2012 Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, August 27, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarter numismatic bags and rolls.  This is the fourteenth release of the ongoing America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

As a change from past practice, today’s release will include the products containing the “P” and “D” mint marks, as well as the products containing circulating quality coins with the “S” mint mark.

The reverse design for the Hawaii Volcanoes Quarter contains the dramatic image of an eruption on the east rift of Kilauea Volcano. This was designed and sculpted by Charles L. Vickers. The obverse contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan.

The US Mint will offer 100-coin bags of circulating quality coins from either the Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco Mint, priced at $34.95 each. Two roll sets containing one 40-coin roll each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mint will be priced at $32.95. Single 40-coin rolls from the San Francisco Mint will be available priced at $18.95 each.

Packaging for each product includes US Mint branding with an indication of the design, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents.

The US Mint indicates that these products will remain available for one year from the original release date.

Previous Circulating Quality “S” Mint Mark Quarters

In May of this year, the US Mint had revealed that they were producing circulating quality 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters with the “S” mint mark to offer in numismatic products. Initially, they had indicated a mintage of 1.4 million for each design, but shortly afterwards this was clarified as the “initial mintage”, with total production to be based on collector demand.

The product offering seemed to generate some early excitement and was historically significant as the first circulating quality coins to carry the “S” mint mark since 1981.

The US Mint released 100-coin bags and 40-coin rolls for the first three quarter designs of the year in rapid succession. The 2012-S Quarters for El Yunque National Forest were released on June 21, followed by Chaco Culture National Park on July 12, and Acadia National Park on August 9.

Sales for the first release are on target to exceed the US Mint’s indicated initial mintage, although the pace of sales has slowed for the second and third releases. As of the most recent report, sales account for 1,363,120 El Yunque coins, 925,760 Chaco Culture, and 639,960 Acadia.

The US Mint has not yet indicated whether the circulating quality “S” mint marked quarters will be offered for future years.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    When the Mint announced this design last year, it caught my attention immediately. But, when I received my 2012 PF and Silver PF sets earlier this year, I fell in love with the design. The Mint put a lot of effort into the details for the PF finish. I think it increases the dramatic effect of the volcanoe and really helps to sell the design. Definitely looking forward to seeing the 5 oz versions of this coin. Too bad they won’t include a true Proof Strike.

    As a side note, so sad to look at the Mint’s Upcoming Products Listing Page, and see three dated items over the next six weeks. Sad indeed!

  2. george glazener says

    Yes, it is a cool design! And as an added benefit, with all those “lava sparks” in the field, any tiny flaws or nicks will be easily missed or mistaken for just another lava spark. Pretty clever, eh?

  3. Gary says

    At least we got another Silver Eagle offering coming out! We all need to reach out to our friends and families and make sure everyone got a 2012 Silver Eagle…I would hate for somebody not to get a Silver Eagle this year! God for bid if somebody doesnt get a 2012 Silver Eagle this year, I can only imagine how many Silver Eagle Products there will be next year!! ….So please EVERYBODY let everyone know there is enough 2012 Silver Eagles to go around this year!! And direct them to the US Mint website!!

  4. george glazener says

    LOL…or to The Coin Vault! Those boys sell Silver Eagles every which way but Sunday. Lord, how I wish they would vary their offerings.

  5. Falcon says

    I was just wondering if the mint will include the S mint mark quarters in thier circulating ATB quarters sets comming out later this year. I don’t think they will but it would be nice if they did.

  6. Zaz says

    I concur with VABB, the Volcanoes design is superb in proof, can’t wait to order the pucks, these should be exceptionally detailed in that size. The 2012 designs are equal or slightly better than the 2010s. Makes for an exciting series however seldom seen in the wild and little known and appreciated by the general public. They will have their day in the sun someday.

  7. george glazener says

    LMAO….Yes, I did see that. Chalk it up to our deteriorating education system. There was a time when errors like that would have NEVER been seen in live print. Now, it’s commonplace. You find simple spelling mistakes and bad grammar on TV newscasts, national news networks, and especially the internet, where cutesy abbreviations (like LMAO), have dumbed down a lot of people regarding how words and phrases should actually be constructed.

  8. Brad says

    Careful, George! Remember, talk like that got us in trouble a few weeks ago! 🙂

    So, has anyone here who ordered Lucy Hayes or Lucretia Garfield Unc coins after the backorder notices had their coins come off of backorder status yet? Mine still haven’t, and I lose a little more hope of fulfillment with each passing day.

  9. george glazener says

    LOL….Yes, I do remember that! But I can’t help it, I say what I feel in my heart and I speak the truth no matter whose panties might get in a wad. Not always in the right forum, I’ll admit, but always from the heart.

    I think I was foolish to have canceled my Lucretia order. I was just overly cautious about investing too much in gold’s volatility. Plus I’m looking forward more to the Frances Cleveland, if it ever comes out.

  10. Brad says

    What bums me out about the Alice Paul and Frances Cleveland (First Term) coins is the tremendous delay in releasing them. It now appears that each of them will cost me at least $50 per coin more than they would have had they been released on the normal schedule. $50 per coin translates to $300 for me, since I buy one proof and two unc of each issue for the sets I’m building. If I delay the purchase hoping for a future price drop (that might not even happen), I run the risk of receiving someone else’s rejects later on. I always order in the first week or two to make sure my coins are fresh, first-wave shipments.

    To be fair, the Mint should have started taking orders for them a few weeks ago, even if they aren’t ready to be shipped yet. It’s not like they haven’t taken orders for a product well in advance of the expected ship date. SF Silver Eagle sets ordered on July 5 show an expected ship date of 10/31! I wouldn’t have minded having backordered spouse coins ordered in June that were expected to ship on 10/31. At least then I could have locked in the lower price! I’m sure the Mint already bought the blanks to be used MONTHS ago.

  11. george glazener says

    Yep, you’re exactly right. We must wonder if they’re still having difficulties resolving the problems they disclosed to us 2 weeks ago. Hard to imagine such a manufacturing process glitch taking this long to correct. My company would’ve had a problem like that repaired within a day or 2 or we’d have been up a creek.

    Oh well, it’s all beyond our control anyway. We can take it or leave it, and I love coin collecting too much to completely quit.

  12. RP says

    Look out for this announcement from the Mint…We regret to inform you that due to striking difficulties with the 2012 first spouse coins, this series will no longer be issued…Hmmm! This series is really screwed up at this point. Wait till gold is $2,000 an ounce and then release them all…Nice!

  13. posterhunter says

    I don’t think the mint is being honest about the spouse coins, I mean there is nothing in these designs that make striking them any more difficult than any of the past issues. For some reason they must be delaying these intentionally.

    If you doubt this then ask yourself how hard it is to adjust a press to increase the force of a strike? Does it take months of research to accomplish? Not likely, that is done at the press and can be adjusted right then. The story on why these are being delayed doesn’t seem to hold up and I am not sure why nobody has questioned the mint on how silly it sounds.

  14. dan says

    Wait till bernanke speaks on friday about QE 3 and then when gold goes up another 200 – 300 afterward they will release them on Monday.

  15. george glazener says

    You nailed it dude. As sad as it may seem, it would be naive to think that politics or insider market knowledge plays no part in the timing of these high priced precious metal releases. The US MINT executives know full well that we’re on to their tricks, they just don’t give a damn.

  16. says

    I also wonder WHY there have been no spouse coins offered todate. These 2012 designs don’t appear to me to be anymore difficult to mint than any of the others. I am concerned about the price of GOLD going up before any of these are MINTED and offered for sale! Guess we will just have to keep on asking and to be patient.

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