. I think they’re doing a much better job with the quality of the ATB coins than when they started. Let’s keep it going.

  138. Ikaika says

    @ vaughnster

    I have been a big supporter of the ATB’s. Let’s hope the Mint does something to save the series. Looking forward to receiving the El Yunque.

  139. Samuel says

    5oz atb appears on credit card.
    i m supporter for the P atb, and only buy bullion when the slabbed price is good. i m thinking if i should collect the bullions as well.

  140. Shawn Irish says

    wow. i just checked on the mint website to check on my order from yesterday and it was in the shopping cart! I’m sure I completed the order. i remember seeing the confirmation page, but never got an email. i thought it was because the server crashed. glad i checked this morning. you may want to too if you haven’t already…..

  141. gumbyen says

    Remember the UHR St Gaudens gold mint snafu? The mint shipped a few and then halted the shipping with the end result being that only 500 or so made the NGC “early release” deadline. Perhaps that has something to do with folks wanting to be first in line this time around.

  142. george glazener says

    Yeah, mine did that too. I was hitting F5 (refresh) too many times and made it gag. LOL. But all my orders flushed out in the end, and I rcvd all my confirmation e-mails, etc…

    Now what I am I going to do with 678 of these damn things…..??? I guess I could make some wind chimes.

  143. says

    ebay has been removing the pre-sale listings for the SF set. Last night there were 39, currently, there are only 3…and they will probable be removed soon.

  144. ED says

    Always get the order number before you leave their website, I always know what it is before I even sign into my email,then you can call them.

  145. ED says

    I sent a message to a seller on ebay yesterday, (RU NUTZ!) he replied (yes) has it listed for $150 with no bids with ship date early July LOL !!

  146. Dave in CT. says

    Good observation. I skipped that part. I always believed, as the most smart
    would agree, that getting FS-ER labeled coins is a scam. I never bought into it.Just for the evil flippers out there. Eventually, collectors will not buy into it. Good coins will sell themselves. I’m hoping that in the near future (?) that their will be only one grading company. Maybe some graders from each TPG, that will finally show some consistency. Am I hoping for too much, yeah, probably. It would be a blessing.
    As far as the grade coins not receiving as many 70’s as the months go on,
    I never studied the TPG grading figures as to how fast they are in posting these numbers as the days pass. Is it automatic with each new perfect coin, or are their lengthy delays in posting updated numbers. I will investigate this this Frisco set and see if the graded 70’s start to decline dramatically after the initial 30 days have passed. Micheal should have some thoughts on this and probably would have more insight that most of us. I hope he does a post on this very interesting thought.
    I said I don’t like the FS or ER labels/scam. For those who do, I was told a few days (PCGS) ago that with the 25 silver Anniversary set from last Nov., that if the set from the US Mint is still unopened and intact, they will still get the early designation label. This should clear up all those wrong or misinformed posts on this often asked topic. That is from PCGS. I never understood when the people that ordered 5 of these sets finally got through, they did not put in 5 separate orders. Some here ordered 1 set and then would try and call again for another. The US Mint were taking the orders separately for these as long as you didn’t exceed the maximum limit.
    I was extremely baffled at the people that would order one and then hang up and try to order again, all so they could then submit for the “ER” label.

  147. Dave in CT. says

    On that 25th Anniv. set. I have 2, both graded from PCGS.
    My first came in at all 69’s. I was very disappointed, since I used all the
    advice to evaluate my coins. The second set came in at all 70’s. I sent them
    in separately and I thought the latter set had inconsistencies in a few coins.
    Back to learning how to grade. It is a ART !

  148. shellbell says

    The Mint will begin shipping any time now. Never rely on their projected ship dates. Instead, check your order status, and if it says in process, they are getting ready to ship. Also, it has been reported that the cancel boxes are disappearing. Yet another sign your order is soon to be shipped.

    Historically, they always ship way earlier than stated. I expect the posted July date is for those that my be order # 100,000 in the que.

    The coins have already been produced in massive quantities, and as of May 15, they were simply waiting for the packaging. Check your order status from the track order page.

  149. shellbell says

    Well, it’s simply based on past experience. For example with the 2007 First Spouse release, shipping was projected out several weeks. Through checking the order status, and the ever reliable back in the day fed ex alt reference tracking, I knew my order was being delivered within 3 days of the release.

    It seems over the years that system may or may not work due to the mint switching up shipping services over the years.

    Regardless typically and again based on history once the cancel box is gone, they’d charge the card within a day or so, and once charged, they ship.

    In any event it will be interesting to follow. I’m wondering what other people are showing for order status, cancel box or no cancel box, at least for the early orders.

