2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set

Today, September 6, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This product type will make its return after a three year gap.

Each set includes five uncirculated dollar coins issued this year by the United States Mint. Specifically, the coins are the following:

  • 2012-P Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar
  • 2012-P Grover Cleveland First Term Presidential Dollar
  • 2012-P Benjamin Harrison Presidential Dollar
  • 2012-P Grover Cleveland Second Term Presidential Dollar
  • 2012-D Native American Dollar
  • 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle

The Presidential Dollars and Native American Dollars are indicated to be the “uncirculated quality” versions, which would be the same brilliant finish as those coins found in the annual uncirculated coin set.

The Silver Eagle is indicated to be “struck at the United States Mint at West Point”. Although not specifically stated, it is probably safe to assume that this coin is the collectible version with the “W” mint mark, as opposed to the bullion version which does not contain a mint mark. The set is referred to as “uncirculated” which the US Mint uses to describe collector versions of coins and also past issues of the product type have included the collector version with “W” mint mark.

Update: I have confirmed that the set does contain the uncirculated version with “”W mint mark.

The 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set is priced at $54.95, which was established though publication in the Federal Registrar dated August 28, 2012. There is no stated product limit and there are no household ordering limits imposed.

Previous Releases for the Product Type

The Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set was previously issued in 2007 and 2008. For these years, each set included the four Presidential Dollars issued for the year, the Native American Dollar, and the collectible uncirculated Silver Eagle with “W” mint mark. For both sets, the dollar coins carried the satin finish that was being utilized for coins included in the uncirculated coin sets.

The packaging for these two sets was different than the new updated packaging, and initial pricing was $31.95 in 2007 and $37.95 in 2008.

Sales eventually reached about 90,000 sets in 2007 and just under 100,000 sets in 2008. For both years, these sets remained available for sale after the individual uncirculated Silver Eagles had sold out.

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  1. Richard W says

    This set in 07&08 was a favorite of mine,too bad they can’t fill the missing years.The series for me has lost it’s luster,but I’ll be a buyer of one set.

  2. Art says

    I wonder if the dollar coins will have bag marks like the Mint sets have. The proof President dollars are pretty sad also.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    Same here. I thought these sets were great, but especially in the “star” w/ center-piece packaging, like Michael has pictured above. This new packaging has the same coins; just doesn’t have that same flair for presentation.

    The product gap could have been two years, as the Mint had all of the required pieces for a 2011 set. They even had it listed on their “lengthy” 2011 product list, although it disappeared about 4 months in.

    Like Richard, I’ll pick up one for my collection and 2-3 more for misc gifts & stocking stuffers.

  4. Frank J. says

    Hi all, a bit off topic but I was wondering what type of protective case you prefer for non OGP coinage that you are not yet willing to encapsulate? Secondly, could you recommend any sites that sell this preferred casing?

  5. John says

    I love the Mint marketing. Releasing the annual set, but it’s only been available 3 of the last 6 years. Nothing like a series with a serious gap in the middle.

  6. Fosnock says


    I was going to order mine on the 26th when the Hawaii ATB came out but ordered it today to play it safe, but because I ordered it the price will stay the same until next year or go lower 🙂

  7. Richard W says

    I’ll bet these guys have a director of marketing and pay him a whole lot of money,oh well.I a few days ago received the 2012 W Burnished ASE.The regular regular bullion issue i purchased for my year set is better quality,rim ding breaks in the finish.I never hear any complaints with the foreign material,I,m thinking they should send minting to Australia or Austria.

  8. TomP says

    Off Topic:

    Just received a mailing from the Mint of a 4 page pamphlet promoting only PMs: the unc. & proof silver eagle, the proof plat., the 5 ounce unc. silver ATBs, the unc. & proof gold eagles and the proof Buffalo.

    No mention of the First Spouse gold coins.

  9. Brad says

    I’m actually considering quitting the First Spouse series. I’ve been a faithful buyer since 2007, but this 2012 debacle has soured me. Today’s London fixes (the first in next week’s price calculation) are setting up another price increase. If it happens, that will be the third one in the past few weeks. That would make the first two releases for 2012 (which should have been offered for sale months ago) cost me $75 per coin more than they should have. Since I’ve been buying 3 total coins for each issue, that translates to an extra $450 out of my pocket. If I delay the purchases hoping for a price decrease that may not even happen, I risk receiving someone else’s reject coins.

