Upcoming Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Last week many collectors noticed a new product added to the US Mint’s release schedule. This was the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, which was scheduled for release on November 27, 2012.

Before the end of the week, the product was removed from the listing of upcoming products without explanation. Today, pricing for the product of $149.95 has been published in the Federal Register.

The removal of the product from the schedule does make the status unclear. In the past, some products have been removed from the schedule only to later reappear, other products have reappeared with a different release date, and in a few instances products have been canceled.

Update: The product has been added back to the schedule with the same release date of November 27, 2012.

Before the product was removed from the schedule, a reader managed to obtain some preliminary details about the set which were shared in the comments to this post. The details were provided by a representative on the US Mint’s 1-800 number.

According to this information, the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set will include the following proof coins:

  • American Silver Eagle with W mint mark
  • 5 Quarters in 90% silver
  • 1 Half Dollar in 90% silver
  • 1 Dime in 90% silver

The sets would carry a 50,000 maximum mintage. As stated above, the pricing would be $149.95.

I have not been able to officially confirm this information yet. Also, a call to the 1-800 number this morning did not yield any information. As the product has been removed from the schedule, the representative would not provide any details or confirm a release date, although she assumed the product would still be released at some point.

There has already been some discussion about the set in comments to other posts. The price of the set is high compared to other packaging options. The full 2012 Silver Proof Set which would also contain non-silver $1 coins, the cent, and the nickel is priced at $67.95. When last available, the 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle was priced at $59.95. This makes for a total of $127.90, or $22.05 less than the cost of the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

In the past, the US Mint has offered limited mintage specially packaged proof sets which were priced above the total price of individual options. From 1983-1984 and 1986-1997, the US Mint offered the Prestige Proof Set which contained the coins of the regular proof set, along with one or more commemorative silver dollars and/or half dollars. From 1992-1998, the US Mint offered the Premier Silver Proof Set, which contained the same exact coins as the regular Silver Proof Set, but in a fancy packaging style. (I recently wrote about this product type here.) From 2005 to 2008, the American Legacy Collection was offered, which included the coins from the regular proof set plus one or more commemorative silver dollars. Here’s the Mint News Blog post on the 2008 version which was priced at $29.10 above the cost of the individual components of the set.

Unless the US Mint does something unexpected with the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, it will probably not be a very strong seller. In recent years, collectors have shown less of a tendency to chase after different packaging options of the same coins, although the US Mint continues to pursue the strategy.

Another update: Here is the preliminary product page on the US Mint website. The details mentioned above are correct. In addition, there will be an initial ordering limit of 2 sets per household and shipping is expected to begin in Spring 2013.

Still Another Update: Shipping is now expected to begin in late December.

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  1. hi ho silver says

    I love the last paragraph!! I just add 50,000 more silver proof sets(minus penny and pres. coins) and 50,000 more W mm ASE’s to the final mintage. Limited Edition ?? Haha

  2. Louis says

    I agree with Samuel. The only way this set would be of interest is if it had something unique in it, a coin that can not be obtained elsewhere.

  3. says

    It’s pretty funny that at least three of us had the same thought; as soon as I saw the different packaging and price increase, I thought of the Perth Mint too. 🙂

    This could be a good product if it was priced well. The idea of a “silver only” set appeals to me, though a “silver proof only” would have been better. Had it been priced slightly under the combined prices of the individual annual proof set and the uncirculated silver eagle I think it could have perfomed better than most people expected. I certainly would have thought hard about buying one priced at $115-$120.

    I agree with Michael’s comments though, at $150 with no unique coins, I don’t expect the set to perform well at all.

  4. kevin says

    It’s good to see that when we were all mad that a unique sivler eagle wasnt used for the coin and currency set that the mint listens to us and months later tries to sell us another set with no unique silver eagle in it….. they are doing this just to spite us at this point. They know we wanted a 2012-P or something else special for the coin and currency and this set, so they screw us instead with more boring coins!!!!

  5. simon says

    Just my 2c. If the mint makes the fractional silvers in a special “burnished” finish like the 1998 “proof” matte Kennedy, this could be a winner. I do plan on getting a set to complement my uncirculated dollar set.

  6. posterhunter says

    As best as i can tell the set will have about $75 worth of silver in it so that is probably what it is worth.

  7. cw says

    One would think that the government would give one a discount for buying in bulk. One would be dead wrong.

  8. mookem says

    The 2012 W proof eagle is sold out from the US Mint. Excepting, of course, the 50,000 they set aside for this set to be sold at a premium. Did they mention that The Coin Vault must be running the mint now? Sold out should mean that they are sold and they are out! No thanks on this one.

