2012-P Acadia Five Ounce Silver Coins Sold Out

acadiaLate Wednesday, the United States Mint sold out of the 2012-P Acadia Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. This joins the 2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes coin which had unexpectedly sold out in mid-January.

The Acadia National Park Five Ounce Silver Coins originally went on sale at the Mint on August 13, 2012. The coins were initially priced at $204.95 each (later raised to $229.95) and carried an indicated maximum mintage of 25,000. As we have seen with many other recent numismatic products, the actual number of coins produced was much lower. The latest available sales report shows 14,716 coins sold just ahead of the sell out.

The table below shows the last reported sales figures for all of the 2012-P America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins:

2012-P El Yunque National Forest 16,328
2012-P Chaco Culture National Historical Park 13,902
2012-P Acadia National Park 14,716*
2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes 14,863*
2012-P Denali National Park & Preserve 13,831
 *sold out

As surmised after the last sell it, it may be the case that production for the Denali and possibly Chaco Culture designs were also around the 15,000 level. Production for the El Yunque design is obviously at a higher unknown level, which may have been dictated by stronger initial orders for this release.

Following the unexpected sell out of the Hawaii design, premiums for the coin spiked higher on the secondary market. Recent completed sales on eBay show the coins selling for prices in the range of $525 to $600 each, which is more than double the initial price of $204.95 charged for this issue.

Although the sell out for the Acadia design was not as unexpected, over the past few days, higher premiums have been paid for a few completed listings.

Looking ahead, the United States Mint still has not determined sales dates for the 2013-P America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. Dates had been included on a preliminary product schedule provided in December, but those dates were later removed. The US Mint had explained that the preliminary schedule was subject to potential changes and revised dates would be provided as soon as possible. The White Mountain Five Ounce coin had originally been scheduled for release on February 12, 2013. Separately, higher pricing was published for the 2013-P ATB 5 Ounce Coins at $244.95 each.

Chinese Panda2013 World Silver Bullion Coins

Yesterday on World Mint News Blog, I posted a lengthy review of one ounce 2013 silver bullion coins from around the world. The post explores the designs, finishes, quality, mintages, and premiums for each coin.

To prepare the post, I had purchased one example each coin. Having all of the issues side by side for examination was a very useful experience and hopefully readers can benefit from the exercise.

You can check out the post here.


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  1. im just a bill says

    Remember in early 2011 when the AP’s had to sell out of the 2010 ATB inventory to be able to sell the 2011’s? Maybe this is the reason for the delay? I realize that the AP’s are the bullion version dealers but the mint is using the same tactic with the P pucks?

  2. says

    Yeah, I agree that one motivation is to get the lower-priced 2012 AtBs off the website so they don’t have White Mountain at the higher price while the 2012s are available at the lower price. I also think part of the motivation is to avoid having to put higher priced coins out for sale at a time of a massive decline in silver prices. The last time silver fell this low, prices on the AtBs were reduced to $204.95.

    Still, I’ll be looking forward to the AtBs. They’re about the only thing I’m really buying from the Mint still these days except the standard annual stuff.

  3. Brad says

    I had placed an order for a couple of those Acadia P coins when the backorder notice appeared, but cancelled it the next day when silver kept tanking. I didn’t have much faith that the secondary market price for these would be too spectacular anyway, since this sellout lacked the all important “surprise” factor. Now let’s see if I regret my decision to cancel.

  4. im just a bill says

    “Yep and notice the nice price increase on the 2013s”

    it makes me want them even less, i had the 2010 P’s with an extra Hot Springs. But I sold them all but the extra hot springs.

    “Still, I’ll be looking forward to the AtBs. They’re about the only thing I’m really buying from the Mint still these days except the standard annual stuff”

    agreed on the standard stuff; mint proof sets, silver mint proof sets, and the kennedys. but the bullion versions of the ATB’s are the best looking, imo. that is why i collect them. and cheaper.

    i remember being at the computer when my apmex alert arrived saying i could purchase the 2010 bullion set for $1250??? then the mint made them sell it for $850 hahaha what a ride this has been.

    notice the difference between the buy and sell prices for the 2010 raw bullion
    at apmx, almost $100.