    The thought of forking over at least an extra $450 is hard to stomach. I’m leaning towards selling off what I have and not worrying about any future Mint “metal flow” problems. There’s absolutely no reason why the Mint couldn’t have started accepting orders for at least the first two coins last June, allowing anyone interested in them to lock in the then-current price level.

  10. VA Bob says

    I pick up the annual proof and mint set, and the individual ASE’s, so this set seems a bit redundant to me. I’m not crazy about the extensive use of floppy cardboard in the OGP either, a big gripe I have with the mint sets. I actually preferred the mylar sheets. The recent OGP is not suited to even moderate handling without bent corners and creases. Picky I know, but I’m concerned about the long term preservation in their native condition.

  11. dan says


    Stay the course. We are in similar situations, I also am purchasing three of each. When this set is complete, there will not be many to be had with the recent low sellouts. In addition, with the price of gold appreciating, even fewer will be able to purchase coins which may further reduce upcoming issues. What concerns me is that if all four are released simultaneously, I think we will have to jump in right away on all 12. I am afraid that there will be a few flippers coming in and who only knows how many the mint will strike and with it being so close to the end of the year, since they have to be struck in 2012, they probably will not be in the position to restrike.

    Then with our luck, they will probably releae next years early. ANyway, start budgeting now so when they hit you can jump right on them cause who knows what the quality will be. I figure the adjusted number on lucy is going to be in the 2100 range and when all is said and done between you and me there will only be another 2094 ocmplete sets out there. Lets hope our heirs dont dump them for scrap!!!!!.

  12. John C says

    Brad, I agree with Dan. I think you have done quite well with the series thus far. It seems like Everybody is a hater of this series, but you know what it’s been a good investment so far. Cleveland, I purchased 10 of the Garfield uncs about 11 hrs before they sold out and I still have them still on a backorder. I called the mint and they said the order could go either way they don’t know. I’m not feeling good about it because if they have 9 left when they get to my order they will cancel it in it’s entirety because they can not complete it.

  13. simon says

    Frank : Hi all, a bit off topic but I was wondering what type of protective case you prefer for non OGP coinage

    I would try airtites directly from airtites.com. They have sizes even for the 5Oz ATB and several original coin collector products.

  14. VA Bob says

    Simon, I’ll add some additional info for Frank. It’s a shameless plug for wizardcoinsupply.com . I like his selection of various coin storage mediums (and a nice range of other coin products as well). The service is fast. Only con is state tax if you live in VA.

    Frank- Depending on the the coin value I like everything from 2X2 flips, to screw top plastic rolls (for bulk), to as Simon suggests, Air-Tites. If you have a series, Interceptor Albums are a good choice IMO, and easier to display. It really boils down to your preference.

  15. Louis says

    My suggestion would be to at least get one of the new spouses and have one complete set. You have come all this way and done well. Also, you could wait for dips on gold price, and if you are really worried about getting someone’s return, make a trip to a city where the Mint has a sales counter like Philly, DC, Denver, or SF and get ’em there. I bring my loupe and go through a stack of them and sniff out a nice one with no blemishes instead of ordering online, though it all depends where you live as it may be an expensive trip for you. Also, they will be on sale for a while.

  16. Louis says

    As for these sets, I will probably pass. I have the first two, but there’s nothing special or unique and the packaging could be better esp. for long-term preservation. I prefer the separate ASE’s and mint sets.

    On the spouses, I agree the Mint should take pre-orders, esp. this year. Write or call and tell the Mint. I will bring it up with them too in my dealings with them.

  17. Ikaika says

    I see these sets as a way for the mint to unload excess inventory. Just like the Making American History Coin and Currency set. I will pass on this one and also passed on the coin and currency set. I still have an order for the 75th Anniversary SF set, which I feel is more value than the $5 note plus the proof ASE.

  18. Craig says

    Brad, as the others have said, don’t quit the FS series now. These will be key coins once they are released. Also, gold will continue to rise in price. I have only been able to afford the proofs, and this will be hard for me personally to come up with the cash to get all four, (likely at once), but I can’t stop at this point. Also, do you like the individual designs, (unique obverse and reverse on every coin)? I know some are ugly, like Eliza Johnson, but each one is special.

    As for the annual dollar set, I really like these. But like the others, the mint hasn’t made them as often as they have. That being said, it’s a nice set and I’ll likely buy a couple.