  150. ED says

    The 1st strike debate started for me with the 2006 silver/gold 20th anniversery set, I sent it in unopened, (was most likely one of the few to do so) and was called by PCGS about the 1st strike label…. big joke, but I made out anyway..

  151. billy silver says

    We will be finding out by 8/2/2012 why the 2011w unc silver eagle was on sale for a full year.

  152. simon says

    As a collector I have absolutely no interest in TPGs period. I have scant respect for the grades, and significantly less respect for futile designations such as “first strike”, “secure plus”,”special label”,”xxx yyy zzz.” These are all hyped marketing ploys, designed to take advantage of unaware buyers, and perpetuate the myth that the TPG casket and label are more important than the coin. It is easy to forget that it is the coin which represents all the hard facts : history, culture, art, era, and technology. I have several coins directly from the mint which could very easily be graded as 70’s. They will remain in OGP, and I have the utmost satisfaction of knowing that what I have is an original gem with the best of packaging : OGP and the original sales receipt.

  153. Brandon says

    I put my order in at 2:06 and I have a cancel box with estimated shipping 7/27. I’d love to know where the 100000 mark is in the order numbers

  154. Wes says

    Simon as a collector I agree and keep all my coins in the OGP. I don’t buy from any coin shops that will only deal with TPG coins.

  155. Dreama says

    My order went threw @ approx. 12:45 EST 06/07, I do not have a cancel box for my order.

  156. ED says

    I collect,trade and sell Wes, some of these coin dealers in my area ,Phila, Baltimore can be pretty shady. I do buy online and will only buy certified over the internet as far as older coins. Got burned too many times in the early 90’s

  157. george glazener says

    4:48 pm EST order ——“In Process”…..with Cancel Box showing.

    My first order at 12:30 shows “On hold”……..with Cancel Box showing.

  158. Brad says

    The counter shows 85,341 sets sold so far. Not nearly as high as some were predicting!

  159. george glazener says

    LOL…so much for 3pm EST. Unless my watch stopped working. But that is fewer than I expected too. I better go in and get a few dozen extra.

  160. ED says

    I thought 47,000 after one day since the Mint webpage was up when I ordered…… I hope the ebayers are done.

  161. saucexx says

    @Shutter and @Dave

    Keep in mind the article was talking about the bullion version. With millions being minted it would make sense that over time the 70’s would become harder to get. I’m not sure that would apply to proof and uncirculated which are collector coins and much lower mintage. Also if your buying them slabbed a 70 is a 70, regardless of FS labels.

  162. says

    Seems like a strong start for the set, though I was anticipating sales of about 100K. What will be more interesting to see is how much sales go up over the weekend. That’ll be a better indicator of how this set performs.

    I’m thinking the set will top off between 200K-250K (and probably closer to 200K).

  163. Don says

    im in the school of thought that this was a pretty big number. I believe most people are still sitting out and will most likely buy towards the end of the time period

  164. Dreama says


    I think so, on my “track order” page it shows my ssb as in stock and reserved, and my set of 1212 AE 2coin coin set as “1 unit backordered,expected to ship 07/27/2012” but it doesn’t give me the box to the right of that to cancel, as it did yesterday

  165. Brad says


    For some insane reason, the Mint seems unable to remove just the cancellation box for the item that moved to “In Stock and Reserved” status for orders that have multiple lines, they ALL disappear for a time. The cancellation box next to your SF Silver Eagle set WILL return within the next few days, as long as the status remains “backordered.” The exact same thing has happened to me several times before.

  166. ED says

    I agree with you Don. If this set comes close to 360,649 (same mintage as a 1928 Peace dollar) by June 25 I’m out !!! Remember it’s on sale untill July 5th !!!

  167. Dreama says


    Thanks for the info, did not know that about the ordering of other in stock items at the same time 🙁

  168. saucexx says

    I doubt the final mintage will break 600K. My guess is it’ll be in the range of 450-575K with an outside chance of staying in the high 300K’s if interest wanes. The key will be seeing what the next few days sales are.

    As info if sales average 25K a day were looking at 750K sets. Also ASE proof sales have been avg 850K over the last few years. IMHO that’s the ceiling for sales and in 30 days I don’t see the mint selling that many sets.

  169. saucexx says


    There were 250K 20th anniversary ASE sets and they sold out. I don’t see how they sell less than that with these. I bet they come close to that in the first week and then sales will taper off. Wait till the end, then you’ll see sales jump.

    Even with high mintages there are only three RP’s. I don’t see how you can go wrong with these.

  170. Dan says

    Now if the mintage remains under 250K by the last day, I would expect a flood of orders (i.e., in the order of the first day or so) for those folks hoping to cash in on a rarity item which would drive the final sales upwards of 300K – 325K… Just my $0.02

  171. EvilFlipper says

    I’ll watch to see if they stay under 150k. If not then not for flippers.

