2012 First Spouse Bronze Medals

In response to an inquiry, the United States Mint has confirmed that the 2012 First Spouse Bronze Medals will not be offered for sale individually, although they will be available within other products.

From 2007 to 2011, the US Mint offered individual 1 and 5/16 inch bronze medals to coincide with the release of each gold coin. Each medal featured the same basic design as the gold coin, with some inscriptions removed. The bronze medals seemed popular in early years as an affordable way to collect the First Spouse series.

No reason was provided for the discontinuation of the offering of the individual bronze medals, however as noted they will be available within other products.

The 2012 Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal sets for each Presidency will contain the bronze medals. These products are priced at $9.95 each, with the Chester Arthur/Alice Paul set already available. Release dates are not yet known for subsequent sets.

The US Mint will also offer a 2012 First Spouse Bronze Four Medal Set at a future date. This set will contain the four different medals issued for the year within a single set. Based on a publication within the Federal Register from earlier this year, the four medal sets will be priced at $16.95.

Side Note:

Due to Hurricane Sandy, I have been without power and internet for the past few days. Services have still not been restored, but I will attempt to work from various locations to continue coverage for Mint News Blog and Coin Update.

On World Mint News I covered the latest product releases from the Perth Mint. On Coin Update News, I have just published the weekly US Mint numismatic product sales report.

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  1. vaughnster says

    Thanks Michael for your diligence in keeping up your web site and keeping us informed 🙂

  2. Samuel says

    off topic, just received the SF sets ordered on the last day. it was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but i m in NJ…..

    by the way, how about the quality of this batch? do you guys usually keep them in the sealed UPS box?

  3. posterhunter says

    I think this means that the mint is stopping the sale of the lowest price medals, those that sold individually for about $7 each. When you add in the shipping charges I doubt they were selling very well when compared to the 4 medal set that only costs about $17 for all 4 medals.

  4. Smiledon says

    Samuel, I have my coins in those coin books by Dansco. The blue box the coins came in I re-purposed for my wife’s jewelry. That is a really nice little box. I love the coins. I guess your long range plans of the coins will drive what you do for now. Me, this was the first time I got any of the special ASE coins. Till now, I would just get the proof coins for each year.

  5. Samuel says

    thanks for the comments. i think the SF sets only have long term value. thats why i want to keep them in the UPS boxes. check out this ebay item 380405674101. this guy is so good!

    by the way, if u want a coin box as jewelry box, the 2009 UHR box is the one. i believe it is the most beautiful box usmint ever made. unfortunately, i missed the coin due to the financial crisis.

  6. Broooster says

    Samuel, you collecting coins or are you collecting cardboard boxes? Open them up and have a look, it’s a great set.

  7. Samuel says

    Broooster, i would say, both. it is a great set, thats true. i opened the first batch ordered on the first day, and returned/replaced a couple of defective sets. i checked the 2006 sets on ebay, sealed one can get above $500, opened only about $300.

  8. boz says

    The S reverse proofs in the set are excellent, but the regular proofs from toward the end of the sale (I ordered on the last day) are a disaster. Maybe I got the ones you returned earlier.

    Oddly, the quality of the S proofs in the money set with the $5.00 bill are much higher quality, at least the ones I have seen. They are all keepers.

    Since I already opened my sets, I am taking the proofs out of the money set and putting them in the pretty blue box. The $5.00 bills and the defective proofs I am spending at the laundrymat.

  9. VA Bob says

    I’ve never quite understood the “sealed box” phenominon. Why not buy a coin that you can see, and be confident that the money you laid down is worth it? I personnally would never go for the mystery box. Maybe I watched too much “Lets Make a Deal” back in the day. On top of that, it seems the number of unsrupulous sellers are growing and openning, cherry picking, and resealing a mint box wouldn’t take too much effort. Whose to say there are even coins in the box? There are those that clammor for these, willing to pay more. I don’t fault anyone here for meeting those demands, but I just wonder why there is a market to begin with. Would you buy anything else in a box, sight unseen?

    Looking forward to the bronze spouse medals, but I’ll pick them up in combination with some other order. I’m in no hurry to get them the day of issue.

  10. Louis says

    VABob: Dealers want sealed boxes that are postmarked early enough to be 1strike eligible. I sold a sealed box of two of the 2011 anniversary sets to a dealer for enough to cover the cost of three free sets for me.

    For those who still don’t believe 1strike or early release means anything, I asked a major dealer his buy prices for the lucy Hayes and Garfield BU coins and they offered $200 more per coin for those with the 1st strike labels.

    Michael: Good luck with the power situation. I am sure I speak for others in saying we admire you for keeping things going even with no power. I hope everyone is okay in your family.

  11. simon says


    Hope you and all east coasters are safe and well,
    and the situation is well on the road to a speedy

  12. Richard W says

    We went through the 1989 Loma Prieta earth quake in 1989 the damage was great in some areas.This damage is monumental with severe infrastructure damage.This is not going to be a quick fix.My hats off to you Michael for continuing your work and all fellows pushing forward.

  13. Tim says

    Michael during this time of recovery from the storm my prayers are with you and your family, along with all the others affected by the storm. God Bless You All.

  14. simon says

    RW: Interesting you mention infrastructure. I experienced the ’94 Northridge quake. The I5 / I405 / I210 interchange collapsed, leaving only the (then) single land based truck routes for access from Santa Clarita (where I lived) to Pasadena (where I worked). We would leave at 4:00 am to get to work on time and return at 9:00 pm at night. This went on for an arduous several months. It was my first quake experience, and I was up exactly when it struck and ran out my apartment. Fortunately there was no collapse. But it was a very long 6 months before things were back to normal. Pres. Clinton toured the area and was very helpful in getting us all back on our feet.

  15. Richard W says

    These events bring to light how antiquated our infrastructure actually is.The billions this administration has tossed in the toilet could have been a good start to rebuilding ours power grid in the USA and these projects would have created tens of thousand of jobs in all employment segments.Really off topic and I collect the First spouce bronze medals,I purchase them as a set at years end.

  16. VA Bob says

    Louis – Yeah, I get the first strike thing (although that designation is meaninless to me, and I personally would never pay more for that designation), but I believe it’s much bigger than that. You see the same thing with “sealed” rolls, and there’s no first strike there. Of course people should buy what pleases them. I just wonder how happy they would be with their MS or PF 68 First Strike coin that they never saw when they purchaced the box, for a premium. Wasn’t there just discussion on quality issues with the San Fran sets a few weeks ago? All depends if you feel the risk is worth it.

  17. TomP says

    The biggest scam is the “sealed” mint and proof sets of the 60’s and 70’s. They came from the mint unsealed.

  18. geroge glazener says

    Can’t wait for the Ann Romney First Spouse Medal. I’ll be an old man by then, but it’ll remind me of this wonderful and historic day in American History.

  19. george glazener says

    Did anyone else notice that the Frances Cleveland FS Gold release date is now on the US MINT site? 11-15-12. And look closely, they changed her face. It’s not the same profile image we’d been seeing. She looks meaner, with sharper eyebrows and a more hawkish stare.

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