  5. Samuel says

    Steve, thanks for the info. I meant 2013 TABs. If it is too high, the 2012 ones will be sold out in a second. If too low, no one will buy the 2012 ones.

    Brad, one thing I learnt these days is, if a coin is unexpectedly sold out, the secondary market price wil jump. If expectedly sold out, price will not jump.

  6. Pool Shark says

    im just a bill:

    Not only is APMEX charging outrageous premiums on their quality bullion; they order tons of the new issues directly from the Mint; cherry-pick the best and rush them to PCGS for “FS DMPL MS-69” designations which they then get even more ungodly premiums for; and sell the dregs to the public as plain old “bullion” for $5.00/oz. over spot.

    Thanks; I’ll keep buying from Provident…

  7. says

    Brad…I almost did the same thing the the Acadia…but I was unsure about the secondary market. Well, thus far, it looks like it would of been wise to follow through with a purchase. Two auctions on ebay are at the $400 level already….I’m sure they will not match the Hawaii in price, but still, I did not except them to go for over $400 or I would have bought some.
    At least this may give us an idea of how well Denali and perhaps Chaco will perform, as they should sell out soon.

  8. Samuel says

    for 2010 and 2011, i bought 3 sets of the P-ATB, this yr, i only bought 1 set with one extra Hawaii. seems the Acadia is also doing good. should we buy more Denali?

  9. Jerry Diekmann says

    Why even bother with these silver ATBs anyway with their exhorbitant prices? Silver is below $30 an ounce so there is less than $150 in silver in them. If the economy improves, PM prices will continue to fall as investors look to other places to put their money – real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. As the dollar becomes stronger (compared to other curriencies) silver and gold prices will decline. Day trading in PM will almost always result in you losing money in the long run. I know some people will not agreement with my assessment of what is happening, and that’s OK.

  10. fosnock says

    @Jerry – I have been hearing that for 6 years…why bother? How about for the potential of a quick flip to double your money? How about because you like the designs? I don’t see anyone making fun of people buying iPads for $500 when the actual cost about $$260. The key word you use is “IF” but all indications says the economy is not improving

  11. Jim_D says

    I’m betting Denali will be the next to sell out, followed by Chaco Culture. I wouldn’t be too surprised if El Yunque is marked as sold out as soon as Chaco is, just to finish off the set in preparation to begin offering the 2013s.

  12. Hidalgo says

    @Jerry – I agree with you. On a portfolio basis, I have made more money with my mutual funds than I have with my coin collection. In fact, I can’t believe how much my stock portfolio has increased this year (we’re talking about $1,000s).

    I certainly have not seen the same increase with my coin collection. Some coins have increased noticably in price, while others have decreased.

    Like you, I do suspect that gold and silver coins will decrease in value with time as prices for precious metals fall. I have seen it before. The bullion in the coins has driven up demand, and thus, prices. When precious metal values fall, interest, demand, and coin values will fall.

    Best to buy coins if you’re interested in collecting them as a hobby. Long term, values can fall. Unlike stocks, which historically, have increased about 7% per year in the long run.

  13. Samuel says

    for me, buying coins as investment is all about diversity in my portfolio. i also have paper silver/gold in my portfolio. and you will feel good if u make the right bet about a coin.

  14. HistoryStudent says

    The mint finds LOW mintage coins not extremely profitable.

    These 15,000 mintages, no matter that they are 5 oz. Ps, are matching the LOWEST silver dollars since 1892: namely the 1996 Olympics ones.

    Also I do wonder about the silver needed too. They have had to search the world lately – and PROBABLY pay a premium – for just in time.

    Guesstimates, of course, but things are sure BLOWING off fast in the US Mintage of precious metals.

