2012 Native American Dollar 100-Coin Bags

Today, May 14, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of 100-coin bags of 2012 Native American Dollars. This will simply represent a different ordering option, as circulating quality coins in 25-coin rolls, 250-coin boxes, and 500-coin boxes previously went on sale April 26, 2012.

The reverse design for this year’s Native American Dollar features a Native American and horse in profile. There are three small horses running in the background, intended to represent the historical spread of the horse. This reverse was designed by Thomas Cleveland and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The series has featured a different reverse design each year since 2009.

The obverse features the portrait of Sacagawea and child designed by Glenna Goodacre.

The 100 coins are packaged in a United States Mint canvas bag, which has been sewn shut. The bag indicates the face value of the contents, while a tag indicates the year and mint mark. Bags are available from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint.

The bags are priced at $111.95 each, plus applicable shipping and handling.

As of the latest sales report, the United States Mint has sold 1,217,975 of the 2012 Native American Dollars through the existing offerings. This is lagging sales of the Chester Arthur Presidential Dollars, which have now sold 7,088,500 coins across the various product options.

2012 Native American Dollar Sales

Units Coins
$25-roll (P) 10,997 274,925
$25-roll (D) 10,972 274,300
$250-box (P) 1,082 270,500
$250-box (D) 1,089 272,250
$500-box (P) 135 67,500
$500-box (D) 117 58,500
Total 1,217,975

2012 Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar Sales

Units Coins
$25-roll (P) 42,884 1,072,100
$25-roll (D) 39,070 976,750
$250-box (P) 10,784 2,696,000
$250-box (D) 5,425 1,356,250
$500-box (P) 923 461,500
$500-box (D) 954 477,000
$100-bag (P) 267 26,700
$100-bag (D) 222 22,200
Total 7,088,500
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  1. J A says

    I can see (and I hope the Mint can too) why the Chester Arthur’s would be outselling the NA dollars. There are many collectors like myself who are riding the series along so we can get all the Presidents in the series and albeit reluctantly now without the Direct Ship program, are continuing to place our orders.

    I can’t say that I’ve heard anyone collecting the NA dollars. Not to say that this year’s design isn’t beautiful because it most certainly is but whereas I would pay a small premium for the Prez dollars in order to continue the series, I am not willing to do the same for the NA coins.

    If they distributed these through the banks or reinstated the DS program, I would most certainly order me a bunch.

  2. William says

    In the last post you commented that the recent metal weakness is due to Greece perhaps leaving the Euro. No doubt that would pressure the Euro short-term as panic is always the first reaction. However, long-term don’t you think that such an event would strengthen the Euro since the common currency would be able to boot its weakest link?? Like you said, nothing has or will change fiscally here or in Europe, so I think all these developments in conjunction will be a positive for metals.

  3. george glazener says

    I sort of agree, but I think with the reduced NA mintages and the good fortune of getting a nice clean heads/tails roll, these could end up being solid collectors items. I find myself reaching back and getting earlier NA rolls off eBay just b/c they look so nice. I love all things Native American anyway.

    I also think the 100-coin bags make an attractive and tempting product, sort of like feeling that you’re holding a bag full of gold nuggets or something. Silly, but the craving is real and always will be with some coin guys..!!

  4. says


    I don’t know as the Euro would strengthen, because if Greece finally blows up completely, market scrutiny might shift next to Portugal, and then Spain/Italy.

    That’s why I’m watching and waiting for a re-entry point. I’d thought when we had the price cut a few weeks ago that was as low as things would go, but I completely misjudged the impact of the Greek and French elections (though I think the Greek elections are having a much bigger impact than the French).

    The next danger point to watch for will be whether Greece is able to make its €430M bond payment due tomorrow. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-no-brainer-trade-year-plummets-bondolders-duck-ahead-possible-greek-bankruptcy-tomorrow

    If Greece fails to make that payment I’m expecting another gigantic drop in metals. I’d been planning on getting the five ounce proof silver dragon coming out at the Perth Mint in June, but with gold getting so low I am now considering buying some gold bullion (eagles, maples, the $5 commemoratives) instead to take advantage of falling gold prices.

  5. Mike says

    I can’t see anyone buying the 100 coin bags. The coins are always banging against each other. I perfer the 250 coin box (Ten 25 coin rolls) for that reason. What do you think?

  6. george glazener says

    You’re right, in terms of maintaining the best condition possible, the boxes are the way to go. But the sealed bags just have that “je ne sais quoi” raw appeal, like being a gold prospector coming from a successful season in the Klondike. Guess there’s just one solution; get 2 of each..!!

  7. Brad says

    I do miss the old “direct ship” program, with no shipping charge and credit cards allowed to make your payment with. Unfortunately, as long as dollar coins aren’t being produced for circulation, the program most certainly won’t be re-instated. As much as I’d like to spend some 2012 NA dollars, I don’t want to lose money on each one spent!

    If only the dollar coins would get used, production for circulation could resume. I don’t know how many here besides me enjoy video games, but back in the early 80’s SBA dollars could get you some nice discounts on pinball tables. I’ve played a lot of video pinball on my Xbox and Xbox 360 of old original Gottlieb and Williams tables. They’ve been faithfully re-created there to the finest detail, and it’s such a hoot to see the cabinets on 1980 and 1981 tables advertise that a SBA dollar would get you 3 to 5 games while using quarters cost .50 cents per game! I was only 9 in 1981 so I didn’t have any money, but if I had been an adult back then I would have been doing my best to get roll quantities of SBA dollars to spend on pinball! 🙂

  8. dan says


    Just received 2 dof coin sets and they are horrible. They appear to be uncirculated coins instead of proofs and was wondering if anyone else was disappointed also. One coins is out of the capsule and has a giant thumb print on it to boot. Hope this is a fluke and can return them quick enough to get a replacement.