  19. KEITHSTER says

    Yup sell’em sell’em all that’ll spark a little life back into the series of those unwanted coins. New people may pick them up from you and get hooked on them. Then you could sell them some more and more after that. Look at the money you’ll make have you seen what those things are going for.You will be the only game in town even the mint has only two different proofs left. DO YOU REALLY NEED 3 OF EACH and still have hope on some backorder come on remember the light finnish or the backorder on the 75’th two months then sorry NLA. Don’t think that if any one gets one on backorder that they will send it back for you guys even with a few nicks in it.ya take the money and run grow some flippers and wait till the next batch then you’ll have enough to buy all 12 at once and do it all over again. Less stress or what? GOOD LUCK TO YA’LL

  20. Jake says

    I have not seen this posted here.


    A judge ruled that 10 rare gold coins worth $80 million belonged to the U.S. government, not a family that had sued the U.S. Treasury, saying it had illegally seized them.

    The 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle coin was originally valued at $20, but sold for as much as $7.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2002, according to Courthouse News.

  21. says

    I know this is a bit OT, but after being down $0.70 last night, silver reversed course and blew through $33.50 this morning thanks to the jobs number. I’ve finally capitulated on the 2012 AtBs and grabbed all three of them. I feel like we’re just about out of room to “maneuver.” My instincts are telling me we could see a suspension soon, maybe even today. If you read this article here, there appears to be expectation that QE3 is coming next week. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/payroll-growth-seen-tepid-may-072622785.html

    Of course, knowing my luck, silver will plunge a dollar on Monday! 🙂

    I think it’ll be interesting to see the next sales report. I’m expecting a modest surge in AtB sales.

  22. Samuel says

    i m also thinking about getting another set of ATBs and maybe some unc ASEs. but i still think unless u get a very rare coin, it is still better to own stocks.

  23. Jeremy says

    @CO, I certainly understand the urgency to want to make those purchases, although I don’t think panic buying is in order as of yet considering the move silver has already made. However, as important that story is regarding QE III it isn’t unexpected or surprising. I think what may be having more of an impact is that China is about to begin infusing cash into their system. EVERYBODY’S PRINTING!!! This may begin to cause some serious, serious inflation but will take time to filter through our broken economy.


  24. Samuel says

    the last silver suspension happened early this year as Steve pointed out was around $37, so, still has some room.

  25. says


    I’m going mostly by Michael’s advice in the previous post, which suggested that $34 was the place to start thinking about worrying. Let me quote:

    The next most likely products to see a price increase would be the 2011-W & 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagles and the America the Beautiful Silver Uncirculated Coins.

    On February 24, 2012 when the market price of silver briefly rose above $35 per ounce, sales these products were suspended. However, after the price of silver quickly receded, sales were resumed with no price change.

    I think waiting for $34 is just cutting things too close since we don’t really know the mint’s criteria for silver product price increases and decreases.

    Jeremy, thanks for the article link, good stuff.

  26. says

    I don’t think the jobs report was very encouraging.

    “The drop in the August unemployment rate fell because 368,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force — meaning they retired, stopped working or were too discouraged to look for work. Perhaps more disappointing: The labor force participation rate — the portion of the population working or in search of a job — fell to its lowest level in more than three decades”.


  27. dan says

    off topic

    Is anyone else having a problem with orders containing gold? I have an order that has been supposedly in shipment since monday but is still sitting in the warehouse somewhere. On top of that the order sat for eight days before it even went to process and its not a CC problem They stated that there is some type of problem at the warehouse but I having been getting this story since wednesday but they wont say exactly what the problem is. No they are not FS coins. IN the mean time I have ordered ATB pucks, processed and shipped in 4 days, in transt now.

  28. Fosnock says

    The Hawai’i Volcanoes pucks are on pre-order at Provident Metals and APMEX, I got one and a pre-order Wild Life series (Pronghorn Antelope) from Provident so silver will collapse. The mintage is out for the circulating Hawai’i Volcanoes coins…124,800,000

  29. Richard W says

    What the heck,I ordered 1 uncirculated dollar set yesterday (6th)showed up this am as shipped.They must be scared to death of cancellations.

  30. JohnT58 says

    That is quite a jump from the previous issues. They must be pleased with the design and think that people will want this one.

  31. says


    That’s interesting, in regards to the Hawaii quarters. Perhaps we’re finally seeing the long-anticipated jump in circulating quarter production. If so, it would be a godsend for the US Mint financially, they desperately need to sell some profitable circulating coins.

    A number of people have mentioned to me that they are ordering the volcano AtB bullion. I think the design must be attracting people (that or the surging silver prices are attracting speculators). I still prefer Acadia the most myself but I may change my mind when I get the five ounce uncirculated variety. I hope it’s

    May I ask what you paid for the Hawaii bullion when you ordered from Provident?