    If you collect coins and appreciate these “things” HS suggests you start with the 2012 Ps at least: and then grab the 2013s if and when.

    Best wishes ~ HS

  15. Dan in Fla says

    Hopefully the Mint will rethink their high prices or do a silver grid similar to the other PM grids.
    These World coins are nice and I found a set similar to it on Apmex in 2012. The set had ten different coins from around the World and they are beautiful examples that I like to look at sometimes. Hope they do one this year.

  16. T1 browserman says

    Ag is headed for another suspension should spot remain below $30 based on the new Ag pricing formula. Since I only collect the P’s as a hobby I am 🙂 they have postposed the first offering. I suspect anything left of the flow racks will be headed to smelt either end of this month or next and the boxes will be recycled to another 5 oz offering. I hope I get a box with 3 UPC codes; one on top of another on top of another.

  17. Jon in CT says

    T1 browserman wrote on February 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Ag is headed for another suspension should spot remain below $30 based on the new Ag pricing formula.

    There is no ‘announced’ new silver pricing formula, but I suspect that the Mint has, in fact, adopted a new pricing strategy for their silver products that differs substantially from what they’ve done in the recent past.

    The big clue is that the Mint has already announced the price ($244.95) for the 2013-P AtB 5oz coins at https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2013/01/15/2013-00670/revised-pricing-for-five-2013-products. This announcement was issued at a time when the 2012-P AtB 5oz coins were still available and priced at only $229.95. Why would the Mint do this?

    I speculate that in the future, the Mint will not adjust prices of their silver products after they’re released. Each year the Mint will decide how much silver they’ll need for next year’s products and lock in a purchase amount and price. Having done that, the Mint would know exactly how much it much it needs to charge in order to recoup its costs and make a small profit. After such coins are released, the Mint will not respond to changing silver prices. If silver bullion prices go up, then sellouts happen quicker and if prices go down, the coins hang around in the catalog (perhaps for years, like the circulating AtB quarter sets where you can still buy all the sets at their original issue prices). But either way, the Mint will have guaranteed that it will not loose money on its silver coin sales (unless packaged with gold/platinum coins). In the long run, silver will eventually increase in value enough to always cause a sellout and the Mint will not have the expense of ‘recycling’ unsold silver coins.

    The Mint also took heat from early purchasers of the 2011-P AtB 5oz coins who were upset about the subsequent price drops on those coins from the Mint. Same thing from subscription buyers of Silver Eagles. If my speculation is correct, in the future there will never be a price discount to be had from the Mint on silver coins already issued by ‘timing’ silver coin purchases based on silver bullion price trends and if you want some silver coin, you might as well buy it when it is first issued.

  18. ClevelandRocks says

    I hope you are correct Jon in CT. I’m still upset about paying more on my subscription for silver eagles and buying Mt Hood @ 279 when the same coin was later deeply discounted by the Mint. And they wonder why sales are down…

  19. Jack says

    Just bought 2 Chacos and 2 El Yunques. I bet they will sell out within a month and I just saw an Acadia go for $425 on eBay. Even if they don’t go for that or what the Hawaii coins did, I’m sure I will at least be able to break even. I just decided I needed to order them cause now I’m kicking myself for not ordering more then 1 Hawaii and not any Acadias.

  20. gatortreke says

    Jon in CT: If that indeed is the new mint policy, I can’t see how they will do anything but lose money, especially in times of high volatility. If they refuse to lower prices when PM’s move lower, customers will refuse to buy their product or at the least, sales will significantly decrease (not selling a product or holding it for years is the equivalent of a loss). If prices move up, they are leaving money on the table they will need to buy materials in the future. Either way, the policy is a loser. The policy is fine in the time of stable prices but not with unstable prices. They’d be better served moving to grid pricing for all PM products, at least that’s how I see it.

  21. Jack says

    @Samuel, I forgot to add that I had already bought 2 Denalis because they were my favorite design of the year.