  9. SilverFan says

    Maybe the half, quarter and dime will be .999 silver instead of .90 silver. Now that would make be a buyer.

  10. Shutter says

    usmint begins to learn the repacking trick from perth mint.

    As Michael’s article make clear, the US Mint has a history of repackaging. Moy mostly put a stop to that. This is the year the Mint is going back to old tricks.

    Also, unlike the Perth Mint, they aren’t using repackaging to skirt around previously announced mintage limits.

    Having said that, I have absolutely zero interest in this set.

  11. Jon in CT says

    As far as I can tell, a 2012 proof 90% silver quarter (non-AtB) doesn’t exist. Maybe it that were part of the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, then ….

  12. Jack in N.E says

    Product now listed in upcoming products page on U.S mint site.Limit oof 2 per Household shipping spring 2013

  13. DCDave says

    I don’t like how they say the proof ASE is “sold out”, but really they will be offering the same coin in a different venue at a later date.
    Can someone please have the Mint tell us what is really on “backorder” v. “almost sold out” and why exactly is the Cleveland on “backorder” anyhow?

  14. Jack in N.E says

    Now the U.S mint site says to expect an update on shipping of this special silver proof set.They must be reconsidering spring 2013.They now say to expect a delay in shipping.Probably in response to holiday gift giving.

  15. DCDave says

    I don’t really care about the Gettysburg, but why does the Mint give a “last chance” date and then put the item on “backorder” when the # sold is way less than the limit? I think they really are messing with us….

  16. KEITHSTER says

    If they have a lot of left over silver proofs I wish they would just sell them in proof rolls and be done with it in an hour instead of having this set for sale for a year but good luck anyway???

  17. VA Bob says

    The Mint is pushing people that would normally pick up a silver Eagle as a holiday gift to purchase this. The false sellout is shameful. As I have all these coins, I’ll pass. So there’s two sets someone that would want these won’t have to fight over. Somehow I believe the household limits will be unnecessary.

  18. Shutter says

    shipping is expected to begin in Spring 2013.

    I realize that they changed it to Expect a delay in shipping., but why the delay? The coins must have been minted already. Does it really take months to produce the packaging and assemble the sets?

  19. Two Cents says

    For people ordering these silver sets, I hope the Mint will be able to get them shipped in time for Christmas, as I would think that these would be purchased mainly for gift-giving. I find it hard to believe that there will be a substantial number of collectors buying the sets for themselves, considering the overpricing.

    Probably, there will not be significant sales in 2013, as once the year turns over, there will be limited demand for an outdated 2012 set to give away.

    Off topic, thanks to GMS for tipping us off that the S-mintmarked quarter bags for Chaco and Hawaii are sold out. I’m surprised that the first-issued bag for El Yunque is still available. According to last week’s sales report, the Chaco and Hawaii mintages were around 1.1 and 1.2 million respectively, with the El Yunque at around 1.5 million. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow’s sales report will show.

  20. Mercury says

    Are we crazy or what…? The U.S. Mint sure thinks so. Sorry, crazy will have to pass on this one.

  21. Frankie says

    I’m getting tired of the “backordered” status with the mint. You order an item that is on backorder, but in fact they are already sold out – see Chaco & Hawaii S quarter bags. Okay, they are still available in rolls, but at a huge premium vs. the bags.
    Why accept an order if you know you can’t fulfil it? Maybe two months later – oh, we’re sorry, we can’t fulfil your order. Order it somewhere else at a mark-up… They really piss me off!

  22. DNA says

    If this Set had a 2012-S Proof ASE (to match the S mintmarks on the other coins) and was $99.95 or less, I would have jumped on it.

    As it is, though… <=^?

  23. bigdawg says

    just keep coming up with ways to take own money!! usually a buch of nothing,the extra mintage hurts the overall other proofs.i wish the mint would quit coming out with so many things ,and make more special low mintage items

  24. Foxwoods Man says

    I can see another “special” label by the TPG’s coming on the market…Mint makes money, TPG’s make money, collectors are duped again….another perceived rarity is created by a label….

  25. hi ho silver says

    How can the 100 quarter Smint bags sell out when they are mint to demand for a year ? I don’t want any, but you guys should look @ the purching info . Seems like they are just off the site for now.