  172. Gary says

    What rarity?? There will be no rarity here. Everybody that wants one will get one. There will be nothing to drive these two coins! Basically swapping $150.00 for $60.00 of silver…very disappointing!!

  173. Shutter says

    With millions being minted it would make sense that over time the 70′s would become harder to get. I’m not sure that would apply to proof and uncirculated which are collector coins and much lower mintage.

    I think there may be 2 things at work here. First, if the coins were manufactured early on, the ones submitted later would have spent more time getting jostled in their tubes etc resulting in more chances for damage. This would obviously be more applicable to bullion than numismatic products. Second, if the product is manufactured over time using many dies, it’s possible that mint’s employees become less careful and meticulous in manufacturing and handling of coins over time. This would apply to numismatic products that are made in higher volume.

  174. saucexx says

    @ Gary

    These are the lowest mintage ASE’s. There will only be three RP’s and there’s still a god chance that it will have one of the lower mintage even if it’s in the 400K’s. To all those who are complaining please don’t buy. I’ll be happy to sell you one after July 5th.

    30K 1995 Proof (W)
    100K 2011 RP’s
    250K 2006 RP’s
    372K 1994 Proof
    406K 1993 Proof
    409K 1995 Proof

  175. saucexx says


    Agree, keep in mind all of that only matters if your buying raw coins and then getting them graded. If you buy it slabbed, FS or not I’d bet no one is going to tell the difference between one 70 and another. At least with an autograph that’s something tangible so maybe a small premium is justified.. A FS designation is marketing and personally I wouldn’t pay extra for it. I suppose if I was a dealer the label is free money, but as I buyer I don’t care.

  176. Brandon says

    @sauce. Don’t forget about the other key coin in the 25th set. The S mark burnished coin also has a mintage of 100k if I’m not mistaken…

  177. saucexx says


    Yes I forgot about that since I was focusing on the proofs. Keep watching the 2011 Unc, there might be a surprise there too.

  178. Brandon says

    Trust me it’s on my radar. You think they will stop sales of them when they start selling the 2012 uncs??

  179. says

    ED, no…got plenty. But just curious…OGP or graded(and what grades)
    You can buy one in OGP for $700 on ebay

  180. saucexx says

    Probably not, but I wish they would. Once 2012 is released I bet most people will forgot about the 2011’s, heck they only sold 760 last week. They haven’t listed a maximum mintage but they’ve sold more than 600K in the past so I doubt they’ll hit a sell out. Sept 15 will be one year since they introduced but maybe they’ll also sell them thru Dec or beyond. They’re still selling 2011 and 2012 AGE sets and the 2010 silver proof set seemed like it would never end, so who knows.

  181. corners says

    “what if they do ship earlier and the first strike clock starts ticking”

    Wouldnt it all be first strike since they are only taking orders for 28 days?

  182. guama says

    @Ed…if you ever come down in price..let me know. I missed my opportunity by a couple of hours…I guess I learned a valuable lesson.

  183. Dave in CT. says

    Or that coworker friend has a extra unopened set, did I say unopened,
    for $680.00. And he’s serious.

  184. Brandon says

    @ Dave. Is the set eligible for first strike? I’m very interested! Can we post our email here?

  185. Dave in CT. says

    I may have opened a can of worms here. But I promised and we, we will
    deliver. Better be HONEST and not have a set already. This is to one of the unlucky ones that could not get through. What a mess that was. But please think of this money. They may come down again. But, like me, you could get a complete 70 set, who knows. Is it worth it. But I would be happy to set it in motion. He is 100% honest.

  186. ED says

    Steve : I got the boards in a safe deposit box @ a bank in OGP. Looked @ them for about 10 minutes before I put them in.The $1000 was a response @ Brandon (PUN)… But I hope he is right…

  187. joe z says

    wake up buy the remaining 2011 reverse proof and make serious money in the next few years.the low mintage of 100,000 will stand as the lowest mintage of reverse proofs and make 2011 the key to owning the silver eagle reverse proof. mr z

  188. Dave in CT. says

    Just realized that with the selling price of the 2011 reverse proof/S-unc.
    coins are going for, at ebay. For about a total $800 or so, give or take some.
    My friend/coworkers extra set is not a bad deal for that price he told me.
    I was wrong. Me’s think the 2011-25th Anniv. set has stabilized in average going/prices for completed auctions. I just talked to 2 local dealers and they have said both that they would offer a customer $550.00 and $570.00 for a set. That is wholesale remember. Happy that I didn’t sell my 69 set.
    IMHO, eventually their will be a premium on this new Frisco set. A decent one when sales hit the same as the 2006. One can figure from history, that as sales continues to edge higher, the premiums will decrease. just common sense. It’s not like we are replacing the older collectors, with new young ones that are getting out or are passing away, and their families not wanting to deal with keeping the coins from dad. I do wish that the young generation would have better job opportunities and those being long term/secure jobs. That more would get into this hobby and replenish the ranks.