  22. Dan in Fla says

    I have been buying three of each of the ATB p Mint 5 ounce coins but thought for some reason that I needed an extra Hawaii. I took advice from the evilflipper for once and sold one for $600 Thanks.
    Yes the prices started out at $279.00 but when the prices started dropping I was happy to see an decrease in price. Now they are raising prices while the PM spot prices drop.

  23. fosnock says

    @Jon in CT – Interesting point of view personally I don’t care as I collect the bullion versions and I imagine if what you say is true more people will be joining me. I just wish I could take advantage of these low prices to get the 2013s

  24. posterhunter says

    One thing you can be sure of, if the price of silver ever skyrockets the mint will suspend sales of its silver products to adjust prices to a higher level and reap the rewards. They probably will not lower prices if silver tanks unless sales drastically tank with it. Many of us remember the past when the mint had products suspended for many days or weeks while awaiting price adjustments. As far as I know the silver products are still under the old pricing format where they can suspend them to make adjustments And that would probably involve a new Federal register announcement.

  25. Brad says

    Yeah, it looks like I should have left that order for two Acadias open. The high secondary market price surprises me, since the sellout was expected. I don’t know if that order would have been fulfilled or not, but it was placed early enough it probably would have been. My order for one Hawai’i Volcanoes coin was ultimately fulfilled, even though it was moved from “backordered” to “in stock and reserved” to “backordered” again before finally going through.

    I guess I’d better buy at least one Denali, and maybe a Chaco Culture. That’s the wild card though. What if it has as many as El Yunque? I doubt El Yunque will ever bring enough to make selling it profitable, unless you have a place to sell it where you can avoid the selling fee. I know such sites exist, but they don’t have the traffic. It seems people like to do a lot more viewing and “watching” than buying there!

  26. Pool Shark says

    Provident now out of every single bullion AtB except Gettysburg.

    And, just like clockwork, APMEX has jacked their premiums on the El Yunque and Chaco 2012’s to $6.00/ounce.

  27. george glazener says

    Has anyone rcvd a shipping confirmation for the ACADIA 5oz from the MINT since it went to back-order status last week? I placed an order the day before and I’m in that no man’s land of “In Process” with the expected ship date being pushed out one day at at time…..

  28. IPS_STUFF says

    I still have a hawaii ATB on backorder from day it went to backordered on website at the mint. Certainly don’t expect it, but I won’t go in and cancel it either. Has similar issue with Hawaii “S” rolls and those got filled after about 5 days. Don’t think there is any rule to go by on mint backorder status.

  29. Samuel says

    i guess the 2013 Unc ATBs mintage will be around 15K. thats why the mint does not want to announce it before 2012 ATBs are sold out.

  30. Brad says

    Did anyone notice that APMEX is already asking around $400 for the Denali P 5 oz. ATB? Do you think they know something we don’t know regarding it’s true availability from the Mint, or is the greed already taking over and they’re hoping to snag a few suckers who don’t realize they can still buy it from the Mint for $229.95? Below is the link:


    Maybe just in case, I’d better go ahead and order the Denali from the Mint BEFORE the inevitable “backorder” notice makes it’s appearance!

  31. says

    @Brad…yeah, I noticed the Denali P for $400 as well…they still have the El Yunque & Chaco for $250, so it makes you wonder whats up.

  32. Samuel says

    from last sales report, there are about 1200 denali left. after almost a week, probably almost done.

  33. Brad says

    I reposted the APMEX comment on the Michael’s new post, since I figured I wouldn’t get a response on this one now. Sorry for the duplication! 🙂

    The final reported sales number for Denali will probably be very similar to that of Acadia and Hawai’i Volcanoes, due to some returned coins not being fit to be resold. That’s my guess, anyway.

    I went ahead and ordered some Denali P’s a few minutes ago. Worst case scenario should be that I end up breaking even on them. Maybe I’ll get lucky though, and make a little something on them.

    Now, what to do about Chaco Culture…

  34. Samuel says

    order status: open, in stock and reserved, cancel box is gone. hopefully i will get problem free coins.

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