  26. george glazener says

    At least make the stars & stripes background in COLOR for crying out loud..!
    God, you people at the mint are so freaking STUPID..!! Does the phrase RED WHITE & BLUE mean anything to you morons? The SSB set was so colorful and visually appealing, AND it was a pretty good value for the money. So, THEN you turn around and do this silly overpriced gimmick. US MINT; Keep your garbage. I’ll go to Hobby Lobby and craft myself a much nicer looking display for my coins with my own 2 hands. Not to mention the fact that Hobby Lobby deserves my support for trying to stand up for traditional values in a country which is being dragged into the sewer by the Godless socialists in D.C

  27. ELLIOT G says


  28. george glazener says

    You’re on the right track, but you didn’t go far enough. They need to include a whole packet of food stamps (the kind that let you buy beer & cigarettes instead of actually buying FOOD). Then it should also include a free obama phone (pardon me a moment while I vomit after typing that name), and then it should include optional citizenship application papers so that the illegals can start coin collecting too. Buy a coin, get a US Citizenship..!! What a deal..!!

  29. george glazener says

    Absolutely. Either way is good. The point is that “We The People” are more capable of creating attractive presentation boxes to display our treasures than any fool at the US mint ever was. I’m headed there today..!!

  30. hi ho silver says

    Try Dansco coin supply or Whitman.com before you buy gg. I got some nice display cases there. I do agree with you this us mint case looks like something you would take to a funeral.

  31. jeff72 says

    I’ll pass on this set too…..

    I’m baffled as to why the Mint continues to produce the same boring finishes….proof…or not to proof…with the exception of the reverse proof -I’ll give them that one …I do like the matt finish idea though ….I mean, there’s not too many finishes a coin can have -but why not have them all on the table at different times and with different coins ….mix it up a bit ….make it interesting for us Mint!

  32. posterhunter says

    Look at the bright side, if silver prices ever double then the people that buy this set should break even. Most mint products never have that chance even happening for them.

  33. MTH says

    Well, we can’t blame this coin fiasco on Congressional mandate. The Mint evidently dreamed up this silliness all by themselves.

    Yes… shades of Perth and RCM. So you’d think we could at least get a bejeweled, decaled, or hologramed ASE out of this. Sheesh.

  34. hi ho silver says

    Samuel: I never used them, but have been checking out coinsupplyexpress.com all day. I might purchase a single coin glass top wood case.

  35. Smiledon says

    hi ho silver, I ordered from coinsupplyexpress.com. I even made a mistake, and they took back what I did not want. I can not say anything bad @ this time about them. I have to agree about the current set; SOS in a brown paper bag. I wish they would color the coins, or something to make them stand out. Oh well. One year, I made a mistake in ordering, and I got the silver verison of the state quraters. @ first, I thought I would keep going, but after taking really close look, I never bought another set again.

  36. mookem says

    The Gettysburg 5 oz is no longer backordered status. Exactly how does a 2011 coin go into backorder status and recover anyway?

  37. KEITHSTER says

    They just look around to where they put them last grab a bunch more and send them to the shipper. I’m shure they made the full mintage of those so good thing for the last chance sale. so good luck Ya all!!!

  38. Alan says

    Thanks for the update. This strongly reminds me of the Legacy proof sets. Another series to last a few years before receiving a mercy cancellation? If demand is low for this set, and the series continues, 2012’s set might be a key date. Hehe.

    If I recall, the US Mint cut down on a lot of their product packaging options a few years back to reduce costs by simplifying their overcrowded product line. Now they seem to be bringing a few of them back (perhaps as some have said, after seeing the success of Perth and other world mints with packaging options).

    To the Mint: We the jaded collecting populace are not likely to bite for new annual proof sets if you can’t guarantee that they will actually be annual. 😀

  39. Mercury says

    Alan, sorry to say, but there is no way this will qualify as a low mintage “Set”. Think about it, it has a mintage limit of 50,000 and all the coin offered in this “Set” can be found by the zillions in the “Sets” the Mint has already produced. There is nothing unique about this “Set” except maybe the wrapper, and even that sort of mimics the 2009-Proof 4 Coin Lincoln Cent “Set;” been there and done that. In other words, this “Set” in my opinion will pretty much amount to the purchase one expensive “Set” of wrapping paper.

  40. hi ho silver says

    True story. I was helping out with an Estate a couple years ago and came across a 1996 proof set, took it to a young dealer and he was clueless as its value because he looked at the case that had PROOF BANK SET printed on it. I was tempted to give it to him.lol

  41. Tim says

    I will not be purchasing this……………….. My reason, buy what you like, I don’t like, simple. Gray flag, give me a break…….

  42. george glazener says

    LOL, maybe they fooled us all and used a B&W photo for the press announcement when the real thing will be in color…!!

  43. marc says

    I am glad all you haters for this limited production silver set won’t buy any. It leaves more for me. I will buy more than enough of them for all of you who won’t buy in.