  189. Christopher Williams says

    Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezak will be hawking this set like crazy. My friends and I have a wager as to how many times Mezak says “Sold Out, Limited Edition.”

  190. Sam Baker says

    Christopher Williams says:
    June 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm
    Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezak will be hawking this set like crazy. My friends and I have a wager as to how many times Mezak says “Sold Out, Limited Edition.”
    I am not sure how he is allowed to say the things he does. Last night he mentioned that “gold went up in price last Friday (6/1) hundreds of dollars.” Not only was that statement inaccurate, he neglected to mention that gold closed lower this past Friday (6/8).

    But the funny thing is that his show is what got me started collecting coins. Fortunately I found other dealers (even on eBay) who offered the same or better coins for “substantially less” than he was charging.

  191. alvaro says

    Is the us mint gonna kerp it honest about the mintage number for the 2012 silver eagle set. I really dont trust the mint. They said 85431 so far but maybe they lie so more people buy.

  192. alvaro says

    Will be funny if the mint lies about the mintage and lots of people buy for flipping thinking looks theres only 300000 sold at July 5 and then the mint post final mintage a week later of like 1million plus lol. Can the mint get sue if they lie about low mintage so more prople buy late and make more money. Its kind of fishy the mint offered a odometer of sales. Its certanly not for are favor but them. The mint may play us for fools lol

  193. ED says

    never lied in last 20 years, but I think they do change policy to suit their needs.I’m sure the final number will be in Whitman Redbook in 2015.

  194. ED says

    if you do’nt believe me, buy a $100 bag of Kennedy half dollar, open it up and count them LOL !!

  195. alvaro says

    Im wondering how high will hsn go in this set knowing it will be a over produce coin, well maybe $899 in 70s lol ridiculous most others will have like $300 in 70s. Yet again have you guys seen them offer the regular proof set 2012 that sells for $30 sell for $499 in proof 70 lol. My local coin shop says yearly proof sets have no value maybe double face value thats it . he says modern proof certified coins is stupid is a new coin should not be graded.

  196. Dave in CT. says

    I believe that for the most part. For some though, they send in a coin/set
    for themselves. My reason and as I say for others, just desire coins in their collection that they know for sure is perfect and not just sitting in OGP that might be perfect. With the manufacturing process these days, it is a 50/50
    chance if it is perfect or so on. For me, I sent in 2 sets and I like that one came outwith a 70. The other one I display on my TV table. Their are many reasons why collectors send them in. Most folks know its not worth grading them because of the huge production numbers.

  197. Dave in CT. says

    ….. because of the huge production numbers and knowing that many will
    be perfect. Why waste the money. Some could care less, they just enjoy the coins. Whatever you do is ok. Most of mine are OGP.

  198. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Up to 115,059 sold as of the 3pm update today which is a 29,718 growth from last Friday’s figure.

  199. coinjunkie says

    Judging by the eagle counter, I think just about everyone who wants a set has ordered one. The only people who are left are those who are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how the order numbers end up being on the last few days.if I’m right, I think the mad dash on the last day will shut the site down and they will be left out.

  200. anh says

    @coinjunkie, I hope you are right. Serve them (side-liners) right(we all know who they are….. all those flippers who choke up the Mint’s site the last time with the 25th Anniversary set. Well I got my two sets… nice and sweet this time, just order at my convenience.

  201. ED says

    im out !! im out !! I dont want this over struck coin !! one more for you people…..

  202. alvaro says

    Im out too, I have the real ones meaning 20 and 25 anniversaries, why bother getting another one they look the same just the date change at least hey should change the design each year. Its kind of stupid to have all the silver eagles that is the same coin with only the date is different,I want variety.

  203. coinjunkie says

    @alvaro, I’m thinking that the mint knows not to play games with the reverse proof. So, this may be the only instance of the mint making reverse proofs so avilable. I may be thinking too far out of the box but that’s one of the reasons why I went ahead and bought the set. The other reason for buying the set is to have a complete series of reverse proofs in OGP. I don’t buy eagles anymore because of the premiums by the mint and the secondary market. I buy bullion, the collector (vapor finshed) ATB pucks (just because they are funny looking\ 3inch quarters), and the ATB silver proof sets. As for flippers, this set won’t make them much money unless they come up with a collection that includes the 20th and 25th reverse proofs. That is something that I doubt will happen.

  204. ckhmalways says

    Now we know… Total to be minted = 250,738. Hmmmm… this should make it reasonably desirable – moderately rare.

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