  32. Fosnock says


    I think you are right it is a beautiful and unique design

    The proof Hawaii is simply stunning, so much so that its my second favorite design (El Yunque being #!1), I just hope I can get the P version of the ATB before the price goes up… I paid $183.25 for the bullion version…its getting close to the same price as the P version

  33. Louis says

    Provident also has a reduced shipping deal now. I grabbed a Volcano at $175 before silver went ballistic.

  34. Louis says

    Just go to the web site and you will see it. $5.95 on all online orders through later this month. Esp. good for those placing large orders.

  35. Samuel says

    Dan, i have to take back what i said in my previous post. usmint always has a way to surprise u. i ordered 5oz acadia and an Unc AGE. the shipping notice email said 2 coins were shipped. several minutes ago, i received the box— only the silver coin! and there is only silver coin listed on the packing slip. i called, they said some warehouse problem with the gold coins, probably will ship next monday……………..

    BTW, Acadia has the worst quality since hotspring. there r many dents on the rim, water stain kind of marks on the coin. i will send it back tomorrow. i seldom return coins, but they force me to.

  36. Samuel says

    1. i can’t get the return shipping fee back, right?
    2. if i return for exchange, and there is a price increase when they receive my return, they will charge me more for the replacement coin?

  37. John says

    The mint will refund your shipping (plus insurance) if the item is defective but you have to fill out a form and wait a while. Also your new coin will be shipped at the original price. If the price goes up you win, if it goes down you lose.

  38. John says


    My Acadia was not as good as other 5 oz’ers that I have received but wasn’t worth returning either. My worst 5 oz coin was the Grand Canyon, I bought and returned 4 or 5 from the mint before I decided to picked up a certified one.

  39. JC says

    The quality control at the US Mint is sorely lacking recently. I had to return the 2012 silver proof set 3 times due to significant nicks or giant milk spots. Finally got fed up and just asked for a refund.

  40. george glazener says

    Guys, when you say you’ve seen flaws in your 75th anniv ASE 2 coin set, esp. on the RP, how serious are the nicks or flaws? On one of mine, I used a 10x mag. glass and only found what looked like 2 or 3 pin point size shiny spots in the otherwise grainy RP blank field. Invisible to my naked eye, and just a barely visible shiny dot under the mag.

    Any idea if that qualifies as a “flaw”?

  41. Goat says

    With this being stated about the unc. set, is the silver “W” a new line or has this one been made for other sets/sold ? As for the spots on coins. I have had some coins with spots direct from the mint and with time they disappear with eye view, any ideas .Thanks

  42. Richard W says

    The first mint offering was with the West Point (W) mark was the 1983 LA Olympic Games on a $10. Gold Commerative .Was used as precious metals storage.Minted the Lincoln cent for several years with no mint mark,1996 Roosevelt Commerative Silver Dime.Actually has quite a long history,AGE–ASE Proofs.

  43. says

    I baught the new $1 dollar coin set from the mint. Asked if the 07 and 08 were available.They said “NO”. Did I miss something ? I thought they were still available.

  44. Craig says

    The 2007 and 2008 uncirculated dollar sets were available back then. As was stated, they haven’t made them the past three years.

    I want to buy the annual silver proof sets but I’m worried they will poor in quality, (as JC said). Anybody with a positive experience with the 2012 silver proof sets? If you, when did you purchase them?

  45. Richard W says

    Craig ,Believe me,the mints quality issues are the least of your worries. Jeffb,The 2007 &2008 set are readily available on the secondary market ,not a big premium.

  46. Jeremy says

    @Louis, I just realized you had made a reference to me regarding our exchange in the world coin blog post. I did respond to that little comment, if you care to read it.

  47. Eddie says

    I received my graded RPs and both were PR70DCAM and one had one shiny spot on it and the other one had a couple shiny spots.
    How can they get a 70 grade if it has any shiny spots? I don’t understand that.

  48. David says

    Finally ordered and received my Annual Dollar Coin Set. Was displeased about a couple of things… Most importantly to me, this set doesn’t allow you to rotate/reposition the coins like the previous versions, so the silver eagle in my set will forever be crooked, like a picture frame that isn’t level. Also, the packaging has been changed to a rectangle shape, instead of a square shape like before…so doesn’t really match up with my others. I know why they must’ve done this… fits in the small rectangle shipping cartons they use. Saw the photo before I ordered it, and didn’t think that would bother me, but when the package arrived, disappointment arrived as well.

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