  44. Smiledon says

    I collect ASE proofs.
    I collect the ATB quarters.
    I have no interest in the silver Kennedy half dollar, or the dime.
    Why would I spend my hard earned money on this set marc?
    If the set was different in some way, I would get them.
    Other places would call this set junk silver; the value of the silver is less what is being asked. Either lower the asking price, or make it a truly special set. Other people expressed what they want in order to buy the set.
    If you can not afford gold or platinum, you are limited in what is out there. Remember the 1995 AGE that had the ASE with the W mark? That made that set very valuable.

  45. Shutter says

    I am glad all you haters for this limited production silver set won’t buy any.

    As last sales report, the coins making up this set have totaled 3,866,922 pieces. The two “rarest” were 340,685 each. Limited production indeed!

  46. Eddie says

    I don’t know what the mint would have to do to be able to mint a silver penny and a silver nickel but it sure would be nice if they did. That way we would truly have a silver proof set.
    I personally think it would be great if for 2014 the mint minted a silver proof set with the penny and nickel made with silver and the Kennedy half made in .999 silver just like the ASE.

  47. Eddie says

    I also was wondering if this might be the new proof packaging. It would be a lot better than what we have now.

  48. george glazener says

    To some people, not liking something = hating it. Same philosophy as when a person criticizes our dear sweet president. Not liking his agenda = racism. To them it’s either pure white or pure black.

    The real shortcoming with people who think in such absolutes is that their vocabulary and intellect cannot function together adequately as a whole. They’re mentally unable to grasp the concept that it’s entirely possible to find an object or an idea unappealing or unattractive without also fixing any thoughts of hatred or derision upon it. In the presence of such a personal shortcoming, such people will inevitably revert to the base extreme of defining such a judgement as “hate” or “racism.” This principle applies in politics as well as on this blog when we’re called “haters” for expressing apathy toward a US MINT offering. Pretty pathetic really.

  49. VA Bob says

    Marc – you’re welcome to my 2 limit. I all ready have each coin that will be in this “limited” set, and at a lower cost. Good luck with that.

    I don’t particularly like when the comments get political (left or right), but Elliot and George you guys had me laughing hard with that “Food Stamp” set. I’d definitely be in for one of those, suitable for framing of course, and oh so indicative of the times we live in. US Mint are you listening? These guys are giving you gold here, while you’re busy shoveling retreads on us.

  50. Gary says

    I like it..I will buy at least one….too bad it doesnt have the S proof or the reverse proof silver eagle in it! Now that would have been funny!!

  51. Gary says

    Looks like we can pick up 2012 Making American History Set for less than what the US Mint is selling it for now!!
    Guess i was right!!

  52. ROBVALE says

    Realy… US MINT Realy…Why would I buy this set? NO, Why should anyone buy this set? All I see is Repeats coins in a New Case. Who collects U.S. mint cases? $149.95 Why? This Limited Edition Silver Set is ABSURD.

    Special Editions, Limited Editions and Anniversarys should be Memorable Coins. Not Repeats or Crap for Sale.

    US MINT! You Know Whats Memorable? If your Crapy 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set “all coins were Minted at West Point” Mint Mark W. “Your Welcome US Mint Experts”!

    The Mint can forget about my business on this one. I won’t be one of thoese that buys twenty sets and trys to resales on ebay and ends up stuck with them.

    Realy Why buy one? That Set is NOT a LIMITED EDITION. Maybe the blue case is. I hope people realize is just the same proof coin the mint issue several week ago.

  53. bfn says

    More mundane thought (or no thought at all) from the US Mint. Hard to understand with all the brilliance in Washington that the Mint couldn’t serve up better…very sad.

  54. Gary says

    Also, i guess the 2012 Proof W American Eagle isnt really sold out! They had an extra 50k to put in this set! Too funny!!
    Definately enough silver eagles this year to make up for the 100k 2011 Anniversary Set!!
    So everybody that missed out last year, the Mint is helping you out with ample chances to get whatever proof silver eagle or anniversary eagle you want!! So take advantage of all these great American Silver Eagles minted to your satisfaction…Be sure to call a friend and let them know..Just so nobody misses out this year!!

  55. dee says

    Sooooo, my question is: Why would this not be a unique item to purchase….. It will have the Kennedy half dollar with the “s” mark on it. That would be a mintage of 50,000. Or is the san francisco mint minting Kennedys?

  56. Shutter says

    That would be a mintage of 50,000. Or is the san francisco mint minting Kennedys?

    Yes it is. It is part of the annual silver proof set. Already sold in hundreds of thousands.

  57. VA Bob says

    About the only saving grace is that none of these are eligible for the first strike gimmick. Of course since the only thing unique in this set is the packaging, I can’t see why anyone would want it graded as a set. Perhaps cherry picking the coins out of it for grading.

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