  9. Shutter says

    if Greece finally blows up completely, market scrutiny might shift next to Portugal, and then Spain/Italy.

    You’re forgetting the 5th leg of the Euro Zone PIIGS stool. Ireland. Not to mention all those other dysfunctional countries in E. Europe. Finally, two more points. If Greece is the only one that “blows up completely”, what will happen to countries whose banks hold all that worthless Greek paper? And what will happen to all those countries that sell their junk to Greece, if Greece is not able to pay?

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    With the move from the “Sacagawea” Dollar to the NA Dollar, these have become yet another themed series w/ a new REV every year. I’m sure that, as the series continues, it may gain interest and collectors will start pursuing the first issues in the series. Here’s my question, though. Since the Presidential Dollars are now being struck to collector demand, does the NA production still has to comply with the legislated 20% of the overall dollar coin production? Certainly didn’t seem to be an issue in 2011.

    @ Dan – My two DOF sets also arrived in today’s mail. Overall, in good condition w/ each containing a PR coin that would grade at a PR69. When the coins first hit the market, I had to return my single PR coin two different times because of haze, metal strain marks and water stains, so I was really concerned about the quality of coins that I was going to receive. Not sure how you had a coin end up out of the capsule. In looking at the packaging, it must have been an assembly sequence problem.

    In the grand scheme of commemorative sets, though, I give this a “Meh.” Given the premise, it would have been nice to see 1 or 2 sentences about the US Infantry somewhere on the product.

    As a side-bar, now that I have the product in hand, I think there’s a serious authenticity issue w/ the soldier and uniform. Given the color scheme of the camoflage, I believe the pictured soldier is a US Marine. I seem to recall the US Army cammies being a little lighter in color. Or maybe I’m so used to seeing all of the services wearing Desert Cammies. Thoughts anyone??

  11. says

    You’re forgetting the 5th leg of the Euro Zone PIIGS stool. Ireland.

    I hadn’t forgotten about them, but I’d been under the impression they were doing better than the rest of the PIIGS in implementing meaningful austerity policies (though if you know something I don’t, feel free to correct, as I haven’t read about Ireland in awhile).

    If Greece is the only one that “blows up completely”, what will happen to countries whose banks hold all that worthless Greek paper?

    There will be bailouts. I expect that in addition to the panic generated by a Greek bankruptcy/Eurozone exit, the ECB and probably also the Federal Reserve would have to arrange some sort of bailout for affected banks. Otherwise you run the risk of a contagion domino effect. If the ECB is forced to print that will weaken the Euro, and gold, even further.

    And what will happen to all those countries that sell their junk to Greece, if Greece is not able to pay?

    Depends on who the sellers are. The important ones will most likely get bailed out, the ones that aren’t important will probably have to take their losses.

  12. vaughnster says

    Ordered my Chester Arthur rolls on April 12th. The D rolls are “in stock and reserved” while the P rolls are now backordered until 6/15. Looks like the Mint was unprepared again for customer demand. They didn’t realize that once collectors couldn’t get them at banks at face value the best and basically only alternative was buying them from the Mint??

  13. Saucexx says

    Ireland has 14% unemployment, is in the middle of a bailout and forecasts growth of .5% for 2012. Compared to Spain and Greece I guess they look pretty good.



    I just shipped back 2 SSB gold $5 coins. Both of them had contact marks on the bottom sails (obverse). I rarely have issues with foreign mints but the US mint is really hit or miss. I’ve had consistent issues with gold commems and the ATB 5oz’ers. I also have several DOF sets coming. Based on the above comments, now I’m wondering what kind of shape they’re going to show up in.

  14. Shutter says

    I’d been under the impression they were doing better than the rest of the PIIGS
    They are. Mostly because they don’t have as much corruption. But their debt is still huge. And on 5/31 they have a referendum that could throw the whole thing into turmoil.

    <iThere will be bailouts.
    The bailouts are getting increasingly (what’s the opposite of popular?).

  15. george glazener says

    My (2) Defenders of Freedom sets arrived yesterday in very good shape. Nice clean Proof Coins, dog tags complete with a thin black plastic guard, and no problems that I can see. So far so good. Sorry to hear you guys are getting some bad ones. I ordered these at 12:02 pm on the day they were released. My later order will probably not come for a month or more. Overall, this little set looks better than I expected. I hope it sells out at 50,000 and appreciates over the years. Lucy Hayes Gold UNC is in the mail today, and I can’t wait to see how she weathered the long journey..!

  16. says

    Got my DoF yesterday. I was pretty nervous after some of the problems mentioned on the site but mine seems okay. The plastic packaging made it look like it had scratches and such but the coin seemed flawless once I took it off. In fact, I would say this is probably the best proof coin I’ve gotten from the US Mint in awhile – the coin was problem free and lacked any weird toning or hazing.

    My gold BU SSB that arrived the other day also looked pretty good. Perhaps I’m on a lucky streak.

  17. J A says

    The initial date on delivery of my 250 coin box was 5/18 now I received an email that it’s been pushed back to 6/15.

  18. george glazener says

    I asked them to send mine first, that’s why yours got bumped…LOL

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